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Are you a non-English speaker who is interested in helping translate Corbett Report and other independent media material into other languages? Are you looking for translations of truth content into other languages for your friends, relatives or neighbours? Are you willing to help translate important info from other languages into English for the benefit of anglophones? Then you might be interested in Translate The Truth, a new initiative to crowdsource translations of important books, documentaries, articles, essays and talks.

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DUTCH SUBS of Real Anthony Fauci


FRENCH SUBS of The Bystander Effect – #SolutionsWatch episode

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  1. That’s great James,

    I have translated some of your work in the past and I was thinking that something like this should be done. I also have another idea about the subtitle files (.srt, ssa, etc).
    We can upload all the files somewhere (like in in order to help new translations. If you already have a template for the timing of the subtitles this makes your job a lot easier.
    I have already done this with some of the Greek subs that I have made but a we can create a new one with all the different languages.

    If you are Greek you can check out my channel and see the translated videos that I have done:

    • This is really a good idea. It is really hard to show people these really good podcasts or other information if they dont speak English well. Most of the well translated information IS the propaganda.

  2. Just yesterday evening I thought it would be nice to translate one of your videos into Polish. And now such material has appeared. This can’t be a coincidence 😀

  3. Dear Truthseekers!

    Happy 2022 and all that. I’m most pleased to see this effort and expect that TPTSNB will be just a tad annoyed. Being a 1.5 lingual I’ll not be able to contribute.

    Nonetheless, as we all know, there is still the English to English translation. Or, more accurately, the extraction from dinosaur media propaganda the few elements of truth therein. Let us not forget this “translation”.

    Those of you who have read a number of my comments will know that I’m a lowly 2-D chessboard dweller and have been focussed on Eurasia, and particularly on the events around Ukraine. Of course, the recent events in Kazakhstan caught my attention and I have two pieces which provide a plethora of sources in the Corbett style to provide a recounting of events which ignore all the western narrative managers’ narratives.

    Shameless plug. Look for “Kazakhstan” in the title of, as of this post, the most two recent articles at

    Did I mention sources? You get: The Saker, Craig Murray, Reuters, Scott Ritter, Tass, the Kremlin, Pepe Escobar, International Committee of Investigative Journalists, MoonOfAlabama, Tony Kevin and more. Yeah, all over the place. But, thats what it takes to provide an evidentiary footing to “English to English” translation of a complex series of events.

    Best of luck to Translate the Truth. Actually, I might pull a favour or two and do a subtitle translation of David Chandler’s 10 min video on the freefall of Building 7 as my choice for “do the thing that woke you up”. (Adds to task list …)

    Make love, not war.

  4. I was thrilled to see Derrick Broze again in a Corbett Report interview focused on Solutions!

    Anyone who has followed Derrick Broze over the years, knows that he is an Activist Extraordinaire who is not afraid to get his hands dirty in real life interactions. He has the courage to step out and take risks in all kinds of endeavors in order to better conditions.

    This was a very timely video interview done on Blockchain-based Odysee, because of some recent scuttlebutt controversy concerning an aspect of The Greater Reset.
    Some of the scuttlebutt can be observed at the following link, and then also north of the link at another Sub-Thread.
    If a person wants to spend time arguing at the watercooler about that particular topic or about Flat Earth, then the Holiday Open Thread is the place to go.
    However, I like seeing attention focused on solutions at this Thread.

    I love seeing the implementation of the idea of a “Translation Central” concept.
    Here we have another addition to Derrick’s large resume of Activist Actions with Broze’s “Translate The Truth”, a new initiative to crowdsource translations of important books, documentaries, articles, essays, and talks.

    My thanks to all the people who have and will make this endeavor a great success.

    • Yeah, it was good to see him. I think I am a good judge of character and he seems like he really wants to help and create something better. It looks like the greater reset is sold out in Texas already.

      I really want to watch these presentations though and am very interested in the parallel economy. I liked how he reached out to the nurses who got fired because they didn’t take the Covid shot. I like that he didn’t judge all western medical providers based on the scamdemic and tried to help.

      There will be a need for some western medical therapies in freedom oriented spaces, hopefully not many, but access to some. It would be nice to have some physicians and surgeons and people with specialized skills that can offer medicine outside of the medical industrial complex.

