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Etienne de la Boetie², author of Government — The Biggest Scam in History, and Kenny Palurintano of the White Rose join us to discuss their new project: White Rose Mucho Grande! Featuring highly thought-provoking visualizations of such convoluted topics of media ownership, seed company monopolization and elitist CFR/Bilderberg/Trilateral influence over government, these downloadable images promises to provide activists with the visual tool to spark conversations that will get people thinking.

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How to Present Info for Visual Learners – #SolutionsWatch

Government — The Biggest Scam in History

All posters and White Rose stickers

White Rose telegram channel

Antiganda – #SolutionsWatch



  1. EXQUISITE! This MUST work!
    Rhymed Polish name:

  2. Many of the white-rose stickers are encouraging for people
    who are already seeing through the scams.
    And many people like to post such messages.
    Usually portraying the scams in a offensive way.

    Messages are missing that can help people to get out of the scam.

    What convinces someone who is in the system to see through it?

    This is usually different for each person, and some can never be reached.
    Many people only realized they were scammed after they
    got side-effects from the jab.
    And many jabbed people got far more Covid than people
    around them that did not get jabbed.

    Some examples that may be convincing:

    Nuremberg code – https://i.imgur.com/mJdzq31.png

    About ivermectin and such:
    Zero deaths – https://i.imgur.com/bzQps6r.jpg
    Money- https://i.imgur.com/UNL3wSz.jpg

    Cases – https://i.imgur.com/NZ3xek1.png
    Acceptance – https://i.imgur.com/0AdKMBp.png
    Pfizer fraud – https://i.imgur.com/BLBWjaD.jpg
    Health-passport / digital ID
    Hiding unvaxed – https://i.imgur.com/ZeMWTHB.jpg
    Cows – https://i.imgur.com/Z84GU9T.jpg
    Do they work – https://i.imgur.com/FNhn2iR.jpg

    Covid? – https://i.imgur.com/ESAtv7D.jpg
    Media – https://i.imgur.com/u24eyDn.jpg
    Masks – https://i.imgur.com/HAdpE46.jpg
    Testing – https://i.imgur.com/YgG7Q8P.jpg
    Sweden – https://i.imgur.com/XGXPwc3.jpg
    “Deaths” – https://i.imgur.com/JU4B02y.jpg
    Dancing – https://i.imgur.com/tYQwOdw.png

  3. I think this is a great idea. Thank you for sharing this. This is something I can do in cities when I am in them.

    Also, thank you for inspiring the younger generations.

    • Hopefully they get representation by a lawyer with a lot of publicity. If I were them, I’d reach out to one. The center for American Liberty for example. There’s more momentum against crack downs on free speech especially with the Jordan Peterson issue.

      The worm will turn.

        • Yeah, that’s a basic safety protocol with modern surgeries done by people who aren’t idiots. Marking the right area, counting exactly what instruments are used before and after the surgery, etc. And despite all these basic standard procedures, stuff like this still happens.

          I’m surprised a CT scan wasn’t done earlier than 18 months though after more than one ER visit for abdominal pain.

          • cu.h.j

            “…I’m surprised a CT scan…”

            If they did an MRI would the metal have been pulled out by the machine???
            Ugh…feel sick now.

            • Very few metals are MRI safe, so yeah it could have. But MRI is very rarely the first scan done. It’s almost always a CT scan first. It’s a cheaper test and it’s fast. But it also exposes someone to a big dose of radiation so they should be minimized, especially a head CT.

              There’s a questionnaire before an MRI that asks about surgeries. A doctor who had a functioning brain would include the possibility of retained surgical instruments before they ordered one. But there are so many doctors and other medical staff who are morons, so I’m sure something like that has happened in the past.

              MRIs are so cool though, much much better than CT scans but the expense of these limit use. Of course a person could probably get one out if they pay out of pocket.

              • cu.h.j
                “..But MRI is very rarely the first scan done….”

