The Media War Has Begun

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“Gentlemen may cry, ‘Peace! Peace!’ but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me freedom of the press or give me death!”

Patrick Henry, 2016


  1. Amen!

    We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

    Benjamin Franklin

    • Do the Corbett Report members ever vote on anything?

      For example, it would be nice to have a nice list of subjects they’d like to see covered, more covered, or made into a great documentary of dense material tightly packaged for mass consumption – like the famous 9-11 Trillions or Big Oil, etc.

      My mind is blown every so often by another layer of mystery unveiled. Numb to the JFK and 9-11 violence I’d watch without flinching however I wouldn’t consider looking at dead school children or suffering people but I finally saw the ridiculous terror hoaxes being perpetrated and I fell deeper into the rabbit hole. So now I give everything a few chances and glances. Even if some productions are not great the content may be and I can triangulate a position over several sources on subjects. What I find less credible (flat Earth, Paul/Faul McCartney, etc) I visit less and less frequently. They get shelved and moved to the back of my mind’s closet, but never thrown away as they’re often amusing contemporary pop culture, perhaps loaded with other information, and maybe someone could change my mind.

      So, why do I mention that here?
      Recently my mind was blown again. I often check out James Corbett’s guests that seem interesting. I think it was Jay Dyer talking with someone else (not JC) about Jim Morrison, his dad, Laurel Canyon, the whole CIA hippie culture connection, etc. KAPOW! Mind blown. Sans drugs.

      America (and the rest of the world) loves our pop culture icons. It’s America’s soft spot (either the heart or the groin), and we truthers (and/or James Corbett) could kick America in that soft spot so hard many of them might wake the flock up via a great documentary about something they love. (Not, not football.)

      I’d also like to present this minor pseudo-subversive angle.
      To make an “legitimate” video for sale or distribution the footage and/or images should be properly licensed – or else. If James Corbett made a great documentary in his usual way, which includes slow zooms on still images in order not to use tv, movie or other video with expensive or prohibited copyrights, then some random pirate (I volunteer) were to replace that static image with some groovy movie footage and add a funky music track (both of which would be expensive to license) then release a bootleg torrent and/or YouTube of it… Imagine how many eyes we’d get and minds we’d blow!

      Saying this here lets the cat out of the bag. (“They” are always watching.) I’m no lawyer and I don’t know if JC can claim plausible deniability now. I’m not an infiltrating agent provocateur (which is exactly what he/she might say), I am just a former professional animator/filmmaker/creative director with a lot of experience working on commercials and media glamour. We have a counter-message to sell back at them. Fight fire with fire and glamour and rock & roll and everything else you can think of.

      Tell me to shut up if this is not cool or if this is not the proper forum. I don’t want to lure anyone into trouble, including myself. I also don’t want to anger JC.

      Much of the Corbett Report is subversive against the lying overlords. Though, I suspect he does not subvert copyright laws, for many good and bad reasons. I have several other ideas to appeal to the popular masses with anti-establishment counter-propaganda education that don’t break copyright laws. Only if anyone wants to hear them.

    • True. However, there is a time for action and sicking together. This is it. No intellectual musing will change that. 2017 approaches.

  2. Pull out of Facebook, pull out of Twitter, pull out of MainStreamMedia subscriptions and TV networks, etc. …leave them in the dust.

    Bite them on the butt anytime you ever comment on their articles.
    Disparage them often.

    Support the alternative media.

    ha! Mark Cuban was right… There is an intense hatred by the public for the MainStreamMedia.

    A possible Twitter alternative…
    “Gab’s mission is to put people and free speech first. We believe that the only valid form of censorship is filtering options, an individual’s own choice to opt-out….”

    • I don’t see how staying on facebook etc can work unless you hack into their servers and override the censorship features.

      Trouble is even if you do find a way in – they will use that as an excuse for further clamp downs on Internet freedoms “Cyberwarfare” and all that.

      They have been rather tolerant so far on what people can post on these sites in order to get people hooked.

      Now that these sites have become ubiquitous they have started restricting what can be posted. They will continue to do so to the point where you might as well sit in front of the TV and curse at it than try and post anything on facebook that is intelligent.

      I think your idea of defining some protocols for decentralised media is the best way to go!

