Episode 448 – Tell-Lie-Vision

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How has television been used as a vehicle of propaganda? What psychological techniques are deployed in media manipulation? What is the future of media? Join James for this important edition of The Corbett Report podcast on the past, present and future of television, media and brainwashing.

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The Media Matrix
Time Reference: 01:02

“David Kelly” search on corbettreport.com
Time Reference: 01:23


Murdoch on the Iraq War
Time Reference: 04:17


Fox Admits To Planting Political Brainwashing In Popular TV Shows
Time Reference: 05:30


Amazon advertisement disguised as “news” and aired on multiple tv news programs
Time Reference: 07:27


Is THIS Japan?!?
Time Reference: 10:22


Bystander Points Out Maskless MSNBC Cameraman During Segment About People Not Wearing Masks
Time Reference: 11:33


Neil Postman on audiovisual entertainment, education, culture, politics 1988
Time Reference: 12:25


Nayirah testimony at hearing on Human Rights Violations in Kuwait
Time Reference: 17:37


Nayirah Episode of 60 Minutes
Time Reference: 18:37


Clips from To Sell A War – Gulf War Propaganda (1992)
Time Reference: 19:42


Polls Show People Don’t Trust Dinosaur Media – New World Next Week
Time Reference: 24:45


Information on Herbert Krugman experiments
Time Reference: 25:18


Quotation from The Responsive Chord: How Radio and TV Manipulate You, Who You Vote For, What You Buy, And How You Think
Time Reference: 27:20


Tucker Carlson: We were shocked to learn this
Time Reference: 32:29


Alison Morrow QUIT TV LIES…I Mean “News”
Time Reference: 34:41


US adults spend 13 hours a day with media
Time Reference: 40:22


Episode 420 – Mass Media: A History
Time Reference: 43:32


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  1. NY Times Admits Covid Deaths Were WAY OVERCOUNTED!

    20 minutes, well worth a watch. Both Jimmy and Kurt in good form. Basically, The New York Rag “admits” one thirds of “covid deaths” were overcounted. Then Jimmy whips out a 2021 Atalntic article claiming the covidflation was actually 50%. Jimmy draws a good conclusion that if they admin a third was fake, then at least 2 thirds or most of them were fake. I like his line of thinking, but it is a bit inaccurate. All of them were fake, Jimmy. ALL of them.

  2. The corruption and usurpation of the news media by the Intelligence Agencies was a plot hatched by the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society in 1909 at the Imperial Press Conference that culminated in the foundation of the Empire Press Union.

    The global power of the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society started with a secret plot in 1909 that created MI5, MI6 and GC&CS, now GCHQ, and staffed it with newspapermen.

    All the leading British and American newspapers were weaponized in 1909 by the British Government-led Pilgrims Society’s Empire Press Union: Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Times, Observer, Financial Times, , Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Reuters, AP, etc.

    As radio and television emerged in the 1920s, the list of Pilgrim-weaponized intelligence propaganda media expanded to BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CBC, CNN, CNBC, Comcast and now FOX.

    The C.I.A., FBI, NSA and State Department are the step-children under (British) Pilgrims Society control today.






  3. Having not watched TV for over 50 years until 2016 when I was given free cable I hold no pop culture memes in my brain. However, in the early 70’s I did study some of the books on “hidden persuaders” and “subliminal seduction”in both print advertising and the “new” TV “programing.

    As a teacher for the Contra Costa County, CA school district I put together a slide show on this subject and showed it at various high schools. From pictures of ethnic placement in group shots, sexual images (penis, breasts, etc.) in ice cubes in drinks, and Walter Cronkite’s back drop with “sex” put into it and more.

    Read a book in 1972 called something like: “Shut Off Your TV” or some such.

    It is quite difficult to watch TV these days as I observe quickly the manipulation going on. The best youtube vid on this shows “news casters” from across the US saying the exact sentences. For those of you who believe you are free of the mind condition…

    GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

    • EJDoyle, that’s just right.

      The phone is like a gun. I used it to enjoy your music and don’t feel like I shot myself in the foot. I use it carefully.

      • @general

        Your life, your choices. IMO you are assuming that you are smarter then SMART technology. No one is.

        I have a “dumb” TV and flip phone. Still not sure if my TV has a camera watching me as reported for the SMART TV’s years ago.

        Remember, the goal of the controllers is to highly reduce humanity and kept in SMART cities and track, trace, and data base everyone. You might have heard Kamala’s opps in her speech about population reduction.

