This Is What The Globalists REALLY Fear

by | Apr 21, 2024 | Newsletter | 44 comments

Would you like to see what the globalists really fear?

OK, here’s a picture:

“What? A protest? Pffff. The controllers of the global conspiracy don’t care about a little protest, James,” you scoff, scrolling on to the next post in your never-ending feed of doomporn.

But if that is what you think when you see this picture, then you don’t understand this picture.

So, if you’re willing to forego your next dose of ragebait conspiritainment for a little while, bear with me while I explain what the global cabal lives in mortal fear of and what we can do to flip the script on the would-be rulers of the world.

Are you ready?


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    • Unity, by itself, doesn’t solve anything, and may destroy humanity. Democracy is consensus. Rule by consensus is still RULE. For example, the most united people, the German Nazis, were supported by EVEN the Jewish citizens. They were led to the slaughter by their Rabbis and were proud to “prove my loyalty to Germany”.

      “Free will” may lead to self-slavery, self-destruction, if the person is under “The Most Dangerous Superstition” (Larken Rose), i.e., worship of authoritarianism. Free will may have been replaced in childhood by indoctrination.
      This makes the victim their own worst enemy. And those who just want to “live & let live” may find themselves sacrificed to “the will of the people”.

      “We the people”, not me, live in an unfree world, by choice. That is a frightening realization that I came to about half way thru my life, in my late 30s. I’m 81. I am unhappy that the solution may be coming, and I might not get to see it.
      I see uncensored worldwide communication possible, within a few years, with Starlink. That may be the beginning of civilization, the end of mass insanity.

    • A lot of words, but no distinct STRATEGY, unite and win is pathetic,. The people do need, as you say, narrative, but that narrative has to embody a future capable of setting the world on fire, and burning up those currently attempting to subjugate HUMANITY.

    • Oh they will get together, there is enough common ground of thought over major issues to push to one side lesser issues. we can work those out later!!!

  1. Hi James and Corbett Report Members, Etienne de la Boetie2 here. Thanks for including the link to Organized Crime by Brendan Daniel! Here is our private link to the version WITHOUT my book that we are going to release publically next week since the pages of my book are so triggering to Statists. I don’t want my pages to be responsible for dragging down Brendan’s amazing song exposing the “government” as organized crime!

    • I don’t think there’s sufficient time left to sugar coat the truth.

    • Of Course Government is Organized Crime…. Government at its basic level grows out of the War Band that stops moving around robbing people and starts to farm them, like the Mongols chose to tax China rather then kill everyone and turn it into pastureland.

      The Next step is when ‘Government’ war band starts to identify with the people it rules over, or at the very least see that their own interests are in providing services-protection from other war bands and rule of law.

      The BEST state we can hope for is when the government is diffused enough into ‘the people’ it rules that they become mostly one and the same thing in terms of interests and everyone is ‘somewhat’ happy with the arrangement

      If the government every goes away the cycle begins again, because human nature in the real world demands it.

  2. My point exactly.
    ‘ tis the doctrine, not the man”.
    Where is the book Mr. James Corbett? What’s the doctrine? Like a cotton-throw, on the chair by the fire, a book to keep warm the coquilles of an old mans beating heart. With every read the return of youth.
    A story makes a doctrine be;
    A Doctrine makes a story be;
    The truth.

    Book, Book, Book, Book, Book!

    • Yeah your going to get wet, and dusty, like when you wrestled that daikon radish out of the ground. You got over that pretty quick. But a book? You been secretly tending to that for some time now. It’s time to wrestle that out of ether like you did that radish.
      ” We are only starting to understand our power. We may be protesting outside CTV today, but tomorrow we will prove that CTV is completely unnecessary. We will have replaced it.”

      And a book, BOOK! will make this device in my hand as irrelevant and unnecessary as CTV will become.
      So get on with it, do you have any announcement? Jeeves , my inner directorate says it is going to change your life. So get on with it Buster. Think of the possibility.

