How NOT To Build Community – #ProblemsWatch

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Solutions Watch, Videos | 54 comments

In this special live edition of #ProblemsWatch (that regular series where, week in and week out, I endlessly dwell on the problems we are facing and remind you that you are weak and powerless and unable to change anything), I tackle everyone’s big question: How can I (a terminally online person) completely and utterly FAIL to bring people together in the real world? Find out the top 10 tips for NOT building community in this week’s edition of everyone’s favourite demotivational podcast!



Swarmwise – The Tactical Manual To Changing The World (free PDF e-book) – Rick Falkvinge’s account of the rise of Sweden’s (decentralized) Pirate Party

Interview 1011 – Thomas Freedman on Creating a Community Organization – information on the Ozarks Neighborly Exchange

Interview 638 – Paul Glover on How to Create a Community Currency – information on Ithaca Hours

Building Community – #SolutionsWatch

Creating a Life Together-Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities – free Internet Archive ebook of the guide to building communities mentioned at the end of the episode


  1. That meeting cartoon is more true than you know, working in corporate software development I have actually been in meetings where the topic was “Why are we having this meeting/What is the purpose of this meeting.”

  2. Thanks James for your insight. I like the fact that you are always emphasizing solutions over staring at the cave wall shadows. However I stand firmly on the ground that as much as I try to be available for others in need, I simply don’t want to be involved in any organized activity such as community building. I may be totally wrong in my approach, but I can only say people should be free to do what they think is best. All I can say is “DO NOT COMPLY!”

    • Zíer,

      Can you expand a little more about why you don’t believe in any organised activity?

      I feel a little more anxious about putting efforts in things that I cannot control, namely: other people.

      The only thing I can control is myself (and even here there are certain challenges and limitations) so intuitively I feel more inclined to focus my efforts in becoming a better person. If leading by example is a powerful and effective action that have an effect in society then personal development is the obvious path.

      “You cannot change the world but you can change yourself and that would change the work”

      And even if it has a religious background another classic is:

      “Salvation is individual”

      In the other hand, maybe the social traits required in organised activities is part of personal development and make oneself a better example to others…

      • The success of the controllers is divide and conquer. The us/them nonsense that permeates society and the basis for war, political parties, race and gender issues, sports, etc. Most can’t see or understand the way psychological conditioning works.

        One of the big lingering word hammers for this is “conspiracy or conspiracy theory” as we know was introduced into the lexicon by CIA asset “journalists” to discredit the anti-war movement of the 60’s and has continued to this day. It strikes fear into public personalities and can re-direct good intentions out of concern for being “canceled” etc.

        The Stoic principle of acknowledging one can only change oneself is misunderstood. By example or inspiration one can affect many. That movie line: If you build it they will come” packs a lot of truth.

        If you the time give my essay a read:
        SOLUTIONS (essay)

      • I didn’t say I don’t believe in organized activity. In fact I said “people should be free to do what they think is best.”
        I simply prefer to be left alone.

  3. A little over 20 years ago, daughter ~9yo was watching the only channel she was allowed to watch, TVO, Ontario public television.
    She was watching a kids show, the theme was don’t try to hard and know your limits.
    I had a meltdown. OK, that’s it for TV altogether.

  4. A common (normal?) way people tend to receive/react to circumstances is to take it as being 1) permanent
    2) pervasive 3) personal. Although reacting in these ways is likely habitual, because it illusory, one needs to develop a different habit which is remember that the thing, person or circumstance is ACTUALLY 1) temporary 2) specific 3) situational. This paradigm I felt fit with the presentation.
    One other thing regarding decision making in a group or community: I highly recommend interviewing Jim Rough, about Wise Democracy and wisdom councils; check out the websites. I still believe that this approach will become the way we go about decision making.

  5. I think “leadership” might be a natural social phenomenon among human beings that in healthy groups means the role of a guide/mentor/motivator. Skill based natural leadership is something that just happens. It makes sense to watch and emulate how a person who is skilled in a certain domain and maybe do it how the skilled person does it. Then when they learn, can do it in a way that works for them. A good guide/mentor wouldn’t insist that their “students” do it only their way, but rather teach people how to master the skills or domain of expertise they have and in doing so, they are no longer needed. Activities just flow, like a well oiled machine. Anyway, that’s how I view “leadership” not as a dictator, but a guide that helps teach and collaborate with others. If someone has a community around gardening and food independence for example, I’m going to look to others who have more skill than I do to get started.

