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Are you thanking the valiant soldiers in the war on the invisible enemy? Yes? Good. But are your thanking them in the right way? At the appropriate time? Using the state-sanctioned hashtag? No? Then you are a thoughtcriminal! Join James for this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch as we peel back the curtain on The Totally Spontaneous Health Worker Balcony Applause Phenomenon, and how the propagandists will use this programming in the long run.


The Totally Spontaneous Health Worker Balcony Applause Phenomenon in . . .








Ol Shoe – Wag The Dog

Wag the Dog info (IMDB)

The Things You CANNOT Say About Coronavirus

Neil Degrasse Tyson on the coronavirus experiment (from 1m16s to 1m38s)

How the Pentagon Paid for NFL Displays of Patriotism


  1. I am 4 minutes in, and asking myself:
    Is this a celebration of inaction? Of virtue signaling but not virtuously acting?
    Is this the other side of the helplessness/impotence/powerlessness coin?
    Celebrating the heroes but not becoming a useful, helpful person, as possible (hero) themselves?

    Nobody so far that I’ve seen has talked about what lead up to, what hindered a better reaction to this crisis, e.g. failure of preparedness.
    In my country/the EU in general, diagnostics per online or phone (from a distance) is largely forbidden. Self-manufacturing of disinfection-means is partially forbidden and the ept reported some self-made recipes or the recipes that the apothecaries (who got now a go to self-manufacture in Germany) will be using was reported.
    Further: centralization and authority to doctors, health personell.
    No wide-spread testing kits and material for blood or other tests, no, people have to get to the doctor. Just one factor in long waiting appointments already before the crisis.
    A general restraint and warning of self-responsibility, a patronization concerning medical and chemical concerns.
    This all breeds the mentioned helplessness/impotence
    it also decreases potential (medically and chemically and health security) personell and supply of useful goods.
    Supposed coming respirator shortage could have been prevented by having them decentrally spread in a PREPARATION mode at doctors practices and nursing homes etc., not centrally by bureaucrats or only at large medical institutions.
    And anyway could easily be manufactured in the last weeks and now, e.g. some attempting to re-calibrate and use diving masks.

    • What the heck…? It must be a joke. Are now scientists (see the 5th page of the comic, just below Obama) tanned Clark Kents coming from Krypton with superPCRowers?

  2. No one has clapped for me yet when I walk outside. I am a healthcare worker. In fact, my neighbors have been avoiding me. This virus fear has created a weird germaphobia and people who could potentially be carriers are like lepers at least that’s my thoughts on the matter. I think it might be some staged Instagram “virtue signaling” event.

    My area does not have a “surge” of cases. The people few people who be dying from these people are elderly with health issues. There are anecdotal reports of a few young people who were healthy that get sick from it and require treatment in the ICU, but that appears to be a minority of people. What I have seen so far is fewer people coming into the hospital. This can potentially create significant problems for people who need to be seen for a health emergency but are told to “stay home”.

    I think some people can get very sick, but that is not a reason to shut down the world economy and take away constitutional rights, forced quarantines of mass number fo people. Why not give masks out if this is really that bad. Give N95 masks out for the most vulnerable people so they can take precautions in crowded places?

    • Hi cu.h.j. Sorry to read of your experience.

      Commenter “macburns” left this comment on another thread:

      “Hi James and all- I belong to a nurse’s group online and two nurses that I am aware of, have been harassed publicly. One was pumping gas in her scrubs and someone yelled at her and then called the police. Another nurse in her scrubs was in Walmart and a stranger said “I’m not gonna catch anything from you am I?” By the way, nurses are being expected to care for (supposedly) infectious patients with a shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment).”

      • So wearing scrubs in public should be taboo because corona germs might take flight at least 6 feet to attack an innocent bystander? Is that how it works now? I don’t remember this level of concern/shaming during any previous flu season. If we were talking about ebola, I’d get it, but not this.

  3. The public is made scared for the virus that is 5x weaker than flue
    It seems that they do this with the Italian method of
    categorizing normal/pollution deaths as corona deaths.

    Italy: Only 12% of “Covid19 deaths” list Covid19 as cause
    Deaths WITH Corona VERSUS Deaths BY Corona.

    “Officers Are Scared” – Cops Nationwide Sick, Dying From COVID-19
    Testing positive means you may have this weak flue.
    And this flue will not likely cause their deaths.

    Pentagon Orders Essential Staff To Deep Underground Mountain Bunker As Pandemic Prep Escalates
    Adding to the scare.

    British Scientific Advisors: China Covering Up Full Extent Of Virus, Could Be 40 Times Worse Than Reported
    From data it seems that the crisis in China was not that bad, and seems pollution related.
    But if we use the Italian categorization method, it seems bad.

    Nurses are really stressed

    “I’m a Nurse – and TERRIFIED of #Coronavirus!”
    Molyneux – Freedomain Call In

    But the hospitals are emptier than normal.

    Is the crisis based on a stock photo?

