The Information War is Over and We Have Lost. Change My Mind.

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The ability to view alternative ideas and contrary opinions and come to our own conclusions is the basis of cognitive liberty. Big tech is now turning the screws and making sure that no one using their platforms will find these alternative viewpoints. Sure, there will be ways to get this information out, but most people will never even know that it exists. This battle in the information war has been lost. Change my mind.

Silicon Censorship on the Ripple Hat Swapcast


  1. Hi James,

    I was thinking about this issue today from a different angle. I pondered how few of the people I know: family, workmates and friends, there are with whom I can usefully have a conversation with about non-mainstream ideas. I can count them on one hand. For the rest, I just can’t bring up 911 truth, media/information/thought manipulation, oligarchical control, or any similar topic and be listened to. (Perhaps there is a lack of courage on my part, but I believe, for the most part, my antennae are pretty accurate on when people will write me off as a mad person if I discuss these things.)

    I then thought – the situation would have been similar in many instances in history prior to actual revolutions, political or intellectual. For example, in totalitarian regimes, or prior to the Reformation. People in those eras speaking against the existing political system, or the Catholic Church, would have been tiny minorities. What is different now? How were ideas contrary to the existing orthodoxy able to spread and take root, despite the information control exerted by the powerful?

    It occurs to me that a key difference between those examples and now, is that people are, by and large, comfortable. Perhaps it is only when people become profoundly uncomfortable, when their lives and those of their children are threatened, that they are ripe to listen to ideas that contradict the Received Wisdom of the system they are in.

    I wonder if the Information War will only become winnable when depopulation and militaristic agendas begin to affect a majority of people.

    It’s a disconcerting thought. It brings to mind Catherine Austin Fitts’ concept of “The Slow Burn”; the idea that the wealth and well being of middle classes of the West are being harvested slowly. I suspect its because those whose interests are served by existing structures are well aware of the need not to upset the apple cart too hastily. Of course the other tactic is divide and conquer; ensure that as people are “harvested” their first target is some other identity grouping they have been taught to blame.

    Short of real, sudden discomfort, beyond the slow erosion of wealth and well being that we see now, I’m afraid I have to agree with you. I don’t see a strategy for winning the Information War today.

    • Something you said there sparked my memory. I saw a video where the featured speaker, or guest, or host, I can’t recall because it was a while ago, was speaking to a room of Zuckerberg type people. Those who are complicit and profiting wildly from it. Various things were discussed. When Q&A came around, he noted that the prevalent question, unrelated to the things he was speaking about, was, “How do I keep my security detail loyal?” As I recall he did not have a satisfactory answer to offer.

      • lots of perks and very good pay goes a long way….

        • Candlelight-

          Very true, but…..

          What if they get a better offer? What if unforeseen circumstances arise? Their loyalty is not genuine most likely. It is fulfilling a contract. Think of that weird thing in Japan where, if you’re lonely, you can rent a family to hang out with you. They pretend to care, laugh at your jokes, but it is just business.

          Loyalty paid for is not real loyalty.

          In the film Ex Machina there is a character named Nathan, a gazillionaire who lives alone (sort of) in his remote, secretive compound. He is annoyed that he has frequent power outages. He says to a visiting guest that he used to believe the only certainties in life were death and taxes. Now he believes the only certainties are death and shit. No matter how rich you are, you can’t stop shit from happening.

          I’m happy I don’t have to worry about the loyalty of bodyguards. My biggest worry in life is when one of my cats starts acting strange.


          • cooly

            Very good point. When you have mercenaries for bodyguards, they may just turn on a dime to defend the highest bidder – for just that – an extra dime.

            I didn’t know about the rent-a-families in Japan. It sounds very much akin to a trophy wife the world over. Pretends to care, so long’s the money’s there….

            Oh, please don’t start me on cats – one of mine recently started peeing all over the house, on anything, or anywhere, but in his litter. Geesh! 🙂

            • candlelight-

              Conan O’brien did a remote episode in Japan, where at one point he does the rent-a-family thing. It’s worth watching.

      • sodak-

        That must have been it. I did go on a short binge of watching survival shelters videos a while back. Some of the ones for the mega-rich were so tricked- out and luxurious, you sort of have to feel sorry for these delicate, coddled souls.

  2. We have not lost the Information War, it’s just the one path that has closed – the one that involved the least amount of death and misery. There are others.

    Hitler conducted an experiment that showed that cyanide was the best type of medication to cure apathy.

    • Octium
      Your comment on Hitler makes a point about the information war… the Soviets and Red Chinese killed many many times the numbers of people Hitler did. The fact is that most people (rightly) hate Hitler but have zero emotion about worse murderers even if they know about their crimes.

      • Hi all,
        I was thinking about the Hitler experiment the other day and what you posted jogged my memory of an interesting thought that popped up. Just to be clear, I am not a holocaust denier and I am not claiming Hitler was a ‘good guy’. But. I am not aware that Hitler ‘personally’ killed anyone. What Hitler did was encourage and enable the ‘normies’ of 1930’s Germany to carry out all of the horrendous crimes that we now know about. The camp guards at the extermination centres were just the hostile parking inspectors we have today…but with a little more power. The camp commandants were the violent cops we see around us…with just a little more power. The Joseph Mengeles were the forced vaccination doctors of today…with just a little more power. You see, ‘Hitler’ could never have done any of those things by himself and just like the ancient Israelites used to symbolically heap the sins of the world onto the scapegoat every year, after the war ended, those who wrote our history books did the same with Hitler. The payoff is obvious, if it was all ‘Hitler’ then we can forget about the U.S. elites who setup the 3rd Reich’s banking system. We can forget about the western corporations who equipped and empowered the German war machine. We can ignore the western eugenicists who fueled Hitler’s attempted genocide of the Jews, we can absolve the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who ratted out their Jewish neighbors to the German government and all of the railway workers and concentration camp workers who ‘just needed a job’. But then after the Hitler experiment failed all of these others simply went underground and changed their names knowing that with time nobody would make the connections. For all the propaganda about us ‘winning the war’ the fact remains, we might have beat Germany, but the real powers behind it are still here and are doing very well. The info war that James spoke about has been going on for much longer than 9/11. The real scourge of WW2 wasn’t ‘Hitler’ it was the whole world, it was all of those who blindly believed and followed authority, who never questioned the ‘powers that be’. For further thoughts check out Larkin Rose’s ‘Message to the voting cattle’, well worth the 15 minutes to watch it.

