The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Videos | 51 comments

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On the morning of April 4th, 2017, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, on the verge of a military victory against the terrorist insurgency in his country and on the eve of peace talks that would secure his position as president, decided to use chemical weapons he didn’t have against a target of no military significance in front of as many cameras as possible to cross the one red line that would insure his own government’s downfall.

Soon after, the Academy Award-winning White Helmets—noted for their Oscar-worthy performances, persistent proximity to Al Qaeda, and financial dependence on USAID—bravely risked their lives, handling Sarin victims bare-handed, against every protocol in the book.

Without presenting a shred of evidence, President Donald Trump boldly launched a military strike against Shayrat airfield because “national security interest,” promising to help the “beautiful babies” (*offer does not apply to babies in Gaza, Yemen, Pakistan, or basically anywhere else).

That military strike, a volley of 59 Tomahawk land attack missiles, of which 23 actually made it to their target, failed to take out a single runway or even keep the airbase from operating for even 24 hours, but was a complete success for ExxonMobil, Raytheon and Donald Trump.

No one could question the wisdom of striking Syria (except Donald Trump). And no one could oppose such a move (except Russia).

The Trump Train, still convinced by candidate Trump (“dropping bombs on Assad” and “look what happened after Gaddafi“) concluded that this was 7th-dimensional backgammon to make China afraid of the US’ willingness to spend $100 million in a fearsome show of failing to destroy a single airfield.

Throughout the world people rejoice as a horrible secular regime in the Middle East is replaced by yet another peace-loving band of ragtag human rights campaigners and child-beheaders motivated by a desire to subdue the armies of Rome in an apocalyptic confrontation in Dabiq. (*actual ISIS belief)

The chemicals for the previous “red line” attack in Syria have since been proven to come from Libya with US approval, but that’s probably not relevant to this case.

The CIA has released declassified report after declassified report showing that the plan to topple Syria’s government has been in the works for decades, but this just shows that they were right all along.

The mainstream media unquestioningly asserts that the story is true because the US government says so, but that’s OK, because we all know the MSM is full of unbiased truth-tellers and dig hard to get the raw facts on every story. (“beauty of our weapons“)

Even members of Congress think the story is a load of hogwash, but that’s OK, because they’re probably crazy.

Meanwhile, the White House has released a report on its intelligence about the chemical attack that refutes its own version of the story, but that’s OK because when has the White House ever lied people into war?

This man doesn’t exist, and if you think he does you’re an enemy of humanity who should apologize for having been born. Likewise him, her, her, him and him. And him and her.

This is the 100% true story of the #SyriaStrikes, and if you support sites like The Corbett Report that question it in any way, you are a moonbeam fake news tyrant-loving hippy pinko Russian agent and should commit ritual suicide immediately.

If you love your country and/or liberty, NASCAR, supermodels, TV, water slides or your mother you will not question this story in any way. Ever.

This message has been brought to you by the Friends of the Brookings Institute, Raytheon, Genie Oil, Oded Yinon, I-CIA-SIS and The New York Times.



  1. Another classic, thanks James

      • I’ll repost my comment to that video here:

        IMO you can’t debunk facts by using the very same facts, like the supposed missile count. We can’t be certain of the number of missiles launched, nor what were their targets, nor how many hit these supposed targets.

        Generally, I think you’re biased toward Trump and that’s affecting your analysis. Also, you are prononucing Ivanka incorrectly lol it doesn’t sound like Willy Wonka. I can’t draw a comparison since no word in English I’m aware of sounds similar.

        You need to realize that if anyone’s affecting Trump’s decisions from his close circuit, it would be his daughter and if she’s doing so, it probably isn’t through teenage tantrums, but through blood chilling fear. Tiffany’s husband is close to crazy gramps Benjy and I don’t even want to speculate on possible scenarios there but these people are 100% certified insane. Mossad issues threats to people in power as a scout would sell cookies to kids; effortlessly.

        The “reevaluate currency” thing is no positive outcome, when that shit hits the fan, consequences are going to linger on for generations. Trump or anyone else can’t just reintroduce the gold standard and make things AOK, there’s so much paper floating around and SO MUCH more digital currency in form of debt that petrodollar would tank a millisecond. To bind to gold, this paper needs to have some value, otherwise you’re inviting a catastrophe. Similar goes for the British pound.

        Another point to consider: how much gold (real gold, not paper futures) do the US and UK own currently? China, Russia and India have massive state and private gold positions and no matter how you spin it, these countries are opponents of the western axis. Do you really want to introduce the gold standard if your vaults are empty? I don’t think you do.

        I would also like to mention that even if the gold standard was introduced and it didn’t break the western monetary system, I don’t think it would fix what’s so much wrong with our monetary and economic systems. Bankers know how to control the gold supply, just like they control the paper supply. As long as there’s usury, they’ll be the master and we’ll be the slaves.

