The Weaponization of “Science”

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“Science” is being turned into a political weapon. Not the scientific method, but the reified “science” of scientism, exemplified by the politically-motivated March For Science, the politically-biased peer review process, the politically-charged infotainment from political hacks like Bill Nye, and the politically-appointed scientific regulators who always put their corporate interests and political worldview ahead of scientific accuracy.

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Judith Curry Explains “The Republic of Science”


  1. In 2006-2007 while at Texas A & M, I had to write a short Biology Class paper on any plant. I chose Stevia. I went all out…and because the paper “was too long”, I got a B- and was publicly denigrated by the teacher in our class of 60+ students.

    Later, I did a touche’ by telling her in front of the class that my paper was published on the internet. Then, I made copied stapled stacks of the paper, along with live Stevia potted plants, made a “FREE – Take One” and distributed these displays around the different floors of the Science building. They were popular.

    The paper revealed the truth about Aspartame, Donald Rumsfeld, and the FDA burning Stevia cookbooks in Arlington, TX., etc.
    It showed with photo documentation how aspartame killed FIRE ANTS. If you know about Fire Ants, you know how hard it is to get rid of those mad dogs.

    Here is that paper… (check out the Fire Ants pics)
    The Sweet Stevia Conspiracy

    Since I was in classes with PreMed students, one fellow was in a quandary on what to do for a research study experiment. I told him about aspartame. He was skeptical, but used it with frogs. Later he told me that the size of the heart of the “aspartame frogs” was almost double of normal frogs…it was inflamed.

    • I did not know about birth control with Stevia.
      What’s the scoop?

        • I have a Stevia plant growing in my garden now.
          I have a real problem with all the rabbits; the litters keep multiplying. …and they don’t eat the Stevia. Hhmm… Maybe spike some sunflower seed rabbit food with stevia. (grin)

        • I did some further research.
          As noted in the video ( ) this textbook was written in 1970 by Paul and Anne Ehrlich.
          Timely was a 1968 study at Purdue in association with a University in Paraguay by Professor Joseph Kuc in which they gave rats very, very high doses of Stevia (and perhaps it was exclusively included in all their water). The results showed a decrease in fertility. Evidently many could not replicate the results, but a couple might had.
          A 1968 study makes sense that it would be included in the book.

          My take away on all of this…
          Many foods and herbs should best be consumed in balanced moderation.
          Throughout history, there have been common herbs used for birth control methods. Some of these folk remedies for birth control may omit “censorable” written information such as “inserting the concoction into a private body cavity”. Also, many plants mimic hormones. (e.g. celery or pine pollen for androgen qualities, or soy for estrogen qualities, or bananas for melatonin qualities.)

          I do not trust the corporate Stevia concentrates/products because they may contain solvents or altered aspects of the plant.

          I almost died from being poisoned by solvents when working in an Environmental Testing Lab (testing for contaminants). Breathing the solvents started to literally dissolve the fats/oils within my body. Gross, incredible phenomena followed. I literally could not remember what had transpired earlier in the day. Thank goodness a Natural Doctor guided me immediately to mega-doses of NAC and other supplements.

    • Just read the paper you linked. I’m guessing it was ridiculed for reasons other than the length, but his naivete. JimBob who notes that people can’t figure out that crooked politicians just might lie to them about every dang thing they do.

  2. Thanks, James. I needed many years to see the politicization of science. Science! Have I really practiced a kind of religion all these years? So many things have changed for me since 9.11! The understanding of what drives a big part of scientists, has shifted tremendously since that event.

  3. It is promoted because it is part of UN agenda. They are going to use it to promote gmos, vaccines, climate change, etc. Haven’t you noticed more MSM attacks on religion lately? Communism also attacked religion too. See where this is going?

  4. Science and 9/11 Truth at the University

    When at Texas A & M from 2006-2008, I burned and distributed about 10,000 DVDs, many of those on campus. EVERY Professor on campus and (most assistants) got a nice 9/11 DVD packet. My book bag had a sign “Ask me for free 9/11 DVDs”. I always carried DVDs and handouts. A tremendous number of students and public found out about 9/11 through these efforts.

