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According to the dinosaur media, the worst part about the exposure of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking and high-level blackmail operation is that it bolsters conspiracy theories about child sex trafficking and elite corruption. Newsflash: they’re trying to gaslight you. Don’t fall for it for a second.

Norm MacDonald on Cosby

How the Epstein Case Explains the Rise of Conspiracy Theorists

Gaslight – FLNWO #08

In ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Stanley Kubrick Captured Horrors of Jeffrey Epstein Era


  1. Thanks for the insight and for clarifying the term Gas Lighting, something that is certainly easier to defend one’s self against when falling victim to it, especially for those of us who have taken the metaphorical “red pill”.

  2. Anna Merlan and North Texans For 9/11 Truth

    Around the 6:30 minute mark, James mentions Anna Merlan.

    I once had a conversation with her when she was with “The Dallas Observer”.

    For her September 2011 article, North Texans For 9/11 Truth: Still Running Around in “Rabbit Hole” After All These Years, the paper used a photo of our group in the January ‘Martin Luther King’ parade.

    You can read the article here at 911blogger…
    (the photo has since gone into the ether)

      • Some really cheap diggs in that article. But, hey, what could one expect. One failing girder brings the building down? If that happened, there would be such a sweeping wave of change, introduction of stringent building code regulations, it would probably be simpler to start a colony on the Moon, than to build a steel and concrete structure.

        When something bad happens, architets, building inspector and other associated ruffle really look at it. They have a tendancy to be interested in a couple of thousands avoidable deaths.

    • has that photo saved. I saw it in the April 27, 2015 screenshot, but I just chose that date at random – over 300 screenshots were taken, it’s probably in a bunch of them.

  3. The following is a 7 minute mind-blowing video of Dr. Steve Pieczenik and his point of view on the Jeffrey Epstein situation…

    Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker. His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare.

    He served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary.

    • I am aware my sheepdog. ?

    • “There was no coup, there is no coup and there will be no coup.”

      Agreed 100%. It’s crazy how much this “hope-porn” works. Steve P. is probably in charge of the Q psyop.

      The system is so locked down, like you said, that I believe they have gone through every single scenario decades in advance.

  4. Hi James,
    kinda get the idea that Chernobyl and Fukushima were not so bad, compared to the terrible bombing experiments out there in the Pacific in the ’50s. Did not really think about it until I applied some of that gaslight to the article. “Radioactivity in parts of the Marshall Islands is far higher than Chernobyl, study says”By SUSANNE RUST | Los Angeles Times | Published: July 15, 2019 (from the Stars and Stripes Newspaper). Of course, the radiation destruction of those atomic power plants can not be minimized, not even inadvertently.

    • Chernobyl – All people that know who lived in east Europe had major health problems.

      Fukushima – Might have killed 90% of sea-bed life, according to diver.

      All these problems are due to fallout, not radiation.

      • I think that radiation as such is widely misunderstood and will require a lot of education, research and breaching through myths to correct the situation.

  5. Can Propaganda be neutralized?

    – Silver Prices Jump & The Alternative Media –
    I want to mention an interesting recent phenomena which I attribute (at least in part) to the Alternative Media.

    Around Monday, July 15, Mike Maloney (and other silver proponents) point to a ZeroHedge article of July 11th entitled: “A Whale is Accumulating Silver Futures”.
    Mike runs through the details of the article in his 7 minute video.

    Here is the phenomenon which I noticed following Monday, and into the Market opening on Tuesday, July 16th…
    Silver prices pop.
    Silver goes up, while surprisingly gold goes down slightly as the DXY (The Dollar) goes up. Typically, silver price direction is a reflection of gold price direction, with gold acting like the flagship.

    Yea, sure, alright then… just another coincidence in a long list of wild coincidences I have observed over the years.

    While I can’t “prove it”, I feel like the alternative media played a role on Tuesday’s unusual jump in silver prices. It sure ain’t the MainStreamMedia shouting “Buy silver!” on Monday.

    – My takeaway –
    The alternative media does exert influence.
    Perhaps it sometimes exerts more influence than we realize.
    We really don’t know. Google sure ain’t gonna tell us.
    Probably, that influence becomes more effective when people have skin in the game or are looking to make a buck. Likely, the power of making the buck can not be underestimated.