      It would be neat if you could download a monthly archive of sites like to Corbett Report as a single file that could latter be uploaded to a stand alone wifi web server that the public could browse for free and as a complete website not connected to the Internet.

      I like the idea of an open wifi server that can be placed near a public place – as you would be reaching new people who would not have seen the content before.

    • Impossible? NOT! Highly probable. It’s clear that working from the inside does not and has not promoted change. Take a look around you. No. Pull out of them all and take your support. Take you attention and subscription money with you. Never visit them again. Learn something new. Go somewhere new if you HAVE to be on social media. Actions speak louder than words.

      • OMG. You see withdrawal from MSM’s FB and others like them as isolation? There are other choices and you can make those choices with other independent thinkers.

    • Influence wielding over other FB users and social media participants under the openly admitted gate keeping scrutiny? Arguing your POV. Posting denials? hmmmm. Independent thinking is not for everyone.

      “People are hooked into social media. They need an alternative and they need to be used to using that alternative before they can give up facebook.”

      People are not hooked into anything, you are. I’ve heard these words before–from a heroine addict. Self-image reinforcement? A little help here–the term is “projection”, love.

    • Evidently, this May activity with GAB will accelerate.
      GAB update (the Twitter alternative) – Late April 2017
      (interview on InfoWars)
      Gab is the brainchild of Andrew Torba, an adtech startup founder who now lives in Austin, Tx.

  3. VoiceOfArabia,

    Example with “Target”.
    Many people got pissed at Target when the retailer decided to “transgender” it bathrooms. The lost traffic hit them HARD! In 3 months, their earning fell by almost 3/4 of a billion dollars.

    I love your ideas: “…actively help in increasing membership list, by offering to buy few of your friends a one month membership, or increasing your donations……or start a campaign where we put Corbertt Report Logo on every space we can edit on the internet (facebook, vemo, youtube, pintrest, etc etc.)”

  4. I am ready to stand up. This is a pressing issue in my life. What I sense is a continued disarming of the alternative media regardless of our efforts to support them.

    I think there is more to be done to address this issue. I’ll outline a few points here.

    1) Establish, join, or further the efforts of a decentralized and open source search and/or social media platform.

    2) Have an open source rating system that clearly identifies the reputation of media outlets, their agents, and their reports. Can be used with my previous point.

    3) Work with MSM agents/reporters to discover the hangups that prevent them from reporting on all issues in a fair balanced manner. We all know it’s probably corporate driven profits that skews MSM, but I sense there are many people in this industry that don’t know what to do about it and simply “need” their jobs.

    4) Long term – promote REAL open public internet access. Since the inception of the Internet to the general public in the US we have only been able to access through private ISP’s that are susceptible to government reach. We have been lucky thus far that these companies do not filter traffic, that I am aware. We need to continue working to ensure these companies continue to allow the open Internet. Otherwise all other efforts will be useless. This is a long and complicated issue because there are so many regulatory agencies and companies. FCC basically controls the communication spectrum, ICANN(IETF) controls the scope of the Internet, Networks are mostly privately owned and susceptible to legislation. This is only basic knowledge. I’m sure there are many details that would make it more surprising that we even have open access to the internet.

    5) Continued discussion of anarchist related methods that we can TRANSITION to in a feasible well though out manner. Anarchy is simply too ideal on it’s face and when you consider the current state of the world, there is no clear path to anarchism. At least, I am not seeing it.

    • Scott.Z, I love your ideas.

      Repeating what I said up this page to #1 + #2, I suggest avoiding the corporate top down hierarchy and go for the bottom up worker cooperative model that is harder to corrupt (and there will certainly be efforts from within and without). To learn more I recommend you check out professor Richard D. Wolff’s YouTubes, radio shows, books, etc. and is his jam.

      #3 I suspect it’s also the culture of the un-educated. Even with a nice Canadian education I was still ignorant of sooo much most of my life (and still am about a lot I’m sure) but with my disability curse I’ve had the blessing of time, the internet, the curiosity, and dedication to pursue better ideas with flexibility to evolve. I suspect many MSM reporters know what they know, know what they don’t know, and there’s a whole lot they don’t know they don’t know. (Donald Rumsfeldt stole that from someone who wasn’t happy about it. I forget who.) They struggle through the same misinformation miasma as the rest of us with its hierarchical levels of access to privileged awareness.