      And of course alternative modalities will also be very important as well.

    • hrs “However, I like seeing attention focused on solutions at this Thread.”
      “scuttlebutt controversy concerning an aspect of The Greater Reset”.

      The solution to the question about derrick Broze is to pull the plug: He wants to help children. So teach them a skill that has meaning beyond the machine. Thats all.

      entraining kids to give more and more and more to these incu-succubi liquid crystal displays is just a parenting or mentoring gutter ball.

      • Now I’m really curious about the game to see what all the fuss is. I’ll ask my husband about it to make sure there’s nothing that could be downloaded onto my computer without my knowing about it.

        I think people should give Broze the benefit of the doubt rather than rush to judgment without actually researching more into what the game is. It’s not fair.

        If a kid wants to play a video game and gets their parents consent to play, then it’s up to the parent partly to watch what their kid is doing. A lot of this is the fault of parents who probably shouldn’t have had children if they didn’t want to be involved.

        I think Derick should debate this issue with someone who is more fit to debate in a respectful manner and let people make their own decisions.

        I understand why people are questioning this and it should be thoroughly examined, the game splinterlands, blockchain, and “pay for play”. People should know more about technology because it seems necessary. I didn’t know about quantum computers, but they are in the process of development. To not know ones enemy is a mistake.

        • “ But this is not about Derek. This is about introducing a harmful technology to kids. It’s about removing parents (the protectors, not the owners), from the equation. My problem is with the luring of innocent children into a very dark world with the promise of video games and money.”

          How is it removing parents?
          Do these children live alone?
          No, Alchemist. What is happening here is that people are trying to remove the parent’s responsibility for making choices about their own children.

        • Perhaps you could reach out to Derick and explain your concerns. Not having kids myself, I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent. I am an aunt though, I love my niece/nephews with all my heart and would protect them as if they were my own kids (if I had kids).

          My sister is very careful to what she allows her children to watch and so is her husband. They are exceptional parents and are teaching their children how to discern what is right and wrong and what is helpful and harmful. Her children read physical books and do arts and crafts with their hands.

          Her husband has another child from a previous marriage who has a mom that is very permissive and allows this child to have all the new gadgets and use the screen too much. But my sisters husband, being a good father, has intervened to put limits on screen time and make sure his kid is doing other activities that nurture a growing mind.

          A lot of this boils down to parental involvement in activities and learning and positive mentoring/modeling.

          I think the internet is a mixed bag, but for me personally, it has been far more helpful than harmful since I have learned things that would not have been impossible without it.

          I don’t know enough about blockchain to form an intelligent and well informed opinion, but do want to explore this in more depth. I think it is critical to understand it, and if it is harmful, precisely why and how it’s different from other computer based technology.

    • Well, I’ll say it again…
      “If a hypercritical person thinks they can better sail the ship, then do it.”

      I kind of have to laugh, because I don’t see some of the critics talking about all the many Activist Actions that they have done, or their endeavors at educating kids and trying to help their situation.
      Let’s hear the details of those actions so they can be critiqued.
      Rather than sniping at other Voluntaryists in “unvoluntaryist fashion” for the independent endeavors upon which they embark, let’s hear about the many real life activist actions which you keyboard warriors have done and are doing.

      As for me, back in 1992 I played a founding and integral role in establishing a Home School platform which eventually had students from all over the country and beyond. It became very successful. And even a “satellite” was later established in Cambodia, one of the poorer countries in the world.
      In 1992, “Home Schooling” was very controversial, and often criticized.
      “often criticized”
      But I acted. I took risks. It wasn’t easy.

      Oh!…now I get it…the real solution is to not do anything…the real solution is to not start a Home School…I should had focused my energy on bad mouthing those folks who were doing their home school platforms and being hypercritical about their approaches…yes, now I get it…the real solution is to just start spending countless hours typing arguments which protest the activist solutions which others are attempting.
      Oh Gosh!…Forgive me…the ultimate solution is to critique another’s active solution and do nothing.
      Now I get it.

      • “ Is this about Broze or me ?”

        I think you already know the answer to that one. And maybe aren’t all that comfortable with it.