    • Totally agreed!

  2. The silver tongued literacy excellence of Corbett shines in this rapid fire zip-package!

    • During the 4 minutes viewing of the video for me, the number of “views” climbed by over 500.

    • The graphics, video clip inserts, zooms, etc. are extremely well done! Did Broc help with this?

      • Broc’s day off. This one’s mine. But it’s intentionally meant to be crudely edited like all the “conspiracy theory” vids.

    • Absolutely! Thank you, James!

  3. Great work as always James. The one part I say to people that receives either a blank stare response or the um, um, um response has to do with “offer does apply to babies in Gaza, Yemen, or Pakistan”. The hypocrisy of the US govt knows no shame or boundaries.

  4. Excellent! I’ve already emailed the link to most people in my address book.

    • Here’s a reply:

      Some rapid talk misinformation in that adding to the confusion and ignorance.

      When I first heard about the Syria strike my first thought was 59 Tomahawk missiles @ $1 million each and I own Ratheon stock!

      Two things immediately caught my attention.

      1) The evidence shows that Syria still has chemical weapons and it is impossible to verify that they do not. The video states they don’t. How do they know for sure? Really? They state it as a matter of fact counting on no one questioning it.

      2) They failed to mention that the military doesn’t plan to replace those Tomahawk missiles. Tomahawks are a great weapon, but they are thirty year old technology. So Raytheon and others will not be benefiting from the strike.

      Those are just two things I happened to know that were wrong.

      All of these commentaries and news outlets count on ignorance because it is impossible for the average person, (even you or me) to have the expert total knowledge and sources to know and fact check everything thrown at us. Too much frenzy, spin and drama in the world.

      • 1. What evidence would that be? Is it maybe provided by completely discredited White Helmets? I won’t even divulge into the logical fallacy of having someone prove a negative. The burden of proof rest soleley on the accuser.

        In 2013, after Putin swooped in and picked up the fumble, under the international monitoring body and with their confirmation Syria got rid of sarin gas stocks and sarin gas production facilities.

        To that effect (I think on pollitico, the link is in these comments somewhere) an article was written at the time stating Assad has no more sarin gas, which later, when all of this began, was deleted. As not to cause confusion, of course.

        It’s impossible for you and I to prove some country or the other doesn’t have something or the other. Most western countries are packed with this stuff, what does one think who supplied it to the middle east in the first place?

        Motives, however, are easily discerned in this case.

        2. even if Raytheon didn’t supply any more tomahawks, the fact is old stocks need to go before new stocks can be amassed. The mere fact Raytheon stocks went up a few percent after this fiasco speaks volumes to that effect.

  5. It is awesome – but just to plug two people’s names who did not make the video – would have liked to see Tulsi Gabbard and/or Dennis Kucinich in the “him him her & him” segment … but that is nitpicking and again more of giving a shout out to the two of them and showing them support.

    The MSM is attacking them of course – esp Tulsi.

    She is making the rounds on MSM and making people like Wolf Blitzer look silly (ok – that is a low bar):

    And Dennis did a great job in an interveiw with the Intercept:

    • Thanks for pointing that out, HRS. The link has been fixed.

  6. What’s best about these short videos is the fact they should speak well to the meme-ridden-5-minute-attention-span generation. If you plant the seed, something may sprout.

    • Exactly!!!

      Which is why, I believe, if anything James Corbett does, his most viewed short pieces (like this one) should get the most production value, because people are shallow, stupid, and looks matter (sometimes). This is your best chance where you “hook” them.

      Even if he wanted to Trump can’t dress like a hippie or in a tracksuit or jeans – or whatever – he has to obediently wear the expected symbolic leash of a necktie everywhere.

  7. Oh, it would be fun. Special kind of fun, but still fun.

  8. James hits another home run! Good work sir…happy to support you.

  9. The Hidden Truth Behind the Horrible Chemical Attack in Syria. Dick Cheney, Rothschilds et al Working For Israel Through “Genie Oil and Gas, Inc.” – Genie Oil Mission to Deliver Oil and Gas Reserves in Syria/Golan Heights to Israel.

    The Strategic Advisory Board of Genie Oil and Gas advises management on strategic, financial, operational and public policy matters:

  10. It is a dogma. Also, I find, it’s matter of conspiratory enabling, where people will “blindly” believe because they don’t want to be proven being duped into believing such atrociously incomprehensible drivel.

    Similar to one parent knowing the other parent is abusing their child and doing nothing about it.

    A vicious circle, what it is.

  11. Perfect. Amazing. Accurate. Won’t someone save the children! Fast talking, side-shooting, BANG! You got ‘um, James. Hilarious.