      To point #4, I know JC reported 2-3 few months ago about Steemit and ZeroNet. I’d love to see a fusion somehow. Is The Corbett Report mirrored on Steemit and/or ZeroNet?

      #5 I wholeheartedly agree and have been wracking my brains about this for ages. Anarchy is great, ideally. But people are tribal and ultimately power will always be unbalanced. And then there’s the fact that half of everyone is stupider than average, I mean, and too many of the others are very close leaving a smaller fraction of an intelligent populous that ranges from the timid to sociopathic. At this point in the capitalist crisis of global totalitarianism, I feel the highest moral and practical resistance effort is what The Corbett Report does (that’s why I’m also working on my own media projects), proliferating the worker coop model, and Corey Doctorow’s battles for internet neutrality, freedom, and copyright control – if “they” control our means of communication, privacy, and thought then we’ve lost like “1984”.

        • In 50 years:
          The elites migrate to the SkyNet singularity while their Terminators extinguish the “Irrelevants” who will not be assimilated.

          • You are correct. They don’t need “Terminators” when they have Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 and most people are in the prisons of their own beliefs in dogmas and inescapable paradigms for the simple minded.

            Soon we’ll have more austerity, the regressive left militants will rise up against the alternative right fascists and former Democrats and Republicans will be too confused to resist being swept up into the fray of intentionally manufactured civil wars, propaganda truth wars, hyped economic wars, global faction world wars, and the Star Wars cosplay on occasion.

            Sometimes I think the elites are loosing it. Sometimes I think they are controlled demolishing it. And sometimes I think they are riding a snail surfing the bleeding edge between Occam’s razor and a hard rolling stone. Or something…

            I agree with you but wonder what you have in mind for real time capacities? (Not Bill Maher’s Real Time, which I used to really enjoy, as well as The Daily Show. Then JC showed me the truth! And lo, those shows are forever ruined now.)

            I want to know what to expect between the US and Canadian border. I live on the Detroit River and you can’t build a wall there regardless who pays for it. I recon the moat will have to do until we get the suicide beavers fully trained.

  5. VoiceOfArabi,

    I like your ideas about supporting These are things we can do right away.

    I made some proactive points in another comment. I think they are worth checking out.

    I appreciate your contributions here.

    • I love this idea but I don’t expect it’s possible somewhere or anywhere.

      Better to start by collectively calling yourselves experts and recruit or merge intelligentsia that support this concept to build upon. It might be as difficult as herding cats but you could eventually organize like a transparent democratic workers cooperative (not like the failed hierarchy and neutering of the AE911Truth org which was potentially infiltrated with donation-taking do-nothing dead weight bureaucracy). Figure out your systems and voting weights, perhaps determine what is common ground and what is fringe (ie. lizard rulers), draw up Venn diagram maps and with sub-camps with open crossover meta-memberships…

      However you group yourselves know that you will be or already are infiltrated and blocked every chance “they” get.

  6. The mainstream media meltdown is in full swing, now is indeed the time to pounce. I am not sure WaPo realizes how much momentum they gave to alt media with their bogus promotion of PropOrNot… They will soon find out.

  7. Sorry James, but I don’t play checkers anymore, the media war as you call it, (us) vs (them), Red vs Black checker board pieces, (alternative media) vs (establishment media). Why play along with their narrative? It’s much more complex than that, it’s really more multi-player game of chess.

    It’s imperative that people get their info from as many different points of view as possible, such as alternative media sites such as yours, and yes, even from establishment media news sites, and of course to continuously research on our own.

    They tried to limit and control our info which led to people loosing trust in the establishment, so why would I now self regulate and censor myself by choosing between the alt media or the establishment media?

    It’s as if your suggesting that the “alt” media is somehow immune from propagating and misinformation/disinformation!?

    • “unless of course this fake news ban comes true.”

      — ain’t gonna happen. They can’t even stop sharing sites like piratebay or kickass torrents, cuz if they do, others will just pop up in their place.

      • I’d love to see a CR about the Pirate Party.
        (The political group, not a San Fransisco swingers club.)

    • Read one MSM source and you will have that POV. It’s about sameness of message and the narrative changes little from source to source.

  8. Mark,
    Just so you are aware… James often approaches things from an Agorist or Anarchist or Voluntaryist perspective. This is why the election issue or some other issues have a slant towards those types of solutions.

