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The former editor of Time / former Undersecretary of State for Public Policy thinks the US government propagandizing its own citizens is just fine and dandy. And where did he deliver these remarks? At the CFR, of course! Shocking, I know.


Political Disruptions: Combating Disinformation and Fake News

Council on Foreign Relations Tells Gov’t They “Have To” Use Propaganda on Americans

Smith-Mundt repealed (2013)

USC Title 5 Section 3107

USC Title 10 Section 2241a

Karen Ryan PR story

Karen Ryan (background)

GAO rules VNRs illegal (and again)

Information Operations Roadmap


Army Psyops Soldiers Embedded Into Local Tv Crews


  1. Hello James, not sure if you saw this but there is a renewed surge of creation of a new face of terror aggregated last month through the usual suspect news sources and the last incindence was in Military Times titled “The New Face Of Terror” – this might be a timeley propaganda watch subject. The stories all aggregate from John Gambrel AP. Thanks

  2. Hey James,

    Great review. I appreciate the impulse to understate the advent of the 2013 NDAA with its revision/reneging of the Smith-Mundt Act. After all, the state and its agents have actively spun the news to their favor with every new mass communication medium to be invented, at least by controlling the levers of those technologies.

    But there’s a matter of degree here that I think matters immensely to the post-2013 world, which you didn’t mention, and it pertains to operational espionage. With Langley’s “stay behind” missions in post-war Europe in mind, the repeal of Smith-Mundt effectively legalizes fully integrated live-action psyop propaganda performed in the theater of domestic audiences. This can explain a lot about our current world.

    9/11 was an interesting case-study in politics-by-spectacle under the previous body of law, wherein the perpetrators within government had to operate illegally, probably utilizing the COG communication network, every national security protection on the book, and pulling Dick-Cheney-caliber-strings (with Dick Cheney caliber balls) in order to effect the desired shock to the system. But by the time we get to SandyHook the level of systems and bureaucratic coordination was brought to the local operating level, not simply manipulating command and control at the top to ensure success. Every one of those Newtown participants had to be coerced or committed to secrecy, be it via intelligence associations, and/or affiliation with the Bahai hierarchy (which appears to be in league with the UN’s Agenda 21 program) or by bribery by mortgage payoff. In any regard, it was the last ballsy move by the Bastards, because they hadn’t yet protected themselves in law. Recall that Newtown happened on 12.14.12 on the cusp of the Christmas season, coincident with the storied ‘Mayan Calendar’ turn-over, like a latter-day Y2K, and … on the cusp of the passage of 2013 NDAA.

    Today -correct me if I’m wrong- there is nothing illegal about staging events in which authentic casualties actually do stack up ‘on the ground,’ if and when, in fact, people do actually die. From the Vegas Shooting, to Parkland, to Orlando Pulse Nightclub, to the Boston Marathon event, to the staging of Nazi parades in Charlottesville, and even the events that look like copy-cats or lone-gunman scenarios, it is absolutely legal for the state to have produced these media spectacles from soup to nuts, and to indemnify every person involved. That is what is meant, from where I sit, by the repeal on restrictions on domestic propaganda.

    It’s not just a matter of rhetoric, as in video-adverts-masquerading-as-news, which you accurately point out as historically commonplace, but it has become about the operational staging of entire culture-war shock scenarios in the form of terrorism, just as the CIA did in Europe. As you know, these events prove enormously successful at turning public opinion at key moments to enable curiously convenient, draconican legislation.


  3. Phew… Political Disruptions was a tough one on my patience. Nevertheless I watched it all.

    What I have noticed in these discussions is the reversed terminology and definition of “fake news”. Often they give ridiculous examples of what they perceive to be fake news. Sure, there is a lot of, simply put, lies put out in the net, manufactured either by bored kids, click bait sites, or by groups seeking to redirect a narrative. These sites and informations are often easy to reveal and can be spotted as ‘fake’ with a quick background check. Yet, these panels rarely touch upon the true and more important given official deceptions fed to the public as the ‘truth’ which have in the meantime been revealed to be lies by independent researchers and journalists as you.

    Either they are not aware of the often unpleasant revelations or they simply want to ignore it as it does not fit into their Weltanschauung. Or they are simply paid to deceive us.

    This leaves us with the question what is “fake news”? It depends on the perspective of the person or institution. Sadly the general public is so brainwashed to the official narratives that it is almost an impossible task to have a meaningful discussion with the deceived. Their beliefs are so deep rooted in lies making it unachievable to reach them through the layers of attained un-truths gathered in their lifetimes to have a meaningful discussion.

    For example: if one presents even the most obvious lies that were presented to us by the governments and/or media such as the Tonkin incident, Iraq’s WMDs, the incubator babies, … they do agree with these ring lies, but they do not want to see they are being had up to day with newer ‘news’ until that too is revealed one day to be fake. They often accept the past lies as lies yet seem to live from lie to lie accepting the past revelations as exceptions and not important or happening in the present.

    It is often forgotten that propaganda should be termed as ‘fake news’. Yet those who spread propaganda call the other narratives fake news. This makes it enormously difficult for the general public to distinguish what is meant by fake news as the labels are often used too loosely by all sides.

    “Fake news” is an un-word. It has been overused and abused. I believe we should keep it simple and call it by its name, “lies”. There are lies, truths, and the unknown.

  4. Around the 10 minute mark, James goes over the propaganda (Oops, pardon me, I meant “Public Diplomacy”) from the massive Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

    The Department of Health and Human Services oversees a broad spectrum of things…Medicare, FDA, CDC, National Institutes of Health (NIH) (health research), (Toxic Substances & bad stuff) ASTDR, Civil Rights, etc., etc. …even the Office of Global Affairs which pushes “global health diplomacy“.

    MISSION (quote)
    It is the mission of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to enhance and protect the health and well-being of all Americans.
    We fulfill that mission by providing for effective health and human services and fostering advances in medicine, public health, and social services.

    You gotta laugh at that one. That stats on American health, especially children, are falling faster than Building 7.

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. butchers these HHS organizations, especially by the 50 minute mark.
    (QUEUED at 42)
    (By the way, if you are interested in what causes allergies for many people, rewind the video about 5 minutes from the queued mark.)

    • The above video is from a Press Conference with News Agencies present and at what was supposed to be a public debate-forum on vaccines. The 3 Yale Professors and one Doctor who were on the side of mandatory vaccines, cancelled at 11pm the night before the event. Originally, it was supposed to be 4 against Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
      Following the event…What stands out is that the Mainstream Media did not genuinely report on this presentation.

      In 2019, this is how the MainStream Media should report the news on vaccines…

      Dallas / Ft. Worth ABC TV NEWS REPORT on vaccines (circa February 2001)

      Last year, James Corbett did this Interview 1352 – Dr. Paul Connett on the Case Against Fluoride. Paul’s son, Michael, is handling the lawsuit against the EPA. In August 2019, it is expected to go to trial.
      Michael lives on the west coast and works for a law firm.
      In the 2001 video above, an attorney is interviewed. This attorney founded the law firm which Michael is working for.

      Joe C. in the video is a personal friend of mine.

      Note: In the 2001 video, it is mentioned that one in 250 get Autism.
      Currently in 2019, the stat is about 1 in 35.

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