    How the bailout works


    • Professor Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi Challenges the Coronavirus Crisis

      Original Channel:

      English voiced Translation:

      Quick summary of Questions:

      1. Statistics
      Did the projections differentiate between infection and clinically relevant cases.

      2. True danger of virus
      Is there a reason to fear that an exponenttially more dangerous virus is present?
      My answer is no.
      Mortality did not differ in danger.

      How many patients are diagnosted with Covin19 in comparison with other Corona virus infections?
      Nothing points to the probability that it is more dangerous than any other corona virus. Like Flue.
      Our health system is equipped to deal with these diseases.

      4. Has the virus already spread to the general population?
      If this should be the case, and attempt to stop it, would be worthless.
      A 1 or 2 week investigation would give a direct answer.

      5. Has Germany ((or any other Country)) followed the
      global trend of UNSCIENTIFICALLY categorizing and defining Covin19
      related deaths?
      A general error in the world health community has been that
      any death that contained Covin19 viruses has been marked as being
      caused by Covin19.
      This violates a basic principle in medicine.
      It must be established whether a patient has died BECAUSE OF
      and not just WITH a virus.

      The terrible reports from Italy and Spain are frequently extrapolated to
      warn of a possible similar situation that threatens this country.
      However the critically cause of the deaths can not be assessed.
      In addition to the problems we have addressed above, additional factors
      such as horrific air pollution in North Italy and the ailing Italian
      health system may be playing unpredictable roles.

      We know that this virus is extremely infectious. It probably has spread
      far beyond your estimates. It may be present in a considerable part
      of the healthy population.
      When an elderly dies, this will cause false conclusions when Covin19
      is found in the body.

      Many experts in the field have supported this opinion.

    • This NAZI this coming:

      Hungarian Parliament passes bill that gives PM unlimted power and proclaims

      State of emergency w/o time limit.
      Rule by decree
      Preilament suspended
      No elections
      Spreading “fake news” + “rumors” : up to 5 years in prison.
      Leaving quarantine: up to 8 years in prison.

      How is this different from where the US is going?

      Tim pool:
      We will see hard authorian rise in the US, leftists
      furious Trump won’t use federal authority.

  4. Was the mad scramble for toilet paper possibly a panic created by well-timed and well-placed stories about people scrambling for toilet paper?

    • In early or mid-February, I was pondering the coming “group think” after following the China News.
      I thought that folks would run out and buy up toilet paper.
      That seems to happen if a hurricane is headed to a coastal city.

      So, I went and stocked up long before the rush.

      I did not count on folks buying out all the bottled water.
      It amazes me…I go into the Grocery store to get some gallon jugs for my coffee maker, and there is hardly any there.
      A sign says: “Limit One”.

      I think that the hoarding is a snowball effect. People are aware that others are grabbing everything, and so they do the same.

      • “I think that the hoarding is a snowball effect. People are aware that others are grabbing everything, and so they do the same.”

        That appears to be the case. A snowball effect that appears to have been primarily triggered by scalpers who started buying cart loads to sell on sites like eBay & Craigslist.
        Although the media may have been the ones who got the scalpers started.
        At this point, the stores in my area are almost fully stocked again. The dried rice, dried beans, TP and sanitizers are still low though.
        You might need to get to the store a bit earlier in the day to get the gallon water.

    • There is so much shit coming out from the media and government and Central Banks and Wall Street, we are gonna need a lot of TP.

  5. As I browse photos of “Happy, Joyful People” parading the self-isolation for the supposed common good,
    I wonder…

    I wonder what their expressions will be like in 3 or 6 or 9 months from now with the economy in shambles,
    their retirement in the dust,
    and the future decade looking bleak.

    And for icing on the cake, what about next year’s ‘revival’ of the coronavirus spread because society has not built up immunity?

    NBC 5 viewers are sharing photos showing how they are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, from working at home to practicing social distancing. – March 21, 2020

    • I wonder what their expressions will be like in 3 or 6 or 9 months from now with the economy in shambles,
      their retirement in the dust,
      and the future decade looking bleak.

      YES! Every day at 8 pm, when I hear all the damned noise, I think the same than you. They don’t have a clue of what is coming (what is already here). But oh well, at least they will have “THE VACCINE” in X months. Poverty doesn’t matter; just the invisible nano-pseudoterrorists.

        • Yes, I have experienced it personally. I think it started on March 15th, the day after the Spanish lockdown was announced by the President. Since that day, everyday at 8:00 pm people go out at their balconies (I live in blocks of aparments) and start clapping, pot banging, play music, play the drum and so on.

          I don’t know when it started, but at least since a week ago, everyday at the same time, police cars have been driving with their sirens on for the same reason. My father have just told me that there were 4-5 cars of police today.

      • Also, we’ll all be required to pay for the vaccines and corporate and “special people” welfare cheques. I wonder what the gun totin’ folks in Virginia have in mind? Anybody hear of anything? Somebody brighten my day with some hope for our freedoms.