    • Mark, It is not my place to speak to all that. It is more of a “QUESTIONS FOR CORBETT”.

  9. I think the MSM has shot itself in the foot. For a long time they have fed the sleepers through their umbilical cords (TV Newspaper ect.)the main stream narrative and now through that same conduit they have made alternative news a subject front and center (all be it negative). A conduit I might add that alt news has not been privy to. Maybe some of those sleepers will wander blurry eyed into the alt news room. Could be a revelation in the least. As you said else where James: “Thanks for the link”

  10. IMO you’re banging (consistently) on the wrong window.

    The vote doesn’t count because there aren’t any valid candidates. If the system is “rigged” it’s being rendered as such only to produce maximum astroturf effect, that is to radicalize both “camps” as much as humanly possible.

    That’s what I took away from those sElection articles/videos. Has the election been rigged or not is of little* practical importance. Election is easy to fix, what’s hard is for people to open their eyes and realize someone would actually do that to them.

    *little = little

    • If you ever get to see this…

      Astroturfing is basically a psyop on steroids. Not only do you get to see/endure the main story line (the actual psyop) but also a relatively large number of various side stories which can enforce the main story line, but also create sold controlled opposition. A bunch of Easter eggs and false leads, if you will.

      Victims of astroturfing don’t know what to believe anymore nor in which direction to turn since their belief system has been radicalized. Examples are aplenty, from 9/11 to JFK, pick your poison. There are so many nooks and crannies to these stories that wading through without quitting your job is nearly impossible.

      What I meant by “two camps” would be the people supporting Hillary and those supporting Trump. Those don’t have to necessarily fall into the Democrat/Republican dichotomy, either. If just a bunch of folks raving on each other, split over the issue of the jour.

      There are many false dichotomies in these times, you know what they are. Black vs white, white vs everyone, black vs everyone, men vs women, this religion against that religion. This ties in to our upbringing, we were thought to think of that neighboring tribe/village/town/city/state/continent like there’s something wrong with them. Only because they are them and we are not.

      I won’t delve too deep into Corbett’s mind, I’m just discussing what I understood of it all. This version makes sense to me for the time being 😛

      With counting machines, fixing/rigging the election is technically very easy to do. And as long as the source code and MO of these machines stays private, I will not trust any of them as far as I can throw them.

      I do agree that stealing and fixing or rigging isn’t the same, obviously, I was specifically referencing the latter as means of people in control to do what they wanted to do for whichever reason. I won’t pretend as if I understand geopolitics or inner workings of insane minds that well to understand what this election was really about. For me, there are strong indicators it was rigged, by whom exactly I don’t have a clue.

      Your last paragraph is more in line with what I was referencing before, astroturfing. People simply get confused and lose their point of reference, so rage can’t be directed toward the proper culprits.

  11. One of those sites that has made it onto this list of False and Fake information services is Paul Craig Roberts who I frequently follow and support financially. Dr. Roberts was the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for the Reagan administration, former associate editor for the Wall Street Journal, a distinguished professor of economics, etc.
    In a post this morning, Dr. Roberts stated that he was honored to be on this list as these sites are likely the only source of valid information available given the Ministry of Propaganda that now passes for the Main Stream Media in this country !

  12. I think the whole propornot thing is just the next little scandal/psy op/scoop to keep us entertained and (much more important) having us focus our attention on something until Christmas.

    There are services, such as WoT, which have some reputation and which won’t turn on any flags on most of these “propaganda” sites. WoT has been around for a while and is a platform providing recommendations by the people for the people.

    propornot is really just way beyond ridiculous. I’m still not convinced this is anything more than a mock site.

    Are sites like corbettreport even generating enough views to cause anything close to panic for the establishment? Those guys have virtually endless potential to disseminate their bullshit. While the rate at which people are turning off their TVs is probably nothing to laugh at, I don’t think many of them are looking to find information elsewhere. They are simply tuning out and in that regard the reach of proper alternative media is fairly limited.

    • “I think the whole propornot thing is just the next little scandal/psy op/scoop to keep us entertained…”

      — I think you’re right.

    • They have to worry about the next generations and they won’t be able to perpetuate their tyranny without the blind obedience and faith in the rigged system. The internet flipped the script.

