Episode 406 – Trust The Science!

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Podcasts | 107 comments

We are being told to trust the science. But what science? From which scientists? Join James for this week’s edition of The Corbett Report podcast as he explores the transparent lies of the “settled science” crowd and how those lies will increasingly be used to run our lives in the new biosecurity state.

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Whistleblowers Expose Corruption in EPA Chemical Safety Office

Leaked Audio Shows Pressure to Overrule Scientists in “Hair-on-Fire” Cases

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Shanna Swan: ‘Most couples may have to use assisted reproduction by 2045’

Summer Reading List

Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race

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New World Next Week covers EPA whistleblowers


  1. This video has been blocked in the UK already; “Video unavailable
    This video contains content from Canadian Broadcasting Corp., who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”
    More reasons to share!

    • Apparently the “Wheel of Grievance” also has “copyright grounds” as a category of ‘legitimate censorship’ or, as Stef Zamorano would say, “Common Sense Censorship” (btw, her style of humor is sarcasm).
      Nothing will change for the better (in the “civilized world”) as long as legal-fiction psychopathic-by-charter corporate-person-hood and legal-fiction-fiat-monetary-systems are “respected institutions” (enFORCED through violence).
      Our own individual experiences and local communities are what have opportunity to transcend, and realize mutual respect through personal empowerment with inclusive cooperation, refusing coercion.
      I’m still recommending the music of LOVEBITES!

    • The Science ™

      As you noticed in the video (40:33 minute mark), the Corbett Report also violated the hallowed Trademark of The Science™.

      Don’t people know? Anthony Fauci owns that Trademark.

      Anthony Fauci says:
      “Science and the Truth are being attacked.”
      “Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on Science.”
      Fauci adds: “You have to be asleep not to see that.”
      (one minute video)

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  2. Just wondering why the videos are uploaded at such low resolutions?

      • Videos can be easily edited to different resolutions and bitrates.

        The LBRY app can be used for both file editing and uploading to LBRY network and Handbrake is a very easy to use tool available for all desktop platforms.

        LBRY includes instructions for both:


        • The point is, videos in lower resolutions steam better on alternative video sharing sites. I’m sure you will be able to get over that.

          • Been watching 1080p on Odysee without issue, except when the entire LBRY network is having issues, indicating resolution is not related.

            Your statement is out of alignment with observed behavior.

            • I’m sure you will get used to it, the revolution will not be broadcast in HD.

  3. How dare you question “science” James!!! Blasphemy!!! ?

    I few thoughts…

    Anecdotal story. I’ll never forget a number of years ago talking to a coworker, Angie(RIP, passed from cancer), telling me about her ninety something year old mother. How she was so old yet in such good health! I asked her, “how could that be?” Seems like everyone passes at younger and younger ages as the decades go by. All she said was, “cancer, it’s in the food.” It hit me, nobody grows their own food or makes anything from scratch anymore. These chemicals they use to preserve and package food, are not only dropping fertility rates at astronomic rates, but I believe raising the rates of cancer across the board. “It’s in the food.”

    Science in my opinion is a modern day secular religion. It’s ironic to me many liberals crucify(no pun intended) organized religion, all the while worshiping their own modern atheistic one. Yet they don’t see it as such, because there is no God or afterlife attached to it, somehow making it more relevant. It’s disturbing to note they worship and trust something that is directly leading to their own demise.

    Shanna Swann would be a great guest to have on the show!

  4. Pharmageddon! Good one! Hadn’t heard it! It’s a keeper! Pharmageddon…!

  5. Another chapter of In The Science We Trust worth looking into is 5G.
    Despite what those tinfoil hats may object, it’s safe to roll out of course, isn’t it?
    Well, the actual answer seems to simply be “we don’t know”.

    “The introduction of the fifth generation (5G) of wireless communication will increase the number of high-frequency-powered base stations and other devices. The question is if such higher frequencies […] can have a health impact. […] The available studies do not provide adequate and sufficient information for a meaningful safety assessment.”


