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Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance Network joins us to discuss The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation, the latest edition of the ongoing series of solutions-focused workshop/conferences seeking to empower people on their quest to build the parallel systems of the future. From workshops and presentations on permaculture and parallel networks to taking back our tech and building community (including a virtual presentation from James Corbett), this conference offers something for every stripe of #SolutionsWatch-er, both in person and in a free livestream.

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The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation

The Freedom Cell Network

Building Community – #SolutionsWatch (information on The Conscious Agora)

Translate the Truth – #SolutionsWatch

Translate the Truth Odysee channel

Landmark Fluoride Lawsuit Restarts Soon: Why You Should Care

Utah County Sheriff’s Office Sets Off Debate With Investigation Into ‘Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse’



  1. The people power component must come with the requirement of common consumer protections that people unify in defence of and this is 100 % required to be documented for anyone seeking a representative position.

    No more blank cheques for lying politicians.

    The must have the tightest contracts to introduce and support or oppose policy and limit their own corruption opportunities.

    Currently it is the opposite where Somone cant lie about the origins of a sponge they sell on your doorstep without you having the right to your monet back. Meanwhile Justin Trudeau guarantees proportional representation on his 1st day of office and refuses to act.

    This is the foundational problem and it’s not the wolves I blame. The sheep can require such a contract and other sheep will provide. as a idea framework.

  2. wow- when are you going to talk about this james??
    VIDEO – Japan – Press Conference from Japan’s “Vaccine Issues Study Group” – “Unprecedented Side Effects” from COVID-19 Vaccines (Jan.11, 2024)
    Dr. William Makis MD


    Professor Emeritus Masanori Fukushima from Kyoto University: A systematic review of the literature has revealed some surprising facts. Thousands of papers have reported side effects after vaccination, which affect every organ without exception. Ranging from ophthalmology to general medicine to psychiatry. These documents have been preliminarily investigated by a group of volunteer physicians. They have looked into how many cases have been reported by Japanese academic societies. This kind of reporting on drug side effects or the like is unprecedented.

    For example, the age-adjusted mortality rate for leukemia has increased. And there are significant findings for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and so on (Turbo Cancer). We will share the relevant information with everyone as we advise and request the government on how to proceed.

    Regarding medical censorship with the vaccines: Japanese doctors are trying hard, but they face various obstructions. There’s this negative sentiment of ‘Why report something like vaccine damage?’ There are interferences. Such actions themselves hinder academic freedom, and in some academic departments, censorship is taking place. Such as in conference presentations and paper publications. This is happening globally. Some journals are effectively practicing censorship.

    Regarding Brain related adverse events : mental disorders, psychiatric symptoms, depression, mania, anxiety…etc About the spike protein sequence, within the genes, you know, he(Luc Montagnier) was warning that if there’s a prion-like sequence, it could be very dangerous. Many scientists were warning. I too said it could be hazardous because of the possibility of prions. I discussed it with prion experts.

    Professor Yasufumi Murakami from Tokyo University of Science: Regarding adverse effects of the vaccines: One thing I want to say initially is that it is clear how the adverse effects occur, which is still holding many victims today. I believe it should be stopped immediately.

    The mechanism by which adverse effects occur is well understood; the spike is toxic. It’s very clear what happens when you administer a toxic gene to a human.

    Another point is that the Lipidnanoparticles also induce very intense reactions, so this is also toxic. The major problem is, we are injecting two toxic substances into people, one of which being that human cells are producing spike proteins. Since the immune system will attack this, this causes very violent genetics reactions to emerge. There are cases that occur within one or two weeks after injection, but there are also many cases that appear after one or two years.

    Regarding IgG4 antibody: Usually with vaccines, if an IgG4 antibody is induced, it is considered a failure, however, with the current messenger-type vaccines, a significant amount of IgG4 is being induced. When this happens, it plays tricks on various immune functions. Therefore, we want to thoroughly investigate what ratio of Japanese people are inducing this, and we aim to carefully examine what level of IgG4 that reacts with the spike protein is present in each individual.