  3. Hi James,

    there is a window of time when it is possible to reach that proverbial “tipping point” when at least 10% of the worldwide population become fully aware and take radical changes, in order to have that cascading effect. Unfortunately I agree with you that this opportunity is lost.

    By now, we should have had already seen this happening:

    – 10% of the population already using alternative decentralised platforms as their main source for publishing content
    – 10% of the world population utilising a 100% hardware and software-based open-source smartphone fully developed
    – 10% of the world population using open-source operating systems for all desktops and laptops
    – 10% of the world population using end-to-end encrypted and open-source messaging and publishing platforms (e.g. Signal for private messages, Textile for sharing photos over IPFS, etc)
    – 10% of the world population having ditched completely all MAGAF (microsoft/apple/oogle/amazon/facebook)
    – 10% of the population regularly using other search engines like DDG or StartPage or Searx

    … and so on.

    Unfortunately this is not the case. And I very much doubt this will happen anytime soon. The level of dopamine-induced addiction that we all have developed towards our devices seems to have taken over the vast majority of the population.

    Although there is a minimal level of awareness that this is all bad, there is a sufficient level of apathy to work against the raise of that 10%.

    Time will tell …

    • Its getting worse… I see babies in the store playing with phones and tablets and a preteen holding the shopping cart so she could be guided while thumbing thru a screen.
      Disgusting… people who do that to their children are utterly disgusting and only when society tells them that will it start to change

    • “– 10% of the world population utilising a 100% hardware and software-based open-source smartphone fully developed”

      Is there such a thing?

        • Thanks, looks interesting and I will keep an eye on it. I noticed it doesn’t have band 28 which is needed in my location so maybe they’ll update that in a future release.

        • This smartphone is not hardware open-source.

          I’m curious how they solved a big problem of all smartphones: microphone and speaker are connected directly to the modem chip (black box not under control of OS). If OS want access to them it has to ask modem and this is security/privacy breach.

          Open-source smartphone is in development.

          FPGA based mobile phone: Creating a truly open and trustable mobile communications device

  4. Hello James,

    We may be losing this particular battle, but the info war is far from over.

    People are beginning to wake up all over the world at an accelerating rate, despite all of the drugging, fluoridation, indoctrination, vaccination, propaganda, etc. The tendency of people to feel totally betrayed and forever distrust the liars once they’ve been caught lying on such a diabolical scale is freaking out the elite.

    The current censorship and ghosting of certain types of information by big tech is simply a reaction to the above mentioned fact.

    We may be losing this battle, but I believe we are winning the war, and it’s a long war.

    All who gain power are afraid to lose it:
    5 second clip.

    Jonathan Lalonde
    Ottawa, Canada.

  5. I see this point like the end of Empire Strikes back! The Empire took a hit but like monkey f!!£ was it going to stand still. “We” were confident that all we had to do was shout loudest and constantly but then we got Alex Jones(CIA) … Cheers Alex …

    We knew they play dirty and we know they go for the throat but, big but they are still arrogant as before. Their strength is with this internet regulations, control of governments and belief that is all to convince people. The Masses… we are tired, we are exhausted. Living in London has left most people I know severely depressed and sadly suicidal do you think most want to go home and listen to anti vaxers/911 inside jobbers? Life is not fun before we even get to this grim stuff.

    We lost on Youtube/FB etc BUT another but you said this was government controlled since start.

    However — the movement of people is not gone either. Positivist here. I mean hell even Russel Brand has a huge following now, he is talking to Hollywood players and talking about change in society. While he A) might be an insider B) twit C) just a cheeky lad there are still followers.

    Even main stream alternative youtube shows are trying to change freedom of speech laws. Again, they might not be genuine and opposite to what is talked about here but Louder with Crowder, or what ever – took on Youtube/Vice.

    Big newspapers are still struggling. Youtube is only going strong due to its ties with China/India. That’s its future. Hell even a main stream channel Game theory covered this.

    The way out is I believe to expand, start a new method of internet, boycott, above all I think presenters need to expand and grow out of their circles. Even if not your topic – they might have access to a user group. As long as the idea is free speech.

    The media is shutting all this down due to pressure of change and resistance. Protests are coming up everywhere, they are scared. We still have hope, just not much…

    Sorry if over limit – I dont have time to write a short letter!

    • Russel Brand is creepy… they will keep pushing the New Age as an alternative version of conspiracy theory because there is a spiritual aspect to their thinking…. like zeitgeist they will feed you enough truth to get you to swallow the religious lies they REALLY want you to absorb.
      Even the guy who gave us ‘confessions of an economic hitman’ is into new agey stuff.

      • I hear you. I wasnt saying he is righteous, nor correct. I’m was pointing to the followers. People are changing, waking up. The world is bleak – people like us can go deep and dark and come back but to most, its simply too much.

        So yes I belvie there to be a mis-direction with spirituality but my point was we need to get to a point were all content creators/people need to stop grouping together, stop being rounded up like sheep for culling and to open up.

  6. “American Moon”– Mossimo Mazzucco

    My buddy Joe, the founder of the North Texas 9/11 Truth Group, had sent me an email a few weeks back. If he had not sent the email, I would not have known about this release.

      • Was typing my previous comment and then saw your comment came in. I saw and think the movie is amazing, and hope it will lead to new insightful discussions on the subject. To me it seems it presents a very strong argument.

    • What do you make of this?

      Robert Morningstar presents photographic evidence of the presence of Intelligent Life that has been actively operating on and above the Moon for ages. He will also address how a Breakaway Civilization requires of US a “Breakaway Level of Consciousness”.
      Can we make our minds break away today? Can our conscious minds make the leap, jump the hurdle over (en)forced skepticism and make a Quantum Leap of Consciousness? Can our minds come to accept what our eyes reveal?Can we accept the reality of The Great Wall & Forbidden City on the Moon? 1 hr

      • chris.g-

        When you factor in the idea that alien agents may be present and influencing events on this planet, which I believe to be a real possibility (some of you all will now write me off as a nutcase-that’s fine, disregard my future posts), things get exponentially more complicated, don’t they?