                Thats a relief, I guess I have kinda a graphic imagination. I do know someone who has what looks to be an impinged shoulder and the Dr wanted an MRI right off.

                The person decided to try the Chiropractor first since the probable treatment was going to start off with that, and PT, anyway and who wants to get shot up with contrast dyes (atleast it was the iodine not that rare earth one which has had bad reports) unless they need to?

                Since that person I knew died after getting opiates for breathing issues I dont trust Dr’s much and guess its rubbed off on others, lol

              • They probably did Xrays of the shoulder first. Plane films aren’t that bad for radiation. MRIs will also show soft tissues an ligaments very well, even without contrast. But contrast adds an even better picture.

                What I would do if I had any health problem, would research before undergoing a procedure and ask any questions. A person can also get a second opinion.

                I had an MRI before a surgery about a year ago. The dye wasn’t Iodine but something else for the MRI. I did have contrast with the CT scan though that was done before the MRI.

                I was concerned enough to want to know exactly what was going on in my body, so had the scans done and the surgery. The surgeon was the best in the area I was living. I did a lot of research before hand including reviews and asking how many surgeries the surgeon had performed.

                Opiates with breathing problems are not a good combination. But for cough, codine based cough syrup is good and it’s a pretty weak opiate.

                Distrust is good, but must be weighed with risks of not finding out what is wrong or living with a painful condition. But surgery should be a last resort IMO. Always PT before. Chiropractic is good as long as it’s a good chiropractor.

                There have been a few cases of stroke following neck adjustments. I am very careful with this and prefer very gentle manipulation of my neck.

                There was a doctor out of Texas, a spinal surgeon who butchered patients. His nick name was “doctor death”. People have got to do research before surgery.

          • “Yeah, that’s a basic safety protocol with modern surgeries done by people who aren’t idiots. Marking the right area, counting exactly what instruments are used before and after the surgery, etc. And despite all these basic standard procedures, stuff like this still happens.”

            “Still happens” might be an understatement.

            There is a emergency room doctor that attends my church. I had a conversation with him before a Bible study once and after sharing my information with him, he confirmed to me that if I had sought out allopathic medical care at the onset of my symptoms the odds are that, best case scenario, I would be walking around with a colostomy bag.
            Maybe not even walking among the living.

            While my self treatment hasn’t cured me, two years on I’m not dead and the symptoms haven’t gotten any worse as far as I can tell.

            If I ever darken the door of a doctor’s office or hospital again in my life I will either be unconscious or have bones sticking out through my skin.

            I have ZERO faith or trust in allopathic medicine or its practitioners.

            • I can understand the sentiment and there are lots more bad outcomes than people know including false information about diet and vaccines, etc.

              But in certain situations, allopathic medicine can be life saving. Trauma, organ transplants, treatment for infections, etc. There are some creative providers who mix modalities that in my opinion in some cases can have benefit.

              For me personally, the surgery was beneficial and was done skillfully without complication. Having worked in the field, I know how to pick good surgeons and good doctors. Some people go in blind and expect that they can trust and do not research before hand.

              But, I have had the fortunate experience of participating in life saving interventions for patients, even a 4 day old baby. Had she not come to the ER would have died. But this must be viewed in the context of how allopathic medicine can and does actually make people ill in the first place.

              So, yeah I very rarely go in as a patient, but if I got bit by a snake or hit by a car, I sure wouldn’t stay home and try to treat myself.

              • Plantain poultice has sucked the poison/venom from snake bite out of a person. (Homegrown Herbalist – https://homegrownherbalist.net/?s=Snake+bite&post_type=product&title=1&excerpt=1&content=1&categories=1&attributes=1&tags=1&sku=1&orderby=date-DESC&ixwps=1)

                There are other natural and herbal (and non-pharmaceutical/hospital) ways to deal with snakebite. My cousin lives in Ecuador and there, they give a shock, which twists the backwards proteins back into the non-toxic forward shape. (My terms probably aren’t accurate. It’s been several years since I last researched this. I think they are actually left-handed and right-handed, and I’m not sure which is the good and which is the bad.) It is on my list to get a stun gun for the purpose for my prepping kit. There are also smaller ones that are used to deactivate insect bites and stings.