      • hrs “Well, I’ll say it again…”

        if you must, but while your busy repeating why not address the actual question being posed, namely: Is entrainining kids to have more screen time ok?

        hrs “I kind of have to laugh, because I don’t see some of the critics talking about all the many Activist Actions that they have done, or their endeavors at educating kids and trying to help their situation.”

        you are “kind of laughing” at a parent, with 2 decades of “endeavour at educating” and who fought a loosing maddening battle with the screen’s facility for owning my and other childrens minds. you are “kind of” on thin ice.

      • “ these children are being groomed for a world without parents; a world where they’ll be “sovereign” and “free” and able to support themselves through pay-for-“play”. Any steps taken to put that in motion are reprehensible. ”

        I don’t really disagree with that. Can’t speak for normal people like HRS.
        But I have been listening to a lot of folks I respect talk about evil technology and smart phones and such for years. And they still are using it.
        I’ve seen few that toss them out and go back to flip phones.
        I am glad for some technology and use it. So who am I to dictate to anyone about their personal decisions along these lines?
        For me the real question is. Why aren’t you expecting tthe parents to have the responsibility to remove themselves from that world first?
        And why should a group of grouchy keyboard warriors have the right to interfere with their judgement about their own children?

        • steve,
          I think we’re trundling along with fogged up goggles and have bumped into THE technosaurus, (in the waiting room).

          Its ok to call-out those who dont walk their talk. however, relevatisticly reducing to the absurd does not advance any understanding; its just more filibuster.

          As with many systems that we are entangled and dependent on, the use of mod-cons (ANY electrically driven thing) has benefit, but excess dependence on them can kill or at least make morons.

          the net has remarkable benefit in its facilitating knowledge sharing,, fast and far. doors are blown way off, yet Is that a luxury? or is it compellingly essential because it is parcel of the universal imperative for sublime beauty?

          We over use it; and some are just plain lost to it. sad indeed.

          Then theres the problem of using the net for remote manipulation and the other major objective, simply, to catch attention. It sure has caught lots of mine over the past 2 years. I’m disgusted and embarrassed by my new found habits: watching myself die on the vine for having spent nearly 1/2 time searching and learning and writing and sitting, without moving for years. conversely I still scour various sites to see if I might,,, I’m not too sure wtf I’m actually looking for here, like minds, questioning minds? experienced discourse?

          I digress, children have developing mind-bodys, and eventually the output as an “adult” will be the effect of what was input when they were open minded and learning fast; the whole kit needs to engage for optimal maturing (not just fingertips, eyes, and manic monkey brain). small exposure to screens is likely innocuous but too many readily become screenaholics. perhaps I’m part of the first generation of parents that tries to cope with onslaught of screen domination, the smart phones were like handing coffin builders an air nail gun.

          kubrick gave us the final solution (‘2001: SPACE ODESSY”). It might seem hard to let go, but thats actually the hard part, the “seeming hard”, just before deciding; with the decision disolves the question, and life can flow once more.

        • “ Are you referring to me?”

          Not specifically. No.

          “ this whole debacle has me rethinking some of my life choices. ”

          That is constructive. Its the tearing down and what I am reading as almost personally attacking Broze that I find inconsistent with the principles that I thought were more universally shared by people here on the Corbett Report boards.

          “ I don’t care how people use their own technology as long as it doesn’t harm others. When it’s being used in ways to harm others, that’s when we have a problem.”

          There is a lot of latitude in defining harmful technology. But the bottom line is that their choices are their choices. If I were to be able to force the world to live according to my own thinking then I would say that television should be outlawed first. Most insidious device in existence imho.
          I don’t think that would fly though and I don’t have the ultimate knowledge or the right to make those decisions for others.

          “however, relevatisticly reducing to the absurd”

          When it comes to allowing other people the same freedom that I insist on for myself. I tend to reduce it to the absurd.
          For instance, I don’t seriously think that anyone is coming to my door to haul me off or force me to take the shot. But I have reduced that in my mind to fighting to the death. Might be absurd but that’s how strongly I feel about personal autonomy, responsibility and freedom. Call me crazy.