    • Why not try writing the solutions YOU can imagine taking place? Be positive in your thinking; it is far more helpful to your well being than imagining things are not possible.
      The more of us who are willing to believe in positive change, the more likely there will be a positive outcome.
      The answers to the challenges facing us all, will not come from one man, woman or book, it will come from enough of us wanting peace, not war, compassion, not hatred, co-operation, not competition, truth, not deceit, ethic, not corruption, and each of us doing what we can to bring this into being. each effort may feel small, but added together it becomes immense, and those viewing the world in this manner are rapidly increasing in number.

  3. We are informed, definitely not enough of us yet, but we’re on the right way…
    Imagine this scenario: more and more voluntaryist people use the internet to keep in contact with likeminded people from their own country, being able to know the approximate number of heads they count, all while continuing to actively spread their disease to their families, friends and friends’ friends. Once a certain agreed upon percentage is reached, they all decide to neither file nor pay taxes anymore from that day forward…what’s the state gonna do? Send it’s cops and bailiffs to hundreds of thousands of people? Impossible…
    Once the not so voluntaryist people notice that there’s no consequences to not paying taxes, they’ll be quick to follow….et voilà…the state can’t sustain itself and vanishes…which is why i believe the most important thing any of us can do right now is spread the disease…Larken has some good ideas on how to do that

  4. James Corbett says,
    “Well, it’s time to take note of how informed we really are.
    It’s time to realize that we are in the midst of a truly revolutionary period.

    What a great newsletter!
    It is part of April’s STORY.

  5. During those flower children days of the “dirty” and politically incorrect hippies of the 6o’s AND
    the Black Panthers ,still remember the words of one of their outspoken leaders; Eldrige Cleaver, when he said the three most feared words to the so called ESTABLISHMENT (as they were then called) were
    ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE ! and they ring truer today now more than ever. He also
    said POWER TO THE PEOPLE ! and it is ours for the taking.

    • Note that the dirty hippies and commie terrorists run the country these days because they were a creation of the Elite who wanted to engineer society differently , while the Black Panthers were not and were sidelined by more controllable black power groups.

      The thing about Organizing is that while its the only way to gain power its also not possible with people that have fundamentally different interests and values. That is the sad truth as to why the Tea Party and Occupy couldn’t ever be more then temporary allies.

      • Perhaps being temporary allies is enough. People negotiate around shared interests and values. People usually have at least one thing in common.

        In this case it could be to defeat those who wish to destroy “us”. Allies to defeat a common enemy and negotiate the relationship after.

        Maybe it will be separation, one group does their own thing and another does their own thing. Scarcity is also what is used against us (human beings). Fear of scarcity drives a lot of dysfunction.

      • Yes the hippie movement was highjacked by the elite. But the philosophy still is still lingering. Many children of the so call hippies are turning back to their roots and bringing their grandchildren with them. The elite has highjacked the environmental movement and few environmentalist even realize this. Look at the truckers’ movement who is slowly being taken apart by the war in Gaza. A lot of alternative media who supported the truckers are supporting Israel in their war. They are offended by people who demonstrate against the war in Gaza while a year ago they were screaming about freedom of speech. People have to see beyond all of this. The majority of people have totally abdicated their personal power because the mass are being kept in poverty. The elite one percent who are running the show are laughing all the way to the bank. The housing crisis in Canada is a good example that Trudeau has succeeded in the WEF agenda: people will own nothing, the young people do not have a hope in hell of ever owning a house or a piece of land. Still they have it better in Canada than in West Africa lets say. Not until people have their back to the wall will they ever rise up. “When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose”. It is getting close to this.

  6. Just a quick LOL,
    opened this and my wife walked past and asked what musical the intro poster was for….. 🙂

    • 🙂 Ha!!
      Broc West gets extra points.

  7. Ragebait conspiratainment. Beautiful, James, just beautiful.

    Real writers love words. Singers love words, the way they feel and flow and the delight that the mouth has in manifesting them.

    Conspiratainment is, after all, just another containment. I wish you’d do an entire post on this puppet-sting illness.

