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Do you know what a REKO ring is? Well you should and, after you watch today’s #SolutionsWatch episode about the things you can do to start preparing for the coming food supply crunch, you will know all about REKO rings and other simple, innovative ideas for sourcing locally grown food.

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  1. Regarding the REKO Rings,

    Just the fact that you have to be on Facebook and they talk about carbon footprint only RINGS alarm bells for me.


    • Hopefully the REKO people obey the distancing guidelines when they meet at undisclosed locations.

      But generally I would not say that parroting = controlled opposition.

    • Perhaps the Malthusians will enjoy this novel idea:

      Vouchers for Murder
      by Isador Nabi

      “Office of the Assistant Attorney General for Market Oriented Murder and Mayhem Abatement (MOMMA)
      Isadore Nabi, acting executive enforcer

      Undisclosed location

      Press Release by the Hon. Isador Nabi

      On March 31, Jack-the-Ripper’s birthday, the U.S. Congress passed the Market Oriented Murder and Mayhem Abatement Act of 2005, as an amendment to the No Child Left Act.

      In the introduction to Section 171A of the First Amendment to this Act, it was determined that there will always be crime. The latest scientific evidence, as assembled by the Working Group on Malevolent Design, shows conclusively that the human hindbrain predisposes us to acts of violence, deceit, perfidy, aggression, insider trading, extortion, assault, and taking God’s name in vain that inhere in the Human Condition and cannot be eliminated without surgery. However, this should not be interpreted pessimistically.

      While violence cannot be eliminated, it can be contained within tolerable cost-effective bounds by the use of the same market forces that have contained pollution so effectively. Today, the U.S. Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, the U.S. Post Office, the Office of National Intelligence, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and some newly created but unspecified departments, dependencies, and agencies, announce to this By Invitation Only press conference held underneath the [location redacted for obvious reasons], the new MOMMA program, Market Oriented Murder and Mayhem Abatement.

      Starting on July 4, and every week thereafter, one-year murder and mayhem vouchers will be distributed to the public at Motor Vehicle Registries and Faith-Based Community Service Offices.

      Distribution will be staggered so that the expiration dates will not coincide, in order to avoid creating a last-minute rush and promoting price instability. Each U.S. citizen above the age of 30 will be issued a number of vouchers entitling them to the commission of murders and/or mayhem, in denominations depending on past experience, geographic location, and number of X chromosomes as determined by the new FBI Cytogenetics and Nucleic Acid Laboratory Initiative (CANALI). Juvenile vouchers will be distributed through all schools that accept federal money. Legal persons who are not biological entities (corporations, gangs, and Unspecified Federal Organs [UFOs]) shall be issued their vouchers as determined by the Attorney General.

      Nonresident aliens will be issued vouchers only if they can show that they need them for work-related activities. Serial killers will require a letter from their primary care physicians explaining their need to taper off slowly. Easements may be granted to law enforcement officers in charge of crowd control at political demonstrations and to male persons at the discretion of the Family Court.

      Policy will be to reduce the violence in cities where it exceeds Federal Tolerable Limits (500 percent of national average for the ethnicity involved) and to bring dull, peaceful communities up toward national standards. As a Harvard president once said, “Some places are just under-crimed.” Recipients are free to trade their murder and mayhem rights, and the district attorneys may enter the market to buy back vouchers at their discretion to enhance price stability.

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  2. Similar to RipeNearMe is which is a map for anybody interested to pin locations of edible fruiting plants that are growing on public land. Also some dumpster/garbage bin locations where supermarkets dispose of their unwanted produce.

  3. I often feel uplifted after watching a #SolutionsWatch.
    James helps to generate the creativity which we all have. Throw ideas up against the wall and see what sticks.

    I liked how Corbett highlighted Simplicity.
    “Simple” contains a lot of power and can seed a forest.
    One could probably write a book on “Simple”, but that wouldn’t make it simple.
    Anyway, I can easily take to task simple things. I like simple.

    Some of my most successful past business ventures started off very simple.
    I would posit that a successful, popular, decentralized currency will be something simple.

    If I am in need of a large appliance or something, I like to use this. It is simple.

    Thrift stores are simple for certain types of clothing or other articles on the cheap. Ties, belts, dress shirts, jackets and coats.

    I am not into Name Brands, but many people are. I am surprised by how much some of the used Name Brand items cost.
    In the U.S., these places buy and sell popular used items.
    Plato’s Closet and Style Encore – Fashion & popular items
    Once Upon A Child – Children’s items
    Music Go Round – Music related
    Play It Again Sports – Activity related

    Because online local searches can be limited, I think that sometimes it is simple just to pick up the phone and call local officials for information, such as City Hall, City Inspections, Chamber of Commerce, police/sheriff departments, and local parks & event centers. Generally, people are very willing to help. Many of these publicly employed folks hear/see local things that fly below the radar.
    Talking to people is simple. A phone call is simple.
    For example:
    Raw Milk in the middle of a congested suburb.
    There’s probably more than 100,000 cars everyday passing within a kilometer of this place and not know about it. There is not big sign that says: “Raw Milk”. Off a major busy street, a small “Lavon Farms” sign stands by the break in the barbed wire fence where a cattle guard and gravel road leads to a large shed which is out-of-sight from the main road. In the shed sits a lady with a register, and one side has the refrigerated units full of goods.