  6. Just going to mention a few observations:

    Wal-Mart had professional ‘social distancing’ floor decals made for their stores, including square ones for the checkout lines and a 6-ft long rectangle by the entrance to indicate how far you should stay away from others. They also have creepy ‘social distancing’ reminders playing on the overhead (not surprising considering how much they’ve helped with the public disarmament effort in the past).
    Where I am, in California, nobody is paying any attention to the signs or the social distancing instructions whatsoever. Why? Because nobody knows anybody who has had anything worse than a nasty cold or mild flu, despite almost entirely ignoring the ‘shelter at home’ order.

    Gun stores are still mostly open throughout California and tons of people are loading up on guns & ammo. In Los Angeles, a Sheriff has recently begun trying to close the stores but a county lawyer and firearm rights activists are pushing back hard.

    Google has manually inserted a search filter to keep the Conspiracy subreddit from appearing when people search for Reddit Conspiracy. Previously it was always the top search result and still is when using other search engines. The filter replaces that top search result with a link to the Coronavirus subreddit, which is the heavily policed, CDC-friendly, MSM-narrative-pushing subreddit officially recommended by reddit for information about the coronavirus.

    • Corbett Report newbie here–I’m so thankful to be here!

      This morning, in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, I went to Target. It’s one of the more tolerable shopping experiences these days. However, I was standing beside a masked bandit, who looked as though he was going to rob a bank after he bought his cake mix. I figured he wanted to be further away from me, but I just did my thing. Suddenly, I hear this announcement of how Target is doing “social distancing” and we should all be six feet apart. I just said, sort of to no one, but the masked bandit was close by and the only other person on the aisle: “It’s so clear that this is social engineering that I can see right through it.” His eyes, which were truly the only part I could see of his face, looked at me as if I’d held a gun on him and asked him for a thousand dollars. I hope my comment gave him some food for thought, though, and that it will help him to wake up from the trance.

      I knew that two shopping experiences in one day in this cowardly new world would really tax me, but I decided after Target to brave Whole Foods, as it’s much more sane, or has been, than Trader Joe’s. And no, I’m not even going to Ralphs, as my husband has informed me that they have plexiglass up between the cashier and us dirty deplorables.

      So, I was standing at the meat counter at Whole Foods, trying to get a couple of pounds of hamburger and a woman informed me that she had been next. Of course, how would I know this, being that she was six feet or so behind me. I let her go in front of me, but this was not nearly enough for her. She demanded that I move away from her. She got really aggressive and threatened to call security. She was yelling at me and I don’t like confrontation while shopping. I just want to go in and get what I need and leave. After letting her yell a little bit, I just went up to the cash register, where a cashier who’s been working there for years was. I told him quietly (and much less than six feet apart) that a woman was threatening me, and I asked him if he could get the hamburger for me. He was extremely polite and brought me back hamburger and I paid for it and got out of there.

      A security guard, whose job seems to be to round up the buggies for sanitizing, took my buggy when I got my groceries out and put them in the car. He didn’t speak much English, but I needed to tell my story to him, being that I was just about in tears at that point. He seemed to understand. He nodded as if he’d seen people threaten and get angry recently. Maybe a few times.

      When I got home and called my husband, he told me that he was not at all surprised and that it’s only going to get worse. I fear he’s right.

      • What a horribly surreal day you had! Stop the world, I want to get off.

              • I’d never heard it! What great lyrics!

                Every hour of every day I’m learning more

                The more I learn, the less I know about before
                The less I know, the more I want to look around
                Digging deep for clues on higher ground
                Moon and stars sit way up high

                Earth and trees beneath them lie
                The wind blows fragrant lullaby
                To cool the night for you and I
                On the wing the birds fly free

                Leviathan tames angry sea
                The flower waits for honeybee
                The sunrise wakes new life in me.
                And every hour of every day I’m learning more

                The more I learn, the less I know about before
                The less I know, the more I want to look around
                Digging deep for clues on higher ground
                The fishes swim while rivers run

                Thru fields to feast my eyes upon
                Intoxicated drinking from
                The loving cup of burning sun
                In dreams I’ll crave familiar taste

                Of whispered rain on weary face
                Of kisses sweet and warm embrace
                Another time another place
                And every hour of everyday I’m learning more

                The more I learn, the less I know about before
                The less I know, the more I want to look around
                Digging deep for clues on higher ground
                And every hour of everyday I’m learning more

                The more I learn, the less I know about before
                The less I know, the more I want to look around
                Digging deep for clues on higher ground
                Moon and stars sit way up high

                Earth and trees beneath them lie
                The wind blows fragrant lullaby
                To cool the night for you and i
                On the wing the birds fly free

                Leviathan tames angry sea
                The flower waits for honeybee
                The sunrise wakes new life in me.
                And every hour of every day I’m learning more

                The more I learn, the less I know about before
                The less I know, the more I want to look around
                Digging deep for clues on higher ground

                The fishes swim while rivers run
                Thru fields to feast my eyes upon
                Intoxicated drinking from
                The loving cup of burning sun

                In dreams I’ll crave familiar taste
                Of whispered rain on weary face
                Of kisses sweet and warm embrace
                Another time another place

                And every hour of everyday I’m learning more
                The more I learn, the less I know about before
                The less I know, the more I want to look around
                Digging deep for clues on higher ground

              • Yeah it is a great song. It is part of what I call the greater oracle of music that comes from music that is written from the heart as Higher Ground is.

