Episode 452 – The Great Travel Reset

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Podcasts, Videos | 39 comments

Are you aware of the Great Travel Reset that is already underway? You should be! Are you outraged about the fact that one of your most basic human rights is being stolen from under your very nose? You ought to be! Are you willing to spend more than a few minutes a week informing yourself about this issue? You’d better be! If you want a two-minute explainer on this topic, go to TikTok. For everyone else, this is The Corbett Report.

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Own Nothing, Be Happy
Time Reference: 00:00


Schwab on “automatically guided cars”: The New Global Context and Its Impact on the Role of Government
Time Reference: 02:26


Accenture World Economic Forum Known Traveller
Time Reference: 03:18

Airport of the Future
Time Reference: 03:45

France bans short domestic flights to cut carbon emissions
Time Reference: 04:18


Virtual Reality: The Future of Travel?
Time Reference: 04:35


Flight-Shaming Is Now A Thing – Will It Keep You From Traveling?
Time Reference: 09:24


Why ‘flight shame’ is making people swap planes for trains
Time Reference: 09:29


41% of French population favors restricting EVERYONE to ONLY 4 airplane flights in their ENTIRE LIFE to ‘fight against global warming’
Time Reference: 09:58


Carbon Passports Are The Next Dystopian Surveillance Threat
Time Reference: 13:05


A Sustainable Future for Travel: From Crisis to Transformation
Time Reference: 14:17


CLEAR’s new Health Pass service to help screen for coronavirus: CEO
Time Reference: 16:51


Finland tests world’s first digital passport | Tech it Out
Time Reference: 17:40


“Get to Know the Known Traveller Digital Identity” In Partnership With Accenture
Time Reference: 18:20


No gas cars by 2035?
Time Reference: 19:32


‘These deeply illiberal, unBritish 15-minute cities are beyond the pale’ | Mark Dolan
Time Reference: 20:12


London mayor’s climate crackdowns are about ‘controlling our lives,’ says Nigel Farage
Time Reference: 21:12


The B20 calls on the G20 to adopt vaccine passports using WHO standards #bali
Time Reference: 26:23


WHO global digital health certificate (REJECT DIGITAL ENSLAVEMENT)
Time Reference: 28:44


UPDATE: WHO Approves Extension of Amendment Working Group Deadline
Time Reference: 33:59


Interview 1839 – A Million People Need to Share This Video on CHD TV
Time Reference: 35:07



  1. Hmmm…that MOH paper they keep asking me for….not no travel yet, but another “immigration” ruse. Money will be made!!
    It’s harder to kill a moving target, right?
    Flash back: “Will there be no more payphones by 2020? “?EEk, EEk, The World Will FAll To Pieces.
    Oops, hasn’t. Who could have imagined cell phones, satellite phones, internet, all this….just a few years ago to those with perspective going farther back than their own navel.

    I will repeat until I no longer have a voice: When I asked folks repeatedly, 50 years ago, “when were you the happiest in your life?”, well, sorry folks, I know you love your comforts and security and toys and whatever else you think you “get” from whatever you feel you “own”. but, every one of them answered, after serious thought: “When I had nothing, because I was free. ”

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” the low life generation had the nerve to sing out.
    Of course… their children rebelled, and “stuff” ruled forevermore.
    Can’t take it with you when you go. Funny…millions of people on this planet never even expect to travel farther than the next big town. They just don’t have the money. At all. Hard for us to imagine, eh?
    But we yell and fuss at how spoiled we are, don’t we?
    All because we can’t grow wings, fins, gills, whatever. No limits!!! Man accepts no limits!!! The sky is not the limit!! No limits!!!
    From this mother of six’s perspective, the internet is beginning to look like a chronicle of perhaps the most infantile generation of humans yet.

