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Tjeerd Andringa joins James on #SolutionsWatch to discuss his cancellation from his former position at the University of Groningen and, more importantly, how that prompted him to create the School of Understanding. Designed as a small-scale, decentralized, effective, and cheap solution to the problems of our current schooling, the School of Understanding that Andringa is creating promises to serve as a model for an alternative post-secondary education system.

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Tjeerd Andringa on The Corbett Report

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    • Ironically, SaidIt is also a corrupt timesuck and waste of energy and great potential – due to magnora7’s ego refusing to let the responsible part of the SaidIt community self-manage themselves instead of having the limiting arbitrary dictates handed down. He already owns the site, why the need for more centralized power? Ego or fed or psyop? He’s been all talk and zero results for 5 years.

      I’m done trying on SaidIt. Here’s my new focus, building gradually: https://Projex.Wiki

    • If I had more time I would look into those guidelines to see if I could surmise exactly how James’ talk might have violated them. Doubt I would find anything though!

  1. I’m so glad James had this conversation about higher education; the problems with our Universities and what’s great about great teachers who still consider themselves students requiring continued education that evolves, particularly from the other students within their own classrooms. This conversation may prove to be difficult for some to follow, but if you’ve been suppressed by your educational systems, it’s a worthwhile prescription, with perhaps solutions for some who are looking for an alternative approach to higher education than from what’s typically available. And I’ve a lot so say about this topic…

    I agree with James and the professor: that what’s missing from most of our schools is the greater importance of “understanding” history, science and math, rather than simply being able to regurgitate worthless information, especially information strictly based on emotional “beliefs” such as “what patriotism is” and needing to sound off the names of former presidents, or “who and what is God,” then needing to recite bible passages…and if you can’t, getting punished; shamed, failed or beaten. Bloody Hell, man.

    I get human-logical scientific studies and research, such as comprehending; “understanding” our natural world and universe; things people can actually study, including what is “unseen” by the naked eye, but are real, such as viruses requiring an electron microscopes (or can’t be seen with technology, but have been proven to exist and can therefor still be studied and “understood,” such as electrons, protons, neutrons and atoms). And the same goes for astronomy, not astrology—which is emotion-based, but the actual scientific study of our known heavens very far off, such as planets or other galaxies through powerful telescopes (or things that still can’t be seen—such as Black Holes, Dark Energy or the very edges of our expanding universe of an expansive multiverse).

    So I get it—the Intelligence measured by human-scientific methods and processes, which then lead to an intelligent “understanding.” But I will never get what many refer to as intelligence; the ability of simply regurgitating piles of worthless, shit-information—like someone’s birth date. Now look, I’m not saying birth dates, or your date of birth is meaningless or worthless, just those few individuals who believe they should have the power to punish me if I can’t retain a bloody birth date to memory.

    As a child labeled retarded-autistic, that label was, and still is, used to suppress me simply because my mind was, and still is, incapable of retaining information such as the spelling of some simple words (though I understand their meanings, kind-of; unless a crooked lawyer gets ahold of our words) or the birth dates of my own family members—including my brother, sister, mother and father. Also, I still cannot remember my own phone number, or most mathematical formulas. In spite of the fact I was far more intelligent than most in my class when I started grade school, I was still labeled “mentally incapable; inferior,” yet I already “understood” most basic math and could recite my timetables (2×2=4, 4×4=16…), but couldn’t or was incapable of following “strict” orders that had punishment attached to it to “learn” me. Trust me, nothing has changed, even after an Army education or with age.—jeff lubina

    • Did you ever get a rational diagnosis of your condition?

  2. My college experience in the 60’s was much like what his teaching style is like now.

    Biology, Sociology, English, even Art and Music all seemed to have professors who were challenging us to go outside of the box, to use critical thinking skill and question more then accept.

    Just when it became the nonsense it is today I am not sure.

    I MISS THE OLD DAYS (song)

    • ejdoyle
      “…Just when it became the nonsense it is today I am not sure. …”

      Acc. to mark Bauerlein, in a book of essays, the name escapes me right now, on education and “The Dumbest Generation Grows up” the 60’s kids grew up as ‘freethinking’ rebels and because they rejected the values of western civilization refused to impart it properly when they became teachers and professors.

