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In this first #SolutionsWatch of the year, James highlights some creative and fun ways that people have circumvented the censors in the past. So put your thinking caps on, everyone: how can we employ these types of techniques to circumvent the censors of today?

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Vinnie Caggiano’s website

Vin Cognito Odysee channel

Gamers Unbeaten gootube channel

How Street Fighter Explains Globalization | Deep Thoughts While Gaming

The Uncensored Library

DVD-CCA v. Bunner and DVD-CCA v. Pavlovich

DeCSS T-shirts subpoenaed

Court Overturns Ban on Posting DeCSS

DeCSS T-shirts subpoenaed

“If You Can Put It On A T-Shirt, It’s Speech”

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  1. Fascinating! I’m thinking QR codes that display simple text, photographs of information on dropbox accounts, Appendix in books or ebooks, “ingredients “ on purchased packaging, mail ads, song lyrics, and on and on. It is truly an arm race. Love it.

    • – QR Codes –
      …utilized in the “picture book” by Edward Dowd entitled:
      “Cause Unknown”:
      The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022
      (part of a loooong SUB-THREAD since Jan 2021)

      Go to the Edward Dowd WEBSITE
      “They Lied, People Died”
      You will see a link to the book on Amazon.
      At Amazon, click on the image of the book (left side), where Kindle has a note that says: “Look Inside”
      A sample of the Kindle version will pop up. Scroll down and see the QR codes by each image.

      [By the way, Ed Dowd is interviewed in a lower comment there at the link. At the end of that interview, he gives some excellent insights on what to expect in the economy for 2023.]

      • Yes, I have this book. Very effective indeed.

  2. One way of getting the message out is by doing reviews of mainstream media reports, a method used very successfully by Dr John Campbell. He also has (in my opinion) a nice way of coupling an unwholesome mainstream media statement with a disagreeable facial expression.

    I think my favourite method is satire, very confusing to bots (but also to the “woke”). Carey Wedler’s latest video is deliciously satirical.

    • Note on how easy it is to circumvent censorship.

      In the old days, we could buy DVDs from certain shops.
      They had copied games, copied music and some copied movies.
      With the most popular ones of the month.

  3. Talking about avoiding censorship is victim talk. I have put my activist music and info videos out for the past few years and out of 33,000 views perhaps 100 have made any comment at all. And none have offered anything that comes close to the activism of the 60’s.

    We are a nation of sheep, too fat (40% obese) and lazy (7 million not working) to save our butts. The so-called “alt” blogs (The Donald, Gateway Pundit, Blacklisted News, etc.) are filled with arrested adolescents living in a cartoonification world. This whole “resistance” thing is all talk, memes, and Rambo fantasy.

    THEY GOT YOU GOOD (song)

    • The reason none has come close to the activism of the 60s is because most of the successful activism in the 60s wa s funded by the ruling class, who today fund the VERY successful activism of BLM, GSA and Antifa.

      The ACTIVISM OF THE 60s is WHY we are in such a sorry state and TBH the millennial generation will destroy whatever the boomers left behind. “The populist delusion” is a pretty good book on why the averge NPC proles never have and never will matter much to the outcome of any political situation,

      • I see you like to offer your opinions a lot here Duck. What position of authority do you rule from?? I was in the Bay Area in the 60’s. NO ONE of wealth was funding anyone I worked with…Gray Panthers, La Raza, Peace and Freedom folks, etc.

        People with little knowledge or skill think they are better, more knowledgeable then they really are, the Dunning-Kruger effect. Then they hop on that donkey and ride it to death, getting on blogs and pushing their nonsense for upvotes and attention…

        Everyone today is a guru on this and that but not DOING anything, just running their mouths. Unable to support authentic activist music. Did you even listen or did you need sooo bad to push your opinion??

        Get some Brain Food:

  4. I really enjoyed this! One way I have found that works is by messing with the algorithms on fascist book. I have been on there for a very long time and approaching 70 yrs old, my activism has taken a ‘newer’turn! I’ve seen some of my ‘friends’ brag of being in FB jail and why? Isn’t the point of getting around their stupid algorithms and put the truth out there? Included in my posts of Corbett Report, Whitney Webb, Derrick Broze and Ryan with TLAV, I post a lot of animal related issues, recipes and things that interest the ‘normies’and interestingly enough, ‘normies’have actually replied with ‘I had no idea! How interesting, I’m going to subscribe and find out more!’ I have a lot of examples of this and some have even said because of what I have posted they refused the jab. Fascist book has shadow banned me somewhat but I have never been in their rotten jail! Mess with their algorithms and still get the word out.

    • Entering the jail of spy book is dangerous. No escape is possible once the addiction sets in. Join the community which reject this trap. Our love of life exceeds their demand to restrain us. You can join a wider community too.

