The Assassination of Abe

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As you no doubt know by now, Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan, was assassinated in broad daylight on Friday.

So what happened? Who was responsible? And what does it mean?

Following are the results of an open source investigation conducted by The Corbett Report community to compile all the known information about the incident and to put that information into its proper context.

What do we know about the assassination of Abe? What remains to be learned? What will be the consequences of this act? Where does the investigation go from here? Join James as he explores these questions and compiles the latest information about the assassination in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber.

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vol 12 issue 19 (July 9, 2022)

by James Corbett
July 9, 2022

As you no doubt know by now, Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan, was assassinated in broad daylight on Friday.

So what happened? Who was responsible? And what does it mean?

Following are the results of an open source investigation conducted by The Corbett Report community to compile all the known information about the incident and to put that information into its proper context.


On Friday, July 8, 2022, Shinzo Abe was in Nara, delivering a stump speech ahead of Japan’s upper house election, which is due to take place on Sunday.

Abe’s speech was interrupted by two loud booms coming from the street behind the politician, accompanied by large puffs of smoke. The alleged assailant was then wrestled to the ground and taken away by security.

Various videos show the incident in whole or in part. The clearest view to emerge so far shows Abe quickly stepping off the stump and dropping to his knees as the second shot is fired, and it also shows security rushing to tackle the shooter standing about five to ten metres behind Abe.

Abe was then transported by helicopter to Nara Medical University Hospital in the city of Kashihara, where he was pronounced dead. The official autopsy asserts that “the bullet went through Abe’s upper left arm and damaged a blood vessel under his collarbone” and lists the official cause of death as “loss of blood.”

The assailant, 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami, did not attempt to escape. He was arrested and has been interrogated by police.

The gun used by Yamagami has been described as a “bizarre homemade firearm.” Various pictures of the weapon have been published, including this one:

Another picture:

The crude gun, we are told, was likely assembled by Yamagami using the weapons training that he received during his three-year stint in Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force (the Japanese Navy in all but name).

Police have since raided what we are told is Yamagami’s apartment and have reportedly discovered a variety of similarly handmade weapons.

For example, this:

and this:


Although Abe was an ex-prime minister—having stepped down in 2020 due to health issues— he was still very much a force in Japanese politics, retaining his seat in the Japanese Diet and, crucially, still wielding enormous influence in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), the perennial ruling party of Japan. He came from a politically influential family, which likely accounted for his first appointment as prime minister in 2006. His maternal grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, served as prime minister from 1957 to 1960 and was known as “the Monster of the Showa Era” for his brutal rule over Manchuria in the 1930s.

Abe’s first stint as PM did not go well, however. His cabinet was immediately plagued by finance scandals, and during his term the LDP lost its control of the upper house of the Japanese Diet for the first time in its 52-year political history. As a result, he lasted only one year as PM before resigning the position.

But, in a testament to his enduring power behind the scenes in the bureaucratic Japanese government, Abe got a second shot at the nation’s top job in 2012.

This time, he came to power with an ambitious agenda: he wanted to transform Japan’s “Self-Defense Force” into a proper military by reforming the Japanese constitution and abolishing its pacifist clause. He wanted to pull the Japanese economy out of its decades-long tailspin with a set of economic reforms that would be dubbed “Abenomics.” And he wanted to reassert Japan geopolitically, buddying up to Trump, warmongering with China and starting a trade war with South Korea in the process.

Abe’s record speaks for itself. He did not pull Japan out of its economic tailspin. He lied about the safety of Fukushima. He oversaw the passage of a draconian “Secrecy Bill” that allows the government to suppress free speech and news reporting in the country. He played along with the scamdemic. He and pushed the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Enslavement agenda, from the carbon eugenics swindle to the ESG scam. And, as a World Economic Forum darling, he dreamed of a Klaus Schwab-like transhuman Fourth Industrial Revolution nightmare, which he dubbed “Society 5.0.”

In other words, Abe was just another obedient globalist supergopher.

He certainly had his political enemies, of course, but his position in the globalist Big Club seemed assured. Why, then, would he be gotten rid of?


According to some reports, Yamagami has told investigators he was not motivated by disagreement with Abe’s political beliefs, but “rumors about the former leader’s connection to a certain organization that police did not identify.” Other reports assert that Yamagami blamed the “certain organization” for having bankrupted his mother, who apparently donated a lot of money to the group.

