Summer 2020 Open Thread

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As you all know, I’m taking a week off this week so there’s no subscriber newsletter this weekend. Instead I’m opening up this open thread for any and all musings / breaking news / analysis / recommended reading and viewing, etc. Corbett Report members are encouraged to log in and use the comments section here to discuss whatever is on your mind.

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  1. That seems to be how it works. Personally, I was delighted to discover/notice the recent comment thingy to the right there. When I am engaged in a conversation I keep checking that to see new comments.
    I have thought about taking notes on which pages I have commented on so as to be able to check back more easily. Or more truthfully, at all since I hardly ever seem to be able to find the time to search for them.
    But I am pretty happy with it like this. I am here to learn. I don’t learn that much when I am preoccupied with what I want to say or what others think about what I have to say.

    • What is your blog? Seems like you have a fan.

    • I understand and and live under similar circumstances I refuse to watch TV News since it is not productive but have found Si Fi station This has Star-gate SG 1 and Babylon 5 and watch when I want to defuse and not think about world of BS that surrounds us and people who are so deeply conditioned that they accept new reality ! Stay strong
      and know that you are never alone and you will get through this .

  2. James works tirelessly, it would seem (at least he’s taking a week off), but I’m wondering if he doesn’t exist in some kind of a bubble in the ethnostate he exists in in the western climes of Japan. His NWNW co-host lives CONUS, of course, but that James is of somewhat more of a liberal bent, I presume, and is also somewhat biased against promoting any kind of opinion that is pro-White or Western civilizational. Corbett (and probably others he associates with in alternative media) have either implied or has expressly stated disdain and disassociation with alt-right, ‘Nazis’, pro-White identitarians or even Trump supporters, for that matter.
    I assume many of Corbett’s fan base are also of a liberal, libertarian bent. Multiculturalism as a political tool (including weaponized immigration), alt-right arguments against bad faith jewery in the West, Zionism (either Communistic or neo-conservative) will seemingly never get directly named or attacked by Corbett and his milieu of alternative media and the conspiracysphere (a la the Higherside Chats, FreemanTV, Dark Journalist…).
    I think there is a divide, then, in the conspiracy community that either draws you towards Red Ice, or /pol/, the Right Stuff network (et al alt-right milieu), or what I’ve referred to as James’ camp, or else immobilizes some kind of bizzaro Infowars-style controlled-op (including the MAGA-tiers, here) no man’s land limbo of sell-outs (Jay Dyer [now an Infowars contributor]), charlatans (Stefan Molyneux, Lionel Media), and Christian Third-Positionists of the tinfoil-variety (SkywatchTV, TruNews).
    At least we aren’t speaking German. Those 10,000 sealed indictments will be released any day now by JFK Jr. himself…

    • More like anarchists. Though there seem to be a sizeable percentage that still operates under the delusion that the state is a legitimate beast.

    • “Pro-white” “Right” “left” and “bad faith Jewry” are all the language of divide and rule. Keep beating that drum and wear yourself out on the gravel foothills of the battle that can never be won, as long as we see whole groups as an enemy.

      • Sounds like your still playing “the left/right game” to me. “Government for everyone” sounds like a problem not a solution.

        • I guess it depends on one’s definition of government. This is my understanding of the Word:

          GOVERNMENT MEANS “TO CONTROL THE MIND” The word Government actually means mind control. It is etymologically originated from the ancient Latin language. It Splits into two words:1) (guvernare) meaning “to control” and 2) (mens or mentis) meaning “mind”.“

          Internal government, I.e. government imposed within, I can get on board with. I.e. You are wholly responsible for your thoughts, emotions and actions. Government from without, I.e. state imposed control, I’ll take a pass thanks. If you are talking about a “creator” imposed “government for all”, it could be (and is) argued that it already exists and the problems we face in our human condition arise from ignoring or not having sufficient knowledge of it (it being occulted from the general popular, but still remaining discoverable by the curios).

          Personally I have no interest in a state entity. I’m concentrating on being my own master, which is difficult enough, without others imposing their controls upon me. To my mind, this is the difficulty with “the left” in that they do not have a reasonable response to the individual who wants to get on peacefully with their life, apart from “re-education” and if that doesn’t work “elimination”.

        • “But I do believe that we will have government for all, but not one made up by imperfect humans.”

          not by imperfect humans…
          oh, man…
          what do you want to say??

      • Arby,

        “The genuine Left, in my cosmology, refers to those who want the good and necessary things (including government if that is desired) for ‘everyone’, whereas the Right wants the good and necessary things for their tribe, or class or group, only”

        Interesting thought.
        It would work better by transposing/abstracting it from the domain of people/group to the domain of Ideas.

        Or in other words: there are events, then people behind events, then ideas behind the people.

    • Stephen,
      I believe that many CR members are libertarian. I am a libertarian and culturally very conservative, pro-white, pro-western civilization. In fact I don’t see how you can stand a chance against any of these agendas without strong communities based on blood, soil, religion and race. Multiculturalism is a misnomer and the antithesis of culture and diversity, it’s more akin to monoculture and I believe it to be one of the most important issues right now.

      • James does not cover some issues that you referred to, and I think that it is for the better. It is better to specialise in a subset of the relevant contemporary issues than covering everything acting like a guru, unnecessarily breaking up the audience with dozens of controversial issues. There are many other people covering these important issues.

        • Cheers. I have to say, I am more swayed by /pol/-tier conventional wisdom, Red Ice conspiracy-to-alt-right politics shift and The Right Stuff milieu arguments than I am regarding bland, Ickean Hegelian dialectic divide-and-conquer sentiments at this point. I mean, you literally can’t be critical of jews, Zionism or especially have a pro-White identitarian ideology or you are most certainly on the chopping block for having your platform/channel unpersoned by the liberals and elite jews at the Big Tech (not to mention their substantial backing in law and the courts, along with their media they can utilize against you, etc.). If you’re not openly critical of jews and Zionism at this point (including holocaust denial/WWII revisionism), and their intentions and actions towards White and Western civilization, it’s either intellectually disingenuous, or it shows a lack of knowledge or insight into the arguments countering the mainstream opinion on these parties or these events and time periods.
          That’s why I see a divide in this greater conspiratorial movement, wherein you either call-out jews/Israel/Zionism (don’t lightswitch brain me, comment bros-we don’t have to include every single jew or Israeli on the planet here) in this grand scheme or you don’t. James Corbett, the libertarian camp, MIGAs…and whatever else sub-category don’t or won’t. I think James is aghast at the idea of ‘holocaust denial’ and the majority of Corbett’s audience probably denounces alt-right talking points and ‘hate Nazis’ (aka pro-Whites). I don’t think there is charlatanism in James’ case, but there is an air of limited hangout (even if it is unintentional) with such a philosemitic atmosphere. In other alt-media types, I would go so far as to cry ‘shill’ with their avoidance of the Israeli question, the jewish question, etc.
          This was an open thread opportunity to present thoughts. This is more or less where I find myself in 2020, after my myriad, somewhat labyrinthine navigation throughout alternative media, conspiracy culture and alternative political boards and sites. I’ll still listen to and contribute my nominal subscription fee to Corbett because I think he and most of his alt-media associations are good faith. Just calling it like I see it (and I was anticipating pushback for these sentiments).

          • As an addendum: I see the mass immigration from Africans into Europe, the BLM events and orchestrations and other tools of demographic replacement and civil disruption as essentially jewish-engineered events (George Soros, our own Zionist Occupied Government(s) in the U.S. or in the West, and the socially liberal zeitgeist which is essentially culturally Marxist and is being incessantly promoted by the Media and the ‘elites’). In other words, blacks, poc’s are the proxy armies of Zionism against Whites and White culture/civilization (the only group or groups, ostensibly, who could present [or who have had presented] a significant threat to perhaps their ultimate agenda (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?; Biblical-tier eschatology New World Order in concert with their desert volcano deity alliance, where all goyim are subservient to the Chosen?).
            So who is responsible for the divide-and-conquer strategy and tactics? Me? I’m just some shitposter drinking coffee.

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    • I always hit replies y mine so I don’t get flooded. Of course, one can always come back and see what other interesting comments are posted whenever wanted.

      My biggest beef is that a lot of times the comment I want to reply to has no reply button. Which means my life is pretty trouble free!

      • It’s a glitch in the matrix!

      • It’s simply because of the limited reply depth. That’s all. 6 comments may be posted in reply one to another before wordpress prevents you from going more in depth because it would limit the post width even more.

  4. This has been out for over a month, but I just found it. I’m explicitly not sharing the regular link with the title, because I think it does a terrible disservice to the video itself.

    Fair warning: It’s heartbreaking (in every way), but not graphic (in any way).

    That said, here’s one of the best (if not *the* best) video I’ve seen discussing COVID-19 from a perspective inside a hospital, via an expert** nurse with an a priori context:!/lifeforce369/QmetRXeEWJKfcAQsvgsgv38wou8AVPNooxoaASvbyQBzAB

    **Pardon the term “expert,” but if somebody is an an ex-warzone nurse working at a hospital in Florida fighting a mere respiratory virus, I’d say they’re probably quite experienced when compared to their peers.

    • Fluorida as ground zero? I like it! Mandatory vaccines are one of my many lines.

      • Yea… Way back, I spent hours looking over the “Journeyman Pictures” and “The PRESS and the PUBLIC PROJECT ” affiliations.

        I do not see anything that would be nefarious as far as Erin Olszewski is concerned.

        In fact, some videos on their YouTube playlist have often been posted in the comment section.
        Perspectives on the Pandemic: Alternative views on the coronavirus crisis

        • Well, when everything you know is exposed as a lie; it’s a little hard to trust.

        • I think it’s good to trust the information on a case by case basis. I watched some documentaries on Journeyman Pictures, particularly dissenting scientists against the Covid lockdown, Dr Witkowski, and Dr. Yonnidas (not sure of the spelling) that were outstanding.

          It’s important to be able to do your own fact-checking and look at primary sources to confirm.

          • Way off topic, but I found some sources for books that might come in handy for you concerning when the fan gets brown.


            Two books there. Free downloads. Improvised munitions, which requires some chemistry. And homemade c4, an excellent book.

            If you search for paladin press, you’ll find a link under internet archives. There, stay on the page, but hit military at the bottom. The ranger handbook will come up in a list. Good basic stuff.

            I used to have a military manual library. Right before I got out, I was running the training room. Acquired a few manuals. Don’t really need them for me, but they would have been good to have. Oh well. Such is life. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you! And thanks for the deeper discussion — I’m not familiar with this group’s work, but figured that video wasn’t exactly selling anything and seemed to be evidence on the ground, which I had assumed (and you know what they say about assuming) was at least truthful from a single perspective.

        Cheers, thanks again,

    • Thanks Magic Bullet,

      Over the past months, I have been noticing a rash of these ‘new’ medical professionals getting on YouTube and ‘debunking’ natural approaches to health and other things which go against the conventional line.
      Dr. Eric Berg was one of these targets.

      Some of these new medical professionals on YouTube are actually interns who know only what school taught them.

      Circa 2007-08 when I was in my Pre-med classes at the University, I would look around the lab or the classroom and think to myself…
      “Geez!…There might be one or two people here who I would ever begin to trust as a medical professional for me personally.”
      For the most part, no one wanted to learn to think with the information. They just wanted to pass the class.

      • My 2008 degree is titled “Environmental Science”. I had a 3.85 gpa.

        RFK, Jr. is an Environmental Scientist and Attorney versed in Environmental Law.

        For my degree program I had studies across the board…
        …Env Law, agriculture, soil science, water and waste management, hydrology, geology, biology chemistry, toxicology, weather, and more.
        I took all the same Biology and Chemistry classes as the pre-Med students. These were often very large classrooms of students.

        I have had my firefights of discussions in the classroom on topics like vaccines, much less 9/11 or aspartame.
        I can still see the red ears as my Biology Professor’s head was exploding when I said, “I won’t take any vaccine.”

        I have a lot of anecdotes from that era. I personally burned and gave out more than 10,000 DVDs during that era.
        I was a “menace” to the campus with my signs and activism.


          • My dad used to use green wishbone shaped sticks to find water when he was a partner in a well drilling business. I used to play with them. The bark would peel off in my hands as the stick went down.

          • Oh! That’s cool! What a cool anecdote. That kind of technology isn’t passed down like it once was.

          • Thought that’s what we’re doing here. 🙂

      • So true about the big corporations buying up the smaller “natural guys”.

        Corbett Member Victoria and I were discussing when the family owned “Sprouts Farmers Market” was bought by Apollo. The history of Apollo and founders have dark elements. Even an Epstein/Apollo connection. I remember the buyout and have it noted…

        Years ago, I had a face to face casual, frank conversation with the VP of the famous vitamin supplement maker New Chapter, which is well known for its product Zyflamend. He and I talked about cash flow and the struggles the company had in order to stay afloat.
        They sold out to the corporate guys.
        I understood. Cash flow is a problem with a smaller outfit not listed on the NYSE. If you don’t have the capital available for inventory, it becomes hard to expand and grow. Smaller companies often hang by a thread, because they need that cash flow. It’s stressful.
        Finally, if one can cash out, they do.
        The big corporations aren’t worried about cash flow.
        This why they spend recklessly. They are in the stock market game. That is where the real money is made.

        • So true. That’s one of the things that bugs me about media monarchy. He calls them sellouts. Just because they don’t have his beliefs. But he still has an awesome show.

        • That is interesting that you were down in Euless for a summer. I bet the kids loved the adventure.

          I understand “home” and getting back to your old stomping grounds and family.

          I once had a 10,000 square foot bookstore in (NRH) North Richland Hills – Rufe Snow and 820 northeast corner.

          Central Park and those giant rats the size of a possum.
          I’ll never forget that.

    • Debra.b says:
      I came across this a while back But, didn’t know if it was credible.

      Thanks for posting it Debra. You are correct.
      This is a great example of extremely poor reporting. And it damages reputations.

      I am calling out that October 2019 article by The Millennium Report entitled “FLVAXgate: Controlled Opposition Vaccine Groups in Florida Carry Out Sophisticated COINTELPRO-Type Operation – ANATOMY OF A COVERT FLORIDA-WIDE PRO-VACCINE COINTELPRO OPERATION” which is replayed at “Nation and”.

      I don’t know if folks recognized the guy in the “Florida Freedom Alliance” group photo with Erin Olszewski. That is Dr. Andrew Wakefield. I have met him before.
      The so-called journalist gets snarky and denigrates the group for wearing black.
      (This is a tactic used by mainstream media critics.)

      I want folks to notice the all caps bold print, form of layout, sensationalism, and the way the information is presented in this article.
      Sure, there is valid information and some dark side characters, but the article mixes a tremendous amount of “stretch” and speculation into trying to ascertain a preconceived hypothesis.

      The part about Erin Marie Olszewski is a dead give-away. The writer is straining to blow up things out of context with speculation.
      To me, the past ‘criminal charge’ seems like a citizen hero medal. She thwarted a police officer.

      I could go on and on about how un-journalistic this article is.
      I won’t.
      I spit on this kind of stuff.
      It is a liability.

