Interview 1877 – The Age of Neurowarfare with Stavroula Pabst

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Stavroula Pabst joins us today to discuss her recent article, “Weaponizing Reality: The Dawn of Neurowarfare.” From the military origins of brain-chip interfaces and neuroscience to the geopolitical ramifications of neuroweapons to the suspicious characters forwarding the controlled opposition “neurorights” movement, Pabst dives deep into the history and future of the age of neurowarfare.

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  1. Touchdown!! Excellent interview, SkyNet is here..

    • This little documentary came to my in box around the same time as Ms. Pabst interview with JC.

      Very dystopian future predicted and a dozen corresponding topics that Ms. Pabst outlined.
      One thing that is clear Yuval Noah Harari is a Klaus Schwab Mimi me wannabe.
      5g, 6g need to be removed from reality.
      I think of the Houston city council and Mr. Broze battles.

      • Diggin’ your ‘lil po-em. Thanks for the warning & all the links given on this page. Meant to come back next day, but wooosh the week flew by!

        Can’t keep these reprobates straight! All have a #NWO trait.

        Need to make some funny nick names. Helps a good bit when mocking NWO games.

  2. Neuro Rights can be relinquished by agreement or contract of terms and conditions of service, as we all know with just a click, you exchange your rights for service.

    “I have read and agree” check the box and get your free (or upgraded) service.

    I can see why any organization that’s invested into neuro tech would want to cause the people to believe that their rights are being protected by big brother. It’s so comforting to think you’re safe.

    On a related topic, Aaron and Melissa Dykes produced a very comprehensive, but not exhaustive documentary titled “The Minds of Men” where they presented the history of mind control experiments and advances in the field of technology to breach the subconscious and alter the minds and functions of people’s brains.

    The internet and the frequencies that are used are pathways of control.

    One thing that stands out about this is that no matter how advanced they’ve gotten, they have never been able to disable individuals free will to make their own decisions. What has been discovered is that people will only base their decisions on information that they’ve learned, so if they limit the information that people are able to receive, via algorithms and censorship, they can narrow the scope by which people will make their decisions.

    Also, there is a prophecy in scripture that points to a single event that will be the beginning of the greatest tribulation that ever had been or ever will be. That event (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Daniel 9,11&12, 2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation 12)

    Is known as “The abomination of desolation” which is described as a man of sin, a lawless one that shall “stand in the temple of God…”

    This event is the one event that indicates that anyone in the cities must hurriedly escape into the wilderness/ mountains, as at this time those whose names are not written in the book of life will become the eyes and the ears for the lawless one, persecuting the saints of God.

    The body of man is the temple of God and with technology, it is not a far stretch to see how people enmass can become indwelt by a being that has the controls of this technology.

    However it does take place, it will happen exactly as it is written (KJV for English speaking people).

    From that time until the end will be three and a half years (Daniel 12 & Revelation 12).

    I look forward to the return of the Lord when he shall or a final end to the kingdoms of men and they shall become the kingdoms of our God and righteousness shall be exalted.

    • Thx remind signing stuff. Just to share the “Stavroula Pabst for UnlimitedHangout How Peter Thiel-Linked Tech…” post on the twitter & have my wee joke too cost me no less than 5 accept all cookies or whatever. Who knows what all i signed!

      Anyway, i like the commentary describing our dear Lord’s return. I would caution you about the phrase: “lawless one.” This would denote his having no laws, disobedient to law, unlawful passions, or the like. This also flies in the face of the reality we DO see: there are more laws. Over every minutia. Every day more. More coming.

      I know the NewKingJames uses lawless one, but the KJV says “son of perdition.” This is also a clue to his identity. The only other time son of perdition is used is for Judas the betrayer. Satan possessed him. The same thing will happen w/ antichrist. He will be himself in the 1st half of Dan’s week, die, then appear to rise again.