  2. Being a prophet or social activist does not guarantee others will accept you in your environment or country. Many of us have been talking about this for decades.
    “If you want to see your future, look at China today.”
    David Icke

    THEY GOT YOU GOOD (song)

  3. If you want to have a laugh at the early iterations of the globalist’s nightmare future they have been pushing for quite some time, take a gander at the movie Soylent Green. Set in the year 2022, they were already pushing this nonsense, predicting by that time we would have year round heat waves, food shortages, over population, flooding…you know, the stuff they are now predicting is always right around the corner.

    They only get away with this because people don’t want to see the crap they are pushing, ignorance is only bliss until the bill comes due, and it is on its way.

  4. California is such a joke, the voters voted for an additional five hundred million to be spend on an additional hydro dam…But the globalist POS Gavin Newsom is using the money to demolish 4 dams on the Klamath River.

    So, at the same time they are outlawing gas cars in California, they are removing electric generating dams as well, as well as reserve water for inevitable droughts.

    To be sure, there was a time when I would have hailed this removal of dams, as this is being sold as an environmental victory. But I know all too well Newsom and his ilk could not care less about the environment, this is about squeezing the life out of California. They are going to make living in CA impossible, all part of their plan.

  5. Excellent. VR isn’t ready yet but it will be.

    This is a clear vision of the future. The population packed into ghettos. Renamed 15 minute cities for the New Normal. No need to travel !

    Sir Crispin Tickell, member of the eugenics Huxley clan (Monbiot’s mentor, Thatcher’s climate adviser). Note the 60% population reduction.

    ‘He is also a patron of population concern charity Population Matters, (formerly known as the Optimum Population Trust), and told Radio 4’s Today programme that the ideal population for Britain could be around 20 million.

    As a member of Lord Rogers’ Urban Task Force, Tickell counselled against spreading cities saying that we need denser living, that young adults should not expect to leave home straight away, and that older relatives could live in ‘granny flats’


  6. Surveillance of Black people goes back hundreds of years; it’s something I have dealt with my whole life as a Black Canadian. This bias was baked into the facial recognition technology but there wasn’t even a massive outcry from Black folks because many Black people didn’t notice and many are used to the unethical/illegal behaviours of the average homosapien.

    When I started to notice the similarities between how White people are now being abused in the same way that Black people are so casually (and have so casually been) abused, I said on Twitter around 2020: It’s the Black experience for everyone, now!

    Now, here’s the Great Travel Reset. These are modern Lantern Laws.

    It’s Lantern Laws for everyone, now.

  7. My head is screwed on straight!!

    One of the most cited reasons I have heard for taking the jabby jab is to travel. Now these ardent travellers will have their entire purpose for existence shattered when they can no longer fulfill this desire. Will this be the point where they finally wake up? I suspect yes. Will it be too late? I suspect yes.

    As with all ops these day, the victims are rewarded with virtue. I don’t think most people will care this time around. The desire to travel will outweigh the desire to show everyone how virtuous they are by saving the planet. Travel was the carrot. What’s the carrot for not getting the carrot anymore? It appears to be all stick this time.

  8. I don’t understand why you care so much about this WHO thing.

    Did you get all angry in 2005 when the last IHR were changed as well?

    As I see it the WHO is an international body that your national governments choose to be a part of and thus ratify and accept it’s regulations.

    What does that have to do with people?

    Has it ever worked to go out and protest the laws your national government brings into legislation?

    If your answer to this is no, then why would it all of a sudden help to protest supranational regulations that your government will ratify whether you like it or not?

    The solution here, as i see it, is not protesting, but disobedience, sabotage, hacking, forgery, riding motorbikes without licence plates, sailing boats etc…

    • By and large I agree with the sentiment that unworkable regulations make ungovernable people. Or to put it another way, highly restrictive regulations are, to use their favourite word, unsustainable.

      As the climate change narrative continues to collapse, these restrictive travel regulations will be regarded as a moment of madness, much as we view the witch burnings of yesteryear. Ditto – mRNA, gene therapy transhumanism, etc.

      The technocratic universe is based on the shifting sands of lies, and like the Tower of Babel, will collapse in on itself with or without God’s help.