      I believe that in college it was the 90’s that the Political Correctness and Cultural marxism really started to get a grip as the Old professors were replaced by that 60’s generation…. IIRC the same thing happened in schools as the teacher colleges got infected a generation earlier. Funny thing is that in that essay Bauerlein was saying that an old commie academic was horrified by how the boomers were often rubbish revolutionaries because they were too into ero’s and too lazy to study the stuff they wanted to deconstruct.

      Must be 2 or three generations of decay in the college professors by now, and with the parasitical management class in there eating the budget up colleges will hopefully be too rotten to matter at all in a decade or two

      • I’ve never understood nor cared to know about the “yardstick” delineation of named generations. Part of the freedom from mind control/division/separation I have sought by staying out of the pop culture world.

        As I have put out here before, no “TV” watching in 50 years till I was given free cable in 2016. Didn’t know who Trump or Tom Brady was, or what was the so-called difference between news broadcast stations, etc.

        Very little cliche’ heroes, brands, etc. or such in my mind from the conditioning.

        Much like a Stranger In A Strange Land experience in 2016.


        • ejdoyle

          “….“yardstick” delineation of named generations….”
          Your right, their kinda a marketing thing, however there ARE general differences based on age, or more properly on the “Social Ecology” of the world they grew up in. Someone growing up in the Depression most probably had a very different environment growing up then a kid in the 60’s.

          I read that generational differences may go back to something more normal because younger zoomer girls that do breed are tending to marry Gen X and Millennial guys so those that do breed will tend to have an age blend like in the old days.

          “… Part of the freedom from mind control/division/separation I have sought by staying out of the pop culture world…..”

          I like the idea, but ,IMO, unless you go full out hermit NO ONE can totally escape pop culture contamination- even if its just the attitudes and assumptions of people around you. I used to wonder when I was a kid if I ever had a thought on my own or if they all came from things people said or things I read and I just didnt remember hearing them….lol was neurotic kid

          • @Duck
            >>I read that generational differences may go back to something more normal because… >>

            No idea or interest in that label game.

            Too many lack any semblance of true, independent behavior/thinking. The need for going “viral” and being “liked” is far too prevalent so statistics and labels fall on deaf ears here.

            “Teens” and the teen angst drama behavior nonsense was created by the controller’s in the 50’s as part of the agenda to divide and conquer families. Unavoidable now with the constant conditioning by the controller’s propaganda arm, the “entertainment” business and their cliche’ dialog.

            Prior to that there were babies, kids, young adults, adults and grand parents, I was there.

            In small towns many didn’t lock house and autos, neighbors had the right to either correct bad behavior of other’s kids or report them to the parents. There was still a connection to the “tribe” at work. I was there.

            >>IMO, unless you go full out hermit NO ONE can totally escape pop culture contamination->>

            I did. That is why my songs and essays are so true.

            Living 11 years in my van either traveling with lots of $$ from various skilled jobs or static in big cities like LA, Tucson, SF, etc., exploring life and truths in an auto didactic “educational” way, was far more successful then sheepskin status hanging on one’s wall.

            The reason I call my music “Brain Food” is from the idea of brain food, not ear candy. They are more in alignment like short stories then banal “my girl done me wrong blather.” So when I include links to them I am offering others insight into 3mins or so of well thought out life lessons. Sort of like what the classic country and folk music did.

            WELCOME TO CLOWN WORLD (song)

    • As a student member of the Board of the Sciences Faculty in the mid-eighties, I met all kinds of old-school academics that formed me. They were probably the true roots of the School of Understanding.

  3. What a great interview and solutions watch! It would have been great to have a teacher like this when I was in high school and college. His dedication to teaching and helping people develop their own ability to think is commendable.

  4. This is rather a good thing…Academic Agent (Mr Parvini, “The Populist Delusion”) would probably call this the rise of a Counter Elite. Its what happens when the elite become overly ideologically focused and expel or exclude more talented people who are not politically reliable….the Counter Elite eventually circulating to replace the old one.

    On education, however, I would say that if your home educating it is VERY important to do rote memorization and drilling, especially in the early stages….one of the reason we have so many dumb people now is that they do not have the basic skills upon which to build an actual education. Its like the focus on teaching sight word reading (which is a skill you get BY READING a lot) rather then upon phonics, which was a generational disaster for literacy. But then, maybe that as the plan….lol?

