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Joining us today to discuss the latest wins for the nullification movement is Michael Boldin (NOT Boldrin!) of In this jam-packed conversation, James and Michael examine the historical and philosophical roots of nullification and how the idea is being used to derail federal government tyranny.

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Episode 289 – Solutions: Nullification

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NULLIFY! An Introduction to the History, Constitutionality, and Practical Applications of Nullification

Nullification Movement News

The Federalist Number 48, [1 February] 1788

The Federalist Number 46, [29 January] 1788

Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania by John Dickinson

The Federalist No. 33, [2 January 1788]

The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude by Etienne de La Boetie

State of the Nullification Movement Report

Food Freedom FTW!: NMN Ep 8

Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act

Sask. government tells RCMP it will not support federal firearm buyback


  1. Your guest commented that he is not a fan of Hamilton. I am a fan of Hamilton and so was Lincoln’s economic policy advisor, Henry C Carey. In this exert from his book, the Harmony of Interests, he compared the American system with the British system of “free trade”.
    Henry C. Carey: The American System Vs. The British System

    • I suspect he doesnt like Hamilton, because it is widely believed he was a crown agent and he instituted the first central bank, the instrument by which the City of London exerted control over the colonies, even after the revolutionary war.

    • meeks

      “… I am a fan of Hamilton …”

      I kinda think the sodomite who invented the national debt is probably not a good person.

      My favorite source of history 🙂
      “Schoolshouse rock: Tyrannosaurus Debt”

      hahaha… the debt was ‘massive’ when they made this???…..hahaha

      Hmn…. now I think of it Keynes was a sodomite too. Dr Jones writes that some people tend to form their worldview based on their personal tendencies in “Degenerate moderns”

  2. I’ve first heard about this matter of jury nullification thank’s to the good people who made the documentary about the good people over at New Hampshire.

    But this whole thing ties into the matter of the common law people’s court of record vs. the fake kangaroo court in which people play their roles only because they don’t know any better.

    A good interlocutor for this topic would be Alphonse Faggiolo.

    • mkey
      I know someone who was called for jury duty and they said that BOTH prosecution and defense lawyers were weeding out anyone in the pool who actually looked like they were paying attention or had any education.

      They have seen this 2 other times they got called up over the decades…. its like they just wanted slowish people who would be predictable or something

      • I think tractable is what they would be looking for.

  3. Wow – thank you for finding this guest. His geek-out is extremely welcome in my books. The last time i was this excited about a guest i’d never heard of was Larkin Rose, probably 4 years ago. Thank you James and Michael for this stimulating and welcome conversation. Sharing!

    • I really enjoyed this #SolutionsWatch also!
      Michael Boldin expresses things well. It is uplifting.

  4. I really enjoyed this guest, the conversation and learning about the Tenth Amendment Center. Exciting and helpful.

      • james, youre globe isnt downside-up yet?

        If thats too cryptic,, you might have missed my answers to your march openthread quiz, I wrote:

        come on proffessor, your scope is broader than that (pop quiz answers):
        a. The ides of march are just around the corner.

        so is Christmas

        b.Spring is about to spring.

        thats so northern hemispheric of you

        c. It’s open thread time.

        time once again shows us that people and their rhythms can be regular as clockwork, now if there was only time enough left to enjoy all these “times”

        d. All of the above.

        does “all of the above” also mean “none of the below”?

        I suggest flipping your globe so the kids can clue in on the anthropomorphizing (?help me with a better term?), of earth’s polarity (I’ll be watching for it).

        isn’t the whole polarity show about to flip anyways?

        “in” or “out” may be fair galactic perspectives, but certainly not up nor down. earths axis is way oblique to the largest source of “gravity” it relates to (known to the mayans as “hunabku”):,System%20aren't%20lined%20up

  5. An “ex-Marxist”! No thanks!

    • Aren’t we all ex-something silly? Larkin Rose admits to being an ex-statist. How can you grow up swimming in the sewer and not get a little stinky? And if you don’t like marxists, you should love ex-marxists because, like ex-smokers, they’re probably a lot more passionate and articulate about being ‘ex’ than the general population.