                I know that Phil Collins wrote this song about his ex-wife but when I listen it – in relation to what we know of this conspiracy – It seems as if it could apply to the whole of the human race, at least when I listen to it that is how I see it.


              • “Throwing it All Away”…yeah, I see what you mean. 🙁

              • John Lennon’s “Across the Universe” touches me, especially now.


                I’m not into transcendental meditation, but come at it from another perspective: they may kill my body but they cannot take my soul.

              • Yeah –

                Is there nothing that I can say
                To make you change your mind

                I watch the world go round and round
                And see mine turning upside down

                You’re throwing it all away.

                Every time that I look at you(the general public)
                I can see the future (because I learned of the agenda)

                Now who will light up the darkness
                Who will hold your hand
                Who will find you the answers
                When you don’t understand
                Why should I have to be the one
                Who has to convince you (All of us have felt this way about those around us who are blind and willfully ignorant)

                Someday you’ll be sorry
                Someday when you’re [enslaved] free
                Memories will remind you
                That our love was meant to be
                Late at night when you call my name
                The only sound you’ll hear
                Is the sound of your voice calling
                Calling after me.

                That last verse of course is after things have run their course and the blind individual is in a forced labor camp considering everything they were told after the fact.

                The blind are throwing it all away – when if we loved truth and each other it would be a different story all together.

              • Exactly… ” they may kill my body but they cannot take my soul”

                When it comes down to it, the elite manipulate the people from two basic places – the death and birth principle.

                They use the fear of death and the sex desire to manipulate the masses. Every operation of theirs is rooted in one or both of them.

                They have studied our psychology well and instead of using that knowledge to uplift us – they keep it secret and have weaponized it.

                All fears are ultimately rooted in the fear of death. But ultimately death and birth are just doorways that lead in and out of the earth schoolroom. Life is Eternal and has no opposite. If the people knew this one truth that their ideas of death is an illusion none of the “iluminati’s” operations would have any affect on them.

  7. Hashtag trending on twitter right now: “#NationalDoctorsDay”

    Here’s 1 of the tweets:

    Today is #NationalDoctorsDay.

    Give thanks for our doctors.

    Pray for our doctors.

    Now more than ever.

    9:02 AM · Mar 30, 2020·Twitter Web App

    • Again someone succeeded in mind reading, but

      “…the authors freely admit the study’s caveats. For example, the speech to be decoded was limited to 30-50 sentences.”

      Be sure there are other limitations too.
      They don’t know much about brain functioning, but they will read mind, perfectly logical in our day and age.

  8. I don’t mind clapping the workers who have to work through this pandemic. In fact I feel slightly guilty that the some of the lowest paid are expected to shoulder this burden while I continue working from home. They’re not even offering them extra “Soma”. All this hero worship stuff is emotional blackmail really.

    The whole thing was a bit contrived though, like the state were trying to install some wartime spirit like the blitz. Pretty sure the people hated the limits on their civil liberties back then as well.

    More concerned about Gates and his idea to issue digital certificates or tattoos or chips to say who is clear of certain diseases and who has been vaccinated. All rolled out under the benevolent auspices of the kind caring state. And the digital cash stuff as well. As George Carlin said “They’ve got you by the balls” and they’re brainwashing us with patriotism as I watch while others work while I watch.

    Anyway I am following the rules to lessen the burden on the NHS which has been underfunded for years, but I can certainly see what James has been saying over the last few videos. I will be preparing as I feel this is probably only part one of an extremely long box set. I should have been paying more attention to the previous episodes.

  9. Hi all,

    I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is a town with a highly educated population, yet the people are often taken in by leftist fads. I have seen many professional looking signs thanking health care workers dotting the landscape here. The sheep have taken the bait. Thanks for the information that this is happening everywhere.

  10. Let’s make a spontaneous arrangement to applaud James for watching state TV. I tried doing the same a few days ago and after an hour it seemed like the time had stopped and I was stuck in a private waterboarding session administered by Pompeo in a bikini (sans the vax).

    I won’t divulge the time for this applause and will instead assume you will all know how, when and why.

    • I like to watch it stoned and on mute. This for location shots. I make up my own dialogue. Of course, since I only see tv in public places now, that’s a rarity.

      Is anyone planting a garden? Coordinate with your neighbors for the best variety. Also, HRS had mentioned chickens earlier. All you need sans vitamin c in an egg. A tablespoon of pine needle tea will supply 7 times the vitamin c of an orange. Don’t overdo though. It will eat up your pancreas and your tooth enamel if you do. Painful.

      Jimbob; who is readying his gear to be stashed while he is in town for a few days.

      • The “self isolation mandates” makes one want to self isolate from the self isolation mandates.
        Enjoy town if anything is open.

        • Since I usually laugh at the fearful, they tend to isolate themselves from me. Talked to a fellow on the trail today. All open, the new normal way. But no toilet paper to be found. Real men use green pine cones anyway!

          Jimbob; who is not THAT much of a man.

    • Guys and gals, you all missed the point. Did you applaud at the right time?

