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The new year brings with it a new approach, and that means the regular #PropagandaWatch series is being discontinued. Today James explains the decision to end the series, reflects on the value of the information contained in this podcast, and teases the introduction of a new series . . .

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  1. I liked this series. I hope I won’t miss it. Even if I look at it as an infotainment it was a good one, bringing me information, good talking points for discussion with normies that were not heavy on conspiracy stuff.
    I agree with arguments regarding discontinuing. Taking war analogy, by leaving initiative to the adversary you are on the best way to lose.
    Certainly, if you prefer doing something else then go ahead, because this will probably fulfill you more and we will get best from you. Win-win.

  2. I think moving forward into 2021 and on we all need to contribute solutions to our friends, communities, and strangers. As you say this year is what we make of it.

  3. Don’t you fucken DARE touch New World Next Week…

    But seriously, I hadn’t actually even noticed that Propaganda Watch was a weekly thing. So in my world, nothing has actually changed with this announcement.

  4. so i’m guessing…… Watching the Propagandists? Observing the Sophists? the new series? yay! my gmo kernels are ready for a poppin!

  5. “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

  6. Hey MadMilo,

    I spent some time on this but couldn’t get the subliminal message. What is it?

  7. “…or those, like us, who brought the marketing Wizards tricks to a conscious level we can only be amused, or sometimes horrified, by these commercials…”

    Over Christmass and New Year I was at relatives…. I found the TV (which was actually big enough to lay on if you put it flat) horribly overstimulating. You should never underestimate the deep harm having the electric propagandist always on can do to peoples minds.

    I did burst out laughing when I saw lines of cars as folks waited for their shots (easy to avoid in an age of online booking and notification of when to show up) Freakanomics even had an episode on how the size of the line made people judge the value of product.

  8. So very glad that its NOT likely that the ‘changes’ will involve prefacing episodes with
    “Brought to you with help from Tim Gill, Arcus and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…”

    A couple of days at the house of “TV Always On’ people makes you realize how much psychic damage the bought and paid for media really does

  9. flamable
    Lol, true!
    First their trying to turn the boomers against the blacks with hype about ‘let ye olde white folks die” and then they make blacks think the rich whites are getting it all. Everyone fighting to get something thats not even tested properly….
    Personally if I was a black guy the would turn me off especially when you know the mens PERSONAL DOCTORS lied to them for years as they died slowly.

    Ha… look at this from the wikipedia article!

    “…To ensure that the men would show up for the possibly dangerous, painful, diagnostic, and non-therapeutic spinal taps, doctors sent participants a misleading letter titled “Last Chance for Special Free Treatment.”[4….”

  10. I kinda got started on alt media with Alex Jones but to be honest I think role these days is to create an army of ‘sleepwalkers’ who know something is wrong but can never see what it is or how to fix it and stagger around without direction.
    Now days it almost appears like he is churning out the right wing version of Antifa zombies so that the cattle spend their time fighting each other rather then see the real issue

  11. flammable
    “..Stephen Colbert should destroy the reputation of mainstream news..”

    Thats assuming that anyone watching that stuff cares about veracit.

    Most of whats on TV is not even ‘propaganda’ its just software updates for the NPC’s who need a studio audience so that they are able to know what the popular, acceptable opinion to hold is…. those type of ‘people’ will just go with whatever looks most powerful and they care zilch about truth.

  12. James – I applaud you for moving beyond calling BS on the propagandists. Your body of work is highly comprehensive, speaks for itself and is highly educational in ANY era of time.

    I’m seeing even some of the “old-guard” of freedom showing more of their true colors these days. For example, people calling themselves “anachro-capitalists” and yet expressing very hardline religious beliefs conveying a zealotry of a different sort. I am not seeking to “demonize” religion (optional pun if you wish), or the practitioners of any particular faith, but a level headedness appears to be the ONLY way to navigate the controlled chaos of our current times.

    (Speaking of “times”… and I the only one who sees all the current talk about “end times” as being yet another form of propaganda played out over many centuries?)

    I support your continuing to do what you see fit as being the best course of action moving forward… You have done a wonderful job informing the masses of just “how” and “why” we got here, but eventually we need to claim sovereignty. No individual should pull their identity through the sole recognition that they are not a narcissistic psychopath. In my view, giving these “people” anymore attention than it would take to say “I do not comply” is far more than they deserve in our current global situation.