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  3. Super-excited to learn from you and Derek at this conference. Also, really like the focus on solutions. It seems like most social media posts have a similar format: “problem, problem, problem … oh well.” I like better the format “Here’s a problem you probably should be aware of, and here’s my best solution.” That way we grow and live in positivity.

    Thanks again, James

    — Ian

  4. Funny how the image for the video is Broze wearing a TLAV “question everything” shirt talking to a guy with some crazy occult symbology shirt.

  5. Solution oriented work is so very important. For a decade or more it has been fear porn everywhere, and the Rambo mentality. Best of luck to us all.

    Here’s my essay offering on what can be done…

    SOLUTIONS (essay)

  6. Wow! I just recently began following Fluoride Action Network and receive regular updates via email from its Executive Director, Stuart Cooper… Anyway, wanting to share the message that just now came across my email from Mr. Cooper – as well, a link to the recent “must see” production he alludes to here:

    Dear Friends:

    Attorneys representing the Fluoride Action Network and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will convene in person today at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco for the final pre-trial status hearing in our federal lawsuit. The proceedings are not available via live stream, but FAN will issue an update in the next bulletin summarizing the key developments.

    Anticipated decisions include whether the last phase of the trial will be live-streamed or recorded as part of the Cameras in the Courtroom program. Throughout this legal process, FAN has consistently advocated for maximum public access to the proceedings. The presiding judge shares this perspective, and our legal team remains committed to presenting this case.

    Meanwhile, a new hour-long film on our fluoridation trial has been released, showcasing FAN’s lead attorney, Michael Connett. Produced by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), a nonprofit organization led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., it also features CHD’s President, Mary Holland. The film includes previously unreleased deposition footage and revealing email communications obtained through Freedom of Information Act Requests. This is a “must-see” movie and serves as a potent tool for educating neighbors and decision makers.


    Thank you all for doing what you’re doing <3

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      • KLoll, Thanks for highlighting that topic of Fluoride!

        We’ve been burning the midnight oil, letme tellya. 😉

        PRESS RELEASE – January 15, 2024 – DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES

        Sworn Testimony and Official Documents Confirm Fluoride’s Health Risk
        Under oath the EPA’s expert conceded that fluoride is a neurotoxicant and the CDC’s DIR was unable to cite studies showing fluoride is effective when swallowed.

      • One Example of Derrick Broze’s articles on Fluoride helping meNASEM
        In the #SolutionsWatch Corbett compliments Broze on his articles covering the Federal Fluoride Fight.

        In order to appreciate the situation, from the Jan 15 PRESS RELEASE click the anchor text “November 7” link to the video, and queue to 32:30 to hear Gay Will, self-described former marketing arm of Johnson and Johnson. Listen to her verbal attack on Dr. Griffin Cole. She talks about an April document and letter “from Dr. Kathleen Gray”.

        Having been trained by Corbett, on the internet I discovered the April 28 letter that Ms J&J was quoting from and matched her verbal transcript. The “April 28” is linked in the previous Jan 9 Press Release (bottom of Jan 15th’s). The Jan 9 PR explains the gross misrepresentation and resulting bogus tirade.

        In a witch’s tone, Ms J&J said, “…So, I went and followed your footnote. And I was really concerned to see a letter from Dr. Kathleen Gray, the Chair of this Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC), who called out something from the National Academy of Sciences and Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) that is considered the GOLD STANDARD for providing independent and objective advice on complex scientific issues….”

        How ‘bout them NASEM GOLD STANDARDs…
        May 10 2023 – Derrick Broze
        NTP Advisory Board Unanimously Votes to Accept Report on Fluoride’s Toxicity
        Derrick’s article discusses the NTP BSC meeting of May 4. You should watch the video (bottom of Jan PR). Our side gives registered comments to the BSC. Dr. Kathleen Gray chairs. (The April 28 letter was only a comment FROM the Dental Lobby.)