  4. I took quite a bit of heat in the October open thread for sacrificing myself to the shot, but I’m doing it because a) I live around a lot of productive people who are brainwashed by the scamdemic, but still are good people and a strong community, and I believe that the more resilient one can make them self to the billionaire predator class trying to starve the world into compliance with the greater agenda, the better the chance to make it to the other side to potentially start something new. And b) I don’t think they’re building camps and a “blame the unvaccinated for all of societies problems” narrative, just to not fill those camps with the unvaccinated that the majority society are being programmed to beg the government to round up. I wish this could be reversed, but the truth is that most of your neighbours will and are already beginning to rationalize the need to see you starved, homeless, and put into camps if you are unvaccinated.

    The fact is we all need a community of productive people or we will be starved into eating lab meat, processed bugs, and drug laced gmo vegetables.

    • Do “good” people collaborate with state authority to round people up, even people who they know and might actually be friends with? Do “good” people take part in witch hunts?

      I’m not trying to put you on the spot, but I wonder sometimes about people I work with who seem to be the type you describe, “good” people, but brainwashed and willing to collaborate with evil. For example, I work with a few doctors and nurses who speak negatively about “anti-vaxxers” but at the same time do good by helping people. We have good rapport and work well together.

      I have a feeling that if I had a real honest conversation with some of them one on one about how I feel about the vaxx and why I haven’t taken it and won’t take it, some of them might understand and actually hide me if the Gestapo came around. There are only two people who I wouldn’t trust at work, the rest, I think would help me if need be.

      Group psychology shouldn’t dissuade you from reaching out to someone you trust in your community and telling them your concerns and why you don’t want the shot. Do you have any actual friends you can confide in and tell the truth and actually trust?

      Maybe you can tell your neighbors who you trust the most the truth that you lied about taking the vaxx and you’re afraid of taking it and where this is going and ask for help. I wager your friends might surprise you and actually understand where you are coming from.

      If your neighbors are “good” people, they will respect your boundaries and might even help you even if you refused the vaxx. Our eyes are telling us this is not the Plague. On some level some of your neighbors also know.

      I watched the video about “mass formation” about the psychology of crowds and the rise of totalitarian regimes and how it’s important to hold space for the truth and the other narratives.

      Moving on to the topic at hand, learning how to raise healthy non GMO meat and plants are critical skills.

      • I believe everything you say is from an old world that we’re quickly losing. I believe in the (eventually manifesting) humanity of the people who surround me and that’s where my faith for the future lies, but I also think a lot of people in our resistance space are being ignorant to what public hate and military power can do. The people of the western world have been coddled on purpose for the last 75 years. On one side, to create a society of comfort that can be taken away and used to turn the majority of the population against a minority and on the other side to give that minority a false sense of security that their world won’t turn into what we’ve seen in the Soviet Union or China. I hope I’m wrong about that, but at this point I don’t think I am. I agree with what you’re saying, but the world has lost its civility and I’m watching many “good” people I know turn into authority worshiping robots that will eventually beg the government to do something about people like you and me. I’m sure they’ll eventually realize they’re monsters and come back the other way, but not till after some really bad stuff happens. I’m looking at consequences no matter which path I choose and weighing them. In the medical sense of the world, I can no longer assume people will respect my decisions. That civility has died and I’m not going to delude myself to that truth, cause that is now a dangerous delusion to be caught up in.

        • How can you be so sure? Isn’t there anyone in your community that you can call a friend? Can you talk to your friend, outside of your family about what you are going through?

          I know it’s hard to do, but if you are watching “good” people turn into authority worshiping robots, can you talk to a few one on one to find out what they are thinking?

          There’s a useful book called non violent communication and JC had someone on at how to reach people through communication. I think those skills are also very important and you could use them to try to reach out to one person in your community. One. I know it’s hard, because I have a hard time in the same area. I also have not needed to, like it seems like you need to.

          I have a friend that I am going to talk to soon about how I really feel and open up an authentic line of communication. It is a friend who I trust the most who probably has a different view point as I do, but I know he is a good person. There must be one person like this in your community, one.

          I think that perhaps we are both biased in our perceptions and also that it is wise to take a leap of faith, a wager on what makes us “human” and reach out to one person and talk to them. Try to trust and reach them, reach their heart. I think you can do it. I think it would help you.

