The CIA Needs a Few Good Shrinks – #PropagandaWatch

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Propaganda Watch, Videos | 7 comments

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So how does the CIA recruit psychologists for its operations? And what does it do with them? Today on #PropagandaWatch we listen in as James Evan Pilato of breaks down the CIA’s latest recruitment campaign.

#MorningMonarchy: February 25, 2019

How does my Psychology background fit at the CIA?

Trying to Cure Depression, but Inspiring Torture​


  1. I mailed $20 cash to James Evan Pilato back on Feb 6th.
    (I don’t know if he ever got it. Never heard from him.)

    But this CIA Psych clip is a real doozy!
    Glad Pilato grabbed that. He finds some cool stuff.

  2. What exactly about the recruitment made you feel that way?

  3. eeeek!!!
    really not much one can say about that piece.
    sooo slick.
    good find James E. P.

  4. Hope your children are better already, JC.

    Excellent find, JEP! Good piece of propaganda. I SO get what N4X5 said in an earlier comment and vociferously agree. To me, this commercial reeks of the same brand/feel of the single-minded deception one encounters when attending a network marketing meeting for corporate/religious cult organizations such as ASEA, AMWAY and Scientology–well chosen soft spoken female, slick office environments, divisions of responsibility neatly encapsulated. It’s the ‘clean room’ effect. Last year I was an unwilling participant at such a gathering. Having gone along in support of a friend who had serious health concerns to research I knew what to expect long before we arrived to be proselytized. The rhetoric was delivered exactly as expected. Bingo. On the nose.

    The CIA’s real-life commercial also tends toward a creepy parallel with the old Babylon 5 TV series and their ‘Psycorp Division’. Psycorp propaganda (CIA recruiting) is controlled by the Earth’s deception machine, INS (DinoMedia). Psycorp telepaths identified via DNA testing at birth are taken-in (captured), given a home (imprisoned) and a job (held with no hope of release)–both the Normie unaware telepaths who worshipped the machine (the conditioned) and their rogue opposites (the awakened) who do not want to participate but have no other choice and no rights. Just too close to home these days. Did I say YIKES?

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