    I also think that the desire for social interaction and community is a normal and healthy human need. Most humans enjoy the company of others, even if they are shy. Social media and vicarious existence is pathological and unnatural IMO. People are more lonely than they have ever been and many people lack basic social skills now. But these can be regained by real life interaction.

    • Interesting take on leadership.

      I feel the dichotomy of leaders and followers is a little too hard.

      Isn’t it possible and more natural to have more dynamic relations where people are shifting all the time the roles?

      Or maybe even sometimes can be such a grey area where it’s hard to apply these categories?

      Can it even sometimes be that leaders/followers is a way to manipulate and create another instance of divide and conquer?

      • Thanks for the reply. With respect to your questions, I’ll give my thoughts:

        “Isn’t it possible and more natural to have more dynamic relations where people are shifting all the time the roles?”

        Yes, I think the roles are dynamic. For example, I’ll “follow” advice or guidance from someone who has more knowledge in a certain area than I do and will “guide” someone who lacks knowledge or experience if I have more skill/knowledge in a specific domain. It just happens all the time. If I’m on a hike with someone who knows the terrain and is good at survival in nature, I’d definitely appreciate some guidance if we get lost.

        “Or maybe even sometimes can be such a grey area where it’s hard to apply these categories?” Yes, I think in some situations it’s hard to apply these categories. In a mundane situation example like a mainstream “healthcare” the leader/follower role between doctors and nurses can be opaque. A nurse has to know enough about the “order” or treatment plan to avoid harming or killing the patient and there can be legal consequences for following a harmful order.

        “Can it even sometimes be that leaders/followers is a way to manipulate and create another instance of divide and conquer?” That’s an interesting question and I’ll have to think about it. I think it’s a way to avoid responsibility. A follower should be responsible for doing something harmful. Like the Milgrim experiment. Had that been a real life situation, the consequences for delivering a lethal shock could have been a long prison sentence and a life of regret. “He told me to do it” is not enough of a reason to avoid moral responsibility, especially if it results in another persons death.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Well, James, you did build a bit of an online community here, didn’t you?

    • 🙂 yes indeed.

      One thing I would be curious to hear James elaborate on with regards to the practical, insightful (and amusing) material presented in the video above is when he was talking about the “litmus test” aka “line in the sand” aspect, how would he define the “guiding principles” and “line in the sand” if he was (lets say) part of a voluntaryist committee that was planning to build an intentional (physical) community?

      How about you mkey?

      I think this could be a fun thought experiment.

      • wow those new smiley faces look very beety eyed and high on mushrooms don’t they, haha

      • I guess I’d have to draw the line at hypocrites and those who promote abortions.

        • @mkey

          Interesting! Well I like the first one in theory, though I would be intrigued to learn more about how such a thing could be practically applied as a filter and/or enforced as a rule in a community in the real world.

          Would there be a “hypocrite detection committee” that comprehensively assesses potential community members through a series of grueling tests before they are allowed to join (and then perhaps intermittently tests them again as they live there) to check if they are hypocrites or not? Or how would such a thing work?

          I hope if I ever say or do something hypocritical that you would be so kind as to hold up a mirror for me so I can see I am behaving that way. I try to stay true to my moral compass and ‘practice what I preach’ but I am sure that sometimes fear, ego or anger gets the best of me and I end up putting my foot in it. In such occasions I am grateful when someone calls me out (though I may not seem to be at the time) as this accelerates me being able to re-align my actions with my moral compass and the ideals I strive to live by.

          With regards to your second ‘line in the sand’ curriculum/defining core value, I am interested to learn more as to why this is such a priority for you. If I was to imagine what my ‘deal breaker’ list would be for whether or not I would want to live in a community with someone, I would not have thought of promoting abortion as being on the top of my list. Would that mean that it is just those who promote abortion that you would not want to live in a community with, or is it also people who choose to abort their babies as well? Also, why do you feel so strongly about this?

          I have come across some creepy stuff with regards to stem cell injections being extracted from fetuses which I thought was not something I would want to have anything to do with, but have not really ever thought about it much further than that.

          Thanks in advance for your time.

          • In any setting I would not rely on a committee. Ever. If I can not make my living without one, I am better off dead.

            I also don’t see gated communities as a route to freedom.