    • “…(Speaking of “times”… and I the only one who sees all the current talk about “end times” as being yet another form of propaganda played out over many centuries?)…”

      Does it make sense to seize power in ways that troll Christians and alarm people? No… unless the Elites are Gnostic weirdos who are using the Book of Revelation as a blueprint to ‘Ascend” or create a satanic society just as Christians changed the worldview of the Roman Empire.
      They are ‘MAKING’ it come true

      You should consider that even if YOU dont think spiritual things exist its a fact that a powerful subset of the Elites do. If you read ‘Secret Agent 666″ you get a glimpse into the weird crap the Elites were doing a hundred years ago or the fact that Microsoft will wheel out a freak like MAria Abramovich indicate that they are still possessed by abnormal religious ideas they wish to externalize

  13. I believe this is the right direction to go for the Corbett Report! Solutions. Period. That is what the world needs now more than ever! I’ve been saying this for quite some time, we all need to do more than just point out the problem. That’s been the one issue I have with the alt media/ indie journalist community. There’s plenty of research done(which is needed mind you), plenty long winded rants about the info we’ve dug up; pointing out who done it and why, but few answers. Okay, it’s great we know all this information, but now what in the hell do we do about it?

    I can’t think of a more fitting way to wave “Propaganda Watch” off into the sunset, than to end it by just saying, “want a solution to establishment propaganda? Here’s an idea, STOP WATCHING PROPAGANDA!” Nailed it James!

    To everyone out there reading this, do good and be great!

    • I literally have not tuned in to televised or popular media in over 20 years. Occasionally I tune in or am struck by some egregious thing I can’t avoid seeing on yahoo or msn when signing in to emails. Other than that, I do not give them my time or money if I can avoid it. My concern is that CNN has failed so miserably in ratings, and yet THEY are considered by the unconscious consumer to be “authority” of news. Propaganda has many means, many outcomes, sometimes less obvious than others. When I do occasionally catch up with why my friends believe as they do, I am shocked by how obvious and heavy-handed it all is. Opinion is now fact if it’s what you agree with.

  14. I agree with James completely that focusing too much on MSM/propaganda, even in a critical light, tends to make one a (negative) slave to whatever they’ve decided to throw at us. They may like it better when we agree with them, but they also benefit from us focusing so much of our attention and time on them.

    As for a systematic way to really offer an alternative to where the world is going (I’m thinking, for example, of agorism), there is surely much to say here, but from a philosophical perspective I would much rather think that in resisting the system we must focus on more unsystematic ways of dealing with issues. Or, rather, we should care less in general about making or sustaining any kind of “system” and should focus more on establishing peer-to-peer, personal relationships with likeminded people and organize on a personal basis. This doesn’t preclude any form of system or rationality, but is not exclusively based on a particular form of system or rationality.

    John Lennon once pointed out in an interview that if you want to defeat the system, make sure it doesn’t figure out what you’re doing, that is, make sure you’re invisible to it. I not only agree but would like to add: make sure you establish connections which do not depend on a system to work, but rather on personal integrity. This is what no system – no matter how technologically advanced – would manage to stop or preclude.

    Let us never forget that we are first of all human beings made to care for and love each other (to the degree that we can) and only after that do we form organized unities (“communities”) which we tend to of think of having an autonomous life. Communities are the living organisms based on personal human relationships.

  15. James, it is not that you failed in the episodes, it is the fact there is no dialogue about the issues you bring up, which of course is not your fault.

    Without dialogue there is no communication and without communication there is no real learning.

    Many people saw this series as mere entertainment and this is lamentable.

    Most of the deconstruction in the series revolved around fallacies and trickeries of the mind and thus served as a great way to use inductive logic, a specific situation, to shed light on an abstract idea: fallacies and trickeries in general. It was media literacy.

    But all these ideas, such as how to avoid the uncritical appeals to the mind, fallacies, etc., need an environment of critical and civil discourse and dialogue, not simply posts, to really trace them out, question them and examine them critically.

    You are one person and this is not your format. Understood.

    But the site will be missed.

    However, people need more and more opportunities to think question and think critically about all ideas presented on the site.

    Paralysis by analysis is really not the problem facing most people, James, it’s not knowing how to critically analyze that is the real problem Once critical analysis is learned then the tricks that are used over and over by the propagandists can be seen and we can move on.

    With digitalization we are witnessing the death of dialogue and literacy.

    Everything in our environment now is mediated by machines. The human element is rapidly disappearing.

    Yet propaganda gains strength. Without understanding the fallacious methods the sophists use we are condemned to fall victim to them.

    • Well said wieilunion.

      I think we need to firstly identify and agree upon the number one threat right now, then address it.

      Prior to 2020, it would be difficult to identify what that number one threat was as there were seemingly so many candidates, but now it is abundantly clear. It was a dark horse too. The brainwashed zombies are the number one threat.

      That’s right – You read that correctly. It’s not the Illuminati, the MSM, the pedophiles, the banksters, the 1%, etc. Whilst all of the aforementioned are indeed huge threats, the zombie masses that have forgotten how to critically think and use their brains are the biggest threat by far. If the zombies were awake, none of the other threats would stand a chance.

