The Corbett Report (Is Not On Facebook) – Lunartrax Remix

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Videos | 13 comments

I’m not sure if you know this, but just in case there’s any confusion I thought I’d use this opportunity to make it clear that The Corbett Report is not on Facebook. Thanks to Lunartrax – Steve Carlisle for the remix. Check out his work at

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  1. Wonderfully ‘choreographed’ video!

  2. This is all very confusing, and that loud music offends my delicate senses. What are you trying to say exactly?

    • Thank you, Bishop John.O (or is it Elder?) of the Traditional Reformed Something-or-Other of the Philippines. I know you’d never steer me wrong, so I’ll just follow your lead.

    • Wow, you’re good. Uncle! I can’t keep a straight face!

      • Delightful reading, to be sure. Pure, enlightened, heavenly bliss penned by an ancient Divine. However (mind you, this comes merely from my hasty perusal being a dim-witted daughter of Eve, and therefore offered in my ever humble opinion), it’s a close third to the comparatively easier to comprehend, but no less condemning, Institutes of the Christian Religion and Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation. Yea verily and even so, daily submitting and purging my depraved, guilty soul by slogging through these medieval verses is more preferable than death by a 1001 paper cuts. I can’t thank you enough!

      • Though coarsely put, that about sums it up, I guess. Institutional Orthodox Christendom’s deterministic, nihilist man made system of authoritative, mystical spiritual caste continues to justly earn, with interest, the world’s contempt, disrespect and ridicule. Nothing good has come from it, nor can it.

        That being said, I believe the scriptures pertaining to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

      • 🙂 To borrow the words of the worldly-wise Waylon Jennings,

        “Ladies love outlaws like babies love stray dogs.”

        (married, mother of three platonically speaking!)

      • Far from it. Wielding the “Word” like a club is an all too present reality and control tactic. I do my best to confront and deflect it (and my how the debates rage!). In fact, I’ve not consulted my bible in several years; for me, I’m still in detox mode and probably will be for life. More recently, as of two years ago and much to my family’s bewilderment, I formally announced my disassociation from further participation in all religious observances and group prayers. In spite of the subsequent tension and isolation, I’ve never been at more peace.

        Btw, sorry to spoil the fun, but some things hit too close to home.

      • Thank you, John.O. Your encouraging, kind words have truly melted my heart, and I’ve got a puddle of tears here to prove it. Never in a million years would I’ve ever dreamed that of all places in the world I should encounter a friend with a soothing balm would be in the thread of the very post informing me that James Corbett is indeed on Facebook.

  3. lol. You dont need it so I dont blame you, but it is a much more open platform, in terms of what one can post and reply, than either Twitter or YouTube, and we are no less scrutinized by the surveillance machine on one vs the other platform./

  4. This is really, really good. I wish it was less ambiguous, though.

  5. What a great read; a scenic respite ending on a bittersweet, mysterious note.

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