The Weaponization of Information in the War of Terror

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Within hours of the bombing at Manchester Arena last month, police had identified the lone wolf suicide bomber they alleged was behind the attack.

Mere hours after that, the independent online media had compiled a list of the many questions and problems with the official narrative of the event: that it was American intelligence, not British intel, who had allegedly identified Salman Abedi as the attacker; that the alleged bomber’s father had co-founded the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group that worked with MI6 on a failed plot to assassinate Gaddafi in the 1990s and fought alongside NATO in his eventual ouster in 2011; and that Abedi’s ties to ISIS were allegedly “confirmed” to the New York Times by two anonymous deep state sources.

Within hours of the London attack last week, it was widely reported in the mainstream media as an “ISIS” connected event. It was left to the independent media to report that the alleged ISIS connection to the plot was “discovered” by suspected Israeli operative Rita Katz of the long-discredited SITE Intelligence Group and that it is in fact the UK, the US and their allies that have been instrumental in funding, arming and training ISIS in the first place.

When CNN tried to pass off a demonstration in London as a spontaneous event that their cameras happened upon, it was a citizen journalist who captured the behind-the-scenes footage showing that the “protest” was a carefully stage-managed event, including the reporter and crew telling people where and how to line up for maximum effect.

When NBC tweeted Megyn Kelly’s recent interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin under the headline “Putin does not deny having having compromising information on President Trump,” it was online backlash that prompted them to issue a correction admitting that Putin not only dismissed the idea, but called it nonsense.

Time and again the flowering of citizen journalism and online independent media has thwarted the establishment media in their attempts to convey a narrative favorable to the deep state. So it is no surprise, then, that in the wake of the latest false flag terror incidents in the UK, that British Prime Minister Theresa May has identified the free and open internet as the greatest “facilitator” of terrorism:

The UK government has already implemented some of the most draconian restrictions on internet usage of any country in the Western world, including the Investigatory Powers Act, which requires internet service providers to store all internet users’ data for at least 12 months in case the government wants to access it, and the “Snooper’s Charter,” which grants government agencies and intelligence services the authority to hack into individuals’ computer systems and the ability to collect masses of data on people’s internet browsing history regardless of whether they are even suspected of a crime.

Now, the government is looking to prevent any form of encryption and enforce government-mandated backdoors into any form of online security.

What is especially chilling about this is not merely that such a system is fundamentally unworkable, nor that network-level blocking has repeatedly been ruled illegal, nor that such legislation would decimate Britain’s software industry. The truly chilling part is that the government is now openly advocating for the creation of a controlled, surveilled, restricted internet where all content is accessible only by permission of the government.

The threat of this type of Orwellian control over information is evident for those, like Professor Michel Chossudovsky of, who recognize that the ability to counteract the establishment propaganda narratives is the only thing that will effectively undermine the ongoing and ever-escalating wars of aggression  that are justified on the backs of these false flag terror events.

Of course, the crackdown on the online independent media and citizen journalism is not limited to the UK. Governments around the world are enacting laws and empowering their own intelligence services to surveil and control their own populations, curtailing the ability of independent media to counter the mainstream propaganda.

In one of the clearest and most disturbing signs that independent media is firmly in the crosshairs of the global elite, “The War on Information” was one of the topics on the official agenda for this year’s highly secretive Bilderberg conference. This year’s meeting of the Bilderberg Group brought together not only the usual gaggle of royalty, high-powered government officials, banking heads, and captains of industry from Europe and North America, but also a larger-than-average contingent of media executives and establishment-friendly journalists, including not only Bilderberg stalwarts like the editors of The Economist and Bloomberg LP, but Italian journalist Lilli Gruber, Norwegian journalist Kjetil Alstadheim, and American journalist Amy Walter, as well as the editors of the London Evening Standard and Italy’s La Stampa.

Ominously, joining this group behind closed doors were regular Bilderberg attendees Peter Thiel and Alex Karp of Palantir Technologies. Palantir is a shadowy data analytics firm founded in 2004 with the help of seed funding from In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the CIA. Although the exact details of Palantir’s relationship with the American intelligence services and their counterparts in the so-called Five Eyes countries of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK are not known, recently released documents have confirmed that the company’s relationship with the UK’s NSA equivalent, GCHQ, dates back to at least 2008, when they impressed intelligence officials with a demonstration of how their software could be used to track, trace, analyze and de-anonymize internet traffic and online data on a mass scale. We now know that Palantir is a key part of the NSA’s XKEYSCORE program which collects all manner of online data, not only emails, chats, and web-browsing traffic, but also “pictures, documents, voice calls, webcam photos, web searches, advertising analytics traffic, social media traffic, botnet traffic, logged keystrokes, computer network exploitation targeting, intercepted username and password pairs, file uploads to online services, Skype sessions, and more.” Palantir helps intelligence agents map, trace, search and organize this data in ways that make it impossible for people to pass information online without the government knowing about it.

