The Abnormalization of Dissent

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The spin, lies, manipulation and deceptions are coming so fast and thick it’s increasingly difficult to document them all, let alone analyze them. But in the broad sweep of recent events we can see a common theme emerging: the abnormalization of dissent. And when political ideology boils down to nothing more than “real” and “fake” the control of political discourse through language itself is almost complete. Can outright censorship be far behind?

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Manufacturing Normality


  1. The bright spot in the US elections was the almost 50% of people that DID NOT VOTE. When 80 to 90% do not vote then governments lose all credibility. Of course this will never happen. The majority of people are quite happy to remain children and be told what to do.

  2. Hmmm… maybe we need a real list of “fake news” sites.
    I’ll start with CNN.

    • My in-laws watch Fox News all the time and I catch snippets from time to time. I have heard them talk disparagingly about the mainstream media on more than one occasion – they think they are the alt media!!!

      • marie,
        I also have run into many people who have the same idea (the MSM lies and FOX News is the alternative media).

  3. I have to admit: “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be” are pretty clever with this campaign of ‘divide and conquer’, of creating two opposing classes. We have seen it with race, with politics, and now with the media (our sources of information).
    The new meme contains two opposing factions: there is the ‘normal news’ and the ‘nutty, marginalized news’. This is precarious stuff.

    This era reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s, when there were two classes of people: “The marginalized ‘hippie’ antiwar, pro-civil rights folks” and the “Normal People”.
    “Mario Savio on the operation of the machine”
    90 seconds –

    Bloomberg CyberExpert on FAKE NEWS and how to censor it

    But look at this…
    Bloomberg’s own report on Russia discredits the concept of elite Russian hackers on the election.
    In 2004 only 9% of the Russian people had internet access.
    Also, note Russia’s version of “FACEBOOK”.
    Bloomberg on RUSSIA
    Video gets juicy at around the 10 minute mark.


    Who in their right mind chooses dirtiness over cleanliness? Oil is black and dirty whereas windmills are white and clean.

    White is not the only clean colour; it is widely understood that Green is also inherently clean.

    As humanity becomes increasingly less god-fearing, this Environmental Greenwashing is filling the void where old religions once dictated social reality. The new and improved original sin is the dreaded carbon footprint. Only science hating heretical deniers would dare to disagree.

    Only greedy, dirty oil lovers would begin to argue that hydrocarbons are NOT “dirty”. The language is such that any argument is over before it can begin.

  5. I shared this video on FB with the following introduction: Right now, as I write these words, at this exact moment in the history of the United States, our freedom of speech, our ability to truly express ourselves, is being legislated away from us. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This affects ALL of us. If you haven’t watched anything else I’ve posted, I urge you to watch this and consider what is actually happening in our country right now. I suggest that if we allow this to happen, it will truly be the end of this country as it was intended and laid out in the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Game over.

    Alternative media is actually making a difference by showing us what is really going on in the world. People are changing as a result. The cultural narrative as dictated to us by the mainstream media is falling apart, so they are attempting to shut it down.

    • Not that I expect this to amount to anything better than pissing in the wind in the case of almost all of my FB friends, but at least I said it. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

    • They’re probably laughing, saying that this was the easiest and least expensive false flag event they never had to create. They didn’t even have to concoct the event, they only needed to create the false narrative after the election, and take advantage of it from there.

  6. Hi James,

    The Corporate whore media are obviously putting up a concerted attack – no collusion there then!

    It seems to me that the best response would be to create a short video of clips proving how the “real” media have lied over the years – similar to the very popular short video on 9/11

    Some suggestions might be the American news broadcaster who lied about being in a helicopter on the front line; how the BBC reported the fall of building 7 before it even happened; the American broadcaster admitting his membership of the CFR; how Bill Clinton was caught laughing at a funeral and then suddenly bursting into tears when caught on camera – never broadcast by “real” news; why the clip about Hilary taking orders from the CFR was never headline news; how the BBC showed clips of Iranian people protesting against the leadership when in fact they were doing the exact opposite ….

    Just some food for thought.

    I believe that Youtube will soon be taking down feeds from sites such as yours and there will be a need to find alternatives that are easily accessible and untrackable, if that word exists.

