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The BBC and their fact checker brethren want you to be deathly afraid of the latest scourge threatening to tear apart society at its seams: the newspaper! That’s right, it seems that the establishment is freaking out at the crop of independently published and distributed newspapers that activists are printing in various countries around the world. In this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch, I talk to two of the thoughtcriminals engaging in this activity and find out what’s behind the newspaper revolution and how people can pitch in.

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Episode 450 – Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers? I Will!!!

BBC ‘disinformation’ correspondent busted spreading disinfo on her own bio

The Light: Inside the UK’s conspiracy theory newspaper that shares violence and hate

Episode 357 – Language is a Weapon (info on Stuart Chase and The Tyranny of Words)

Marianna in Conspiracyland: *FULL UNEDITED INTERVIEW* with Darren Nesbit Editor of The Light Paper

The Covid Protesters — Where Are They Now?

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  1. Great interview with Nesbit. What an excellent achievement The Light is. I can hardly imagine doing such a thing during Agenda 21.

    Hate to say it but she came across well in her interview with him. Bright, friendly, sociable and borderline attractive young middle class woman. It’s hard to believe she’s a front for the nest of vipers that is BBC-MI6.

  2. It wasn’t David Icke or Alex Jones that led me to conspiracy theory but the BBC.

    The BBC produced their own version of the Lockerbie plane crash which was radically different from the official version. Assuming the Libyan suspect would be found not guilty. This was on the night of the verdict.

    The BBC reported that a military grade bomb had been found in the Oklahoma building said to be destroyed by Timothy McVeigh.

    The BBC made a programme that connected the 9/11 anthrax attacks with both the CIA and the hijackers. The best 9/11 reporting I know of.



  3. Prior to going into the Army in 1964 my Bay Area Sunday mornings were filled with good coffee, the Chronicle, and listening to Alan Watts on KPFA Radio.

    On my return from Fort Bragg, NC in 1967 I was given a copy of the Oracle and some other small press papers showed up and I found a gold mine of information never seen in the main stream press.

    Today the nation is over-whelmed with digital dialog but far too much of it is queer and black issues, the agenda of the controller’s in their pursuit to divide and conquer.

    No more coffee house discussions, secret and not so meetings of a variety of people and issues. No more fascinating journeys on the alternative Green Tortoise “hippie” bus up the coast to Seattle meeting a wealth of interesting other passengers. Even stopping to bathe in some hot springs 🙂

    I guess for me the missing thing is the more intimate or local and face to face exchange of ideas.

    I MISS THE OLD DAYS (song)

  4. The most obvious question was eschewed: is this newspaper carbon neutral? Aw, tough luck buddy, I guess you’ll have to close shop. Oh what can you do, such is regulation, just doing my job.

    BTW, that t-shirt saying I am changing things I can no longer accept is absolutely riveting.

    • Ahaha, quite! And wow, what a fab twist on the well known slogan! I hadn’t noticed that, having listened to the podcast audio only.

  5. We remember 2008 for the housing crisis and economic downturn but we should also remember that thousands of private newspapers went out of business or were bought out by conglomerates at that time. One private owner that I know sold 29 small independent newspapers in that year. So, newspapers were already conglomerated at that time, but they became completely corporatized after 2008.

  6. In north Idaho, there is an independent paper called “The People’s Pen” which only comes out with an issue quarterly, I believe. It has helped me with local issues and elections.