Speculation about the identity of this “certain organization” is currently centered around The Unification Church. The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification—formerly called the Unification Church but perhaps best known as the church that “The Moonies” belong to—was founded by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon in 1954. Although known primarily in the West for its mass weddings (and its ownership of The Washington Times), its Japanese branch has been identified as part of “the grassroots conservative movement in Japan.” More to the point, some have noted that “Abe’s grandfather had played a major role in establishing the early Unification Church in Japan,” and Abe himself reportedly sent a congratulatory telegram to a “front group” for the church back in 2006, an act which generated some controversy at the time.

Another organization that comes up in association with Abe (and with the Unification Church) is Nippon KaigiDescribed as the “largest and most powerful conservative right-wing organization,” Nippon Kaigi (the “Japan Conference”) was established in 1997 as a result of the combining of two previous Japanese political groups. It pushes a wish list of Japanese nationalist agenda items—the restoration of the Japanese Imperial family as head of state, the restoration of the Japanese military, constitutional changes and education reforms—that only the hard-of-thinking will fail to notice coincide with Abe’s political agenda. This is no coincidence; Abe served as a “special advisor” to Nippon Kaigi’s parliamentary league.

And then there’s 悪の秘密結社 (Evil secret organization). If that sounds like a weird, made-up thing from the fringier side of the conspiracy theory world, that’s because it is. Apparently the Japanese version of QAnon, 神真都Q (Yamato Q)—which was reportedly established in December of last year with the explicit aim or “protect[ing] children’s lives from COVID vaccination,” and which was responsible for storming a vaccination site in April and demanding to be shown the ingredients of the vaccine—contains some members with some rather outlandish beliefs. According to an investigative report done by some Japanese ambush journalists, Yamato Q believes that “The Yamato people (Japanese) originally inherited the genes of good aliens and dragon gods, but their powers are kept secret through the information control of the deep state (dark power) and Illuminati (secret society of evil).” Naturally, they believe it is up to members of the group to “awaken the sleeping DNA to awaken the true power of the Yamato people.”

To be clear, the most straightforward statement about the “certain organization” that has emerged so far is a report that Yamagami “intended to target a senior official of a religious group” who was, apparently, not at the scene at the time, meaning Abe wasn’t even the primary target of the assassin. Then again, the same report also indicates that “the suspect has made nonsensical statements, and Nara Prefectural Police are carefully investigating whether he is mentally competent to be held criminally responsible,” so take all of this information with a gigantic grain of salt.

In any event, the fact that police appear to be purposefully withholding the name of this organization—ostensibly in order to avoid a religious or racist backlash against the group and its members—will likely only further the beliefs of people like Yamagami, who reportedly believe that the group in question controls the media and powerful politicians like Abe.


There is still much we do not know about the incident:

  • Who is Yamagami? A patsy? A decoy? A lone gunman? A wingnut? An agent of a dark agenda?
  • Was Abe’s death politically motivated, or was it—as reports of Yamagami’s testimony now indicate—religiously motivated? Neither of the above?
  • Was there deep state complicity in this event or was it the work of a single individual?
  • What effect will this have on the course of Japanese politics? On domestic security laws?

Although we are unlikely to receive believable answers to these questions from the police and the establishment media any time soon, the answers to these questions will become clear in the coming days and weeks. As James Evan Pilato often observes, the real action of potentially world-changing events like this one is in the reaction.

Thankfully, the idea that this event will be blamed on some foreign power and used as a pretext for war seems unlikely at this point (although reports indicate that the Chinese government has had to step in to “tamp down” the cries of celebration from certain corners of Chinese social media). But there are other agendas that this assassination could serve.

Media reports about Yamagami’s homemade arsenal, for example, could be played up to warn of the dangers of lone nuts ordering parts off the internet, and any number of security laws could be implemented on the back of this incident. The political reorganization that may take place in the LDP and the changes in Japanese government policy that may result from that reorganization also remain open questions for now, but ones that, when answered, could provide clues as to the real meaning of this assassination.

Time will tell. In the meantime, Corbett Report members are urged to continue the open source investigation as information continues to come out on the incident.

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    • mkey, I am watching it now. Del is doing a lot of good work exposing the vaxx/control/depopulation agenda. I am sorry for James’ loss. Most of these PMs and Presidents are bankster/Pfizer puppets, aren’t they? Still, that is an unusually high level takedown. I hope Japan does not use this as a rationale to crack down on alternative media.

  1. RE: The Assassination of Abe

    I like the way James Corbett writes a story.
    It is easy to chew and digest.