      My ending note (which is speculative):
      I doubt the writer has much street activism experience.
      I speculate that he is a whimp when it comes to getting out there in the trenches, but prefers an Ivory Tower.

      This writer is no Derrick Broze and never will be.

      • I’m glad you remembered the criminal charge. I forgot to mention it. Actually a plus for her in my eyes. But I know fluorida politi too well to believe the group is sincere.

        By the way HRS, Texas is dead.the spirit that conquered the Comanche is no more. Shutting down again? Under pressure of the cowards afraid of a nothing burger? I’m almost cheering on the culling to come. I so hate cowards. And that’s what we’re letting push us around. Stupid, miserable, cowards. Good thing I’m not around people now. I’m pissed.

        • You are right Jim Bob, you who once traversed and settled in this great Republic.
          The State’s spirit has fallen.

          Texas has been a second chance for me.
          I expect that might be true for many of you as well.
          It has been a chance not only for land and riches, but also to be a different man.
          And, I hope a better one.

          There have been many ideas brought forth in the past few months of what Texas is, and what it should become.
          We are not all in agreement.

          But I’d like to ask each of you…

          “What it is you value so highly that you are willing to fight, and possibly die for?”
          We will call that TEXAS.

          • In 2010 I grew so fed up with the world that I outlawed myself. I no longer held myself accountable to this system. It sounds silly, I’m sure, but I took it seriously. I rebuilt myself as a free man. I have never regretted it. Not will I live any other way.

            I’ve been a slave to money. To other people’s opinions. To the state. But I was miserable beyond belief.

            Most people look at me now and dismiss me instantly as just some white trash garbage. But I don’t care. I am free. And I will live no other way.

            I know I’m not alone. Though free people are a rarity. But how can disgusting beasts, terrified of their own shadow, defeat a free person?

            I’m my worried about losing. That’s impossible. And I no longer care of carnage to come. For the dead to come will have earned it through their own ignorance and cowardice. They stand against everything I value; and that’s their problem.

            Freedom will win.

          • Fact checker, there is no reply button, so here goes nothing. Numbers mean nothing when your enemy is this cowardly. You don’t have to be trained to create chaos and confusion in order to defeat them. They come that way. You can have all the numbers you want, but if they’ll run at the first shot, they’re useless. Che once took a fort with 1500 soldiers simply by firing one round a night. The soldiers would then fire all night long. After 3 nights, they abandoned the fort. 3 bullets beat 1500 men. I care nothing about how many cowards I face. It is enough to know I’m facing cowards. And so I end my rant.

        • They faced true epedimics. Fierce warriors who stopped the conquistadors in their tracks. Deprivations beyond belief. And now they cower over a flu bug. Disgusting. They shame their heritage.

        • Arby,
          There was a previous discussion about the book Empire of the Summer Moon which Jim Bob (also known as “I Shot Santa”) brought up.
          The Comanches had incredulous spine and skills. They were kind of short fellas, but gave the white man’s intrusion tremendous grief.

          Read Jim Bob’s comment above this link.

        • This is really to fact checker, but the reply button is overwhelmed and I’m too lazy to scroll up.

          Those SWAT teams mean nothing. And for many reasons.

          1: even in normal times, SWAT is a joke. Mostly heavily armed bubba’s. At I’m not talking about normal times. I’m talking about when lines are crossed.

          2: let’s assume SWAT is like Hollywood portrays them. When people get fed up, there won’t be enough of them.

          3: when those lines get crossed to the point of violence; the cops are going to disappear. And there’s not enough military either.

          4: it may be, or it might only appear to be, a complete breakdown of society. But I ain’t betting the mask people will dominate. Nor will the gangs, or some new system. Other than that the ones fed up will say screw this. Where it goes from there is anybody’s guess; but it will most likely be in line with the actual cultural norms of the people in the area. Not the norms imposed. But the cowards and the cops won’t be a factor.

    • Did my first tour in the navy as a yeoman. Taught me to hate a desk. And the sea is not in my blood.

    • However, a lot of doctors were speaking up about the same issues. Could have been real, or used to build her credibility. In any case, I don’t go to doctors anyway.

      • I’ve found two. That includes all the ones working on everyone I know. And yet, people believe whatever crazy crap they spew out. We’d be a lot healthier if we just got rid of them all.

    • I mostly hated being under somebody’s thumb. I didn’t like the sea at all. Then I joined the army. Paratrooper. No jobs where I was at. And my self employment paid worse. While it messed up my head for years, no regrets. It provided a good foundation for the skills I later developed. I know their tactics; and have little respect for their skillsets. I can even be thankful for my ex helping me develop my temper! But one thing I can’t accept is the cowardly behavior of the people. I despise the mask people. They aren’t even worthy opponents. Odds mean nothing when your enemy is this cowardly. And they are the enemy. Order givers are nothing without their order followers.

    • Super interesting, and great discussion below — cheers and thanks! I hadn’t looked deep enough, clearly. Y’all rock.

  5. Kept noticing the suit is against government and not individuals. An important distinction. Not only does government not exist in fact, but by not naming the people in charge, no personal accountability occurs. Of course, when you compare the speed of this covid war against the speed of the justice system: the war will be over long before the court date.

    • Dangerous for the state.

      • My ex was one inch shorter. I’m 6’2″. When I was married, I was a paratrooper. I was a very fit 185. She swung a mean skillet/broom/iron. Hmmm, wonder why I never remarried? Oh, it’s the size of the fight in the dog that counts.

      • I always wanted to hit mine back, but I knew if I did it would have probably killed her. And that if it didn’t, I would have enjoyed it and hit her again. That woman got off on being angry. Took her a year to sign the divorce papers. Just couldn’t believe I wanted nothing to do with her. I can’t believe I ever saw anything in her.

      • Mine spent five years trying to get me back. Had stepchildren (2) which she used as bargaining chips. I had to lose contact with her family (had known them for years before I knew her. They were already family before I met her) to escape. Once, I made the mistake of asking her to just give me five minutes after I came home before she started screaming at me. Next day she met me at the door. Screaming. I never even knew I had a temper until I got married. Bright side is that I take zero shit from anyone now.

      • I think everyone is going to have to up their game on this one.

        • Yes I agree. People will have to learn to channel their innate instinct to survive which includes using violence if needed. Training and practice being fierce and vicious even among the meek and gentle will be required.

          Even a small person can be deadly and dangerous with practice especially if they are skilled with firearms and other tools and know a person’s weak spots. I don’t think this is wrong or immoral in the face of what is coming our way.

          Peaceful protest has it’s place and so does violence.


    Guess the propaganda machine is not going to continue on the school front. From a Ron Paul homeschool newsletter. Half a million won’t be going to college in crazyfornia this fall. That’s a massive impact on every level. And just one state. While he views this as great news, that’s a very limited view. That’s a half million unemployed angry young people. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Yep. Just heard on the radio that my state of fluorida will be opening their schools this fall. Also that the state has paid out 9.5 billion dollars for unemployment. And that the bars are suing the state for closing them. I predict state bankruptcy if the entire system doesn’t just collapse first.

      • Probably so. I certainly don’t believe this governor cares. The only reason wrestling is allowed is because they donated to his campaign fund. But I do think he’s scared of what he wants. Still a tyrant, but a gutless one. Like most.

      • There’s no end e their depravity.

        I just have an ID. Was busted six years ago for walking with weed. Suspended my license for two. I refuse to pay the fines.

  7. Things in US are really on bad trajectory. I’m concerned, it’s not “virtue signaling”, if shtf there it will be at least stinky everywhere. Shtf means we, the people, are losing, sky high emotions are against any strategy.

    I cannot support blm, but I cannot reject them completely. Now I would like to say something about the other side.

    Trumpf is again creative about stirring up shit.

    Yes, just another ZH “jewel”.
    Actually, the main indoctrination is finished very early in childhood, lets say by the age of 10.
    Is it possible that professors, people who choose to be teachers, are observing statistically, wired to lean to the left?

    This article, penned by a guy that I respected, well now he almost shocked me.

    He talked about divide&conquer, now he is producing divide.

    Yes, someone is allowed to protest, someone is not. Are you expecting justice in this system?

    Probably things went too far already, nevertheless, what about trying to extinguish the fire instead of adding fuel. That would necessitate seeing people on the other side instead of seeing opponents.

    • Couldn’t get the second link. It’s not hyper linked and I’m using a dumbphone. I remember the PC and feminazi crazies of the 90s when I went. Being screamed at because I was oppressing some #@$& by holding a door open for them. Having to write he/she in papers to appease the grammar Nazis. The introduction of gender studies (all boiled down to it’s my fault).
      But I chose my advisor when I switched my major from economics to history. He was an avowed socialist. Obviously opposite spectrums. But he was an excellent professor who only wanted you to support your conclusions. He became the dean of history later, and deserved it. We generally had opposite views, but I always valued his opinion. But he was a rarity.

      As an aside, I am angry at those idiot SJW professors. They devalue the degree I busted my ass to get.

      • The more you are annoyed/antagonized by pc,sjw…. the more you are playing into the game of tptb.

        • At some point they are going to come to kill you. They have chosen to side with those powers. They will have to be dealt with.

          • @ISS

            Holy shit, now you provoked me (debate stance).

            Your comment is an excellent representation, a condensate…of what is the meaning of Being Deceived.

            You are playing right into the tptb’s game.

            No doubt, pc, sjw crowds are quite a lot full-of-shit. Good job on exposing them has been done by no other than, supposedly (sometimes) communist, (sometimes) hegelian Žižek. I’m calling him just for support on this particular thesis.

            Pc,sjw have been promoted and financed by tptb. On some “left” ideas, a poison has been inoculated. And these poor people bought it, like naive and honest people buy tonnes of shit that is being supplied to them. Literally, bought like well trained consumers, decades of Barneysianism bared fruits.
            The right, conservatives, got somma tailored to their own “needs”.
            Of course the final aim is: tax cattle, obedient workers, wage slaves, cogs in the system. Peek your preferred name for tpbs’ Final Solution.

            Can you see that this is divide&conquer game?

            By saying “At some point they are going to come to kill you………They will have to be dealt with” you choose to be willing participant in the game.
            But, I don’t believe in this “choice-thing”. Majority of people can be easily deceived and then it’s inappropriate to talk about Choice. It’s Deception. Even the notion of Responsibility is…yeah, no, maybe …carefully, we are close to Cruel Punishment.

            Pc, sjw are fake left. Learn about the left somewhere else.

            Left/right is flammable here also. I’ve been accused by my leftist friends for being conservative, trumpist, ….funny, tragic actually.

            Not enough firefighters today I’m afraid.

            • Try telling that to the mob. Or we could just put our heads up our ass and say that no matter what we do it’s playing into their plans. A great way to do nothing.

              And choice is everything. It doesn’t matter if you were deceived. It’s still a choice.

              • I am talking to YOU, the very most you, not-mob I guess.

                Even doing nothing is doing, if it is done by the master. I mean zen: If you seat long enough by the river, corpses of your enemies will float by.
                Not saying that no-action is appropriate, but it should be contemplated, because we would like to be masters, don’t we. We would prefer to choose the right thing, to say it less pretentiously.

                On purpose I said “choice-thing” before. This is a poison in a somma made for the right.

                You actually said choice is choice, tautology, circular reasoning.
                Choice cannot be conceived without Decision making, Consequence. When contemplating Choice you have to take into account them all to grasp the meaning of Choice.

                “It doesn’t matter if you were deceived.”

                It matters. There cannot be voluntary with deception. Probably you wouldn’t like to live in society where deception is normal, permissible.
                But your statement could be presented as precedent.

            • You talk in circles. Choice is in everything we do. I choose to think or not think. I choose to accept or question. You claim that bad choices are not choices. You are being deceptive in that regard. Which is your choice. I choose to consider your definition a pile of crap.

              No action is not a panacea. It is also a choice. You sound like one of those new age wishers, who thinks all they have to do is wish hard enough and God himself will do it all for you. You know, be your bitch. Like I said, you have a great recipe for never doing anything but talk. And the mob will year you to shreds. Me? I’ll blow their damn heads off.

              • Someone is just losing temper. Cool down man, no one is threatened with machete over his head, I’m pretty sure.

                I’m not talking in circles, contrary to you I’m engaged with your writings. No need to be nasty and make up things like:

                “You claim that bad choices are not choices. You are being deceptive in that regard.”

                What makes you believe I said or meant that??? Please, answer or you will just bark like a dog.

                And I don’t mean you are a dog, certainly you don’t act like a man in good faith with good intentions.

                I tried to talk to you, didn’t got much of the same back. If you have something meaningful to say, go ahead, otherwise could you just shut up, this time as the first, ones for a change.

              • I kinda agree with both of you. I don’t plan on going out to look for a confrontation. But I won’t bend to their will either. If they will continue to leave me alone there won’t be an issue. If they attempt to force me to…let’s see… take a vaccine, give up my guns, wear a mask, insist that my customers wear a mask, try to enforce the stupid no rooster rule, pull up my pot plants, or just about anything else thats none of their business. Well then I am just about fed up enough with all this bullcrap that I just might blow their damn head off when they come a-visiting.
                Or much more likely die trying.

            • Not mad. Just don’t like it when people talk in circles. But you go ahead and believe that doing nothing is wise.

              People that are deceived the most are the ones that chose to let others think for them. Which is a choice. Even refusing to choose is a choice. But you say choices don’t exist unless there’s no deception involved. A rare scenario.

              • Of course you can’t stop, you bar smarty.

                I just don’t like when people are lying and misrepresenting what I’ve said. Don’t like when they are so self-centered they can’t actually talk to you.

                I’m old enough to realize not everyone is capable of thinking and that abstract thinking is the privilege of minority. Thoughts can’t flourish in a mess of unstructured chaos.

                But more important: beware of these people when they start “thinking”. They don’t know they are not in the know.

                This is tragedy of today: anyone is entitled to his opinion and an opinion is a supposed product of thinking.

                And when you are exposed as shit-thinker, then just persist, (you are not a loser), bully your way, don’t stop…like those sjw pussies you hate so much.
                What an irony.

        • You really are just a shit. Go fuck yourself. Play your bullshit games with someone else. I’ve no time for you.

          • EPILOGUE

            By then even his friends were pissed on him, can’t he stop bullshiting. Even his hamster would know by now, fuck, this stranger has his right. No, he wants troubles, f…

            “Santa, c’mon, stop, lets go..”

            “I’ll kick this leftard’s ass!!”

            Fist fly towards stranger that felt its wind while dodging.
            Poor Santa, he didn’t know who is the stranger, he could maybe realized there is something unusual, but he was just too self-centered, as usual.
            Upper-cut resolved situation, stranger was one of those elite Aa, Anarchist Angels.

            “Mf, what we will say to his mam?”
            “It’s ok dude, he got what he deserved …have a beer, we must take this retard home”

            • What part of fuck off did you not understand? You are not welcome to associate with me. And I don’t give a damn what you think about it. But since you’re obviously not sharp enough to figure it out you’ll just be ignored from now on.

              • “…you’ll just be ignored from now on.”

                We’ll see. It takes a man to keep his word.

                You started with uncooperative behavior and now you realize it’s not nice when you get the same back. Not sure about the latter, you might have different narcissistic rules for yourself and another ones for others.