      Recall the “deadly wound?” X3 in Rev13? Not just filler. The masses did not clamor for Gabby Gifford, or whatever, AZ congress critter married to an AstroNut. She got a wound that should have been fatal, but she did not die. Pple were amazed, but this will be different.

      Used to think this may be a hologram, but as decades pass i see that God will allow strong delusion. What bigger delusion could there be? They expect the 1st Christ: Islam, Jews, Buddhists, etc… No, it is a deadly wound. That means he died. Whoever he is, Joe Jones, soul & spirit go to hell. Then his body will be possessed. The masses will clamor.

      Man is also a trinity: body, soul, & spirit. When i get saved, my self or soul is saved. My body is not. My body has to wait for the 2nd coming. My spirit is made new. I have to decide to walk in the spirit. The old man VS the new. Soul & spirit closely knit Heb4:12. Or twice dead: both body and spirit&soul.

      Anyway, is late. Hope y’all have a good nite out in the boonies!

      • Thank you for the correction! You are correct about God calling him the son of perdition. I knew that already. Me repeating “the lawless one” was from having heard it wrong a thousand times. That’s how the Mandella psyop is able to creep into people’s minds; they hear it wrong more times than they have seen or read the original and refuse to admit their memory might be corrupted.

        The beast of Revelation 13 is the final kingdom that is described in Daniel 7 and that beast has seven heads and ten horns. The horns are individual “kings” the heads appear to be individual divisions of authority and not individual people.

        It’s in the nature of man to try to decrypt or solve mysteries and figure things out that are hidden and the reason there are so many branches of eschatology is because men want to entertain the idea of having figured it out.
        One thing I’ve learned is that the Lord is the one that has sealed his words and only He can reveal those mysteries. It seems that we won’t know the exact details of how things will unfold, but that they will unfold exactly as they are written.

        Those that escape into the wilderness shall find nourishment and protection from the dragon during the trouble and those that remain in society will be public enemy number one until the last of those that should be killed are killed. Then he shall appear.

        Also the word Trinity is a catholic substitute for the Godhead, which is the Father, the Word and the Spirit being one. The “Trinity” is defined in pagan catholicism after the likeness of the ancient triune gods of Babylon. The Godhead is the three that bear record in heaven and as you rightly noted, there are three that bear witness in the earth, i.e. the spirit and the water, and the blood, these three agree in one.

        When you exit churchianity you begin to realize just how much deception abounds among the daughters of the great whore

        • Setatliberty ,

          That’s quite the sermon. It didn’t make any sense to me untill I heard the antidotal instructions I listened to this morning from Pamela Popper at Wellness Form Health.
          She talked about the difference between whole food and nutrients. She gave an historical background of beriberi and scurvy. What clicked in my mind was the similarity of your writings and the conclusions from observation of the modern white coated priesthood of Doctors prescribing nutrients and not prescribing whole foods. Especially when the Doctors have never seen a patient with Scurvy or Beriberi.
          Here, have a listen and substitute bible for whole foods, and nutrients for his word.

          On looking closer, there are over 30,000 changes to the bible with over 5000 changes due to the Greek translation to the KJV.
          You probably know you don’t need a book to tell you what’s in your soul. It can help in understanding the whole but can’t be a substitute for what’s in your heart.
          Francis Bacon had a hand in forming King James’ court, laws and words. It’s not logical to think he was excluded from the greatest law book ever written.

          Nutrients vs Whole Foods.

    • Yes, that phrase “the lawless one,” reminds me of a painful episode w/ a vain fellow & his NewKJ. The mocking tone, as he repeated that ish-parroting some stooge on the TV. i think was Charles Stanley’s son Andy: skinny jeans, hip, bar stool type. Where’s the blue light in the basement house party…?

      Hard to beat Berberine & the NAC (a trifecta of goodness). “Drbeen Medical Lectures” on the utube gave the best NAC presentation i’ve ever seen. He drew pics. Broke the $14 words down. A wee tot could understand.

      Anyway, thanks fellas for the info!

    • Higher Side! What a treat! Been a good while. Thx!