      • – BUMP –

        Massimo did the Italian translation of James’ “9/11 explained in under 5 minutes”

  7. Just mentioned this on the open thread, and since it came up here again (Though not the main point of the video), here goes…

    I used to be a skeptic of moon hoax theories, until I saw a new doc. by an award winning director including analysis with top international fashion photographers with about 40 years of experience in their field.

    It presents all the best evidence in favour (For example myth busters) and against the official moonlanding story.

    It suggests Nasa tried to be sure they will visit the moon with a human, but, only being able to send an unmaned ship, and being extremely pressurised by their own propaganda machine, not a cold war space race which actually stopped in 1966, and having the landing simulations available…they decided to fake the event.

    The movie has nothing to do with nonsense flat earth, no international space station, or similar theories…

    It is available for 4 dollars and will be available latter on for free. Meanwhile all can watch the trailer.

    • I believe humans walked on the moon but i am 100% convinced they faked the photo’s. A bud of mine has the same kinda camera and no way could he, a trained photographer, get as good shots under those conditions.
      I was just listening to ‘JFK’s last hundred days’ and it was talking about how he wanted to do a secret deal with the soviets to balance out the space race achievements without either side being embarrassed or blowing big money. He even wanted a joint moon mission to save money (he also killed the Orion project which would have made the solar system as easy to cross as the atlantic in 1700)

    • I found it ironic that to watch (purchase) the moon video I had to sign up to Vimeo which I don’t want to do for all the reasons that this discussion exists. is there another way to buy it?

  8. Your argument is about google and this one network called the Internet. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t at this point know that their activities on google and the Internet are not only filtered but recorded. That’s common knowledge at this point. I talk to a lot of people, ‘normies’, they know it. What people don’t realize very much is that new ‘internets’ are under development as we speak, meshnets all over the globe. Work is being done to create hardware and software to communicate and translate these networks so the normie user needs to know nothing about it. And as far as google, other network indexers/video services/etc pop up all the time and will continue to do so. What there is no end to is the innovation of technology for the better and for the worse. When I talk to people about meshnets, they nod there head with me and are interested. They’re curious and want to know more. Once a solution needs to be available for people to compete in the respective markets. Turnkey. It’s coming. It may take time, it may take generations. But that slow burning change is underway. We don’t see it immediately, we may never see it in our lifetimes. But it is happening.

    • I know some HAM operators who were trying to get some meshnets set up. The tec was cool but most people didnt even use the OLD STYLE dial-up internet back before it was all automatic wi-fi and fondle slab interface. Its only going to attract higher class users

    • Meshnets, Meshmoney, Meshfreedomfromconstantsurveillance, and Meshvoluntaryism… absolutely! Now replace ‘Mesh’ with ‘Decentralized’ for a clearer articulation. And be sure to keep it open source for optimal innovation. And not too much money, I’d stay away from it as far as possible, keep myself more aligned with generosity and trading. But that’s just me and that’s just the beauty of it, you can make it just you. Might as well focus more on creative/productive than destructive energy for good measure. And then piece by piece, person by person, the world changes. Small potent moves.

  9. And agreed, it does feel like the online battle is lost. I do not feel I have anything optimistic to say to counter that possibility.

    • Sunny
      You WIN by not dying when the foe is bigger and more powerful.
      As long as you still exist and you can still take any action at all all you just have to wait either for them to loose or something happens that gives you the chance to win.
      Dont be like people who get over excited and then loose faith because they expect Jesus to rapture them next week… your literally fighting human nature when you try to make people see things that scare them or would demand that they consider their own responsibility for making things the way they are

  10. I dont think it is a “war” against us … well for us it is against us but for them its a ruling class thing. Its a farmer training his Shepard dogs to round us up in a new faster way to get us in that sheep pen.

    And also your right we are broken but that is the point. Divide and conquer. We are all fighting against each when we agree on the same point. Its genius in a way … evil but very very effective,

    • summon-

      Divide and conquer.
      Tyrants in every form, in every time period, learned that in Tyrant Kindergarten. Yes, very effective. Evil? That’s one word to use. I would use the word Pragmatic.

      • Please, no one misunderstand my perspective with that post. I am not discounting the contemptible mindset and tactics of tyrants. I am just saying, they know what works, what has always worked, so they do it.

        • And I am in agreement with you 😉

  11. lol James – just saw your thumbnail. Love the reference!

  12. Hi James

    I encourage you not to be too despondent, though I agree the current controlled platforms are actively shutting down the freedom to exchange information. However, I think we can see this in a broader historical context.

    Prior to the relatively recent advent of the http Internet, states controlled all information. The MSM has always been their propaganda vehicle, publishing houses were also censored for the benefit of the state (look at Tragedy and Hope) and few people were any the wiser as they sat down to read their breakfast edition of the Mockingbird press.

    Then the Internet information wild west came along and people were suddenly able to share and promote all kinds of contrary opinions. The state saw the loss if its monopoly over information and their narratives undermined (9/11, Syria, Skripal, Russiagate etc.)

    They were never going to allow this temporary loss of control to continue, hence the legislation (EU Copyright, UK Online Harms, Hate Speech legislation etc.) and imposition on the controlled social media platforms to ‘filter’ information.

    The shut down of free speech online will go unnoticed by most but they were never going to listen to the ramblings of ‘conspiracy theorists’ anyway. Simply because they are too worried about the sports results or intrigued by celebrity weddings. For them there will never be any questions to ask. Most people just aren’t interested until it’s too late. I think that has always been the case. Thus far, the Internet age hasn’t changed that.

    What it has meant is that the people who do ask questions have been able to share information. Perhaps there has been some modest growth in ‘awareness’ but nothing significant. To most people I know, I’m still just a looney conspiracy theorist.

    However, I suggest this brief period of Internet freedom has been a game changer. Not because people have particularly ‘woken up’ or as a result of any notable paradigm shift, but because the information genie is out of the bottle. Those who notice the clamp down will actively seek alternatives (IPFS, Meshnets, Blockchain etc.) By cutting off the free exchange of information from people who have become accustomed to using the Internet in this way, states provide an impetus and boost to the development of more secure Web 3.0 technology.