      Live! I dumped spy book a decade ago. Flip this stupidity. Exit the prison.

      (Decode: first letter of each sentence.)

  5. – Postcards –

    I often use postcards when trying to disseminate to an office environment of a newspaper or institution, but will have it addressed to an “authority” in the office.

    The postcard can be the size of about half a sheet of paper, but I print it on cardstock.
    Images or photos can be easily edited towards “no color” so that they print well in black-n-white.

    I will take an IMAGE like this –
    Then I will go to a PowerPoint slide and create a rectangle postcard with script.
    The script can say: “How many milligrams of fluoride should a pregnant Mother consume daily?” …and whatever else, depending upon placement.
    Then I “save as an image” the newly created Powerpoint rectangle slide.
    I place the new image on a Word document and print.

  6. I credit this idea to mkey, who found a brilliant video put out by
    Richard Vobes a little over a week ago.

    Richard has discovered an ingenuous way to get the truth out, on Gootube, no less!
    And in a fun and amusing way to boot. 🙂

    What he does in this video is take the subject of the great reset (it could be anything really) and pretends he is thinking of writing a book about it.
    Not just any book. A book of fiction.

    And then he launches into a glorious description of virtually everything that has transpired over the past few years plus the WEF’s great reset plans etc. and gives ‘hints’ about what is really going on.

    But each time he introduces a new ‘hint’ he immediately follows it by saying, “But of course this could never happen, it’s just fictional”. 🙂

    A great way to bypass censorship!
    Highly recommended clip.

    • Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed listening to that, and was smirking a bit. Great example of what this #SolutionsWatch was about.

    • Excellent. Just watching it now!

    • This example makes me think that no actual people who can use their brain in a semi imaginative fashion are working the goolag’s censorship department. The A.I. does not understand satire.

  7. Great ideas. A couple years ago I had this fantastic thought: ‘I wish I was a hacker so that I could hack into mainstream newscasts worldwide and insert some ‘truth bombs’ about the plandemic. It was such an exciting idea but sadly I know nothing of hacking. I do not advocate anything illegal of course. No. That would be wrong. But wouldn’t it be satisfying?!!! I’ll have to think of a different way.

  8. I think the first Step is to Beat the Fear!
    It should be interesting to note that I recently adopted two, four year old cats from a guy who died of a Heart Attack, in his home, one month after getting one of the Experimental Injections. These cats were the first to find him dead and were left in the vacant home for weeks after the 60 year old man’s death. The immediate Family took turns stopping by to fill the cat dishes with food and water, although one of the brothers skipped his turn because he didn’t like cats.
    Anyway, my good friend for 55 years or so is the Brother in Law to the dead man, and took his wife’s turn to feed the cats three times before he called me to ask if I would adopt these cats. He said that his brother in law had said that they were very affectionate cats. When I asked what they looked like, he said he had never seen them, for which I replied; You fed them three times and you have never seen them! Well, I said, I have to at least see these cats before I can make a decision. He then said that they (the family) had planned on having his daughter (who worked at a Veterinarian Clinic) take the cats to work where they could be held for adoption (for a short time). I said, why don’t you do that, and I can see the cats there. He gave me his daughter’s phone number whereby I made arrangements to see the Traumatized Cats at the Clinic. The smaller one is a Long Hair which had knotted hair that had to be cut off and a large sis on it’s back.
    When I went to see them she showed me the sis and said that it was not cancerous but would be removed and that she would hold them for ten days to make sure that that operation went well. This cat was visibly dramatized, the bigger one (a short hair) seemed relatively fine and let me pet him. so I agreed to take the both since they were Litter Mates, and likely needed each other.
    So, after about another two weeks in a room with no windows in the basement of the Clinic, the cats were delivered to my home whereby they took to hiding in Fear. The smaller one wedged herself in behind the couch for about week only coming out for food and to use the litter box. The bigger one wedged himself behind my computer stand, and then took refuse under my bed.

    Today, after about three weeks, they have clearly made them self’s at home.

    What is most interesting to note here is that when they were living in “Fear” they isolated themselves and were miserable. Yet, once the Fear was overcome they play and sleep together and seem very happy.

    I think this microcosm correlates to the Bigger Picture whereby Corporate Media (Brought to you by Pfizer, and thus censored by them) deliberately induces Fear that will cause people to isolate themselves, and thus not pose a treat to their control mechanisms.