                And stop “fucking” around, ’cause I can over-fuck you too.

    • mik,
      You and mkey better get ready.

      Us Americanos are coming to Croatia.
      We don’t like it here anymore. We have already destroyed our country and made it an ugly, violent, repressive, economically decrepit society.

      ALDM – “American lives don’t matter” …one of Dr. Fauci’s favorite chants.

      This Mediterranean Hot Spot Is Open to Americans Again
      (other U.S. news outlets also had a Croatia story)

      …One of Europe’s most beautiful seaside nations is happy to welcome Americans despite the EU’s travel ban on all but 14 non-European nations due to COVID-19 concerns.

      You’d be forgiven if Croatia isn’t the first country that pops to mind—Game of Thrones aficionados notwithstanding—but this former Yugoslavian stronghold is the only country in all of the EU welcoming Americans and other COVID-19 outcasts this season—and it is a place that deserves your tourist dollars even without the pandemic…

      …And, upon checking with the Croatian government directly, we can confirm that Americans can travel to Croatia for tourism this summer without quarantine….

      • We have about a hundred newly “infected” daily, only a week after the selection was held. Running up to the selection, almost everything was hunky dory but now things are going south. Allegedly.

        Several people in my neighborhood are “positive”. Nobody appears to be ill, however. Most are 40 or younger, nobody in bad health.

        Masks starting tomorrow are “mandatory” for stores, public transport, coffee shops and public transport.

        They claim incoming tourists are no threat at all but family gatherings need to be cracked down on.

        Hypocrisy is running high.

      • HRS,

        oh, yeah, state will sell its ass to get tourists. But you will have to wear mask (just enclosed spaces), it was mandatory without fine, but now they invented 40€ fine. I’m not sure how could Americans arrive since we don’t have direct air lines, at least that was before new normal.
        Interesting, people coming from neighboring Bosnia have mandatory quarantine, but tourists are different species (they bring moneyyy).

        I’ve heard there are some tourists on the northern coast, not so many on southern (actually more beautiful). Anyway, it won’t be overcrowded and those who will come will enjoy. ‘rona paradise.

        ” We have already destroyed our country and made it an ugly, violent, repressive, economically decrepit society.”

        We?? (mean) You??
        Not sure how literally you meant it.
        I will say something about this in another comment here.

  8. Derrick Broze!
    Derrick Broze! Yu da man!

    Published about Friday July 10th, 2020, Derrick Broze of “The Conscious Resistance” explains the May 18th Collin County meeting that discusses the upcoming preparations of New Covid Case & Death Definitions in Texas which would suddenly inflate and spike statistics when implemented statewide.

    (H/t to D.R. of “North Texans for Truth” for group emailing this video.)
    VIDEO – Is the Spike In Texas Cases Fake News? #COVID
    (22 Minutes)

    I want to mention something important which Derrick did not go into.
    Texas was waiting to have its private contractors in place in order to implement these “New Definitions”. The private contractors would then be responsible for all data collection and reporting.
    (At the 51 minute mark of the County Commissioners meeting, they were highlighting the problems with the private contractors and new definitions. One Commissioner posits that Texas is pushing for Federal funds.)

    In this current Texas spike, the statistics are coming from private contractors, not local counties and municipalities as can be seen from the State website (e.g. the COVID tracking is by “ArcGIS” via “esri”.)

    Friday July 10th, the Texas Governor was hinting at another statewide lockdown if every citizen does not wear a mask.
    (H/t to Joe.s)
    “Gov. Greg Abbott warns if spread of COVID-19 doesn’t slow, “the next step would have to be a lockdown””

    • LINK to SUB-THREAD of original source data, the pdf and information
      – May 18th Collin County Commissioners Meeting of “New Definitions”

      I want to point out that it seems these new case definitions are taken from the CDC and I link the CDC document in the Sub-Thread. (Judge Chris Hill made reference to it in the video around the 36 minute mark.)

      Folks should raise an eyebrow to this excerpt from that CDC document…

      CSTE (Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists) realizes that field investigations will involve evaluations of persons with no symptoms and these individuals will need to be counted as cases.

    • This information has been floating around lately. At least some of the states are disclosing this information. Of course, to unthinking dolts who don’t read this doesn’t mean much, but is a perfect example of the war on language that has been fought surreptitiously for decades now.

    • Derrick Broze – Part 2 – Update – July 14, 2020 Tuesday
      Are Case Numbers Being Manipulated in Texas? Part 2 #COVID

      Derrick shows a clip of the Dallas Fox News Channel asking the Governor about the case count.
      The Governor says that the “probable case count” is not mixed.
      Evidently, Texas Health Services decided not to apply the “probable” clause.

      Broze also discusses CSTE (Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists) and Derrick said that he may do more research into them.
      On my previous SUB_THREAD I mention more about them.
      What I found puzzling at the time I first was researching this, is that I could not find an active website for them.
      However, I did find annual meetings/conferences involving CSTE.

      I look forward to seeing what Broze finds.
      After all, this is the group which set the CDC guidelines.

  9. dcc2011,
    I feel ya! Oh gosh! That is tough! You got balls, I’ll say that.

    Do you wish to say which grocery chain?

    Grocery Stores
    Years back, I worked in the Vitamin Department for 3 years at “Sprouts Farmers Market” grocery chain. I know the game. It is hard work anyway.
    When I shop, I ask the cashiers and staff about wearing masks. They all complain.

    The mask mandate has gotten gross recently here in Texas.
    The Governor is making subtle threats and this was highlighted on Friday July 10th.

    Wednesday, I drove to enter the grocery store. But so many folks had masks on, I just drove back home. I did not want to deal with being the only maskless customer.
    The whole mask herd behavior modification agenda just twists my guts out.

    I have my printouts.
    I was gonna use the “exempt” health clause if I got confronted and in a jam. Wearing a mask ain’t good for my mental and physical health, but I don’t have to explain my medical condition, because that is lawfully private.

    Dr. Fauci recently (July 7th) re-emphasized the mask issue.

    • dcc2011,
      I like shopping at Kroger. I have friends who work at my neighboring Kroger stores and have written several anecdotes about our conversations on these comment boards.

      Michigan has really had a heck of a time with all this stuff.
      Dr. Brownstein and also a Dr. Charles Mok got squashed by the authorities up there for using natural health remedies and very effectively handling COVID Cases.

      Here is one of the few of many Dr. Brownstein success stories on YouTube. Most of his COVID stories were removed from YouTube.

      Del Bigtree interviews Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Ng who successfully treat Covid cases naturally
      (12 minutes)

      • CreativeLife,
        I am calling you out on that hypercritical, snarky insult to those Doctors.
        You do not know squat about them nor what was going on.

        I do know.
        I followed those Doctors since from back in March.
        Many Corbett Report members watched them.

        I also want to make it a note that you have been trolling me with snarky insults.
        What is the deal with your manners and civility and humanity?

        Perhaps it is good that as you say: “I’m jumpin’ this ship.”
        Go find like-minded snarky, rude, bad mannered hypercritical people. Ya’ll will have fun making each other miserable.

  10. If the taxcattle can fall for this unbelievably obvious virus sham, they will fall for a staged alien invasion, should TPTB decide to go through with it.

    • I’d appreciate a change of pace an alien invasion would bring into the situation.

      • mkey! You struck a chord!

        In early 2016, Fox ran a new series of X-files which not only covered 9/11 and a fake alien invasion, but also culminated in a world wide pandemic contagion.
        Over 50 million viewers worldwide watched the premiere according to the media.

        ***** FIVE STARS
        Episode 1 “My Struggle”
        (Aired January 24, 2016)

        (4 minutes)(large screen default)
        (courtesy of Tom Secker who had James Corbett as a guest in 2014)

        • The plot of the Season Finale (“My Struggle 2”)(Episode 6) of the X-Files is centered around Population Control with the agenda of depopulating the world.

          While again this was a fictionalized story and perhaps campy, it integrated topics like vaccines, anthrax, chemtrails spraying aluminum, microwaves, vaccines hindering the immune system, and the agenda by the elite at population control.
          An elitist even has a resemblance to David Rockefeller.

          It gets pretty intense towards the last half of the episode as the health of the populations around the world was falling apart and people were dying.

          Scene from Episode 6

    • I figure they abandoned the alien invasion plan because some people would want to meet the aliens, no matter how bad they made the aliens out to be.

      On the other hand, you are not going to see a virus unless you have a spare electron microscope in the basement. Even if you do, it’s still going to be anyones guess as to whether it exists or not or what it actually is.

      • gosh i would wanna meet the aliens if they are like E.T. who i know is real, steven said so. or if they are like yoda who is also real, his voice makes me think of frank oz
        and mork was great, so were the coneheads, but the cylons i never ever wanna meet again.

        anyhoo, using one of my handy dandy electron microscopes, i examined a teeny tiny itsy bitsy sliver of E.T.’s glowing finger & what im seeing is absolutely amazing, truly astounding… the coronalien virus!!

        • thru the yrs hv remembered/re-experienced a wide variety of alien themed, deep mind control — i was programmed to be one, actually many alien parts, many layers… incl very intense material triggered by operation desert storm, & the 2003 invasion of iraq.

      • Here goes Steve’s stupid comment of the day.
        I believe that the aliens are already here. (But then I think old Jeffrey is lounging on a beach somewhere too).
        I really have a strong feeling that the whole Star Child thing is valid in some way.
        There are “people” on this earth who seem to be very much different from the masses. I don’t claim to understand it. I don’t know what angels are. I don’t know what to believe except that there is definitely more to this mortal existence than we understand. Way more.
        I do believe that I will find out one day though.
        Or perhaps better said. I believe that I will be reminded.

  11. 2020 is the year we take back our freedom.

    I certainly agree. All these submissive cowards don’t stand a chance against free people.

  12. That’s quite problematic, I can only imagine wordpress has better commenting plugins. Or something. A while back I had created some userscript to rearrange comments according to date, so that new comments would float to top while the individual threads would be broken up and replaced with some links that could be clicked to lead to the comment the post was added as a reply to. That layout was still quite confusing.

    I had the idea to implement a commenting system similar to what they have on unc review (something that I find quite fancy) but got a bit sidetracked several dozen times.

  13. Statements like “all white people are racist” and “people of color cannot be racist” are ridiculous. A person does not act like a racist if they give the same respect, treatment, and/or response to another person they don’t know based only on that other person’s actual behaviors independent of their skin color. So when a white person denounces a black looter or when a black person denounces a white looter, they are not acting like a racist. When a black person says “the only good whitey is a dead whitey” or when a white person says “the only good blacky is a dead blacky” they are acting like a racist. That being said, “freedom of speech” makes racist language legal but any person using racist language is showing a bad behavior in my opinion.

  14. PREFACE-(YOUR OPINION) – How would you define “those who need them”?

    Published Saturday July 11th, 2020
    Bill Gates:
    Coronavirus treatments should go to those who need them, not ‘highest bidder’

    (5 minute VIDEO of Bill Gates)

    Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates said that when a COVID-19 vaccine is ready for distribution, it should go to the countries that need it most, not to the “highest bidder.”

    “If we just let drugs and vaccines go to the highest bidder instead of to the people and the places where they are most needed, we’ll have a longer, more unjust, deadlier pandemic,” Gates said in a video published Saturday during a virtual COVID-19 conference hosted by the International AIDS Society.

    Gates added that the initiative needs to be driven by leaders making decisions “based on equity” and not solely on “market-driven factors.”

    Hundreds of vaccine trials are underway across numerous countries, with billions of government dollars being spent on research and manufacturing to find a COVID-19 cure as quickly as possible.

    The European Commission and the World Health Organization have raised concerns about unhealthy competition in the race to find a cure to save lives and revive economies that have suffered because of the virus, Fox Business reported…

    …”One of the best lessons in the fight against HIV/AIDS is the importance of building this large, fair global distribution system to get the drugs out to everyone,” Gates said.

    He added that the AIDS crisis could serve as a model for making COVID-19 medicines more widely available, offering the example of the 2002 Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

    • Have you seen this?

      I think one of the bottom lines of all this it that we are normalizing very unsafe clinical studies with the excuse of the pandemic to the extent that I don’t see people questioning the legitimacy of this stuff. And this is not he only thing that makes me think about it.

      Some months ago this would be unthinkable.
      When I see neoeugenicists talking like this I get the shivers.

      Nuremberg code is being raped, it was just a farce anyways. If you give shelter in the United States to the scientists who where in Nazi Germany one knows where the hypocrisy begins.

      Pharmaceutical companies are not in trouble to find volunteers anymore. It’s just so revolting for me that this is happening, people are being killed under the pretext of a false emergency. Some of them have a genuinely good heart to help but hey simply don’t know what is going on.
      I wonder what comes next because it’s like the scientific establishment can do whatever they want if they sound an alarm, whether it is climate change or health.

      The feeling I get is we are getting to a very weird point for my realization of human condition. People delegate responsability when they are afraid and it doesn’t depend on the capability of the group that is offering support to be trusted or not but rather their percieved authority. I start to think we live in a covered dictatorial regime all along.

  15. I asked James about Rodney Alcala in a DM earlier today but wondered if any of his faithful desciples had any knowledge on this?

    His (Rodney Alcala’s) serial killing behaviour and his somewhat charmed life (protection) via appeals in spite of numerous death sentences had me querying if he was part of the MK ULTRA experiment.

    Anyone have any knowledge/thoughts?

    Many thanks

  16. CreativeLife,
    James Corbett asks you to leave relevant information about YOUR LOCALE and the VACCINE issue in the comment section
    of the last (7/2/2020) New World Next Week.

    You may want to post a comment at New World Next Week with a descriptive which links to your comment here.

    He can use that New World Next Week THREAD as an easy reference point for possible future use.

    • CreativeLife,
      Not at all.
      I am no moderator. Nor do I speak on James’ behalf.

      In fact, typically, only once a year in late December do I send a brief email to James. This is when I send my small donation to cover my subscription for a year. We exchange a few sentences. This is about the amount of direct communication which I have with James.

      I missed your posed question within your paragraph above, and just now saw your comment here when I came back online following dinner.

      Don’t read too much into the bold, nor into the word “you”.
      The reason I did bold & a few all cap words was to highlight it to you, and also to others to remind them if they post local vaccine info.
      Since my comment would be way down the thread, I just wanted to be sure you saw it. I did not realize you had already posted on the “Local Vaccine Info Request Thread”.

      Anyways, sorry, I did not mean to set off puzzlement.

  17. Forced vaccinations in Florida are not too far away I fear.

    4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.
    a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.
    b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual.

    I don’t think that they realize that some of us will use “any means necessary” to defend ourselves.

      • Okay. I don’t know if this is new or something already on the books though. I just saw a post on Gab that made the claim and looked up the statute to see if it was true.

    • That’s a line for me. Just a few weeks ago I was terrified of the carnage to come. Now, I’m so angry at the cowardice and stupidity of the people who are demanding all our liberties be swept away, that I feel as cold towards them as I was when I was a young killer. I hold liberty as our birthright. On almost any other subject I can remain calm. But not liberty.