    What these recent draconian moves by oppressive states demonstrate, to those who care, is that the edifice of state control is paper thin. Unable to withstand mere questions. This is now obvious to many and these people will now move forward to develop censorship resistant communication platforms because, thanks to the reactionary panic of the state, they have exposed their soft underbelly.

    So it may be round one to the state but they have picked a technological fight with a significant minority and I believe the battle is far from over.

  13. Hey James, hope your doing and feeling good because this little video was not very reassuring.

    Of course when it comes to youtube and Facebook, the war is being lost. We know this. That is why you have been talking about websites like minds, bitchute, etc…

    We only still use youtube because like you’ve said previously, sometimes you need to go into the matrix to pull people out. Slowly and slowly, small videos of yours such as your 9/11 conspiracy theory video will help somebody out there to find the truth and change their mind.

    You do your work because even if it is just a few people here and there that you can reach, your work is worth every moment. Slowly and slowly, more alternative media people will be created and more alternative sites will start cropping up. I myself thanks to you and others like you have started to work on my own website to counter the big media giants. Hoping to get it up and running one day soon.

    Point is, sure the battle on youtube and facebook is lost, but the war rages on.

  14. TPTsnB continue to hold on to the ‘belief’ that they can control every mind through some conditioning system for the expressed purpose of making humanity easier to rule. Presently, they are attacking the internet but they have historically attacked every form of knowledge distribution known to us.
    YET, WE ARE STILL HERE! (in the words of Morphius)

    I hate using the word ‘belief’. However, it’s where the buck stops. The very idea of ‘believing-in’ something, anything, stops learning. I’ve said it again and again, the “I believe-in…fill-in-the-blank” people who are not forwarding an open and questioning mind are the targets of TPTsnB. Belief-in stops all forward movement of knowledge and the search for truth. It’s a safe place for the kiddies who are not ready to move ahead and it’s certainly the goal of TPTsnB.

    Unfortunately for TPTsnB, not everyone can be controlled.

    I had been reading a series of books by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke that I think demonstrates the point. She collects and publishes UFO stories told by American Indians (and yes, that is the chosen named designation for the tribes, according to Ardy. NOT Native Americans, so don’t go there. Apply the Jacuzzi/hot tub analogy.)

    Anyway, one of the stories was surprisingly different. It was not a story of fear as are so many. It was a story of bravery and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. A woman claimed to have been taken by the Greys while RVing in the West. Upon taking her the ETs couldn’t make her sleep like the other humans. She is awake and really P-Oed. She demands answers as to why she is being held against her will. She begins to threaten them even though she is paralyzed. When they put a helmet on her head that makes it scorching hot she demands to know why. They tell her they are interested in how her brain is wired and what her life experiences had been so far. The helmet gives them the info. Once finished they all gather about a monitor in great interest. They label her a “Defender”. According to her captors, a portion of their study is to read human experiences and look at the hardwired brain activity of those who do not respond to their anesthesia and subsequently resist them–those like her. They tell her that only one in 10’s of 1000’s of humans have the ability and they are attempting to determine its cause for the USA TPTsnB. Truly.

    I know, I know. Its a UFO story but that’s not the point. The point is that every authority, bar none, apparently even ETs and humanity’s sick overlords if you are open-minded enough to take in that info, have attempted to live forever and rule over humanity forever by controlling us via some system but ALL have failed. They are eventually eradicated, typically through their own actions–even Rome, as long as it lasted, is no more. And now it’s the 21st century Western corporate powers who seek control for their overlords.

    We are not done yet, James! We all get frustrated with the push-back but we are only experiencing a temporary slow-down not humanity’s future as determined by TPTsnB. WE ARE the DEFENDERS, people. Defenders are still being born among us everyday. They will always be born among us unless manipulations like CRISPR or LOCKR are applied to every mother’s womb OR we all develop an advanced consciousness tomorrow.

    Don’t lose faith. It’s only temporary. A work-around will present itself because TPTsnB always, always shoot themselves in the foot–usually after trying to shoot us, but nevertheless. Hope I’m here to see them fall.

  15. We are shaped by what we are exposed to, for sure. Like many or most of your listeners, I have always sought out alternate views and bigger perspectives. How I look at life and how I navigate it is a mix of personality traits and experiences. One thing I have learned over the years, that I didn’t realize when I was younger, is that my openness, my thirst for knowledge, my internal code of ethics, and my need to be autonomous in thinking and action is not the norm. Most people seem to care about the big picture and reasons why only to the extend that it directly affects them. Opinions are formed based on their group’s consensus. They don’t question their choices or views. Belonging to a group supersedes objectivity so what others say or do is copied if in-group or rejected if it comes from outside. Shutting down access to alternative views and information doesn’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things because the majority would never bother to look anyway unless their group told them to look. The limiting of access to information is done by one power structure in an effort to limit other power structures the ability to grow. They are fully aware how easily most people are manipulated because they manipulate them successfully all the time. Lots of information is out there not to inform, but to manipulate you. Deception is the name of the game. I can guess, but never truly know whether the system my interests feed is better than the other. All I know is that it will be the same structure with the same minds at the helm. Conscience isn’t developed enough to live in peace and harmony. The bell of the distribution curve still lives in the dark ages, that goes for leaders as well as followers. We are still baboon troupes fighting each other. Things will improve over time, with or without having access to everything on the internet. Conscience is the missing ingredient right now. In the end, who we are and what we do in our immediate environment shapes reality for all. Think concentric circles instead of pyramidal structures. As within, so without.

  16. “One word of truth outweighs the entire world” :Alexander Solzhenitzyn.

    So the prevaricators can barefacedly lie and twist news stories to suit their masters’agenda, as when they reported that some weapons seized in Italy were from a far-right group that were allied with pro-Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine, when the original Italian report stated they were allies of the Kiev Nazis.

    And it may work for a while as the partisans of the falsifiers and suppressors of unwelcome data snicker at the way “the enemy” is routed. But only for a while. For nature abhors a vacuum. And the enthroning of falsehood, along with the suppression of information that contradicts that unreal postulate, is a vacuum within the rational order within which humans dwell and prosper.