    I’m leaving that typo, as it’s very revealing. Yeah, it ‘s a sting operation to see which puppets jerk with exactly the ugliness they want.
    Always so ready and willing to kill kill kill. Always not ready nor willing to learn. Sigh.

    A teachable spirit, which has matured past the absurdities of pride and conviction, is a treasure to have and keep in practice.

  8. Divide and rule is very effective and highly intelligent psychopaths use this strategy against people who probably should be smart enough to figure this out and flip the script.

    • They can not flip the script because “the proles cant become self aware’ ….. the average person just wants a decent life of safety and the occasional trimmings thrown in. Most of them will support Hitler one day and Stalin the next and FDR the day after , based on who they see as giving them what they want.

      Even here, where people look at it they see Government as an alien thing rather then a natural one, and so, being unable to understand how things actually work are mostly powerless because you can not act effectively if you dont understand how things actually are.

      • “Government” being a natural thing is debatable. I think humans form organized communities and “tribes” but the nature of these does not have to be a government in the modern definition.

        A tendency to delegate or become lazy is probably natural though, in general not in each and every case though.

        Centralized authority IMO always leads to corruption based on the tendency for psychopaths to want to govern or to cheat the system.

        Understanding power though is probably useful.

        • cu.h.j

          “…. I think humans form organized communities and “tribes” but the nature of these does not have to be a government in the modern definition. ….”

          Who was using the MODERN definition…..???

          A Government is that which governs. A King is a Government, a Tribal Headman is a Government, a council of wise elders is a government.

          Unless you can show me a society of people above a tiny extended family unit then I will say that EVERY collection of humans living together has SOME FORM of government. If that is the case, then its hard to argue its NOT the natural state of fallen man.

          Now, I might accept that UnFallen man had no need of Government other then God, but since we are not in that state of being Gov is pretty much a feature, not a bug, of living in groups.

  9. If there’s something the globalist scum fears it’s the people who can’t be bought. Like those pesky antiwaxers.

    It’s an ironic twist of fate that the same group is hated, with maximum revulsion, by those who can be bought, and cheaply so. I’ll leave it to you to figure out who those people are.

  10. All this is just strengthening the wall that divides the left and right side of human nature. The unity that’s happening is defining each side. It should lead to an inevitable stalemate.
    When you read an article you do so with your own voice. Without the manicured talking blip verts.
    But the way the words are written matters. Words and inflections are everything.
    We will never unite the left and right sides of human nature, only strive to co exist in some sort of harmony.
    So because team red v team blue will inevitably come to a stalemate, as it pretty much has done, the current system will have to change,
    The whole capitalist v communist ideologies.
    This type of protest shows that although it brings about some sort of ember, it will only really ignite those that believe in a community built system and not those who are happy to be ruled, of which there are many.
    Then after a while it becomes, even if only for some, our community is best, which is the system that got us here.

    We are then back to words.
    They are written in a lyrical way like it or not and the lyrics write music that is listened to by an individuals inner listening voice, so to speak.
    An opus or a limerick. Classical or EDM.
    Basically only half of us at most will ever give a shit.
    Cheers. 🍻

  11. Good day James and the commenteriat,

    It is wonderful to wake up. It is a pseudo waking up something like waking up in a dream, but not in real life, while you are still asleep your home is on fire.

    We wake up in our Confined Animal Feeding Operations’ (CAFOs) not yet realizing that we are in caged and enslaved, psychologically, biologically, and physiologically. We have connections to feeds like yours James (I love your work James etal) but still we do not control the web, we do not stand on our own two feet as owner operators of our food supply, water supply, media inputs. Since we don’t control the infrastructure we are slaves whether we believe it or not.

    There’s much more to prove the point. But I suspect you know that. I have been following alt media for almost 3 decades. At first I was hopeful. Now I see no solution as long as they control our sustenance. It is up to the bacteria that have Terra formed Earth starting about 3+ billion years ago, to vote the blighters off. In the long history of the Earth that has happened numerous times so it will again.

    As we make this mad rush to junk food, junk science, funny money, greed etc. We destroy the very source of our lives.