  2. I agree with Pilato; the reaction will be the best indicator of who/what was behind this. If his own security was asleep at the switch, then that could give us clues, but when this sort of thing is done right, the trail is purposely obfuscated.

  3. Swordbearer

    “….Abe certainly did not look at all as if he had been shot, as if the man being tackled had shot him. He crouche…”

    Coming at this with no knowledge of the event myself and not claiming to be an expert on firearms but what would you expect it to look like?

    A gun shot from a hand gun, or i assume from a pos cyberpunk zip gun, generally kills by bleeding rather then direct damage. The actual energy transfer is not that massive and ,like getting stabbed, you might not know exactly what happened at first. There was a video by a trauma surgeon I saw years ago where he had security footage of a guy shot in touching distance with a hand gun who fell over…..then got bored laying g down and stood up and wandered around a bit before blood loss made him woozy.

    As a counter point I know of a person shot in the arm with a handgun who died… probably because they had watched too much tv and assumed that was what they should do 😉 lol but true…I don’t think you can predict the result because there does not appear to be consistency.

  4. One “recent commentary” from Abe that goes directly against the mainstream narrative is this: Abe accuses Zelensky of launching Russian special operations in Ukraine – from late May.


  5. Whether that is true or not it does show that all it takes to go from them feeding us the bugs to us feeding them to the bugs is a bit of plumbing, sticky tape, wires and a block of wood!

  6. These situations are a little like professional magic acts performed in front of an audience. Slight of hand, misdirection, ringers in the crowd, etc. They then are subjected to analysis by people who weren’t there, and who may or may not have an association with the magician. Good luck figuring it out!

  7. Agreed. Folks are just being taken off the stage, that’s all. I know a woman who officially “died” in Checkoslovakia during the revolution there. Resurrected many years later in order to return and claim her inheritance. Spent limbo thriving in Hawaii.
    And the beat goes on….

  8. What was that rothschild said when establishing the club of rome? something about bringing back the roman empire. Right?

    Coliseum blood rituals for the blood-lusting masses. Theologic myth and political pornography. The king is dead. Long live the king.

    I suppose, being as it was a japanese affair, that I don’t see a wounded or dying man (in that severely poorly staged production, bordering on jerry springer mentality), because he was just so polite about it, continuing to speak after the first “blast” and stepping off the stump before gently falling forward in a manner reminiscent of hari kari. Which, as we know, is close to the heart of japanese imperial culture. Therefore, heart-rending, like jesus’ crucifixion.

    Shades of nine eleven and the gates’ divorce. Money being hidden.

    These are days of miracles and wonders.Don’t cry, babies, don’t cry. As Saturn slips back into sidereal Capricorn for seven months, it’s third house aspect on aries will be lost and mars, uranus, and rahu will rule with fire.

  9. James,I find this part of your piece fascinating yet metaphysically nebulus:

    “According to reports, Yamagami has told investigators he was not motivated by disagreement with Abe’s political beliefs, but “rumors about the former leader’s connection to a certain organization that police did not identify.” Other reports assert that Yamagami blamed the group for having bankrupted herself by donating to the organization.”

    What was this “organization” ? I guess we can assume the WEF ?

    My comment then relates to this paragraph in your excellent column. It may explain why Yamagami believes that some Japanese descended from “good aliens”. I don’t know how many Japanese people are readers and followers of The Urantia Book but there are many passages in The Fifth Epochal Revelation that cite Japan for a variety of reasons.

    First ….YOUR paragraph above:

    Yamato Q believes that “The Yamato people (Japanese) originally inherited the genes of good aliens and dragon gods, but their powers are kept secret through the information control of the deep state (dark power) and Illuminati (secret society of evil).” Naturally, they believe it is up to members of the group to “awaken the sleeping DNA to awaken the true power of the Yamato people.”

    Please read this section of The Urantia Book:

    78:5.7 (873.3) One hundred and thirty-two of this race, embarking in a fleet of small boats from Japan, eventually reached South America and by intermarriage with the natives of the Andes established the ancestry of the later rulers of the Incas. They crossed the Pacific by easy stages, tarrying on the many islands they found along the way. The islands of the Polynesian group were both more numerous and larger then than now, and these Andite sailors, together with some who followed them, biologically modified the native groups in transit. Many flourishing centers of civilization grew up on these now submerged lands as a result of Andite penetration. Easter Island was long a religious and administrative center of one of these lost groups. But of the Andites who navigated the Pacific of long ago none but the one hundred and thirty-two ever reached the mainland of the Americas

    74:6.9 (835.3) The practice of some subsequent nations of permitting the royal families, supposedly descended from the gods, to marry brother to sister, dates from the traditions of the Adamic offspring—mating, as they must needs, with one another. The marriage ceremonies of the first and second generations of the Garden were always performed by Adam and Eve.