    • ‘Demonic possession’ are just other words for the evil certain humans are willing to apply to life around them… There is no entity called the devil, the evil is in the destructive energy applied.
      Energy can be used in any manner. Energy and it’s infinite potential is ALL, and it manifests in any way our imagination takes us.
      If we are willing to direct our energy, that of which we are made, towards evil or negativity, often enough, seriously enough, that’s what we’ll get.
      If we apply our energy towards the creative, compassionate, loving, intelligent, much nicer to imagine possibilities… that’s what we’ll get. That is the ‘magic’, the secret those who fear loosing control, don’t ever want us to ‘Realise’; make real!

      • suzi


        Demonic Possession is an actual entity that gets into a human and is differentiated from regular mental illness by actual occult things happening (such as levitation, knowing languages the human does not know, and knowledge of things the subject can not know that go beyond ‘cold readings’.

        “….There is no entity called the devil,….”

        I wonder how you can know this?

        It sounds more like an assumption based on a materialist worldview, not something you could have personal knowledge of, but I can argue religion if you like and i happen to be near my Pc but why not just read the Book by a well respected psychiatrist Dr Gallagher?

        He is an actual man of science, not the run of the mill nut job who can be dismissed out of hand

        Article on him

        His book

        Its OK, not sensationalist in any way, a little dry and not really saying anything you cant get from Osterreich or Nevius, but his is at least a PERSONAL account.

        Here is Nevius book BTW, it gets a bit samey after a while, and is mostly his collection of reports from folks in China. Osterreichs book is wider in scope, but more of an anthropological text

        Possession, a kind of historical / anthropology review. OStereich. Book is a PITA to read due to poor scanning.

        Possession is quite real, attested by respectable scientific types as well as other people i find credible. I expect we will be seeing much more of it in the not to distant future, possibly we already are (that depends on what % of the growing mental illness epidemic is driven by it, to which I dont have an answer)

        • Hi Duck, my answer to your comment, (tho’ not to the links you posted, haven’t had time to look at them) is also the answer I posted to Miss King below, if you feel like reading it.

        • Back again today & try to download the books. Like to fell off my chair when i thot you said oral narratives of people in the Americas…. I don’t see same today. Will read pg again.

          Was studying the account of Cabeza de Vaca a few wks back. That book was a slog. Copied ump-teen times & prolly once fr fishe. 2 magnifiers… Needed a retype!

          Anyway, looking into any oral traditions. Trying to line up language groups to study migrations before 1500’s Americas. Cheers!

      • @ SuziAlkamyst ..hmmm..the devil as an entity? Yes, i believe. Did he make me do this/that? No, i have freewill. Are pple susceptible to demonic possession? Yes, when they go down wrong paths: drugs, alcohol (spirits), muzak, willful kids allowed to continue. Charlie Manson didn’t start out as murderous cult leader w/ penchant for jailhouse nookie.

        Tried to understand your energy view, but alas, only engendered questions. The energy is evil…not the bad person perpetrating the evil? I have no energy, therefore i do not exist? Or i become real-like Pinocchio?

        I think we agree evil is defined as bodily harm. A biblical view. If i start w/ my bible things make more sense logically. Then wait for science to catch up. At this point you could pat me on the head like i’m an ignorant child & keep moving. Or indulge an old broad’s wee ‘splain.

        As a young child was interested in psychology bc thot would help w/ mom & bro. Came to conclusion analysts were a bunch of pervs & no help. FF mid 1990’s & psycho checklist of Dr. Robert Hare. Game-changer. Finally a guy coining words & phrases that matched my Ancient King Family Sayings!

        Was elated & sd, It’s like this cat read Romans1 & wrote his book!, when Hare came out w/ “Without Conscience.” Made a chart of Hare’s top 10 attributes. Matched up ALL cross references of Genesis & Judges 19, 2Tim3, Titus1, 2Pet2, Jude, & a few others. He had blue & white collar psychos-so did God. Dr. Hare sd there was no cure-so did God. (The only remedy is death. Rom1) Dr. Hare sd they would not stop…, etc.