  7. “In March 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interest, and their subsidiary organizations got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press …

    They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers.”
    – U.S. Congressman Oscar Callaway, 1917

    • @HRS


      Here is another one where Druthers Newspaper republished an article in their Jan 2023 print on the WHO treaty by Dr. Mercola featuring a mention of a video with James Corbett and Meryl Nass (focusing on the weaponization of the WHO treaty to implement components of the technocratic totalitarian control grid)

  8. Hello Corbett Report members. I’m new here and this is my first post. So here goes.
    I’m sure that Darren Nesbitt knew that the Ms Spring interview would result in a (pre-written) hit piece on him and The Light. He’s a smart man for filming it. With trust in the “Trusted” BBC at an all time low, it’s a sign of the BBC’s desperation that they would produce such a piece of unreferenced gobbledegook. If they had set out to discredit The Light, I’d be certain that they achieved the complete opposite by raising the profile of The Light further.
    It’s inspiring to see what can be done when a group of people get together. I hadn’t seen Druthers before but that appears to be equally professional. Sadly I can’t recommend the Irish Light. It carries the same name as its UK counterpart and there is overlap of content, but it is peppered with some views that are too divisive and extreme to break through into my living room let alone to a wider audience. That’s my opinion but please have a look for yourselves.

    • It’s a nice thought that the BBC article might actually have brought more subscribers to The Light. I hope James’ coverage is able to do that.

  9. My dream would be to get permission from all my favourite independent media reporters like James and Whitney and Iain and C.J. Hopkins and the like, and publish a monthly roundup of their articles and excerpts from their books or documentary transcripts. Would love to know people’s thoughts on this, e.g. weather it could be feasible in the UK.

  10. Targeting a Zip Code or Neighborhood – …and Variations… or a one-time Message

    In Corbett’s interview with Shawn Jason, Shawn talks about “Neighborhood Mail” via the postal service. (42:00 mark)

    On Corbett’s 2021 ”Make Your Own Newspaper – #SolutionsWatch”, I go into great detail about a BROADSHEET FLYER – under 7 cents each which included freight/taxes.
    [If any links are dead, they are also at Archive.Org.]
    A broadsheet is simply a newspaper sized print page, and it does not necessarily need to have that pasty off-white color and texture. A broadsheet can be bright white with a “clean” semigloss paper texture. Ink can be full color, which is great for photos.
    ” … There are several very good ways to find your printer.
    Scour the hardware stores, grocery stores, etc. (especially independents) and look for a broadsheet flyer similar to “The Truth Times”. Also, collect those junk mail packets which have the grocery store ads. Find out who prints them. Often the big newspaper chains do the printing for the store ad packets in the mail. You can always call the advertising department for a big paper to find this out. Sometimes they will even lay it out for you.”

    I’m gung-ho about targeting local communities with “the message”, because it helps to shape your own community.

    “Junk Mail Packets” with broadsheets & flyer inserts
    In recent years, you might have noticed that in your mailbox the “junk mail packets” which have the broadsheet grocery store ads and flyer inserts have fallen off. With the advent of online marketing, grocery stores and retailers are trying conserve costs by cutting physical media. However, these junk mail packets still occur.
    The keynote is that you can specifically target a zip code or neighborhood by utilizing the junk mail packet company.
    —->Often it is virtually the SAME COST as having your broadsheet or flyer printed, but you also get it DELIVERED to homes and apartments!


    • (…continuing…)

      I used to spend a lot of advertising money when I had my own retail businesses. Flyers were a cost-effective medium. Tony was my printer and my good friend. He is Vietnamese and used to fly choppers in ‘Nam. We had many fun conversations together, especially with his wit and positive attitude. He gave me a deal and would print flyers for me at 4 cents, but I would have to buy the paper or cardstock at the wholesaler. I would then hire a lady with a crew. They would put the flyers on homes in certain neighborhoods near my stores.
      Get this…
      I called a “Junk Mail Packet” provider who printed all their stuff. For 4 1/2 cents each, I had a bright yellow 81/2 X 11 thick cardstock flyer (printed on both sides) inserted within those junk mail grocery-ad-packets delivered to homes in the zip codes of my choice. The flyer had a coupon and I could measure the response. The response was stellar.
      A person or group could utilize these free images and posters found at Corbett’s White Rose Mucho Grande – #SolutionsWatch

  11. Low Cows
    Context sentence: “How many Low Cows were on your route yesterday?”

    I apologize for not using the Texacan spelling and pronunciation at the 46:00 minute mark of Corbett reading my comment. Instead, I used the UK spelling of “locales”.