      • I am right there with you. Fortunately my wife has taken over all the shopping so that I don’t have to go out and make scenes in public.
        I have a sign on the door of the shop that says masks are not required or recommended. But other than that my rebellion is limited.
        I don’t want to have a confrontation with officers because of what I carry that they would certainly have an objection to. Don’t think I need to elaborate.
        But honestly, I am feeling more impotent (metaphorically) than I can remember ever feeling before. Even my beloved wife of 39 years this 18th told me a few days ago how sick she is of hearing me go on about my anti authoritarian philosophy for decades. She is still a television addict and I believe that she might be succumbing to the incessant propaganda.
        All my closest friends have also recently expressed to me in no uncertain terms that though they love me, they don’t want to hear about how I feel about whats happening.
        I have made it a point to avoid conversation with anyone for about a week now because I don’t seem to be able to censor myself very well.
        I guess thats the new normal.
        I am so thankful for my animals and my yard and my homegrown and the few, as yet virtual people I have never met or even seen who I have more in common with than anyone in my real life right now.

        • I understand. I avoid people even when in town. And I used to talk to everyone. I have one real life friend now. She lives in St. John’s island though. But we text every day. She is seeing a lot of the same.
          I don’t let it worry me anymore. I’m too angry now. And I am sick of the weaklings who cry constantly about how afraid they are of this covid. I’m glad I have nothing to do with them.

  18. Hi everyone !

    Doctors from Peru to Bangladesh to Florida are finding that they can treat COVID-19,even in the late stages of the disease, with ivermectin, a cheap and readily available anti-parasitic medicine with a low rate of adverse events. A doctor in Brazil is claiming that it has near 100% ability to prevent disease in household contacts of COVID cases. Of course the traditional media is not covering this… can you help spread the word? I have an interview about it up on youtube with Dr. David Scheim: . Really interesting guy, important information. Thank you so much !!

    • Ivermectin
      That was a well conducted interview by the lady!
      Great information. Thanks.
      The name “ivermectin” rang a bell. I may have seen “ivermectin” tubes at the farm store, but I also had some experience with an avermectin.

      I find it interesting that these anti-parasite drugs (e.g. Hydroxychloroquine) can attenuate the Covid virus.
      I wonder to myself if natural anti-parasite herbs also might have effectiveness. (e.g. Black Walnut green hull tincture, wormwood, cloves)

      About 15 years ago, in the backyard of my past home, I had a big problem with Fire Ants. The little dogs were constantly getting hit by these vicious fast movers. I’m all organic and so would try natural things like a mix of orange oil & molasses. I still could not get all the many ant hills under control.
      Finally, I contacted a professional natural pesticide guy and we discussed options. He put out a spread of small bait granules containing Abamectin. It worked great! Within a week or so, it was hard to find any fire ants.

      Abamectin is more of an insecticide, but in the category of the Avermectins, which includes Ivermectin.
      The Avermectins are a series of drugs and pesticides used to treat parasitic worms and insect pests.
      Avermectins are made via a soil bacteria which produces the avermectin chemical during fermentation.

      Two herbs which I use as an anti-viral are Oregon Grape and also Goldenseal. These herbs contain berberine.
      I found this 2016 study…
      Discovery of Berberine, Abamectin and Ivermectin as Antivirals Against Chikungunya and Other Alphaviruses

      But all in all, I personally would not want to swallow any Abamectin.

      • It sounds like you are an expert full of vast knowledge…
        Or, perhaps you are just being snarky with shallow attack mechanisms because you have very little knowledge & experience with the Avermectins and Berberine.

      • I think you are a government lie.
        Now proof that you are not!

        IF you are smart, you can see how
        I mirrored your logical fallacy in this statement.

  19. …if you think the deck is stacked, do something unexpected. When the dealer gives you three kings, turn them all in for different cards. They will not then get the royal flush…

    …how would we do that in real life?…

  20. John rappaport at
    Media monarchy
    Really graceful on YouTube

  21. Concerning the shutdown and wearing of masks, etc., the Blogmire is a good read. He was great on the Skirpal nonsense, actually lives in Salisbury, where the whole fiasco was staged!

  22. Whoa, what is happening to several people commenting lately?

    …it would be better if….

    ….judging what James is and is not….

    Why are those people not submitting and creating their own content, if the issues (religious and spiritual, etc) they are bringing up are that important to them, instead of whining and missing the point?

    The fact that people are from differing backgrounds is important, no? Why does James or anyone on here have to fit some ideal or label or cookie cutter type?

    Why specifically does James need to be Christian mellander?

  23. JUly 12, 2020
    Business Insider via Yahoo
    A Tokyo neighborhood is offering anyone who gets coronavirus a $935 check, and some worry it could lead to a wave of deliberate infections

    Associated Press
    A district of Tokyo plans to give any citizen who becomes infected with the coronavirus a check worth almost $1,000.

    Shinjuku ward in central Tokyo says it will provide 100,000 yen (around $935) to any citizen in the area who contracts COVID-19, according to Japanese media.

    It is home to one of Tokyo’s biggest entertainment districts and has reported close to 900 cases so far.

    Coronavirus cases in Japan have been increasing steadily in recent days, with Tokyo reporting 200 or more new cases each day for the past four days.

    Some have criticized the scheme, saying it will lead to people deliberately trying to get the virus.

    A district of Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, is offering any citizen who becomes infected with the coronavirus a check worth almost $1,000 in the latest unusual stimulus effort to battle the economic impacts of the pandemic.

    Shinjuku ward in central Tokyo says it will give 100,000 yen (around $935) to any citizen in the area who contracts COVID-19, according to a report from The Japan Times, the country’s largest English-language newspaper

    The ward, one of the city’s hubs for entertainment, food, and drink, has been particularly hard-hit economically by the virus as bars, restaurants, and clubs have been shuttered.

    “As people infected with the coronavirus have no choice but to take time off work, their income may decline,” a ward official told the Japan Times.

    “Urgent livelihood support is needed.”

    According to Japanese national broadcaster NHK, the scheme will be available to anyone who lives in Shinjuku and gets the virus. They will had to of lived there since April 7, when the city introduced a state of emergency.

    People wanting to take advantage of the payment will need to send a form to the local authorities, and payments will start in August, NHK added.


    • (…continuing…)

      As of mid-June, 240 people were eligible for the scheme, the Japan Times said, citing local officials.

      Home to over 350,000 people, Shinjuku houses the Kabukicho area — Tokyo’s most famous Red Light district — as well as the city’s biggest train station, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.

      However, the scheme has already faced online criticism, with some suggesting that people could deliberately try to become infected so that they get given the money.

      “Please don’t do this. It’s just going to encourage some idiots to get coronavirus on purpose,” one person said on Twitter, Japanese blog Sora News 24 reported.

      “This seems like a bad idea. I understand some people have to go out, but for those people who chose to go out for fun and got sick, I think they should take responsibility and pay for their own medical expenses,” another remarked.

      Coronavirus cases in Japan have been increasing steadily in recent days, with the densely-populated capital city particularly impacted.

      Tokyo has reported 200 or more new cases every day for the past four days.

      Cases in the city have been steadily increasing since a state of emergency was lifted in late May. Almost 8,000 people have been infected in Tokyo, with 325 deaths. It accounts for more than one-third of all Japan’s 21,000 virus cases.

      Unusual approaches
      The coronavirus pandemic has led governments worldwide to come up with increasingly unusual ways to support their citizens economically.

      Measures range from the stimulus checks sent directly to US citizens, to large scale government unemployment support, all the way to the UK’s new “Eat out to help out” program, which gives citizens a discount when dining out to encourage economic activity.

  24. July 12th – Sunday’s Featured Corbett Report website video…

    “Holiday” and “The Experiment” live at Cookie Jar
    by KODOMOSAN (9 minutes)

    The sweaters were a cool touch.
    “The Experiment” – Some of those chords reminded me of past tunes and I liked the transitions.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t really hear the lyrics.

  25. Can We Trust Maths? – with Kit Yates

    Lecture at the Royal Institution about statistic fakes and abuse of maths, presenting cases from medical field, nutrition and also at 26:50, a current topic, police violence on black people. Probably you will hear a different perspective.

    Also, a mathematical problem, how many people are needed in a room to get a probability of 50% that two of them share the same birth-date?
    Not much, 23.

    • Forgot,

      what is a probability of two terrorist attacks on the same date of year?

    • Hi mik, it took a lot of scrolling to get back to your post, but here I am: Success! I was very interested in this video and thought that Kit Yates made some great points about how we can get fooled by the misuse of statistics. I followed the COVID statistics in New York City until they got ridiculous and I began to suspect that the authorities were “juking the stats”. That was back at the beginning of May. So after watching the video, (which was posted on Feb. 20) I said to myself, “I wonder if this guy noticed the same things I did. He must have. I’m not even that good at math”. So I googled him to see if he had anything to say about weirdness in the Coronavirus statistics. I came up with this video. Mathematics and Coronavirus – Numberphile

      There is also a longer version here;

      Gondor Calls For Aid (with Kit Yates) – Numberphile Podcast

      In this later video he is basically validating without reservation or scrutiny the model that Bill Gates and friends used to push the lockdowns. He is also validating the logic used for screening and tracking. Now to be fair, the interview was posted on March 30, but Yates hasn’t, to my knowledge, revised his analysis since then. Disappointing, because we need mathematicians and statisticians to do what he tells others to do in “Can We Trust Maths?” Look closer and deeper before acting on statistical models.

      In any case, thanks for the link.

  26. I agree with your statement. I think he sees the problems clearly but he doesn’t connect them to the farther reaching connection that we would. I don’t say that as a criticism because he still sees them. He just doesn’t seem to see an invisible Satan as the actual instigator of the problems we are facing. He does see the human counterpart which is under Satan’s influence though and he sees the evil. I think that in the long run he will wake up more people by a secular presentation since there are many who will not make the connection to the bible but can still readily see the problems. I wonder how many people wouldn’t even take time to consider his work had he made it theology based overall. I am grateful for his work in the form that he has chosen because I believe he will reach more ears who are looking for truth.

  27. I don’t remember hearing James Corbett state what if any his religious beliefs are. But perhaps I just missed it. Nevertheless, as someone who has been on a path of spiritual enlightenment for as long as I have had coherent thoughts. I can categorically say that it is presumptuous to pretend that you can tell what or in what or how much another person believes in anything.
    I was told recently by my mother-in-law of 39 years who has always had a problem with me that I don’t exhibit “Christian love” . This from a woman that I see every few years. She knows nothing about what I believe or how my Christianity has evolved, yeah, I said evolved, over the years.
    Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you judge another’s spirituality.

    • “I was told recently by my mother-in-law of 39 years who has always had a problem with me that I don’t exhibit ‘Christian love’.”

      Soooo much wrapped into that virtue-signaling accusation. Where to start? Being surrounded by such, I feel for ya, Steve. I also find solace in nature, gardening and my many critters, domestic and wild.

      • I think of book burnings, the KKK, the turning away of the poor, ignorance of the Bible, etc. Of course, I live too deep in the Bible Belt for people to be very Christian.

        I think it would be a mistake for James to put his religious (or lack of) views into the dialogue. It would only alienate more than it would bring together. Even if he was believing under the umbrella of any major religion, there’s so much division. And unnecessary. Evil is universal.

      • I think of gnosticism, fear-based introspection, glorified self-loathing, antinomian neo-phariseeism, blind obedience, all culminating into nihilist socialism. Hey! I just described AnyTown, USA!

      • I’ve read a good bit of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It seems the original Christians were actually very militant Jews. As in the religious sense. They were militant against the romans.Paul basically invented our Christianity.
        Note that Paul made the Romans appear benevolent. And that Paul was a Roman citizen. Under his guidance, a militant anti-roman religion became a turn the other cheek religion.

        • To alchemist. Reply button problem. I’ve not only heard that before, but when I was a Buddhist, I read the New testament as one. I know there’s a book on it, though I’ve never read it. Will check out the video today. Thanks.

          On the whole, I’m more inclined towards Jesus being an ultraorthadox Jew. Though we’ll never know. Paul would have also certainly known of Buddhism as well. I believe James Cameron did some documentaries on Jesus as well. Could have the name wrong. With a tomb being found that insinuates Jesus having a wife. After all, Jesus was a rabbi. Would have been off had he not been married. Been a while since I’ve really dig into all this. So much in this world to be fascinated by!

      • Definitely. And Paul did an outstanding job of it. I still view the Bible as an amazing source of wisdom though. I obviously don’t believe in pacifism. The spiritual path is a warrior’s path. And there’s a time and a season for everything.

        • To alchemist again. Excellent video! I love it when there’s so many possibilities in our histories. The thing that drew me to history was that people could have such widely divergent opinions and all have compelling evidence to support them. It’s certainly never boring!

  28. Thank you, Mama Liah!  I’m glad you found the website.

  29. Peripatêtikos,
    U.S. coin shortage
    There have been a series of U.S. articles over the past many weeks with that topic of “change” and “coin shortage”.

    When the businesses shut down or refused to take cash (contamination of virus concerns), it took a lot of coins out of circulation. The average cash customer no longer was there to give back all the coins which he collected.

    The U.S. Mint also shut down. No coins were being minted nor shipped.
    Local banks then had to ration coins for its customers, because the coins were not coming back in.

    Here is a June 22nd article from Zero Hedge
    COVID-Crunch? Fed Begins Rationing Coins As Americans Horde Cash

    and July 6th

  30. I was subscribed to a channel named Plasma Burns on youtube back in 2012 and the work that was produced about the false flag operation that was the Marathon bombing was a very big part of my awakening. I believe that most, if not all the important videos were banned on youtube and I quit using it much so I lost track.
    I was glad to have found the channel on Bitchute today.
    Here’s a sample of their work. I would be interested in hearing what others know or think about it.

    • That was an obviously shady affair in all aspects. Remember how the story went from non-stop to nothing? It was right after the news broke about the uncle of the “bomber” had a son in law, who was a CIA agent. It also came out the uncle supposedly supported jihadist uprisings in the Ukraine. And the uncle was portrayed as a decent man.

      I was homeless at the time. The most educational period of my life. I remember watching the news showing the cops running around their toy tanks. I was in the soup kitchen and loudly gave my critique of their tactical skills. It wasn’t flattering.

      They also tried to murder the guy that was arrested. But they were crappy shots and he lived. The other didn’t. A cousin was murdered by an FBI agent while he was in an interrogation room. No video released, but the FBI said it was righteous. This rabbit hole is never mentioned, but it is certainly worthy of a Corbett Report episode. And there’s tons of video.

      • That CIA fellow is Graham Fuller. He was married to the uncle’s daughter. He had a lot to do with getting the muslim cleric, Fetullah Gulen, over here to America where he (Gulen) runs, or ran, muslim schools throughout the US. I believe he was based somewhere out of Pennsylvania.

        There’s a lot on the search engines with regard to this subject. In around 2016/17 there was some controversy surrounding it.

        • Thanks. Interesting how that story just disappeared from the news as soon as his name came out. Run about as blatantly as the covid scare, but most bought it all the way.

  31. Mystery surrounds car with ‘COVID 19’ number plate parked at Adelaide Airport for months

    “A car with the number plate “COVID 19″ has perplexed Adelaide Airport staff, who say it has been parked there for months.”