  12. North Korea
    I have been seeing a some recent alarming stories about North Korea, nukes, and Trump. Japan is often mentioned. When James goes for a walk, I hope Corbett fills us in on what the “atmosphere” is like where he lives.

  13. Great work James – ridicule is as good a weapon as there is to help shine the light of truth on these events. I opened up a twitter account for, amongst other reasons, the purpose of spreading information like this.

    Congratulations and keep going my friend.

  14. I think you need to slow down and take a breath, whats with the super speedy talk. No need.

  15. Even as a huge Corbett Report fan, I’m sad to say, I love satire but I don’t love this one.

    It’s too confusing and too fast, even at normal speed (I usually watch at 1.3 to 1.7 times normal speed – like reading).

    In fact, as is, as much as I really want to, I don’t think I’ll share this with my Mom who really needs de-brainwashing.

    • That is what the transcripts with references are for. Part of the tone in Corbett’s “a conspiracy theory” series ( ) is the rapid-fire pace. It works well. Hopefully, people will click to the transcripts and references. His videos have the prompts. Most people will watch them several times just to digest some of the aspects.

      Even a new unaware person who does not click on the reference links recognizes that there is definitely a cover-up…that many of the things in the video they were never told by MainStreamMedia.

      If his videos were slow and tediously full of information explaining all the points, it would end up being over an hour. The humor would fall flat.

      Humor is a universal language. It always opens the door to receiving more communication.

      To me, this series is superb marketing strategy.
      I could make a long list on “why”.

      9/11: A Conspiracy Theory is close to 3 million views!

      I am an expert on 9/11, having followed the 9/11 forums daily for over 10 years. (Example – )
      Yet, I also have to refer to Corbett’s transcript source links about 9/11.

      • Some people may find it too fast for comprehension, but that’s exactly the point. It’s like a brain teaser, people go all “what’s this baldy on about, lemme click some of these links” and maybe one in a hundred flexes a brain cell.

      • I agree with everything HomeRemedySupply says. However, my limited subjective opinion is that this one failed, where the other ones succeeded.

        Many of the images were very funny indeed, but unless seen it before as a meme, I had to pause just to figure out what the cartoon was about.

        I could be wrong, but I think most people who saw the other short spoofs were already very familiar with 9/11 and had likely been exposed to the alternative narratives of Sandy Hook, Boston, and OKC – whch of course would make comprehension of this comedy bit much much easier.

        Considering that the event is so fresh and there’s sooo much misinformation, confusion, and perpetual mahem only makes it more difficult to wrap one’s head around. Parodying the election with Russian hacks and warmongering might have been easier and clearer.

        This campaign is important. I don’t think selling yourself as a cheap crude video conspiracy nut is the best approach. The media makes enough fun of conspiracy analysts as is. We don’t need to appeal to the Jackass fans or fine art snobs. There’s lots of alternatives.

        I hope I’m wrong and this one wakes up more sheeple.

        Just because I’m not thrilled about this one doesn’t mean I don’t want more. Bring em on.

  16. Great Stuff!

    Although I haven’t spoken to many people it does seem that not many of them are buying into the narrative that the Syrian government gassed their own people (Well at least they are not just accepting it without question)

    It is certainly not going down as well the whole weapons of mass destruction in Iraq propaganda.

    Even the main Trump camp (Infowars) has had to Dump the Trump for the moment because of the embarrassment he has become.

    The only problem is that while many people seem awake – it seems that there is little action, perhaps they feel there is little they can do?

    • Queue in pitchforks and torches.

    • As an older millenial I totally see your point, but looking at the younger people in my generation they never stood a chance with constant Tv.,video games, social media ect.ect. Plus I think these different “generations” they put us in are only there to create more and more divisions between us peasants.

  17. Super James! I love it!
    But your comment could be a bit slower for non-native English speakers 😉

  18. I would like to see people promote the Corbett Report 4 minute video “The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory” in the comment sections of news organizations in the U.S. and around the world.
    This is a way to help wake people up.

    Often commenting depends upon a social media application like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Disqus, etc. So, if you do have some type of social media, please spread the word.

    Here are some Russian type links

  19. I know, I know, Facebook is the devil. But – I saw this video on my news feed yesterday from someone that I don’t know commending how great it was. One of my friends had commented on it and they were in a civil discussion about what’s fake-or-not with various media stories.

    These short videos serve their purpose well, regardless of platform. Well done, Mr. Corbett.

    • Thanks for sharing this. I personally enjoy hearing stuff like this.

  20. another classic by James Corbett and Broc West

  21. “Sanity is statistical”
    (from Orwell’s 1984)

    Fits nicely with WAR IS PEACE

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