        FF 2018 and a young CA, USA preacher, Roger Jimenez, applied the bible to Hare’s study. Is a 2-part job. I’m ever grateful to this kid bc felt vindicated in my studies. (Can try to upload to rumble if you like. Check Corbett’s own: Psychopathy , revisited, Dr. Hare, fishheads or summat.) Anyway, Jimenez preached the sermons after they were attacked by reprobates, and a couple of yrs b4 the church at El Monte was blown up by same.

        The downward spiral of a reprobate is described in Rom1. We’ve all done things on the list of sins, but God says reprobates do ALL this ish-n-some more stuff too. They invent. As witnessed in epstein update. Most say, WTF?! And, How can things get any worse? This is bc we have a governor. Like a governor on a carburetor or the foot feed of a go-cart. Rom1 describes God’s removal of reprobate’s governor. You like do-do? ..hmmm…start craving it! Like a dog. The governor’s off. Anything goes.

        I’m willing to bet MRI’s would show their brains look like Swiss ch. Like crackheads or cola addicts. ..hmmm…porno addicts? Now they CAN’T have relations w/ their wife, or the rise of MiGTOWs. Maybe some sins just have built-in punishment. ..hmmm…no need for God or the Devil.

        • I appreciate your thoughts and the reading you’ve done, but I speak from personal experience (went through something called primal therapy that open my eyes to the old pains and angers buried deep inside me, which I expressed at long last, which allowed me to make friends with women, whom I’d hated and mistrusted due to various childhood experiences). What you call ‘Possession’ I call mental dis-ease…
          Evil IS very manifest (and is a form of energy-energy can take any form… split an atom of anything and one gets a release of energy that manifests as light, if what scientists say is true?)
          Do you have personal experience of an ‘entity’ called the devil, have you ever seen such an entity? not evil, the Devil himself? If such exists, then are we all ‘Victims’, no free will?
          Evil to my mind comes into ‘being’ when hurt, physical or emotional is purposefully perpetrated.
          Ask yourself… Are you sure a baby can be born evil or possessed? Ask yourself… Could it be possible that (as said in your bible ) ‘The sins of the forefathers will be visited upon the children until the fourth or fifth generation’. I think those ‘sins’ can carry on indefinitely, passed on for many generations as appears to be in the case of some of the ultra wealthy families… Think what it does to a childs’ mind, when there is no mother close by, only a nanny, who could be a sadist, then boarding school at a very tender age. Mum and Dad insisting over and again as the child grows up “We are superior to the hoards, they are no better than cattle and need to be controlled and culled just like animals by those of us who are superior” or word to that effect.
          Free will exercised any which way, we have the choice… Good? Or evil? No ‘Devil’ needed, we are not victims of some ‘entity’, we are the victims of each other. All that’s needed is pain and fear and lack of love in childhood, apply enough of that and personalities change, with the cherry on top of being ‘superior’… Psychopaths in the making, no empathy, only a desperate trying to feel safe and powerful, but no matter how much one has, it’s never enough, driven as one is by unmet childhood needs. Messes with ones head something dreadful! Very probably there is no cure, but we need to ask ourselves, how low are WE willing to also go?
          Love, strength, knowledge and intelligent action are the only answers.
          The bible has its truths, no doubt, but it has been translated so often from ancient words and texts, that it is more difficult to decipher than people, honest information about events and everyday life.
          Blessings to you.

          • Thx much reply. Will give a good look later.

          • “..I speak from personal experience….”

            You can not say that your personal experience negates the existence of anything

            It would be like me saying that I have met many Chinese people and because of this Japanese people don’t exist.

            “……primal therapy that open my eyes ,….”
            Does not follow from that to “devil=NOT being”.

            “…..‘Possession’ I call mental dis-ease…’
            There is plenty of organic a mental disease too- but again that does not negate possession.

            Thats like saying that BECAUSE people die of Typhoid no one gets murdered.

