Interview 1754 – James Corbett on The Free Thought Project

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 21 comments

via The Free Thought Project Podcast:

Corbett has long covered important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more. On this week’s podcast, we take an eye-opening look into his epic three-part documentary series, False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda. The trilogy is a jaw-dropping deep dive into the decades-long history of the West’s intervention in Africa and the Middle East, which eventually led up to the creation of Al-Qaeda. We discuss how these pieces on the global chessboard have been moved to usher in a new dystopia in which freedom-loving citizens are considered the new “enemy of the state.” We also examine how this entire police and military state which has risen up since 9/11, will be turned inward to target those who will not comply with the state’s total control system.

This is a podcast you do not want to miss.

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  1. This was a most gratifying conversation that for some inexplicable reason, fills me with an ineffable sense of tingling pride.

    As the veritable dunce at the Corbett academy who’s still using Paypal to meagerly compensate her favorite journalist even after rather extensive and personalized explanations as to why it’s plausibly criminal to be doing so and still somewhat of the opinion that bitcoin will be used to convince people that CBDCs are far SAFER and superior to cryptocurrencies (perhaps via some violent false-flag cryptocurrency theatrics) thus demonstrating that she’s just another sorry dupe of the Bitcoin Psyop, I have a couple of Happy Hour comments that I’ll try, for my own very personal gratification, to articulate here despite a decided but thankfully temporary lack of clarity:

    1: The Solutions Watch suggestion: I’ve opportunistically spoken with a few students about CBDCs in the past weeks mentioning some of the frighteningly heavy points laid out by the undeniably voluminous Carstens himself and almost inevitably they say “oh, that’s like bitcoin, right?”. And I, in my limited sort of way, attempt to explain the fatal differences between CBDCs and Bitcoin (evoking permissionless, pseudo-anonymous blockchain systems in comparison to closed and utterly controlled and programmable digital currency systems)

    but YOU could perhaps in your cogent, well-documented, eminently pedagogical and persuasive manner, do an episode for us laymenbearpig English teachers outlining a strategic instruction manual for explaining the key differences between the two types of payment systems and how to get “normie” Business English students to grasp the vitally important stakes involved?

    And secondly (on a purely self-congratulatory note): just to share the satisfaction I feel at having at least unveiled the existence of the BIS, its members, history and power to yet another completely unknowing and unsuspecting financial director who seemed somewhat destabilized and/or non-plussed by this otherwise transformative information that was essentially corroborated by her favorite fact-checking platform: Wikipedia. Ultimately leaving her somewhat speechless.

    But as you said, you can bring a financial director to water but you can’t make her think.

    This sort of simple info creates painful cognitive dissonance that mostly results in casual dismissal but has almost on two painful and harrowing occasions resulted in my own casual dismissal by my trusting and furious boss who has cried out to me in raging anguish that his company has been dubbed a “conspiracy company” because of my selfish indiscretions.

    Thanking you most cordially and respectfully in advance.

    ps: Please excuse my excessively clunky use of adverbs.

    • That was fantastic! What an amazingly nimble verbal acrobat you are.
      My family and friends feel the way your boss does, so he could probably use a hug.
      Thank you and have a nice weekend.

      • “…he could probably use a hug…”

        Good call. He does indeed often convey a sort of muted hysteria despite his two-meter stature and patronizing communication style.

        Have a very nice weekend yourself, thanks.

  2. Wait – now youre mocking those who believe crypto is a psyop?? Im certain you yourself found bitcoin at least suspicious because I felt villified in my own belief on hearing you say that. Perhaps I’m deluded. But you cannot transact in crypto – especially not outside 5-eyes. And the exchanges require more ‘validation’ intrusion than mainstream banks.And look how it arrived just after the 08 crash. And look how it sucked up money velocity post 20/21 printing
    I would love to hear your current take on crypto and your reason for taking a mocking stance

    • southamerica

      I can not answer for what Mr Corbett think NOW, but lays out what he DID say…. basically that Bitcoin and Crypto are tools that can be used to circumvent control OR as tools of control.

      I think, ( but obviously dont KNOW), that he may have been mocking the people who refuse to use Crypto (or start growing food, or change jobs or make ANY changes to their lives) because “the Gov will TAKE it away and shut it down”. That mantra is (IMO) is more of a cope for being too lazy to actually try anything new and an excuse to justify not doing anything at all.

      That said, I personally think Crypto is a going to END up in the dumpster…. but if people use it RIGHT NOW they can send Mr Corbett some money and he will get it AT THE MOMENT.