          • Well, as an example… I just had thanksgiving on Friday with my siblings on my dads side. My two sisters are on board with the narrative and have their shots and believe everything on the news. My two brothers understand that this is a scam and are pretty firm in that they won’t get the shots. So naturally I gravitated more towards talking to my two brothers about all this. It was interesting as both of my brothers are big time into Q. After we all established that covid is horse shit my one brother started right into “it’s all about flat earth” and “dinosaurs aren’t real”. I quickly tried to explain to him that I don’t care what shape people think the earth is and I don’t think proving triceratops never lived will stop this NWO from proceeding as it has been. I gave him my perspective that if he says shit like that to people in the context of talking about covid, people are going to think of him as a retard and write off any valid points he may bring up. That immediately pissed him off and then when I was trying to express that this is a LONG running agenda going back 100 to possibly 1000’s of years, all he could say was that “Q’s plan” has been going for a “long time” too. At first I was excited that both my brothers were on board with basically what I was, but I shortly realized that even when we have that much in common, we still can’t agree on much. My more Q steeped brother thinks he’ll be able to live in his car or with his “couple of buddies who have guns” and my other brother just wants to “trust the plan”. Neither of my sisters would even touch the subject and are very stubborn about that. Pretty much all of the rest of my family are 100% on board with the narrative and just want to fight when I point out obvious flaws in it. If even communication with my own family is this hopeless, what are my odds of having good interactions with a bunch of people in my community who barely know me?

            • That is a telling anecdote. …the degrees of awareness with different people.

            • Thanks for the account, it was an interesting get together. Sometimes I wish I was part of a larger family, but on most days no, not so much.

              Your example shows perfectly how divide and control operates. I don’t think discussing each individual offshoot can ever lead into progress. What is important is the underlaying concept of controlled narratives and managed polarization of people. Of coure, it boils down to mind control.

              Larken Rose introduced his way of talking to people about stuff they don’t want to talk about. The method is called candles in the light. One of the central tenets is to keep emotionally distanced so that the emotional charge of the discussion goes down, not up. It’s also supposed to lessen people’s proclivity toward gettijg up in arms over any given point.

              Marko Passio talked about maven target, which essentially is turning around most influential people in any given family/community. The idea there is to invest effort into talking to people who might then turn others through their area of influence. He recommended to always make use of a buddy system, because when the same information is coming from several sources/points of view it is more readily accepted.

              Repetition is key, of course. Mark had some anegodtes of his own and light getting personal. His maven was his own mother with whom he had many a joust. He woild walk into her house with a stack of DVDs and tell her that he was not leaving until they watched them together. He was ready to be dragged out by the police abd he would tell her as much.

              I’m not sure how many attempts it took, but reportedly she finally came around when the plandemic started. Her first question to her son was “how did you manage.not to go insane?”

              The general idea is not to try and fail in changing someone’s mind about any and all topics, but to get them started on logical thinking and introspection.

              We are all holding onto erroenous beliefs and being told we are retarded because of that sure as hell won’t help.

              Logical thinking, trivium, introspection and admitting one is wrong, believing there is truth out there to be found, are good starting points.

              • I know it’s not “impossible”, but I learned a lot from when I first “woke up” and tried talking to my parents about things like 9/11 and the billionaire predator class controlling governments. My mom was pretty open to talking about many things, but as soon as I started presenting loads of evidence about 9/11 and the untrustworthy governments to the degree that she couldn’t just excuse them, she outright stopped me and said “if this was all true and I realized it, I would go crazy”. At that point I just quit and to this day my mom still religiously believes that governments are good and that the news keeps her “informed” even though she’s watched me successfully predict every step of this shitshow we now find ourselves in. My stepdad knows that the UN are just a bunch of wealthy people who want to control everyone’s life, but when I present that very truth to him on the scamdemic level, he just ignores it. Even someone who’s over halfway there will deny obvious truths if it can push them out of their comfort zone. I gave up on trying to talk to people a like 7 years ago and this scamdemic revived my inner want to do that again, but it never takes long for me to come back to a place of defeat and I just give up. I’m trying to just accept these days that everyone has to learn how they’re going to learn and I can’t do anything to change that. I only learned what I have because of my own inner drive. Nobody tried to tell me what was up. I followed my own threads of interest. Maybe when it’s on my parents doorstep they’ll see what I was saying, and maybe that’s the way they were meant to realize it all along?

          • I really do think that there are a bunch of people in the resistance space, whether they’re full on Q-tards or the best of the critically thinking conspiracy reality community who think they will just be left alone with their decisions to not get shots. I bet the Jews hoped they could give up all their rights and just be left alone, but we all know that didn’t happen. We’re now starting to see the role out of military and the dehumanizing of the unvaccinated. I don’t think they’re going to just leave people alone, and though I do know a few likeminded people around here, we are a tiny tiny minority and all it takes is for people in the community to rat us out and we’ll be easy to pick off. These are confusing times, but I’m not going to put a giant target on my back and my inner voice is telling me that things are going to get much worse and now is not the time for me to speak. The passports are already being used all around me. Most people are talking about putting the unvaccinated in jail. If more people had resisted this in the beginning we’d have a chance of reversing it, but they didn’t. Almost everyone has bought into it. I have faith that many will wake up eventually, but right now that ain’t happening and there’s about to be a lot of people rounded up and have much worse things on top of forced jabs happening to them.

            • slurry
              “If more people had resisted this in the beginning we’d have a chance of reversing it, but they didn’t. Almost everyone has bought into it. I have faith that many will wake up eventually,”

              Your “faith” is a banked ember. I suggest: roll that log over, chuck on fresh wood and give it some good ol’ O2.