    I will rejoice when you and others get down to the ground with your reports showing humanity the way to out of our CAFOs.

  12. This article made me smile and feel warm inside. I just have a feeling that you are right about this James. The light inside each of us is potentially immense, and when the lights all connect with eachother it will be incredible. I’m not talking about a permanent utopia or even utopia at all- everything is temporary and will pass. But that doesn’t make it meaningless. Quite the opposite. And I think we all might be lucky enough to be part of the reason that it happens.

    • A dark and foreboding warning with an optimistic conclusion. Nice.
      The drawback to the suggested solution though is the getting enough folks united to just say no part.

      What I find most concerning however is that even if enough people got together to oppose the continuation of the technology, how would that be enforced?
      If what we’re being shown is in fact years behind what has already been achieved, then hell! You might not even be able to turn the damn things off!
      Perhaps we could go back to living life without an electrical grid or a worldwide internet. We might be able to shut the whole thing down. But only if humans still operated the systems! How do we know that human beings are still in control of the infrastructure!!
      Deep breath….
      Anyway, nice video.

      But really, I not too worried. God really hates it when people try to be gods themselves.

      • SCAH.
        Good points. Especially that last one. I also posted this to Ms. Pabst interview with JC.
        So many parts of this sync up to what Ms. Pabst and James discussed . Curious timing.
        Laws are gonna be useless in controlling this.
        Mkey had an answer to this dilemma of laws failure some time back when the discussion was on 5g.
        Take them down with sledge hammers at every place and immediately everytime they are put up.
        I think that may apply here.

  13. Hopium. “We . . . here” is what part of the global population? Brzizinski is a reliable source of facts? Please cite a believable polling organization’s numbers for the politically informed. In order to sell, the narrative must be well substantiated.

  14. Becoming informed is great. But what good does it do if the means for change don’t partner with it? People with power do not willingly give it up; it must be taken from them. Knowing you are a slave does not in itself provide the means for your freedom.

    • @Dave

      What are you suggesting exactly? French revolution style guillotine or firing squad justice? Somehow remediating the corrupt judicial system to dispense “justice”?

      What does “taking it from them” look like in your mind? It is logistically viable? Does it offer an outcome that is more favorable than our current situation in the long term? If so, please explain how and why you think that would end up being the case.

      Thanks for your time.

      • Gavin,
        Those are good questions. I struggled to have solid ground to contemplate them as Dave may.
        For me, they have answers bound to relativistic situations each being unique.
        You know as well as anybody the wildness of nature. Clawing the ground with your fingernails is the least effective way in partnering with nature for our survival . It may work a little but chances are in nature you won’t make it, nature is amoral.
        You will need a tool to even the odds while encountering the wildness. But never so great a tool as to make one immoral. That maybe what makes us unique along with our tool making. A guillotine is a irrevocable tool, to the fields it is meant to plow. So as Dave clearly points out; knowing you are enslaved with fingernails as your only tool, isn’t going to provide you with the necessary tools for plowing the wild reciprocating ground you are in. Seems to me a paradox of amoral nature. Psychos are part of our stock and for some reason they are the primitive amoral wild creatures that are of the earth , terra firma and have no spiritual abilities. Tares in the field and won’t respond to non physical attempts to reciprocate. What are you going to do faced with this kind of situation? The end could be a beginning for amoral stock. You, Dave and I are given fingernails and intellect and a dash of psychopathy to survive. It’s a relativistic paradox to bring an end to such tares.

        • @generalbottlewasher

          Hey brother,

          Thanks for chiming in (and for doing so in with such intricate poetic language and illuminating metaphors).

          Perhaps nature is amoral, but then again, perhaps there are aspects and dynamics of the conscious Earth and her many interwoven living systems, organs and non-human children that do indeed move, act and re-organize matter by the guidance of a moral compass which is illusive and/or invisible to many of us eager to oversimplify and anthropomorphize bipedals?

