The “Cure Cancer” Cult

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Videos | 8 comments

Cancer rates continue to skyrocket across the globe…but don’t worry! According to the cult of the cancer cure, that’s a good thing! Do you ever wonder why the foundation-funded research industry and its Fortune 500 corporate members never want you to examine the causes of this rise in cancer? Well wonder no more as James Corbett shines some light on the carcinogenic chemicals that are increasingly polluting our environment thanks to the same Big Ag / Big Pharma / Big Foundation cronies who are pushing the slash-and-burn “cure” research in the first place.

WHO: Imminent global cancer ‘disaster’ reflects aging, lifestyle factors

Colon Cancer Cases Rising Among Young Adults

Why the rise in cancer rates could actually be good news

Episode 286 – Rockefeller Medicine

Rockefeller Medicine Men

Glyphosate is “probable human carcinogen” – WHO’s cancer agency

Vaccine Pioneer Admits Adding CANCER-CAUSING VIRUS to Vaccine!


  1. Been doing some new clothes shopping, huh? I’m digging it

  2. Sorry, gotta run! I just figured out why running around our little local lake has not cured cancer; in fact, rates have increased. It is because we were running in the wrong direction. Now, we will go clockwise, as seen from the flying drones, and the problem will be fixed. So, you see, the cure was always simple and natural, and right underneath our noses.

  3. Thank you for airing this. I agree with you completely about this madness. Is it possible one day we will have health care with a sane incentive structure?

  4. Can you provide any links that will expand on what your writing about?

  5. Thanks again for the good work James, as always. You might be interested in Doctor André Gernez‘s cancer prevention protocol:

    I checked quite deeply into it. It appears to be very logical, simple, efficient and cheap. Unfortunately most of the information is in French, but IMHO there is enough information in English for Corbett Report’s readers to figure out how consistent the lead is.

    • The above link of Rockefeller Medicine Men leads to Episode 286.

      I am assuming that the link was meant to be for the book entitled: Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America by E. Richard Brown.

      Around the 4:25 minute mark of Corbett’s Video “What The “Cure Cancer” Cult Isn’t Telling You”, James reads from page 229.
      Here is a pdf link to the book.

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