        David Icke has said for years, if you want to see America’s future look at China today.

        Think about it…what better skill at imprisoning people then to have them addicted to the very device that will do it. They have untold acreage in Utah filled with server farms that harvest everything…every conversation, text, email, etc. Of course not watching it all but archiving it for the future for instant retrieval.

    • @ejdoyle
      One more thing…

      When we were in our 20’s in the 60’s we read and and talked face to face a lot. So nation wide memes were not as prevalent like the copy and paste reality of the web.

      The Hidden Persuaders
      by Vance Packard

      Subliminal Seduction
      by Wilson Bryan Key

      by Edward Bernays

      None Dare Call It Conspiracy
      by Gary Allen

      Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management
      by Holly Sklar

      [I met and spent time with Holly and Michio Kaku at a Native American 1980 2 week gathering in South Dakota]

  4. As a contrarian I usually use TV advertisement as guide on what not to buy.

    • Some of the films do reveal a lot…
      3 Days of the Condor
      The Hospital
      Minority Report

  5. Neil Postman segment at about 12:35 was a rather rectal sphincter crunching experience. The “now this” as a attention diversion tool reminded me of the “3, 2, 1 clap!” method of garnering children’s attention.

  6. You notice assassins always go by their full name. Why not just John Booth or Lee Oswald or James Ray?

    • microsurfer says:
      “You notice assassins always go by their full name. Why not just John Booth or Lee Oswald or James Ray?”

      FULL NAME – …not Lee Oswald – ANSWERED thanks to James Corbett…

      Under the newsletter articles, Corbett Report Members have access to some recommended articles, videos, and fun stuff.

      At this Corbett Report article:
      is a “Recommended Viewing” of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Final Phone Call.

      The Allen, Texas Public Library has a vast archive of lectures concerning the JFK assassination. (Allen is a suburb north of Dallas and Plano)
      The library has a YouTube Video Channel packed with John F Kennedy assassination lectures and events.

      In the video, Dr. Grover Proctor talks about how the media grabs hold of the official government arrest reports or documents. The government documents include the middle name. This gets repeated by the media.

      • Go to the source.
        Not me.
        I am just a hearsay witness, and the lawyers always object to it.
        The video is a 2 hour presentation.
        Dr. Grover Proctor gave other presentations at Allen.
        Of course, many of these researchers would also deliver presentations at the JFK Lancer Conference.

        Every year during November in Dallas is the JFK Lancer Conference.
        James Corbett delivered his Episode 389 – Debunking the JFK Silver Certificate Myth to the JFK Lancer Conference.

        Our 9/11 Truth Group was always very active.
        I think we distributed more than 69,000 DVDs, and were involved in countless events and activist actions (hundreds.)
        Yearly, we would set up a table at the JFK Lancer Conference.
        IMAGES – On the JFK 50th Anniversary – JFK Lancer & “North Texans for 9/11 Truth”

        An aside…Old memories…Around 1992, just after the filming of Oliver Stone’s “JFK”, they filmed a Jack Ruby movie entitled: “Ruby”.
        I had an old 1959 bread truck which I used to sell stuff like “Elvis black-velvet paintings” on the side of the road at vacant lots. The “Ruby” production company used that bread truck in “Ruby” to portray a WFAA TV News Truck. Balsa wood was used for the ‘camera’ platform on top of the truck.

  7. Just watched.

    I watched Manchurian Candidate for the first time maybe a year ago. It occurs to me that characters portrayed by Angela Lansbury and James Gregory, Senator and Mrs. John Yerkes Iselin, are actually “referring to” Lady Bird Johnson and Lyndon Baines Johnson!!!

    That is funny as hell!!

    • Thanks Won Fat Fuk.
      You are prompting me to re-watch the 1962 Manchurian Candidate.
      It has been decades since I last watched it.

      I believe this is Senator and Mrs. John Yerkes Iselin discussing the number of communists.
      (100 seconds)

  8. Personally, I liked Episode 448 – Tell-Lie-Vision.
    I found it well organized, interesting and educating.
    This style of presentation resonates with me.

    No doubt, there are all types of audiences.
    e.g. Instagram attracts a different sort of audience than a scientific article.

    I think that Corbett’s 5 minute “9/11 A Conspiracy Theory” probably resonated with a wide spectrum of audiences.

  9. @lisab

    Excellent example.

