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The Film, Literature and the New World Order podcast returns to its regular schedule after a brief hiatus with a conversation with Tim Kelly of the Our Interesting Times podcast about the 1962 film adaptation of Richard Condon’s 1959 novel The Manchurian Candidate. We discuss the details of the MK-ULTRA mind control program of the CIA that were still classified at the time of the movie and why/how these details were being put before the public in fictional form at that time.


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Richard Condon’s “The Manchurian Candidate” as the Nomenclature of a Political Assassination Cabal

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  1. A good example of the manufacturing of consent of the electorate is the documentary “Our Brand is Crisis” (not the film).

  2. You might like to read “Bangkok 8” by John Burdett. In the acknowledgements he thanks someone for talking to him about MkUltra. The book is not as well written as his usual ones, but he presents an international context for MkUltra. The ending raises the question about who is controlling the hero, or perhaps the author. Mr. Burdett does not approaching the subject until well into the book where the narrative breaks down a bit, but it is worth the patience given the topic.

    • Sorry, make that The Bangkok Asset, not Bangkok 8.

  3. Great choice for discussion. The remake can’t compare to the original. One point that was not mentioned is the “kiss” mother gives Raymond while activating his programming.

  4. Thanks for this James. Graham Greene’s Quiet American is a good precedent for a film that CIA helped produce to subvert the meaning of the book itself, indeed to mean the exact opposite of what the book means.

  5. What are we to make of the references to Abraham Lincoln in the form of the step-father’s costume and the bust in his office? Is this simply a foreshadowing of his impending assassination or is it an indication that mind-controlled assassins may be a much older tool of the political class than is typically thought?

  6. Hi James, I want to thank you for all the hard work you have given us. I just saw the movie The Big Short, and was fortunate enough to enjoy it with some family. I found it really informative and enjoyable, especially near the end in were the narrator explained all the “would-be” financial reforms, that happened because of housing bubble. I almost started booing out-loud and throwing popcorn at the screen (we know that nothing was done), but then the narrator said “Just kitting”.
    I saw the movie with a newly graduated economist, a self-made conspiracy theorist, a CNN viewer and an introvertive peace seeker. It was wonderful to see the different reactions that this film created in each of them. But, most importantly it created a conversation that is hardly brought into light. The economist was mostly quiet and assumed that some regulations were created because of the financial crisis. The Conspiracy theorist was depress with the movie. The CNN viewer was extremely bored with the movie and was looking for any excuse to get away. The introvertive was as always quiet and unresponsive.
    I found myself having a conversation for just a few minutes with the conspiracy theorist and the economist. We all could agree that one of the best aspects of this movie is that it brought these issues to the big screen and hopefully more people will be talking about them. I wonder if this type of movies are just given to us, in order for us to feel better about the economic issues that are happening. I remember listening about a human reaction that just by listening or been aware of the problem. It would make us feel better about our-selves and would probably discourage us from taking any other actions.
    I would love to hear your comments on the movie. Also, I read several comments from subscribers in your website. I have to admit, it was intimidating writing something that would not be up to the grammar or philosophical standards upheld by your subscribers. You have been an inspiration to me and I hope you continue your much appreciated work.

  7. James, some things to mention Re this interview are that there is a book coming out about the girl in the polka dot dress by a journalist who spoke at the JFK conference last Nov by the name of Fernando Faura called: “Polka Dot File on RFK Killing: The Paris Peace Talk Connection”. It is the story of a man named John Fahey who spent the day with the woman in the polka dot dress. She kind of picked him up early in the day and started talking, he surmised because she was totally freaked out by her assignment to lead Sirhan Sirhan to RFK to assassinate him. He (Faura) wrote for a local LA newspaper and Fahey said that she told him about the planned assassination and she needed a fake passport ASAP so she could flee the country immediately because she knew she would be in mortal danger soon after the assassination (she turned up dead not long after). She probably was a “Beta Kitten” sex slave ordered to do this. They spent the day at the beach and stopped at a restaurant on the way back. This guy came to Faura several days after the assassination and related the story so he went to the restaurant, spoke with the waitress who remembered them and then he kept quiet until he spoke at the conference.
    Also I have not heard you mention the stories/books “Dr Mary’s Monkey” by Ed Haslam and “Me&Lee” by Judyth Vary Baker ( These two books have put the slam dunk on the JFK assassination story. My wife (’60) went to HS with Judyth (’61) at Bradenton Manatee in Bradenton Fl and UF but Judyth was in school for just one semester and was sent to NO to work with the subject of Ed Haslam’s book Dr Mary Sherman. Judyth and Lee, who was her CIA handler, became lovers and would have split to Mexico to marry if he had gotten out of Dallas alive. It is the most mind boggling story in history and I filmed them at the New Port Richey Library in Oct ’14 and it is on my YT channel asavetmd. They will be in NO next Oct for the Oswald Conference and in Dallas in Nov for the JFK Conference. I plan to be there also so come and I can finally shake your hand and thank you for all that you do.
    I did a search of richard condon + freemason and got this link:
    I just finished a very interesting book by David Livingstone “Terrorism and the Illuminatti”. If and when you get the time check it out.
    May The Force be with you,

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