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The most horrible events are reported on under the most milquetoast headlines. The most terrifying things are given names that would bore you to tears. The most nightmarish schemes unfold in endless committee meetings of task forces that are following mandates given by intergovernmental organizations. Today on #PropagandaWatch we follow the mundane paper trail down the oh-so-boring rabbit hole to the end of the world as we know it.

Tech Giants Shift Profits to Avoid Taxes. There’s a Plan to Stop Them

Secretariat Proposal for a ‘Unified Approach’ under Pillar One

The Global Government Is Preparing A Global Tax Regime


  1. I was looking at the document and asks for public comment. Would it be worth it to send them some ideas? about what they should do? like … disband..

    • I was thinking “Taxation is Theft, Arrest yourselves.”

      Unfortunately it looks like the deadline was 12th of November.

      I noticed that they asked for submissions in Word format. Hopefully they have a good collection of Macro Viruses by now.

  2. Intel and AMD have both been installing what amounts to a second mini computer inside of their CPU’s.
    Intel calls theirs the Intel Management Engine (IME) and began installing it sometime around 2008.
    AMD calls theirs the Platform Security Processor (PSP) and began installing it sometime around 2013.
    The mini computers have the ability to access essentially your entire system covertly at the hardware level, bypassing any file encryption, firewalls, anti-malware or any other software you may have installed to secure your system.

    To anyone with even minimal knowledge of computer hardware & software development history & etiquette, and an elementary ability to read between the lines, it is incredibly blatant that these mini computers were installed as system backdoors for spying.

    The inclusion of these backdoors is world changing, epedemic-scale news for anyone interested in computer security or privacy, yet it is generally either not talked about at all or talked about in a nonchalant, boring, dismissive or gobbledygook manner.

    • Animals
      You are right about the Intel Management Engine (basically a whole 1990’s PC right there on your CPU doing ‘stuff’ the owner cant even see) being a spying device. The way I read it you ca get spied on by China with AMD chips or Isreal by Intel chips…. but since most people (including so called ‘paranoid’ conspiracy theorists) are still dumb enough to be using either Windows or Mac its really not like they NEED to have a super secret hardware backdoor for the average joe.
      People who are tec savey CAN turn off the intel engine (the US Gov has special chips with it turned off on their computers.) but honestly if someone uses Mac or windows worrying about ‘hardware’ backdoors is like worrying about dying of AIDs when they already have stage 4 3/4 cancer….the software already leaks.
      Personally if I was worried about it I’d just use a Raspberry Pi or old PC running puppy linux for web browsing and keep an ‘airgapped’ system for doing my super secret stuff on.
      People should use paper more like the dude in ‘the office’ said ‘I keep secrets from their computer’… right now I worry when the next gen of themostats dont NEED me to ‘let’ them connect to the internet 🙁

      • The text below isn’t a rebuttal, since you really didn’t say anything incorrect. Rather it’s just ramblings and additional info for anyone who may be reading.

        “You are right about the Intel Management Engine (basically a whole 1990’s PC right there on your CPU doing ‘stuff’ the owner cant even see) being a spying device.”

        The Intel Management Engine is currently located outside the CPU in Intel’s PCH chip. It previously had a 32-bit ARC processor at its disposal but now has an x86 processor on which it runs Minix. It’s hard to say just how much processing power is now at its disposal, but it’s pretty safe to say that it’s enough to send your video signal and post-decryption memory contents out over your Internet to a deep state goon or datacenter.
        AMD’s PSP (now usually called “AMD Secure Processor”) uses a 2009 ARM processor which exists in the CPU die itself. That processor — the Cortex A5 or similar — is a considerably capable processor that’s still used in various tablets and other devices.

        “The way I read it you ca get spied on by China with AMD chips or Isreal by Intel chips”

        Not that the U.S. deep state cares much about following laws, but the language in the Patriot Act alone is vague enough to allow them to legally use these CPU backdoors to spy on U.S. citizens.

        “since most people (including so called ‘paranoid’ conspiracy theorists) are still dumb enough to be using either Windows or Mac its really not like they NEED to have a super secret hardware backdoor for the average joe.”

