The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics

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Previously on The Corbett Report we discussed the technocratic agenda of the Trilaterals and their globalist ilk with “Technocracy Rising” author Patrick Wood. Today Wood joins us once again to discuss the upcoming COP21 Climate Conference in Paris and how it plays into the technocrats’ plan to control the world’s resources and implement genocidal eugenics-based austerity.

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  1. Good finds, mbp. Both on the wattsup website and in Corbett’s archives.

    The Huxleys and Darwins and Galtons and Wedgwoods must be celebrating in heaven . . . or do I mean in h _ _ _? (See

    Oh, that’s silly of me to think for a second that they weren’t the very families who, in the early 20th century, plotted the climate change agenda and the BirthStrike movement into existence when they drew up eugenical plans for their technocratic progeny to execute decades later.

    Isn’t it interesting that the three tags James affixed to his discussion with Patrick Wood more than three years ago — climate change . . . eugenics . . . technocracy — are the three-legged stool upon which sits the NWO’s depopulation agenda.

    One thing just occurred to me: “Population control” means to the “inbred elite” not just lowering the birthrate, resulting in fewer children (for all families except theirs), but also controlling (manipulating, propagandizing, enslaving) the thoughts and lives of the men, women, and children who are so “unlucky” as to have been born!

    Controlling us right out of existence, that is. Every time today’s eugenicists utter the words “population control,” they’re probably thinking to themselves: “(de)population control.”

    But in this conspiracy they are not going to ultimately succeed. There are too many of us who are awake to their schemes, and more are waking up every day. Example: Today I met a young man who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and he let me know, in no uncertain terms, that he has seen through all the deception. Far from passively accepting his lot in life, he has been quietly shaking awake — or reaffirming the suspicions of — his fellow vets, many of whom are students at the large college campus where he works.

    • CQ- when I read this idea from MBP , the thought of the Darwin theory popped up. I see no reason in the world , but one , that they unbirth themselves out of existence. However the one reason you mentioned, the fact that they consider themselves outside the equation of population reduction is always a concern. Couldn’t agree more.

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