            • One more thing about surgery in particular. It is an art form and requires skill and sufficient experience and even under the care of a skilled surgeon people have bad outcomes.

              A good doctor will not lie about the potential for a bad outcome including death. The hallmark of a good doctor is honesty and inclusion of patients in decision making and respecting autonomy at all times. They are also supposed to listen to patients and are open to learn new things. Though allopathic medicine has a bad reputation for good reasons, there are still good doctors and good medical staff and good applications for mainstream medicine.

              This is one of the only reasons why I still work in the field.

            • Years ago, my grandma had gallbladder surgery. After the surgery, her incision never healed properly and for many years, it would occasionally fester and leak pus for a while, then seem to resolve. I think it was about 15 years later that it was discovered that a wad of suture material or gauze was still inside of her. I also heard that the surgeon liked to drink and had maybe been called from a party, or had been in a hurry to get to a party. I’ll try to verify the details on that with my uncle.

      • At the time it happened, no lawyers in their area were willing to take the case. There are some who will now, but most were simply scared to be identified with resisters or sided with the plandemic.

        • That is really too bad that not one brave attorney stepped forward to do the right thing. These brave people should be extremely proud of themselves and I am grateful for their courage.

          If they need money for donation for legal fees can donate a small amount and am sure that they would receive additional funding from people.

  4. Thank you for this video, you reminded me I want to get Etiennes’ Liberator etc.

  5. hmmm . . . seems a bit like an add for Brother Label printer, why not an HP label printer, or a Canon label printer, or a Panasonic label printer, or a DYMO LabelWriter, or an Epson LabelWorks.

    why the Brother product, these guys look like a couple sales reps for Brother.

    • Really?
      Do you think they would stick their necks out to sell some label printers?

  6. I LOVE the insights James Corbett puts out.

    LOVE what these guys,the White Rose, are doing.

    Thing is, no one names the jew.

    Every single one of those propaganda pieces could easily be tied to jewish self aggrandizement of their race.

    They are behind ALL NGO’s which are flooding all Western Nations.

    They are behind all those companies, banks, media companies, & especially over represented in all governments of the world.

    Seems a little disingenuous to give all that information without naming the ones ultimately behind most all of the evil in the world today.

    That being said, I understand it. They hold so much power, they can cancel pretty much anyone. All of the federal reserve trillionaire families are Canaanites.

    If the actual contents of the Talmud became widely known, people would not be so acquiescing to the destruction of their homelands.

    • It’s actually brilliant to not use ad hominem attacks. Look at ideas and systems and individuals who profit rather than tribal identity, race, ethnicity or religion.

      JC is trying to raise consciousness not get bogged down in things that are counter productive.

      And also, the jabs were rolled out in Israel first I think. And the green pass. These tyrants are equal opportunity oppressors and murderers at this point.

      The Pfizer CEO doesn’t care about someone’s race. He’s probably a transumanist psychopath and wants physical immortality or some weird idea like that. Some poor working stiff who happens to be Jewish isn’t to blame for what Pfizer does.

      • cu.h.j
        “…The Pfizer CEO doesn’t care about someone’s race….Some poor working stiff who happens to be Jewish….”

        As much as I would LIKE to agree with you I think that there is most certainly an Ethnic side to all this- even if its only because its useful to have a class of people who dont like the majority that you rule over…. Ashkenazi Jew’s have often served in this capacity-notably in Poland where they did the rent seeking for the nobility and had zero bond with poles. Or as Chekists where they had less compunction about torturing Russians because of the different ethnicity

        But did the Sackler CEO care…?
        I have read that there was evidence of an Ethnic dislike of middle America, where they wrote they would ‘make it snow’….
        Does the Neo-Con desire to destroy Russia have nothing to do with their ancestors ethnic difficulties with Russians?