        Tail end Derrick’s article:
        ”CHD also notes that as recent as this year The New York Times questioned NASEM’s independence. The Times reported that while NASEM developed the federal government’s response to the opioid crisis, it also accepted millions of dollars in donations from the controversial Sackler family. The Sacklers are the owners of Purdue Pharma, the company behind the highly addictive opiate OxyContin. The family has been at the center of dozens of lawsuits accusing them of profiting off the opioid crisis.”
        The New York Times HEADLINE
        Sacklers Gave Millions to Institution That Advises on Opioid Policy
        Even as the nation’s drug crisis mounted, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine continued to accept funds from some members of the Sackler family, including those involved with Purdue Pharma.

        Other publications wrote it about too.

      • “Fluoride On Trial: The Censored Science on Fluoride and Your Health”
        The CHD.TV link is in the January 9 Press Release (bottom of Jan 15th’s.)

        A YouTube version is the first link on the January 15 Press Release.

  7. Thanks Derrick and James.

    I am stoked to attempt to both do my own talk/live panel at this conference ( ) and also simultaneously engage in the “PERMACULTURE & FOOD INDEPENDENCE” day discussions of the Greater Reset on the 18th 🙂

    Keep up the great work guys!

    • PS – For anyone that wants to connect on The Freedom Cell Network I go by the nickname 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐧𝐤𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 on there.

      • Hey Gavin, thanks for sharing. I will try to check out your talk… You’re book is phenomenal by the way. We’re getting ready to try the sourdough bread recipe, looking forward to it 🙂

        Was curious if you’ve heard of Dr Elaine Ingham at

        She offers a course I’ve been wanting to take mostly to learn how to properly use a microscope and identify soil biology but its got a hefty 5k price tag so not sure how realistic its gonna be in the near future. Anyways, best of luck on your talk! Take care

        • @JCh129


          Thanks brother, I am so glad you are enjoying my book.

          The sourdough starter is a game changer, so many diverse applications outside of just bread making too. That sour pizza dough is next level, I am looking forward to hearing how it goes.

          I am familiar with Dr Elaine Ingham’s work as she was one of the instructors/lecturers in an advanced permaculture course I took. I mention the course in my talk, it is called APSO (The Advanced Permaculture Student Online). I actually used my book as my advanced project to get certified in that course (as in order to go beyond a PDC, one has to bring fourth a project that becomes real in the physical world and has a measurably regenerative impact in one’s community, or multiple-communities, beyond just the theoretical).

          I highly recommend Dr Elaine Ingham’s educational material. I am going to be taking a course in Regenerative Soil Microscopy soon and using my cheap microscope (it was like 600 bucks but it has the magnification I need to see the critters in question). This book is a great starting point for exploring the soil food web on a microscopic level:

          While I think there is a lot of potential to identify species in soil and compost samples and optimize regenerative cultivation strategies accordingly, at the same time I feel as though God (and/or evolution) gave us the senses to be able to detect the presence of beneficial soil organisms without the need for high tech gear. Thus, while I am using my microscope I am attempting to hone my internal modes of measurement and detection of key species via using the sense of smell.

          I think that indigenous peoples have been doing that without microscopes for millennia. Some peoples who live around where I do now had a practice of taking the roots of a healthy plant from the forest (which they planned to cultivate by seed) plunging the roots into water in a container and then soaking the seeds in that water before planting. They used words like “good spirits” or “blessings” to describe the process, but what they were really doing intuitively and via using their senses/skills of observation, was inoculating the seeds with beneficial species of mutualistic bacteria and beneficial fungi (mycorrhizae). I feel that we are capable of learning to engage in those kinds of low tech expressions of high level science and understanding (as the ancient peoples of Turtle Island and elsewhere have done for millennia) without the need for microscopes or lab equipment.

          So while the toys and modern scientific methods of quantification are great and helpful in some contexts, I feel that the more ancient and intuitive sciences are also important to develop as we work with the living Earth.

          Thanks for the comment my friend 🙂

          • Thank you so much for the book recommendation, its definitely going on my wish list!

