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by | Feb 22, 2023 | Solutions Watch, Videos | 26 comments

Leigh Vossen and Sheldon Munroe of Students Against Mandates join us today to discuss their organization, how and why it was formed, and how it is working to lift the mandates and restrictions on students across Canada and to make sure that those mandates are never imposed again.

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Students Against Mandates website

Canadian university finally drops mask mandate after protests, ridicule

S.A.M. interviews Brian Peckford

Students Against Mandates Fall In Love With Vaxentine’s Day Cards

Students Against Mandates on Rumble

More than one in four Canadians support jail time for the unvaccinated, poll finds


  1. Getting old means you didn’t die from Covid. It’s a win! As for the SAM founder, you go girl! I look forward to watching the homeschooled and Christian and even Muslim Gen Z generation rise up to fight the technocracy. They have lived in it all their lives. They are not blind like boomers and Gen X were until recently to how our govt was building this Marxist, Fascist cage around us.

  2. I am trying to donate to SAM but it won’t let me finish the payment as the final button is just below where I can reach.
    I’m using chrome on a desktop but this needs fixing asap if they want $$$$

    Tried on firefox desktop and still no luck!

    • edw98, did you try using the zoom to make your display smaller so you can reach the final button?

      • I tied what I could cntl +- but couldn’t get there. I contacted Stanley or whats his bucket 😉 from the website and he gave me a link that worked. Thanks and keep up the good fight.

        He said he saw the same problem and would get on it.

  3. Point at a deer and call it a horse
    Old Chinese story about using gaslighting to separate the
    blind followers from the resistance.

    It makes you wonder if they used the “covid” fake-measures on purpose to
    identify resistance.

    We see in the world that they did apply this to the leaders of the countries.
    Every leader who did not blindly follow the craziness was attacked in some way.

    The same happened with every doctor.

    And those above the politicians might have known about using
    gaslighting for this purpose before.

    • zyxzven

      This one is similar- starts about 1 min in where they set up a waiting room with a smoke machine for faking a fire….on their own most people run off but in a group of plants who had been told before to ignore the smoke the dupe would sit still for (I think) 13 min.

      This trait of group behavior is why its so important for the ruling class to keep a grip on media.

    • Loft
      “…I wonder if ‘identifying resistance’ is some way down the line and this initial experiment has been to see how far they could push all of us and for how long …”

      Its a Long Game…. The Boomers are fading fast the Millenials and Zoomers are shaping up to be even more conformist and controllable.

      I would like to say good things about GenX, but they just dodged the Social Media bullet.

      • loft

        “..As for the Milgram experiment… I remember we (psychology A level students) all laughed at the limited and ridiculous conclusions back in 1978. I can’t believe they’re bringing it up again….”

        I kinda think the prob with those experiments is that the worldview of human nature used to analyze is wrong and based on the idea that humans are naturally helpful/kind while in reality they are helpful and kind to their OWN group and do not really care much about OutGroup even if not actively hostile to them.

        In a sense if you never thought about otherwise it the Millgram and stanford prison experiments are actually pretty useful, in that they START your thought processes. Kinda like Stefan Molynuex is useful in that he got people thinking about a lot of things, even if he refused to follow thru to the logical conclusion.

        On the Long Game being interrupted early I think that Chris KNowles (secretsun blog) actually makes the point very well that most people imagine that the Elite is actually “elite” but the natural, cyclical, progress of society has allowed a bunch of people who are like clueless TrustFundKids to get into power.

        I really think that there is much less planning (by human minds) then we give them credit for- compare the evil folks of the Cold War era to the dumb people heading up the institutions these days…..there is a better then average chance that they really did NOT even plan for serious pushback at all because they were so used to getting everything they wanted.
        That would also explain their utterly ridiculous Chimp-Out at Trump getting in even though Chris Lasch predicted decades before that the US would get a populist who spoke to the plebs concerns in revolt of the Elites, book link below

    • “Point at a deer and call it a horse”
      thought a bit more about it and realized that..
      This gaslighting is used widely in the US politics

      And anyone who opposes the gaslighting is attacked in some way.
      Usually via cancelling, job-termination and “peaceful” protests

      The gender-confusion movement is gaslighting by biological definition.

      The critical rac(ist) theory is extremely racist by definition.

      The “patriot act” was against real patriots.

      The “climate” movements are not about climate

      “Freedom fighters” and “white helmets” are terrorists

      “Antifa” are fascists in their actions

      “Federal reserve” is not government owned

      “Two more weeks” / “Ukraine war will be over soon”

      “Democratic”, “Justice”, the “Science”

      “Trust the Plan” “Follow your heart”



      It is hard to escape this gaslighting, because both sides use it.

      The police follow it. People were attacked for not wearing a mask.
      Or for calling a male a man.

      Mainstream media generate fake news and fake videos to support the gaslighting.
      The fake hospitals, the fake deaths, the fake war.
      And hiding/misplacing the warcrimes by the Ukr nazis.

      Fake science is published widely to support the gaslighting.
      (Masks, safe+effective, hide working cheap treatments)

  4. I am happy to see some younger people pushing back but while the thought (about 24 min) is laudable you can not teach young people to “Use Critical Thinking” when they are in their late teens or twenties- its too late for most of them. Most of them will die unhappy, poor and sick and they will be like a drowning man trying to drag anyone they can grab down with them.

    I think it was prof CJ off ‘Dangerous History podcast” who said he noticed a big generational difference in his students.

    MArk Bauerlein did his follow up book, “Dumbest Generation Grows Up” , where he does a rather unhappy victory lap over being right.