              The prospects of job and friends and lifestyle loss is clearly not as bad as the risk of worse from jab. what you think you need and who you think you are is malleable. Its not a difficult equation. Thats why police and military and Dr’s and and and (the most obedient of all) are resisting in significant numbers. We’ve done the math.

              Pretending to agree with something you know is a fraud is to self-entrain into dungeons of deceit; or hoping to snaffle past by winning the placebo lottery, or thinking that as a double agent you can drink koolaid and still somehow be standing to wonder whether it was a good idea, Its a perilous choice; I wonder if you would encourage another to do the same (like brokers hawking ponzi schemes)?

              Your reasoning ignores the real threat that the jab may cause you to be ill or die, or the reasonable doubt of becoming digitally remotely covertly owned: thoughts, moods, social credit, cash access, venue access, service access,,, imagine a smart phone trying to liberate itself, not gonna happen. The bad news jab curve is still hockey sticking away.

              The puck you slap-shot may hurl for 2 months or 2 years? in the mean time “we’ll leave the lights on for ya”

              • I completely agree my dude! It sucks cause I’m one of the only people I know in real life that’s been warning others about the billionaire predator class death cult for nearly a decade, now.

                One of the darker insights I’ve come to in the last year and a half is that this was always going to happen. This decline couldn’t be stopped and the the worst evil is yet to come, but we could not get to the highest good without it. I went around for years trying to show people that it made sense to go off grid, become self sustaining, build communities of strong individuals, and stop worshiping authority. Now I know that the reason no one was listening is because they won’t understand until they see the necessity for it. I really don’t think it’s “game set match” for the technocratic elite. There will be opportunities to split off in the future. Just not yet, in my opinion.

              • slurry, there’s no “reply” option at the bottom of your response to me? so I’ll put it here,,

                slurry: “I completely agree,,,Just not yet”

                I have to tell the truth, everything i say is a lie.

                I dont think anyone can yet see the target shape let alone the bullseye, but people have decided, some to fork left and others right. One group is gonna be disappointed.

                Perhaps some have snagged on the sketchy shoals of indecision, and are clotting the passage for other vesicles that might still carry meaning. In my experience most have chosen, yet rather than soar/flow from the liberation of decisiveness, still wobble from an excesses of dissonant cognitive clangour echoing from years of abuse; even after the extraction surgery a piece of tentacle may still be embedded, that bitch can regrow.

                Humans and humans, trundling along reconfigured relabeled reorganized as to whats allowed or who’s an ally,, confusing sad and debilitating enough yet theres also the complicity factor (I look in the mirror, working towards 15mins without losing focus). The thing has tentacles in all of us: we lambaste the tyranny and deception, but then support those very forces (mostly through habits of consumption).

                ,,as you indicate, screaming that “the lab-coats are coming”, may not be possible once they actually arrive, or talk is cheap until the rubber (bullet) hits the,, I’m in the boat you describe. Its a bummer, but its also floating on lotsa hot air. My strategy has evolved to: keep cool, keep it classy, dont interfere unless someone is keeping another from thriving, engage heaps, and/but with friendly innocence ask questions, like a 5yr old, ask and ask and ask some more, sprinkling seeds; some will grow.

                Here in rural NSW, mandates are being spewed from on high, but the police dont want to enforce them (they’ve made a few examples, but damn few); food workers/sellers pretend to use masks(but 99% of those using them believe that its anything more than a thumbs up box tick for not being finable, my friends & neighbors, cheap whores kickn’ that can, keeping us fed.

                no Vx passprt no problem, they can shove their venues up there arses

                hang in there.

              • Thanks Vadoum

                Your current situation in NSW makes mine look like a picnic, so I truly do appreciate your words. You hang in there too!

    • I’ve followed this thread and thought deeply about your concerns and situation. I have six adult children myself who are all very conflicted about the radical life path I led them through.

      All I know is this: If you do this “to take care of your family” and you are disabled or killed, that will produce a burden of guilt upon your children.

      And know that they will come for your children, all the more easily if you succumb.

      And if you do this to “go along and get along” with your neighbors, I seriously doubt it will produce more respect and consideration, but rather more of a guarantee that you are willing to just swim along with the “school” of fish.

      Males are enculturated in a patriarchal mandate which teaches them to fear one another’s taught violence, and that they must be willing to enact or support it to protect themselves from it.
      If you are unfamiliar or unclear about this, perhaps Michael Kimmel’s work would inform you, re-mind you. A hard hitting and excellent video made by, for, and about men is widely available, or was, entitled “The Mask You Live In”.
      Let that blow you away first, then make your decision with deeper knowledge.
      Blessed Be

      • Those are great points. And what if some of the people talking negatively about “anti-vaxxers” are just trying to fit in too? What if they are also afraid and just want to go along and be accepted? What if they haven’t even taken the jab themselves?

        I remember as a child doing these kinds of things to avoid being bullied since I was often a target. I had a little kid brain at the time, so outgrew these types of coping mechanisms, others have not, even as adults.

        It’s far more admirable and respectable to do what he feels is right, than to just go along hoping for things to change in the future. I really think that there are probably people who are saying the exact opposite of what they believe in their heart.