    For a decent summary, follow this link:

    • “5G… it’s safe to roll out of course, isn’t it?”

      Why Fred! What a question! Is it safe?? That, of course, is not the issue! Didn’t you get the memo??

      “It’s inevitable!” That’s all you need to know! (as brilliantly pointed out by Antonio on the NWNW page)


      It’s not a question of whether we Want it, or Need it, or if it’s Safe! no no no no!

      It’s quite simply “inevitable”. Period. Science says listen to the Experts.

      Like CBDCs, it’s “Inevitable”.

      Thanks for the links, though! I can sense in advance they’re gonna make me feel glad to be alive!

  6. By reading the comments, many Corbett Report members will cite a variety of good news sources.
    Give it time, and add those news sources to your “favorites”.

  7. Excellent depiction of corruption in science and of “deity” towards which people’s religious fervor is projected, what is in reality government and media blather and propaganda.

    Sure, this narrative could easily be extended to eugenics, another layer of onion. Legitimate.
    Well, I think situation is much worse. Even if all wrongs enumerated in this video would be magically rectified, we would still be left with situation that is not ok. Science would still stand on a pedestal and that is wrong.
    Today I wrote a comment on other thread that way more fits here.

    • Two philosophers were mentioned with that quasi sperm study in a context…I hope this was just my subjective reading between the lines.

      No philosopher with a semblance of wisdom (where actually more is expected) would put his name on such a piece of shit. Boneheads or whores.

      How could be philosophy in a better situation then the rest of the world, rehab is needed all over. Recently I wrote in Off-guardian about philosophy today:

      Hawking was in a way right when he said “philosophy is dead”. Look at today philosophy: analytic and continental, for the beginning. Analytic philosophy is not philosophy at all and if I borrow author’s words it is: “Practising the most elaborate mental gymnastics ever conceived…”. Philosophy according to Whitehead, Russell’s teacher, is about critique and speculation. Analytic philosophy rejects speculation. Continental philosophy took Kant’s subjectivism, abused it and with a help of notorious self-centered provocateur Nietzsche drive it into absurd of postmodernity.
      Then there is an area in modern philosophy called applied ethics, one of its constituents, for example, bioethics. I will skip rant about adjective ‘applied’ (grrrrr). It seems like “wise heads” think that by dismembering ethics into small pieces, something that strongly reminds on scientific method of reductionism, we will at the end get, by some miracle synthesis, a well defined ethics. No way, never, impossible.

      • Peter Singer has just been on Melbourne radio (3AW) arguing for compulsory vaccination using the analogy of seat belts and helmets!

        • Expected from Speciesist Guy. He is proponent of utilitarian ethics, something that is so weak, feeble, doesn’t deserve serious consideration. His mental products can be “philosophy” only in today’s upside-down world.

        • I thought about his analogy, it’s utter nonsense. As far as I know seat belts and helmets don’t have a death toll of +30.000 per half year.
          I’ve checked wikipedia, he is into applied-ethics….these guys are worse than marketing people.

  8. Sharon Lerner, author of Corbett’s referenced “Whistleblowers Expose Corruption in EPA Chemical Safety Office” is also mentioned in a recent ACTIVIST POST article entitled…

    EPA Suppressed Report Linking Controversial Weedkiller Ingredient to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

    …Lerner reports that industry influence over the science that EPA relies on to set the safe exposure levels to chemicals like glyphosate is one of many tools Monsanto and other agribusinesses use to “increase and maintain the use of products even when they damage health and the environment.”

    Lerner’s article includes a 2016 internal EPA report that vindicates what plaintiffs’ attorneys suing Monsanto on behalf of Roundup cancer victims have been saying for years about Monsanto’s scientific manipulation and the EPA being a captured agency…

    …The documents, now known throughout the world as the Monsanto Papers, allowed the public to see firsthand how EPA staff bragged about killing an Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) review of glyphosate; that the agency has based its regulatory decisions for Roundup almost exclusively on Monsanto’s own science; and that the agency mysteriously changed glyphosate’s cancer classification in 1991 from having “suggestive evidence” of carcinogenic potential to having “no evidence” of carcinogenic potential, a designation that persists even to this day.