    I would also quibble that ‘High Quality thinkers make complex stuff’… I know its kinda true but a GREAT thinker ought to be able to boil down complicated material into something most people can understand because they themselves understand the most important parts of what they are trying to convey and can cut off the dross when teaching…..example being Mr Corbetts work which covers VERY complex stuff in a way most can follow, or Mr Parvini who writes super easy to understand books on very complicated subjects.

    Its nice to see Mr Corbett, I hope he enjoyed his vacation and feels rested.

    • I completely agree with your statement:

      “…a GREAT thinker ought to be able to boil down complicated material into something most people can understand because they themselves understand the most important parts of what they are trying to convey and can cut off the dross when teaching…..example being Mr Corbetts work which covers VERY complex stuff in a way most can follow, or Mr Parvini who writes super easy to understand books on very complicated subjects.”

      I’ve always thought that if a person can’t explain something in simple terms, they don’t really understand it. But maybe this is more applicable with discreet topics (if I’m using the word correctly). For example math and science being able to boil it down into simple concepts is the hallmark of a good teacher. I remember feeling really great when I understood something complex and could state it in simple terms. There’s nuance and application of ideas of course and some topics people don’t fully understand. Like some topics in advanced math and physics.

      I do think there are some things people can’t teach themselves and being an autodidact has limitations and perhaps even geniuses need someone to explain fundamental. But maybe they don’t and can pick up a text book and skim it and understand it.

      I do think the ability to memorize is important and I used to have an excellent memory in my 20s with science. Some of the theorems and stuff like that need to be memorized first and then understood. I used to be frustrated with that as a kid because I thought it should be the other way around but with some topics it’s not, not for me anyway. Also using the tool can spark understanding like actually doing an experiment can teach a person a lot. How people learn is very fascinating.

    • ‘High-Quality thinkers make complex stuff’
      Your first understanding of something is often complex and unwieldy. It takes much time and effort to simplify and discover the true essence. My description of the School of Understanding will go through a similar process. 🙂

      • Tjeerd
        “….School of Understanding….”

        Are you the chap in the interview? Assuming yes I’d like to respectfully suggest that your “Graduation” seal be something small and physical that people can wear- a Cravat Ring or something like that so your pupils can have a visible marker when they get together. You wuld also all look like super cool. 🙂

        People are silly about things like that- it used to amaze me how much people loved getting different belts in Karate but a big part of it was getting a social rank I think.

        Also I like Obsidian but am starting to think its not as useful as physical note cards. If you are interested in Luhmanns note boxes may I suggest Scott Scheper’s book “Anti-Net Zettlekasten” since (while he’s kind of hipster) he does appear to have done a good job of analyzing how that system worked.


        • There is a mini book “getting started with Antinet Zettlkastern’ too but its not as in depth

  5. Problem Prevention Vaccination without being needled.

    Corbett did an excellent job of directing the conversation and concepts.

  6. Hi James !
    The flat earth has to become a subject, sooner or later. ( you do not have to like it ! ) 
    I am floating away from this canal, and that is because we do not have a real discussion about this subject, You just smiling it away is not good enough, James.
    So I do as you always have said – just not going to support you the next year.
    If selling a subject is more important than finding the ” truth”  –  Then I am out of here.
    You, James, can come to all conclusions you want, but this is a deep topic that must come up in the air. We, who think the earth is flat, also has money. I am one of them, that support you. So stay away from an important subject and I know what is not able to be discussed, and as always I know who rules. Selling truths, is a way of living, but after a while it is just a way of living, selling what is going to get you tough, not selling bad news for your self.
    In my opinion, just start to survey this area. Do not get into flat earth society -trap – do some research. Same with atomic bomb –>  where I have tried to map up sources.
    I want to support you James, but then you really have to go down the flat earth syndrome, take a look at the atomic bomb and the Japanese war – it is not what it is portrayed.
    If you do not agree – play the good cop / bad cop – get it into the air. You do not have to take any side.
    The intelligence of the net – is great.

    • Hopefully James gets onto your substack and demands that you cover topics he deems to be important.