            In a real world scenario I would simply choose to avoid hypocrites, that is all. If coexistence was crucial I would try to point out the hypocrisy and if they would not even flinch, I would cut them off and find another way.

            How you do something is how you do everything.

            The only obsecene hypocrite I currently endure is my own mother. I make it known to her that she is a hypocrite, but she is also extremely ignorant and has lost all of her care.

            Absolutely zero chance that I would ever tolerate that level of hypocrisy from anyone else. Anyone else I would cut off immediately.

            Regarding the abortion, on my side of the line in the sand are those who understand what it is: industrial scale ritualistic blood sacrifice murder. It is absolutely no different than throwing born babies into fire pits to please the gods.

            People get their knickers in a twist over the supposed “6000000” dead in the holocaust ™ while world wide yearly abortion rate is 10 times that.

            I guess to defend the abortion one has also to be a hypocrite, so maybe the second litmus test is superfluous, but a much needed safeguard regardless.

            When it comes to using various aborted fetus bodily tissues my stance is clear:

            If someone offered me to sacrifice one child to save 100 million people I would not do it, I would not sacrifice that one child. If there is no other way but to sacrifice children to make it through whatever calamity, then we should not make it through and accept our fate.

            • @mkey

              Thanks for elaborating on what you meant and why you feel strongly about abortions.

              While I am not having to face anywhere near as much frustration as you are being a caretaker, I can relate to your feelings with regards to your mother being a hypocrite.

              My father was one of those last few of the rebel hippies from the 70-s, pumping Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd, having been kicked out of school for having long hair and refusing to capitulate to abusive policies and “teachers”.

              He told me about the power of the mind and your perspective to heal your body when I was young. When I was in elementary school he busted into the principles office and told them to go to hell when the staff suggested I should be drugged due to their thinking I had “ADD” and gave me a vacation from that school to go learn in the forest (and from the forest) until I could find a new, less big pharma brainwashed teacher.

              He raised me to question authority figures and think for myself before following the orders of people in positions of government, medical industries and other appointed “experts”.

              Then the scamdemic came along and the government threatened to keep him out of the bars, restaurants and unable to travel to exotic places on planes (as he likes to). All of the sudden this man that told me to always think for myself and question authority did a 180, told me he was getting the injections so he could travel, then when he still could not travel where he wanted in Canada (due to “health zone” nazi-esk type lockdown zones in BC and northwest territories being implemented by our government’s RCMP thugs) he threw a fit, blaming unvaccinated people and began cheering for government mandates that were impeding the movements and freedoms of the unvaccinated. He started posting things online about how it should be those who refuse to get injected that should be punished, “and not all the responsible people”.

              What a disgrace, I get upset just writing about it now.

              That is still nothing compared to having to live with a person choosing hypocritical behavior (as I live on the other side of the country from my father) but I just wanted to share that to say can relate.

              I`ll contemplate the very poignant and thought provoking comments you shared regarding abortion and get back to you on that another time.

              Wishing you a peaceful evening without hypocrisy.

              • My mother is a private individual who has been kept back when it comes to technologies. So she’s not communicating much to the outside world.

                She also did not get “vaccinated” even if she did buy the whole thing, being a TV watcher.

                When I asked her about getting the shot she was unsure about getting it. I am pretty confident that she thinks the shot is beneficial and that is why she did not want to get it.

                I feel for your situation and I think the only thing preventing a declaration of a mui bueno plandemic is the fact that the militant among us were not that many. I know just a few of these numbskulls and I have cut one of them off.

                Due to this, the plandemic was only a modestly limited success.

                Being taught about authority by any of my parents is not a badge I can wear on my chest. So, that’s something your old man can’t undo.

              • @mkey

                “Being taught about authority by any of my parents is not a badge I can wear on my chest. So, that’s something your old man can’t undo.”

                Thanks for that my friend. I do try to remind him of that from time to time (when he rarely engages with me). Reminding him of his courage and outside the box thinking from his youth when I can.

                However, I typically get responses that seem to be an attempt to slap a muzzle on my face through underhanded emotional manipulation tactics.