    Attorneys for Monsanto have argued since the start of the litigation that EPA has repeatedly approved the use of glyphosate, each time concluding that it is not likely to be carcinogenic to humans. But the internal EPA report cited in Lerner’s reporting provides stark evidence that the agency has been covering up science showing the cancer-causing potential of glyphosate…

    …In the summer of 2016, the EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) analyzed seven epidemiological studies on the association between glyphosate and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma…The report further concluded that the reviewed studies “provide suggestive evidence of carcinogenic potential between glyphosate exposure and increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.”

    The internal report never saw the light of day. Instead, Lerner notes:

    “[EPA] released reports in 2016 and 2017 that clearly drew on the earlier document — several sections have identical wording — but reached the opposite conclusion: that glyphosate is ‘not a probable carcinogen.’”….

    • Are you slick like me?

      Corbett’s referenced Sharon Lerner’s article specifically mentions the FLUORIDE chemicals of the category surrounding PFAS compounds and PFOA.
      Think of Teflon slick non-stick coatings when you see “PFAS”.

      “PFAS, PFOA, PFOS, PFNA type chemicals are now ubiquitous. They are in the bodies of most people and animals.”

    • Great, but as Mr Corbett intimated, as long as she’s not making a reputation for herself that will be lethal to others who, impressed by her truth-telling on glyphosate, listen to her concerning the vaccine…

      it seems to me, that’s kinda what gatekeepers and limited hangout agents do: they tell all on a major emotions-soaked subject that can’t be hidden, since many others are already reporting or already have reported on it

      using it to win people’s powerful hero-worship gratitude,

      so as to fatally mislead them on other crucial issues… even life or death ones such as the covid jab…

      unfortunately, it seems so many have trouble distinguishing the baby from the bath water…

      It seems Omidyar is damage control using his media clout to Intercept sensitive information in order to better spin and process it for alternative consumption…

      and they always have these names… lerner… learner?.. I’m gonna learn you some stuff about the EPA and glyphosate! all Snowdin by snow job, kissinger is killinger, macron micron pushing facial recognition technocracy and all outlandish presidents in the bush trumped by Trump, (even the poor Reality Winner?! I mean WHO IN REALITY has a name like that??) the high-profile Bradley Manning was in fact womaning the whole time and Glen Greenwald brings us to a narrow secluded glen where we can’t see the forest for the trees… ok, ok, I’ll go hit the hay but… whitney,at least, has the wit and the ney (or nez meaning nose in French) to see the web… aayyyyy caramba!! too much Rioja!! buenas noches

      • “No soap! Radio!”
        says: “It seems to me, that’s kinda what gatekeepers and limited hangout agents do:
        they tell all on a major emotions-soaked subject that can’t be hidden, since many others are already reporting or already have reported on it; using it to win people’s powerful hero-worship gratitude,
        so as to fatally mislead them on other crucial issues… even life or death ones such as the covid jab…
        …unfortunately, it seems so many have trouble distinguishing the baby from the bath water.”

        I’m with ya.
        For example: I admire Robert Kennedy, Jr. for many of his endeavors.
        However, when it comes to Climate Change, he has a strong blind spot, or he has an ulterior intent to aid the globalists.
        Personally, I feel like his heart in is the right place, but like most of us, he also has his failings.
        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        NO SOAP RADIO explained

        • yea, I’ve always preferred media to washing,
          Please, no soap! Radio!

          Thanks for the links. I was pretty revved up on rioja last night.