      We are currently living in this slow-motion technocracy trainwreck.

      • Makes sense to me. I really hope you’re right!

      • If government acted in good faith, then yes, I think that they would be forced to abandon their unworkable schemes. But they don’t work in good faith, so I think that they will simply start calling anyone who resists or drags their feet some kind of terrorist or subversive. We could then see the term “dissident” go from meaning a person who legitimately disagrees with policy to a term of reprobation. As JC wrote in a recent article, the Soviets made the narrow definition of “kulak” broaden to mean any rural person that wasn’t on board with collectivization.

      • “As the climate change narrative continues to collapse, these restrictive travel regulations will be regarded as a moment of madness, much as we view the witch burnings of yesteryear. Ditto – mRNA, gene therapy transhumanism, etc. “

        Not according to Dr. Ana Mihalcea.

        According to her the clot-forming nano bots are in the jabbed and unjabbed, and wildlife animals!
        And she has the receipts to prove it!

  9. Clearly noticeable the creeping creepy changes to travel. The signs are already too many to name. What’re the solutions here? On a personal level abandon all ‘smart ‘ devices and refuse all X-ray machines (or whatever they are)…. What more? On national level as you advise to exit the supranational cabal’s organizations., who’s organizing there?
    What else?

  10. James, Thanks for the sense of urgency in this presentation. There is so much that needs our attention these days, it’s hard to know which is priority one.

  11. Well, maybe I wasn’t the only one who was not grasping the urgency of the CHD conversation re: the WHO amendment extension for the International Health Regulations 2005. I will look more into these specific issues James admonishes us to look into, particularly as it relates to travel restriction and neo-feudal serfdom more generally.

    I’m still trying get people to watch Grace Powers’ Ring of Power: Empire of the City or the Zion King sequel, since I’ve been on the Prince-William-is-the-Antichrist train since I can’t remember when (early redpill days). That’s a more fun narrative for me to fuck with my co-workers about in our 10 minute breaks or 30 minute lunches. What I am supposed to do with that guy who believes the 9/11 OS, though, and supports Israel carpet-bombing Gaza? I can only browbeat a co-worker so much before it becomes harassment…

    The recent and historical UFO intrigues, for example, also seems to have more of a compelling narrative for sharing in these human-interactive circumstances than this WHO issue. The same might be said of suppositions relating to the JFK assassination culprits, or the occult, or false flags, or current events discussion. I took nursing pre-requisite courses and had several public health courses and was a medic in the military. I enjoy global medical body intrigue as much as the next guy with passing interests in health care issues, but I do find it difficult to delve into some of these more obscure nuances, I must admit (largely due to their perceived tedious and relatively unexciting nature). Still, with James chiding us slow boyz, I now feel sufficiently motivated to get more to the bottom of this WHO agenda. There is a whole shitstorm of conspiracies and ‘happenings’ swirling about out there in clown world, and this WHO Working Group extension is just one more as far as I’m concerned; but when James says ‘jump’, Corbeteers say ‘how high’.

    Ring of Power | Full Length Documentary – Grace Powers


    • I just forwarded Corbett and Roguski’s relevant WHO body ammendment announcement delay links (and other relevant share content) to William Ramsey (Investigates), so perhaps he will share the info in an upcoming Bioweapon Blues series.

  12. James, thank you for SHOUTING OUT the truth and seriousness of “progress by the bad guys” trying in yet-another way to slip us out of recognizing and standing up for our basic freedoms. KEEP SHOUTING, as will i.

  13. So already planning to go along with this agenda are countries including even Czech Republic, India and Indonesia. Is there any country in world where they’re out of this lockstep planning? Asking for a friend.

  14. Great reporting, as always James! I believe this may be the first time that I’ve seen you really riled up while speaking the truth, and I like it! You are typically very level-headed and I like that too. The global cabal has ramped up their agenda so shockingly fast as of late that it’s throwing us all into a bit of a frenzy and why wouldn’t it?