      Jimbob, any recipes for that tea? And you are right, this is the final time to start making preparations and get out of dodge.

  11. Thanks for your insights and analysis. Am inspired to listen to your solutions, but have not done this yet. Yes, they may try to stifle dissent, but in public forums where the discussion (or at least the pretense) is about the “science”, it is possible to confront the adjuvants to the stiflers:

    1. What is the proof the Wuhan respiratory illness (WRI) was caused by a corona virus? Was the virus isolated, purified, and used to infect other animals who all then had the same symptoms and the virus?

    2. If there were no unique symptoms to the Wuhan respiratory illness, then was it not similar to a cold or seasonal flu clinically, with mild symtoms in some, severe symptoms in others, and mortality possibly due to existing conditions in others?

    3. What about the test? Is it reliable? For details, I suggest –

    4. Is not possible that the cause, the origin, of the Wuhan respiratory illness is the combination of the severely polluted air in Wuhan and the recent 5G rollout in Wuhan? For details, I suggest this ten-minute presentation by Dr. Cowan MD –

    Where else is the air polluted and 5G been rolled out recently? South Korea and northern Italy? This proves nothing, of course, but it is unusual.

  12. bill mf gates on cnn

    at appr.2:30 and 8:30 is talking about recurring lockdowns, lockdowns won’t be over soon (my translation: two months), vaccines for everyone on the world, even when lockdown will be over some “measures” will stay…

    every decent human being should at least consider sending to this douchebag a voodoo vibe: wish you long life and terrible illness

    • Fluorida governor just announced restaurant lobbies closed until 15 April. Also, border checks in Louisiana and Georgia (I think Georgia) if you have New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut tags. Who wants a constitution anyway?

      Jimbob; who is amazed that so many people are demanding their rights be stripped. They ain’t speaking for me. And they won’t take mine.

      Pps: I think of James as a Canadian ninja. Instead of hai, he says ay.

    • Well I still have a copy of Windows 95 somewhere that I can stick a pin through. It may not work, but there is no harm in trying!

  13. I was in a public place when they showed the cops moving with their toy tanks. Got a lot of attention when I gave my professional critique of their tactical skills. No one did anything though as I seem to scare slaves. Oh, they sucked. I could’ve taken those idiots out with a .22.

    Obviously they are pushing for a vaccine. I won’t take one. But do not forget those people applauding are your enemy. They will turn you in.

    Now, what are your plans to deal with this?

    Jimbob who can personally attest that the VA never gave a damn that I spent about a year drinking heavy and looking at my pistol trying to think of a reason not to eat it.

    • Oh, that was nearly 20 years ago. The hardest times are the best. Character is forged by them. But as far as your suggestions go, I won’t be relying on officials or the Nasty Guard.

      But on the bright side, the milk thistle was ready to explode by the road, dandelions were preparing to send out their paratroopers, the fish have finally started jumping in the river, and I just spotted my fishing nemesis; a 2.5 foot gator that relentlessly stalks my fishing bobber.

      Also, during the governor’s speech today, in which he said we have fewer rights, they all stood about 3 feet apart. Gotta stay in the frame!

      Jimbob; who is still waiting for more people to quit describing the problem and help by describing what they are doing to counter it.

      • Wish I could take credit for it, but mother nature really wrote it. Of course I forgot about the gorgeous black racers gliding through the grass.

        Jimbob; who is getting ready to leave paradise for town now. Also thinking if people allow such a wimpy pandemic to end civilization then it ain’t a civilization worth saving.

        • Mbp, no reply button on your comment, but wanted to ask if you’ve planted your garden. Probably the most important thing people can do to prepare.

          Jimbob; who thinks this is the endgame, but who also thinks it’s the end of statism.

    • What a pleasant surprise to read you again, Jimbob!

      • Nice to know you’re still around as well. Unfortunately, the reason I’m back is because I think these are serious times and I want to ensure people are prepared.

    • Note: I don’t think it is a hoax.
      It is a global mis-identification, because they see
      deaths WITH coronavirus, and not deaths BY coronavirus.

      This is due to the panic of finding a new virus.

      And added to that we have wrong tests, extreme pollution (Italy),
      and many more causes.

      But it started the corrupt technocracy machine, that was
      waiting for this day to come.

    • Corbett on WeAreChange


      Luke needs to watch The Corbett Report and read the comments.

    • Here I was, just reading your comment, nodding the entire time when you startled me by calling out my name! For a split nano-second, it felt like I was back in class – ya know, back in the old days?

      I’ve not had a chance to watch it yet (I bookmarked the video yesterday when I originally read 67’s post – I have over a dozen of these accumulating! I can’t keep up!), but I’m not surprised he’s wearing it ’cause he’s the one who sells the caps with that quote! I lost track when and where, but I posted the link to his store after I’d read that you couldn’t find them online. But save your money for eggs, butter and other essentials!

      • “…summer dresses and exotic vacations?”

        Seriously, I could use some of that optimism! I soooo pray you’re right and that I may resume skimming dusty books at used book stores and satisfy my more recent hobby of visiting nurseries for exotic houseplants and native ones for my butterfly garden!