      You can click “Gold” (to the right of the silver chart) to see the gold chart as a comparison.
      On the top menu “Markets”, if you click “Currencies” you will see the DXY and also Bitcoin.

    • As I’m reading this, silver has loads of price increase potential so even relatively minor moves can be sizable. If something shouldn’t be underestimated, that’s the effect of “paper gold” on the markets.

      • You are absolutely correct.
        At this stage, even a few cents per ounce has an impact percentage-wise.

        The current silver price to gold price ratio is way out of balance, both from a historical ratio standard and also from an ability to mine ratio standard.

        This is interesting and refers to previous videos…
        Why A Higher Silver Price is Going To Stun Markets – Mike Maloney & Jeff Clark Gold

        As I understand it (via the rumor mill & articles), J.P. Morgan is holding a huge cache of silver. But some other big players are also, including those involved with silver ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund investment vehicles).

        In the 90’s, briefly, I was in the jewelry business. I remember going to the silver jewelry wholesalers and weighing out the silver jewelry, basing the price on the current price of silver.

      • Tidbit:
        How do you pick up a 2,200 pound coin made of gold?

        This thing looks like it might be about 2 feet in diameter.
        It really emphasizes the reality of the density of gold.

        Kind of makes some movies look silly when the vault robbers are carrying away a big bag of gold bars.

        • Why do you need special clearance to stand beside a 1 tonne coin? They should have done a hidden cammera and have people try running off with it.

          Who knows how much wolfram is in there :p

  6. Gaslighting is humans fitting in with other humans… just like in some circles you must believe evolution EVEN IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND IT and in some churches you MUST believe in creationism EVEN IF YOU SEE EVIDENCE OF EVOLUTION. Humans fear rejection and expulsion from the group because it used to be a death sentence…. Thats why humor like 9/11 a conspiracy theory can get thru to people because it slips past the mind filters as ‘just a joke’
    Listening to Luke Smith podcast about how living in the modern agricultural world has shifted selection pressures in mental make up… it made me think about how gaslightbility has been made into a survival trait since the nail that sticks out gets hammered and may not be able to breed
    Third podcast down “…The Agricultural Revolution Has Been A Disaster for the Human Race… ”

  7. Pooh , it’s been a tiring few days and as my ideas grew more solid I felt as if I was kept under constant pressure (second to second) only to try preventing me from growing my conscious further.
    And now I see Mr. Corbett’s video and it felt a little as if I were to blame.
    I will however simply change my screen-name to my original name and use a real-life photo of myself… not much more is needed from my end.

  8. Damage control through gaslighting, propaganda, limited hangout and blackmail leverage games they play in the “justice” system that they own. These people are so pathetic.
    It is such a sad reality of humanity that these sick, psychopathic fucks naturally rise to the top like scum in a bucket.

    Just ranting. Carry on.

    • We’ve always heard that the cream rises to the top, meaning excellence. On our planet excellence has become a twisted joke around TPTsnB. Your analogy for them ‘naturally rise to the top like scum in a bucket’ is completely accurate. I’ll be using the phrase in the future. Thanks.

  9. What Mr. Corbett states in this video is so obvious that it is a pity that he must point it out. So very, very obvious, but people are having their minds bent and cannot see for themselves anymore. Only a few can resist the mass mind control.

    • with Brooklyn-bred discernment… question more. Resists mass mind control.

  10. When thinking of examples of gaslighting, Hillary Clinton stumbling (read: becoming unconscious and falling) during her 2016 presidential campaign, covered by CNN and others, comes to mind. James covered this when it happened and pointed out that it was gaslighting. Can’t find the video, but I remember him discussing this.

  11. One of the worst lines in the Atlantic piece is, “Of course, the notion that the Epstein case somehow validates every outlandish assertion uttered by the tinfoil-hat brigade is absurd.” So he is basically saying, “hey all you conspiracy theorists out there, don’t get too uppity or confident just because this conspiracy has made mainstream news and been validated as a true conspiracy. The rest of your conspiracy theories are false.” I think one of the biggest motives of the ruling class is maintaining the status quo. They don’t want people to start wondering what other conspiracies might be true.