      • I agree with you. Everyone makes mistakes in their beliefs sometimes since the brainwashing is so intense and ubiquitous, especially if someone goes to college. Every class I took outside my biochemistry major had marxist overtones. I believed all the hype about government and elections and stuff like that. I’ve even voted mostly for liberal third stream parties until 2020. I thought I was doing the right thing.

      • QUOTE:
        “How can you grow up swimming in the sewer and not get a little stinky?”

        Corbett should use this phrase someday.
        It says a lot about all of us.

  6. Hey James, the “Watch on” Odysee link is linking to Substack and the Substack link is linked to an older Corebtt Report Substack article.

  7. James: Your work is on YT, uncensored?, I think. Larken is on YT, uncensored!

    I wish you had talked about J.N. That killed “Prohibition”, frightened the feds, and prompted judges to start “misinforming” juries. I wonder if anyone has done research? We need a movie called: “How the feds stole liberty, and Jury Nullification got it back”.

  8. Excellent video. An actual solution. Thank you!

  9. Great chat and information, very inspiring! Thanks!
    Something is going on with the site of Tenth Amendment. I tried to visit it and appears an Error:

    I got an error when visiting

    Error code: 1020

    Ray ID: 7a4e3fb9bfaa5902

    Country: DE

    Data center: txl01


    Timestamp: 2023-03-08 21:42:35 UTC

    It would be great to notify about it to the webmaster.

  10. We all go through our various “dances” of life, our cognitive bias’ and such, getting steamed up at this and that and happy about something else. The bigger picture of course is who are we and what does the world really care about all our travails??

    “One death is a tragedy, a million is merely a statistic”

    Yesterday my landlady here on 43 acres was leaving for town, 25 miles away. I was on my deck and asked her if everything was OK as her car was paused in the yard. She said “Yes, going into town.” I replied, “Drive carefully” for some reason which I never did before.

    This morning her husband George knocked on the door waking me up. I opened the door and he said, “It is just two of us on the property now.”

    Georgia died in a head on crash 1/2 mile from our place the night before.

    Just one of those things that takes the wind out of your lungs and leaves you nauseous. Thought I would share that with you all as the fragility of our life experience is so tenuous that sometimes we need a mirror to wake up to it and take stock in what REALLY matters. Not clever repartee or inside knowledge of this and that for sure.

    It was my 81st birthday on Monday and for all my future birthdays I will be aware of her tragic death the next day.

    • ejdoyle

      I am sorry for your loss and the way it will hang over you in the future.

      Being taken suddenly is a horrible shock, but its better then some ways we could go…. My dad died suddenly, but he was working as a roofer up to the week before- unlike some other people I know who lingered for years as shadows of themselves

      • Thanks Duck. Indeed, no way to prepare for something like that.

    • Memento mori.

      I remember a few years back when my grandmother passed away the feeling of losing the first person perspective and being cast into the bird view mode by being forced to acknowledge that also other people live outside of the realm behind these two eye balls.

      The feeling and that state of mind fades quickly away. But I make the effort to remind myself.

      • Thanks. I was an Army Medic and also worked in a county hospital so I have seen plenty of passing but this was out of context. Healthy, smart woman drives 25 miles to drop off a bunch of stuff for the local thrift store and 1/2 mile from home she dies.

        Can’t imagine all the heart ache the people are feeling from the COVID “injection” and Fentanyl deaths :-/

    • Oh man!
      “the fragility of our life”

      • Indeed. Always the “other” guy/gal.

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May the merciful God of creation bring consolation to comfort you in your grief.

  12. wow. I get an error accessing his site from Germany.

    “I got an error when visiting

    Error code: 1020
    Ray ID: 7a52cad49f0b906d
    Country: DE
    Data center: fra07
    IP: SOMEIP // changed by me
    Timestamp: 2023-03-09 10:56:36 UTC

    • I don’t think that has anything to do with your location. Site seems to have an issue.

      • Dunno. Another friend in Germany has the same issue. And another in Taiwan doesn’t.

        • Maybe an issue with routing on the supposedly oldest continent.

          • Yes, must be we Eurowimps cannot operate the internet.

  13. Great interview, thank you.

    Along parallel lines, people in the UK might be interested in this interview that I came across with a chap called William Keyte. He talks about the concealed mechanisms in our “constitution” (ie the 1215 Magna Carta) that give power to the people, not the government. The details of what he says are very interesting – worth a look.

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