      I think Dollars and Pounds and Pesos are ALL gonna end up in the Dumpster….but I will happy accept any folks are throwing out 🙂 LOL

      • Duck says:
        “I think Dollars and Pounds and Pesos are ALL gonna end up in the Dumpster….but I will happy accept any folks are throwing out.”

        You said it, brother.
        I’ll get in line too.


      here is him talking on Bitcoin in the Q4C

      OH…BTW I saw a machine for buying bitcoin with cash recently….apparently it wants a phone number but not much else. I will have to look into it. If they get common I might take up Bitcoin myself

      • By ‘machine’ do you mean ATM? If so they’ve had those in various US states for ages but the mark-up is horrific. And of course, if they have a phone #, they have everything else.
        It did occur to me that JC was mocking ‘sceptics’ now since he needs to garner income after the PP debacle, but they did in the interview mock crypto-sceptics on two occasions, the interviewer said they were annoying.
        It’s hardly unreasonable to think they can cancel your position – just look at the history of gold in the 30s. And aside from BTC, which seems like an obvious psyop to me, ever since I was exposed to the stuff in 2014, there are tons of other crypto options, which can/have been hacked. And if JC expects the likelihood of a cyber FF, then natch crypto will go down.
        IMO Just like this dumpster fire in UK, where people are being groomed to accept, maybe venerate, the idea that a private bank steps in and usurps .gov, the BTC goldrush is a great way to get everyone quickly into the CBDC environment.

        • southamerica

          Its not that I disagree with you that they can probably close off Bitcoin (and since I do not even use it I have no dog in this fight) but

          a)That would be when they were doing a BIG turn of the screw, sending money to Japan would be the least of our worries, and if the internet shuts down ALL money (inc Gold Coins) will be worthless until folks have finished eating each other.

          B) When you say “…can cancel your position…” having ‘ a position’ makes it sound like thousands of dollars in your wallet. I appears to me (on the outside) that if you just wanted to USE IT to do a SPECIFIC thing its not much different then getting a money order and posting it. If Someone steals my Wallet and its got a grand in it I will be pissed…..but I wont die from it.

          “….UK, where people are being groomed to accept, maybe venerate, the idea that a private bank steps in and usurps .gov…”

          Since the Bank Of England burned the Treasury’s Tally Sticks thats already happened, lol. 🙂

          As to phone numbers, you could still buy a phone for cash last I tried…just keep it in a Mission Dark Bag tuned off when you take it home, lol

          • I don’t consider myself a crypto currency skeptic. I can see that many people have gained a lot of wealth by embracing the technology. Jeff Berwick comes to mind.
            My issue with it is simply that I would necessarily have to have a smart phone or something equivalent and to be connected in a way that would seem to directly go against my efforts to eschew the whole worldwide technocratic push.
            Funny enough, it was James who was perhaps the most influential in causing me to become anti smart phone.

            I also am too ignorant of how it all works and I’m afraid I’m too old to learn now. For the life of me, despite it having been explained to me numerous times. I still don’t really understand blockchain technology at all.

            The ship has sailed and I missed the boat. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

            Plus of course I simply don’t have enough money to screw around with anyway.

            I’m not a Luddite. I just strongly resemble one.

            • Same here. I am okay with that, too.

              At this moment I feel the urge to plan a Liberty funeral – gather with family & friends to eat, drink, and remember the plans, now mangled, we developed for our retirements.

              Hopefully tomorrow the fighting spirit will arise again and I will try to develop Plans B, C, D, etc.

              What am I going to do when faced with the need for a digital ID to access the internet or to access my money / conduct financial transactions? Is it any different from having my US Social Security Number? Can’t they just tack a social credit score and the secret NSA data about me on top of my financial credit score?

              • “ What am I going to do when faced with the need for a digital ID to access the internet or to access my money / conduct financial transactions? Is it any different from having my US Social Security Number? Can’t they just tack a social credit score and the secret NSA data about me on top of my financial credit score?”

                They can and probably will.
                As long as people continue to labor under the illusion that they must give certain other people the power to rule. I figure that the rulers can and likely will continue down the path they seem to be on. That is the path to complete control and subjugation of humanity.

                Fortunately, I don’t believe that destination will ever be reached. Not because I think that people will wake up and stop playing the game. But rather because as a Bible believing Christian, I think that we are nearing or perhaps even in the end days.
                And that prospect should scare the heck out of everyone.

                Almost wish I could believe in the pretribulation rapture fantasy. But unfortunately its not biblical.

            • Bitcoin price projection

              I should mention that some pundits (like Gareth Soloway on Kitco) have projected that the $ cost of bitcoin might go down to 12k or much lower (3k). It is around $19,200 as I type.
              If bitcoin drops like that, then the stock market will have also dropped steeply.