        I cant speak about Macs since I’ve only used them for tinkering here & there, but I do recall seeing at least two stories that made me believe Apple cooperated with deep state agencies (or was always involved with them).
        Windows, however, I’ve been using since its inception and would say that it is, at least up to Windows 7, possible to fortify the OS against spying, especially if you avoid Windows 7 updates that were released after Windows 10 was released (particularly the mid-2018 though 2019 updates). With that said, I still keep all of my sensitive data on an external drive that physically cannot be connected to my computer while the Internet is still connected.
        Anyway, your point is still valid since most Windows users are doing absolutely nothing to secure their system against spying and Windows 10 users are literally using spyware masquerading as an OS.

        “People who are tec savey CAN turn off the intel engine”
        Yep, thanks to reverse engineering from some awesome techies, it’s possible to disable major components of the IME, though I don’t think anyone, as of writing this, has a method for completely disabling all of its capabilities and, currently, as far as I know, the SA-00086 vulnerability remains even after disabling if you have one of the susceptible processors (i3-i9 and others). Additionally, the usual procedure for disabling the IME isn’t particularly easy (involves connecting a Raspberry Pi to your BIOS chip).

        [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. -JC]

        • Before you do anything, be sure to use the Intel CSME System Tools program to find out if IME is even enabled on your system (if you have a pre-2007 CPU, it probably isn’t).

          “Personally if I was worried about it I’d just use a Raspberry Pi or old PC running puppy linux for web browsing”

          I have three concerns: (1) My privacy being invaded, (2) my sensitive data being accessed and (3) further empowering the deep state psychopaths by providing them with general data that allows them to, amongst other things, predict and manipulate human behavior.
          Regarding Linux: A word of caution to anyone who keeps hearing Linux and security in the same sentence: There is currently a false sense of security in the Linux world. The vast majority of Linux users don’t check the source code of their OS or installed software. They assume that trustworthy, highly knowledgeable people are already checking the code on their behalf. In reality, the vast majority of the code is being checked by virtually no one. So whereas a Windows user might be highly on guard and highly careful about what they install (because they’re using Windows), the typical Linux user does nothing more than check if the OS is open source and the software they’re installing is open source. This creates an excellent opportunity for the deep state to cleverly insert code in popular open source software that seems completely benign or useful, but, when executed in a specific manner, or while certain other software is running, presents a hackable backdoor.
          With all that said, you’re very likely still better off on a Linux OS than a Windows OS.
          One final note: Obtaining a motherboard that can use Libreboot appears to be a good solution for defending against dirty software that is run/initiated by BIOS firmware (prior to the OS starting).

          “keep an ‘airgapped’ system for doing my super secret stuff on”

          This is what it’s going to come down to for most people I think.
          One computer secured and one not.
          Privacy focused people usually cite gaming as the reason they need the latest processor or latest Windows OS, so these people will end up having a gaming computer on which they’re being spied on (but don’t care much since they’re just playing games) and a second secured computer on which they do everything else.

  3. Scientists use this technique when they find something that is not really in line with what they want to find.
    Not do they bore you to death, but also use maths or statistics to hide the actual findings.

    This is very visible in health and medicine.

    Safety is about obscuring risks, so people think that there is no risk, but at the same time they are not liable.

    In astronomy they go a bit further by adding lots of science fiction, and false claims that it is what they have found. Black holes, dark matter, dark energy are all theoretical concepts, but we are not allowed to doubt them or look for alternatives. And with that I need solid and observable alternatives, not other fantasies.

    If you look into what they did actually find, you get into the very boring papers. The papers go into data which is statistically ordered and cherry picked. Sometimes it is just one pixel of data: a small short flash in the sky (example: nova). Sometimes there is so much noise (and systematic noise) that there is no real significance (example: gravitational wave or black hole image).

    To make the imaginary thing seem real, they wrapped into an extremely complex formula, of which they pick a certain simplification. There are papers using similar techniques to “proof” this simplification. But sadly in laboratories we can never replicate any of them. About 90% of the theories in astronomy are without real physical basis: not reproducible in the laboratory.

    A part of it is caused by the huge distances and time-lines involved. But not much of it is actually real, and often they find evidence falsifying their older ideas.

    You can find 100s of papers and some education books that claims something. But looking at the actual details, the theories get very flaky and often false. With theories about the Sun I found already 10 false theories, that are falsified by basic observations.