            I agree whole heartedly with your thoughts about other means for detecting the presence of beneficial organism apart from a microscope and I’m glad you mentioned smell. I’ve long considered smell one of the most important tools for analyzing compost and I am constantly smelling samples from our piles. It always amazes me all the variations and subtle differences that you find with each one. Of course you can tell obvious stuff like if you’ve got nitrogen leaching but could a well trained nose detect less obvious stuff, perhaps things like is the pile more bacteria dominate or fungal dominate, is it getting adequate water/air ext? I am speculating here and I definitely am not at that point yet but I do think the nose is way more powerful than we typically give it credit for.

            I find this all so fascinating and I can tell you are very knowledgeable on this topic so I really appreciate your thoughts!

            Take care sir, I’m sure we’ll talk more soon 😉

        • @JCh129

          BTW: I came across a presentation/talk yesterday I wanted to share with you as it speaks to a discussion we were having in the How To Be Happy SolutionsWatch comment thread regarding truffles.

          It was a presentation by William Padilla-Brown which is titled “Truffles the Earth’s Ultimate Mushroom”

          He shares his theory that is sort of a pre-curser to Terence Mckenna’s “stoned ape theory” and he also explores the power of the sense of smell in his talk.

          I think all the talks are free to replay on R-Future for the duration of the conference (until the 20th).

          • Thank you!! I am definitely going to check it out 🙂

    • Cool! So cool Gavin!

  8. SwiSSy’s Alien Covenant

    You shall say to them, Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel: Cursed be the man who does not hear the words of this covenant that I commanded your fathers when I brought them out of the land of Egypt, from the iron furnace…
    Jeremiah 11:3,4

    And do not take an oath by your head, for you cannot make one hair white or black.
    Matthew 5:36

    …while the sons of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
    Matthew 8:12

  9. Lord! It turns my stomach to hear people use the word “myself” when they should be using the word “I”. Geez!

    • @mkey

      Thanks for sharing.

      It is a multi-pronged global fertility destroying operation. Injections delivered by big pharma are only one of many means through which they are crippling the fertility of most human beings.

      Thankfully, via proper exercise, hydration, breath work and diet we can render many of the toxins and artificial EMFs that are being weaponized against us inert/harmless once they enter the human body and flushing them out. The genetic weapons are a different story, but they are avoidable.

      Goji berries/leaves and Ginkgo leaves are a couple great examples of foods/herbs that can help with detox/protecting cells as well as optimizing reproductive function/fertility (and they are both relatively easy to grow in a wide range of climates).

      • Pertinent studies and data:

        Lycium barbarum polysaccharides: Protective effects.. ..and beneficial effect on sexual behavior and reproductive function..:

        Effect of Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) Supplementation on Reproductive Performance..:


        “..Ginkgo extract improves perfusion of uterus and ovaries after application to women with poor endometrial response and reduced uterine blood flow..” :

        Ginkgo biloba protects against testicular damage and oxidative stress:

        Ginkgo biloba increases testicular mitochondrial NAD+ significantly:

        Ginkgo biloba for sexual dysfunction:


        More info on Healthy Herbs for Male Fertility:

        More info on Supporting Female Fertility with Herbs

        Female infertility and herbal medicine: An overview of the new findings:

        • gavinm,
          thanks for those links,
          alas, my daughter and son in law are dinks

          save for the detail of wanting to be

          2 super specimens of humanness
          would love to, yet
          inconceivably cant conceive

          theyre big on working with plants (incl being vegan)
          so am hoping they may ginko-goji there way past the obstacle

          and/but while were on the topic
          I saw somewhere recently a report describing the placenta pumping an excess of a hormone (name? normally found in small amounts) which causes “morning sickness”) and finished by describing an herbal(?) supplement that could counter the hormonal basis for the nausea

          after some searching, I still cant find it? Do you know of such an herbal supplement?

          Its the other daughter in law,,,

          • @vadoum

            I am glad you find the info helpful.

            I have not heard of the herbal supplement that you mention though I have heard good things about ginger tea for mitigating morning sickness.

            Here are some additional resources pertaining to plants and fungi that can help optimize fertility in human beings which I hope you (and your family) find to be useful:





            • thanks mate and but gee,
              when I clicked on your name in the recently posted “comments” list, on the right of the home page, thinking “he’s responded to my question, clicking on the name notice is supposed to send one to that comment,, but I was linked to a subscription request and pay wall of your substack site? with my email pre filled in? how does that work? is james promoting you?