    What are the Andites? (The aliens or “dragon gods” ?

    78:4.1 (871.7) The Andite races were the primary blends of the pure-line violet race and the Nodites plus the evolutionary peoples. In general, Andites should be thought of as having a far greater percentage of Adamic blood than the modern races. In the main, the term Andite is used to designate those peoples whose racial inheritance was from one-eighth to one-sixth violet. Modern Urantians, even the northern white races, contain much less than this percentage of the blood of Adam.

    [SNIP – Please keep commments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  10. Yes…I noticed the movement of his collar… and it happens BEFORE the sound of the second shot…as if he was shot by someone else or a different gun?!

    I don’t think I am going to get embroiled in this one.
    However, sound travels slower than the speed of light.
    Witness a plane going over head, where the sound of the plane
    trails the plane that you see.

    So the collar moving before the sound of the shot can be heard
    is normal.

    • “ However, sound travels slower than the speed of light.”

      So does the projectile.
      At around 1300 FPS, assuming its something approaching a 12 gauge round, it is slightly faster than the speed of sound.
      But is the microphone far enough away from the event to be able to see a noticeable difference? Hard to imagine how.
      However, the distance between Abe and the shooter being so small. Perhaps it could be.
      Where is a scientist when you need one?

  11. I don’t think there’s anything to see here, or read into.

    The shooter’s story is very plausible. The Unification Church is basically a large, established, international cult. Years ago there was some speculation that its founder, Reverend Moon, was linked to the intelligence services, not sure which – the South Koreans, the CIA, who knows (does it really matter?). But, when “Moonies” proselytize, they really have their shit together, and if Yamagami’s mother was sucked into it, I can readily see how that could have wreaked havoc on his home life and upbringing depending of course on how much of a cult follower (nut) the mother was (obviously, Yamagami with his assortment of homemade weapons hadn’t fallen far from the family tree).

    That the intended victim initially was going to be an upper level Church executive is also plausible, and that Abe was simply an alternative. Not a political target of assassination, just an associative one.

    And, no, it wasn’t staged. Shinzo Abe is dead. Long live Shinzo. Poor fellow.

  12. In a world of fakery, we don’t even know that this was a theatrical performance like many others and that some elites believe it or not might want to fake their death for a variety of reasons. In watching the video of this assassination, it seems that Shinzo Abe is not well protected to begin with, also it seems like he is only hit after additional shots are fired. In any case, we never know what we;re really looking at even if we were to be there in person; these things can be staged as they’ve done in Vegas or other shootings of questionable nature. I’m sure that Japan has their version of FBI.In any case, it was an effective move that might change some things unless it is meant to really do away with free speech.

  13. Here are some really interesting articles and analysis of the “real reasons” for the assassination.
    These are a great update to the situation from a week ago. Food for thought.

    1. An analysis by Peter Koenig. The hidden agenda of the assassination.

    key takaways are
    Shinzo Abe, leader of Japan’s Conservative Liberal Democrats Party, was a nationalist – a non-globalist.
    Shinzo Abe’s assassination may have been more than a threat for Japan’s Parliament, but an outright warning to the anti-globalist movement around the globe.

    2. analysis by Emanuel Pastreich. When the globalists crossed the rubicon

    This is a long article tying complex ideas. A very good read.
    It has diagrams of the area where Abe was shot and diagrams of the bullets as they entered his body. There is also a description of what happened in the moments that it happened.

    This article is making the case that the globalists are shoring up their power. Abe, Boris Johnson, Emanuel Macron on July 11. Now on July 15 (before this article was written) Mario Draghi announced he is resigning.

    the globalists want Japan to make do with an unending series of weak-minded prime ministers who are dependent on Washington and other hidden players of the parasite class, such a development could bring about a complete break between Japan and the United States.


    • To to re-emphasize a point from the last comment.

      1. 7-7 Boris Johnson (England) announces he is resigning as PM
      2. 7-8 Shinzo Abe (Japan) assassinated
      3. 7-11 Emmanuel Macron (France) charged and faces removal from office
      4. 7-15 Mario Draghi (Italy) announces he is resigning as PM.