  9. Happy New Year James!!!
    Great to see you again after your much needed vacation/break lol.
    It is interesting to me how even in the gaming world, one of which I do my very best to stay away from, truth seekers can still sneak in bits of information that may get people censored on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Truth Social, Rumble, ect.
    And doing so in such creative ways that makes it like a mission for gamers to complete before moving on to the next level of the game.
    I remember back when DVDs first started to become popular, you probably remember this too, there used to be short 3 minute clips of how pirating DVDs was a new danger and how it was such a felony blah blah blah. Of course there’s always a place for copywrite issues and so on, but in todays world where everything has to be controlled in any way possible, pirating certain bits of crucial information may become more common over the years. But doing so in a way not to hurt anyone, hopefully, but in a way to get information to people who, depending on where they live, laws on censorship, and so on, look for such information for whatever reason but cant access it.
    I’m trying to stay optimistic for the future ahead, no matter how dark and bleak it may seem.
    Thanks for all the work that you do and for getting information that could be accessible and should be for everyone, but gets suppressed by the powers that shouldn’t be.
    Your the professor I wish I could’ve had years ago.
    Peace and Love
    Eli West

    • Because we still have some mobility and independence we can create. Everyone has this capacity, as demonstrated by the gardeners.

      Can we organise to protect the little freedom we retain? Rest assured we can! Each person chooses their path. Acting with others provides the same happiness as gifting. Those who seek community receive succor. I am blessed to have been given this support. Vitality comes with community. Evade isolation.

      (The decode hint is above in this comment thread.)

  10. The term for embedding information in other media is Steganography.

    • Okay, James, challenge accepted.

      Steganography has been used, as mentioned, by many parties with differing motives. One is the use of placing essentially invisible yellow dots on paper printed by Xerox machines. It was this form of steganography which lead to the identification of Reality Winner in her leak to The Intercept.

      There are cases of people writing articles in which, if one notes the first letter of each paragraph, they form a sentence of the message intended.

      Images are ripe for “abuse”. Given 8-bit bytes and an RGB encoded colour spectrum, one can abuse in some form of regularity, any of these bits for the colour change is so minor. Take an image as small as 100 x 100 pixels. You get 10 000 cells and can use easily 3 bits per cell (one for each of RGB) and thus get 30 000 bits, or (grabs calculator) 468 bytes which, at 80 characters per line is close to a 6 line paragraph.

      Don’t like images? How about music! God knows how much data can be steganographied (new verb?) into a music track.

      The trick is to look for dense digital formats and stuff your dissident diatribe into it. The problem is helping people decode it.

      This can be easily solved. Develop an encoder and decoder as Free Software and publish it via the idiots distribution system, known more commonly as GitHub. Thus the capability is available, and as the USA’s Supreme Court has ruled, code is speech, so you can’t fuck with that. (See also the RIAA case against youtube-dl and how that turned out). Now that the capability is available, the problem for the overseers is where to look. Thus, in the end, it is the deliver mechanism which becomes problematic. But! As Ryan Christian has demonstrated with his pirate streams even a single large distributor can be abused despite all of their algorithmic anger.

      Speech is not free. It just is. It is unstoppable.

      Have fun!

  11. I love puzzles, and this episode inspired by playfulness. Above are two mildly encoded reply comments to other members of the community.

    Search for the word ‘decode’ to find them and the key to the trivial puzzle.

    Games are excellent, and puzzles doubly so. I sincerely mean both encoded messages.

    Have fun decoding them!

  12. Here’s another one that slipped under the radar (for now).

    It probably won’t last long, even with Musk at the helm, so I’d watch it ASAP and save a copy.
    This fellow put together a very slick satire video clip entitled “Suffering From a Medical Coincidence?

    It’s in the league of James’ 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory’.

  13. While we have INternet to distract us I saw this video about how in Cuba they wanted to make their own. You can do your own with Mesh Networks

    sadly more folks want access to WOW and movies then info

    They also have ways to get their hands on mind numbing entertainment that their Gov wanted to keep out…. I have burned data DVD’s for people but sadly will have to go over to USB’s (which are IMO less safe to plug into your PC) as DVD drives are on theior way out

    • @Duck

      Your comment about the “StreetNet” mesh network in Havana made me think of how people could use this tech to create their own decentralized networks for communication and sharing truth/intel locally (perhaps for doing transactions of some type as well?). Perhaps if enough of us had those types of technology to interface with our existing phones we could effectively still function, sharing truth and perhaps transacting with some decentralized currency (at least locally) even after some kinda “internet drivers license” comes online with biometrics etc? Also, perhaps that kind of mesh network could be used to facilitate this kind of transaction system ?

      Here is some more basic info on the GoTenna mesh tech

  14. I think we should bury the truth. Yes, actually bury it. I’ve thought, for some time, that the saddest thing to happen if humanity were to lose this war against the globalists is that future generations would never get to find out how badly we’d let them down – as history is always written by the victors. Let’s all get non-biodegradable boxes filled the truth and bury it far, wide and deep for future generations to find.

    • @davidbmcbain

      I like your decentralized approach that embodies caring about future generations and takes into account the potential of a worst case scenario. It makes me think of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) 7th Generation Principle.