  14. heroes, heroes, heroes

    This is how my disgusting bank, one of the top 3 of Spain, have greeted me when I entered their app just a few minutes ago:

    Thanks for leaving our app to applaud.

    Every day at 20:00 the use of our app falls. And it is because we are all in our windows and balconies cheering on our heroes who take care of us every day.

    #QuédateEnCasa (Stay at home)

    “Applaud”, “cheering”, “heroes”, “take care”. Everything is positive and everyone is happy in my country. I guess that I am “self-isolating” too much.

    • sick
      That’s sick.

  15. Another episode of The Living Room Sessions for anyone interested.

    I haven’t watched the new report yet – but if inspired to say anything I will be back…

    The Living Room Sessions Ep. 2 ~ From this Moment..

    In this episode of the The Living Room Sessions I talk pretty much off the cuff and play some

    improvised songs as well as some covers and older songs that I wrote.

    A rough version of my newest song about the corona virus psy-op is also

    premiered in this episode called – This Superstitious Eclipse

    Also in this episode is a cover song of an old friend’s, who past away about

    10 years ago; played back to back with his recorded version following.

    Enjoy and please share with others who you think would appreciate it.

    and for those of you who rather use youtube:

  16. Seeing this kind of shit just puts a contorted look on my face – there must be some kind of mind control program being conducted through the cell phone system (and/or something else) using emf frequencies.

    It is like a hive mind is in control of them all… they are now coming to claim, conquer and consolidate the final resource – the human being!

    Pure wickedness as far as I am concerned… Jung spoke of the atomization of man; or the collectivization into a hive mind.

    “We need more understanding of human nature, because the only real danger that exists is man himself. He is the great danger. And we are pitifully unaware of it. We know nothing of man … far too little. His psyche should be studied — because we are the origin of all coming evil.” — C.G. Jung

  17. Coy_Featherstone says:
    The “white coat” is the new “camouflage”.

  18. Bless your soul for watching full news broadcasts. I cannot bring myself to watch any of that garbage without wanting to vomit. It’s hard to believe that I’m not living in some sort of dystopian satire. That feeling is even stronger whenever I see bits and pieces of what’s considered “news” these days. It’s also very hard to believe that nearly all things shown on the “news” aren’t some form of “wagging the dog.”

    Some other tidbits of propaganda being spread where I’m at in NY:

    • The tele-schools are trying to get all the kids to do some sort of drawings of rainbows that their parents are putting on their doors. It’s apparently happening in other places like the UK which raises a red flag similarly to the applause “phenomenon.”

    • There was a front-page piece in a local paper with some hospital workers standing outside a hospital “protesting” for more medical equipment. It looked completely staged especially since they have been screaming about equipment shortage since day 1 in NYC.

    • There is also a constant push of the idea of the hospitals being overcrowded in NY. Apparently, NYC has the highest cases of this coronavirus (I’m pretty sure the numbers are being exaggerated) and they started constructing morgue huts outside hospitals. I’m pretty sure if martial law is going to be fully enacted that it’s going to happen in NYC first.

    • I would love to see a small meteor, lets say about the size of a cinder block, come down and hit the UN building. Hit is just right to destroy the whole un complex and nothing else.

  19. I think the virus is real, at least the virus that is being tested for in the US is a real virus associated with varying degrees of disease depending on pre-existing health conditions and predispositions to getting sick from it. I believe it because we test people for it at the hospital I work at. People come up negative for the flu, but have signs of infection, fever, cough, sometimes severe respiratory compromise (people who were already sick or elderly). Something, presumably a virus is making people sick with fever and other signs of infection that can not be explained by a positive influenza test.

    Anecdotally people have reported illness in young healthy people supposedly positive for Covid 19, but I have not yet seen a case of a young healthy individual put on a ventilator yet where I work. I don’t live in a densely populated area though and it’s not heavily polluted. Medical professionals seem to be modeling what the disease might cause in local populations based on reports coming out of China and Italy. New York supposedly has more severe cases, based on “the news”. I don’t know anyone working in New York, so have not been able to ask.

    My thoughts are that either there’s a different virus that comes up positive for Covid-19 in China, Italy and New York or contributing factors that make it wore in these areas. I don’t think the true mortality rate can be assessed due to faulty testing and that it is easy to manipulate vast numbers of people with media. It is probably a conspiracy at the top, but the bottom just falls in line. People tend to believe “the experts” especially medical professionals who are are not taught to critically analyze data. They trust the media so they don’t question, they trust the CDC and WHO. I think many people are well-meaning and don’t think about the harm these shutdowns and stripping of constitutional rights are doing. People are afraid, they have tapped into the unconscious minds of vast numbers of people who will willingly “self-isolate” out of self-preservation. It’s a base instinct in human beings. They know what buttons to push.

    Doctors need to start questioning and speaking out, a few have, but the media probably won’t cover them. They want to prolong this as long as possible and it will harm a lot of people and make them worse. This response will kill more people. It’s wrong, but I don’t know what I can personally do. I have no large platform to speak and if I tried, I might lose my job or be targeted. To be honest I am afraid of our creepy government in the US.