      • Well, time is running out for me! No more money coming in James way. I am subscribed for this year. I wrote with my money! So try to get me on the hook, or piss off.
        James is going to cover what is important to a lot of us, or he is going to cover what is important to him self.
        I do not have to pay for something I do not agree to.
        And I do not want James to agree with me.
        So separation is the easiest way.
        James seems to be stuck-like someone that has to produce more shit – to keep his customers happy. Old McDonald’s burgers. You get the same – more fries on top of all the rest, it is free.
        Revolution is what it says, round again

    • Roy
      “…The flat earth has to become a subject, sooner or later…..”

      Pretty sure it doesn’t. 😉

      Until someone explains how the daylight line works on a Flat earth its hard t take seriously.

      • Duck ! We have had a lot of discussions.
        Mostly we have agreed I think, or maybe I am wrong.
        I am not going to explain to you anything.
        The kind of response you give is sad.
        ” You have to explain this ”
        If you do not – all you say is wrong. !! — Got him there for good.
        And Duck – are you alive ? Seen you all over for years !
        Do you live in the Corbett report – is that your life ?
        Go out, do some fishing, smell the flowers.
        If you want to be a robot – AMD or Intel – are interesting options.
        Always there is door options at the museums – Guard.

        • Roy
          I like to THINK I am alive… I COULD be a rotten zombie typing endlessly in a dark house with cracked windows set in a post apocalyptic wasteland,just re running the same patterns again and again. 🙂 But I do THINK I am alive.

          “….I am not going to explain to you anything,…”

          I KNOW that. It CAN NOT be explained on a flat earth, only on a globe.

          I already told you, unless the sun line can be explained on such a model Flat earth is not worth even considering as an idea.

          “….Do you live in the Corbett report – is that your life ?….”

          I Dont have that much work, so yeah. I am hoping to get hired by a bot farm, but damn, I think they automated 🙁

          • Yeah! A row-boat – without a work load!
            Piss off – or give me a reason for supporting James Corebet the next year. This will be a quest for you. Do you want me to support James ? I will gladly do that – been doing that for many years,
            Or should I feed the Duck ?
            Who shall I feed ? The Duck ?
            If you live here in the comments of the Corbet report, I know what we do with ducks. Come and see me, we will get …..

            • Roy
              “…Piss off – or give me a reason for supporting James Corebet….”

              Well….IF you give him TWICE the amount of money you gave him last year its POSSIBLE he will be impressed and talk about Flat earth.

              If you give him NOTHING he will have no incentive to EVER bring it up

              If you DONT give him money you will never be able to tell anyone here about Flat Earth in the Comments.

              🙂 lol

              “…I know what we do with ducks. Come and see me, we will get..”

              Are you looking for sex or something? Sorry, but NO.

    • Flat earth is clearly a distraction from reality.
      There are about 100 ways to proof earth is round.
      You can even use many ways to measure the radius of the earth.

      Starting with: Sun position, Sextant, Schuman resonance,
      atmosphere, flying around, horizon measurements, ships,
      straight roads and straight bridges, electrical wires,
      sniping, Foucault pendulum, star positions, earth’s magnetic field,
      magma, earth-quakes, internet, wind, sun-set, sun-rise,
      satellites, satellite-TV, GPS, HAM radio, the moon,
      time-zones, gravity differences, seasons, water streams,
      bird-flights, artillery, map-makers, very old maps,
      everything in space is round, download from satellites yourself,
      balloon, lower pressure at altitude, aurora, arctic and antarctic,
      stars in australia and south america, equator, solar eclipse,

      This channel has a lot more, and explains things in a friendly way:
      He goes in every claim that flat-earthers bring to him.
      But you can also learn about light and photography.
      Again: he is very friendly and far friendlier than I can ever be.

      And I still have to see one grain of evidence that earth is flat.
      Which is the easiest thing to do. Just the edge is enough.
      Or a picture of the Everest. Or a penguin falling off into space.

      It is usually: Some guy on internet tells that NASA is lying.
      Then this guy shows some manipulated images,
      or things he does not understand .. at all.
      And so it must be a conspiracy.
      And this must hide a bigger conspiracy.
      And this big conspiracy must hide an ancient conspiracy.
      .. And so earth must be flat.
      It is a complete nonsense and illogical.

      And probably some of these people are suffering a psychosis.
      Which is sad and unnecessary.
      Go do some simple tests like the pendulum of Foucault,
      or measure the radius of earth based on the sun,
      or check if you can detect yourself with a Ham-radio.

    • JC seems to have made it clear he think it’s a sphere or a “ball earther” and if I’m wrong he doesn’t want to talk about it.