    “The disease caused by coronavirus was first officially labelled “COVID–19″ on February 11”

    “Mr Spry said as far as colleagues could recall, the car had been there since “February or even earlier”

    “The BMW in question is registered until September 26, 2020, according to the State Government’s EzyReg website.”

    “Registration can be taken out for either three or 12 months.”

    Do the Maths!

    • BUMP!
      Wow! This article is a keeper!

      “…Staff are only meant to leave their vehicles in the car park for up to 48 hours, Mr Spry said.

      – Car registered until September –
      In South Australia, custom number plates have to be approved by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

      It takes at least 10 days for a personalised number plate to go from purchase to being issued, South Australian Industry Minister David Pisoni told ABC Radio Adelaide.

      The BMW in question is registered until September 26, 2020, according to the State Government’s EzyReg website.

      Registration can be taken out for either three or 12 months.
      Custom number plate agreements are for 12, 24 or 36 months and are separate to registration.

      There are no cars interstate with the registration “COVID 19”, according to state government websites.

      However, in NSW a Volvo car has the registration “COVID” and a Suzuki motorcycle in the Northern Territory has the same number plate.

  32. LINUX MINT: Covid? NWO? The bad guys seem to have all the aces! Time has come to PUSH BACK in our own small way. My small contribution is to try and help/encourage people to move away from Windows/Google etc. and give Linux a go. I am running Linux Mint.

    To give Linux a try Linux can be installed and booted from a USB. This means Linux can be run just by plugging in the USB without interfering with the Windows operating system on the HDD. To reboot to Windows – simply remove the stick and reboot. That way if you don’t like Linux you can just discard the USB stick.

    I am more than happy with Linux Mint and have now installed it to my HDD alongside Windows, making my laptop dual-bootable. I also have configured a “shared” partition to share data.

    If anyone’s interested in the steps I took to install to the USB please reply here and I’ll post the steps. All free of course. (I’ll post the steps for the dual-bootable setup another time). CHeers

    • Thanks a lot for encouragement.

      It’s desperately needed since we are losing in this area.

      Linux Sucks 2020 /* don’t make conclusions looking at the title */

      While Linux is winning on server market, it is losing share on desktop market. Translated: Linux is good enough for corporations, but not good enough for people. This is just ridiculous.

      Well, I still run windouz, although I have enough knowledge to transition. Also nothing on my computer is mission critical to make me re-think transition. And cherry on the top: computer is now clogged with all crap and patches and everything in between, maybe I even have zombie computer, I don’t know.

      Yeah, my situation is like one of many many stinking marriages, way from satisfying, but doing nothing. It’s just stink I am familiar with.
      I guess I described very common situation.

    • Patrick Corbett? Hell, what kind of fact checkers don’t even get the name of the guy that they are trying to debunk correct?

  33. Monday July 13th
    Trump Shares Chuck Woolery Tweet That CDC ‘Is Lying’ About COVID-19
    President Donald Trump shared a tweet from former game show host Chuck Woolery that said “everyone is lying” about the coronavirus early Monday morning — including his administration’s own Centers for Disease Control.

    “The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19. Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most ,that we are told to trust. I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I’m sick of it,”
    wrote Woolery in the post that was then retweeted by the president.

    Trump also retweeted one of Woolery’s tweets that said,
    “There is so much evidence, yes scientific evidence, that schools should open this fall. It’s worldwide and it’s overwhelming. BUT NO.”

    …The president retweeted an attack on “Dr. Fauci and the Democrats” from another account, then went back to Woolery to retweet a second attack on Democrats.

    The retweet came just two days after Trump wore a mask in front of press cameras for the first time Saturday, finally adhering to CDC recommendations after months of refusing to wear one publicly while insisting he was doing so privately.

    The idea of wearing a mask in public places, which some states require and the CDC strongly recommends, has become a politically polarizing debate in the U.S. despite experts saying it significantly reduces the risk of spreading the virus.

    • July 11, 2020 – Saturday
      Daily Beast
      The White House Made a List of All the Times Fauci ‘Has Been Wrong’ on the Coronavirus
      The White House has undertaken behind-the-scenes efforts in recent months to undercut and sideline Dr. Anthony Fauci—even going so far as to compile a list of all the times he “has been wrong on things,” according to The Washington Post.

      After canceling some of his planned TV appearances and keeping him away from the Oval Office, White House officials and President Trump have taken to publicly expressing a loss of confidence in the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and face of the administration’s coronavirus task force. The apparent attempts to undermine Fauci come as he continues to counter the president’s overly optimistic narrative on the state of the pandemic.

      Against this backdrop, an unnamed White House official told the Post: “Several White House officials are concerned about the number of times Dr. Fauci has been wrong on things.” The official attached a list of incorrect predictions Fauci had made, including his doubts early on that asymptomatic spread would play a large role in transmission and a February assurance that Americans did not need to change their behavior. Like many other public health officials, Fauci said at first that masks were not necessary but recently recommended that they be mandated nationwide.

      “Dr. Fauci has a good bedside manner with the public but he has been wrong about everything I have ever interacted with him on,”
      Peter Navarro, the president’s trade adviser, told the Post in a separate statement.
      “Now Fauci is saying that a falling mortality rate doesn’t matter when it is the single most important statistic to help guide the pace of our economic reopening. So when you ask me if I listen to Dr. Fauci’s advice, my answer is only with caution.”

      In recent days, the 79-year-old doctor has offered unsparing assessments of the United States’ current situation. In an interview with 538 published Thursday, he was perhaps at his most blunt: “As a country, when you compare us to other countries, I don’t think you can say we’re doing great. I mean, we’re just not.” ….

      • MASK AGENDA Mandate

        Evil Weasel Dr. Anthony S. Fauci (6:40) QUOTE:
        “…when you look at what we can do that we know works:
        It’s the use of masks and physical distance and avoiding crowds,
        and I think to the extent in which this would be acceptable in the community,
        I am strongly in favor of mandating things.”

        “I don’t like to be, you know, authoritarian from the federal government, but at the local level if governors and others essentially mandate the use of masks when you have an outbreak….”

        Senator Doug Jones and Dr Fauci – VIDEO – 7/7/20
        (32 minutes)

        Tuesday – July 7, 2020
        Senator Doug Jones (D-Ala.) hosted his weekly Facebook Live press conference to share updates about the COVID-19 crisis in Alabama and other news of the day.
        Senator Jones was joined by special guest Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

        • July 13 – Monday
          “The White House”

          07/13/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing

          Just after the 3 minute mark, Kayleigh explains the controversy and media reports of Trump vs Fauci.

  34. Exactly, jed. Great description. Two sides of the same coin.

  35. This article on Naturalnews makes sense to get out of blue states while you can–if you love freedom.
    It made some good points that there will be lots of turmoil during the election.
    The Supreme Court just nullified the Electoral College:
    Antifa is planning on their uprising during the election.
    Interesting that the World Economic Forum is having the meeting in January for Financial Reset. So it looks like Covid and the election will take the blame for the US financial collapse and the globalists will offer their financial reset as the solution shortly afterwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if states start separating from the Union after the election. So hopefully everyone sees where this is headed….

  36. Do we have a real life genuine COVID death here?

    “A CONSPIRACY theorist has died from coronavirus after dismissing the pandemic as “a load of hype” on Facebook.

    Richard Rose, 37, died at home in Port Clinton, Ohio, on July 4 – just three days after testing positive for Covid-19, his family said.”

    Anyone have further info on this case?

  37. Monday 13th July, a sad day for Ireland
    I use public transport with my twins quite a bit and the crazy thing is they don’t need face coverings but I do, must be that kids don’t cause asymptotic spread… luckily some drivers are easy going and we can get away without. Also the gardaí, enforcing the new laws, don’t need to abide by them. My mother has been wearing them since March.
    Only pubs that serve food are open in this “phase 3” but one pub, that I know of, in my closest city, Cork, is not bothered and doesn’t expect people to buy food! Woo hoo!! And they don’t mind the 90 minute limit. There is hope!
    Cork county council have given nearly 1 million for covid Street Markings and the homeless tents are back up. Ridiculous. Council can’t home the homeless but they can paint yellow circles and one way signs everywhere.
    Also I was talking to my brother in law who is a biochemist and pro-vaccine but he said he or his kids will not be guinea pigs, I can only hope my parents will listen to him. They think I am a Trump supporter thanks to CNN

    July 10, 2020 – Friday
    Zero Hedge

    Washington Town Resorts To Printing Wooden Currency To Boost COVID Stimulus Spending

    The last time this small town in Washington State printed local dollars out of wood was in the Great Depression. Now, the town of Tenino, a community of fewer than 2,000 people near Seattle, has fired up the printing presses after 90 years to fight the virus-induced downturn that has decimated the region.

    Tenino residents who can prove economic hardships caused by the virus pandemic are eligible for $300 per month in wooden dollars, subsidized by the local government grant program. So far, the city printed $10,000 of local currency for residents to only be used at businesses in city limits.

    The currency is not made of cotton/linen material or 0s or 1s on the blockchain – but rather, wood, as this is the latest example of the rise of “micro currencies” in local communities.

    Tenino Mayor Wayne Fournier told The Hustle the wood coins were used during the pandemic to bring back consumption that crashed.

    “We were talking about grants for business, microloans, trying to team up with a bunch of different banks,” Fournier said. “The big concern was, ‘How do we directly help families and individuals?”…

    …The plan came together fast. Fournier decided that Tenino would set aside $10k to give out to low-income residents hurt by the pandemic. But instead of using federal dollars, he’d print the money on thin sheets of wood designed exclusively for use in Tenino. His mint? A 130-year-old newspaper printer from a local museum.

    Fournier’s central idea is pulled straight from Tenino’s history. During the Great Depression, the city printed sets of wooden dollars using that exact same 1890 newspaper printer. Within a year, the wooden currency had helped bring the economy back from the dead.

    By reinstating the old currency now, Fournier has accidentally become part of a much bigger movement. With businesses worried about keeping the lights on and people scrambling to find spending money, communities have struggled to keep their local economies afloat.

    So they’ve revived an old strategy: When in doubt, print your own money. – The Hustle

    Not too long ago, we noted a small southern Italian town of Castellino del Biferno, printed their local currency to support the local economy during the pandemic.

    Amid the current recession, bartering has been booming – it was noted back in April that online bartering sites saw a rapid surge in traffic….

  39. Pollution, GMOs, Vaccines, Food, Toxic Environmental Factors, Fluoride, and much more…

    July 12 – Sunday – Published video and article (video recorded earlier)
    Titled: “Annual Fluoride Awareness Week Update”
    Dr Mercola interviews Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network –
    They discuss many, many topics including the Fluoride trial

    (one hour)

  40. I saw a photograph on twitter that stated that some boxes of masks had a disclaimer about the level of protection afforded by the mask to Covid 19. I looked up this image and notice Snopes had done an article on it.

    Snopes had given this a false rating!!!!!!

    However in the text of the passage they actually state that the disclaimer is on the box and the photograph is real. A good example of double speak example and propaganda.

  41. Jason Bermas does some fact-checking on the
    conspiracies spread by the Q-crowd.
    Creepy Cowboys bag on sale at Amazon?
    Also about the furniture hoax.

    Additionally the media manipulation is in overdrive.
    All Clinton-Epstein related pictures are harder to find and linked to Trump.
    All discussions are diverted by Black lives/looting matter and other SJWs.

    There is a huge censorship now on alternative health:
    FDA Stealth Operation Quack Hack, Genesis Church Raid, Alex Jones Crosshairs w/ Maryam Heinen

    War is still being pushed by all:
    One Party State: Washington Unites To Block Trump. – Ron Paul

    We are pushed to use masks, even though science says we have 50% or
    more infected people. Which means that we are reaching herd-immunity.
    In the mean time we are made scared to death of a virus that has
    stopped killing people. So they are now inventing new ways to scare us.

    Instead the governments are pushing (with the help of the industry) to
    wait for an experimental (and likely harmful) vaccine that very
    likely does not work, and if it does,
    it would only work for a few months.
    COVID-19 antibodies fade away in 2-3 months

    Join us at:
    With open discussions abut
    And fun stuff.

  42. Tuesday July 14, 2020
    From Dan Dicks

    DAN DICKS CENSORED – The Press For Truth YouTube Channel Has Been PERMANENTLY DELETED!!!
    (12 minutes)

    The Press For Truth YouTube channel has been terminated. Dan Dicks of Press For Truth has been producing videos and documentary films for over 14 years on YouTube, with over 270k subscribers, over 35M video views and 5 documentary films but in the blink of an eye all that is gone now because YouTube decided that Dan should no longer have a popular voice. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why he thinks the channel was deleted but more importantly what everyone needs to do now in order to stay up to date with PFT moving forward.

    (Links in description)

    • That’s rather gut wrenching, I’m sure, but I’m certain Dan will come out of this stronger and more resilient.

    • Thanks mkey,
      Patrick Bet-David can sure make communication real.
      I love his final statements about “Question every politician, every expert who is making decisions for us.”

      Thursday July 9th
      The Texas Division of Emergency Management is advising residents to consider wearing a mask at all times, even in your own home.
      (6 minute video embedded)

      Geez! and in Texas?!

      • Well, either that or stormtroopers stormtroop your house, kill your dog, traumatize your kids for life, flashbang grandma while she’s napping on the couch and needle whip everyone that’s still breathing.

  43. Hi all,

    Any interesting info/perspectives/analysis regarding covid 19 and sweden?

  44. “After suckering us into ruinous lockdown awaiting rescue by vaccine, the Pharma grifters are frantically dialing back the expectations they inflated. During a Wednesday FDA teleconference, CBER’s Director Peter Marks said FDA is now willing to license COVID vaccines with a dismal 50% – and as low as 30% – efficacy, a humiliating retreat from the Gates/Fauci promise of a “miraculous” vaccine that will give lifetime immunity to 7 billion people & prevent transmission.

    Equally deflating, NIH’s Tony Fauci conceded that vaccine immunity may only last a few months [2] & joined Gates [3] hinting that the vaccine may not even prevent transmission. Astra Zeneca is making 2 billion doses of its “Oxford” jab (Gates is heavily invested) despite proof that vaccinated monkeys transmit COVID. Paul Offitt told CBS that the jab may not stop transmission & may only weaken not prevent symptoms.[4]

    Marks conceded that a vaccine with 50% efficacy will not stop the virus “We’re going to need a vaccine that’s probably in the order of 70% effective and 70%, at least, of the population is going to need to take it.” Marks’s justified FDA’s willingness to license jabs with a pathetic 30-50% efficacy citing industry convenience. “Can we show you some calculation of how we got there? No,” he confessed, adding “If you go much lower than 50% then the lower bounds of things start to get to a place where vaccines may have very little efficacy…On the other hand, if we held that number at 70% to 80% … we may not have a vaccine until there’s herd immunity that’s occurred naturally.”