    Truth is the good of the intellect. Sooner or later, the besotted intellectual dynamic within human nature rejects the self-serving ideologies and their sire, the spirit of deceit, and thirsts for what is real and ungarnished.

    It is not necessary to have unfettered access to the web’s multitudes of data to know enough to be uncorrupted by the intoxicants with which the goons of technocracy fill the menu.

    The greater the scope of the technocratic Bolsheviks’ghettoisation of inconvenient truths, the more widespread will become the new Samizdat, and which will speed the inevitable collapse of the unreal foundations of the illusory “world” of the fisheyed webmasters.

    Victory is ASSURED!

    • Not-another
      ‘….. Sooner or later, the besotted intellectual dynamic within human nature…..and thirsts for what is real and ungarnished…..’
      Sadly not true… as long as they get cheep plentiful food and easy dopamine hits the ‘NPC’ class will eat up lies until they choke. Maybe 20 to 30% of people actually care about the truth. Victory will come when the rest of that percentage feels aggrieved enough

      • Duck–We don’t need 100% of anything to create major change. We need barely 10% to create a tipping point. Right now I think we are simply in a one-step-back period as we learn how to best deal with the enemy. It’s slow, yes. But it’s not over by a long shot. So, have a little faith.

      • Hubris always defeats the exploiters eventually. The current malaise in society will change to indignation as the liars in high places get ever more brazen in their manipulation and suppression of data. The power which these technocrats hold is largely illusory. Conditions vary but human nature is essentially the same as it ever was. The predatorial cleverness of the devious paves the way for the revitalization of the human spirit. In the coming chastening wars that are intended to establish a global feudal system, the current shroud of mendaciousness and inertia will be purged away. As the ancient Greeks would say : pathei mathos. Knowledge through suffering. I began with the words of Solzhenitzyn. I will close with what he wrote in Gulag Archipelago : “prison, thank you.” For it liberated him from the intellectual and moral shackles which had rendered him, though intelligent and educated, a cruel and benighted man. It is well to bear in mind that mere knowledge itself is worthless. As it says of the Prodigal Son: he “returned to himself.”

  17. Hi James.

    I feel your pain, but how long have they been at it hundreds if not thousands of years. The truth always gets out no matter how hard they try to suppress it.

    Sitting today at work watching a a presentation on fake news, and my first thought was here comes the propaganda. I think most of my colleagues would have had the same thought but remain silent because they need the money.

    I heard Gabor Mate on Going Underground on RT the other day stating that in Hungary they knew all the news was propaganda, whereas the people from the West didn’t. I think they are coming out of their slumber now with the help of yourself and many others.

    Me, I have always known they were up to something and you have helped articulate the depths of the ruling classes mania to millions of listeners including me. One good thing about a tech savvy population is they can switch in an instant and leave them playing catch up. Hunter S Thompson said something like “The Greedheads work 8 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year” and they still can’t convince us.

    Hope this helps

  18. So what’s new! This all reminds me of someone I have come to know. A very knowledgeable man in Ontario, Alan Watt. His cutting through the matrix web site was delivered weekly, on Sunday night. It was sermon like every time. Simple as a fable for learning who and why reality has become a war. I don’t get the notices anymore. I have not heard the show for a few weeks. Has that outpost of learning been shut down? I’ll write him a letter and find out what’s going on. I’ll let you know how the war is going from someone who called a spade a spade in 1999. It may take a while, remember nothing good ever comes fast.

  19. The whole ‘we lost the information war’ is framing the issue wrong.
    The number of people who NOW are able to think suspiciously about things has exploded, if this were not so there’d be no need to cut off the info-faucet making the conspiracy patch grow. We are not in a totally unique age either -Father coughlin the radio priest was calling out bankers and war profiteers to mass audiences between the wars. It wasnt a total secret that wall street money funded the Bolsheviks and The bankers plot was reported on… but what if during the war or just after the foreknowledge of an impending attack Pearl harbor had become well known??? Or if we had LOST that war??
    The real question is what is happening that it so important to shut down that flow of information RIGHT NOW????

  20. Lots to ponder with this report and some very thoughtful comments.
    We must ask what is the nature of the physical situation for humanity at the opening of the 21st century? What is the nature in aggregate of the conscience level of humanity at this time? Now put the answers against what the controllers view as the overall situation with their self interests and efforts to control the future. Perhaps our species is not the final evolutionary triumph? While our species possesses great intelligence our intellect it seems is very lacking. Will intellect catch up as humanity struggles forward? Philosophy majors can wade in here with notions of Natural Law or its counter points as an indicator of what is in store for humanity. The rest of us mostly hold contrary opinion to the controllers envisioned future and will continue to proclaim our creed until our last breath, win or lose, because that is what we feel is important.

  21. I think the search algos are coded with hierarchical functions. First and foremost, suggesting similar things you previously typed in the Search box (and NOT clicking the Search button.) Next are actual searches that were executed and watched the videos. The right side bar clickbait and similar subjects are next. Lastly, what GooTube decides show to sway their audience.
    I have no doubt the functions in this Search algo are the Swiss Army knife that makes it work. I would guess it’s written in Python on the backend and ties in sql queries to an immense database or data warehouse.
    Maybe create jekyl-Hyde accounts and experiment to see different perspective results? I’m gonna try it.

  22. The information battle is over on the big tech controlled platforms. The information war is not over. Think about all the upstart social media platforms like Bitchute, Minds, etc. that have popped up only recently. There will be more to come.

  23. James,

    You posted this video today and coming back after several hours there are a lot of well thought out comments, not one short and wishy washy. You have clearly built a group of people that are proactive and can see through the bulls!it. You convinced an lady whom is of an age when happily get into a comfort zone to step well out of it and self diagnose her entire system.

    There is hope. The Empire Struck back, the internet is like Han Solo frozen. We knew they would. The fact that they have had to step out, says a volume and the fact you have an audience here says a lot. Millions have walked from FB, youtube. While the other sites are picking up and quality content is installed there is hope.