            ‘……..Do you have personal experience of an ‘entity’ called the devil, have you ever seen such an entity? not evil, the Devil himself?…..”

            have you met Donald Trump of Tony Blair….lololo….. but seriously, plenty of people I have never met exist. I know they exist because I people who I trust to be truthful tell me they exist.

            “….. If such exists, then are we all ‘Victims’, no free will?…”

            THAT would have no actual bearing on the existence or not, but FWIW I do believe in Freewill.

            “…..Evil to my mind comes into ‘being’ when hurt, physical or emotional is purposefully perpetrated…..’

            You mind does not create of alter reality, it just alters your perception of reality.

            “…….Are you sure a baby can be born evil or possessed?…..”
            Probably NOT possessed. But, sure, people are BY NATURE evil, look at a bunch of unregulated school kids bullying someone if you think its learned behavior. NOT being evil is the LEARNED behavior.

            “….. ‘The sins of the forefathers will be visited upon the children until the fourth or fifth generation’……”

            Two part answer- 1) Do you think that a person IS NOT harmed by the life choices their parents make? If your parents introduce you to criminality, drugs and sexual perversion wont that affect you, and maybe your kids and theirs???

            You missed also the next bit.
            “….For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments” (Deuteronomy 5:9-10……’ and

            “….7: 9 Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments. …”

            “….Think what it does to a childs’ mind…. who could be a sadist, then boarding school at a very tender age….as the child grows up “We are superior…no better than cattle and need to be controlled and culled…..”….”

            YES, parents sins echoing down generations like I said.

            “……The bible has its truths, no doubt, but it has been translated so often from ancient words and texts, that it is more difficult to decipher than people, honest information about events and everyday life…..”

            NO, not really. Despite the noise from a few to the contrary there is actually not much debate about what it says even among secular scholars.

            But free will, you get to choose,

            • As usual, Mr. Duck, many more truths to ponder.

              Will chew on “NOT being evil is the LEARNED behavior.” So true. Out of all the spankings; the 1 i regret is the 1 i failed to give. #LAZY

          • Responded to your post further down the pg to avoid crunching into wall. Tho it seems to have lined up okay.

            Cut down, but was still huge. So made 2 pieces. Sorry. Just so nice to have a convo w/ someone w/ irl experience.

            Nutshell takeaway. We agreed on most points. Was greatly impressed by your progress. #Fantastic!

      • @SuziAlkamyst Primal therapy. Not met anyone it helped irl. Glad could help you! Recall mom asking about repressed child stuff. Told her, Aah, no! Made her LOL. Besides, i KNEW why. Also, the convo was when i was 30 summat. Left home at 15yo & took responsibility for self long ago.

        Fixing hate & mistrust. Wow! Glad you got that repaired. Not everyone can do that. Most kids i could call mom/dad & say i’d take them home B4 supper. Time to cool off. A couple of the girls especially, NO. You can’t go back there. You can NEVER trust them. idk all the answers, but we can move forward.

        Tried to fix things w/ mom. Thot we built a rapport over the fone. (Lived in GA & RockyMtns between.) Came home to help w/ geriatric care, but nada changed in 50yrs. Mom was like playing w/ a snake-DON’T be surprised WHEN bit. Same deal w/ bro. Untrustworthy. Pattern is broken. My kids are good & bro MiGTOW.

        Would also put distinction between possession & mental disease. Possession by 2nd party. Mental disease summat broke: s/b evidence of congenital, infection, inflicted, or self inflicted.

        i do not believe Reprobates are born that way. Cited Charlie Manson. Prolly is a pic of little Charlie sporting a 6-shooter cap gun, cowboy boots-n-hat, wearing a cherubic grin. Maybe he mentioned poverty, harsh parents, alcohol. Somewhere was left to his own devises.

        Agree w/ wealthy w/ kids scenario. Parents reject the child. (Saw this in #1Son when began FT work.) Relinquish loving obligations & fob off on nanny. Especially boarding school. Ripe for abuse. R.Dawkins admitted to being molested.