    Have been a loyal member for many years and have no intention of giving this up – where else can we get such fantastic content on a consistent basis.

    • “I believe that Youtube will soon be taking down feeds from sites such as yours and there will be a need to find alternatives that are easily accessible and untrackable, if that word exists.”

      I agree. As time moves on, they will push truth seekers further away from mainstream, accepted networks and web sites. It may well reach a point where people like us need alternative networks just to communicate. Existing outside of the monitored, survelled Internet might be a good thing eventually.

  7. It’s the new version of McCarthyism.

  8. Insane times is right. I’m running out of shock. We’re witnessing in all its unironic horror the spectacle of the American Left (albeit in its most namby-pamby Democratic form) running around with its hair on fire about Russkies; calling the Electoral College a noble democratic institution designed to save us from despots; mourning the defeat of our child-beheading moderate rebels in Aleppo; defending CIA propaganda as totally trustworthy: WHAT THE F*CK?!

    I’m about ready to beat a full retreat into art and music, me. Shit just got unreal.

    • “…calling the Electoral College a noble democratic institution designed to save us from despots;…”

      In light of Hillary’s loss? How can that be? I thought they’re calling for the EC to be trashed.

    • Metal lamb says: …satisfaction in trying to focus on the things I can effect.
      I hear ya!

  9. “Imponderable distinctions” are not a recent innovation. Perhaps the buzzwords evolve but have they not always delivered their wisdom unto us in this fashion? Any negotiator of business deals, hostage returns or legal matters will also have honed this skill:

    “Clean energy is better than dirty energy”
    “Real news is preferable to fake news”
    “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists”

    James, have you considered producing a Con Man’s Handbook – A tongue in cheek shopping list of the tools of trickery successfully deployed by the washers of brains? A chapter might be devoted to “Imponderable Distinctions” as a tool to control the thoughts and behaviors of the unwashed masses.

  10. YouTube Censorship – (Pizzagate related)

    I just received word from our friend in New Zealand, that suddenly his YouTube Channel was censored. He had a very clean YouTube channel, culling the finer, more pristine ‘truther’ material. He had compiled some beautiful videos on 9/11 and about other issues.

    Recently he had been looking at Pizzagate and posting a few chosen works.

    He and some others who have been posting about Pizzagate have run into threats and hassle and censorship.

    It appears this sudden censorship is Pizzagate related.

  11. Speculation… “Hillary’s Vendetta”

    Looking back 3 to 6 months ago, Hillary’s primary bad press came from the alternative media. The MainStreamMedia certainly sided with her.
    And then came the WikiLeaks and Podesta emails which opened Pizzagate.

    Because Hillary is an evil bitch who laughs when she destroys and kills people, it certainly would not be out of character for her to want to destroy her perceived enemies (which include the alternative media).
    In fact, this is almost a predictable characteristic of the Clinton camp under Hillary’s domain…destroy others who might be a threat.

    So, if that Hitler Hillary characteristic is true, then it should not surprise us that her camp would endeavor “take them out”, to “take out the ‘Fake News'”.

    With any group, there are often factions.
    With the elite, there are factions.
    Certainly, during the election cycle there was a Hillary faction of elite which included high ranking government officials in places like the CIA, FBI and DOJ (and elite in other countries).
    Certainly this pro-Hillary faction is being called upon to help wage war on her enemies.

    Certainly a big enemy of Hillary’s was the alternative media.
    If she could, she would nuke us all and laugh.

    Sure, the MainStreamMedia doesn’t like the alternative media. But really, the MSM are kind of lame…they need “marching orders”. After all, not everyone who works for the MSM is a lying sack of shit…most employees are probably regular folks who just want a paycheck and want to try to do a good job or just get by.

  12. AMEN Matt! To the point. We can fix the problem if we want to extend the effort.

    I thought I would share an email conversation between my brother and I about Matt Haughtons excellent and insightful comment (its all about solutions, isn’t it?):

    Hi Paul,

    was reading comments on a Corbett report piece, and found this;

    Matt Haughton says:
    12/14/2016 at 2:48 pm

    Whenever I hear about a cyber-9/11, internet kill-switch, “fake news” censorship, I’m reminded of the fact that while that technology and those talking points are completely real, we have brought it upon ourselves. …
    There are small scale mesh networking solutions out there that go a long ways towards a user owned internet. If someone is interested I can dig up some resources.

