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by | Jan 2, 2023 | Videos | 4 comments

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Media. It surrounds us. We live our lives in it and through it. We structure our lives around it. But it wasn’t always this way. So how did we get here? And where is the media technology that increasingly governs our lives taking us? This is the story of The Media Matrix.

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  1. Right on the money again James about the method of control over the masses.
    I feel for the young growing up now as I can remember myself wanting to watch this and that at a younger age but now the only reason I rarely ever partake in the mainstream is for a laugh. I can see quite clearly the programming of people’s minds with everything I watch.
    The other day my woman (if it’s still ok to call her that?!) got me watching Amsterdam a Hollywierd movie which I must say I quite enjoyed. The masonic one eyed symbolism was in the credits and the plot was like a confessional of what is going on in our world today even though it is set in the 30s. They sort of put their hands up to what they have been a part of for a long time now.
    Keep on keeping on JC your work is always appreciated.

  2. This was really well done. Gotta love that Kodomosan lick too. Really gives the video a good vibe.

  3. Wauw… this doesn’t seem to get much love. The ending of this doc is really deep. Despite how invasive all this technology has become you can still turn it off. But that option is eroding fast and we really need to address that fact. Like was said by James in the doc, are we in reality or the metaverse or something in between called hyper-reality? It all feels at a turning point. Do we engage? Do we take a step back? What does it mean to be human? Do we reconnect to nature and pull ourselves away from our screens? Or do we go live within the screen and the meta-verse or whatever VR-app will make it’s way to us? What to me is fascinating is the self-destructive nature of these technologies. So many people like James, me, you and anyone that watch and use media- platforms like youtube, rumble, bitchute or this website and others that are denouncing information from msm, are already aware of the hypnotising effect these newer forms of media have. While many people are asleep and will consume whatever they are thrown at them, I do feel like there is a vast majority of people awake in this day and age that will be constantly aware of the new mechanisation of futures’new media whatever they may come to be. However sophisticated and technologically advanced media becomes, it’s uncorruptibility is forever tainted because of the internet and it’s information flow in this day and age. Atleast in this generation… That seems to be the ultimate question… Evidently all starts anew…

    • It’s a subject that needs some introduction because even things you ‘take for granted’ is offcourse: Media. Learning to see this is a process and an eye-opener. So I understand this is difficult.
      It is so pervasive that it become intertwined: like you say. Exactly. The future will be apps that are VR or augmented reality that allow you to (selling point) ‘interact with reality’. I am 100% sure some goggles will be sold like that soon.

      I love this subject matter and this docu very much, I downloaded it and rewatched it several times. In my experience it takes some time to ‘settle in the mind’ because it is, apparently, such a novel idea.

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