      He said in one of his questions for Corbett that he will “talk about whatever I want to talk about, whenever I want to talk about it and in any way I want to talk about it…” And I’m in full support of him a a sovereign human being not beholden to anyone! I like his research and integrity and to learn about the topics he talks about and I’ll continue to support him.

      There are certain things that don’t make sense on a flat earth and the ball earth is a better model and there are basic tests a child can do at home to check this out. Also, the time zone test makes sense, or rather the variation of day and night on different parts of the world. If it were flat we’d have the same time zone and light and dark periods. We’d be looking at the same star systems in a telescope. We wouldn’t have to account for the Coriolis effect with long range shooting.

      Also, it makes no difference in the grand scheme of things, the big picture, the slavery grid that is being erected around us that we are building. I think James wants people to be aware of the big picture stuff and to create our destiny as free individuals, free from the tyranny of the psychopathic elitists that have shown themselves to be evil. They are profoundly evil and the system is evil and good people must resist. Flat earth is a distraction, inconsequential and put there to waste time.

      • cu.h.j

        I hope he’s not in the pocket of “Big Globe” …. or is that “Big Ball” ? lol

        “… Flat earth is a distraction, inconsequential and put there to waste time….”
        I think its like a coin sorter, sorting people into boxes based on how easy they are to propagandize. Probably they create targeted propaganda for different levels of people.
        I was big time scared by the coof when it started, but I still am convinced that the many news reports where someone got filmed walked past the camera with a cart stuffed with toilet paper was so they could measure buying and check how many people were accepting the propaganda

        • Yes, targeted propaganda makes a lot of sense. Compliance testing and sending people on wild goose chases that are irrelevant. And causing fear of artificial scarcity too.

  7. I approve this message.
    Managing the failures, preventing the problems and using failure as a metric.
    Broadening of ones base of understanding is realistic, in determining all the parameters connecting a topic to its essence. Proximal blowback. Proximal development.
    I would apply it today to; Domain of authority, authority given by the public to a representative group to address a problem, should be revocable. However as we know from the failures we face today, it is irrevocable.
    I could easily require our representatives to be experts and graduates of this school of thought. Practical? Only if I exert my authority over those appointed representatives and force a contract for revocability.
    If it is practical then it should be fortified and I can only hope it wins the detractors over to new understandings.
    Good luck Professor. Applied everywhere and concentrated on the youth , what could go wrong?

    • Managing the failures, preventing the problems and using failure as a metric.

      You surmised my daily professional experience.

      • Mkey,
        You are a Hoot! Do any ships you build float?
        I enjoy new ways of thinking. It’s obvious the old-new ways of thinking have failed more than succeeded. I think this thought assembly may float after launch.
        This I could throw money at cause the public schools have failed. Home schools are not much better.
        Carrol Quigley stated one of the concerns of the scientists in the Manhattan Project was if all the eggheads were locked up on the project, nobody would be teaching the next generations the necessary learning to continue the ultimate weapon developments needed for advancement in thinking and discovery in the near future. The next generation would be sacrificed and would take years to recover. The irony is appalling. All that brain power dedicated to killing larger amounts of humanity.
        I hope the trivium system , school of understanding, establishes first the knowledge of should we over can we.
        But I’m a dreamer and General bottle washer,that can in theory submit, clean bottles makes a reliable, dependable, delicious incendiary idea, But as yet not gone beyond should we. A tribute to my broad based education of a little of this and a little ah dat.

        • These boats we are building not only float, but fly in the air. The largest issue is that they keep crashing into those chemtrailing planes.

          And yes, recovery after the crash will take a loooong time. Knowledge once lost can not be imparted but only reacquired through the same agony as the first time around.

          Sometimes I get these visions of tired people, anonymous between themselves, working the fields, hoping to get those potatos out before the ground freezes.

    • “using failure as a metric”

      In Programming there is a joke about the metric:
      “number of bugs solved”
      (a bug is a mistake or an error in a computer program)

      Often bad managers would give people bonuses
      if they could solve more bugs.

      Guess who discovers the most bugs?
      Is it the best or the worst programmer?

      And what if the bonus made them both decide to
      purposefully increase the chance to find more bugs?

  8. Zyxzezn,

    Is this a test? Daily Double for 1000 Alex.

    What is Military Grade?


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