          The Wolf hunts the weak, old and the less swift deer but through his relentless efforts in shadowing the deer, he herds them, changing their foraging habits, guiding them to never get lazy and eat all the vegetation in one place sitting around. In doing so, the wolf changes the ecology of the rooted beings and the trajectory of rivers. Rounding them, making the trees grow more readily on the river banks, making the rivers meander, and giving the beavers a chance to dam them and create yet more habitat for countless more finned and winged beings. The single act of the predator hunting in nature is seen by many humans as vicious or amoral, but the hunter in nature (the non human hunter) never takes more than he needs, and he hunts in a way that gives back to the ecosystem that supports him. His act of killing is embedded within an intrinsic morality of what some humans have called “the honorable harvest” and their lives are woven into a web of reciprocity that increases the beauty, abundance and resiliency of the larger community they are a part of.


        • (continued from comment above)

          Humans that enslave, kill and dominate millions of other beings are not wild and they know nothing of their most innate nature. They are echoes and one dimensional shadows of their true selves, living in a delusion of egotistical self-importance, embracing a convoluted and fallacious view that puts human beings at the pinnacle of “evolution” and/or God’s “most blessed” beings.

          The only tool one needs to make shadows vanish is something we arrived with on this beautiful Earth when God agreed to let us live another lifetime here. The light within us can make the shadows flee and remind those living in delusions of self-importance that they are perpetuating a self-defeating, self-destructive and soul-stagnating lie, offering them a better path instead.

          Regardless of what tools we use, if we till soil full of “weeds” (and generations of “weed” seeds) we only create a situation where we have temporary lack of weeds and create ideal conditions for many more to take their place.

          In order to move beyond a field full of “weeds” mixed with a monoculture of crops, one must learn from the ancient wisdom of the forest and plant the seeds for that which can create conditions where “weeds” are no longer able to germinate and take root in great numbers.

          Killing the “weeds” is not enough, the more important, sacred and practical task in front of us is to embody the seeds for a world (and way of living) that does not allow “weeds” to thrive to readily. That cannot be achieved through violence, in fact it necessitates the opposite.

          Walking the path of a satyagrahi is not safe (in fact it may be much more dangerous to one’s physical well being than walking the path of a covert violent rebel) but it is a path that irrevocably nurtures, strengthens and unfolds the soul.

          Humans (like wolves) can offer our gifts in a way that initiates a trophic cascade in the ecosystems we live in. Those are the types of actions that constitute a true prayer for they embody respect, reverence and more importantly devotion to Creation and through living as predators within a web of reciprocal relationships (which includes me as I kill plants and fungi to live) we initiate ripple effects that alter this world for generations to come, either making the way for more and more life, beauty, peace and integrity to become the norm, or not.

          There is no path that is “better” nor “more worthy” nor “more right” than another, but there are some paths that will lead you home permanently enriched and some that will not.

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this my friend.

          • Gavin,
            The paradox may be harder to define than the irony of the Trophic Cascade. The trophy of the species in the food chain and in the plant chain is made up of the apexes of those species. The top killers, the cunning survivers. I can see the balance in being the top of your species in every category going down to the last rug left on the ladder. The very character we abhor in the kakistocracy of our species. We don’t live outside the vacuum, we are part of nature and the cascade is as real for us as it is for amoral Wolf. Moral standard is loosing and down in bottom rungs of the ladder and I find it a paradox and ironic that what is best we are being told of us, at the top is what we find least appealing morally. It will never balance out morally, knowing human behavior. But alas, we are spiritual beings and death is where we are all heading. We shouldn’t help anything arrive ahead of time. So in practice of that are we relatively moral? Ones perspective of actions. We have a tendency to be over anthropomorphic in our perspective.
            See you around the forest.

            • @GBW

              Thanks for elaborating on your thoughts on this subject my friend.

              How would you define “morality”?

              And how would you define a “moral standard”?

              I appreciate your highlighting the logic of patience within the construct of being part of the succession of a recovering ecosystem (syntrophic agroforestry takes that approach for growing food without tilling and without endlessly fighting “weeds”).