    • Wonderful ideas HomeRemedySupply!

  12. Have you ever noticed James Corbett is not on record saying with authority no airplane hit the field at Shanksville nor does he have a statement at the Pentagon. Do you know the Corbett report “the darkened hour” that was a podcast with a known debunker an obvious SHILL yet it seemed James and Adam Fitzgerald had Fellowship in unison. That’s why I believe the 9/11 truth movement is in fact controlled opposition and I don’t believe James Corbett is alone in everything he has done regarding 9/11 it’s more than just him and Brock and his 20th anniversary presentation leaves a lot of questions I would love to ask him about. Truth never fears of scrutiny. A LIE does not like to be challenged

    • Have you ever noticed James Corbett is not on record saying ANYTHING with authority? Where do you people keep coming from? Disinfo or just stupid?

    • Ep3,
      Don’t be discouraged by Mkeys rebuff. You have the authority to make that same claim as you expect Corbett to make. Go ahead, then show us the proof as any good journalist would. But a gossip doesn’t need proof.
      How would you treat a gossip? There was no plane there or at the Pentigram. The industrial news would never waste a good story. The deaths, the extraction of twisted wreckage and flesh, the teddy bear in the rubble. Each and every person on the list as missing or not missing in action. The lives of the rescue crew, the recovery crews, the scrap pile of pieces of history?
      Ep3 why do you need an authority to tell you what you already know? Maybe you want to act on it. Go ahead ,start dancing, the bystanders may join in and join you and the movement will begin in earnest. Don’t wait, times running out on the vaporized facts.So are you gonna wait around for rumor and gossip and battle that? Take your question to your neighbors. It will be rewarding on so many more levels than here.

      • Some people need to put other people in boxes. That’s how their brain works.

        Not saying that this is the case here as I am not even sure that ep3 is an actual non npc.

  13. A little history of the news media….

    Prior to the creation of the Round Table Group and its subsequent evolution into the British Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and its US subsidiary, the CFR, there was the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society founded in 1902, the same year that Cecil Rhodes died and his Last Wills were put into effect. The Anglo-American Pilgrims Society hosted the 1909 Imperial Press Conference that resulted in the creation of the British Empire Press Union.
    The Pilgrim Society’s Empire Press Union created MI5, MI6 and GC&CS, now GCHQ in 1909

    All the leading British and American newspapers were weaponized in 1909 by the British Government-led Pilgrims Society: Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Times, Observer, Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, etc.

    As radio and television emerged in the 1920s, the list of Pilgrim-weaponized intelligence propaganda media expanded to BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CBC, CNN, CNBC, Comcast and now FOX

    The C.I.A., FBI, NSA and State Department are the step-children under Pilgrims Society (British) control today.

    Scroll down to:




    On July 29, 1909, the British Prime Minister Asquith, in a conspiracy with the Pilgrims Society (and its junior varsity recruiting feeder the English-Speaking Union) secretly recruited the leading newspapermen of the Empire, including their London bureau chiefs for the U.S. press, to form his intelligence agencies MI5, MI6 and GC&CS (renamed GCHQ)

    American imperialist sycophants supported this one-world “Manifesto to all English-Speaking Peoples” as expressed and funded by Cecil Rhodes and his disciples in The Round Table, with the help of bankers like N.M. Rothschild & Co., Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan.

    Many feeder organization* tentacles have been created, but they all lead to the Leviathan’s head: the Pilgrims Society.

    Lillian Scott Troy –
    Attendee at the Imperial Press Conference:

    The Pilgrims Society:

  14. I really liked this episode and think that solution is an excellent one. I remember a different time of reading alternative newspapers in coffee shops. There is something special about physical media and books and newspapers.

    And the quality and content of the newspapers presented here were excellent. I haven’t seen any here in the US in the areas where I work and live. I don’t have the creative stamina or time to made one myself, but I could distribute these and donate to others who are producing them.