          About Kennedy’s crusade against forced vaxxing, dunno exactly what to make of it…

          of course no one will agree with someone else on everything 100% of the time but,
          there are some privileged, high-profile cases like Kennedy’s that are perplexing…

          I’ve decided henceforth I’m gonna attribute it to what I’ll call the “Shiva Paradox”. Hey that sounds pretty good, don’t ya think?! “The Shiva Paradox”! (Oliver Stone should make a movie with that title) In honour of that plump, mirthful Vandana Shiva, champion of the Earth and its modest cultivators being violently and constantly raped and pillaged by big industry and the likes of Bill Gates! She could learn a thing or two to Ms. Lerner about Monsanto I think!

          That articulate, endearing Card-carrying member of the Club of Rome!

          • boy, rereading my comment above I see it’s ALL Wrong.

            What mystifies me about Kennedy was his Man-made global warming stance, not his anti-forced-vaccination campaigning,

            and my wording makes it seem as though Vandana Shiva champions the rape and pillage of the Indian farmers, which is not what I meant. Rather that she champions the cause of the poor farmers Who are raped and pillaged by oligarchs etc…

            anyhow, I realize this doesn’t make a whit of difference to anyone but myself… thank heavens.

        • Well as far as Kennedy is concerned, that’s clear enough. Thanks.

          What’s less clear is why Alison McDowell would tightly ally herself with someone who stole thousands from Whitney Webb.

          But I have the answer! It’s simply another acute case of

          The Shiva Paradox.

          or maybe the Shiva Syndrome! That sounds more pathological and thus less forgiving. Scarier and less coldly intellectual. More in tune with the times!

          Maybe the Shiva Syndrome is better… hmmm…

          • Who stole thousands from Whitney Webb?

            • A certain Raul Diego. She recounts the whole story here:


              A couple of posts from the OffGuardian comments section recount the following on that subject:

              Jul 9, 2021 1:39 PM
              Reply to Sophie – Admin1
              Interesting and a bit sad to see this Sophie as a number of my Facebook friends have alleged in a post a few days ago they’ve been either blocked or unfriended by Alison McDowell after they queried something she had said and she took umbrage at being questioned.
              Disappointed by these allegations, although they do seem genuine. Seems very similar to the reaction of Caitlin Johnson about her prolonged deafening silence about the scamdemic when people started challenging her about it. For the record Caitlin also blocked me for daring to question her silence.

              Jul 9, 2021 6:41 PM
              Reply to Intuition
              After looking into this for the last 5hrs, Webb got ripped off by Raul Diego who stole $10k and left another $6k inaccesible from her crypto wallet. (comprehensively proved in the above 3hr video)

              Diego appears to be a manipulative narcissist trying to cover his tracks.

              McDowell stepped in retweeting Diegos BS, because she hangs her hat on the “crypto bad” hook, then continued to double down with it, multiple times, (probably being manipulated by Diego IMO).

              After this Webbs video was posted, a Q.E.D. making McDowell look very foolish, instead of admitting her mistake and apologising, she went into a delete/blockathon.

              Shame because McDowells prior work seems pretty good.

              You can judge for yourself, at least partly, from Whitney Webb’s account of the affair linked above.

  9. American “science” is neo-Lysenkoism. “Science” molded to the needs of the prevailing ideology, which, in America, is love of money and central “authority.”

  10. Trust the science?

    No, more like trust the séance. People like Fauci are definitely summoning devils for their “information.”

  11. Fantastic – now I have a new catchphrase:

    “How is that sausage made?” ?

  12. If you have taken any of Mr Corbett’s sarcasm concerning “Environmentalists” in any of his episodes personally, then I think you have misunderstood where he’s coming from. He laments true environmentalism and clearly vomits the hijacked CO2 version of so-called “Environmentalism” that permeates the media, completely obscuring what people like you know to be the real issues.

    Have you seen this vintage and prescient message ?:


    That part about dangerous proteins being released into the bio-sphere with their uncertain impact on the genome was particularly chilling…

    I’m sorry about the ignorant attitude of your nephew (or his wife or both). Ambient terror putting people into survival mode can have devastating effects, I guess. It seems, childbearing in a time of mass hysteria…can negatively impact family relations… You think they’re gonna put a mask on the baby??