    One time there was a “Science Contest” sponsored by a top Biology Professor. Students would be given 30 minutes to a make a presentation about any topic in science. “Judges” were composed of Graduate students and Professors. The presentation would be judged in the realm of “valid scientific method” and “non-valid”.
    After the Biology Professor found out my presentation was to be on 9/11, he changed the presentation time down to 10 minutes.

    Despite this, I pulled off a sweet presentation about Building 7. I showed various video clips and also had a “model of a building”. After dropping an object and pointing to the model, I asked a rhetorical question, “What could make a building fall in free fall?, a student in the audience yells out “EXPLOSIVES!”.
    The Biology Professor got red in the ears. He stepped out of protocol and started interrupting my presentation. Finally, I slammed my hand on the podium and assertively said to him: “If you will stop interrupting me, I will show you the evidence!!”
    All the judges ruled in favor of my presentation.

    There are hundreds of anecdotes of my interactions with people about 9/11. An interesting aspect is that Professors kept ‘mum’ on the topic. They wouldn’t go there. However, my Physics Professor and some others would give me “that knowing look” that they were aware.
    …But, the Agriculture Dept. Professors were all on board with me about this Global Warming Hoax / Manmade Climate Change. They knew it was a bunch of malarkey. Since they were “limited by their ties to the University”, they sometimes would prod me to talk about it.

    • Above, I mention the Agriculture Professors and Climate Change when I was an “Aggie”.
      During late November 2008, the Farm Bureau reports that the EPA and government entities intend to tax the agricultural industry even more. $175 per Dairy cow. $87 per beef cow. $20 per Hog.
      Sing along… Real Men of Genius!…

    • One time at A&M, the visiting department Head of Chemistry for Texas Tech came to give a talk on his research about perchlorates and permanganates. I went.
      Perchlorates and permanganates are used by the military as explosives and rocket fuel, along with many other industrial aspects. They are a major environmental issue. Toxic.
      However, soils and subsoil minerals can naturally contain perchlorates and permanganates.

      Thyroid problems from plants (including organic) and milk due to irrigation.
      The Professor pointed out that because many farms and ranches use deep well water irrigation methods, that the top soil was building up with large deposits of perchlorates and permanganates. This toxin was going up the food chain. And it was causing thyroid problems.
      He strongly advocated that people take Iodine supplements to offset the damage.

      He published the scientific research. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) also published his research.

      He smiled wide when I asked him: “Did you catch hell from the Texas Tech Administration after you published your work?”
      He sure did. All kinds of pressure. Texas Tech gets lots of monetary support from the military side of things.

    • I got the idea you were a man in his sixties, how come you attended a college 10 years ago?

      BTW, kudos on distributing 10k DVDs, I assume you had them printed somewhere because burning that many DVDs would be a bitch.

      • It was a bitch burning those DVDs on my computer…wore out the burner and had to get a new one. Our North Texans for 9/11 Truth group has distributed more than 70,000 DVDs total (much thanks to Joe S.).

        I am in my 60’s. I dropped out of college in 1973.
        After going bankrupt with my bookstores / wholesale-online book operation, I returned to college in 2005. Adventures…lots of adventures come for us with life.

        Had a ball in college(4.85 gpa)…
        WATER DOWSING Interviews
        One sec fire GIANT FRESNEL with a grandson
        My CHEMTRAIL aluminum test (Sidenote: I also got to tour an aluminum melting plant at college…asked about thermitic reactions…interesting, because it is a big concern for them.)
        I also got to tour the underground atomic bomb shelter FEMA headquarters in North Texas while at college. Many, many anecdotes during this college era.

        Having an altitude of age, plus just plain life experience, made for an animated college life 2005-2008.

        • A couple college 9/11 anecdotes
          As I was hanging this “9/11 Was An Inside Job” banner ( ) in front of my apartment which blatantly faced the University campus, a young ‘cowboy’ comes spinning gravel with his pickup into the parking lot. I thought to myself: “Oh no! This guy is all upset that I am unpatriotic.” Boy, was I wrong. He comes scurrying out of his pickup and yells at me, “Hey! How can I find out about this?!!”. So, of course I loaded him up with DVDs and literature.

          The banner caused quite a stir.
          Construction guys would pass my apartment on their way to weld and build a new large campus building. One morning as we walked on the same path, me towards my classes and they towards work, they started to rib me about the banner. They were highly skeptical and poked fun at me for my conspiracy theory. I joked with them. We had some good laughs. I gave them all (about 6 or 8 guys) DVDs and literature. I made a bet with them that they had more sense than most of the Professors on campus.