    • scpat-

      That is their primary motive. Any alternative to that is off the table. Once people have power, they don’t want to lose it. They will strangle puppies and kittens (and murder a shitload of people anywhere, any time, whatever works) to preserve that power. They have the mentality of a small child- “Mine! Mine! Mine!” They never outgrow that for some reason.

  12. Will not be long before the Fed’s swan song: through fractional reserve lending, supported by the fiat currency’s uncontrollable printing press. Then a Treasury dept. again issues paper backed by something of value, i.e.; more than future taxpaying obligations for current credit, debiting yet unborn citizenry.


    Take your ‘ruling class’ verbiage and stuff it. I’m sick to the teeth of you. Your pretention and arrogance blinds you. In case you didn’t know, the term CONSPIRACY THEORY/ISTS has lost its pull with the general public. Why? Your MSM accomplices have used it for decades to explain away all your evil deeds–deceptions, lies, murders, wars, torture, slavery to name a few. Now you are attempting to use the old stand-by phrase again to explain away your pedophile friends and their trafficking of innocents which served your sicko best buddies allowing them to torture and rape children.

    It’s no one’s imagination, Atlantic Magazine. At one time yours would have been considered a good, factual read–no more. THE FACTS ARE: EPSTEIN’S CRIMES and HIS PROPERTIES ARE DOCUMENTED. ACOSTA’S UNLAWFUL DEAL WITH HIM IS DOCUMENTED. If a conspiracy exists it’s among YOUR ranks and those of your psycho overlords.

    And Ms. Merlan you can keep your twisted logic to yourself. It’s disgusting and embarrassing to read your sad attempt at straddling the fence by shaming those who try to protect the world’s innocents and stop their criminal pursuers. This isn’t about you embracing your paycheck.

  14. Wow-first time I got a ‘this website may be dangerous’ warning from clicking my Corbett Report bookmark. You must be over the target, James!

  15. I just got a notice on Firefox and Brave that this site isn’t secure, I guess it might be an Australia thing? Censorship?

    • …a notice that this site isn’t secure.

      Much of the time, I get the same type of notice on my Browsers.
      I’m in Texas.

      I got it all figured out though…

      I guess The Corbett Report doesn’t make “The Powers That Should Not Be” feel secure.
      TPTSNB seem to feel secure with CNN, The Atlantic, other dinosaur media, and perhaps reptilian Teddy Bears.

  16. My firefox says your certificate has expired – no chance for me to report this issue so it’s up to your tech-guys to renew the certificate…

  17. mh,when I click it now, the message doesn’t appear – so it’s either fixed or it’s a hint-from-them that hints to their control-capabilities

    Since this was just a small intrusion I wouldn’t worry about it – files on my laptop are often deleted or changed and I no longer pay attention to it – okay with some documents deleted it angers me a bit… but hey that’s normal

    • Expired certificares an intrusion don’t make. Up to just recently much of the web was http only. SSL makes things more robust and secure, but an expired certificate is just that.

  18. Please note: the SSL certificate for the site did expire in the past hour and I have just renewed it. This was not censorship or outside interference and the issue has been resolved.

  19. nice rant as always, James, but I think you’re mostly speaking to the converted, or to the choir as it were. I also wonder if you’re not reading a bit too much into this – somebody said awhile ago that this is the age of stupidity, and this could be nothing more than that – so many people have gone right off the deep end with ‘trump derangement syndrome’ that they are truly living in some kind of gagaland, completely out of touch with reality, and they seem to feel that any kind of attack on those they perceive as ‘enemy’ (aka we in the ‘reality based world’) will not be questioned so they can say any stupid thing they want – and as you point out, there is a great deal of stupid things being said these days.
    But what the rulers of these stupid orcs are up to is much more serious (as of course you have noted often and well), using propaganda and indoctrination in their ongoing and ramped up effort to get some serious controls on the internet to slow down as much as possible those of us trying to point out what is really going on – I think they feel in some danger now, because their lies are getting so very stupid so often, as you point out here, and there are still a lot of Americans and others (Cdn here like yourself, although I think most Cdns are pretty much beyond hope now) who have about had enough of being treated like witless proles in 1984 and are about ready to start pushing back. But their rhetoric is pretty funny sometimes, if dangerous – you may have seen this a day or two ago in one of the Cdn papers – –

    – in which one line is – ‘our “common view of reality” may need to be bolstered to counter the threat.’