    Fear that the wild virus might vanish before a vaccine is ready for human trials has prompted FDA to scrap its traditional ethical revulsion for “challenge trials” in which drug companies deliberately expose humans to wild viruses. FDA has issued new protocols for “controlled human infection models”, wherein drug companies intentionally expose vaccinated volunteers to a pathogen. FDA says such trials could be necessary if COVID becomes so rare that “it is no longer possible to demonstrate vaccine effectiveness by way of conducting clinical disease endpoint efficacy studies.” When will the press call fraud on these quacks?” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Slides and videos here:

  45. Late afternoon U.S. time on Wednesday July 15th, 2020
    Via Twitter Bill Gates says:
    “Everyone is asking me to give back, and now is the time.
    I am doubling all payments sent to my Bitcoin address for the next 30 minutes. You send $1,000, I send you back $2,000.
    BTC address:___________________”

    Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bloomberg, Kanye, Apple Twitter Accounts All Hacked In “Nigerian” Bitcoin Scam, Over $100,000 Stolen In Minutes

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Message from HomeRemedySupply:
    For those who were scammed and lost money in the above bitcoin scam, maybe I can do something.
    Please email me all your confidential passwords and bitcoin wallet information.
    If you are timid about sending me this information, just snail mail me $100 cash to my address in the Cayman Islands.
    Thankyou, HRS

    • July 15 – Wednesday
      “Tech Crunch” authored by Zack Whittaker

      A hacker used Twitter’s own ‘admin’ tool to spread cryptocurrency scam

      A hacker allegedly behind a spate of Twitter account hacks on Wednesday gained access to a Twitter “admin” tool on the company’s network that allowed them to hijack high-profile Twitter accounts to spread a cryptocurrency scam, according to a person with direct knowledge of the incident…

      …Vice earlier on Wednesday reported details of the Twitter admin tool.

      A Twitter spokesperson, when reached, did not comment on the claims. Twitter later confirmed in a series of tweets that the attack was caused by “a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools.”

      A person involved in the underground hacking scene told TechCrunch that a hacker, who goes by the handle “Kirk” — likely not their real name — generated over $100,000 in the matter of hours by gaining access to an internal Twitter tool, which they used to take control of popular Twitter accounts. The hacker used the tool to reset the associated email addresses of affected accounts to make it more difficult for the owner to regain control. The hacker then pushed a cryptocurrency scam that claimed whatever funds a victim sent “will be sent back doubled.”

      The person told TechCrunch that Kirk had started out by selling access to vanity Twitter accounts, such as usernames that are short, simple and recognizable. It’s big business, if not still illegal. A stolen username or social media handle can go for anywhere between a few hundred dollars or thousands.

      Kirk is said to have contacted a “trusted” member on OGUsers, a forum popular with traders of hacked social media handles. Kirk needed the trusted member to help sell stolen vanity usernames.

      In several screenshots of a Discord chat shared with TechCrunch, Kirk said: “Send me @’s and BTC,” referring to Twitter usernames and cryptocurrency. “And I’ll get ur shit done,” he said, referring to hijacking Twitter accounts.

      But then later in the day, Kirk “started hacking everything,” the person told TechCrunch.

      Kirk allegedly had access to an internal tool on Twitter’s network, which allowed them to effectively take control of a user’s account. A screenshot shared with TechCrunch shows the apparent admin tool….

    • Whaetver happened to your address on Maldives?

  46. Kim,
    Thank you for posting this July 2nd “America Can We Talk” 31 minute video interview by Debbie Georgatos with Dr. Richard Bartlett of Midland, Texas, where the talks about the successes he has had with comorbidity patients in treating Covid with nebulized Budesonide, a safe inhaled corticosteroid.
    I recognized the interview location in north Dallas by the tollway and I-635.

    This interview caused some buzz in the national media, but earlier interviews with Dr. Bartlett from the far west Texas news station, NewsWest 9 did not really get picked up.

    I like how Dr. Bartlett gave some Covid death stats (circa July 2nd)
    Taiwan – 25 million people crammed on an island – 7 deaths
    Japan – 121 million people – under 1,000 deaths
    Singapore – 12 deaths

    I can see how the anti-inflammatory lung aspects of nebulized Budesonide could help a person.
    More than a decade ago, when I was battling weeks of pneumonia and trying different Doctors, a Budesonide inhaler prescription quickly helped to “calm the body down”. It was a turning point.

    Dr. Brownstein, Dr. Ng, Dr. Mercola and others have talked about the effectiveness of “nebulizing hydrogen peroxide” for Covid patients. Hearing the testimonies of the nebulized patients (who thought they were at death’s door) was eye-opening.

    It is unfortunate that the conventional medical establishment prefers to murder people, rather than try a very safe alternative with no liability.
    I hate to be a pessimist, but I doubt this Budesonide will get mileage.
    On a positive note, I am sure that other Doctors might now quietly give it a shot in their private practice (non-hospital setting), especially in light of pharmacies and the Federal government suppressing Hydroxychloroquine.

    Another note:
    Kim, I like your art.
    It is soothing.

  47. reading the enemy, hahaa! so now im considering buying that bastard’s book The World: A Brief Introduction — itsa new york times bestseller.

  48. July 8, 2020
    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
    by Ted Walter and Graeme MacQueen

    How 36 Reporters Brought Us the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11
    (Many links embedded in the article)

    (Prelude)…This exhaustive review of 70 hours of 9/11 news coverage reveals that the hypothesis of explosions bringing down the Twin Towers was not only prevalent among reporters covering the events in New York City on 9/11 but was, in fact, the dominant hypothesis.

    The 36 reporters who brought us the Twin Towers’ explosive demolition on 9/11 include, by network, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and Cynthia McFadden; CBS’s Harold Dow, Tom Flynn, Mika Brzezinski, and Carol Marin (appearing on WCBS); NBC’s Pat Dawson and Anne Thompson; CNN’s Aaron Brown, Rose Arce, Patty Sabga, and Alan Dodds Frank; Fox News’ David Lee Miller and Rick Leventhal; MSNBC’s Ashleigh Banfield and Rick Sanchez; CNBC’s John Bussey, Ron Insana, and Bob Pisani; WABC’s N.J. Burkett, Michelle Charlesworth, Nina Pineda, Cheryl Fiandaca, and Joe Torres; WCBS’s John Slattery, Marcella Palmer, Vince DeMentri, and Marcia Kramer; WNBC’s Walter Perez; New York 1’s Kristen Shaughnessy, Andrew Siff, John Schiumo, and Andrew Kirtzman; USA Today’s Jack Kelley; and two unidentified reporters (1 and 2) who attended a press conference with Mayor Giuliani and Governor Pataki. Video clips of each reporter’s statements on 9/11 can be viewed below.

    The widely held belief that the Twin Towers collapsed as a result of the airplane impacts and the resulting fires is, unbeknownst to most people, a revisionist theory. Among individuals who witnessed the event firsthand, the more prevalent hypothesis was that the Twin Towers had been brought down by massive explosions.

    This observation was first made 14 years ago in the article, “118 Witnesses: The Firefighters’ Testimony to Explosions in the Twin Towers.” A review of interviews conducted with 503 members of the New York Fire Department (FDNY) in the weeks and months after 9/11 revealed that 118 of them described witnessing what they interpreted that day to be explosions. Only 10 FDNY members were found describing the destruction in ways supportive of the fire-induced collapse hypothesis…

    …News reporters constitute another group of individuals who witnessed the event firsthand and whose accounts were publicly documented. While many people have seen a smattering of news clips on the internet in which reporters describe explosions, there has never been, as far as we know, a systematic attempt to collect these news clips and analyze them.

    We decided to take on this task for two reasons….

  49. Covi-pass coming to a town near you!

    (not checked for veracity but…)

    “A British cybersecurity company, in partnership with several tech firms, is rolling out the COVI-PASS in 15 countries across the world; a “digital health passport” that will contain your COVID-19 test history and other “relevant health information.” According to the company website, the passport’s objective is “to safely return to work” and resume “social interactions” by providing authorities with “up-to-date and authenticated health information.”

    These objectives mirror those that Bill Gates has been promoting since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. In an essay written by Gates in April, the software geek-cum-philanthropist lays out his support for the draconian measures taken in response to the virus and, like an old-timey mob boss, suggests the solutions to this deliberately imposed problem. Ironically, Gates begins to make his case for the adoption of mass tracking and surveillance technology in the U.S. by saying that “For now, the United States can follow Germany’s example”; He then touts the advantages of the “voluntary adoption of digital tools” so we can “remember where [we] have been” and can “choose to share it with whoever comes to interview you about your contacts.””

    Abiometric digital identity platform that “evolves just as you evolve” is set to be introduced in “low-income, remote communities” in West Africa thanks to a public-private partnership between the Bill Gates-backed GAVI vaccine alliance, Mastercard and the AI-powered “identity authentication” company, Trust Stamp.

    The program, which was first launched in late 2018, will see Trust Stamp’s digital identity platform integrated into the GAVI-Mastercard “Wellness Pass,” a digital vaccination record and identity system that is also linked to Mastercard’s click-to-play system that powered by its AI and machine learning technology called NuData. Mastercard, in addition to professing its commitment to promoting “centralized record keeping of childhood immunization” also describes itself as a leader toward a “World Beyond Cash,” and its partnership with GAVI marks a novel approach towards linking a biometric digital identity system, vaccination records, and a payment system into a single cohesive platform. The effort, since its launch nearly two years ago, has been funded via $3.8 million in GAVI donor funds in addition to a matched donation of the same amount by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

  50. EDIT: Looks like the guys covered the first story in this week’s NWNW.

  51. So, just throwing this out there.

    The great Twitter hack of 2020. Is this the social media 9/11 that finally gets social media regulated like they desparatly want? Especially if they’re involved in drafting the legislation? (like the Federal Reserve ligislation).

    Both sides of the political coin seem to be pushing for it.

    Interesting times. Especially as other platforms such as BitChute and Parler are growing.

  52. Epstein Island Cesspool – Trump talks
    Via Zero Hedge – VIDEO published July 17, 2020 – Friday

    In 2015, during an interview (Bloomberg), Trump warned that Epstein’s Island Was “Absolute Cesspool”“”Ask Prince Andrew About It””.
    (34 seconds)

  53. I think that we should Kiss it , America is the Auschwitz of NWO plan !

  54. Sorry I probably can’t keep up but I enjoy dialog !

  55. LINUX: re previous post regarding doing a step-by-step guide to installing Linux Mint to a USB….. Thanks for the replies/encouragement. Have written down steps, but current installation process seems a bit unwieldy so will defer publishing the steps.

    Will first look to see if I can automate some of the steps to simplify the process. I’m not a Linux buff and I’m on a steep learning curve, so I might need a week or two to experiment.

    Either way I will eventually publish my findings as I am on a mission in my own small way to PUSH BACK by putting choice back into the mix.

    Wish me luck……

    Cheers All, Mal

  56. Don’t Let “Anti-Vaxxers” See This Study!

    Derrick does a video about his new article on TLAV. At around 5th minute he talks about “scihub” which is for all intents and purposes a pay wall remover for various studies found online.

    I think it’s well worth bookmarking this URL.

      I really like that guy, Derrick Broze. He is real and down to earth.
      Derrick explains things very well, often clarifying the terms or backstory.
      Even a Newbie can come in on a video and easily catch the drift.

      I watched that video last night and book marked that SCIENTIFIC STUDY free access LINK.
      Thanks mkey.

      Houston is hot and muggy. The sweat starts once a person goes outside.
      This last week, Derrick took Big Bertha (a small Cube Van RV) and shot footage at a hospital to see their refrigeration trailer.
      Broze is not afraid to get his hands dirty.
      I admire that.
      He is not an Ivory Tower journalist.

      For me, he sets an example of behavior for us all.
      In fact, because of him, I will again go out with flyers this week or do some kind of promotion.

      • Hear hear.

        Today I talked to another guy who sees through this bullshit. Not all the way through, but the stench is obvious to this down to earth fellow. We also discused my little skirmish at the bakery the other day and he said he has been at the same bakery a few times, without a mask without any comments being made. But he found it strange that I managed to get through the supermarket without being berated over not wearing the mask.

        Obviously, the main end goal in the short term is to cause doubt, uncertainty and confusion. Hopefully more people will vocalize their disapproval of the authoritative mandates when rubber meets the road.

        He made some comments about how firstly he believed what the civil protection team had to say, but these people exhibited sooooo much hypocrisy only the most obdurate will fail to make notice of it.

        Del Bigtree has recently rejected the notion that the “elite” are pulling the strings in this campaign and has instead referred to them as “clowns” with a very mocking attitude. And I think I’ll have to agree with that qualification. Of course, no insult meant to any actual clowns in the audience.

        I have recently talked to a woman that has a few months ago, along with her husband, made some disparaging remarks regarding the whole propaganda operation, expressing extreme skepticism over how the crisis is being handled.

        The past week her viewpoint has been narrowed by the “fact” we had some “diseased” in our locale. Apparently, several people have been found “positive” two weeks ago. 4 or 5 of them landed in the hospital in the aftermath of a beach party while most of their family members and “contacts” found themselves under house arrest. Nobody was really ill, obviously. A few had a minor body temperature increase and one guy reported some temporary olfactory down cycling.

        Anyway, the woman in question exhibited some changes in her outlook where obviously a bit of fear settled in and caused some doubt. Which is understandable, with her health not being top notch etc.

        All in all, a good example to follow locally, on how a some fear can bury a healthy dose of skepticism. That’s probably why it’s very important to have the propaganda going on locally as well. As long as it’s happening somewhere else, people will be detached from the fear.

        • mkey,
          This is a well written piece.
          A lot of insight here, especially on how situations apply on individual perspective levels.

          Dang it…your English is better than mine.
          I had to look up…
          obduratestubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or course of action.
          Obdurate vs obstinate is like stubborn vs steadfast.
          Obdurate and stubborn have similar meanings and they both carry some negative connotations. … Obstinate and steadfast, on the other hand, carry positive connotations, meaning unfaltering, standing strongly, firmly loyal to one’s stance

          • I think James’s erudition is rubbing off on us all. And I think for a good reason, lest we want to continue living in a world where the language itself is being stolen right from the tip of our tongues.

            Lately, I have watched, apparently the final, 13th installment of Curtis’s Libery on the Land podcast. Recently it seems Curtis Stone has been getting quite a bit overwhelmed and has decided to dedicate more time to his family and local situation, something one would hardly find to be a bad decision.

            Likewise, to try and preserve his youtube gardening channel after his friend, Dan Dicks, was deplatformed, Curtis decided to scrub political content from the main channel, which is made available elsewhere.

            The final video in the mentioned series, Curtis goes after the meaning of the word “include”.


            I’m rather certain this word means to me the same what it means to you. Include: to add to something; to also make available; to append an item to a list.

            Curtis, nudged in the appropriate direction by some benefactors, looked into the meaning of the word in Black’s law dictionary. The definition expressed therein is something quite different. Starting at minute 36 of the above video.


            INCLUDE. (Lat. inclaudere, to shut in, keepwithin). To confine within, hold as in an inclosure, take in, attain, shut up, contain, inclose, comprise, comprehend, embrace, involve. Including may, according to context, express an enlargement and have the meaning of and or in addition to, or merely specify a particular thing already included within general words theretofore used.

            Of course, the spiral really starts to spiral once you begin looking up the word in legal documents.

    • look more like good shooting targets, im gonna get a whole bunch & hang ’em on the barbed wire fence in my backyard.