          A few mornings later when our paths crossed, they were all saying “You are goddamn right! Those buildings were blown up!” And they proceeded to tell me all about what the DVDs exposed. They asked for more DVDs to give to their friends.

          The reverberations of passing out DVDs was cool to see in later years. A lady in one of my classes asked for DVDs to give to her brother. Years later he headed our group.

          (The post-script is funny)

          In the video starting at the 2:49 mark, I am the blonde /whitish gray haired guy, kind of tall, with wire-frame glasses.

        • Vaccines
          I was lucky. In 2005, my college instructor for a government course was the man featured in this 2001 ABC News investigation on mercury in vaccines. He started a class action suit against the Pharma companies. Great guy and we still stay in touch. He knew about 9/11 before I did.

          More info about the class action lawsuit and how The Patriot Act derailed it… (scroll halfway down the page) The CDC lied in 2002 and was caught.

          • Hola Howdy Kon’nichiwa PdB, the man with no country and all countries,

            I hear ya on the Mercury and Vaccines. Been on the front lines of that fight.
            (I do the website and help with events.)

            While in college, I had some animated debates with Professors and with fellow classmates about vaccines, and the mercury contained within. Some of these Professors got pretty heated in their advocating of vaccines.

            It is ironic. They just could not confront the Chemistry regarding Mercury. While my Organic Chemistry Professor had no dog in the fight, he definitely ascertained that Mercury is one of the most toxic metals. He told me a story: Back in the older days during the traveling carnivals, they would have a slide and a pool of Mercury at the bottom. People would pay to slide into the pool and splash the beads of metal all about.

            As a kid, I would break open a thermometer and play around with the beads of mercury in my hands and all around the floor. The beads are fun to play with.
            By the 6th Grade, I remember on the back porch telling my brother that “I feel like I’m going crazy.” By the 7th Grade, I developed a skin condition on my hands, where the skin would peel away like athlete’s foot.
            I never connected these phenomena to the toxicity of Mercury until many years later.
            Fortunately, the body tries to heal itself and clean itself out. Maybe all the High School beer helped.

            Now-a-days, if a mercury thermometer is broken in a school, they call the Hazmat Suit guys and evacuate the area.

            Ha!… Heck! In 1968, I was melting lead weights to make “Peace Signs” to wear around the neck. Breathing lead fumes and touching it on the body. Of course, we had leaded gasoline back then too at around 29 to 49 cents a gallon.

            I think the food was cleaner back in those days and helped one detoxify.

          • A very informative documentary.

          • What and incredible blunder by Bush on 54:14.

            Our enemies are innovative and resourceful
            And so are we
            They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people
            And neither do we

            I understand Bush isn’t an intelligent man but this is incredible. Someone had to write that stuff he’s reading.

        • Way up above on “college anecdotes”.
          Typo – 3.85 gpa not 4.85

        • I miss the days of my exploration and “experimentation.” We mostly experimented with fire and setting things afire; fighting fire; gunpowder and other things going BOOM as well as some basic construction and making rudimentary weapons out of naturally occurring materials.

          Was it not for this, would I know that one the most inflammable organic naturally occurring materials in this area was a palm tree? [no palm trees were harmed too badly, the fire was put out in a timely fashion]

          • Ha! I been there too. It was kind of fun.

  5. ““Science” is being turned into a political weapon.” This happened long ago.

    Thanks for this episode! I recently commented something on this. Scientism is a dogma like religion and patriotism and it can be terribly corrupted in it’s process like anything else.

    The “March For Science” should be the “March For Transparency” and the open (and open-source) free flow of information, ideas, and analysis, so that knowledge from science is not a horded power controlled by exploitative gatekeepers. Everything from government systems to climate change to big pharma to Silicon Valley hides behind their occulted proprietary knowledge.

    Aaron Schwartz tried to liberate knowledge.

    I’d like to see a “March Against Dogmas”.

  6. In the 3rd Grade I had to do a report on the moon. We had a very old set of Encyclopedias. I remember that the encyclopedia said the moon’s surface might be like cotton, all cushy.

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