        Basically 5X’s in bible: “…visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the 3rd & 4th generation of them that hate me”

        We agree on the cold hard fact some have it worse than others. We also agree of freewill. At some point a person must decide how to proceed. How did mom do it? Okay, i’ll do opposite & be more right. (Nurture vs nature debate, but we prolly agree parents need to be in w/ both feet.)

      • @SuziAlkamyst Some are victims. Some are kings sons. Nobody can help who took a poke at his mama. (If i had been anywhere near Pop i’d have asked him to stop & avoid the misery.) No, i’ve never seen the devil. Not that i know. Imagine he would be the most beautiful man EVER & built like he was made for me…

        We agree that evil exists, and made manifest as bodily harm. Hope i got that right. So we are to the energy. Feel guilty to waste your time & you have chores. Maybe i can not understand.

        Pondering energy. Guess i’m missing the big pic of the universe. How things started. I see a great start & solid flow toward entropy. Next door said the energy stuff is “new age.” Immediately thought of OrkaWinfrey. Worshiping self? idk.

        Talked w/ Mr.Randy, Genius Of All Things Fat-n-Heavy. Both of us too ancient to recall 5th gr science lessons. The A-bomb. Horrific. Whether atomic or not was enuff to melt people. Talked also of my teen-type experiments blowing things up. Mostly added entertainment on July4th. We agreed the energy left a mess and finally dissipated.

        Sent me back to compare energy: inanimate or animate. The spark of life. The light went out in kitty’s eyes. Where did he go? He was 1-of-a-kind. There WAS nor EVER shall be another cat like him. Where did the energy go? Where did life even come from?

        Need my bible to understand the daily. The world’s going apey over covids. Check Lev14. Okay, they’re right w/ 14days, but full of do-do on the mask.

        Contrast wicked ImperialFedGov Vs libertarian gov of bible: No standing army/cops. No penitentiary system. No usury. No central bank. Property rights. Judges in the city gates. ALL the laws could not fill a small town fone book.

  3. Unfortunately they CAN put thoughts/speech in your head and respond to your thoughts/inner speech. I’m writing that based on personal experience. What kind of technology is being used for that, I do not know, but James Giordano says “It’s not just a question of using neuro imaging and neurogenetics to depicts what’s going on in the brains literally from the genes to the level of its structure to the expression of its functions. But if I can drift into.. ..military terminology, to target those things, target, target to affect those things. Developing improved means in much more stereo specific approaches to accessing the brain, not crudely but ever more creatively. Not just highly invasively but recently non invasively. Utilizing other forms of technology and engineering such as nano-particulate matter that we can then create into sensors and transmitters that can be inhaled, ingested, rubbed on, that can then be migrated into the brain to form vast arrays of sensors and transmitters to be able to read information from the living brain and write information into the living brain in real time remotely. This is a current project of DARPA” (from the time 26:37 here )

    • A sure sign of insanity!

      • Unfortunately not. Here you can hear one of my “gang stalkers” repeat two words I just thought of in my head before he repeated them: ..The words were “granada, sandinista” which is something no person just happen to accidentally repeat after you just thought those words inside your head in a climbing area outside Oslo, Norway… “Eelectronic harassment” in combination with organized stalking (commonly called “gang stalking” ) is unfortunately something more and more people get subjected to.