    We are all here for you, each other as you are us. We all care and it seems we all make an effort. I feel hope is here…

  24. James Corbett says:
    (About 6:40 mark)
    “…We had the golden window of opportunity over the past decade to get this information out in a way that bypassed the gatekeepers and the normal controls.
    That window of opportunity… (popdhnkg!)…it’s closed.
    It’s gone….”

    I agree.
    We are in a new era, on an entirely different playing field.

    However, I gotta say… I am proud of what we have accomplished, especially since around 2005.
    A lot of folks have become more aware.
    In fact, for the most part, we all were waking up each other. We all were getting the word out and finding out stuff.

    There is a big difference between 2005 and now.
    A lot of folks are on board compared to 2005.

    A pat on the back to all of us for having gotten the word out in the past.

  25. Lately I’m not able to comment on videos discussing the biotech “plant-based” products rolling out all over the world, even though my comments are original each time and always polite. When I log out my comments disappear.

    Fortunately, I talk a lot. Whenever I am out and about I talk to the people around me about these things I have taken so much time to look into. A little while back I got tired of scribbling my channel name down on scraps of paper and so I got a box of business cards printed up. I’m almost out of cards and I have to say it was such a great idea. I put my little logo thing on one side and channel info on the other. It’s been helpful for others that want to direct people to the information, my raw milk seller keeps a stack on the counter by the register and I’ve had to replenish the pile a few times because she keeps talking about it all and giving the cards out.

    Youtube removing my comments has given me another thing to tell people as we chat. I’m friendly and people seem to think it’s crazy how they don’t want to let me comment.

    I can understand it, of course, why Google would not want me warning people off of the synthetic biology, considering they have investments in the techno-food space.

    I’m often talking about the food side of this, but it is so much bigger than food. Synthetic Biology is set to change everything.

    Please Stop The Ride

    • Fortunately, some traders on Wall Street are shorting “Beyond Meat, Inc.” (BYND), and so, some of the fizzle in its rapid stock price climb has fallen south.

      $ – Feedstock Money to Silicon Valley and Mega-Corporations

      I want to mention an extremely important factor which relates to your comment about the Great Pension Fund Hoax, at the July 5, 2019 Corbett Report “Episode 359 – The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know”.
      People should at least skim the video which you mention.

      This extremely important factor is often overlooked, because it is “out of sight” in the background.

      Pension Funds and Institutional Investment vehicles (such as Mutual Funds) throw incredible amounts of money into these corporate stocks.
      The whole jig becomes a juggernaut.
      Institutional investment feeds Silicon Valley and Big Corporate interests, which in turn drives up the stock price…which in turn drives more money to flow into these stocks.
      It’s a juggernaut, snowball effect.

      As we know, corporations like Amazon are NOT really interested in profit. Their intent is control. They want to capture market segments.

      It sure takes a lot of feedstock money for companies to grow and expand for over a decade without making any profit along the way.
      Beyond Meat is the new kid on the block, playing the same game.

      This pension fund related hoax is a house of cards.
      It feeds the beast.

      Anytime someone reads the financial headlines, the focus is always on the general corporate stock prices.
      “Was the Dow Jones up today?” “New record for the S&P!”
      “Shares tumble!”(today’s headline)

      I personally believe that all the hype in the media about general stock prices is to keep the institutional investment community in the game of supporting this house of cards.
      The media acts like the truck delivery of money flows.

      What a juggernaut jig!

  26. It is true that the Golden Age of Internet Freedom has passed. It passed quite a while ago. It is no longer as easy to “spread the word” as it was 5 or 10 years ago. But you have to realize that just was an accidental quirk, a blip in time, and now we are heading back to the norm. We got spoiled with the ease and availability of information and to spread the message of Liberty and Truth. But it ain’t over, James. Just not as easy.

    Before the Internet existed people met, talked, and spread information. There were newsletters and books, breakfast clubs and public meetings. Many of the sources you cite like G. Edward Griffin and Mullins started building awareness when the Postal Service and handbills were the primary method of distribution. In the 1950s and 60’s my father and uncles were discussing the same issues and spreading the word. They subscribed to the John Birch Society and other newsletters. Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell. FEE, etc all built awareness and education without youtube facebook and twitter. And the propaganda machine was in place then just as it is now. We are all standing on the shoulders of pre-digital giants.

    Then there was dial up BBS bulletin board forums, then internet based BBS. Then Websites. It just got better and better, easier and easier. When Ernie Hancock started Freedoms Phoenix it was a news letter, then a newspaper, website, and cd copying machines, then radio shows and podcasts. He always kept the infrastructure to go back to predigital distribution because he knew that the day of internet censorship would come. He also keeps looking ahead to new technology like Interplanetary File-system to keep his pirate ship one step ahead of the Crown. God bless him. You inspired and promoted alternative platforms like Bitchute, Steemit, Minds, MeWe, etc.

    As of now your website is still readily available, and folks can still download episodes and buy hardcopy DVDs to distribute locally and build local communities. This is how all previous revolutions of thought and politics were carried out. Also, alternative platforms are growing. All that has really changed is that the enemies of Freedom (Google et al) are no longer accidentally facilitating in spreading the message of Freedom like they used to do. Those who built their forum on those platforms are in trouble, but you were more far seeing than most.

    Yes, the day will come when hard core censorship will happen – your website and others will be shut down and blocked at the DNS level, but that is not today. It would be wise to plan for that day and folks download your episodes to their hard drive, buy DVDs to duplicate, and maybe set up Internet mirrors using IFS and other standard protocols. It will get worse before it gets better.

    But real activism has always relied on predigital communication – building real communities, meeting together, and communicating via paper and personal contact. Maybe I have a different perspective growing up in a predigital world where revolutions of thought and politics did not rely on digital communications. But the foundation of everything we are striving for was established before the Internet.

    It ain’t over. The minority that makes change happen knows whats happening. We just have to give up the fantasy that the enemies of Freedom will keep helping spread Freedom out of a sense of fairness. “They wouldn’t do that ’cause that would be wrong!”

    We are about to enter the Golden Age of the Revolution for the Mind and Soul of Humanity, because the multi-generational foundations are set and strong, the golden age of internet freedom has let the genie out of the bottle, and the crackdown now will only expose the mal-intent of the State. We just have to be prepared to adapt our tactics of communications. Like Herr Hancock says – “It ain’t about politics, its all about Public Opinion.”