              I agree we should not try to force anything ahead of its time, though at the same time I do feel that within the larger pattern of water/soil degradation, idiotic anthropocentric motivation guided biodiversity decimation and largely selfish/arrogant behavior on the part of humans that covet material wealth and technological comforts we can create pockets of “Refugia” where biodiversity actually increases, soil and water is cleaned and our minds and hearts are enriched (rather than degraded by apathy and stagnation). I touched on one potential ecological manifestation of this in the following post preview:

              Though I feel that this concept is also applicable to the physical ecosystem within and the spiritual ecosystem within.

              I suppose at the end of the day we live on a planet where all life (or lack thereof) arises from the soil, so I measure the success of a culture by how it treats the soil and how its way of living either enriches or depletes it. The soil is the fabric that weaves together all life. We all get the molecules that make up our bodies from it and back to it they shall return. Thus, to build the soil it to give a thousand future generations of humans and non-humans a life of increased beauty and abundance.

              Conversely, to thieve from the soil and deplete or decimate it, is to disrespect and steal from the next thousand generations of human and non-human beings.

              I do not know if one can describe that dichotomy in the context of “morality” (according to human standards) but it is a measurable metric that can clearly illustrate the maturity, potential longevity, foresight and humility of a culture (or lack thereof). Thus, it is the central metric by which I attune my pattern recognition focus, garden design style and loyalty.

              One might say, my loyalty lies with the thousand ancient oak, douglas fir, baslam fir, birch and maple forests that have yet to set down roots and grow old.

              See you around the forest brother.

              • Gavin,
                You are a regular Mowgli too.

              • @GBW

                I appreciate the kind and flattering comparison.

                I did spent a lot of time around bears as a kid in Whistler and I have some semi-friendly (or at least seemingly mutually respectful) face to face encounters with some big wild cats a few times over the years, but I have never rode on their backs nor got in a fight with a power hungry, tyrannical bully tiger 🙂

  15. This was an enjoyable read James and thanks for the WhoVille pic.

    I protest the established corporatocracy with each heirloom seed I plant in the soil, each seed I save from the medicine and food plants that result and each seed I share with others so they can do the same.

    I protest the ONE HEALTH and WHO treaty attacks on Humanity and Mother Earth through embracing health and food sovereignty and helping others do the same (while simultaneously increasing biodiversity, natural beauty and soil fertility).

    I do not need any protest sign for each action I choose represents my message of resisting tyranny, loving life, nourishing life, respecting life and refusing to conform to insanity.

    I live my protest each and every day and if I held a sign with a message it would say “We have all been lied to, the Earth is abundant and all she asks in return for the abundance she provides is that we reciprocate her gifts. We can make this world a place of beauty, wonder and peace. It all begins with a handful of seeds and a heart full of determination. “

    • I have a lot of love and respect for this attitude. Completely identify with you, Gavinm.

      • @madhu

        Thanks I appreciate the comment and I am glad your resonate with how I choose to “protest” (resist and dismantle) tyrannical and degenerative systems (governments, corporations, banksters and other scammers).

        I think it will take grass roots resistance on the level of people taking decisive action to be able to feed and heal themselves before we will have solid enough ground to stand on to build a future worth living in and gifting to the next generation.

        Waving signs and yelling at idiots may be cathartic, but it will not change the status quo, for that to change, humans need to change their relationship with the living Earth and they need to change how they define what it means to be human. The first step along that path can begin with a handful of seeds, an open mind and a heart full of humility.

  16. Yes, James.

    And thank you for your support. There is a little band of people who follow the news I collate and the analysis, and narrative, which I write or vocalize. Because I followed your lead, citing sources, they know I’m not making shit up. They can agree or disagree with my analysis or narrative, about which I am entirely happy. This is not a game of “correct”. Its not a game either. Its offering informed comment into the mixing pot of ideas to better understand the world in which we live.

    And, on that front, another point to you. Your solutions watch series has been a balm in these psychologically difficult times. I am rather inclined to follow suit on that and more importantly to put even more of these methods into practice. Then, to take that and make “success” articles out of them. 🙂

    Thinking in one’s own, considered paradigm is an empowering joy.

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