        Consider that the lynching of jewish sex-murderer Leo Frank has consumed Organized Jewish time and money for a century as they
        try to exonerate him….does such effort go into the case because of ‘justice’ (a hundred years later…?) or because its an ETHNIC issue?

        Its NOT a monolith of every jew, or every ‘white’ man, or every ‘black’, or every Mexican …..BUT those groups are things that are real and effect politics and actions

        • Dehumanization and exploitation is easier if you hate the person/people, right?

          But when they rolled out the jabs on Israel first and the green pass, that revealed that this hate and dehumanization is also for “their own” people.

          The jabs are essentially a mass maiming and killing operation enriching pharma and sickening and culling as many people as possible, perhaps more in areas where people are perceived as threats. And it’s probably also to test some of this weird technology and prime the population for gene therapy and accepting trans-humanism.

          People get stuck blaming entire groups of people for stuff that is outside of their control or that they had no part in and it can cause perpetual division. It’s like blaming “White” people for slavery.

          I have never seen anything like what we have experienced over the last 3 years and counting. I think we need as many hands on deck as possible. At this point does it matter if the CEO of Pfizer or Facebook is Jewish? Would it matter if they were Italian or Catholic? What matters is that the institutions themselves are evil and are harming people.

          I mean there are a lot of pedophiles in the Catholic Church. Does this mean all Catholics are Pedophiles? I certainly don’t think so. But I can understand the biases people have so long as it doesn’t prevent them from seeing beyond their biases.

          But I do strongly disagree that decentralization and libertarian or voluntarism is a dead end. In fact, I think the converse is true, that authoritarianism is a dead end.

          • The agenda is moving along and regardless of who devised it or had the most part in designing it, stopping it should be the priority IMO.

            Blaming people or deflecting individual culpability is not justice. Actually arresting the CEO of Pfizer and some of these other psychopaths and throwing them in prison for life would be.

            Arresting and throwing the central bankers in prison for financial crimes would be justice.

            Also a massive boycott of all products and services used to harm and enslave the human population would be a good place to start. Even a small boycott would be a good place to start.

          • Funny you should use “slavery” as something that could be blamed on “white people”.

            Slavery was a jewish thing.


            Not going to bother looking up the huge difference in percentages between whites vs. jews for slave ownership.

            Fact is, they put their own race above all others, and THEY ARE COMPELLED BY THEIR HOLY BOOKS TO BE WORLD MASTERS.

            It is not a conspiracy. It is fact. It is right in front of all of your noses (pun intended). They are working towards the destruction of ALL WESTERN NATIONS.
            They as a race are doing a pretty good job of mucking up the works, wouldn’t you say?

            p.s. Noticing this does not mean I (or anyone for that matter) *hate jews, it just means we are aware to what they are doing and want them to STOP.

            edit for spelling

            • True, noticing does not mean hate. My point was to compare collective blame of one group with another. Ownership of slaves in the US is blamed on “White” people. I use quotes because that term is a very broad category.

              I think a strong argument can be made that tribal or religious justification has been used to validate unspeakable depravity. After all, it’s used as justification for the state of Israel according to the Zionists. This can be validated in Zionist literature and culture. It has been written that the Zionist project is biblical and many people believe it.

              I think looking at systems and narratives and how they are used to enslave or inspire can provide insight.

              And although noticing doesn’t mean hating, people do go for the shortcut with blaming an easy target rather than trying to throw a wrench in the gears of the entire system.

          • “They as a race are doing a pretty good job of mucking up the works, wouldn’t you say?”

            I don’t think race is an accurate description. Tribe is more accurate in reference to Jews as a group.

            I don’t collectively blame races or groups of people because it’s wrong, or rather does not accurately pinpoint who precisely are pulling the strings.