    There are so many young folks who walk around with ear buds in and glued to their device all the time. In addition to providing physical media, perhaps some people could model reading. In fact, next time I have a day off, I’ll take a book to the park and read it.

    In addition to providing physical media, young people modeling reading may also be helpful.

    • I take a book anytime I have to sit in a waiting room or an airport. Let’s normalize reading again.

      • Yes, I think that would be very beneficial for people. It’s such a grounding activity and also exercises the imagination. The distracting and addicting media can be very toxic I think. Not only is it addictive and wastes valuable time in limited supply here on Earth but it can cause atrophy of creativity and imagination. It probably also lowers IQ depending on what a person is consuming online, or how they are allowing their consciousness to be consumed or directed.

        Most young people I encounter have a phone in hand or ear buds. Even people my own age seem to have adopted this habit. I think that this type of technology or how it is being used makes it easier for the global cabals and their underlings to enslave us because peoples minds are turning into mush.

        So as a solution, modeling book reading and non use of phones might help some people. Especially if the younger generation would model this.

  15. A good interview and good information. There were a couple similar papers in the 90s here in the States. I don’t know if they are still being printed. I have quite a few copies from back then. One was The Spotlight. I can’t remember other names. One was a monthly from somewhere in Michigan, I think.

    Was it Thomas Paine who published Common Sense, not Patrick Henry?

    There were a few places in this presentation where I couldn’t help but think about how words/grammar/spelling really do matter. (Referring here to the recent short jab at grammar police.).

    James said something about “… effect change.” I wonder how many people don’t know the difference between affect and effect. Spelling matters.

    [Another I see elsewhere, frequently, is the use of “complimentary” instead of “complementary.”]

    I’m not being critical here. I think it was a simple slip of tongue that most of us probably have at some time or other, but the use of “kickback” instead of blowback or maybe some other word when talking with Shawn, regarding possible negative responses to his paper. To me a kickback would mean getting some benefit, possibly under the table.

    Just saying … semantics, terminology, spelling, and yes, even punctuation, matter. 🙂

    • Dragonfly
      Just saying … semantics, terminology, spelling, and yes, even punctuation, matter. ?
      This simple statement contains more common sense and truth than is contained in many entire books.
      I could probably write for days, weeks, and give examples of how the four things you mentioned can distort, alter, confuse and otherwise mislead or deceive.
      I’m 83 and just barely graduated with a C average. 1957. But I did learn how to read even though English was one of my least favorite subjects. But in the later half of my life I have continually learned how important the four things you mentioned can be when it comes to learning what is True and what is not.
      As I’m sure you know the game of “Pass it on” where you tell someone a specific thing and they have to in turn tell it to the next person, who also passes it on to another until it has gone the whole circuit and comes back to you. What you get back is never what you sent out. And at times what you get back may be totally unrecognizable. Each person conveys their own “version” of what they have heard and so the next person gets a slightly distorted depiction of the original. It can be fun as long as it’s only a game. But when it involves something important or vital?
      Opinions are one thing. Facts are something altogether different.
      I once had a subscription to The Spotlight. Wow! That’s been a while.
      In this day and age especially I look back and realize just how much language has been twisted around. I don’t know about other languages, but the English has been so screwed up that it’s a real shame. I’m not innocent here. I was as quick to use the words in ways that they were never meant to be used. Like “cool” to describe something that was really neat or nice or good. That’s just one example and I’m sure you know of so many others. But then you come to the total disaster of a word like “gay”. How many, especially of the younger generation, even know the original definition of that word?
      Thank you for bringing up this subject. I believe it deserves far more attention and discussion than it will probably get but that does not detract from it’s importance. A simple thing like a comma can all but turn day into night.