      • So, what happens if I do this, get a person who can tell I don’t want the shot and dumps it and fills out the paperwork….. then I get that same thing on the second shot. There is no way of verifying that the shot actually went in me. Then….. when they start rounding up all the unvaccinated I avoid the camps and am around to help others understand what’s going on as they wake up? What happens if I have the same scenario for the 3rd and 4th shot and all the way up to when they finally bring in the quantum dot tattoos? I’m not saying that that’s guaranteed to happen, but it is a possibility, just like the possibilities you’ve laid out. Maybe I can remain grey in the system until a time comes when the depopulation actually starts to kick in and the chaos creates an opportunity to split off and start pockets of new societies. Wishful thinking, I know, but still just as possible as; I take an injection and get disabled or killed. Being a man doesn’t always mean using violence in conflicts. I will use violence if I absolutely need to, but I would much prefer to use my brain. Wisdom, love, and faith are the only things I can see as reasonably guiding me through what’s coming.

        • Too many “what ifs” and not enough actually having a discussion with a neighbor that you might want to get to know. You don’t even need to discuss this at all at first, how about just having a beer or coffee and engaging with this person.

          It sounds like you are speculating based on commentary made by strangers and also media propaganda that show how strong the consequences might be if people say no. Actually talking to someone and checking it out for yourself might give you better data to make your decision.

          Even if the injections are harmless to you, why set the precedent to comply? You might have a beer or a chat with someone and say something like “these mandates are kinda weird, what do you think?” I have often found that listening to people and befriending them before giving them a long list of evidence, generates more interest in what I have to say.

          The basic right to chose what goes into ones body is an important issue, probably one of the most important issues today.

          • At this point, literally everyone is speculating. I’m following my gut. As much as I want to believe that they’ll just leave people alone, the way things are going on around me are not well represented in the resistance spaces I’m usually in on the internet. Those spaces do give me hope, but lack the acknowledgment of the power of governments that have the blessing to do monstrous things from the majority of their citizens. The vaccine passports are being used by the majority of people and that majority, I’ve now witnessed, can be easily programmed by the government and media to hate the unvaccinated. It’s a real world fact that I live in and I can’t just ignore it and think that connection with a few neighbours will some how save me when they start rounding people up. Everything is a “what if” at this point. I just saw a couple people over the last week in my fb feed who were all about getting their shots a few months ago complaining of neurological problems and nonstop chronic fatigue. I know these things are meant to cripple and kill humanity, but I also know they’re not building camps to leave them empty. I’m gonna roll the dice while I’m free to do this on my own and hope for the best, rather than getting put in a camp and having it forced into me as well as all kinds of other horrific things.

            • Slurry,
              Dr Zandré Botha has a good DETOX protocol for Vaccinated People on her website.
              According to the video, it seems that after the second shot, the vaccinated blood changes are difficult to rectify.

              I also highly recommend listening to the first video in the article at the bottom of the OCTOBER OPEN THREAD
              “Elite’s Depopulation Agenda Is Now Irrefutable”.

              • Thanks homeremedysupply! I appreciate it

            • If you do decide to get the shot, as I mentioned before: make sure they give you an IM injection the correct way, small gauge needle (25-27 gauge), and aspirate back making sure no blood is in the syringe prior to injecting the material into your arm. This will minimize the amount of the gene therapy injected into your blood stream. If the material is injected into muscle cells, theoretically the mrna, or adenovirus modified DNA will be mostly localized in your arm, possibly minimizing side effects. You don’t want the mrna, dna, or spike protein circulating in your blood stream.

              Make sure you watch what they are doing. Don’t have it done at a pharmacy, but a clinic by a nurse who knows what they are doing. Ask for a 25-27 gauge needle. Then insist on being observed for at least 20-30 minutes afterward.

              Here’s a link to medicines that may reduce post Covid shot side effects:

              • That is a good reference for Post Vaccine Side Effects.
                I bookmarked it.
                On the October Open Thread, Dr. Botha is mentioned.
                She is an alternative Doctor, and thus her protocol uses things like Ozone. NAC is also used.

                This reaffirms your point about the needle injection.
                (Studies cited)

              • Thanks HRS. Glad there is a study to back up common sense and the correct process for IM injections. With other drugs, I don’t think it is as important. Having said that, it would be worthwhile to see how much of an impact correct technique has by asking people who have had side effects if they noted blood on the bandaid after the injection.

                Even though I suspect side effects and adverse reactions may be lessened by proper technique, I would not feel comfortable taking the injection myself. Actually, I would never take a gene therapy drug unless I had a rare cancer or some other life threatening illness.

                I am doubtful camps are being set up to detain people, more precisely, I suspect that this is another scare tactic, more psychological warfare to get people to comply. Perhaps I have normalcy bias, but I have a hard time really believing that governments in Western countries would round people up and stick them in camps. I think a response like that would cause mass panic and revolt. Instead, I think that governments are using threats to get people to “follow the rules”. But who knows, maybe that is the plan. People seem to have more fear of the unknown.