              • Username links can be customized in your wordpress profile (top right on this page).

                Gavin’s URL leads to his substack. You must have already logged in into substack so it knows your email from there and auto populates it for easier subscription.

              • @vadoum

                Happy to help, I believe that knowledge which allows us to heal our bodies by connecting with the gifts from nature (and ideally knowledge that empowers us to meaningfully give back to her as well) is meant to be shared freely.

                I dunno about the autofill function for your email on that substack subscribe form, that must be some setting you have on your end.

                Regarding the paywall, that was the only paywall I have ever done and the only content that is behind the paywall are high level (on par with materials cost) discount codes for my book for paid subscribers.

                All the knowledge, info and practical techniques related to natural medicine, permaculture, regenerative gardening, exposing the plutocrats various schemes and cultivating the inner garden which I share on my substack are available for free to everyone.

                If you read this post I put up to celebrate reaching a thousand subscribers you will find that I also offered discount codes to free subscribers, and the only thing I paywalled was a bonus discount code for those who donate to support my work so they can get a copy of my book for the same price I paid to have them printed, as my way to say thank you.

                thanks for the comment.

              • thanks m,
                I shoulda understood for the fact that some user names are blue

  10. Thanks for this episode of Solutions Watch.

    I attended Day 1 remotely and was very impressed with the quality of the presentations.

    Looking forward to Above Energetics coming online to increase access to amazing health technologies (e.g., Rife, PEMF) that currently are available but in limited supply or prohibitively priced. The plan is to offer training in these technologies as well – perhaps a new career opportunity for those with a passion for healing others.

  11. From Joe Plummer, America is a complicated place. Is there such a thing as a hill to die on? Thanks Joe.
    Talking heads Kari Lake and Jeff Dewit.

    Is there any solutions to this , the back scratchers club. Outside this club maybe an alternative system may be what’s needed. The corruption of Sodom and Gomorrah won’t like the competition . Deal with it now and prepare.

  12. >Greater Reset 5

    Thoughts on laying the foundation.

    How can you build a parallel system when you don’t control the basic elements of independence?

    Learn from what is working. Hutterites for over 500 years. Amish for almost 300 years in Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania successfully.

    Communalism: From Its Origins to The Twentieth Century – published first in 1971

    The last 70+ years ( I mark it beginning in earnest with the Industrial Revolution) the world is intentionally being degraded with toxins, which is the single biggest assault on our biome/immune systems and the Earth/Gaia

    With GeoEngineering and the recent rollout of mRNA technology our biome is under attack. Dr. Lynn Margulis ( collaborator with James Lovelock creating the theory of Gaia. Both now deceased) warned us not to attack the microcosmos as this is a war we cannot win.

    I mark the direct attack of the microcosmos with the advent of glyphosate, which attacks the shikimate pathway way that sustains life in bacteria. That is when Corporate world intentionally declared war on the microcosmos.

    Consider our deficit. Bacteria can crack the H20 molecule at room temperature with a net energy gain. Humans after years of study haven’t learned how bacteria do that. Much more they do we cannot and don’t understand.

    It is a war we can’t win. Bacteria have made Earth habitable for 3+ billion years. The captains of industry and finance not so much. Rather they have degraded it in every way and blame the proletariat for “Climate Change”

    Proletariat – The class of industrial wage earners who, possessing neither capital nor production means, must earn their living by selling their labor.

    Now the proletariat are housed in CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding OperationS) call Cities and Suburbs. There they are fed a constant diet of corporate food, emotional and psychological content from very sophisticated masters of messaging the results of which proletariat barely have the energy to go to work and come home to veg out in front of the TV, Computer or Cell Phone.

    Check out

    How some succeed and many fail, before you waste time re-inventing the wheel. Make new mistakes not old ones.

    I have been working on this since the 1970s with little to no means. I have learned a lot. Most importantly we don’t control anything. We are “dust in the wind” for the most part. But as explained in your post on Happy New Year, I live Hap-pyness with all my being.


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