        • ..the reason I had a camera at the site was to have it facing my anchor-point because I was climbing alone and these sick stalkers were following after me and showing up everywhere I went and wanted to see it if they had been close to the anchor-point when I was climbing. They were hanging outside the house I lived in on the West side of Oslo as well as outside the house when I moved to the East side of Oslo, walking after me down town and driving by me rolling down the window looking up on me while telling me I would die. The guy you can hear repeating “granada, sandinista” especially had a hangup telling me I was going to die when he was hanging around the house I lived in on the West side of Oslo. I am in the woods outside Oslo on the East side when he was recorded repeating the two words I then just had thought of in my head. So as you can hear they followed me into the woods too. A period they frequently said I would be shoot, shouting that from outside the house I lived in as well while harassing me at work when they got people I worked with to participate or showed up among the public when I worked as soft security beside the stage at concerts. They were hanging outside those places too telling me it was my last night etc if I for example happened to stand alone with the flights beside the car during load out after a concert when I had to walk alone quite a distance in the middle of the night alone to get home. While working changeover on the stage during a show they got half the crowd in front of the stage to shout repeatedly one of the two nicknames they used on me too, which I accidentally taped them using on me several times as well as my real name both in the woods, during work, while being down town and outside the house i lived in since they were so frequently around harassing me both physically as well as electronically. Here you can hear activist and journalist Suzie Dawson, start to talk about the same kind of harassment I have been subjected to about 35 minuttes into this video: ..and she just barely mention some electronic variety at the time 43:19 ..In my case I was massively attacked like this from the same day I at last should have had the time to sit down and prepare the first campaign I intended to start up a new organization with in the fall of 2009.. that time I had been an activist for many years.

  4. I really appreciate the fact that Corbett is interviewing new faces and making new friends for all of us.

    Those Stavroula Pabst write-ups are very impressive!
    They contain an incredible amount of referenced content, and would be a great starting point for anyone wanting to explore brain-chip interfaces (BCI) et al. Despite the volume of content, the reading is smooth.
    There is a lot to say on the topic, so much information with so many perspectives.
    Ms Pabst takes up the challenge.
    Trying to verbally communicate the volume of information in a short interview is like turning on a fire hose.

    Like James Corbett, the mention of comedy gets my interest.
    Unfortunately, my mind has been dragged through the gutter. I’m waiting for BCI to resolve this.
    Example follows:

    With a handsome stranger nearby, Katie (Stavroula Pabst) and Brittany have an emotional conversation discussing Corn Dog and Cucumber water.
    The Corn Dog – circa 2017
    2 minutes

    That video was 2017. The Statute of Limitations on “taste of humor” is 2 years. For corn dogs, it is three years, because they are corny.

    • That’s a pretty decent skit. I have a feeling James is more than mildly interested in doing some standup comedy of his own. When Stavroula briefly mentioned he topic, you could just hear his gears spinning.

  5. Wow, such important information. It’s crazy how many companies are doing this. At the Organic Consumers Association, I work on our Millions Against Monsanto/Billions Against Bayer campaign, and I learned that Monsanto/Bayer is involved:

    • Alexis,
      Thanks for posting this!
      You have some ‘fast to digest’ important information!

      EXCERPT from The Matrix is Here
      There is an eerie similarity between Butner’s “small group of alternative health and pro-conspiracy sites” claim and the so-called “Disinformation Dozen” censorship and deplatforming campaign of the COVID era. For information on that, please read my 2021 articles “Why Are Organic & Natural Health Advocates Being Targeted for Deplatforming?” “Congress Wants Social Media to Deplatform Us—Take Action to Stop Censorship!” and “The New Yorker Publishes Misinformation About Misinformation.”

      As I wrote in “Is Bayer Behind a Hit List of Organic & Natural Health Advocates?” there was evidence to suspect that Bayer was behind the “Disinformation Dozen.”

      “The Disinformation Dozen”
      The report accuses Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Joseph Mercola, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Sherri Tenpenny, Rizza Islam, Rashid Buttar, Erin Elizabeth, Sayer Ji, Kelly Brogan, Christiane Northrup, Ben Tapper and Kevin Jenkins of spreading disinformation and claims that their social media accounts “have repeatedly violated Facebook and Twitter’s terms of service agreements.”

      “Why Are Organic & Natural Health Advocates Being Targeted for Deplatforming?”

  6. We should take all this very seriously because the WHO members are very exited about how they want to hook us up to machenery – according to one women member i heard during a WHO debate. I am not sure James and Stavroula that this would be just an ‘enhancement’ i think there real goal is control. What they really want is to make controlable Cyborgs out of us!