  57. ha! big chunk of my childhood programming/trng & plenty other mk’d kids. so much in one document… hypnosis, transcendental meditation, remote viewing, kundalini, energy bar tool, brain stimulation, color breathing, energy entrainment, hemi-sync (*not incl split brain/body), frequency following, resonance, holograms, time-space dimensions & time travel, matrix, torus, infinity, OBE movement, higher self problem solving… why is there no mention of child rape? silly me, no mention of children at all.

    • im sorry, i just blurted my stuff out as it was so striking to see put together in the document, & i was pissed at the cia dirty dogs. at this point dont need validation around any of the past crap, but quite cool to get… thanks, itsa keeper!


    This is my small contribution to “push back against the crap” by trying to provide the reader with choice – with an
    alternative desktop environment. I now run with this all the time installed on my hard drive, but I understand that the reader may wish to give it a try first before making changes to their computer. Therefore the following steps try to provide guidance in installing Linux to a
    removable USB.

    After installation simply plug the USB in and reboot. To revert to the operating system on the hard drive it’s best and cleanest to shut down Linux completely, remove the USB and reboot.

    If you find these notes useful, all I ask is that you tell others. I have no interest in any of the links provided here – financial or otherwise. I just want to do my tiny bit to push back against all the crap that’s going on while staying within the bounds of my knowledge.

    Have fun!

    These are the steps I went through to install LINUX MINT 19.3 to a USB, to try it out first without affecting my current system:

    • two USB 3.0+ sticks needed – A and B – blue ports are best
    • create bootable “bare-bones” Linux on USB stick A
    • boot USB stick A and use “bare-bones” Linux to install full Linux system to USB stick B
    • refer
    • this site also looks helpful:

    (It may look a bit daunting to new users, but it is easier than it looks. I am working on some ideas to simplify / condense
    the install process and will do a post at a later date if I have any success).

    Summary of steps:
    1. Using current system, download ISO file to HDD
    2. Using current system, check integrity of ISO file
    3. Using current system, check authenticity of ISO file
    4. Using current system, use ISO file to create bootable “bare-bones” Linux on USB A
    5. Boot the “bare bones” Linux from the USB A
    6. Select “install Linux” icon to install full system to USB B
    7. Installation screen interactions
    8. Customise
    9. Install browser Vivaldi
    10. Add search engine DuckDuckGo to Vivaldi
    11. Install ClipGrab to download videos from popular video hosts
    12. Install BleachBit to periodically clean up unwanted files

    Part 1: Steps 1 through 4 – Create bootable “bare-bones” Linux on USB(A)
    Part 2: Steps 5 through 7 – Boot USB(A) and Install Linux 19.3 to USB(B)
    Part 3: Steps 8 through 12 – Customise Linux 19.3 and install 3rd party products

    PART 1 follows in next post =>


    PART 1
    • Using current system, download ISO file to HDD
    • Using current system, check integrity of ISO file
    • Using current system, check authenticity of ISO file
    • Using current system, use ISO file to create bootable “bare-bones” Linux on USB A

    Steps 1 through 4 – Create bootable “bare-bones” Linux installation USB (A ):
    1 Using current system, download ISO file to HDD
    • set up ISO folder in home directory (e.g. C:\Users\Mal\ISO
    • =>
    • => 19.3 (current version is 20 – back one version for stability)
    • => Cinnamon 64bit
    • => I downloaded from Internode Australia to ISO folder
    2 Using current system, check integrity of ISO file
    • => => “19.3”
    • download sha256sum.txt and sha256sum.txt.gpg to ISO folder
    • => How to verify ISO im a ges on Windows
    • => “Preparation / step 3” to invoke Windows command prompt / Power Shell
    • e.g. C:\Users\Mal\ISO>CertUtil -hashfile linuxmint-20-cinnamon-64bit.iso SHA256
    3 Using current system, check authenticity of ISO file
    • => How to verify ISO im a ges on Windows (
    • =>
    • => locate string “simple installer for the current gnupg”
    • download, save gnupg installer to ISO folder (e.g. “gnupg-w32-2-2-21_20200709”)
    • run gnupg installer
    • => How to verify ISO imsges on Windows (
    • => locate string “Authenticity Check”
    • copy, paste and run command command in Windows Command Prompt as specified
    • I think I got “not changed” because it was the second time I ran it for the purpose of doing these notes:
    C:\Users\Mal>gpg –keyserver hkps:// –recv-key
    gpg: key 300F846BA25BAE09: “Linux Mint ISO Signing Key ” not changed
    gpg: Total number processed: 1
    unchanged: 1
    4 Using current system, use ISO file to create bootable “bare-bones” Linux on USB A
    • Insert USB A (3.0+ in blue port)
    • =>
    • download, install and run Balena Etcher to create a bootable USB containing a “bare bones” Linux which will
    be used to install the full version
    • flash from file = ISO file
    • select target = USB A
    • enter Flash!

    PART 2 follows =>


    PART 2
    • Boot the “bare bones” Linux from the USB A
    • Select “install Linux” icon to install full system to USB B
    • Installation screen interactions

    Steps 5 through 7 – Install Linux full version to target USB B:
    5 Boot the “bare bones” Linux from the USB A
    • Insert USB A (3.0+ in blue port)
    • reboot making sure boot order selects the USB first
    6 Select “install Linux” icon to install full system to USB B
    • “bare bones” Linux screen will show an “install Linux” icon
    • Insert USB B (3.0+ in blue port) to contain the target full version Linux
    • select “Install Linux”
    7 Installation screen interactions
    • Welcome – “english”
    • Keyboard Layout – “english(US)”
    • Wireless – “I don’t want to…”
    • Install third – party software – tick
    • Unmount Partitions in use – yes
    • Installation type – something else
    • Installation type – e.g. dev/sda = current system/s, dev/sdb = not mentioned, dev/sdc = target USB
    • select dev/sdc1 – “-” minus to remove
    • select dev/sdc free space – “+” to create partition
    • primary – beginning of this space – (use as) EXT4 journaling file system – (mount point) “/” – ok
    • device for boot loader installation – select dev/sdc
    • install now
    • write the changes to disk? – continue
    • where are you? – select timezone
    • who are you? – user name, password etc. – log in automatically – continue
    • takes a while to install
    • “installation finished” – Linux Mint 19.3 is now installed
    • shut down completely

    PART 3 follows =>


    PART 3
    • Customise
    • Install browser Vivaldi
    • Add search engine DuckDuckGo to Vivaldi
    • Install ClipGrab to download videos from popular video hosts
    • Install BleachBit to periodically clean up unwanted files

    Steps 8 through 12 – Customise Linux 19.3 and install 3 rd party products
    8 Customise
    • remove USB A – leave USB B in port
    • reboot
    • follow prompts
    • select icon shield bottom r/h corner of screen – update manager
    • install updates
    • ”system up to date (tick)”
    9 Install browser Vivaldi
    • => vivaldi … for Linux DEB
    • => open with GDebi Package Installer (default)
    • => vivaldi-stable screen Install Package
    • additional software? => continue (ok)
    • password/authenticate
    • => LM selection => Internet => Vivaldi
    • right click – add to desktop
    • customise Vivaldi to personal reqts e.g….
    • => click on settings rosette bottom corner of screen
    • => general => homepage => specific page “”
    • => appearance => window appearance => user interface zoom “85%”
    • => tabs => new tab page “homepage”
    • => panel => panels => panel position “right side”
    • => search => search => search engines => use down and up arrows to put duckduckgo at the top => set as
    default search => set as private search
    • => webpages => webpages => default webpage zoom “85%”
    • restart vivaldi
    • => bookmarks icon near top r/h corner of screen
    • delete everything completely, leaving empty trash folder
    • => V in top l/h corner => file => import bookmarks and settings => import bookmarks and settings from
    “Bookmarks HTML File”
    • => Choose a file
    • => navigate to previously exported bookmarks and select
    • => bookmarks icon near top r/h corner of screen
    • “sort by title” – delete unwanted folders
    10 Add search engine DuckDuckGo to Vivaldi
    • => magnifying glass top r/h corner of screen “duckduckgo”
    11 Install ClipGrab to download videos from popular video hosts
    • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:clipgrab-team/ppa
    • password
    • info message => enter
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install clipgrab
    • confirmation message – yes
    • => LM selection => Internet => ClipGrab
    12 Install BleachBit to periodically clean up unwanted files
    • =>
    • careful to scroll pass ads
    • => Linux Mint 19.2 version will work
    • Open with Gdebi Package Installer
    • => Install Package
    • password
    • => LM selection => Admin => right click on Bleachbit => add to desktop


    • That’s about as helpful as it gets, right there! Very cool. I hope people will give it a try. My son switched our main, home PC over to Linux Mint in 2018. I really like it; no issues whatsoever. And on his laptop, he installed Fedora, which he really likes.

      On behalf of Windexers everywhere, many thanks for the step-by-step instructions, Mal!

      • Hey no prob – ta for the encouragement…… 🙂

    • Good job. Linux can get a bit bitchy (especially with new hardware) and while it has plenty of issues, it’s a great option for the standard multimedia/office machine. I’ve played around with Ubuntu quite a bit now and I’m thinking of trying out Cent OS next or Free BSD. A lot of options out there.

      • Ta for the reply, Mkey. Seems you know Linux well. Pls feel free to copy/paste my posts and pass them on to anyone you know who is a newbie to Linux and is contemplating giving it a try….. Cheers 🙂

        • Oh, I’m learning as I go. Just the other day I pulled some hair out due to a wifi adapter that stopped working over a third party driver … one of those things that typically don’t happen on windows. But ubuntu is not as issue ridden as windows so you gain some and you lose some.

  62. One option is LineageOS, which is as clean Android as it can get. You simply don’t install any Google stuff on it and wade your way around these limitations. Like not having the play store and whatnot.

    Another solid option is KaiOS and its supported devices. This OS supports simple web applications and it has its limitations but I guess that’s exactly the point.

  63. That’s an interesting tidbit about pseudo-epidemics.

    I agree that the underlying issue needs to be addressed first, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root” as Thoreau said.

    But, I don’t think the germ theory is the underlying issue here. It’s more about the human condition. Inability to form independent, cogent thought; unawareness of the moral principle; unwillingness to seize ownership of your life; avoidance of taking personal responsibility of your actions and condition; egomania and narcissistic tendencies; there are plenty downfalls of the human character that could be mentioned.

    In my opinion, while undermining the germ theory would obviously cause some palpitations, it’s completely immaterial. Even if you had really sound, tangible evidence to present against it to the general public, it would still linger on in the zeitgeist. Just look at the global warming canard, it still lives even if it has officially been abandoned.

    The only way forward, in my view, is to get a sizable chunk of population resistant to astroturfing, introduced to logical thought and made aware of the moral principles. Of course, everything has been put on the back burner due to the pseudo-epidemic.

  64. Mellander, woah! “If James was a christian…!
    Well he would be less interesting to me if he talked about it whether he is one of isn’t one.
    I was a christian for 40 years and an ex Christian for 29, and I am still on my spiritual journey.

  65. Snorting Genetically Modified NANO-BODIES to fight Coronavirus
    VIDEO (2 1/2 minutes) – You must wear a mask while watching.

    ‘AeroNabs’ Promise Powerful, Inhalable Protection Against COVID-19
    Though engineered entirely in the lab, AeroNabs were inspired by nanobodies, antibody-like immune proteins that naturally occur in llamas, camels and related animals.

    Nanobodies are an order of magnitude smaller than human antibodies, which makes them easier to manipulate and modify in the lab. Their small size and relatively simple structure also makes them significantly more stable than the antibodies of other mammals. Plus, unlike human antibodies, nanobodies can be easily and inexpensively mass-produced: scientists insert the genes that contain the molecular blueprints to build nanobodies into E. coli or yeast, and transform these microbes into high-output nanobody factories. The same method has been used safely for decades to mass-produce insulin.

    But as Manglik noted, “nanobodies were just the starting point for us. Though appealing on their own, we thought we could improve upon them through protein engineering. This eventually led to the development of AeroNabs.”

    The scientists then engineered this double-action nanobody in a number of ways…
    …they mutated every one of the amino-acid building blocks of the nanobody
    …they engineered a molecular chain that could link three nanobodies together.

  66. Hi Mama Liah,

    Those harsh winters sure would be tough for me to handle. I couldn’t even handle the winter in Kansas.

    There are some other Corbett Members from eastern Canada. I believe Camille (Please Stop The Ride) is on the east half of the country.

    My speculation is that in most places it may be difficult to avoid totalitarian measures, because currently there is no predictability to what government dictates could be. Common sense no longer applies.

    For the past 5 years, I have been concerned as property values kept increasing, while investors kept buying rental properties. In my opinion, prices are in a bubble.
    Municipalities and school districts love this current high property valuation, because the taxes have grown their budget.
    When the general real estate bubble corrects, I feel like it facilitates “The Great Reset” agenda.

    Here is some data by Neil McCoy-Ward.
    How The Housing Crash Will Happen

  67. South Korea installs anti-virus bus shelters with temperature sensors

    In an effort to curb the spread of the illness, authorities have installed glass-paneled booths equipped with UV disinfection lamps and doors that can take people’s temperatures, the UK’s Guardian reported.

    As an added bonus, free WiFi is provided.

    To enter, all passengers must stand in front of a thermal-imaging camera — and the door will open only if their temperature is below 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

    We’ll accept anything and everything, as long as there’s free wireless internet access.

  68. I think there is no escape, unfortunately. People have to stay where they are and stand their ground. Having said that, within one’s own country, like the US for example there are areas that are less authoritarian than others. I think it might be helpful to congregate in a place with fewer restrictions in order to organize a resistance movement.

    I think all options need to be explored, peaceful and armed resistance to the increasingly authoritarian Covid 1984 regime.

  69. (NOTE: James Corbett is part of this event)

    Justice Rising:
    An Online 9/11 Conference from September 11–13
    Conference open to all free of charge at

    It isn’t often that a conference features so many respected voices in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

    Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is thrilled to announce “Justice Rising,” an online conference on the continuing struggle for 9/11 justice and the destructive trajectory of the post-9/11 world.

    The conference will run from Friday, September 11, to Sunday, September 13, marking the 19th anniversary of the day that changed our world so profoundly.

    The international lineup features some of the most highly regarded figures in the movement, including pioneers David Ray Griffin, Niels Harrit, and Steven Jones. It will also offer a deep look into AE911Truth’s upcoming feature documentary SEVEN.

    The conference will go three hours each day and will be open to all free of charge at

    More details about the schedule, the speakers, and their topics will follow in the weeks ahead. This will be a historic online gathering you won’t want to miss!

    Friday, September 11: 6:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern
    Saturday, September 12: 3:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern
    Sunday, September 13: 6:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern

    Justice Friday: Richard Gage, AIA, will open the conference. Speakers will include UK 9/11 family member Matt Campbell and barrister Nick Stanage; AE911Truth’s Ted Walter and Tony Szamboti; and, from the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Mick Harrison and David Meiswinkle.

    Science Saturday: SEVEN director Dylan Avery; Dr. Leroy Hulsey, whose Building 7 study the film is about; AE911Truth board member Roland Angle; and 9/11 researchers David Ray Griffin, Niels Harrit, and Steven Jones.