              • @cu.h.j

                I understand now, why our views on this are different. Maybe you’re right, but it’s verifiable that there are TONS of fema camps in the US. Sure they say they’re for disaster relief, but that doesn’t explain why the barbed wire on the super high fences lean in towards the camp to keep people in rather than away to keep them out. Also always baked my noodle as to why they were fully stocked with plastic caskets that could fit up to 3 bodies in them. I get why you think it would create mass panic to round people up and put them in camps…. In the old world up to 2021 I believe you would’ve been absolutely correct, but here in the fall of 2021 the attitude of the general public has dramatically changed under the guidance of the government and media. I shit you not, 90% or more of the people sitting in my wife’s chair were absolutely furious with the unvaccinated and 80% of that number were saying that the unvaccinated should be put in jail. This was just the start the next logical step is for that same government and media to push the next “variant” and blame it on the unvaccinated, so that same 90% of people will beg the government to do something about them. The government will no longer have to worry about public panic when rounding people up if most of the public is asking for it. And the camps absolutely do exist. I watched a Canadian member of parliament ask about them and who they planned to put in them at the start of all of this and the response was to turn off his mic and laugh at him.

                I hope you’re right and I appreciate your words of encouragement, but I’m not going to deny the reality of now based on what reality used to be.

              • Slurry,

                I think things are a little better in the US which is why I might be biased against your assessment. Also, Americans (many of them) tend to be armed to the teeth. Maybe this gives people a false sense of security here in the states. People also have to have to be willing to use them. Shipping people off to camps would cause a rebellion here, an armed rebellion and though the state is much better armed, the state forces would take heavy casualties in an all out war. What you’d probably get is the technocrats ruling over the ashes and the memory of that evil burned in the minds of those who survived. Essentially, the state would tip their hand.

                I think they want to boil the frog and like you said they want people to blame the “un vaccinated” The problem is is that people are talking and it turns out that the “vaccine” isn’t really that good because people are still getting sick with “Covid”.

                I think the US government is lying about how many people took the shot. I’d guess it was about half of citizens here. And among those people who took it, my guess is that half of those won’t take the booster. The reason being is that the vaxx has caused a lot of side effects, much more than any other vaccine in history and don’t want to endure another one.

                What’s happening here in the US is the beginning of a civil conflict between the Urban areas and rural areas. One thing I know for sure is that I won’t be going to a camp. Perhaps I will die in a fight, but that’s a choice I’m willing to make if that time came.

              • Slurry,

                Also, what if those people sitting in your wife’s chair are just repeating the party line. Who knows what they really think. A lot of people are followers and will just repeat what they think others want to hear. Women do this more than men I think.

                Your wife should say, “I heard a lot of people got sick and died after the shot…” and see what they say. “Did you hear about all the myocarditis in teen boys?” “Maybe that’s why people are afraid to take it??”

              • Slurry,

                I think you should get out of Canada ASAP. I think you should find a community of like minded people or tolerant people and put your energy toward developing that community, not a group of people who are willing to put their neighbors in camps.

                I think it would be scary to move but you’d be happier somewhere else.

              • cu.h.j.

                I think those are the peoples real sentiments. My wife will never bring up the subject and always tries to change the subject. It’s what’s on peoples minds, unfortunately.

                And I’d love to leave right now! If I could move to Florida or Texas I absolutely would, but I can’t leave Canada, now that we’re restricted to travel if unvaccinated, and it’s not easy to get US citizenship.

                I can’t help but to think that what’s happening here and Australia will eventually spread to the entire planet.

        • Slurry
          I posted this on the open thread for you, but wanted to be sure you see it. Rebel news reports on a peaceful protest by Unified Grassroots against vaccine mandates in Saskatchewan on October 2. Looks like quite a few “stand in the park” people there as well wearing yellow. You are not alone, Slurry. Maybe reach out to this group, or possibly attend an event… Best of luck, whatever you choose.

  5. This REKO is clearly an offshoot of long established CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, which I believe originated in Japan.
    In CSA, customers pay the grower ahead of time in a contract which provides full bags of various produce once a week throughout season. These are not private orders, it is the same for all unless individual restrictions apply.
    This ensures that the grower will have sufficient funds when planting and year round to produce a successful crop, particularly considering the rush on supplies in the spring. And of course the client base is polled on what crops they wish for.
    I know this spread rapidly throughout western nations at least twenty years ago.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to own land? To be allowed to grow one’s food?

    The land in Oregon is being all bought up by cartels, as well as very greedy landowners charging tenants a fortune. It’s no joke when bodies get dumped at the local Chevron, one still somewhat alive long enough to track the murders to a cartel land which was subsequently busted and found to have the whole works going on..human trafficking, drugs, all of it.
    Only one of them. They are becoming countless, and the feds rarely step up. Most of the sheriff’s force cannot recite to you two lines from the Constitution they don’t recall taking an oath to.