    My grandchildren, and your children, will live a freer life – even if that means they will learn to overthrow their taskmasters through revolution, or overthrow them by ignoring them to death. We pray for the later.

    • Absolutely.

      I think that the size of this community response, and the interaction within it, answers the question.

      Yes, we have been the recipients of a blip in information control. But, during that blip hundreds of thousands, tens of millions even, have received that information freedom. As they have challenged their brains to rethink things imbibed but never challenged, they have struggled and *remember* that struggle.

      Distributing counter-narrative factual and persuasive information has always been difficult. That difficulty will no doubt return.

      It is our job, as James has done so well, to take up the challenge of distributing this counter narrative in new and innovative ways. Yes, IPFS, yes blockchain, yes postal mailing DVDs, yes holding information events locally, yes, yes, yes.

      We are not *a* school of fish that they can push and control, we are thousands of tiny schools of fish. A much more difficult proposition.

      Enjoy your information freedom and give it to others.

  27. Quite a novel. Very “Kafkaesque”, one would think, although Nabokov, in his forward to the novel claims that he had never read, as yet, any translations of Kafka’s work; and, as he explained, “had no German”.

    Cinncinatus, guilty of the crime of immoral turpitude, abandoned and betrayed, jailed in a dream-like existence…. There is no real light at the end of the tunnel, is there? That is, not when you dust off and find yourself back where you started….

    IP Freely (screw you tube) is a nice jingle and I liked hearing that high pitched channeling of Neal Young (is it a Canadian thing? lol), but Bitchute ain’t going to save the day, nor is blockchain, nor is NSA backdoor infiltrated bitcoin, or any other bullshit digital currency, nor is the Internet, itself, going to free humanity.

    Au contraire. It is The Honey Trap, to end all honey traps, imho. And, yes, the algorithmic noose James is feeling is just the beginning, and when, years from now, everything is experienced and communicated between individuals on a strictly digital basis, information in his kid’s and grand kid’s future lives will be painstakingly – and/or rather, artificially intelligently – as well as thoroughly controlled.

    You see that light at the end of the tunnel, James?

    Or do you?

    • Yes, I saw the reference to “Gnostical Turpitude” on the back cover of my copy of the book and had attempted to find the passage in the novel, but couldn’t locate it. An interesting comment on its meaning here:

      At any rate, unfortunately, however tongue-in-cheek the parallel to TCR may be, I found dear Cinncinatus C., ultimately, broken and frightfully disillusioned, as I recollect.

      The theme of the novel is classically dystopian, and I have no less skepticism for humanity’s future than what befell our slated-to-be-beheaded protagonist. Presently, I have my doubts that the structure, this “monopoly monolith” is “flailing” all that much. They’ve given away their hand? I would think perhaps they have some cards up their sleeves….

      But, anyway, this is truly “heady stuff”, to be sure, and I feel we don’t actually have to visit the future to see youngsters, today, figuratively “glued” to their quote, unquote, fondle slabs[I have to hand that one to James – quite funny, indeed, if not altogether sickening] to realize their young minds are being wired, manipulated, and most importantly, insidiously studied, as we all are, being constantly and continuously prodded (and/or surveilled), with or without our knowledge or consent, producing a continuum of streaming, looping feedback data.

      Naturally, such massive data collection serves multiple parties for multiple reasons. But, we must keep in mind that such data, if scooped up collectively and networked, forms a massive information base and an essential developmental tool for AI.

      And, we must keep in mind that it’s only 2019. And AI is, scarily enough, only in its INFANCY!

      For purposes of this thread, imagine our current world of corrupt legislators, who, in cahoots with hoards of swarming corporate lobbyists, are busily enacting laws curtailing the Internet, etc., yet imagine that’s mere child’s play in terms of what the future may hold in terms of controlling our lives. Imagine instead the pervasive and ubiquitous autonomic synthesis of intelligence, the interlaced inorganic machine/organic human being….

      I don’t doubt that that is the direction the future is headed. One small step for Ray freaking Kurzweil and one giant leap for a damned singularity.

      “Change my mind”

      “It” certainly will.

  28. A search in YT for “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory” doesn’t show James’ video on 9/11. None of the first 10 results is an *exact match*, nevertheless YT deems them more “relevant” than an exact match with over 3m views.

    We need to scroll down to over 100 results before we find the first exact match … and (lo and behold!) it is *not* James’ video on 9/11. Just a german transcript with just over 1000 views.

    Even by adding “James Corbett” in the search bar, James’ video is nowhere to be seen. Not in the first 10, not in the first 100 search results. But now the german transcript appears at number 7.

    I was not logged in and I used an incognito session with no pre-saved cookies.

    Images here:

    first 10 results of “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory”:

    The german transcript result:

    first 7 results of “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory James Corbett”

  29. Hi James , you have woken me up . Your first video I saw was How big oil conquered the world and I have been visiting your site for several years almost every day . Stil long way to go through all the material 🙂
    Anyway I have woken up some of the people around me and some of them have woken up more people that I know of . Fight continues .

  30. We should take freedom of information as serious as possible, this video also proves that the battle for free information can be lost by us, but never be won by those who want complete control over information.
    Suppose you go into a bookstore and ask for a book about the moon hoax. The bookseller tells you they don’t have such a book. You ask, there is nothing? Well, says the bookseller, we have a fair amount of books about debunking the moon hoax. Wait, everybody is writing about debunking the moon hoax, yet nobody writes about the moon hoax? Who are they, the hoax preventers?
    There is an actual situation in my country(Netherlands) that follows this concept. The Minister of the Interior wants legislation against fake news. Members of Parlement have asked for examples of this fake news. Is it neccessary to make legislation, is there a problem that needs to be adressed, is there fake news. The minister cannot give such examples. The reason is of course, if she did, there would be a discussion about the peticular item of fake news and it is the last thing the governement want, a discussion about something they don’t want to be exposed. BTW, the reason for this fake news legislation is an instruction from the EU.