    – and to which I commented – LOL – translation – we need to hit our own indoctrination and propaganda harder, and get some pretty good controls on the internet to stop the damn peasants from getting any information exposing the lies they live under …. )

  20. Reactions to Coppins’ snarkiness about a “YouTube Weirdo”

    Thanks Vigilant.
    Excellent catch!
    Just like you pointed out, a lot of folks see through that snarky propaganda of McKay.

    It becomes very evident that Coppins is not concerned about the victims of elite sexual predators. Decency has long left the McKay keyboard, and he doesn’t even recognize it.

    (By the way, you aren’t the only one who has slipped up occasionally by shouting out insults and name calling. I’ve eaten a lot of Ivory soap over the years.)

    • Copy that HRS.

      In the future, try Irish Spring. I find the taste a bit more tolerable.

  21. Usually these guys have some support when they let loose of their drivel, but not this pumpkin. All comments derrogative, quite an accomplishment.

  22. While reading through the Atlantic article I couldn’t help but think that it won’t be long before these presitutes get replaced by AI.

    Tech like that demonstrated by the openAI project can already write articles at that level…

    The only thing holding back the AI at the moment is the development of an AA (Artificial Asshole) for the bosses to kick when they don’t like the story.

  23. Octium,
    I remember reading about the AI “writing” bots.
    Your last line hit my humor button.

    The manufacturing of AAs (Artificial Assholes) is bound to come in order to keep the NAs company. NA=(Non-artificial Asshole)

    In this 30 second scene, AAs monitor mass transit safety guidelines.

    • Well, I don’t see much of a difference between being beaten by two semi human cops and two full non human ones. They are all just following orders.

      • Oh! My mistake. I thought most cops were just robots.

  24. Peripatêtikos,
    Excellent links. Thanks!

    Say, just to let you know for the future, James likes to keep comments below 500 words. You probably just squeezed by with 526.
    When folks have more than 500 words, they can break it up by “Replying” to their first comment.

    • The way it spurs one to think and explore, and to muster, organize and communicate thoughts has inestimable value. Deepest respects all around.

      Ditto! Your comments are quite thought-provoking as well. I’ve enjoyed reading you each and every time. Thank you for contributing.

  25. I left a mildly cryptic post on the Silicon Eugenics episode. I’ll tie it in on the Epstein case. By now, I’m sure you heard the latest.
    What I find curious is how and why did Jaron Lanier get involved with Epstein. My guess is the 6 degrees of separation. A friend of a friend of a friend scenario. In the latest about Epstein, Lanier shared a piece of his experience with Epstein. In one article, it’s mentioned that prominent scientists were recruited/screened to donate their sperm to create a more intelligent race of people and these scientists may have been more interested in Epstein’s money more-so than his modus operandi.
    Jaron Lanier is a brilliant visionary. I’ve been following his work since 1991. Get past his voice (like you have to do with Jordan Peterson) and listen to what he says and it’s mind blowing. From what I’ve read, his interest in Transhumanism is more about longvity than eugenics.
    What I’d like to know is, why did Lanier decide to share this appalling news now as opposed to when he first experienced Epstein’s bizarre quest.
    Maybe Lanier did share it with someone and it never made the news.-Or he told the wrong people. I wonder who approached Lanier, knowing his relation with Epstein.
    Regardless of what these answers are, I’m really disappointed with Lanier and this whole story. It’s really sad what is happening right in front of us and we don’t do anything about it.

  26. I still wonder if Cosby was actually guilty of any of these crimes. A weathly star like he was could get women if he wanted to. In their attempts to destroy the culture of African Americans, famous black men, who boys can look up to, are usually taken down horribly. Think Michael Jackson, OJ, all the comedians forced to wear dresses at some point, etc. Just a thought.

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