    Some people think it’s related to 5G technology and I don’t know much about the biological effects of it. Some people have said the virus is different here in the US to the one in China and Italy, maybe a biological weapon used there. Maybe used in densely populated cities. I’m not sure, but I do know that this response is very suspect and very wrong.

    • Everyone talks about 5g, but 4g can be ramped up as well. Plus, it’s everywhere. But the real question is what are you doing to prepare for the dollar collapse? Have you planted your garden? Even a window sill garden can make a huge difference.

      Jimbob; whose garden is a river, but knows that is unrealistic for most. And who thinks we ought to be making our counter moves if we truly desire freedom.

  20. Many thanks, James, for so perfectly describing the exact (7pm) charade that transpires every evening on the porches around me. While I stand frozen and my house lies quiet. Initially I considered joining, thinking neighbours celebrated the ‘end of quarantine’ for one couple who had returned from abroad earlier. Then I understood the clever manipulation. For sure, the Pandemic Lie can not be fed much longer and needs to capitalize on the fear-wave, now turning blind ecstasy, to roll out the VAX chapter. Nothing of this is by accident. New junctions appear like clockwork, and offer no more than two choices. What poses real concern is the self-righteous and unbridled judgement that is reverberated and fed in new social bandings, just a hair’s width from hatred for anything perceived outside the dance circle, holding back ‘progress’. It has a flair of ‘New World’ giddiness, generated by the ‘collective power’ to finally and truly have a global movement, where everyone is unified against evil. And if you willfully ignore the guiding hand behind the scene, you really could make it a crowd movement. Hilarious, but I am inspired. Noon tomorrow I will be on my roof with pot lids, signal horn and hollering to stage my own celebration. What should be funny and maybe cause for thought will be a confirmation of segregation and defiance of positive change and likely scratch the last chrome off the hatred coating. The farce is that they trample blindly all over millions of dead soldiers who, in good faith, died by the hands of the masters not that long ago for a better cause. Very soon, deep personal choices will need to be made.

    • ego won’t let you go back and admit that you were clapping for a hoax that ripped apart the (albeit imperfect) pre-corona socio-economic fabric

      I hadn’t seen this phenomenon from this perspective but it makes absolute sense.

    • Yes, I fear you are right.

    • So perfectly written!

      “Nothing of this is by accident. New junctions appear like clockwork, and offer no more than two choices. What poses real concern is the self-righteous and unbridled judgement that is reverberated and fed in new social bandings, just a hair’s width from hatred for anything perceived outside the dance circle, holding back ‘progress’. It has a flair of ‘New World’ giddiness, generated by the ‘collective power’ to finally and truly have a global movement, where everyone is unified against evil*.”

      *Like JimBob mentioned upstream, that means you, me and everyone else who objects.

      Again! “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” coming to pass!

  21. Mr Corbett,
    First off thank you for doing all the research you do every day.
    On the topic of propaganda, and I’m not sure how far off base I am but is westworld propaganda targeted at conspiracy theorist
    Some observations on in the latest show:
    The deep state seems to be represented (and hated)
    The protagonist a robot kills a random pedo
    Heavy handed attempt at normalizing the technocracy with everyone’s favorite junkie Jesse Pinkman who this time is a marine veteran with implants. However he is defeated easily by two goons and a tablet. Which seems to me to be a reason not to get implants but perhaps is their way of saying this will be life and one doesn’t have a choice. Anyway, thanks for everything you do, this segment is really great BTW

  22. Supposedly this story is real…yes, exactly as I said….

    This guy is a complete moron, he should be locked in institution and saved from himself. I can understand to extent someone totally broke and going to be guinea-pig…. life is a bitch sometimes.

    What kind of journalism is this, to leave hanging a possible fact: “DNA (from the vaccine) could end up in the germline”. Which ingredient has to be present in the brain to coin a question: Why we wouldn’t ask experimenter about this?

    Foremost reason for birth control requirement is probably reduction of claims in case experiment goes wrong.

  23. Miss Terious,
    Just so you are aware, ManBearPig is a woman, not a man.
    A wonderful woman who lives in France, but once lived in the USA.

    Many Corbett Member make that mistake.
    Don’t worry about it…ManBearPig is used to it.

    In fact, it can be difficult at times to figure out sex, age, country, race, etc. of many of the Corbett Members.
    Codgers and Curmudgeons are easy to identify. 😉

    ManBearPig has long kept up with the Climate Crisis Hoax.
    She chose that moniker, “ManBearPig” from a famous South Park Episode(s).

    I am writing this post, also, in part, to inform the Corbett Report community at large. There are a lot of new faces recently.

    Glad you are here Miss Terious.

  24. Hi all, I am not sure where to post this question and I can not find an answer through the usual online searches.

    Are there mobile devices available that have internet functionality and a proper screen (so not the nokia 3310) that do not have a camera or GPS? In this upcoming / current surveillance obsessed police-state world I feel this type of device would be very useful.