    The Abnormalization of Dissent

    I don’t fully get it, but think I understand the concept… Thoughts?

    To which I replied:

    He is right.
    “The Internet” is just a network of computers just like my “intranet” network at the office or at home. They both have two key components:
    1) computers sharing information (servers) and computers accessing information
    2) the physical network infrastructure that connects them – ethernet cable, wireless connections, routers and switches.

    To have the internet to access information, and communicate with each other via chat, email etc, we rely on the Internet Service Providers that connect to the “backbone” internet infrastructure of Hi Speed ethernet fiberoptic cables, microwave relays, etc that carry the data and the routers that control the traffic – which can be shut down any time, outside of our control.

    So if people wanted to have a private intra/inter-net connecting whole communities and “under the radar” they can set up cheap $50 wireless routers and the super range extenders like the EnGenius you bought for $80 that could broadcast several miles if high enough for line of sight, that all communicate with each other but don’t necessarily have to connect to a “internet service provider”. It could be you and your neighbors own private dark web. And/or it could access the open internet from several points with different ISPs in different towns so if the internet went down with one ISP in one town, it could be still accessed through other ISPs in other towns.

    for example:

    It could also be done by connecting through ham or CB radio, but that is specifically against US law because the powers-that-shouldn’t-be don’t want you to be able to communicate and connect outside of their control. And none of us would ever want to break the law or violate our benevolent masters wishes, would we?

    Yes the US Gov claims to own the electromagnetic spectrum that God created and has declared that the spectrum used internationally for analog verbal ham radio, and locally for CB radio cannot be used to transmit digital data. There is NO technical reason preventing it. It’s just another radio frequency just like your wireless router and wireless ISP uses. (wink, wink-nod,nod)

    In many parts of the country (indeed the world) people are creating mesh networks of cheap wireless routers that span many miles – even over mountain passes – and enable participants to connect off the official grid if the controlled internet backbone becomes unavailable. I’ve seen youtube videos on creating that mesh but its too late and I’m too tired to look for them now.

    In south east Arizona (about the size of New Jersey) 10 or 15 of your EnGenius bridges and many cheap $50 home wireless routers could connect a private network from Wilcox or even Safford to Douglas, Nogales, and the edge of Tucson. Using Open VPN it could be encrypted to the point that Fort Huachuca (Army Intelligence sitting in the middle in Sierra Vista) could find the transmissions but could not break in or crack them with todays publicly known technology. It could be a private dark web to maintain communications without NSA spying now or a lifeline of communications if the SHTF.

    Thats my 2 cents, feel free to share.


    Internationally and across oceans it would be difficult to create a closed secure network (without breaking the law and using Ham/Citizens Band radio) but we could create cells spanning continents and uniting vast communities of “Private Internet” without government control.

    Matt, please post any resources you can find, and lets discuss local voluntary Agorist solutions.

  13. I can count on my fingers the number of YouTube channels that I try to watch every episode. The Corbett Report, NewsBud, Democracy At Work, and Lionel are some. As I watch them I try to contribute back to the world. Wikipedia is one place I tried.

    My heart is breaking…

    I feel responsible for my blundering catalyst that motivated the Wikipedia fascist Ian.thomson to utterly disembowel the article. I was fruitlessly trying to improve the 9-11 Truther Movement article until August when I finally stopped to read the _rigged rules_ and how pointless it was. After The Corbett Report referenced my RationalWiki article a few weeks ago I reworked and resubmitted the article draft on Wikipedia. I did not expect the furious attention it brought. That draft and several others are nominated for deletion and I am being nominated for a year’s banishment from editing US political topics, or worse, for being a “polite truther”. (They’re angry and overwhelmed with “fringe” activity.)

    I salvage copy/pasted the last pre-butcher version in various places:

    InfoGalactic (stupid name, seems run by alt-rights). I can’t figure them out and don’t trust anyone anymore. They basically copied the entire Wikipedia a while ago. Their articles are old versions of what’s on Wikipedia so most of the links work internally. Because of that I can’t tell how much is new or revised. Also there:

    RationalWiki (partly rational community) have let me “archive” stuff there while they’ve re-worked the James Corbett article and may do the same or just delete the Lionel article.