    Metaphysical and scientific all wrapped up in one. But alas, the controllers have been in the driver’s seat regarding what is “legitimate” entertainment or subject matters for a long time.

    In the 60’s for a short time off planet aliens weren’t always the bad guys and potential sources of wisdom and knowledge; the arts were in their dying gasps of reality…astrology, psychic power, alternative medicine, mind expansion through natural plants like psilocybin, cannabis, moving away from organized religion to a true spirituality, etc.

    But alas, the propaganda arm of the controllers, the entertainment/media business demeaned and subjugated all things not in line with the program as evil, etc.

    Now the public consciousness is a cartoon world filled with nonsense and prescribed subject matter pushed as “reality” hey?

    • @lisab

      >>I am also aware that as individuals among the collective society, we all choose what to view, how to view it, what to see…>>

      I would offer that people are given the ‘opportunity’ but few are able to escape the cognitive bias’ perceptual distortion, inaccurate judgement of illogical interpretation having been propagandized from a life time of peer group pressure, media and “entertainment” misdirection, intentional psychological conditioning using Bernays’ Freud, Skinner, and who knows what DARPA has come up with rather then any true auto didactic effort.

      >>These CONCEPTS of how the world should be is the REALITY that WE ALL have created together.>>

      Again, I would offer the insight in the above paragraph. From my training and experience with Tribal cultures and other carriers of ancient knowledge, they don’t look for concepts about “how the world should be” but rather how the world IS and what it offers.

      Hence the historical use of homeopathic healing (plants not chemicals) honoring those with “vision” and insight, not making fun of them as is so often found in the “entertainment” world.

      >>It becomes easier to see why the masses might prefer to be placed in a cartoonish reality because despite all the violence in either reality, at least in the cartoon version no one really feels any pain or actually dies from their foolishness.>>

      It is difficult to ascertain just how many mental deaths have occurred.

      >>How many are perceiving THE REALITY versus how many are perceiving the ALTERNATE REALITY?>>

      Whose definition of either is valid??

      >>And, with the possibility of an even larger REALITY that not all are perceiving, but are still a part of the larger REALITY, which REALITY is more or less real, and which REALITY is an illusion?>>

      Probably the best sentence IMO of your posting. As I have pointed out, the controllers have brilliantly conceived of the tools of mass deception over the decades, hell, centuries. People today are still metaphorically being “burned at the stake” for word sins.

      There are millions of us across the world who have had various levels of off planet contact or observations. Yet they hammer down on us as “kooks” and such. I’ve been a contactee both alone and with many others all my life and have always grown in consciousness from it, never anything “evil” or “torturous.”

      >>What is “real” anyway?>>

      Good ?

      [James, I had 501 words, opps. I edited it down.]

      • @lisab
        I don’t keep draft copies. Got the warning and just cut some stuff out without paying attention to what it was. Didn’t reply originally anyway to all your paragraphs.

        >>You broke down a paragraph…I’m only wanting to put the rest back in for context in my response….>>

        >>And your response…
        “It is difficult to ascertain just how many mental deaths have occurred.“
        >>no one really feels any pain or actually dies from their foolishness..>>

        Thought it was an obvious reply as I have a back ground full of mental hygiene/healing experience on others. Emotional and mental pain and death are common IMO.

        >>Did you by any chance read from the link I provided as my follow up to my post?>>


        >>You might enjoy it. It’s a spiritual perspective about the collateral damage we all create…It provides the reader an opportunity for self reflection…>>

        You speak as if you and I are on the same page?? You are assuming that YOUR deficit or needed life lessons are ones I have or need. I don’t. We are on two VERY different paths and happen to bump into each other here at a rest area.

        Do you REALLY think I am someone who NEEDS any “self help” education???

        Does my music and essays not reflect a high level of consciousness??? My articulate, insightful comment box replies??

        I am not of your “world” so to speak. I don’t carry the memes and nonsense of the Clown World. No TV for 50 years; never had a pizza delivered even. HOWEVER…I have had a VERY full life experience so far by not dancing in that madness, but rather reporting on it in my writing.

        As a free man I have been able to be an explorer of consciousness and reality the majority of my 81 years here. Since I have rarely gotten passionate or caught up in the pop culture world of Kabuki nonsense,it could be said: “I have gone where few men have gone before” many, many times.

        Try this on for size :-))

        A GYPSY OF THE SIXTIES (song)

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