      I have put together a ‘truth-cache’ which is basically what you suggest (back up drives in a faraday cage, in an extremely durable container, underground, in a remote location). I mean, given only myself and my wife know where it is at, it could take a really long time for a random person in the future to find it, but I am confident there is a high likelihood they would eventually.

  15. Probably we should be worrying about making IRL friends and allies and getting some extra food in, getting out of debt and living somewhere that’s not ground zero for Technocrats gone wild OR cannible holocaust.

    I am doing my best to talk to people, people new to me, in real life. But the fact is that

    A person who knew the Vax was a bad idea and got it anyway will never matter
    A person who still sends their kid to state schools because they can’t afford to live like a poor person on one income doesn’t matter
    A person who is so dependent on the system for their own survival does not matter, they won’t even admit anything is wrong, let alone bite the hand that feeds.

    Most people will never wake up because their not really asleep at this point, their just cowardly and weak

    • @Duck

      You make some valid points, and cultivating connections with people in the real world is very important at this point in time. It is tough though (as you say) to find those that are A: already aware of the current situation, B: courageous and integrous enough not to capitulate to tyranny despite the significant coercion tactics we are being targeted with and C: Willing to go the distance in severing their ties and dependence on centralized systems so they will be capable of remaining autonomous and able to stand strong if/when the digital ID/social credit control grid comes online. Those people are far and few between.

      One thing I have found helpful is seeking out and going to in person meetings that focus on survival skills, gardening and food preservation as when I talk to the people at such meetings I have found a higher percentage of them are aware of what is really going on (as compared to how many know what is going on in a random group of people at lets say, a park or a bar etc.) Also the fact that they have in interest in low tech survival skills already indicates that they are likely capable of feeding themselves without centralized systems (and thus would be able to maintain their sovereignty and autonomy even if the technocratic digital id control grid really clamped down).

      On a lighter note, here is a funny image that my buddy John shared with me the other day related to this topic:

  16. I was gonna say that the type of ambiguous wording they used in the image for this hilarious Babylon Bee post (linked below) is a good way to avoid the censorship algorithms and get the truth out via sarcasm/satire, but when I posted just the image with the text “trust THE SCIENCE” ( ) a bunch of people freaked out in the comment section thinking that the image was a serious statement being made by doctors (thinking I was some kind of mRNA injection pusher). It makes me think of how James said he gets emails with people confused about his sarcasm and humor. I`ll put some of the comments I received below since they are kind of funny too..


    Lynda Carm said:

    “How can they lie with a straight face…..”


    Rob De Haan said



    Joanne Preszcator said:

    “These POS should all be in jail.”


    Pam Larson said:

    “murder is murder you doctors know what you are doing to us you are killing us how do you sleep at night we should sue every doctor in court”


    Ben Cwikula said:

    “Corrupted garbage that can no longer be trusted. God knows and his wraith will arrive soon.”


    Susan Bolen said:

    “Paid lots to lie hope karma gets you all”


    Anthony Douglas Campbell said:

    “Hard to understand how they cannot know the cause but know what is not the cause. They must think we are very stupid.”


    Bob Bartlett said:

    “It’s about money ,stop helping them become rich .”


    Debbie Barnett said:

    “Come on stop the lies!!”


    There are more but i`ll stop there.. *shakes head in bewilderment*

  17. During the flashback to Episode 123 James comments that one can never know whether things will take hold. Above, I’ve provided the technical term for the embedding of information in other media as a direct response to this episode, and then set two puzzles for you, and provided the key, and those comments are consistent responses to other comments, and, to re-quote James “crickets”.

    Ho hum. James is correct, again.

    BTW, I don’t give a damn. I had such fun creating the puzzles. Good night.

  18. Here are a collection of memes and images that show that a great many humans have failed to learn from history (which is in fact, now, repeating itself)

    (I know I should boycott Google but when I tried uploading these pics to archive dot org, I got various error messages telling me to “slow down” and talking about endless “network errors”, so I had to make do with Alphabet Inc)

    If you have any suggestions for adding to the collection please share in a comment below

    • You can learn more about her important work through the links below:

      You can find her music here:

      Dr. Lyla June Johnston (aka Lyla June) is an Indigenous musician, author, and community organizer of Diné (Navajo), Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) and European lineages. Her multi-genre presentation style has engaged audiences across the globe towards personal, collective, and ecological healing. She blends her study of Human Ecology at Stanford, graduate work in Indigenous Pedagogy, and the traditional worldview she grew up with to inform her music, perspectives and solutions. Her doctoral research focused on the ways in which pre-colonial Indigenous Nations shaped large regions of Turtle Island (aka the Americas) to produce abundant food systems for humans and non-humans.

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