    WikiSpooks (poor name, very slow, needs a makeover) has let me “archive” stuff there too – so far. They already had a “James Corbett” article but I copy/pasted the “James Corbett (journalist)” article and they may leave it, merge them, or delete one. I don’t know what they may do with “Lionel (radio personality)”.

    It’s sad that a “fanboy” like me can only write ridiculously long articles for things like Evel Knevel but not even a modest article for clever critical analysis and relevant commentary.

    • I don’t want to belabor the point, but if you REALLY want to see the censorship process “behind the curtain” at Wikipedia, have a look:

      I hope I don’t sound like a whiny little bitch. I accept that Wikipedia has rigged the rules and I was breaking them left right and center, as civilly as possible, until I bothered to read some in August. Then I stopped – mostly. They’re banning me from something I’d already mostly stopped. Whatev.

      • HUMOUR:

        Under the “Topic ban” section where they’re deciding how to spank me, one of them says: “clear lack of ability to think critically. I blame the American educational system. There’s a truther viewpoint.”

        I said, “Blame Canada. I am Canadian.”

        It’s funny but also sad that I can’t think of any other cultural quotes besides 15 year old South Park and Molsen beer references. If you didn’t get them then you’re probably not Canadian and/or too young.

      • I can’t navigate those pages, looks like the content you’re referring to has been moved or removed. Doesn’t matter, really.

        You appear to have a knack for documenting stuff, have you considered contributing to sites such as ?

        To me it looks like wikipedia is really not worth a damn and your hard work may prove to be in vain.

  14. As this is open-source journalism forum, I thought it might be appropriate to bring my recent article to your attention:

    While votes are nice support, critical feedback is just as important. For example you might say I used too many images, or my style is all over the place, or I should be more/less professional/casual. As a designer I really wish Steemit had better layout tools.

    On the other hand, soon to be banned from political contributions on Wikipedia, I can spend more time ranting on The Corbett Report members forum. If you don’t want that, then feel free to lure me into a lucrative life on Steemit.

    That’s not really a threat but a jibe at the monetary motivations of Steemit. It would always be nice but I really don’t expect to make money there. I guess I’m just trying to re-assess where and how I should distribute my energy and efforts.

    Feedback welcome, there and/or here. Including whether this is appropriate or not.

    • They are depending upon some combination of ignorance, fear, sloth and apathy to keep us collectively paralyzed. Apathy is the last and most formidable obstacle.
      You are not alone. (Virtually)

      I often walk the Earth like the lady in the last scene of Invasion of the Body Snatchers….. holding my tongue, playing the game, biding time, scanning the sea of mindless idiocy for those rare and precious islands:

      Remind yourself, often, that it is an honor to be labeled crazy in an insane world. It isn’t supposed to be easy. When it is, you’re probably not trying hard enough:

      “Woe to him who seeks to please rather than to appall! Woe to him whose good name is more to him than goodness! Woe to him who, in this world, courts not dishonor! Woe to him who would not be true, even though to be false were salvation! Yea, woe to him who, as the great Pilot Paul has it, while preaching to others is himself a castaway!”

      – Moby Dick, Chapter 9, The Sermon.

    • If it is not reported on the “Real News” then I guess it isn’t happening.
      We know this must be “Fake News” if it is reported on “Fake News” websites.

    • Thank you HomeRemedySupply!
      That went completely unnoticed by me. Probably everyone.

        • – Bump –
          ( I admit, I had forgotten about this article. – HRS )

          Saleh v. Bush is a class action lawsuit being forwarded by Inder Comar of Comar Law that was filed in 2013 on behalf of an Iraqi refugee who was displaced from her home by the Bush administration’s illegal invasion of the country. The lawsuit alleges that Bush and other members of his administration committed the crime of aggression against the Iraqi people, the supreme crime under the Nuremberg principles.

          As Comar explained in a 2014 interview:

          “I practice here in San Francisco. I have my own private firm and I represent a client who’s seeking accountability for the Iraq war. She’s suing former high-ranking members of the Bush administration alleging that their conduct amounted to what’s called “aggression” under international law. That’s a principle that comes to us from the Nuremberg trials.