    The landlords want folks who’ll take all the risks growing cash crops to pay exorbitant off-contract rents. They don’t give a hoot about food, they still think they can eat money.
    A lot of great small organic farms also, though. It’s a mixed bag, a crazy world. I’ve had no success urging land owners to put hand pumps on their wells. No success in forty years of asking what will happen when they shut off the gas spigots? The electric?
    It seems impossible to get folks to acknowledge all that we are so vulnerably dependent on. Or to even imagine doing anything , at base, differently . They’ve been convinced that a natural life in nature is “brutal”, that nature is the enemy of human perfection.

    The sheer depth of the conditioning causes me to despair.

  6. The excellently researched book “Cadillac Desert” tracks the impossibility of the Colorado River drain off from the get-go. All these huge projects were political.

    This is the long known result of attempting to irrigate deserts. Keeping the northwest water in the northwest has been a decades long struggle, mostly lost to California mega-growers’ lobbies.
    The entire scheme was set up to fail in the long run, including the dams. Short term mega profits for power accumulation was always the plan. You just get rid of your slaves when you’re done with them.

    That is precisely what the “elder care” industry is based upon.

  7. Re: drinking rainwater. Don’t disparage it. It’s a whole lot better than government water with fluoride and God knows what else in it.

    • As someone who has been drinking rainwater for over 15 years I was surprised that Corbett said that. I would think that he would encourage people to collect their own water rather than be at the mercy of municipal governments.

      The only issue that I ever had was when the city changed my water meter because they thought it was not working.

    • Sweet sweet rain water…. Filtered by the gods themselves lol

      • I use a strainer and a whole house charcoal filter to supply the system. Then a Berkey for filtering what I drink.
        God’s part of the deal is just delivering it to my roof.

  8. Hi James! We are in Finland and found a REKO ring just 12km from our home and have asked to join their FB group. My Finnish wife says REKO does not have a specific meaning in Finnish, but is something akin to “healing”. Tx for all you do. I am a faithful follower.


  9. REKO rings rely on Facebook? Facebook isn’t trustworthy. Store food.
    PS: James is from Alberta? Well, that explains a lot. The Great Plains are great teachers.

  10. Really appreciate the open respectful dialog on this thread- i just joined as a member, although I’ve followed James’ public work for years.

    To the article’s subject I just wanted to say that from the Twin Cities of MN, i’ve belonged to a few CSAs, first one from just NW of the cities, and the last few years, from an organic farm in western Wisconsin that’s trucked over each week. They offer SOME choices/preferences within the box/es half-share or full share you buy that you respond online to by survey the week before delivery, so in that way there is SOME flexibility in what you blindly purchase up front and pay for in March. It’s not cheap. compared to what you can get at the franchise grocery stores in town. I don’t care. It’s worth the supporting of local farmers, AND the peace of mind, what if, for fresh clean non-GMO produce all summer, and a few more weeks even now in the fall.

    It also disciplines your diet a bit and your spouse and children if at home. It doesn’t make you go vegetarian or vegan, but depending on the share you buy, you MUST keep up with it each week in menu planning to USE it while it’s fresh, or to clean and freeze what you can. Those are the biggest differences I’ve found. I eat healthier and discover vegs I never knew, and recipes for preparing them. bon appetite! ps- i also buy butchered hogs from the same farm, and twice a year they throw open house parties to visit (or you can schedule other dates, if you want, to see the farm and operations).

    • That’s neat to hear. Thanks Scott.

  11. Yes, James, Thomas Snellman’s site is in Swedish. As a Swede, I greatly appreciate you bringing this to our attention and as a part-time politician, I am glad to have a genuinely useful new idea to share and advocate within our party and the larger political space.

    I will confess that although I do not believe the answers lie in politics, and I am opposed to assigning my power or representation to others, I find it useful sometimes to use my political roles in order to be informed, have access to information, raise sticky issues requiring ‘credibility’, and have my voice heard.

    This has been an inspiring Solutions Watch, giving me something to pursue and direct my anxious energies during these justifiably worrisome times.

    Thanks, and thanks, too, to all who commented and added to this topic.

  12. Does anyone else here remember “Y2K”?? That all commerce was about to fail because computers can’t handle the number 2? I kid you not!!

    Folks were having meetings, storing enormous amounts of food; the wealthy were buying retreat properties, taking the foundation beams out to store cases of Annie’s Salad Dressing and the like…I kid you not, I was a witness to this, later had to replace the beams…etc. I somehow could not accept that all commerce would end over ….the designation for the number two????…

    So I had been making solar ovens , by hand. Easy. Cardboard boxes, a matt knife, glue, mylar, and glass. Came up to 8$ at the time. Worked awesome!! Cooked beans and all in them.

    Was funny to find that tho they were expecting disaster, none could imagine attending to a solar oven…outside, mind you…to cook. The Sun MOVES!! Out of control….

    So, yeah, I get flashbacks at times like this. Forgive my skepticism. It just keeps coming back to a song I composed years ago, “Modern Girls”:
    “Are all the private owners feeling snug and safe that they got their little piece of the pie? Hey, they’ll give you the deed to fulfill all your needs while they poison your waters and skies.”

    “That’s how it goes, and everybody knows” sang Leonard Cohen.

    Glad to know so many are plugged into good local foods, and that scares of want can influence people in the right direction.