      I see a full analysis of who they are and what they represent with who replaces them and their stance as to the direction this might be going.

      Off the top of my head

      Boris Johnson (aristocracy)
      Emmanuel Macron ( WEF young global leader)
      Mario Draghi ( Financial aristocrat )

  14. mecabunnyzilla, Deni, andersonm,

    Give it a funcking break, man!


    It was just a funking deranged, upset, bedraggled, dude, man!

    Nothing to see here!

    And, funck Klaus Schwab! Do his tentacles reach that far?

    Recall (borrowing from what’s – his -face (of gizadeathstar)) Kennedy’s assassins were CIA grunts.

    Who in Japan does K. Schwab have in his pocket to override the entire security network?

    Did Yamagami claim he was a patsy like Oswald? No. He hasn’t claimed that. Do you really think Yamagami was somehow programmed ala Sirhan Sirhan?

    No. Klaus doesn’t control the entire Japanese security apparatus.

    What are you guys smokin’?

    Conspiracy weed? 🙂


  15. For the Question:
    > Was Abe’s death politically motivated, or was it—as reports of Yamagami’s testimony now indicate—religiously motivated? Neither of the above?

    I want to mention a side fact:

    The Sagamihara stabbings were committed on 26 July 2016 in Midori Ward, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan.

    The peretrator Satoshi Uematsu left a “letter” with a message for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.
    “I envision a world where a person with multiple disabilities can be euthanised, with an agreement from the guardians, when it is difficult for the person to carry out household and social activities.”

    And in a 2016 Reuters article it is mentioned that Shinzo Abe was a proponent to heal disabled people, and help them to be a part of Society especcially to cope with a shrinking population.

    And somehow this smells like the “Agenda”.
    Euthanasia for disabled people and some time later the feeble minded and epileptics and so on. And one powerful person who was not on the agenda. Shinzo Abe.

    • Perseus,

      You are starting to think that the Abe assassination is smelling like an agenda – as in a Klaus Schwab, WEF, globalist, Prince Charles, elitist get-rid-of-all-the-useless-eaters agenda – because Abe, who championed a change in Japanese cultural perceptions regarding the shame many Japanese apparently share when it comes to the disabled, was eliminated for such humanistic views, and whose assassination is somehow tied to the heinous murderer of disabled persons whose absolutely unhinged, psychopathic extremism was wholly denounced by all?

      Such a scenario implies that Abe’s assassin, Yamagami, and Uematsu, the mass murderer of disabled persons, were groomed, or perhaps programmed, for the “job”, and were utilized and activated for the “agenda”. Connections such as these seem ridiculously far-fetched, and make little or no sense…. Actually, forget “little”. They make no sense whatsoever.

      Also, I’m really disappointed in Global Research for posting the article written by
      Emanuel Pastreich. Besides relying on a blatant falsification of the assassination event, his political viewpoint and cause célèbre is pure conjecture, and he completely fails to substantiate any of his claims.

      Pastreich’s article – “When the Globalists Crossed the Rubicon: The Assassination of Shinzo Abe” is trite “conspiracy theory” at its very worst.

      But, please, if you’d like, disregard what I have to say above. What I’m waiting for, actually, is any further thoughts or discoveries, perhaps, of what JC might have at this point to offer his readership on the subject of Abe’s assassination.
      What rabbit holes might he be digging, if any?

  16. I have a spidey sense that the following may have some connection to the Abe killing.

    7 Apr 2022 – The Roundtable Insight: Louis-Vincent Gave and Yra Harris on Bretton Woods III and Kicking Europe out of Asia

    The whole interview is great but what I think may be relevant starts at 37:15

    Now I do not know whether Abe was seen as a positive or a negative for a China Japan relationship – the answer to this could point to cui bono?

  17. Joseph P Farrell speculates about recent events possibly being related to Abe’s death:

    While most of us have been focused on the banana republic shenanigans of Swampington DC, you may not have noticed that the entire Japanese cabinet has resigned, and a major reshuffling of appointments is being done by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida…

    The recording:

    The post:

  18. The Assassination of Archduke Shinzo Abe
    When the Globalists Crossed the Rubicon

    Emanuel Pastreich

    “The message to the world

    For a figure like Shinzo Abe, the most powerful political player in Japan and the person to whom Japanese politicians and bureaucrats rallied in response to the unprecedented uncertainty born of the current geopolitical crisis, to be shot dead with no serious security detail nearby makes no sense. “

    Full article

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