              Gareth points out that in the lower price range, bitcoin may hover for a relatively extended period of time before rising again.
              Gareth correctly called a variety of bitcoin price moves in the past. He was spot-on.

  3. Steve Smith

    Even if crypto is a stop or scam it IN NO WAY stops folks making money off it…. you can get a pay out on even a ponzi scheme if you jump off at the right time. Stock markets a total fake scam and people can make money on that, lol.

    I AM somewhat a luddite, a CyberLuddite, haha

    • “ Even if crypto is a stop or scam it IN NO WAY stops folks making money off it…. you can get a pay out on even a ponzi scheme if you jump off at the right time. Stock markets a total fake scam and people can make money on that, lol.”

      I understand that. But I don’t understand how that relates to what I wrote.

      • Steve Smith

        It was on the topic of skepticism you mentioned.
        Lots of people are skeptical about it, lots of people think it’s t he future. Myself I think it was a scam that got bigger than expected but I still regret not buying g any back when it was super cheep

    • Trading

      Trading is not a sin. …at least in my book.
      Trading is consensual.
      Sometimes, risks can exist in a trade.

      Everyone trades daily. People exchange something of perceived value for something else that has perceived value.

      Sometimes the “perception” includes that something will have a higher perceived value in the future. …just like the tulip bulbs or silver coins.

      That “the stock and market exchanges are rigged” doesn’t change the fact that buyers and sellers are consensually trading.

      Trading is not a sin.
      Taking risks is not a sin.
      Being stupid…well, that is just being stupid. It is best to know before you go.

  4. JC
    “a couple of centuries ago,, British and Russians were strategizing over that piece of the chess board, which is why Afghanistan is known as the graveyard of empires,,”

    I hear the area has been an “empire graveyard” since days of yor.

    Samarkand, although in neighboring Uzbekistan is arguably in the heart of that region, and I read that it is where Attila the Hun and Alexander the great both arrived at the mortality end stop. another couple’a dominators that bit the dust.

    Attila’s tomb, whose location is an “official mystery” (but “locally well known to be in old Samarkand”) was opened by a “Russian archaeologist” against advice by the crypt custodians who held a prophecy about preserving peace by not disturbing the bad force Apparently WW1 started the next day).

    Alexander was finally facing his own hungry ghost and chose death.

    in this book:

  5. RE: Interview 1754 – James Corbett on The Free Thought Project

    I appreciate the visuals in this video. It helped to cement mental concepts.
    Also, the wide range of the discussions made for something not “old hat”. The relevance to our current situation and lives was great to see.

  6. Around the 12 minute mark, the JFK topic came up when Corbett mentions “today’s context” compared to 50 years ago when communicating to others…

    Wed Oct 19, 2022 – The Hill
    Biden, Archives sued over JFK assassination records

    A nonprofit that curates an online collection of John F. Kennedy’s assassination records sued President Biden and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) on Wednesday to demand the release of all remaining materials on the former president’s 1963 killing.

    The Mary Ferrell Foundation and two of its members filed the suit in a Northern California federal trial court, asking a judge to throw out Biden’s order last year to postpone the records’ release.

    Federal officials have already released thousands of records related to Kennedy’s assassination, but George H.W. Bush signed the JFK Records Act in 1992 directing agencies to identify related records and send them to NARA and requiring that all such records be released by Oct. 2017, unless the documents posed certain risks to national defense or intelligence.

    On the eve of that deadline, former President Trump postponed the release of an unspecified number of records for six months, and he later issued an additional extension that stood in place until Biden took office.
    Biden last October issued an additional extension until Dec. 15 of this year
    , citing the pandemic’s impact on the National Archives’s ability to review the records.

    The lawsuit asks the judge to declare Biden’s memo void for violating the 1992 law.
    “The unlawful postponement of Assassination Records by Defendant President Biden deprives Plaintiffs from becoming fully informed about the history surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in contravention of the express goals of the Act,” the suit states…

    …The White House didn’t have anything to share on the lawsuit when asked for a response to it on Wednesday.
    Kennedy’s nephews have pressured the Biden administration to release the records.

    “It’s an outrage against American democracy,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told Politico last October following Biden’s extension.
    “We’re not supposed to have secret governments within the government.
    How the hell is it 58 years later, and what in the world could justify not releasing these documents?”

  7. I was on YT this a.m. and, lo and behold, there in the suggestions was Corbett’s “911 Suspects”. Stunned, I scanned the page and what else did I see but “Why I Began Questioning HIV, House of Numbers”! What is going on here? Is this The Other Side or something?? Am I being baited by the CIA?? lol

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