          “So she’s asking this federal court here in San Francisco to apply Nuremberg-era precedents on these six high-ranking members of the Bush administration. That includes George W. Bush, ex-Vice President Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz. She’s asking this court to look at their conduct leading up to the war and seeing if there’s any wrong-doing that might have been committed.”

          James and James Dec 15
          Queued YouTube –

  15. In addition to the idea of creating local wireless mesh networks

    ..just wanted to bring up the subject of sites like or meow.bit and the idea of decentralized internet domain lookup data. In my limited understanding, I thought this was a potential way to work around internet censorship?

    Anyone know anything about this?..worth studying more deeply?

  16. I live in Germany and work for a broadcast station. Always more have I been seeing how quickly the influence of the US mass media swaps over into a political agenda here. It’s almost always in favor of the US interests and supports its foreign policy nationally, as well as worldwide.

    With thanks to people such as Snowden and Assange, has a debate even started about the spying on german reporters, politicians, Kanzler Merkel, and basically anybody by the NSA. (Please check this leak to get an understanding : ) The BND, the german secret service, now even has a new headquarter in Berlin and is planning to have their own satellites soon. ‘Legal’ censorship is on the political agenda as well as more surveillance and internet control.

    It is a farce and a joke. There should be outrage and protests, yet all is calm. The media is mostly silent or biased and the public just doesn’t seem to care much. Almost like zombies 8(

    Now, of course, the big topic here too is… FAKE NEWS. Especially with the Kanzler elections coming up next year. And not only “fake news” but also the threat of cyber attacks. We have already been told by the media who the Boo Man is: Russia. The media here is filled with these topics, daily.

    But there is no evidence of who really spreads this “real fake” news. And so it gets all confusing for me and many others what is meant by “fake news” and what not. The media here relies on the US media which gets it’s information from…. you know. And so the ball rolls.

    It is becoming difficult for me to work for a major national news network (as a technician mind you) and see how dead journalism has become. I am personally in a bit of a strange situation. I work for a, as what I believe, to be a source of “fake news”, where as “they” believe the Corbett Report and such to be “fake”. Yet I will stand to my beliefs and defend the right to truth and justice. And at the moment, it seems, I’m alone in this giant machinery.

    • LenZoo,
      Thank you for the insight which widens my world.
      No matter what choices you make, I support you because you are aware. Personally, I consider it fine if you decide to continue “working within the system”.

      MEDIA Example: In the past when I have dealt with either “9/11 Truth” advertising or trying to get a reporter in the mainstream media to run an article, I could tell that there were some folks who worked within the media who were aware…and they helped in subtle, often silent ways. Repeatedly, I have noticed this.

      MEDIA Anecdote Example:
      In 2011, an Associated Press reporter called me from Florida. She wanted to fly to Texas to interview only me. I told her to forget me…I am just a regular guy. She insisted. So, I insisted that she first interview some prominent people in the 9/11 Movement followed by members of our North Texas group.

      The article went around the world in literally thousands of publications from New Zealand to Europe to all over the place.
      ha!…My wife saw my picture on the computer’s front news story of AOL and said: “Now, you will never get a good job.”

      The AP article “From JFK to 9/11, Conspiracy Theories Thrive” was ubiquitous. This was during an era when it was difficult to have the Press mention any links related to “9/11 Truth”.

      Here is the article. (Click the photo to see more photos)

      JAPAN – Here is the article in Japan.

      I became friends with the reporter. We often would speak on the phone after the article was published. She told me that some of her friends knew that 9/11 was an inside job and they knew about “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”.
      Some folks in the “9/11 Truth Movement” saw this Associated Press article as a ‘hit piece’.
      Actually, it wasn’t really a ‘hit piece’.
      It was disguised as a ‘hit piece’ while mentioning great sources of information about “9/11 Truth”. This was a win for our side. In effect, it was free advertising. The public exposure of these “9/11 Truth” sources was tremendous.

      Anyway LenZoo, I wish you all the best on your life’s journey.

  17. Are you ready to dedicate your life to maintaining a site like that?
    It can probably be easily setup like a wiki of sorts, the problem being maintenance.

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