At Bilderberg co-founders of Palantir were discussing “The War on Information” behind closed doors with people like Sharon White, the Chief Executive of Ofcom, the communications regulator for the UK, and several of the reporters and editors who are charged with disseminating government-approved propaganda in the mainstream press. The implications of this are stunning, and they go far beyond a simple issue of public/private collusion around press censorship.

At stake is not just the ability for the deep state to set the narrative of these terror events uncorrected by independent online reporters, but to define the very meaning of “terrorism” itself.

If it turns out–as it did in the case of the Manchester bombing, and the London attack, and the Westminster attack, and the Paris airport attack, and the Berlin Christmas attack and literally dozens of other “terrorist” incidents–that the alleged attackers were all “known wolves” who had been identified by and often in contact with intelligence services before their alleged involvement in these plots, an independent online media might connect these dots to find a common underlying pattern: Namely, that these events are being aided by or at least passively allowed by these intelligence services, the same ones that have been caught time and time and time again encouraging, funding and even concocting terror plots in order to “bust” them just in time.

However, if the deep state is in control of the apparatus for disseminating information online and censoring independent reporting, they can craft a very different story, one in which an overworked and underfunded intelligence system is straining under the burden of responding to all of these incidents, and only budget increases and even greater surveillance of the public can possibly reduce the threat from terror.

If terrorist incidents are always tied back to shadowy groups linked to Al Qaeda or ISIS, an online, independent media might connect those dots to show how Al Qaeda and ISIS were literally created, fostered, funded, trained and equipped by the UK government, the US government and their allies across the world as a tool in their quest of dominance of the Middle East and control of their domestic population. But such a story can only be told on a free and open internet, where independent voices continue to reach the masses and inform them of the truth about these terror groups.

The truth, of course, is that the terrorists are the ones that are in charge of these organs of political, military and financial power, the ones who are constantly terrorizing the public with these false flag events and telling them that only greater governmental surveillance and censorship can protect them. To stop these terrorists is the prime political imperative of our time, and it can only happen through an independent media that is willing and able to counteract the official propaganda of events like the London attack and the Manchester bombing.


  1. As a huge fan of The Corbett Report, I had no problem subjectively criticizing the last satire short piece. So too I have no problem praising this wonderful episode. (I praise waaay more than criticize.) While there is not much I wasn’t already aware of (because I try to be informed by TCR and others), I found this episode to be one of the best because, rather than being another in depth analysis it’s a brilliant overview that I am sharing with everyone important to me.

    I posted this on Facebook (my first FB post in several years):

    > The Orwellian noose tightens as the militarized police state rises.
    > Ignorance is bliss but ignorance is no excuse. The ruling classes exploit our ignorance with inflated events, distorted divisions, and media distractions creating open prisons in our minds under illogical false impressions. With manufactured consent via corporate mass media, the monopoly on violence remains ready. Ask “why” more!
    > #FightElitesNotEachOther !
    > Recognize your exploitative violent overlords trying to restrict you further:
    > Nothing to see here, Go back to sleep. Go back to work. Serve you masters.
    > War Is Peace – Freedom Is Slavery – Ignorance Is Strength

  2. Jason, I whole heartedly agree!
    “… it’s a brilliant overview…” worth sharing with everyone.

  3. That Tommy Robinson situation is a NIGHTMARE!

    Google #1:
    Savoy Ballroom Benny Goodman vs Chick Webb

    Google #2:
    George Webb and Jason Goodman Threw Defango under the bus? Do you see the problem folks?

    Too much too fast and from every angle – it’s like the Russian politics covered in that 2016 Adam Curtis short docu “HyperNormalization”:

  4. Always love your imput

  5. Be careful not to say the truth on facebook, critical speech against the “power” means police visit in Denmark. Seriously. Personal experiences. The war against the information in full swing.

  6. Could someone point me to a definitive video (or the best summary of) this Webb/Goodman thing? Or maybe a few videos to better triangulate perspectives.

