Interview 1688 – Yohan Tengra Exposes the Public Health Mafia in India

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Interviews | 16 comments

How does the global public health mafia direct the health policy of nations around the world? In today’s conversation, James talks to Yohan Tengra of the Awaken Indian Movement to discuss Tengra’s article breaking down the Indian Covid-19 Task Force and how its members’ conflicts of interest relate to the decades-long takeover of India’s public health system.

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Yohan Tengra: / AwakenIndiaMovement / Telegram channel

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  1. Why are there no replies? wtf is going on? I’ve never been the first to reply or seen no one else not reply, am I being paranoid?

    • Testing 1,2,3 (I like the little end loop).

  2. I see CHD is down, then up, now down again, Silicon valley mf’s just do as they please. They know we are slowing winning and are bringing out the big guns. Cowardly sob’s…

  3. Brilliant episode and I look forward to reading Yohan’s article. There are a bunch of bright people out there … amazing. Thank you James for getting him on again. I look forward to his financial reporting report soon…

  4. I loved seeing this interview with Yohan Tengra!
    This guy is sharp! …and a very active ACTIVIST!

    At the 14:30 minute mark, I appreciate James Corbett bringing up the point that the Alt Media misreported “That the Gates Foundation got kicked out of India.”
    I remember being puzzled about this, because at the time I thought the Foundation was kicked out. Then later, I would see little news stories about the Gates Foundation’s actions in India.
    Guys, Thanks for clearing this up.

    India is such an important player on the world stage.
    I’m glad that Corbett occasionally introduces stories about India.

    Yohan Tengra was part of The GreatER Reset Activation: January 25th – 29th, 2021

    Watch Yohan Tengra in action below…

    From The Conscious Resistance August 19, 2020
    Video (13:26)
    This Independence Day, we make it clear to the people of India as well as the Government that we don’t want masks to be mandatory. We, the people of India have had enough! Let us dissolve the fear of corona from everyone’s minds.

    [H/t to Corbett Member debra.b – bless her.]

  5. I have the exact same bumper sticker on my truck that Yohan has on the wall behind him. Its gotten a few thumbs up over the years and hopefully sparked a few neurons.

  6. I’m afraid Yohan spoke too quickly in this interview. I caught about 20% – admittedly only listening as I worked. I was wondering whether he would touch upon the Indian use of Ivermectin. Perhaps he did.

    • Yes, he did talk about Ivermectin and HCQ. I don’t know if it’s possible to alter the playback speed to slow it down? He did speak very quickly but quite clearly, fortunately, so I was able to follow him.

      • Odysee has a playback speed adjuster. I’ve used this in order to transcribe some parts of videos.

  7. This guy is my new favorite autistic Indian libtard.

  8. Thank you for this great interview. It is very interesting to hear what is happening in different parts of the world so that one can put events into context. It seems to me that we live very parochial lives in a world where corporate power is globalised and difficult to grasp.
    I thought that India was coping much better with the pLandemic as the people are very connected to Ayurvedic and Homeopathic and other traditional health systems. I guess the medical mafia is too ubiquitous.

  9. I have read Laura Dodsworth’s book, and living in the UK I can confirm that it is all true.
    I also recommend Dr Mattias Desmet who describes how the public can fall for this propaganda. He calls it Mass Formation psychosis. He is well worth looking up – perhaps you could interview him on the Corbett Report?

  10. Amazing how the Gates Foundation has managed to insinuate its vaccine profit and depopulation agendas into the minds of every country’s public health bureaucrats. They’ve been especially diabolically clever in India.

    Can I suggest that such an important subject be explained to Americans more slowly by Yohan Tengra.. His heavy Indian accent makes his rapidly spoken, however articulate English, very hard to understand..

    But great research and many many thanks to Yohan for speaking out about the criminal activity against his people in India by one of our wealthiest corporate elite Americans, Bill Gates.

  11. Thanks Yohan and James, very powerful article and what a body of work and research work you have made. Thank you! we will flood the zone with this!

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