  31. My academic background is chemistry and physics. I have studied the Apollo program for well over 100 hours and come to the conclusion (and would would vote as such beyond a reasonable doubt on a USA criminal jury) that the Apollo program was a hoax and the astronauts never went beyond low earth orbit. The evidence is overwhelming. But please note that I am strictly referring to the Apollo program. I find it likely that astronauts did go to the moon starting in the 1950’s by alternate and clandestine means of propulsion and technology, but it was kept hidden from the public because release would create a demand by the world’s population to have access to the same nearly free energy technology in place of hydrocarbon or coal fuels. This is probably still on-going today.

    Since I am rather certain that my position is correct in regard to the Apollo hoax, what I find most interesting is that the Giant Brain and research abilities of James Corbett are not absolutely infallible 🙂 Since the Apollo hoax has had such an effect on humanity, though admittedly has not killed millions like many of the other hoaxes and false flags, and since the USA is attempting to “celebrate” its 50th anniversary, it would make an interesting and worthy debate on the Corbett report.

    • hfuchs-

      “… the Giant Brain and research abilities of James Corbett…”

      I quote your phrase above because I have studied the comment section of The Corbett Report for well over 100 hours, so I, too, consider myself an expert of sorts, as do you, historically, based on your own 100 hours of research on all phases of applied astrophysics concerning the capabilities of the United States going back a minimum of 70 years or so.

      I must say that is most impressive, hfuchs! And, to tell you the truth, I’d love to hear your side of things – not necessarily on a witness stand, per se, but it would be interesting to hear you expand upon the overwhelming evidence, as you say, that a moon landing did not occur circa 1969. But, even more fascinating – 100 fold! – is your claiming knowledge of a moon landing, or landings, way back in the 1950’s using nearly “free energy” technology, whatever that means….But, who cares? Anyway….

      Getting back to my initial point of certitude, or at least, the point I wanted to make: that in my well over 100 hours of investment pouring over comments on this board, your phrase, quoted above, may very well be the funniest, most unfiltered thing I’ve ever read here!


      And, let’s get that debate going, hfuchs!

      For starters, it may seem completely stupid, inane, and not a worthy point of any worthy discussion here at The Corbett Report; but, in actuality, it is a very, very essential and important point; it may very well speak to all the enigmas of The Corbett Report, itself; the answer to which point could be very easily had if formulated into a question (and answered, of course), yet, funnily enough, the affirmation and/or refutation of said question, which could be easily asked, and/or easily answered, was in essence handily and preemptively laughed and brushed off by James, himself, as we can hear him having a great chuckle over it starting exactly at 4:32 of the above video…”In fact….”

      In fact, my question to James Corbett is just that: What is your understanding and belief, James, concerning all historical aspects of the United States’ space program and its purported missions, especially in terms of its veracity and or possible falsehoods?

      Please answer this question, James, if you will, fully and thoroughly, to the best of your ability.

      Thank you.

      And, if you must know, there is a point to my asking this of you.

      Thanks, again.



      • candlelight-

        From what I understand, Tesla discovered (or was given by aliens- he claimed to communicate with them) a means of free energy technology, and successfully demonstrated it, what, about a century ago. Don’t recall the year off-hand. And like the electric car or alcohol-fueled engine, the oil barons didn’t let that little gem go too far publicly.

        My knowledge of Tesla is very slight, but I did see a speaker talk about this.

        • cooly,

          The lauded technological aspects of Tesla’s work I’m none too familiar with, myself, though I have heard that his inventions were suppressed by those competitors who may have had much to lose.

          That Tesla claimed to have communicated with aliens is something I never heard of, but is interesting. I was listening recently to an interview/discussion between host Joe Rogan, the writer Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson, a geologist, and among the topics they were discussing was the chemical compound DMT with its hallucinogenic effects. Quite fascinating! They described the “trip” as a feeling or an experience of meeting strange spirit people that actually communicate with you during this powerful high.

          Could Tesla have been experimenting with, among other things, DMT, I wonder? Here’s a link to the Rogan discussion:

          Have fun. 🙂

          • Hello to Mr. Corbett (if he does indeed check the comments) & Corbeteers,

            I’ve followed James Corbett’s work since late-2013, when I becale aware of him. I agree with almost all of the problems with society, that he identifies, but differ on some accounts as to how to best make positive changes.

            While, I understand James’ frustration & moment of doubt (which most will occasionally experience; mysslf included) that a just society can being created, at some point in our future, & he makes some valid points; I do believe that his argument doesn’t hold water. I am linking to a video—made by a man who was purged from WordPress, with no warning, & all his work snatched up from him, despite having a bit under 6 million views accredited to his account; then his first YouTube channel was shut down for actually combatting disinfo re the Vegas shooting, dismantling the “nobody died/crisis actor nonsense”, but exposing the true nature of how that op was carried out; PayPal dropped him as a client; he’s had money which he earned through donations, confiscated from; he’s one of the people (along with Disinfo Jones from InfoWars, Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit, et al., being sued for claiming it was suspect that an ex-State Department employee just happened to catch Heather Heyer get run over at the Charlottsville protests; plus, he’s extremely ill & the government’s been trying to rescind his disability checks (succeeding for several months). The point of the list I just rattled off, is that he’s faced real censorship, while living in poverty prior to these attacks & SLAAP lawsuit; however, he keeps on trucking along, & his shared numerous videos put out by Mr. Corbett, but is also critical of him; especially on economics. Anyway, when he criticizes even friends with whom he agrees with the majority of the time, he can come across as harsh; for he pulls no punches—for the record, I greatly respect the work of both of these men; so, without further explication, here’s Scott Creighton’s rebuttal/refutation of Mr. Corbett’s claims re “Game Over”, made in the gideo that we’re commenting on:


  32. Search results are now limited to about 200 hundreds items.
    This is another feature of censorship.
    Even if the documents exists, there is no way to find them with a search tool, because the first and only couple of hundreds items are only about the official story or debankers.

    A search I did was about Charles Lindbergh Atlantic crossing. A few years ago I read many articles that showed that the official story is false that I could verify searching other documents. So many contraddictions. Now I am not able to find any of them.

  33. Youtube recommended this vid to me via my android media device.

    • YouTube’s censoring algorithm must be down.
      The tech guys at YouTube said they would fix it on Friday.

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