Training Exercise Mistaken for Real Event, Military Base Goes Into Lockdown

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Videos | 3 comments

A training exercise at Joint Base Andrews yesterday went haywire when someone mistook a routine inspection for an active shooter event and the base went into lockdown. Within minutes, the repeaters of the mockingbird media were reporting it as an active shooter event. And they wonder why “conspiracy theorists” insist on pointing out the overlaps between drills and real world events…

#BREAKING: Joint Base Andrews is on lockdown due to a report of an active shooter

CNN: Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on lockdown

CNN: All clear at Joint Base Andrews after lockdown, according to a law enforcement official

Biden Trip Delayed by Drill at Joint Base Andrews

“Nothing to see here, folks. We decided not to go live with this one…”

Flashback: Andrews Air Force base goes into lockdown after bomb scare

Shoestring 9/11: The 9/11 Drills


  1. Isn’t this available in audio format? I’m not complaining, just advising, that
    it’s rarely clear to me whether a video is available for download as mp3. Sometimes I can find the link, sometimes not. Also NWNW sometimes appears as “interview 11..” and sometimes as a video without a number. Sometimes I end up downloading it twice. Try as I may I can’t find a regular way of downloading your posts as audio successfully every time, e.g. Training Exercise is posted only as video – or have I missed something.

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    • Thanks for the question. My thought for the day videos are provided as videos only. My video interviews are always provided as audio and video. NWNW is a weekly interview, thus always available as an audio interview on the interviews tab:

      About 24 hours later it appears as a video on the videos tab:

      But there is always a link from the video to the audio in each post (sometimes in the comment at the bottom). If the link is ever missing please let me know and I’ll add it.

      So there is order to the chaos, even if it doesn’t always look like it.

      I should add that if you know how to subscribe to podcast feeds you can subscribe to each feed (interviews, podcasts, FLNWO, QFC, etc.) individually via the RSS feed tab:

  2. So, are we to understand that if “something suspicious” happens on a military base in the US, they call 911? Who gets that call, the local cops? Or someone in base security/MPs? Hmm.

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