    (I like videos as I do something else while listening to 2x playback speed – like reading for ears.)

    Having just touched on it, it looks like a lot of YouTuber/Truther drama nothingburger about personalities making so much noise about each other being psyop agents (which may or may not be true) that they are dancing further and further away from Seth Rich and the Pedophocracy. It feels like a big waste of time and energy because it really sucks out your energy and time listening to their sucky tales.

    • The Webb/Goodman ego-drama seems like waste-of-time click-bait in the same vein as David Seaman, a sensationalist YouTuber publicity-stunt scam-artist and media-beggar, who so far as I know never lied about the #Pizzagate “research” that was taken off without credit. Read a little more here:

      I’ve only scratched the surface of this tedious Webb/Goodman drama.

      I cannot speak to content other than this childish soap opera because it seems to overwhelm the current narrative. I’d have to go back in time to know more. I’ve seen their names before, even downloaded some videos (unwatched), but I was not familiar with any Webb/Goodman research, work, or interviews about Seth Rich, etc. so I have no analysis or opinion or about the quality, truthiness, political angles, etc.

      If it’s not a manufactured psyop then it’s an organic distraction. Either way it’s a wasteful dismal distraction. Investigate for yourself if you like torture by tedious tandrums.

      • You hit the nail on the head, it’s a massive distraction slash drama for people in the semi alternative media circles.

        Webb had some quality collated information going on, told in a distinct style, he left me with the impression he’s a detective of some sort, the whole noir film look and feel. However, he lost me when he outright stated that he’s a Zionist and as such is deliberately protecting Israel in his analysis but as such is not lying too much to hide the fact. I was quite flabbergasted at that point.

        Based on my limited time investment in these latest happenings, I gathered things definitively started going south once Goodman joined, after which Webb started losing it. It’s an enigma wrapped in another enigma shut into a vault buried under a bunch of concrete on the ocean floor.

      • On YouTube I download everything, then I watch what I can. Before this I was only aware of George Webb as a person of interest that’s coming up fast that I should learn about – eventually. Aside from the recent nonsense I still know nothing about him or his views.

        Even watching this, this morning, RR mentions GW as Mossad:
        “Rebekah Roth ~ 9-11 Truth & Updates” (2017-06-10)

        And then I opened up my browser… I don’t usually comment on YouTube videos unless I’m in the mood or compelled to. I get alerts about responses to comments or comments in a thread of responses with one of mine.

        Today I got a YouTube alert to a video I don’t recall seeing, downloading, or _especially_ commenting on…


        Defango “Found It! Alamaba Down Cicada 3301”

        I still have not seen the video but thought it important to bring you this right away:

        Comment by The Millennial Sage
        A white paper by David Webb Sweigert, aka Dave Acton…


        • That comment copied in entirety (not including other responses):

          The Millennial Sage 5 hours ago

          It appears that David Webb Sweigert, AKA Dave Acton, has turned the tables on us and has exposed his nature. Please refer to Montagraph’s recent video to gain insight on the apparent methods Dave will be using to blackmail his brother. Now, below I will be posting an excerpt from a white-paper that Dave is working on. I will also be including a copy/paste of a comment from a YouTuber named “Intel Valor” that has been appointed as “incident command” and is helping Dave with the conception of this white paper. This paper will compromise the entire truth community and you will see why.

          Excerpt of the paper as shown on Dave’s computer monitor on his video:


          “Examination of the Port of Charleston emergency evacuation and closure deliberately caused by social media “conspiracy-theorists”. Such cognitive infiltration operations rely on the weaponization of “crowd-sourced” information to create additional attack vectors. NOTE: this paper is scholarly research and is distributed for discussion purposes only…”

          My observation is that nowhere stated within this excerpt is George Webb or Jason Goodman stated by name and, instead, a heavy generalization of an entire community of what is deemed as “conspiracy theorists” is highlighted to be using crowd-sourced information as a weapon to create attack vectors. What type of attack vectors? As the title of the paper states: COGNITIVE. the media has been stepping up the rhetoric regarding cognitive hacking, and so I find it odd that he makes specific use of the term “COGNITIVE THREAT VECTORS” within the title of a paper that he is writing that specifies social media “conspiracy theorists” to be using crowd-sourced information to create such vectors.

          Moving on.