      That’s why we need to be aware of what our number one objective is, who our audience is, and tailor our dialogue to the target audience.

      The vast majority of information in the alternative space is targeted at the zombies, but that’s not the audience viewing it. In regards to corona flu, the awakened are bombarding the zombies with facts, but the zombies aren’t in need of facts. They just need to hear the truth from those THEY trust.

      They don’t trust us, so no matter what we tell them, they won’t believe it. Each time we delve into areas that the MSM have taught them are taboo or fake news, we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Without the support of the zombies, this will NEVER end.

      So my advice:

      1. IDENTIFY the main objective.
      2. IDENTIFY the audience.
      3. ADOPT a message that addresses the above effectively.


      Focus your attention on creating the parallel society that we are all going to be living in whilst we wait for enough zombies to wake up and tip the balance in our favour.

      • You make good points. For strategic purposes it is necessary to:

        identify what our goals are and why

        identify the problems that prevent us from reaching the goal

        understand the assumptions we and others are making

        Cite sources for information and make sure it is relevant

        tailor language for maximum efficiency when addressing diverse groups Define all terms with analogies, examples, and evidence

        Understand that different points of view will process information in different ways

        All this requires a dialogical mind and questioning should become a priority in elicting pov and in interrogating them

  16. bravo!!! james, bravo!!! youre going to make a great dad!! i do the same to teach my daughter all along the way and especially when they get older and can disagree!!!developing cognitive patterns to help them be discerning and observant and act responsibly according to both their head and heart, finding the win-win solutions…
    you are providing a service to the people but are not a servant. follow your greatest passion and share them w us!

  17. Dear James, OH NO!!!
    That people are identifying the propaganda reflects SUCCESS. That people want you to help distribute it does not indicate a failure to learn from you and think you should reconsider those statements and apologize to your viewers. We sometimes lean on you because we understand the propaganda, and you have the voice while most of us are not so well positioned.

    Do you have to indict your viewers in such a manner?

  18. I didn’t see the subliminal message, what is it? Is it a poppy plant? Overcrowding? Those are the only two things I noticed.

    I’m very curious now what it was. Thanks

    • I see it now. I don’t really think it tweaked my desire though even though I didn’t notice it. I’m not a man so perhaps this isn’t on my mind as much as it might be on someone else’s.

  19. Not rational to lambast his viewership with the misunderstanding that we “don’t get” what he has spent such a frustrating (for him) “teaching” us. That’s not why these things are referred to him, but rather, because WE understand the propaganda, and it’s an on-going issue. When a new story is swallowed whole by viewers of the other media, it is the desire to maybe wake up others with current information. I fear this is the sound of a frustrated parent, speaking to his frustrating children.

  20. I think the propaganda watch series is a good one, though I don’t watch much MSM because it grates on my nerves so haven’t watched a lot of propaganda watch. I say it’s a good one because I do think it’s important for people who do watch MSM.

    I think that it might be worthwhile to “target” propaganda that serves to maintain division, stuff that maintains the left/right conflict and thus prevents people from forming a unified resistance against the real “enemy”.

    For example, I used to really believe that progressives were the good guys and really enjoyed Noam Chomsky but he always stayed away from 911. JC had a podcast on him that he was a gatekeeper and I believe this is true.

    I notice a lot of “progressives” supporting the lockdowns and masks because they think that only Trump supporters are the ones saying anything against the lockdowns. I have a friend who is very anti-trump but also hates the lockdowns and Covid hysteria but said to me “the only people who are saying anything are the crazy red neck Trump supporters”

    I was shocked by her comment because it had some truth to it, that many Trump supporters are against the lockdowns and some people who voted for Trump did so because he appeared to be against the Great Reset, in fact, that’s why I voted for him. But this doesn’t mean that all Trump supporters are rednecks, or that people who are anti lockdowns support trump, or that people who voted for Trump support everything he does.

    I guess this means that not all Biden supporters are for the Great Reset or vaccine mandates. I see this political paradigm as very effective to keep people divided. We are also stuck in the paradigm that only sees government as a means to effect changes in society.

    I think this whole election cycle and Covid scam shows us that the government has been corrupted to such an extent that we have to get rid of it or form something new and in order to do that we need a critical mass.

    We have to work with people who are different from ourselves and be able to find common ground around key issues and not fight over the other things that aren’t important.

    My point with this is that I do feel JC’s analysis of propaganda is important for those of us who might get stuck like myself. I am not impervious to propaganda, perhaps not MSM crap, but more complex insidious propaganda I may indeed be susceptible to.