    If anyone has any thoughts then please let me know. Heading out for a walk tomorrow with a local map and a compass to see if I can even remotely remember how to use them. Dodging the army dressed as police will be fun in the upcoming weeks/months/forever but luckily rural England at the moment, where I am, is low on their priority list….for now

    Cheeeers then

  25. Care workers are already in the meat grinder, maybe the clapping was to make amends. Yeah, that is why I was so insulted. Payrise? Back pay for thousands of hours worked at night for free? Better rights at work? Holidays not taken because we were not allowed, because short staffed? Better PPE? I can reel off loads of ranty things that those people clapping have no idea about and I am sure the doctors, nurses, other health care workers and frontline and essential/keyworkers could too.

    Ever since this started I have been voicing my concerns and keep getting shut down by friends and family. Oh you still get to go to work and exercise. But this is not right folks, I kept saying. Well the police and military will see that it goes right. What the heck did you just say (I thought you were my friend?)

    Do I stay quiet? Yes, I do now, but let governments and “authority figures” not forget that they better not eff with some of us (maybe they have been reading Fight Club and are a little afraid?) Problem is, they seem to have brainwashed so many, I have always been the black sheep (my dad had a right rant at me the other day for being extreme, what, me? What about what the government are telling you to do dad?!) and it looks like this has marginalised a lot of us even further. These are scary times, not because of the virus, but because of the fall out from this global event.

    • manbearpig, yes comedy and most of it here on Corbett’s website, has been keeping me somewhat sane and less ranty. This situation has made most of us more resourceful and creative (supermarket rules can be circumvented because gee on the spot thinking in panic means stupidity, exercise rules heck no, done between 8 – 10 p.m. I hardly see anyone, it is eerie), without being told to do so by the powers-that-want-to-persuade-us-to-do-what-everyone-else-is-doing (“we are all in this together crew” who want to make this the *insert catch phrase of the day here*)

      I am tired of/annoyed with the new words, terminologies and triteness that is abounding. I am also amazed at how stupid, illogical/unreasoning adults seem to have become, waiting for answers and clarification from the government, the chief medical officer or whoever. Since when did they ask these bungling fools for advice before? And why would you need to ask anyone permission to do anything? Ugh! It is only because people have been told to stay home and watch TV…I wonder why…mass induced dumbassery for the win!

  26. I thought I would bump up this old Corbett Report from 2015 because I thought it was relevant to covid-19 in a way.

    How to Fake an Alien Invasion
    “we should know that there is a coordinated plan or an agenda in place, to capitalize on such things as fake alien invasions that is being funded and promoted by the financial power elite, at the top of the pyramid, and is being promoted and pushed out into the cultural sphere by the politicians and economists and the Vatican and the UN, and then underneath them the culture- creators in the entertainment industry, to prepare the public for such a possibility and we should be on guard against such manipulations.” – JC

    Ever since the 1939 “War of the Worlds” radio play, I’m sure the Rockefellers and the criminal elite have considered using a fake alien invasion to scare people into giving up their rights in order to fight the War.

    I’m guessing it’s because after running all their sentient world simulations they discovered the idea was not practical. Perhaps because no matter how evil you make the enemy appear, there are always a few thrill seekers that want to see the enemy for themselves. That would ruin the effect.

    Much easier to replace Martians with viruses real or imaginary.

    Interestingly the original H.G Wells version (Not the radio play) featured microscopic bacteria as the most fearsome of foes in the end.

    • BUMP

      So very relevant!
      Invasion of the Liberty Snatchers, via the Virus pods.

  27. Could some be applauding, because they believe the health care workers are doomed, “hoping to be survivors guilt”; but they also want them to keep up the fight? Isn’t this behavior a bit selfish, if we honestly look at humanity. How many go out at the “appointed” time, cheer for the “doomed” workers, then go inside and say to their spouse, “they are f^*ked honey, very sad”. There is what motivates people, then there is the motives of the puppeteers…. “motivating” sheeple.
    Before this latest globalist move, I was not using the word sheeple, much. I just added it to my spell checker as a word 🙁

    There are three sets of videos I am preparing for my parents to watch, from three truth tellers, that I think can get through to them. You are one, James.

  28. #propagandawatch

    There are many people blaming China and Russia for all kinds of problems.

    While these are not our best friends, we do not need to smear them either.

    China is even blamed for 20 Trillion dollars.
    This seems to me a tactic to fund the US debt-economy.

    I also think that they will use this to push for more censorship.

    How disinformation really works: Activists linked to pro-NATO think tank smear Russian Covid-19 aid to Italy

    China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, US Intelligence says

    It seems that the latter is used to make us scared of the virus again.
    Instead I think that the spreading has been much higher.
    They probably reported wrong in the beginning, but lately they get closer
    to the South Korean numbers in rate.

    We also see chinese claiming that it was all fake.
    And people protesting, because they want to go back to work/ normal life.

    **Known Unknowns**

    Still I can not explain some of the reactions to the virus.
    The Chinese overreacted for something that is as strong as a flue, if the South Korean numbers are correct.

    Did they overreact, because the leaders of China are very old?

    The Victims in Iran are also unclear.

    Were they very old and/or smokers?

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