            It’s true that many members of a tribe or race may hold hatred for outsiders and try to destroy them or at least turn the other way when “their” people are doing evil things and I think that is an error. That’s my opinion.

            It’s true there are a lot of evil wealthy psychopaths who are Jews but their goals are not to help the entirety of people who are categorically Jewish. They have their own agenda and will use anyone and everyone to further destruction and insanity. Technocracy and transhumanism being examples.

            But I think the groups of elitists are not a monolithic group and there are likely different players.

    • chef
      “…Thing is, no one names the jew….”

      I would be super surprised if Mr Corbett ever does that- I do not believe for a moment that he is afraid to do so.

      IMO the actual jewish folks are just the victims of the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit which has infected plenty of non Ashkenazi people and is an ideology of death.

      Most of the folks here, even folks who are ‘awake’ to how the world works, are still very much stuck in the ‘Nuremberg’ / ‘Boomer Truth regime’ paradigm and reject the idea of ‘group identity’ for this ideological issue.

      This ideologically created blindness and refusal to see ‘group identity’ leave people pretty helpless to understand what is happening, but I think many will die rather then accept an idea they have been taught is, basically, akin to being litrally Hitler.

      Most of the anarchy, libertarian, and freedom movements are only a minor threat to the system because FOR MOST (not all) its just a way to dissolve what Auron McIntyre calls “Unchosen bonds” for their own selfish reasons. Only a very few people who take the good (decentralization/ independence/ect) from these movements will get any benefit…. and thus anarchy and libertarianism are not great threats to the total victory of the system, and may be useful to it in directing opposition into dead end pursuits.

      “….If the actual contents of the Talmud became widely known, people would not be so acquiescing to the destruction of their homelands….”

      People who do not think that ‘groups exist’ will never be able to make the connection between the Talmud and the culture it created in the Ashkenazi jewish people which ripples down to today.

      Actually, I think that you will find that aside from mostly American “Boomer Posturing” the vast majority of people, even people here on this site, will quite happily go along until the Evil touches THEM PERSONALLY…at which time its either too late or they acquiesce.

    • I put this as a separate comment but I think it pertains to yours, chef:
      I’m quoting Etienne in a post I’m recording today: “In a James Corbett Solutions Watch, he interviews Etienne de la Boetie² who wrote Government: the Biggest Scam in History, Exposed. Etienne refers to intergenerational organized crime, which I like because it describes the function without needing to come to agreement on who or why. I would amend it to InterGenerational Organized Theft or IGOT—I got mine and I got yours. Stealing is the motive behind everything else.”
      I’ve also now done three that deconstruct the WWII psyop (speaking of the Jews):

      • Thank you for this.

        Just found out a little while ago a friend is in final stages of liver failure and is having a living wake tomorrow, this is after I talked to my friend in Ohio who was just diagnosed with pancreas cancer….shit.

        Really takes away the desire to even discuss these matters.

        Yes, I do believe these turbo cancers are related to the vaxxx, but that does not change the fact of their dying.

        Just lost a childhood friend of mine this last July on my birthday.

        I can go down the list of my fb friends and see how many “memorials” there are….

        I’m only in my mid 50’s……

        • I’m friends with a lady who got a the 2 shot series when they came out and a booster in mid May 2022, in her 40’s and she got diagnosed with a rare cervical cancer in April 2023. She has just finished treatment but had to travel and live in another state to do so. A lot of places are having chemo drug shortages, too.

        • I’m so sorry, chef. My daughters just went to visit their uncle who went in for a persistent pain in his back and came out with pancreatic cancer and six months to live. He’s a water polo coach who went in the ocean every day.

          That was a year ago so he’s beating the prognosis but the cancer is back and he’s starting another round of chemo.

          The husband of my oldest also has an uncle dying of cancer. They had to decide which one to visit this weekend.