  15. i had to laugh James, when I heard you say people want a sound byte to understand your broadcast- maybe you could pre-chew and digest their food while you’re at it–
    the chewing muscles may be related to the brain muscles which all seem to be atrophying at the same rate!
    thanks for your well articulated thoughts- i love them!

    • Actually, come to think of it… James, if you wouldn’t mind, will you consider pre-chewing my food and spitting it up into my mouth moving forward?…

      Thanks in advance!

  16. On the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the IHR: Rarely have I seen James (rightly) so animated. If you haven’t seen this it’s worth 15 minutes of your time. It’s a recent video put out by Dr John Campbell, the bulk of which is an excellent expose by Swiss Lawyer Phillip Kruse on the likely impacts of the Treaty and changes to the IHR. It is a speech titled “The Powergrab of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Philipp Kruse” made at the Health and Democracy Conference 13 September, 2023 EU Parliament Strasbourg. The video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCoFLhDKlA4 Further links are provided under the video.

  17. Dope. TPTSB need a new dope, and it will first come with a new pipe,free with your next purchase of your Doctor prescribed dope.
    But wait,you are polluting! Now get your dope in a candy coated Gummy. There feel better? Here try on these VR goggles and sit back and don’t worry so much.

    Oh James! How do you manage?

  18. very surprised (but pleasantly) to see a snicklink intro
    not that I am at all on twatter but could not avoid to come across some of his clips in the past
    German meme parody maker of the independent/free/alternative media crowd
    and yes snick link was properly pronounced
    Snickers für Linkshänder
    Snickers for left handed people
    and yes link is pronounced like the links in the show notes

  19. The number of people that just do not care about what is going on in the world is to me unfathomable. Those whom stand up, speak out and fight back, instead of sleepwalking into tyranny, I deeply respect. Thank you, James!

  20. Episode 452 – The Great Travel Reset is “something to be shared”.

    Corbett did a wonderful job of attracting attention and interest, then guide the audience along, building an “emotional narrative which impacts the receiver”.
    The way Corbett built the story…it continuously held the receiver captive, and despite a 40 minute time stamp, in the perceiver’s eye it became “a story that’s simple and quick to digest.”

    Quoting myself again…
    “It is tough to design an exposing outreach narrative which can impinge upon the unaware, especially since the attention span may only be a few minutes.”
    Episode 452 – The Great Travel Reset succeeds in overcoming that ADHD.

    There are many details to the W.H.O. and Digital ID saga.
    The subject matter contains complexities, but it doesn’t mean that the subject matter should be perceived as “too complex” and difficult to grasp.
    Universities do this: They make the story overly complicated, difficult and dry rather than trying to convey an understanding.
    The trick is in the telling.

    Communicating this W.H.O. and Digital ID saga to others becomes the challenge.
    I think James Corbett did a good job of communciation with “The Great Travel Reset”.

    That is James Corbett’s bailiwick and wheelhouse – STORY.
    How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)

    • It is something to be shared and not just with friends or random strangers but people in local or state government. There have been some success with lobbying efforts with respect to medical freedom issues. Also, informing organizations in the US that work on behalf of constitutional issues.

      There may be some organizations like American liberty foundation (I think that’s the name) who should be aware of this.

      For people who are staunch anarchists who reject involvement with government at all, this may not seem like a worthwhile endeavor but the fact is we live in a statist system and working within it is IMO also helpful.

  21. You have to be careful James, The powers that be may limit my Corbett Report viewing to 10mins per week.

  22. Perhaps the reason people aren’t energized and ready to fight back is because it doesn’t seem there is anything that can be done about it. There are unelected losers in international organizations that are hashing these things out. It is so far removed, politically, that there is not really any political action we can take as individuals to stop it at that level. My suggestion would be to try to stop this on a local level, which is where it is being rolled out. Fight back against local plans for “traffic management centers” and state road projects that are installing “traffic cameras” everywhere. Then, when all else fails, just pull out your pellet gun and shoot the cameras to disable them. Whatever it takes.