                For instance, he wrote me a letter last year for either my birthday or Christmas, and basically said

                “we don’t talk to you more often (and do not visit at all) because your political views and conspiracy theories are such a downer and we like to keep things light and cheerful”

                It is like he was trying to weaponize the asch conformity experiment or something.. oh well, I have found new comrades, allies and friends through the mechanisms of the plandemic’s architect’s assault on humanity as well. As I said in my presentation at that R-Future conference, this scamdemic offered me the blessing in disguise of illuminating the true nature of those in my circles so that I can more clearly see who I can rely on and who has integrity.

                I appreciate the comment and hope you have an enjoyable day.

    • I think James partially replied specifically to that in his editorial “Upon Meeting A Friend for the First Time”

      I highly recommend that beautiful piece. Is analytical and sweet. One of my favourites!

      • I have to admit that in a couple of years taking part of this comment section I made contact with only one guy and I hope someday I’ll meet him in person then it might become more “real” I guess? 🙂

      • Thanks for sharing that article. Really good article, heartwarming !

  7. Suppose they created a government and everyone just laughed.

    • The first time they needed to go around and crack some skulls to make believers out of people.

      • It all depends on individual personal fortitude.

        • martyrs do inspire others, but they dont normally get to enjoy the earthly fruits of success themselves

      • thanks for the degaussing, that clip is top drawer; suddenly the day-drudge shifted to laughs.

  8. We’ve been trained to live and think and communicate in sound bites. Mainstream tv news delivers sound bite entertainment, social media platforms limit posts and replies to sound bite lengths. No deeper logic or analysis allowed. Just like or dislike what we present… it’s all polling now to see what they can get away with.

    • It’s better to be pistoff than piston.

    • pistoff
      Yes, I think you are correct, but the good news is that they still feel the NEED to poll…..even they know their power is not unlimited and people can push back.

  9. I followed your advice to the letter and now suddenly I realize that I’m a total normie! Thanks!

  10. My TV wants to kill your mother.

  11. Lighten up, enjoy yourselves, seek advice, but don’t follow anyone.In the end none of this matters anyway. You will receive what you deserve.

    • zier
      “….You will receive what you deserve….”

      Yes, people who refuse to get into a group that can help them will indeed ‘get what they deserve’ when the crunch comes….. as Tom Paine said a man lives in groups because a single man in the wilderness is doomed when they suffer the slightest mishap or accident.

      As to ‘resisting’ any power alone, I am sure that there were many spectacular people with great skills and willpower who ended up in a ditch during the Bolshevik revolution. Even the greatest man is no match for half a dozen disgenic morons following orders.

      The idea that a single person is able to stand against an organized power is something we’ve developed as a culture from the great wealth the Industrial revolution has dropped into everyones lap- but that wealth and the tools that go with it can vanish in an instant.

  12. Superb episode, Great work James.

    That litmus test aspect seems to be crippling many people’s ability to come together and do anything constructive right now (especially the virus vs no virus fundamentalist show downs).

    I am curious, what would be the “core values/things” that you would list that would be the “line in the sand” aspects for how everyone would need to be on the same page if they wanted to be part of a new physical community you were helping to co-create/organize?

  13. “Lines in the sand” Hmmm. How about the right to have lines in the sand or boundaries. That is a line in the sand for me, my right to have a line in the sand. More specifically, my bodily autonomy. That basic freedom is important to me. People may disagree but if they cannot hear an alternative perspective and if they would go along with forced vaccination or other bodily violation, I cannot see common ground there.

    I can tolerate a wide variety of opinions and beliefs, but that one to me is paramount. A runner up is the right to personal protection and to defend oneself, particularly physical protection. “Gun grabbers” are can get away too.

  14. We could do with a modern morality to help the team work: every being deserves a healthy environment to exist in.

    flora & fauna systems that thrive can provide guidance for most decisions.

    first thoughts spin towards living as a planet of saints, which sounds absurd. Though maybe that limit is just a hang-up of an unenlightened being trying to imagine an “enlightened” state? How would an enlightened being see the unenlightened state? (I asked a celebrated lama that once. I was sitting, he was standing. He didnt speak but jumped over me and ran out of the auditorium. I’m still puzzled by that response?).

    James, your mention of the Chinese proverb, re. letting go, I think slam dunks this question: It has been said that the most successful/prosperous times for china was when the emperor did nothing, so the question of “how to form a healthy community” has an answer, but it is not something that can be written down or followed like a map. Rather a letting be/two foot steps and a heart beat day by day with all effort towards excellence. Sadly, our species doesn’t seem mature enough for that kind of liberty. Theres always some drop-kick exploiters ready to steal the show. Perhaps for the hard cases one could look to indigenous law. Wasnt the US constitution based on that?