      Has CR ever addressed the Titanic/Oceanic switch, the insurance scam, and the elites assassinated on that voyage, that set the stage for the FedRez?

    • Jason, I’m not sure I’m following you there, I think there was an episode about Titanic, but it didn’t go in that direction.

      Aron, yes, that would be perfect, a bunch of small, localized, independent news sites, teaching people of critical thinking. Conflicting views and cross talk is the proper way to form an opinion.

      • Titanic was switched with the unfixable Oceanic and sunk on purpose for insurance but the rescue was bungled. There are many more fascinating aspects to this story. There are several info-packed videos on YouTube about this. Some have a limited budget and the BBC or Channel 4 documentary conveniently omitted several critical aspects and unnecessarily added confusion to others that I wouldn’t have known about if I hadn’t seen the lower budget ones first by sheer luck. Guggenheim, Lady Astor, and some other billionaire type were “lost” at sea if I recall, changing the elite field of power that year and after the secret Jekyll Island meeting they formed the Federal Reserve the next year of 1913 then had their World War next.

  13. There is no war if you do not participate. Let the MSM/Alt Media flail and pick fights, and let us remain an unmovable rock. You do great work here James. Othere people are doing great work. The open source solutions for humanity are happening, slow and steady. The long game will win out in the end. We may not see that end in our lifetimes, but its working. Stay strong everyone and don’t fall for the bait, just keep busy on the solutions. If you and others are banned from popular social sites, then the natural course of things is catalyzed, and your site remains, a lighthouse in the storm.

    • “There is no army to stop me, ’cause there is no war within me” Stephen Said

    • This can’t be repeated often enough, we are the wardens of our own prisons. We hold the keys, not agent Smith.

  14. Truth is an llusive idea now isn’t it… Well for a truth seeking fellow like me I’m not gonna just settle for any old alternative news outlet. I think James has a way of starting a conversation by using a bit of history that rings a bell for most of us do-gooders. Basically you have the bank owned corporate fascist media chains attempting to repeat memes and rage eliciting stories on a 24 hr 7 day a week schedule. (Please let me know if you think I was being too hard on them). My whole life I have been told how to think who to vote for and what to eat by these same corporations that have nothing better to do than to profit from the decisions and “choices” I make. Who’s the sellout now ? I don’t know why this is so hard for people to understand. These tactics are done in business all the time and it’s so blatant I think we must be in denial. It’s almost like turning your head so you intentionally don’t see the face of your abuser. You know it’s happening but psychologically you cannot come to grips that you are being violated. After the incident you will be well equipped with the proper defense mechanisms like anger and humor to ward off anybody that wants to break the down your walls and find truth.

  15. Thank you James for all you do. I just signed up to donate a monthly sum towards your efforts to continue to bring truth to the forefront. I have been a long time follower of your work, and I feel it is now more than ever necessary to support your efforts and show my gratitude to you for your excellent reporting over the years.

    I first donated in the early years of the Corbett Report when you were trying to fund a decent recording device to produce your podcasts (glad you got it funded!!). I have also in the past contributed by writing an article on ponerology and psychopathy in 2009 (, which is just as relevant today as it was back then.It is time to do more.

    I think it is time to (again) put my money where your mouth is 😉 I hope this video on the ongoing media war for trust and truth sparks a flame in all the people who trust and benefit from your work, and I encourage those people to voluntarily support your efforts, which are ultimately in the interest of all truth seekers!!

    Again, thank you James, and keep up the great work!

    • Very informative article, gude2000. Well done. Reminds me of Dr. Tjeerd Andringa’s work at his open source project “Geopolitics and Cognition”. Confronted with the seemingly impenetrable wall of daily headlines reeking of psychopathic/co-dependent symptoms, I wish more effort was given to understanding the root causes and what to do about it, such as you proposed.

      Last year I read a book called “Ominous Parallels” by Leonard Piekoff which, I felt, made a very strong case as to why Hitler’s Germany happened (as well as Stalin). His assertion is that the population was well-primed centuries before beginning with Martin Luther (Protestantism) and subsequent philosophers, namely Kant and Hegel.

      Anyway, this particular field fascinates me, but I feel ill-equipped as to how to move this invaluable knowledge into action.

      Thank you for your contribution.

