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by | Feb 8, 2022 | Solutions Watch | 26 comments

James Corbett delivers a live presentation on How to Research Online to the Greater Reset Activation III conference on January 30, 2022. In this demonstration, James shares his screen while he answers some research questions from his listeners.

Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee or Download the mp4

*The website for accessing paywalled science articles is Sci-Hub


  1. Dear James,

    I was going to start with a question: “How much coffee did you drink before this presentation?” but thought better of it 😉

    Thanks for posting this. Well done.

    I only got one “tool” from it,, but I may use it. What I really liked was your “okay, sleeves up, here we go” attitude. I’m very glad that you got to the WHO document at the end and were able to put that in the context of the 2006 treaty for pandemic preparedness (or whatever its called). A lovely place to sign off.

    Research often does not go where one thinks it will. This is not always a bad thing either.

    Your enthusiasm, and an unusually warm and bright sunny day in northern Europe has lifted my spirits.

    Peace be with you.

    • On a related note, the publications which I issue largely use opinion as references, which is very different from identifying the source of a phrase or finding a publication. This is a price for commenting on current affairs.

      I do rely, however, on RSS as a tool for collating my “interesting” sources.

      I thought perhaps I could relate my method for source compilation for my articles as a method that others may find interesting/useful. Recall, the purpose is to provide commentary on recent geopolitical events which present an alternative narrative to the garbage coming out of the dinosaur media.

      On a daily basis I read the topics I find interesting in my RSS feed, and always any article by persons I find most valuable. I often visit references cited in interesting articles, and from this can expand my RSS feed when I find gold.

      As I do this, I note in my reference format [Title, Author, Publication, Date, Link] any article which I found informative *and* interesting. These lists of “interesting articles” are saved by week, and as I use a reference in an article it is moved in the list into a “has been used” section, but remains in the weekly list.

      After a few days my subconscious will start wriggling and some inspiration will emerge which links at least three of the recent “interesting” articles. From this a narrative is constructed to weave the sources together. As I write I make “wild claims” based upon my decade plus of historical research (much of which is due to our James) and then dig to find references to justify my claims.

      Then its its polishing and polishing …

      Here’s a recent article on the whole Ukraine silly:

      Or, here’s one of the “interesting” articles, in my “reference” format, which I’m going to have much trouble integrating. It is written plainly, but requires a little pause to read. We’re talking about geopolitical economics, and I’m not an economist. But, I love Michael Hudson’s analysis. It is most thought provoking:

      America’s Real Adversaries Are Its European and Other Allies, Michael Hudson, Unz Review, 2022-02-07


      2-D Chess Dweller

  2. Wow! That was incredibly useful to me! Thanks, James.

    1. I knew nothing about enabling or disabling scripts. Looking into it.
    2. It looks like the burning of the Library of Alexandria is well under way. Again and again you came up against disabled pages or pages hidden behind various excuses.
    3. I already knew about and Wayback Machine (thanks to you), but I haven’t tried to use it. Thanks for the reminder.
    4. This is one of those videos I will have to go back and watch several times.


    How do you do that thing where you get to a page and put in search words for that page alone?

    • Ctrl-F

      i.e the Control button (or squiggly button on Mac) and the F button. It’s universal in browsers.

      It means “search in page”. Very useful.

      Have fun!

      • Is it possible to do that on an iPad? I miss using that function. I can’t spot any squiggly buttons when the keypad pops up.

        • Hi Steve,

          Sorry, I have no idea. The key word is “Find”. Have a look in some pull-down menus, if there are any.

          (Ipad’s are almost as bad as mobile phone’s for web browsing.)

          Best of luck.

      • Thank you! I now have the Powah of the Page Search!

      • Have you ever heard of censoring content or locking people out of their accounts?

        I tried to go look at and edit my pics and recipe for christmas tree shaped candies (that are infused with pine needle extract for shikimic acid to help mitigate the detrimental effects of the synthetic mRNA injections) that I had uploaded to my account on there yesterday and now I get this:

        When I try to sign in it says “your account is locked”.

        I tried the waybackpachine but no luck.

        Do you think there is any way I can fix it and get access to my pics and uploaded data/books etc on my account on there now?

        Thanks in advance for your time.

  3. OS -> Linux
    Browser -> Brave
    Search engine -> Brave
    Videos -> Odysee
    Webpage search ->
    News ->
    More Boolean Operators -> AND OR NOT () + – *

  4. Finding deleted Youtube Videos on Bitchute
    (Applicable for deleted Derrick Broze YouTube videos, but might also apply to other people.)