    . simplified, time tested ways of law that kept those tribes going,, here (aus) stealing or lying might of yielded a spear through the leg or banishment. that kept the local ghosts in line for myrias.(where I live they had unbroken, non conquered or dominated or exploited (much) life for about 50,000yrs.. until the hungry ghosts showed up (with guns), and so goes humanity’s big hiccup.

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  16. Look, the SSwamplar’s CENSORSHIP is very educative!!

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    Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.
    1 John 3:8 (ESV)

  17. I have one to add:

    Problem: I need to get others onboard to start a community

    Solution: A community starts with one.

    There are many examples of people doing their own thing with passion, it doesn’t matter if others approve or disapprove. James is one example – I’m pretty sure he would be doing a version of the same thing regardless of whether 10, 1000 or 10 000 000 on board (and when it started it must have been a community of one).

    So if you can’t find people to join you in something you’re passionate about, do it anyway and who knows where it will go?

  18. Hi James, hi ‘community‘!
    At the start of the scam-/plandemic-era I moved to a beautiful old house with a large garden in a small town in southwestern Germany. It was a new start in my life. I believed I could start a small ‘community’ within the wider community calling it the ‘Refugium’. My garden also offers enough space to feed three families all year round. I offered the opportunity to my friends, family and even bought ads in the regional newspaper – just to build a community of some sorts. No one reacted, came by, or even showed any interest – albeit two weirdos responding to the ads who didn’t really understand where I was trying to go with the idea. I was looking in building a network of different people with different potentials in different fields connecting and helping each other with whatever one had to offer. Well this didn’t work, but I won’t give up. The garden feeds me and my wife and the cat loves it too.
    Derrick Broze has always been an aspiration to me. And you James have been giving me food for thought for the past 15 years. Aside from knowing you only online, do you in the “real world” also have a ‘community’ in Japan you interact with?
    Thanks 😉

    • Wow! That’s great you made such an effort. I think internet forums/”meet ups” etc. can be used well for things like you describe. It’s a way of putting out the information to like minded people who may be interested in your community. There’s always a problem with “vetting” people making sure no dangerous people are let in.

      • “making sure no dangerous people are let in”

        is there such a thing as a “non-dangerous” person?

        The real dangerous people have a common trait: you never see them coming.

        • Good point that a real dangerous person might not be noticed until it’s too late. I think those are outliers though. My intuition is pretty sharp and I usually know if someone isn’t trustworthy pretty soon. This has been developed by experience with some “dangerous” people. I’ve interacted with two people who were real sociopaths and lucky that I picked up on that pretty soon. They weren’t violent though and I’m grateful for that.

          Working with the general public has also improved those skills a great deal and improved my intuition. I’m not sure how the economy is in Germany now and if it’s comparable with the economic problems in the US but what it has done in the US is increase heavy drug addiction, crime and general antisocial personality traits.

          When I say “dangerous” I mean dishonest scammers and people with a propensity for drama that will pollute a community spirit.

          There are “non dangerous” people or people who are mostly honest and respect boundaries. I consider myself one of those. People in a community can be vulnerable and trusting and should be cautious about who they allow into their lives especially if they have children and elderly to care for.

          • cu.h.j
            ‘….Good point that a real dangerous person might not be noticed until it’s too late. …”

            The most dangerous people are, according to something i heard recently, Stupid. It makes kinda sense – evil people are rare, and, well….’evil’ so you can spot them.

            Stupid people, on the other hand, are very common and its hard to either convince them that their wrong or to, morally, put them down with as much force as is needed.


          • I’ll defer to mkey’s response above. Hypocrites are what needs filtering.

            Best technique I know for spotting one is to keep track of their actions. It can be a fun game tracking (often subtle) body language It can expose hidden intents, shades of what their internal dialogue may be working on. Hypocrites don’t walk their talk.

            arent we all hypocritical by degree? I suppose if someone is able to call themselves out its a start towards a brighter truth. I find genuine self effacing is rare.

            If only they’d deployed the self-efface jab. I think thats what lsd was supposed to be but it didnt work because the vast majority were not mature or developed, clear, pure, not light enough for a devine transmission to express.