  23. Klaus Slob:
    “In 2030 L.A will be private car driven free. This will allow to transform highways into parks and other public spheres.” <sic>

    And what highways will the Ubers and self-driving cars be using Klaus?

    As James rightly warns, this will quickly morph from ‘freedom to travel’ to ‘freedom of movement’ or freedom to move period!

    I just had an idea to help spread the word about this important issue and really any other important issue discussed at the CR.

    No it’s not a TikTok app/message James. 🙂

    We should have James or a member here quickly design ‘business cards’ to be distributed to people in our communities across the globe.
    The current topic/issue of discussion with a few bullet points and Jame’s website address pointing to the video/podcast in question would be all that’s necessary to get the job done.

    The the rest would be up to us.
    We would print out 100-200+ business cards and start distributing them in our communities, places of commerce etc.

    A great way to educate and spread the word about these critically important topics.

    Another idea just came to me…
    To try to drive the point home with normies, we need to start flooding them with what may seem like absurd warnings.
    They could be incorporated with the business card idea I just mentioned.

    “We need to start restricting people’s ability to buy food (in the name of climate change)”.

    “We need to start restricting people’s ability to travel on planes (in the name of climate change)”.

    “We need to start restricting people’s ability to travel more than 15 miles from their homes (in the name of climate change)”.

    “We need to start restricting people’s ability to attend sporting events (in the name of climate change)”.

    “We need to start restricting people’s ability to attend music venues (in the name of climate change)”.

    “We need to start restricting people’s ability to buy motor vehicles (in the name of climate change)”.

    “We need to start restricting people’s ability have barbecues (in the name of climate change)”.

    etc. etc.
    Hopefully the normies will start to see something is afoot and begin to connect the dots.

  24. I appreciate everything you do James, and there is so much hope out there, so many are questioning the depravity now. I don’t know if you’ve heard of “Geoff buys cars” on YouTube. He’s just some pommy geezer who talks about these very things, like 15 minute cities. Also here in Australia we have just won a battle against the virtue signalling “Voice” for indigenous people that im sure Mr West would have told you about. God bless you my fine fellow!???

  25. I love this antiquated comment component to cr.com, it reminds me of my great grandparent’s internet.

    If this is true, and I don’t have much doubt that it is, why are airlines still shelling out billions for new aircraft? Are they oblivious to the potential future?

  26. Thank you James for your clarity and emotional flurry about this most pressing existential issue. I doubt ANY amount of noise from “the people” would support our delightful Trudeau/Freeland duo to opt-out of WHO. More hope on massive dissent front.
    On another note, though I share your flurry and disgust, I’d love us all to remain restpecful of those still asleep, I doubt shaming them will support their shifting positions! Let us remember they are under the spell of unprecedented psychological warfare.
    In gratitude for your relentless work, V

  27. Most people over here in the good old lucky country of Australia – yeah right; wouldn’t know what day it was, sorry I’m to busy on my smart phone; oh it’s so convenient; cannot wait to watch the 6 o’clock news; gotta hear the truth;
    oh our political leaders have done such a wonderful job keeping us safe; in your dreams; no one has even noticed these grubs ( sorry grubs do have a beneficial role to play in our eco system. I will call them lowlifes instead.)
    have done their job and sold the country down the gurgler; made sqillions in the process and are heading for the life rafts at breakneck speed before we hit the ocean floor; unfortunately most of the passengers are still nodding off in their cabins.
    Send in the clowns; again; and again; and again.

  28. I’m just back from a travel to the USA from Frankfurt, Germany, and the facial recognition is already reality. Germany used it to go thru customs, scans your face and compares it to your passport picture (and whatever other pictures they have in their system), 0 info what happens with the facescan after they took it, same thing in the Usa, even airline uses it to compare your face with the name on your boarding ticket. Airtravel is out, if you wanna avoid facial recognition, you either buy your own plane or you travel by road/boat

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