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As GooTube goes on an AdSense purge of alt media we take a moment to remember that the entire “free and open” internet as we know it is just a flick of a switch away from total censorship. From censorship “bibles” and manipulated news feeds to bury brigades and disappearing front pages, viral truth content is already under attack. Are you prepared?

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Hello friends James Corbett here from with your thought for the day on 26th of March 2015.

We’ve talked in the past about the various ways that the free and open Internet is neither so free nor so open as we like to believe, and decreasingly so as time progresses but there have been some very worrying moves towards censoring alternative media in the past couple of days that I really wanted to bring to your attention.

You may have seen for example, having been removed from Google Adsense because of well they were first given the reason that it was about pictures of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib, then they were told it was about an article on the Ukraine war, and they’ve had it restored and then taken away again, just craziness going on with regards to that.

But it is certainly not just that’s been a hit by this. Luke Rudkowski ( has talked about how almost all of his videos have suddenly become demonetized and the view count is now skewed much much further downward than it used to be and I can attest also from behind the scenes, same thing for me my account has been demonetized – removed from Google Adsense – which is okay because I’ve never put a Google ad on my videos and I never will and I’ve never even considered it because I don’t trust Google as far as I can throw them and I wouldn’t accept any money from them, but there you go the people who were relying on them for part of their funding have now lost that funding source, for no adequately explained reason, but clearly something has gone on with Google and they are now starting to sensor based on political content, I mean that is exactly what is talking about, that seems to be what’s happened to Luke Rudkowski and that seems to be what they’ve decided behind the scenes about my account.

And again, not that I care but it shouldn’t be surprising to those of us who know, for example, about the documented relationship between Google and the NSA.

There was a court ruling back in 2009 I want to say that the court admitted that there was a relationship but they couldn’t release any of the details of it.

Just last year we got some leaked emails from NSA director general Keith Alexander to Google executives Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt, talking about Google’s participation in refinement engineering and deployment of solutions to cyber threats as well as the meetings that took place behind the scenes between Google, Apple and Microsoft executives and NSA officials about coming up with core security principles for mobile devices, which is a laugh given what we know about the various ways that these mobile devices are tapped into by the NSA.

Again, shouldn’t be surprising, people should remember Nafeez Ahmed’s exposé on how the CIA made Google, various other points along that data trail that we’ve covered here on the Corbett Report in the past, and the latest revelation just a couple of days ago interestingly enough, apparently Google is meeting at the White House once a week.

It is becoming a quote ‘lobbying powerhouse’ or perhaps not becoming but being exposed as a lobbying powerhouse behind the scenes, so an intimate relationship between Google and the US government. Where does one end and the other begin? Who even knows at this point. But they certainly seem to be cracking down on users.

Unfortunately for those who think Facebook might be a safer place… it isn’t.

MARK ZUCKERBERG: “Sorry I’m kind of nervous we have the President of the United States here…”
BARACK OBAMA: “Well, thank you so much Facebook for hosting this first of all…””

(Source: Obama speaks with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg 21.04.2011 | Time reference 03:27)

Yes Facebook of course absolutely no different. A point highlighted in a recent conversation between Dan Dicks and Jeffrey Tucker talking about and the alternative social media sites that are trying to combat various Facebook and other types of censorship that they talk about and discuss in that video worth watching.

Again, not a surprise to people who have been following the story, for example in 2012 it was admitted – it was admitted, it was leaked – that Facebook has a content-censorship list and they employ people at minimum wage, I believe in the Philippines or somewhere like that, to go behind the scenes and secretly delete any content that goes against what they call ‘the Bible’, internally that’s what they call their censorship book.

Facebook manipulated user news feeds to create emotional responses (Time reference – 04:28). This came out last year, just a bizarre story where they admit they were actually working behind the scenes to try to tailor people’s news feeds to see if they can manipulate their emotions, which they would then measure by the types of things they would post to their facebook walls.

The most creepy Orwellian stuff you can imagine and I still can’t imagine why anyone is on Facebook at this point. I know there was some people in Acapulco telling me that they’d see me on Facebook, I am NOT on Facebook so anyone on Facebook claiming to be James Corbett or representing the Corbett Report is NOT me, it must be someone else, so just to make that clear.

But again, all of these shenanigans are happening right now and we can only imagine what else is happening with manipulation of user newsfeeds behind the scenes that isn’t admitted to. This is years-old material.