    It is weird how many of these astronomers are just in fantasy-land.
    But they don’t know because they keep repeating each other’s assumptions as true. They have to, because otherwise their whole world would fall apart.

    Made an overview at:
    In each case I use Occam’s razor, to show how astronomers got lost in complexity to keep their failing theories.

    • Agreed. On debunking mainstream cosmology and its LCDM model, see also

      “It is weird how many of these astronomers are just in fantasy-land.
      But they don’t know because they keep repeating each other’s assumptions as true. They have to, because otherwise their whole world would fall apart.”

      Yes! But no worries, here is from a recipe to success in fantasy-land whenever observations conflict your mainstream theory:

      “1. Issue a breathless press release on the colossal size of your humility. Pepper it with buzzwords like scientists and rethink and wonder and horizons. Adopt great courage at the the sheer mountain of new work your peers, with grace and their vast intelligence, will surely accomplish on your joint noble quest.
      2. Remodel the model and rework the math. Throw around enormous figures. Fill blackboards with revisions.
      3. Proclaim a new Entity. Play to the Higgs Boson (failure that it was) or the largest collider you can imagine, or something about Einstein. Call this Entity Darkest Nature or something catchy and leave em all spellbound.
      4. See that it makes it onto the big screen. Whatever happens, a stint in the next 3 hour Trek Wars spectacular is generally a slam dunk for popular credibility.
      5. Although its not in the visible spectrum, bonus points for photographing the real thing. “Scientists color-enhanced Darkest Nature”, and so on.

      You get the idea. If you’re really good you can peddle your celebrity and monetize the thing for years. Get a YouTube channel and a contract with a network. Nobody will remember when the whole cycle plays out the next time.

      And fewer than that will remember the definition of the word science.”

      • Tayo, that sounds reminiscent of one of those pillars. The one James speaks of or the ones MBP speaks of occasionally. Groups of liars hang togather for a superiority feeling. Strange until you make comparisons of real life associations and find it common. Very good points you have made. Not the world I would want and the reason I was thrown out at the first sign of disdain of the little white lies that seemed to warm the herd.

  4. In the #PropgandaWatch video, James asks the audience if we have had this type of experience.

    The Bond Marketplace written in Greek

    Over the last six months, I have been reading and watching a lot of financial/economic articles and videos.
    Repeatedly, I hear pundits talk about the bond market, and often times in great depth.

    But, believe me, the Bond Marketplace is a whole wild world that even the best pundits do not fully comprehend. And it is not designed for the average investor.

    Yet, the bond marketplace is much, much larger than the stock market (as far as valuation is concerned).

    I could rant on, but it would bore folks to tears.

  5. Anyone who sends in a comment showing a decent level understanding of the matter will probably land a job in finance.

    I’d settle for understanding whence do their taxing rights stem from.

  6. Yes, I have experience of this propadganda technique.

    I live in allegedly soon-to-be-former European Union member state of the UK. Have you tried to read the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union? Or the European Economic Area Agreement? Or the European Common Aviation Airspace Agreement? Or the Air Transport Agreement between the United States and the European Council? I did, and I did so before the Brexit referendum. These are all treaties, effectively political “contracts” that are somehow “enforceable” as if merely a matter of law. All apparently reasonable, but all pointed towards a disenfranchising, globalised outcome. So they are de facto propaganda. And, boy, are they boring. So much so, that UK national politicians remain wilfully, publicly ignorant about the EU. Not even the EU’s UK fanbois can be bothered to read their own user manuals! One campaigner even denied the existence of TFEU Title 1 Article 2 para 4, “The Union shall have competence… to define and implement a common foreign and security policy, including the progressive framing of a common defence policy.” And all of these boring documents are hidden in plain sight, one Google search away.

    I’ve read and participated in various UK government consultations. The same propaganda technique applies, and they even use smoke and mirrors to elicit the “right” response from the “right” groups. Compare and contrast (if you can stay awake for long enough) Online Harms ( and the Call For Evidence of Cyber Security Incentives and Regulation Review ( What’s the short story? Online Harms proposes a way of delegating censorship to leftist/wokist groups, entrusting the tech giants to enforce politicised censorship, while Call For Evidence begs to know why corporations don’t care much about cyber security. Cognitive dissonance applies, of course; just ask any foreign business working in China ( ; watch out of social media trackers when accessing the chinalawblog).