    Read this brief Sub-Thread for the full trail and current Fluoride News…

    A brief recap rendition:
    Derrick Broze had a YouTube video which exposes the unfounded rumor that
    “Nazi Germany used Fluoride in the water to control people.”
    That specific YouTube video was deleted by YouTube which I discovered when I went to an old past comment which linked to the YouTube video.
    By using the YouTube code F60-cYVA9_A, I added it to the Bitchute base.
    Here is the deleted YouTube video on Bitchute…
    (Go to the 19:50 mark) –

  5. Fantastic fabulous I have done all the things you did in your video and it never fails that I get more trails to follow, more questions I want answered, and further references to check out. Problem is sometimes, I never get back to the original inquiry. I’m laughing because you are so good at staying on point. Thank you James, for your discipline and ability to not get distracted. I hope I can follow that lead not branch off into obscurity as often as I do. Good video bravo mon ami! your pal, Buz

  6. “Individual human rights”

    Does any type other than individual exist? Collectivist human rights? I have never heard of those. It’s like saying: time to stamp out bipedal humans. Distinction without a difference.

    • Mikey

      You do have things like collective rights with communitys…. a village or a family or a tribe or a nation or such certainly have rights as a group. Water or grazing rights, community policing, even land rights

      The focus on the single individual is not exactly bad. But the loss of group identity leaves people at the mercy of the powerful imo that’s why it has been cultivated in industrial societies the same as group identity of Indians or Australian aborigine was attacked by westerners via boarding schools and such abuses

  7. True, virtual machines are pretty good.

    I also like to use live CD’s or USB… if you encrypt your computers hard drive (which Pop os offers by default) even if live OS gets compromised no one can read it. Link to a video for those who want to make a USB drive with multiple linux distros on it. You may need to save your downloads to another USB if yo uh have issues with persistence

    • I finally found and an old PC that runs Qubes but I have been busy and not played with it much.

      Tails is pretty good and I like how you can clone a new USB off an old one.
      Parrot linux is lovely to look at and super normie friendly with the Anon Surf button but a lot of the time I just run a Raspberry Pi single board computer- they are so cheap you could have 3 set up for different online tasks 🙂 if you think it’s time it’s a 10 min job to reflash the camera card it runs off and your back to the start.
      TBH I bet 95% of people can just a pi4 for everything they do online.

      It’s nice to meet you and see others are also worried about taking control of their own computing

  8. I just wanted to let you know about a site that shows the full article for articles that a site only shows the full article to search engines.

    You know you have found such an article when you see in the search text of an article the words or sentence you are looking for, but when you click the link in the search engine, the site only shows you a paywalled version.

    This site does its best to get around paywalls, in general, but I find it most useful when the site is showing a special version just for search engines.

    (Also note, the maintainer of the site recently added a bug to the page announcing that the cost of the site is outgrowing his budget.)

  9. Thank you James, I would love for you to do more on this topic of how to research. I know I could benefit from it because I do quite a bit of research but today almost everything is wiped from the internet. Google owns most of the search engines (96% of the internet and 84% of the world search)
    Most people don’t even know how to research today and I think more detail on this topic would do a lot to help wake up people to how they are being manipulated and lied to.

    Please do a research series on this. I did learn a few tools like:

    Sci-Hub for scientific literature
    And the search feature in documents
    How does one do that on a phone?

  10. Absolutely, they don’t crawl the search Googles databases and their quarantine list instead of looking up links

    I use Brave and a few others

  11. Has anyone else here ever been locked out of their account?

    I went to go sign into yesterday and add something to an album of pics (related to a christmas tree shaped candy recipe I used to make gummies to gift to my family) and I see that they have apparently deleted the item from their website and locked me out of my account. I am surprised they targeted my little Christmas candies post (and without a warning, an email or any kind of message indicating why). hmm, it must be because in the description section I explained the science behind how shikimic acid (contained in the pine needles) serves to prevent the replication/production of the synthetic spike proteins and mitigates the platelet aggregation (caused by the synthetic mRNA injections) in the small capillaries.
    Perhaps some big pharma drag net algorithm must have locked onto some key words and so my post had to be expunged from existence.

    But, I thought was supposed to be a platform that doesn’t censor or mess with your data?

    I tried to go in there to look at my recipe for pine needle infused gummies (here is the url: ) again this morning and it still says:

    “This item is no longer available.

    Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a violation of our Terms of Use.” ( here is a screenshot: )

    So I go and try and sign in to see why they have taken down my pictures of pine needle infused gummies that I made and it won’t even let me sign in and says:

    “Your account is locked.” (screenshot: )

    I created the account to avoid these kinds of big tech shenanigans (as per the suggestion of a Corbett Report Subscriber in a different thread).

    If anyone reading this is familiar with how that site operates, could you tell me what you think my suspicions regarding what this is about are well founded and if I can fix it/access the pics/data I have uploaded to that account? I tried the waybackmachine but had not luck. Thanks in advance for your time.

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