      • Thanks. 🙂 I was kind of expecting to be bombarded with critiques, so this was a nice surprise. 🙂

        The topic of “it’s just semantics” and similar dismissals of word choice have come up here a few times in the past several months. Maybe last week(?), James did a 4-minute clip on grammar police (and apostrophes) which … okay, I get it that being overly critical about minor points gets old pretty quickly, especially when there isn’t any real question or doubt about what is being communicated, but accuracy is important, and miscommunication can happen when “the rules” slide. If words don’t matter – if they have no actual or intrinsic meanings – then why do we even bother using any words at all? Or why choose particular words over other words?

        If accurate communication is the goal, then word choice (including semantics, terminology, spelling, punctuation – and even the order of words) is highly important. If the goal is obfuscation, then just make sounds and blame it on the other person when they don’t understand what you mean.

        My mom had a brother who was always correcting his five siblings on their word choices. It’s true that he is quite smart, and maybe he had a wider vocabulary and good suggestions about more accurate word choices, but it became annoying enough that he got the nickname “Technical Eugene.” When I was growing up, with my widowed mom and sister, we changed it to “Technical Eugenie.” Being called that was not a compliment. 😉

        • Dragonfly
          If truth is important, and what is more important than that, then using the correct words to convey that truth is obvious. I don’t know a lot about the Latin but it is the most perfect language I know of. It’s the reason that Latin was used in the writing of prescriptions for medicines. No room for doubts or errors there. Instructions had to be perfectly understood. Latin is sometimes called a “Pure Lip”. Very difficult to corrupt.
          There was a very definite reason why St. Jerome used Latin to put together the first Bible known as The Latin Vulgate.

          • I think that reason was more in the neighborhood of: latin was the language of the clergy. And plebs knew nothing of it.

            But yes, English is very “innacurate” isn’t it. So much so that I have to wonder why was it crafted as such, what was the purpose. Could be a coinkidink, but I do’t believe in those anymore. Things happen with a reason.

            • mkey

              I do know one thing regarding the Latin Vulgate. I have it and I also have a direct translation into the English. Those translators were so careful that where there was no English word to convey the exact meaning of the original Latin, they left the Latin word in the text rather than allow a misunderstanding of the meaning.
              I can tell you that the versions, i.e. KJV are so corrupted that you will certainly be misled if you want the Real Truth.
              Yeah, I know, that sounds like a fanatical statement, but it is the Truth.


              • You don’t have to sell me on the fact much is “lost” in translation. The plebs ought not know the truth.

          • I remembered the other paper we got in the mid-90s… TURN – The Un-Reported News. Did you ever get that one?

    • Just to be clear, are you suggesting that “effect change” is incorrect?

      • “Effect change” is correct, but the words (effect and affect) are often pronounced exactly the same and those who don’t know there are two words with different meanings might get the gist, but miss the point that you didn’t mean a more passive “affecting,” but an active “effecting” change.

        Mainly my point is that spelling and word choices do matter. Because I know both words, and their meanings, I knew which word you were using.

        • How would “affecting” be more passive than “effecting” in this example?

          I’ve never been a grammar nerd, so I don’t get how it’s more active? “Affecting change” could mean that I am going to stop the change from happening where “effecting change” is bringing about the change. They are both active, no?

          • Disclaimer: I did not major in English. The only English classes I took were the required ones, although I always did well in English… and I liked it. I even liked diagramming sentences. Mostly, I have just read a lot and paid attention. I am not an expert. 🙂

            I saw your question this morning, but didn’t have time to reply … which gave me all day to think about it while cleaning and gardening for a client, so this is a really good (and expensive) answer. 😉

            I didn’t read all of the post in the link you gave, but I skimmed enough to be able to say I disagree with what she said about both “affect change” and “effect change” being acceptable.

            This is my opinion: “Affect change” is at best redundant and at worst nonsensical. It is like asking someone, “Could you repeat that again?” “Repeat” already means to do something again, so … how many times does the person want you to say it over? They have asked you to say it again, again. The question should be either “Could you repeat that?” or “Could you say that again?”

            I will limit this reply to the verbs “affect” and “effect.” It gets a little more confusing if you add in the noun.