          “Intel Valor” Comment of Contribution on Dave’s Video:

          “Platform and Progression:

          Participants within Live-Action are lead to believe evidence exists through the use of deception. This deceptive mechanism details the compliance of alternative roles introduced to advance the plot. The narrative follows a standard Bernays outline with additional (Neutral) (Unwitting) persons, having valid credentials(IE:Reputable Journalists) to source, validate and disseminate narrative specific data to sensationalize and further co-opt unwitting participants.


          Viewers appear to be specifically vulnerable to inclusive roleplay which simulates real time espionage efforts through mock clandestine scenarios produced on video for dissemination through public video upload site “Youtube”. Media then becomes Cognitively invasive, (Worm) working exponentially, per viewer, with each comment further forming a directed opinion, adding validation to a fabricated scenario. The exponential contamination of population centers grows, irregardless of viewer opinion. Negative and Positive opinions build further accreditation for fabricated clandestine acts as viewers clash, causing viral spread of cognitive worm; Reaching exponential readers, viewers and mediums of dissemination. Critical mass is achieved, further time has allowed for solidification and zealotry t o form within ranks on both sides, natural dialogue has ceased and risk for violence increases, alternative conspiracies are formed, spread and promoted, the Worm replicates with mutation to infect an entirely different crowd.

          Just a rough overlook on my end. Not nearly complete.”

          Hmm. Now if I’m not mistaken, it sure seems that this paper is heavily aimed at the dissemination of information through online social media platforms as per Valor’s post of contribution on Dave’s video. It seems as if a lot of thought is going into this paper that does not seem to be aimed at one specific person rather than a specific community. It seems as if Dave and friends are constructing a research paper as to target the 1st amendment and the people who freely exercise this right. Please look into this and stay observational and vigilant. It’s very funny that this paper is being constructed after George called in a fake bomb threat on the Port of Charleston utilizing this very same “weaponized” crowd-sourced information that Dave is typing this paper about. It seems as if George’s actions were radical and extreme as to increase the need for such measures to be taken to inhibit such a scenario from happening ever again. It seems as if this psyop was constructed solely for the purposes of research and example. The plot is getting very thick. VERY. and I believe something more major will be taking place very soon. Good morning.

        • It was weird that I was alerted without commenting. I wouldn’t have looked at the other comments if I wasn’t looking for my own and whatever the response was supposed to be.

          I apologize in advance if looking for another rabbit-hole I fell into a puzzle-hole trap and if any of you fell into it with me.

          I don’t know what to make of this.

        • Another YouTube comment there, perhaps unimportant, by

          kyus20017 hours ago (edited)

          By the time you read this
          Wikileaks just released
          Timing is strange. Unless it was released earlier today
          Be safe

  7. On a darker Pedogate related note, I recently updated these articles. Please feel free to contribute and edit these articles. There’s nothing new or groundbreaking.

    Back in February I searched online for a simple list of elite pedos and was surprised to find none at all. Over a couple dark weeks I researched online the basic Pedophocracy article which was edited down and the lists separated. I liked it better as once source. The research was disturbing and I avoided the subject until these recent little updates.

    I’m not even an amateur investigator or reporter and those articles could use a polished touch, but it’s a centralized documented start in hopes of attracting more free information while corporate Wikipedia censors everything.

    I intend to update these articles soon or eventually (I’ve been keeping a lose list):
    etc. from my to-do list of “Independent news media & progressive activists & free thinkers & ideas”

    If you have ideas, comments, criticisms, etc. you are free to edit/contribute to the articles directly, discuss it on the talk page, or lemme know here or via email.

  8. More terrorist attacks, backpack seen.

    BTW, coming from a person not active on twatte… erm twitter I can’t believe the amount of people from the “media” leeching off information from it. Weather it is terrorist attack, political satire or cat twitts, someone from the “media” will be there to ask permission to use the recording. Do these people even get out of their office building?

    • Yes, I know, you have questions:

      1. was the attacker yelling “Allahu Akbar?” Of course he did.
      2. was a passport found? No, but the night is still young, dear subscriber.

  9. “Pizzagate heatwave” = pizza oven.

    500 degrees of nonsense enough to spin your head around and then some.

    I was also thinking about gettin’ my gun and gettin’ in my truck and driving to Washington D.C. (Devil’s Circus) to shoot up that pedo’s pizza place.

    Then I realized I had no gun or truck and crossing the border from Canada is such a headache… so I decided to watch Twin Peaks for even more fiction loaded with esoteric nonsense.

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