            According to a tricycle mag edition devoted to “psychedelics” (early 90’s?): of the general reaction to LSD25, 4% had a “religious” experience (greek; relihios (sp?) – to connect with the planetary overmind), 15% had a marked improvement in their particular life focus, better art, better mechanics, better inventions,, 80% had an “oh wow” experience where the impression remaining was simply astonishment, thats it. then sadly<1% had yet to return from their trips. I share that as a window on our level of preparedness for facing the music, Is our rhythm tight enough to float the complex harmonics of a forming community?

            All those marriages ("communities") that started with reverent vows, that continued on to create beautiful children, and then train-wrecked into debt service and grudge scars that never fade. its all incomplete work. The job becomes too hard and the workers simply quit.

            In the town where I was raised, there were 2,3,4 & 5 children families. lots of them. Suddenly, over a 2-3 year period (early 70's) all the fathers left. All of them. Thats my hologram slice of what's happening on our watch. We march as a broken bedraggled humanity towards?

            old chinese proverb, "when big people attack, head for hill".
            new proverb, "when big people attack, get clever, dream them small"

            • You ask, “aren’t we all hypocrites to a degree”? Yes, I think that there may be some imperfections in everyone, even the best of us those that (mostly)
              “walk their walk and talk their talk”

              I can’t say I’m much of a hypocrite once I notice it. Maybe in small ways though. Does everyone tell the whole truth all of the time? Or do we tell “white lies” and lies by omission?

              I can’t say I always tell the truth all of the time in every single instance. Sometimes telling someone a brutal truth is unkind.

              But important things, I am pretty straight forward, when it matters most.

              No one is perfect and most people who want to do some good in the world can learn how to do better.

              It’s very difficult to get rid of “ego” and in fact I think it has a place in earthly interaction. Some people in an attempt to be perfect are in fact doing so out of ego. But is that wrong? Maybe it’s not. But in many cases still done from the ego.

              Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspiring deeper though.

  19. JA, inside JOB 41!!! The towers had to come down with surprise demolition: “Surprise! You’re dead!”

    The CIA, FBI, Bush family, mainstream media, airlines, insider traders, Freemasonic police, fire, Teamsters with foreign military intel, and Don 666-ft Drumpf Tower aren’t responsible for warning worker pawns to not go to work in their “asbestos-condemned” building with an embarrassingly advanced engineering room that put top American engineers to shame. What about the feelings of incompetent Stanford, MIT, and West Point engineering alumni and professors?!? Those towers had to come down!!! Forget about the warnings from dozens of international intelligence agencies or the EPA-approved technique of leaving asbestos-coated steel beams encapsulated in older buildings. They were a national disgrace and obviously hated by Hagar’s Egyptian slave bastard child brotherhood. “Ma sister…she is very good…. I should know!” Stone pyramid schemes are obviously the best anyone anywhere can do to make the world a better place for incestuous royal elites like Nimrod, his mummy, Isis, and their son/brother Horus AKA Gilgaymesh: the first Sumerian-Assyrian-Egyptian “G!” It doesn’t matter if the structure was architecturally designed to withstand a direct hit from a jumbo airplane or that two planes took down three buildings. Do the math!!! That’s a LOT of insurance money. The superior Japanese engineering room made American engineers look like stupid, inbred morons WHO blame hot weather on their CO2 breath and/or put Pharaonic synthetic snake venoms in “vaccines” for children of all ages — AS IF they can’t even design a durable hand drill or a fuel efficient car that goes more than 132,000 miles without breaking down?! Planned obsolescence is clearly – cough, cough, cough – more important than public safety, reliability, or government-sponsored insurance fraud. No nukes, space beams, holograms, socks, or reptiles required; only eye-witness accounts of night crews and vans full of professional, state of the art demolition technology with remote-controlled thermite detonators installed in key structural positions, real planes, real jet fuel, a real Egyptian architect of terror [Pharaoh’s QUEEN wood bee PROUD] (sp?), 18 Nimrods, at least 360 Gilgaymesh Nazi pink list killers, two traitorous pedophiles named George, one pro-torture Dick, and Sata, the Egyptian snake god idol AKA Abaddon: “D’Angelo of – duh – a BIS” (Bank of International Settlements + $2.3 Trillion that “went missing” the day before, according to A-NOTHER-bad-Don), per Revelation 9:11.

    “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.” Matthew 24:36

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