          “ I digress, children have developing mind-bodys, and eventually the output as an “adult” will be the effect of what was input when they were open minded and learning fast; the whole kit needs to engage for optimal maturing (not just fingertips, eyes, and manic monkey brain). small exposure to screens is likely innocuous but too many readily become screenaholics. perhaps I’m part of the first generation of parents that tries to cope with onslaught of screen domination, the smart phones were like handing coffin builders an air nail gun.”

          Not much there to argue with. I doubt there are too many people reading this that use less mod-cons and technology than I do and I think I would probably be better off using even less. Might not have a choice if the poles reverse soon.
          But I adamantly disagree that I have the right to force anyone else to do what I feel strongly is best for them and the world. And I don’t think anyone else does either.
          If I witness someone beating a child or sexually abusing a child then I will absolutely intervene.
          Dictating which technology that they have a right to purchase and let their children use is way to nebulous for me to take such a strong position on that it compromises my principles of live and let live.

          • It would be interesting to discuss when precisely technology becomes problematic so people can decide what they are putting energy toward.

            In medicine, there is incredible technology that does save lives. For example bypass machines that act as a heart during open heart surgeries because the physical heart must be stopped during the procedure. It’s really incredible actually to see what type of things modern medicine is capable of now. That type of tech is very helpful to people who are given a second chance to live.

            Pacemakers and internal defibrillators are another helpful device which keep peoples hearts working normally. Even insulin pumps are useful and these use a biosensor to detect blood sugar. Should people not use these? I don’t think so.

            And, I think that some people are worth saving. Even if it used gene therapy. I watched a documentary on cystic fibrosis and there was one woman who only in her 20s was so brave and an enlightened and kind soul who’s life was cut short by this terrible disease. She deserved to be cured.

            And even “brain chips” what if it could be used to help someone with ALS or Parkinson’s disease. What if we could reverse paralysis with stem cells some day?

            There should be a discussion about the ethics of certain technologies, the pros and cons. There are.

            And our enemies will develop this technology no matter what we want. It’s better to understand it, even if we chose not to use it.

  5. I am not speaking for James Corbett but I remember more than once hearing him state that he encourages people to share the information that he has worked so hard to create as widely as possible. His work is always listed as Creative Commons as far as I have seen.

    • And I definitely am not very professional. One of my favorite credos is “its easier to get forgiveness than it is permission”. Especially if time is of the essence.
      But I have never tried to monetize anything except for parts and labor either. 🙂

  6. I’m fluent in Newspeak!

    Every Corbett Report episode is translated thus:


  7. My 20 cents of solution today:

    There is one thing I try to bring to the minds of more people these days: Modern propaganda is 200 times more effective than it was 100 years ago. Still, how many people think that by knowing that it is propaganda they can safely continue to consume it? Too many of us believe that and do not understand the actual effectiveness of it; how it is effective and contagious even when uncovered as ‘just propaganda’. There is just one real solution: Do NOT consume it but unplug.

  8. This is a great example of what makes Derrick such a valuable freedom warrior. He gets things going. He dives in and brings his ideas into reality.
    My kind of man. Not perfect but someone who is effective and honorable.

    I subscribed to the Odysee channel even though I only speak or read English.
    I have hopes that there will eventually be some translations of the content of some of the many other talented people in other languages out there that I’ve been missing.

  9. Derrick back on, and then on the ripple effect James is talking about Luddites.

    Shots fired at Alison McDowell?

  10. Spanish – Espanol Translations of Corbett Report Documentaries and Videos

    Ludwig V. Burkes at

    It includes such important Corbett documentaries as “How and Why Big OIl Conquered the World”, “The WW1 Conspiracy”, “What is Sustainable Development?”, “Meet World Economic Forum – Español”, “9/11 A Conspiracy Theory”, and more.

  11. – Italiano –
    Italian speakers may enjoy Giulio Bona of ComeDonChisciotte

    Interview 1709 – James Corbett Redpills the Italians
    RECORDED ON MARCH 7, 2022: In this edition of the Redpill series James talks to Giulio Bona of ComeDonChisciotte to inform the wider Italian public about the work that The Corbett Report does. We talk about war, crisis and propaganda, from the Ukraine crisis to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset to the coming New World Order and what we can do to avoid it.

    Many links in Italiano.

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