            Here are my two examples to show the difference between how the two words should be used:

            A volcano can affect (have an influence on) the weather thousands of miles away.

            The U. S. government is trying to effect (cause, bring about) changes in weather through programs like HAARP.

            The purpose of the volcano is not to influence the weather, but it does. Passive effect.
            The purpose of HAARP is to influence, change, alter, affect … the weather. Active, purposeful intention.

            Again, I am not an expert. I did not study English for four years. I am still learning things.

            I was not being critical of James. He used the word correctly. If he had been writing, the spelling would have mattered. Just because I notice things, doesn’t mean I’m a grammar police person. The only reason I mentioned it is because of several recent conversations and presentations on grammar, spelling, etc.

            Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Language Arts – Delivering the message and concepts to target audiences

      Regardless of the “RULES”, we should not overlook the intent of the communication.
      Do we intend to relay certain concepts? and to whom? with what emotion?

      I admit…I’m not much for imposed rules, guidelines and regulations…as I don’t always come to a full complete stop at the Stop Sign, and when appropriate with no authorities or hazards in sight, will roll right through.
      I have no problem if others want to always follow the Stop Sign rules.

      If a person has the intention of friendly communication and exchange of ideas in the deep ghetto, I doubt if ‘proper’ grammar rules would apply. In fact, I probably could charge admission for such an entertaining spectacle.
      Relaying concepts.
      In the deep ghetto, the ‘proper grammar rule follower’ would relay a concept of being a prudish, stuck-up, rich snob. Any message of the communication would be lost.

      Marketing – “Let go my eggo”
      Marketing involves attracting attention and interest while conveying concepts to target audiences.

      Mediums of communication are swiftly changing.
      Old rules do not always apply.

      I am still learning that there is a lot to learn about the LANGUAGE ARTS.

      Language Arts – Delivering the message and concepts to target audiences
      This conversation was interesting…

      • Thanks for sharing your perspective. I’ve been out of college a long time and my writing skills have withered so I don’t catch grammatical errors very often. I probably also make a lot of them and may come off like an idiot to some who have better command of English.

        I agree that in a conversation relaying the message to the target audience is important. I have to change my delivery of information during interaction with patients depending on who I’m talking to. If I’m talking to a doctor, I’d explain very different than to someone who’s never heard medical jargon.

        I do think adhering to definitions of words in general is important but people can use words in many ways to deliver a message.

        Sometimes it’s safer to roll the stop if I’m on a hill since I drive a manual. On the other hand I almost got t-boned in my car the other day when another driver sped through a stop sign. I’m glad I was driving slower because I was able to stop in time.

      • Rolling stops are the very thing that allows you to not go completely insane.

        Assuming all the preconditions are met: traffic allows for it, there are no cops in the spitting distance etc.

        It’s pretty much the same as not signalling when you are alone on the road.

      • It’s spelled “L’Eggo My Eggo.” 🙂

        The way words are used may change, but the etymology of words does not change. It is up to us whether we will use words correctly, with their inherent meanings, or whether we will perpetuate, propagate, and/or go along with errors and misuse of words, causing a loss of specificity and clarity in communication.

        • Historically language has changed over the centuries and the meaning of words can also change in a short period of time, depending on how often a certain ‘sound’ is used in a way that changes it’s common meaning…as with the word cool, which when I was little only meant not cold, but nearly so, whereas it now also means, very nice, fashionable, desirable and so on…one cannot stop the language changing unless one applies draconian means, and even then behind closed doors, anything can happen. But I do agree that it is always useful to understand the sounds we make as having very particular meanings. Language is a wonderful tool and a deadly weapon.

  16. Lovely to hear the Light Newspaper, which I distribute in my area, is getting a bit famous; had that silly beeb woman not tried to do a hit job on its editor, the paper may not have come to *light* quite as soon…Amazing how the very tactics being used by those powers that shouldn’t be, back fire on them constantly.

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