    I have drafted “transfer pricing reports” for corporate taxpayers in UK, 2x EU states, 1x EEA state and 2 North American states. I have drafted annual financial reports. I read countless reports of various potential investment opportunties. These documents are aimed for an informed audience, yet the rules require propaganda! You draft exactly what the regulators want to know, but you know they haven’t a clue what they’ve asked for. Examples: segmental reporting, share-based settlements, pension scheme valuations, financial instruments (IAS39, the one the EU refused to implement in 2005 when it realised to do so would trigger a banking solvency crisis).

    • Thanks taxedserf,
      Being a Texan, I am so very in the dark as to the UK and what is going on. It sounds like a convoluted mess of non-understandable elite policy talk.

      All the confusion could easily be resolved if they wrote in Texican.
      Of course, they would need Jim Everhart’s “Illustrated Texas Dictionary of the English Language”

      Here is a 1985 newspaper article “LARNIN` THE LINGO FER TRIP TO TAXES”

  7. Hah. Which city is this? Sounds like Auckland, New Zealand down to a tee. Ironically the self confessed crowning achievement in the career of our most outspoken libertarian politician Rodney Hyde. I suppose he is unaware that centralization of power is a central plank of communism. It boils down to a pretty simple concept really, the more people under one power structure, the more impotent each person is in that structure. Why anyone would like to have 1 vote in 1.5 million instead of 1 vote in 500,000 is beyond me. Especially when this sacrifice is made for what? The promise of bulk buying capacity of the super city!

  8. Thanks James for this, and yes, its the same that usually happens within the field of health thanks to big pharma and thus, our authorities’ corruption ( including vaccines and vaccine-science, but more and more people are actually learning scientifically whats its all about. I have taken a deep dive for the last couple of years into the HPV-vaccine specifically, and how dangerous it really is and why studies for the most part, miss this, in my document (under my FB-name); for an example of one of the newest and widely mandated or recommended vaccines, more and more places in the world, which this conclusion could be drawn out from, if any;

    • (2019.07) Professor Peter C. Gøtzsche:
    – 56:24: “We actually have shown by having access to the EMA clinical study report, that THERE ARE serious neurological harms, more commonly in the HPV-vaccine groups, than in the active control groups, where people got hepatitis vaccines. We DID find the harms that everybody says, don’t exist. The Cochrane review said they don’t exist, we can’t see them. But they used published trail reports, we went to the sources.”

    • Whoopsies.

      Peter C. Gøtzsche: Death of a Whistleblower and Cochrane’s Moral Collapse

      (I’m not saying this invalidates what this man had to say, but one really has to consider)

      • Yes, I – unfortunately – know and have seen it. 🙂 As I use to say, nobody (maybe James or David Icke, but Icke, far far from as acurate and precise as James is) can cover that many areas in 1 lifetime and get to know the truth about so many different things. You HAVE to – in some way or another – limit the area of things you are looking into. But I agree with Gøtzsche on the Bjørn Lomborg criticism though, as Lomborg always talks pro industry, in fracking, in GMOs, against organic food, and so on.

  9. James and subscribers,

    The most stunning example of hiding an agenda that should alarm everyone, is how the Frankfurt School hijacked the education of the world’s youth away from traditional didactic means, into the dialectic indoctrination that now holds sway. Huge credit goes to Dean Gothcer from for bringing this to my attention. Dean spent years digging through social psychology textbooks to find the source of their ideas, which was Marxist philosophy. Unless I had heard one of Dean’s presentations, I never would have made it through the jargon to get at what is really happening. I can’t recommend his material strongly enough for anyone who wants to understand why the foundations of our republic, and Western Civilization have been eroded away so quickly and completely. If you try to read through the content on his main page, be forewarned that it is dense material. The folks who try to discredit him fail, precisely because his work is so thorough. He’s read all their books, and can make plain sense of it if you have an attention span, and a willingness to learn.

  10. Eyewatering. The only more boring comment in this comment section was one made by taxedserf above. But that doesn’t detract from my gratitude toward you guys for putting this out. If anything it stands as a testament to the nature of this matter. Even talking about it is unnervingly boring.

    Good job on their part, isn’t it? Very good indeed.

    • i fell asleep typing it.

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