  16. Thank you, James, for all your hard work. Because of Corbett Report, I’ve been exposed to Richard Grove’s Tragedy and Hope podcast. My learning has increased by leaps and bounds as well as my personal library. I hope to keep on supporting your work if financially allowed.

  17. I am sure that many Corbett readers already know about this…
    Actors used in Bombing deception — Media headlines “tragedy”
    Remember the recent MainStreamMedia headlines about the Iraqi bombing killing/injuring some folks.
    Watch as the crisis actors rush to take their positions…
    (3 minutes)

    Published on Nov 2, 2016
    The Latest on the conflict in the Iraq and the battle to retake the IS-held city of Mosul; Iraqi police say a parked car bomb has exploded in Baghdad’s northwestern neighborhood of Hurriyah, killing at least 10 and wounding 34.
    As reported on ABC, AP, Reuters, Dailymail, Global News, etc.

  18. What can you do for eyes and high volume traffic?


    Abundant MSM articles about “fake news” have yet to directly mention James or the Report by name, but this is CRITICAL (thus they avoid mentioning him on purpose). I am looking for any _mainstream media_ that specifically mentions and thereby recognizes and validates James Corbett, The Corbett Report, and/or any of his work – according to Wikipedia’s fortress against including “fringe”. Obviously there is an abundance of “fringe” material, but I/WE NEED MSM to get James Corbett onto Wikipedia to be more accessible for people’s access to awareness if they choose.

    ( reposted + edited from: )

    Once he gets an article we can start Wikipedia episode lists, and links, and…

    • I’m pretty sure he has appeared on RT. Or is that like the exact opposite of what you are looking for?

      • YES!!! Perfect! It’s a toe in the door. (I should have thought of that.) Fanfuckingtastic! Let’s try for a foot?

        Too excited for words. However…

        A Guardian article quotes a “James Corbett” but I’m not sure if it’s the droid we’re looking for. ONLY tell me if it IS our JC. If it’s not, don’t tell me until after the Wikipedia article has been “legitimized” – then we can discuss it. I prefer to be open and honest. “They” lie all the time, by omission or blatantly. That doesn’t mean I should do it. It also doesn’t mean anyone is dying from these useful bytes on their rigged system. (The article in question: )

        Also, if I’m not mistaken, JC said he’s NOT on Facebook and that this is an IMPOSTOR?: Feel free to comment yay or nay.

        Also also, I’d love lists, if they exist, of guests, interviewees, and or where he’s been featured. A CV might be nice too.

  19. I concur.

    Any corporate ad agency whore or media analyst will tell you that every good joke, meme, commercial, and soundbyte will connect on multiple levels.

    Elites most common weapon is fear. Not always, but all too often. Not all but many of the best commercials use humour. Humour is also one of the best ways to disarm people and introduce new ideas they would usually be on guard and opposed to.

    I recommend a new sub-series in Just For Fun. Counter-Commercials. These short 15s-30s comedic shorts (ads, news flashes, movie trailers, products, memes, cartoons, etc.) with real or fictional content in various genres (intentionally fakey, campy, cheesy, retro, low-budget, etc.) that parody, satire, or rip on specific topics that JC and/or we could muster into a list or something. If we did it one topic at a time we could collectively brainstorm on the content. If we worked from a list of topics then people could develop and pitch ideas and scripts independently or in groups. I’d love to see one every week or every other week or whatever. Even if many pass without much notice, every once in a while we’d hit a nerve which could attract attention, curiosity, and awareness.

    For example, picture this:
    James Corbett, head and shoulder, in a T-shirt and suit jacket wearing Ray Ban sunglasses with slicked back hair looking as much like Max Headroom as possible. Behind him is a green screen (or plain white wall) to be filled in with basic graphics. Good lighting would be preferable but if not that’s funny too, like a high-school play. James can pontificate and riff on the nature of “what is fake” (because Max Headroom was an artificial personality digitally copied from a person, with glitches), “what is news, if it’s happened then it’s old already”, etc. James could blast out short soundbytes and factoids about legit topics, maybe crack a joke or few, good or not, and of course make a whole bunch of silly faces, noises, sounds, etc. All while moving head and shoulders around _a lot_ (hands-free). All of this raw footage could then either be shared for some or all of us to edit, or JC can keep the embarrassing parts on his editing room floor (if there’s nothing embarrassing then you’re not pushing hard enough (to be wacky like Max Headroom) and the result will be blander). Ultimately you’d heavily edit with CG filters and glitches into a fun attention-grabbing blipvert that concludes with something like, “I’ll see _you_ at The Corbett Report.” You could even comp it on TV sets in post-apocalyptic scenes to intercut with.