    Peggy does farmer’s market… not an x rated movie. In the second half we can see some examples of mind possessed individuals. Many people (probably vast, vast majority) have no idea what does it mean to think on their own.

    • That video encapsulates a mindset…
      Some people strain hard NOT to become informed with beneficial or important knowledge.

      • True, it’s not like these people could be labeled as lazy. They work HARD.

  22. I’d like to share what I’ve felt lately as a critical issue for myself personally, and I’m sure for others. And that is the societal gaslight that is burning on max heat. Essentially, there are two versions of “reality”. One that is true reality, and another that is fabricated and forced down our throats in every conceivable way.

    We are perpetually deluged with an untrue version of reality, knowingly or unknowingly, via every aspect of society (MSM, government, all businesses including hospitals, schools, our own employers, our own peers, respected elders, our own family members). They are telling us directly or indirectly through their words and actions that the untrue version of reality is true. There is a virus so dangerous that of course we need to react this way to “defeat” it. And we all know what those measures and changes in behavior have been.

    But dissonance comes in when true reality is felt and understood. There appears to be a virus, yes, that has somewhere around a 99.8% survival rate, nonexistent or rare asymptomatic spread, and just generally a normal part of life. We humans get sick and die, it’s part of life. Yet the world appears to be reacting hysterically.

    True reality does not match the distorted, projected, and imposed version of reality that seems to be taking form all around us. This causes a very uncomfortable feeling. This discomfort creates another feeling. A feeling that a balance in the system of life is needed in order to correct these discrepancies. I hope the Corbett Report will delve into these philosophical issues in the future, for the sake of all of our sanity.

  23. Dear James !
    Thank you for these series, and I agree, you have done so much that it is up to all of us others to bring your work further.
    For my personal interest I would like you to just take your camera, and walk more around in Japan, and talk to Japanese persons, so we / I get a glimpse of how/what they are thinking. We all hear so much about ” the west ” but it would be interesting to see what Japanese farmers are thinking, more about the culture, more about food, more about how they see us – like me from Norway ! And offcorse how they feel about technology. And maybe some of the Japanese literature.

  24. I can well understand James’ reasons for terminating PW.
    Personally I have shunned MSM propaganda for more than two decades now.
    I learn of any important news usually second-hand, news that has already been filtered by kind alt-news outlets that do the ‘dirty work’ of paying dues to the controlled MSM mouthpieces.

    I just learned that in 1942 the U.S. army partnered with Warner Bros. to make propaganda films. Apparently they made more than 400 of them!

    Their partnership was called ‘The First Motion Picture Unit’ and it lasted for four years (officially).
    Big name actors that were involved with the FMPU were Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Ronald Reagan.

    Here’s what our ‘friends’ at Wiki have to say about it:

    “The First Motion Picture Unit (FMPU), later 18th AAF Base Unit, was the primary film production unit of the U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) during World War II, and was the first military unit made up entirely of professionals from the film industry. It produced more than 400 propaganda and training films, which were notable for being informative as well as entertaining.[1][2] Films for which the unit is known include Resisting Enemy Interrogation, Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress and The Last Bomb—all of which were released in theatres. Veteran actors such as Clark Gable, William Holden, Clayton Moore, Ronald Reagan, and DeForest Kelley, and directors such as John Sturges served with the FMPU. The unit also produced training films and trained combat cameramen. FMPU personnel served with distinction during World War II.”

    And a tie-in to James’ new home country…
    “One of the most important assignments of the unit was to develop navigational and topographic materials to support the bombing campaign against Japan. This top secret series of films (was) code-named ‘Special Film Project 152’.”

  25. I tried searching pandemic influenza: science, economics and foreign policy council on foreign relations. I wanted the source video. Two pages come up, both say the page doesn’t exist. I would really like that clip to share.

  26. Hehe I felt that comment was for me 🙂
    Thank you J.C for cultivating me and spreading the truth. I also thank this Corona hoax for opening my eyes!

  27. Loved the pothole analogy. In skydiving, we call it “target fixation” — the habit of newbs under canopy to steer right to the ditch or other obstacle they were instructed to avoid. Also, looking through a turn in riding motorcycles (or anything else, for that matter). I was bummed, but appreciate the effort to help us mature as a community, learn to think for ourselves, and DO SOMETHING.

    • angiem

      I had the same reaction to potholes.
      One time the rigger/tandem guy at my DZ treated us to a video he had shot with his helmet cam, at a previous drop zone. I guess it was a lesson on fixation.
      Running alongside the landing area was a drainage ditch from a nearby farm. A stream of water and cow shit. Well, he fixated. Landed right on target in it.
      On the video his litany of swearing was quite entertaining. He told us that it was a borrowed rig, so he had a lot of cleaning to do.

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