          I did just post the video that mentions Etienne. It diverts from the WWII series because I needed something that gives some friggin’ hope: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/in-the-blood-of-eden.

  7. The link to their telegram channel isn’t working

    • James (or one those imaginary fairies or them contrarian easter bunnies that are maintaining this website, tsk tsk) probably forgot to start the URL with https. You should be able to use this one in a pinch.


  8. An idea…
    A person or group could utilize these images and posters on a BROADSHEET newspaper.
    Circa Autumn 2008 – Newspaper size with clean, semigloss paper and high quality color photos. Under 7 cents delivered which included taxes, freight, set-up fees (plate charge) and boxes sized for each 1,000 flyers.
    [My broadsheet vendor took the mock-up from a pdf. Ask about specs and margins.]

    Dec 7, 2021 – Corbett Report
    Make Your Own Newspaper – #SolutionsWatch

    This link goes to Corbett’s #SolutionWatch but starts at my 3 comments. Check out the images.

  9. I’m quoting Etienne in a post I’m recording today:
    “In a James Corbett Solutions Watch, he interviews Etienne de la Boetie² who wrote Government: the Biggest Scam in History, Exposed. Etienne refers to intergenerational organized crime, which I like because it describes the function without needing to come to agreement on who or why. I would amend it to InterGenerational Organized Theft or IGOT—I got mine and I got yours. Stealing is the motive behind everything else.”
    I’ve also now done three that deconstruct the WWII psyop:

  10. The elaborate diagrams are impressive and the “White Rose” tactics are perhaps the best we can hope for. If people can legally place these in common spaces, great. However, I am afraid that most institutions and organization will be very hostile. A private restaurant or club may be OK.

    About 35 years ago I posted a few posters of Murphy’s Law’s of Science and Technology in my office area next to my cubicle, merely as a joke and a hint. Needless to say, the colleagues loved it and laughed, since many applied to the work we were doing. But the bosses and managers promptly made me to take them down within a few days. A few years later I tried wearing provocative T-shirts, like a guy peeing on the computer keyboard with a caption “Trickle down economy”. Again, I caused an uproar and excitement on the floor for half a day, but then the big boss called me in and told me in no uncertain terms that if I wanted to keep my job I should not try this again. I guess what saved me was that they really valued the work I did, because the same boss had a screensaver “Nobody is indispensable” on his computer. Later I used to buy & display Dilbert! calendars and these were OK.

    I agree with xyzevn that the elaborate diagrams with a lot of tiny fine print are too complex for most deniers of reality. Trying to convince even sophisticated and educated people & friends in one debate is not easy! I can’t say that I successfully convinced any of them by elaborate arguments, but the do react to simple messages like – “Do you know that Pfizer was trying to hide the jab data for 75 years? Why, do you think they tried to hide these damming facts? Why are all the governments and organizations constantly lying about everything? Basically since the WWII or even earlier?”

    To be effective, the stickers, bumper stickers, messages and cartoons ought be simple and they must convey a simple & powerful message. Those who are interested will look up a reference to a pdf file or website if they are interested. But if one leaves a QR-code or a link to more data or a pdf file, one may be traced and charged if some authority deems the sticker to be placed illegally.

    Sarcasm and satire can be powerful. Like the “very French” Hedbo Macron cartoon “Peut-il rebondir?” — “Can he bounce back?”, with the connotation to Bounce-Back-Better. (The French of course also know that Macron is a trained Hegelian statist and Machiavellian — he studied philosophy at the University of Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense, obtaining a DEA degree (a master level degree), with a thesis on Machiavelli and Hegel — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_Macron.)


  11. Thank you for sharing this. I love the concept, which can be developed and used for many other things as well.

  12. At the inaugural meeting of CHD New England several months ago, I got several sheets of stickers like these, but I have not put out a single one yet. I wasn’t sure how I could get more, but now that I know there is a real possibility of replenishing my supply, I will dig them out, carry them with me, and spread them around in conspicuous places. 🙂

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