    • Yes, the goal appears to be Neo-Feudalism a la Tech!

  7. Whenever I hear interesting stories like this, I try and fit it into where I believe we are going.

    Just like America’s endless drive in the 40’s and 50’s to create an ever more powerful nuclear weapon, it was NOT for America’s defense, it was part of a larger Zionist agenda (to create a doomsday weapon they use to blackmail the world) No matter the tech, America happily gives it Israel or allows it to be stolen by them. Even in the 1940s, the communists had their claws deep into the levers of power in America.

    I remember one stomach turning story about how NASA was complaining about Israelis working with NASA stealing our technology. So, what did traitor-in-chief Chump do, Trump signed a directive forcing NASA to work more closely with Israel. The US government is wholly occupied by those who are working to destroy us.

    I believe this well funded project “controlling machines with technologically enhanced human minds” is certainly NOT to benefit us, the people, but to be used against us. The center of the NWO will be Israel and from their they will implement their human nightmare of control. They are few, we are many, for now. They train the Israeli’s to be supremacist and paranoid, “the world hates them for no reason” (Many Israelis have no idea that Zionist/Israeli actions are the root cause of supposed “anti-semitism”, to them, Jealously is more likely the cause, truly delusional). Nevertheless, they are feverishly building towards systems that can control many, using drones, remote cameras, robots…They have been building into the Israeli mind the psychopathy required to rule the world ruthlessly. You need a managing class that will accept starving millions, shooting protesters, you name the war crime, as we have seen they are capable of it.

    Soon, very soon we will all be Palestinians, they just need the machinery to pull it off…and like EVERYTHING, WE WILL PAY FOT IT, we happily pay for the bullets they kill us with.

    To be sure, this is pure speculation, using what I see to understand where we are going. I hope clearer minds prevail, though they certainly have not in the past.

    • WE all need to be the clearer minds, no on is coming o save us.

      • The One that can save you already came. The saving has already been accomplished. The ball is in your court now.

        He is coming again though. But this time He is coming to judge the world that has rejected Him.

  8. Just because they have been working on AI, mind control, for a long time, does not mean they are as advanced as they would like you to believe. I believe they can control people’s behavior (MKUltra), but a lot of it is hype. They want money to continue their “research”.
    It reminds me of the virology scam. Many have careers working in virology and making vaccines, but that doesn’t mean what they are creating anything to actually prevent disease. (as they like you to believe).
    No one wants to dive into the virus is real issue. A virus has never been isolated or proven to cause disease. It is a narrative, just like almost everything else.

  9. Thanks for putting Stavroula on my radar! Very interesting conversation.

  10. Great conversation! I think it’s awesome JC is mentoring the younger generation and sharing his knowledge/enthusiasm for changing our trajectory.

    On the topic of drones and where this AI tech is going or what the purpose of it is, I think this episode of Black Mirror very accurately portrays what it will be used for:

    This is it’s purpose, to destroy and kill. They market it as a medical innovation but in practice it will be used to maim and kill.

    • cu.h.j.

      My that’s dark. If any big money is spent on a product it is duel use. Pop guns worked in this dark story. When we loose our right to own a weapon, what will be left for us in forming an agreeable future . You will have to back it up, at some point when you say no. Truncheon, boot and fist is not adequate to the task of arresting a metalhead.
      That is so dark.

  11. How can you continue to support the global cabal and stop them from doing what you fear? YOU CAN’T! Once you endorse authoritarianism/collectivism by voting or paying taxes, YOU LOSE. You do it to yourself by “willful blindness”, embracing “The Most Dangerous Superstition”, by Larken Rose.

    Stated another way: The means determines the end. If the means is the initiation of deadly threats, fraud, e.g., the world political paradigm, then you are going to get death & deception, social chaos. Proof? Look around you. It’s global.

    The opposite is voluntary self-governance, decentralized, enforced non-violently, using reason, rights, choice.

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