    Like it or lump it or modify it, that example is what it is, but it could also be _anything_ else. My ideas don’t stop and yours are welcome too – if JC is up for it. But I don’t want to go on without feedback from you members and/or JC.

    For whatever it’s worth I’d be happy to animate and/or edit anything you like. Free. My only caveat – no deadline. My OCD quest for perfection slows me and my unpredictable and irregular bipolar may disappear me for days, weeks, and sometimes months – but I’ve had the best year in 8 or 9.

  20. “…I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me freedom of the press or give me death!” HEAR! HEAR!

    I hope you all know that this riot of accusations is not at all about “fake news” or “real news” or even the MSM lies about the POTUS election. It’s really about #pizzagate. That’s why the EU is getting involved with gatekeepers to promote their story. This pedophilia ring is worldwide encompassing all the self-appointed elites who are and have been holding high ranking positions in politics, military, entertainment. It includes the Vatican and the Crown. Now it’s been laid on the steps of the White House, the world’s military arm.

    You are completely correct in stating: THE WAR HAS BEGUN and it’s going to be a bloody battle, folks. Market share in losing out to the altnews combined with the pedophilia rings will have these criminals fighting to the death, pulling out every possible law known and unknown and shutting down any truth through deception and outright lies in order to keep themselves safe from the masses. They are not stupid–they remember what happens to so-called leaders who torture and kill, especially innocents. Their first line of defense is to halt the altnews community so no truth can be posted from anywhere to anyone. Where is Julian Assage? He’s likely been jailed or murdered and his site taken over by the surveillance state. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop when the MSM begins asking the public to report on sites and individuals who go against their real news. Fascist state begins

    The animal is wounded and now very, very dangerous. We must stick together. No sides, people, just TRUTH.

  21. YES. The threat is very real. AND, money speaks louder than words. The only action that will hurt them is taking away market share. Stop visiting ANY sites or using ANY corporate interfaces that subscribe to the “real news” falsity. They are against truth. You get a youtube link, DUMP IT. Change your email addresses, get off FB, Twitter, 4chan and Google now. Stop reading any newspaper online that does not support truth. We all know who they are–NYT, LATimes, NPR, USA Today (when did they become real news?), Washington Post and others, even local ones. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND–They need you. They need your attention and your money. If you pull these they cannot survive. Stop the flow right now! Don’t backslide into complacency over time either. Keep it up. You’ll miss nothing, believe me. If something important happens you’ll know immediately. Gandhi would be proud of you. It’s peaceful and it’s directed.


  22. And, I should add. The method of attack being used by these criminal elites via the MSM mouthpiece is the “wounded warrior” scenario. If you kill a warrior she’s gone. Everyone is sad but focused and perhaps more vengeful. If you wound a warrior then resources are required to care for her.

    We are the ranks. The Altnews is the wounded warrior. The MSM mouthpiece is supporting the criminal elites in their quest to shine a wounding false spotlight on the Altnews to divert attention from their worldwide Satanic ritual abuse, murder and trafficking of children. The ranks naturally turn to care for the wounded warrior. Results? Retaliation is lessened and focus scattered while they have time to regroup and push forward. Mine fields are among such weapons. Children are injured, requiring adult care. Planting mines shrinks the opposing ranks and demoralizes those within them.

    This is a primary tactic in warfare. And, like James said, “The war has begun.”

  23. Somewhat related to this topic…

    Recently I have noticed that while watching ‘non-mainstream’ documentaries on YouTube, they are interrupted remarkably often by ads. Sometimes as often as 3 times in the first 4 minutes. It discourages viewing.

    I can not say whether this is related to the category of the video or if this is normal ad behavior but it does seem like a recent development.

    Does this resonate with anyone?

    • frank,
      Corbett had mentioned this monetization of YouTube before.
      Do a search with these words “make money YouTube advertising” and you will see many articles.

    • AFAIK monetization does not work properly for most proper alt media.

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