People might remember Google Video. I remember back in the day when I was first getting into this, this was a place where every single day on the front page you would see The Great Global Warming Swindle, 9/11 mysteries, demolition, you would see Federal Reserve documentaries in the top 10, you’d often see 9/11 videos of various sorts, every single day and eventually they rejigged their algorithm to try to get rid of the truth videos from the front page, and then they got rid of the top 100 altogether, and then they got rid of Google Video altogether and just turned it into YouTube and just bought out YouTube and literally turned it into GooTube, and we all know where that went. Youtube used to have a front page, that was how some of my earliest viral videos went viral, but now there is no front page, it’s a personally tailored page based on your personal viewing history so if you watch alt-media, yeah you might get some alt-media recommendations, but if you don’t you probably never will. So that viral vector has been completely eliminated from the conversation.

People might remember Digg, which was the old Reddit in the mid 2000s. It eventually came out – Wired and others reported on the Digg’s ‘Bury Brigades’ – special superusers who were able to bury stories that anyone didn’t like from appearing on the front page of Digg.   All sorts of stories that were getting hundreds or thousands of ‘digg’s would be censored from the front page including, surprise surprise, alt- media stories about 911 truth and other things.

Reddit has come out time and time and time again – various mods censoring posts by topic, censoring posts by website, ‘pay for play’ – various websites pay moderators to get their posts on Reddit and in prominent positions.

Again the manipulations are nearly endless, and these latest ones are particularly worrying because of course it means that they’re trying to ???? people at the source, at the monetary source so this type of information, again cannot be created.

This is why it is so important if you are watching this on Youtube please please at least bookmark so that if, or an unfortunately increasingly likely when they try to manipulate, sensor or otherwise obstruct my material on YouTube you can find it at the source.

All of the videos posted in mp4 format for download there, all of the podcasts in mp3 format, all the articles are up there. All the information is at, for free download so please make the most of it.

And also again this is another reminder this is why we have to save any important material. You see a great article. Save it to your hard drive. You hear a great podcast, save it to your hard drive. You see a great video, save it to your hard drive. And save it locally so that it can’t disappear down that memory hole.

Another great solution – low-tech: discs, actual physical data disks that you can use to archive material, of course this is exactly why I do the data DVDs where you can buy, for example DVD vol 4 2011: every single podcast, every single video, every article all on two data DVDs in one set so that you can take all of that information and you have it physically unavailable so that, again if this ever disappears from the internet, if it suddenly goes missing, if they take down you’ll still physically have the data with you. It is so important for us to remember that all of this, everything that we take for granted right now on the Internet is just the flick of a switch away from being taken away, and we shouldn’t take this stuff for granted.

This is extremely important so I hope my listeners understand the gravity of this situation.

This is James Corbett of and with any luck I’ll be here tomorrow talking to you as well so until then take care.


  1. James, What’s up with the popping sound (apparently when you mouse click)? Seems loud, maybe a bit distracting? Just thought I would mention it in case you can make an adjustment prior to the next production. Take good care.

    • Thanks for the feedback. The pops are a feature of the program I use for screen capture, but I’ll disable it next time.

  2. Alex at is having internet issues as well. Numbers do not match up with participation from viewers. Not sure of all the details. However, she sent out a note to her subscribers telling us that FKTV may be shut down because of the problems she is experiencing.

  3. *shudder* Don’t give them any ideas!…although they’ve probably already thought of it.

  4. Hi whateverittakes2,

    Just want signal, in addition to the response of FNC, the next opening of dark mail alliance normally this year. Those people have proven record in term of security: among other Phil Zimmermann is the creator of Pretty Good Privacy.

  5. FWIW, I have been using ever since it was founded and been very happy with it. They encrypt all your emails using YOUR password (which they say they don’t keep a copy of) and their servers are all in Switzerland. Ditto (except in Germany) for

    There is always a chance they are keeping your passwords, though, even though they say they’re not. So, about the only way I have found to be really secure is to use But it’s not very convenient.

    • James: Is there any reason my comment is still waiting moderation? I posted it earlier than other comments that are in the clear.

      Thank you.

      • Yes, comments with more than one link (like the one that was awaiting moderation) go straight to the moderation queue.

        • I didn’t realize that. I will restrict the detail of my comments in the future.

          Why have you decided to penalize those who try to offer the most information in your blog?

          • It is not penalization, and it is not meant to discourage you from submitting multiple links. It is an anti-spam measure, plain and simple. As you’ll note, your comment was approved and now appears.

  6. Not outsmart them, just go somewhere else. Start up a video sharing site that is outside the jurisdiction of any government.

    Believe me, it is coming to a portal near you.

  7. hello from 2020…. everything is fine and the internet is ok…really….fine
    (bursts into tears)

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