    Big Picture Sunday: “War on Terror” expert Daniele Ganser; the Rutherford Institute’s John Whitehead; and James Corbett of The Corbett Report.

  70. (This is a good read. “Excerpts” won’t do it justice.)

    August 11, 2020
    Global Research
    by F. William Engdahl
    Towards a US-China War?
    The Creation of a Global Totalitarian System, A “One World Government”?
    Is this a Remake of the 1941 Hitler Stalin Great War?

    … in the past three years or more is the appearance of a genuine irregular conflict between the two most formidable powers on the planet
    — The Peoples’ Republic of China
    and the United States of America.

    Increasingly it’s beginning to look as if some very dark global networks are orchestrating what looks to be an updated rerun of their 1939-1945 World War.
    Only this time the stakes are total, and aim at creation a universal global totalitarian system, what David Rockefeller once called a “one world government.”
    The powers that be periodically use war to gain major policy shifts.

    On behalf of the Powers That Be (PTB), World War II was orchestrated by the circles of the City of London and of Wall Street to maneuver two great obstacles—Russia and Germany—to wage a war to the death against each other, in order that those Anglo-Saxon PTB could reorganize the world geopolitical chess board to their advantage. It largely succeeded, but for the small detail that after 1945, Wall Street and the Rockefeller brothers were determined that England play the junior partner to Washington. London and Washington then entered the period of their global domination known as the Cold War…

    …One of the great mysteries of that China growth is the fact that China was allowed to become the “workshop of the world” after 2001, first in lower-skill industries such as textiles or toys, later in pharmaceuticals and most recently in electronics assembly and production. The mystery clears up when we look at the idea that the PTB and their financial houses, using China, want to weaken strong industrial powers, especially the United States, to push their global agenda…

    …However, in 2015 after little more than two years in office, Xi Jinping endorsed a comprehensive national industrial strategy, Made in China: 2025…

    … That shift to a China strategy for global tech domination might well have triggered a decision by the globalist PTB that China could no longer be relied on to play by the rules of the globalists…
    …A resurgent China nationalist global hegemony was not the idea of the New World Order gang….

    • If WW1 went down in history as the “great war” (albeit post-festum) WW3 will probably be remembered as the invisible war.

  71. August 12, 2020
    “The Telegraph” – (MainStream)
    Zero Hedge
    Sweden’s success shows the true cost of our arrogant, failed establishment
    Shocking incompetence has unnecessarily wiped billions of pounds from the UK economy

    In a column published Thursday, The Telegraph’s Allister Heath argued that Sweden’s success at fighting the virus while minimizing economic damage elucidates the depth of the British medical establishment’s incompetence, as it was Britain’s health experts whose advice PM Johnson assiduously followed.

    From “The Telegraph”…
    So now we know: Sweden got it largely right, and the British establishment catastrophically wrong. Anders Tegnell, Stockholm’s epidemiologist-king, has pulled off a remarkable triple whammy: far fewer deaths per capita than Britain, a maintenance of basic freedoms and opportunities, including schooling, and, most strikingly, a recession less than half as severe as our own.

    Our arrogant quangocrats and state “experts” should hang their heads in shame: their reaction to coronavirus was one of the greatest public policy blunders in modern history, more severe even than Iraq, Afghanistan, the financial crisis, Suez or the ERM fiasco. Millions will lose their jobs when furlough ends; tens of thousands of small businesses are failing; schooling is in chaos, with A-level grades all over the place; vast numbers are likely to die from untreated or undetected illnesses; and we have seen the first exodus of foreigners in years, with the labour market survey suggesting a decline in non-UK born adults…

    … Politicians can react in one of three ways to a pandemic.
    They can do nothing, and allow the disease to rip until herd immunity is reached.
    Quite rightly, no government has pursued this policy, out of fear of mass deaths and total social and economic collapse….

  72. I have also run into the dragonbox Pyra. This is a beefier device, more akin to a laptop than a mobile phone. Manufactured in Germany, slavery free so it’s a bit on the expensive side. Should ship this year from what I’m reading about it.

    One of the niftiest features is that it’s modular so it should be upgradeable with better CPU/more RAM down the line. Almost completely open source, everything apart one driver apparently.

  73. (Remember the FEMA concentration camp ‘conspiracy’ about a decade ago in the U.S.?)

    August 13, 2020
    NEW ZEALAND – (VIDEO embedded)
    Coronavirus: All New Zealand’s confirmed COVID-19 cases to be put in quarantine facilities from now on


    All confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand will be placed quarantine facilities from now on.

    Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield announced the change at a press conference on Thursday, moments after revealing there are 13 new cases of coronavirus linked to an outbreak in south Auckland.

    The use of quarantine facilities marks a major departure from how positive cases were managed by health officials when New Zealand was last at level 3, as cases earlier in the year were told to simply self-isolate in their homes.

    Dr Bloomfield says the mandatory quarantine will apply to both new cases and, if necessary, close family members who might be at risk.

    “[It] shows how serious we are about limiting any risk of ongoing transmission – even in self-isolation and including to others in the household,” he added.

    “A reminder, these facilities have been set up specifically and have excellent processes and resources in place to look after people with COVID-19, including health staff on site at all times.

    “It will help us avoid any further inadvertent spread into the community as part of our overall response.”

    Dr Bloomfield says health officials will follow the same process that they use when transferring a person from managed isolation or the airport to a quarantine facility.

    While he admitted “there was some reservation” to quarantine from the initial south Auckland cases, the Director-General of Health said there’s very little push-back now….

  74. Hi there,

    I posted an update on a thread from the video:

    Some people were asking if I could provide a copy of the flyer that presents the dangers of mask-wearing, but mine’s in Italian language. John Manley from “Much Ado About Corona” provided some good resources in one of his articles. All the links here:

    but I will repost them here:

    “How to awaken others to the COVID hoax by rousing their “highest aspects of cognition””

    And the flyer:

  75. I just joined Ben Swann’s new platform after watching his interview with Derrick Broze cause…well why not. I like Swann and hopefully they will have a better search function than Bitchute. Theirs sucks big time.
    Plus I figure that anything that competes with the platforms which censor has to be a good thing.

    I just wish that I could help financially support all of the people who I would love to be able to afford to. I could easily give away twice my income and still feel like I am letting someone down.
    Perhaps at the end of the year when I renew the few commitments that I have made to worthy journalists such as Corbett I will be able to send a little something Ben’s way too.

    I would be interested in hearing others opinions about Ben Swann and his new endeavor.

    • I watched it earlier today. That was a great interview. Excellent discussion.

      Preaching to the choir
      “…But the goal is always to reach more people…
      …This (new platforms) is going to limit our ability to reach those new minds.”
      — Derrick Broze

      QUEUED VIDEO around the 16 minute mark.

  76. Crucial Viewing – to truly understand our current Viral Issue #Casedemic by Ivor Cummins

    The title says it all – absolutely crucial that you see this, realize the reality – and share widely. You must understand that our epidemic has waned – and has been replaced with an irrational, unscientific Casedemic. (just under 9 min)

  77. August 14, 2020 – Friday
    Breaking News
    Infowars reporter Millie Weaver uploaded a livestream video of a police officer showing up to her home claiming a grand jury indicted her and that she is under arrest.
    (I accidently caught this news cycle via someone’s Twitter)

    “Guys, I’m literally about to break huge breaking news right now and I’m being arrested,” she told the camera.



    In view of COVID-19 it is important to record and report deaths due to COVID-19 in a uniform way.


    COVID-19should be recordedon the medical certificate of cause of death for ALL decedents where the disease caused, or is assumed to have caused, or contributed to death.


    The use of official terminology, COVID-19, should be used for all certification of this cause of death.

    As there are many types of coronaviruses, it is recommended not to use “coronavirus”in place of COVID-19.This helps to reduce uncertaintyfor the classification or coding and to correctly monitor these deaths.

    Here’s the document laying out information for which doctors were “investigated” for. Like dr. Jensen. I don’t think this can get any more blatant.

  79. Crazies don’t want to let this go. They are addicted to their fear and anything that goes against their valorous paranoia will be shunned.

  80. How does this sound?

    About 100+ years ago a financial system was set up to eventually saturate the planet with un-repayable fake debt locking the planet into a system dependent upon perpetual inflation. As with any ponzi scheme, the ‘engineers’ behind this little gem are well aware of its limited life-span – hastened or lengthened depending upon the rate at which the fake debt grows and contracts. But grow it will to the point where it eventually collapses in on itself after the final contraction. It’s designed to. And we’re almost there!

    The reality is: as it’s a fake debt how can you repay something that wasn’t lent in the first place? As long as the illusion of “debt” is maintained and as long as the word “fake” is never mentioned, then we have a perception allowing eventual bankruptcies to ensue where real wealth is exchanged (foreclosed) for fake debt.

    This has been engineered before by the process of inflation followed by deflation of fake debt, with the worst being the Great Depression, but the big one is just around the corner. I am tempted to believe that the inventors of this system had a 100 year plan, after which (fake) global debt would be so unsustainable that it would eventually implode in on itself, causing mayhem to the 99% and a seriously big payoff to the 1% – where all the assets, the real wealth of the planet would pass into the hands of the owners of the fake debt, through the process of foreclosure, as the financial system heaves its last breath of contraction – ushering in a new system and making the 1% owners of all the assets of the planet and masters of the universe.

    Slight problem: how will they ensure that their 100+ year agenda is not discovered by the majority? Particularly as it is nearing its end, producing wild gyrations that become increasingly difficult to explain away. A minority of voices can be easily propagandised out of polite conversation, but a large movement would be unstoppable – very dangerous to the owners of this fake financial system. Given they know when their system will collapse, they needed to prepare before hand and create something they can blame it on. Enter a fake pandemic. It ticks all the boxes. It creates fear – making humanity vulnerable to suggestion and easily manipulated. It keeps people apart – to help prevent them coming together as a unified force. But most importantly it creates financial mayhem which can be exploited. It provides a cover.

    Actions taken in response to the fake pandemic can be used to control the timing and the rate of the collapse of the fake financial system. 24/7 hysteria perpetuated by the propaganda prostitutes ensures the population are in a permanent state of fear and confusion. Meanwhile the pan-foreclosure of assets ending the current system and the “features” of the new system no doubt will be repackaged into something acceptable and palatable by those same propaganda prostitutes.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • [500 words ok no prob ….above post continued]

      No doubt we will get down on one knee and thank the financial agents of this sad story, the villains, and our governments for saving us at our darkest hour – then the fake pandemic will have served its purpose – it will fade away and will soon seem like a dim distant memory…..

      “The system collapsed because of the pandemic”.

      I am tempted to think that the governments of the world are all in on this – not as villains, but more as victims. That is why there is such a universal response. That they are well aware of what lies around the corner and they are terrified. That they have been presented with a fait-accompli by their would-be financial conquerers – and faced with the potential for untold mayhem they have been offered a plan that would facilitate a more peaceful transition to a new system while the nations of planet are economically annexed by their new masters.

      Just a thought….

      “Cheers” Mal

  81. You can only order 9 meals for 10 people at a restaurant.
    Trash bin surveillance to ensure that you do not waste food.

    August 14, 2020
    Ice Age Farmer
    China’s FOOD CRISIS: Recycling Food, Limiting Orders, Censoring Eating on Social Media
    (17 minutes)

    China has launched a “CLEAN YOUR PLATE” campaign, indicating that we are entering a global food crisis and moreover that it is YOUR fault for wasting too much food. Eating shows are being censored from the internet, and social media sites are telling users to “value food.” Restaurants are limited, no longer able to serve meals to each person! And “AgriFoodTech” companies are working to “Upcycle” food waste and FEED IT BACK TO YOU as other foods … or even an innocent looking cup of coffee.

  82. Good person to get on the show:

    Deep Dive: Analysing The Covid-19 Data (Computing Forever with Prof Dolores Cahil) (uncensored)

    (Place for discussion)

    Dolores gives in clear data why the covid-19 is not a real problem.
    And why the solutions do not work and create a much more devastating problem.

    Dolores also gives solutions to the covid-1984 problem:
    Punish those who were responsible for the over-reaction of
    the virus. And figure out why these incompetent/corrupt people were able to make these damaging decisions.
    Punish those responsible for covering up the Hydroxychloroquine +Zinc cure.
    Also goes into vaccines and such.

    I would add: remove the corrupt people from the science boards. Don’t rely on a few experts. Allow criticism. Make the science a continuous instead of a narrative based process.

  83. Let’s put forward some novel ideas regarding face mask alternatives.

    – snorkel, more epic the more distant you are from any large bodies of water. You could also wrap up a medical mask to the exhaust/inlet. Ex.
    – post-apocalyptic bio hazard suite, embroider with dried blood, loose teeth and bone and skin shrapnel. Ex.
    – space suit, for extra credit you could move around in slow motion. Ex.

    • A few more sprinkles came out of the fountain.

      – headless horseman suit. No head, no foul, right? Extra props for the horse prop. Ex.
      – mummy suit. Kind of self explanatory and probably easy to build out of scratch. Ex.
      – Hannibal Lector mask, with a medical mask sewn over the open areas. For extra credit, get your eyes really blood shot. Ex.
      – OR, alternatively, the same mask but with a filter mounted on it. Ex.

    • way ahead of the times, the beatles wore masks over 50yrs ago!! goo goo g’joob

      baphomet headdress (horrid to hv to wear) & 666 mask more than fitting, truth telling.

      sheep mask would also be quite apropos.

      space suit was terribly uncomfortable, & astronaut training wretched.

    • Very interesting.
      What a paradox.

  84. Smart kid!
    Cool anecdote.

    • That was interesting, especially when the presenter got into what Contact Tracing is NOT.

      It seems that “Esri Industries” founder Jack Dangermond is among America’s 400 wealthiest people.

    • I can’t see this going in a wrong direction.

      Recently I have witnessed a guy online opining about how the contact tracing application was a let down because he couldn’t see infected people being tracked on it in real time/life. Ignorance seems to be bliss, after all.

  85. Alchemist,
    thanks so much for the anecdote.
    ha!!!And like most, I hate self-checkout.

    We are “slipping into darkness” rapidly.

    I believe that a lot of folks think that we are going back to a normal life, or something close to it.

  86. In accordance with
    “And post any general news/information/discussion on the 2020 Summer Open Thread:

    I am currently collecting elements to publish an article who the thought leaders (doctors/medical professionals, lawyers, economists) of the German speaking Coronoia resistance are and how it developed.
    I hoped to have published it today or tomorrow before the next huge demonstration/festival/event in Berlin on August 29 2020. Possibly the biggest demonstration Germany has ever seen (yes ever).

    Planned were preliminary activities on 27 and 28 and camping from August 30 onwards – until the situation is resolved, all political measures rescinded.

    This morning Berlin newspapers are printing: They forbid any demonstrations from August 28 to September 06.

    Main organizer has confirmed for 28th
    but so far denied any info regarding that from official bodies for 29th.
    Many people will come anyway.
    I am very anxious personally currently.
    It is not assured Germans can manage another Wende.

    But: Resistance is fertile!

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