    Honestly…. anyone who is a halfway normal human should dump college and go into a trade and get away from urban areas.
    You can qualify as a Lines Man for what it costs to do ONE YEAR of college.

    They will always need people to do electrics or climb towers….even if ChatGpt doesnt take over all the office work who really wants to live under teh rule of fat blue haired HR staff??

  5. The cliche’ “bottom line” is…
    “There is no virus, other than a digital, theoretical abstraction made on a computer from a genomic database. It’s never been isolated, purified, sequenced, characterized and proven 100% to exist.
    Makia Freeman
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Despite (allegedly) hundreds of millions of cases of “CV-19,”no electron microscope photo of the SARS-COV-2 virus exists. From comparative photos, Exosome Sacs are identical to those presented as “CV-19” meaning they’ve been renamed “Covid-19” and then digitally made into simulated images and artist’s renderings.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “A body’s toxic response system regularly makes cellular secretions of Exosomes Sacs to help absorb body toxins from Respiratory insult, Stress, Fear, Disease, and Electromagnetic fields (5G, etc.,) that increase production. “CV-19″ and Exosome sacs are identical inside/outside diameter, same ACE- 2 receptor, containing RNA found in Bronchoalveolar (lung) fluid.” – Andrew Kaufman M. D.

    I’ve been offering a free pdf download or just look at a short video of 2 years of research on this:


    So what is the reason my comment is in pending hell this time James??

  6. I’m (probably) in Mr. Corbett’s age group, and this is a really inspirational thing to see! How wonderful!

    • Yes, these two young people give me some hope for the future. This is real, not fake bravery on their part. I hope that they can endure the predictable abuse that they are sure to receive from the establishment.

  7. Thanks Uncle James, for another fab interview with some very inspiring folks! Holy doodle though, do they ever have their work cut out for them if that ultra depressing poll presents anything resembling an accurate picture of what’s going on there still, even today. SuperBobo despairs!

  8. Thanks for doing your part to pass the torch to help light the way for younger truth seekers and peaceful warriors to gain some traction with their worthy endeavors to stand up to the technocratic oligarchy James, Great stuff!

    Leigh and Sheldon, you guys rock! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    Much love and respect from Ontario

  9. Takes me back to my student days during which I did not get to see much daylight due to my head being firmly affixed between my buttocks. It is certainly refreshing to see young people take up this cause, however improbable protests are as a means to bringing about substantial victories in the ongoing skirmish for restoring freedom.

    • It must be an age thing. My head was located there too.

  10. Mr. Corbett,
    The Odysee link goes to “Building Community – #SolutionsWatch”, not to S.A.M.

  11. RE: Students Against Mandates – #SolutionsWatch

    I really like seeing this kind of stuff and enjoyed the interview with a younger generation.

    Like Corbett has often pointed out, many solutions are generational.
    I believe that Liberty hinges on the next generation holding on to it.

    William F Pepper
    It is you who are the torchbearers in respect to that truth…
    …Steel you spines!
    Inspire your children!
    Then when the moment is right….

    (90 seconds)

  12. Good one! After being repeatedly censored for essentially sharing Bible verses and “alternative,” yet Biblical, healthcare suggestions (ie, myrrh and colloidal gold for SARS-CoV-2 mRNA spike protein bioweapon-induced blood clots) on the allegedly “Christian”, I realized that the Khazarian mafia [originating from the word “alcazar,” which means “palace”] have infiltrated the Nazi Jesuits excommunicated by Pope Clement in 1773 [three years before the American Revolution]… Also known as the Beast of Revelation [See Revelation 12, 13, and 17], they have been secretly getting away with mass murders and profiting from bio-warfare since the first evil, Jew-murdering empire of Pharaonic Egypt, described by Moses in Exodus, evolved from Atlantis, which was recently, accurately located by indie archaeologists at the Richat Structure in Mauritania, founded by Poseidon, according to Solon, the Greek ancestor of Plato.

    If you watch Stanley Kramer’s courtroom masterpiece, “Judgment At Nuremburg” (1961), the war crimes and atrocities of the Third Reich Nazis, funded by American eugenicist/industrialist bankers like Prescott Bush, have simply replaced Nazi “round ups” and giftgas Zyklon B shower tricks with Fourth Reich neo-Nazi “Microsoftkill” nanoparticle injections and carcinogenic herbicides, such as Moderna/Pfizer bioweapons redefined as “vaccines” and Monsanto/Bayer’s enzyme-blocking herbicide RoundUp, which is still the #1 carcinogenic agro-chemical used in America! The same old rules of corruption, mass media lies, censorship, and propaganda still apply, except Adolf Hitler, Paul Joseph Goebbels, and Herr Doktor Josef “D’Angel Of Death” Mengele have been replaced by BOTB [Bush-Obama-Trump-Biden], Bill Gayts, Soviet oligarch Google/YouTube owner, Sir gay Brin, and Dr. “53%-Remdesivir-Jaws” Fauci, while KKKlaus Schwab and the Nazi criminals at the World Economic Forum prefer to remain stateless, like the “motherweffing” Beast of Revelation**** [dog poisoner]

    PREVIOUSLY CENSORED USAWATCHDOG.COM COMMENT: Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness. James 3:18

  13. It is very encouraging to see these kids fight against the mandates. I will happily send them some money. Thanks James for bringing them in…There is hope!

  14. Good idea, but it would be better for this organization to be based on principle, such as bodily autonomy instead of data. Data can be manipulated.

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