  13. Oh man! What extraordinary anecdotes from the 60’s – 70’s in Europe!

    Thanks Starfire!

  14. James, At the end of this episode it sounded like you spoke derisively about drinking rainwater. What’s wrong with drinking rainwater? We live on the Big Island of Hawaii and we are completely off grid. We are growing our own food, produce our own electricity and are not dependent on the city water supply which God only knows what in most water supplied by municipalities. Our water goes through filtration and is complete pure. What could be wrong with that?

    • rain water can be contaminated with geo-engineering stuff (aluminium, and other), This can be tested for and measured, but practically it may vary depending on where when & who is spraying. rain water can also readily pick up all the bird and possum shit bacteria on the roof. Though that can be filtered.

      Ever been in a concrete jungle just after a big rain? NY’s canyons of concrete swarming with carbon monoxide shedders (oughta mask those nasty eater transports),, on a hot summer day, the air is thick, each inhale has sooty flavor. Then it rains hard. for a short time after the rain has passed, the sky gets brighter, the air is almost sweet, ones steps get broader,, is it the ionic charge? is it the increased O2, or the sudden reduction of cyanide intake? sure seems like it; and where did that air pollution go? was it washed out of the sky? is it encapsulated in the drops that have merged with the sea? I wouldnt want to drink that water.

      Rain water is good but needs care, spring water is better, but has become so rare.

  15. I have 3 solutions to add here. The first one was thought out by a guy named Alexandre Blondeau. He lives in the province of Quebec and his English is probably not superb, but you may be able to contact him about his former business. It was called Fruiterie Mobile Bio Blondeau. The idea was that he contacted farms and grocery store distribution warehouses in order to purchase fruits and veggies at a very reduced price compared to markets and grocery store shelves. Why? Because they were going to throw them out anyways for not being the right shape or size, or just not pretty enough. He started off doing this for himself. When he told friends what he was doing, they started asking him to pick stuff up for them. Eventually, it grew into a small business. I didn’t ask him if I could post his Facebook page here, but I doubt he would mind you getting in touch with him ( if you’re interested in knowing more so you can present this concept in a video):

    If your French is strong enough, you’ll notice that he is about to lose his teaching job for not wanting the dreadful vaxx…. so, he might have time to chat with you.

    Second idea I want to mention to you is about “le glanage” – glean? I’m not sure what the exact translation is. It means to gather food for free. There are a few ways to do this and you presented one here, which is to find plants that produce fruits and vegetables on public property so you are not trespassing or stealing. As for private property, you just need to ask permission. For instance, many farmers stop hiring employees to pick crops when it is no longer profitable to do so, usually close to the end of that product’s season. Some people have made deals with the owners to help themselves to the rest – since these crops will rot if they aren’t picked anyways- and offer them a third of whatever they manage to collect as a payment. The third option I have seen is to dumpster dive. Now, although this last gleaning option does not encourage local farming or community building in any way, it’s a way to feed yourself if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    The last one I want to suggest is to go picking your fruits and veggies yourself. If you have a way to get there, you are still encouraging small local farmers who might not be able to afford workers or who cannot hire any because of the possibility of needing to be vaxxed or due to labour shortages. You pay less than if you buy from the farmers market or the grocery store, and you can turn it into a fun day out, complete with a picnic!

    I’ve had CSA baskets before and loved it. I highly recommend them.

  16. I have been hearing Jim Gale interviewed on various podcasts lately. He is the “food forest” guy. I saw a High Wire show some months ago where Del had the property around his studio transformed.

    I am happy to hear Jim report that the idea of growing healthy food ourselves is becoming extremely popular lately. No wonder I guess.
    I have been doing my best for years to turn my little suburban yard into a food forest. It is validating to see people joining me, but its too bad that it took a global authoritarian assault on human rights and freedom to help it catch on.

    Currently Gale’s organization is constructing a community in central Florida which is designed to be completely self sufficient. I love his enthusiasm and energy and believe that what he is promoting is extremely important.

    Here is his interview with Freeman from last week in case anyone is interested.

  17. is another possible resource for food that would otherwise be wasted. This is leftover food from restaurants, bakeries and other food producers/ servers for cheap. Mostly for more populated areas

  18. That was a lot to read but was worth my time. Good comments and discussion.

    I did skip some of the comments so, for whatever reason, I didn’t notice anything about potential problems with the facebook REKO model and the internet; other than the obvious fact that most of us are already wary of using facebook. All REKO business plan models should include OFFLINE contingency plans that all participants are aware of. These contingency plans should include telephones (cell and land lines), radio communications procedures and frequencies, maps to contingency meeting locations, passwords to use so the farmer/seller can positively identify the buyer… etc.

    JAMES CORBETT, I honestly think you should get a ham radio license and all of the hardware you’d need to communicate with your fans and the rest of the world in emergency situations.

    I plan for survival under somewhat severe situations so having a long term food supply will hopefully get us through the difficult transition from a world of instant communications and relative abundance to (what might possibly be) a world much like the 1800s, minus a reliable rail system. We’ll have better roads and more advanced technology to help us survive, but it won’t be easy.

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