  13. Delta variant has wrecked hopes of herd immunity, warn scientists

    “It needs to be moving to clinically driven testing in which people are willing to get tested and treated and managed, rather than lots of community testing. If someone is unwell they should be tested, but for their contacts, if they’re not unwell then it makes sense for them to be in school and being educated.”

    Dr Ruchi Sinha, consultant paediatrician at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, told MPs and peers that choosing not to vaccinate children would be unlikely to cause problems in the health service.

    “What matters is the burden of patient hospitalisation and critical care and actually there hasn’t been as much with this delta variant,” she said. “They tend to be the children who have got their comorbidities, obesity, or severe neurological problems and those children are already considered for vaccination. Covid on its own in paediatrics is not the problem.”

  14. You should not be watching this on boobtube anyhow.

  15. That’s an excellent article, it really does open some perspectives. I am also sorry about your familiar salutation. If you don’t mind me asking, was it your nephew’s decision to cut you off or his wife’s?

    • Another quote from Eisenstein: ‘As the saying goes, you can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into to begin with.’

      Wait a moment, you are quoting Corbett there. Anyhow…

      I have started developing this understanding that women are far more susceptible to this mind poison and fear mongering tales, what whit all the decades of mind numbing “state care” and “catering to their needs”. The ploy is as evil as it is brilliant, one does not need to sell the story to everyone. Sell it to half the people and they’ll make sure everyone is soiling their pants while cruising through the nightmare.

      This is not to mean men are not sold, hook, line and sinker. But there is a pattern forming in my narrow circle of experience and some loose ends are being tied up.

      I guess today is the day I’ll mark down, one day prior to my brother’s birthday, as the day when I stopped being somewhat delusionally optimistic and started getting a sense for the long struggle ahead. There really doesn’t appear to be anything that could likely turn positive in the long view forward.

      The question is not whether it’s worth it to die on this hill, but will we learn to love big brother?

      • just as an aside;

        That quote about the impossibility of reasoning someone out of position they hadn’t reasoned themselves into; I first consciously heard that quote when Walter Cunningham came out with it as he was speaking about the predicament that so-called Climate skeptics are in with regards to communicating to Alarmists about climate change.

        It marked me, so I quoted him at least twice (in the links I found with a quick search below as examples). He said:

        “…“These true believers in humans controlling the Earth’s temperature cannot be reasoned out of their position; it was not reason that got them there in the first place; it was emotion and politics….Reason did not get them into their faith-based beliefs – And no amount of reasoning will get them out…”

        in a video called 25 NASA Scientists Question the Sanity of the Global Warmists

        and then, when I was aware of the quote from Cunningham, I noticed that Mr Corbett said it as well once or twice on occasions I can’t recall specifically.



      • “…just the knowledge that I will be able to handle whatever comes across my pathway…”


  16. There is already a word for it, it’s very apt and fitting, leaving no room for misunderstanding: scientism.

  17. Real Person QUOTE:
    “The FDA would never approve a food additive that had not been proven safe.
    The FDA works very hard to protect us from unsafe food and drug additives…”

    The quote is from a viewer of the YouTube Channel for Dr. Ken D Berry.
    August 9th, 2021 – (11 minute video)
    Impossible Burger’s Dangerous Ingredient? (Leghemoglobin Concern) 2021

    By the way, Dr. Berry makes a great point.
    Why would someone want fake meat to look bloody?

    • Related…

      Monday August 9th – Yahoo News
      7 steps you can take now to help avert the worst climate change consequences

      Monday’s release of the latest grim assessment from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes clear that global warming will continue to intensify over the coming decades and that, as a result of human inaction to curb greenhouse gas emissions, extreme weather events will continue to worsen.

      In a year that has already seen deadly heat waves, raging wildfires and unprecedented flash flooding that have all been linked to rising global temperatures, there’s been ample evidence to back up the IPCC’s conclusions. The landmark new assessment, however, was compiled by 234 scientists and based on more than 14,000 recent studies. It concludes that human activity is largely at fault for a rise in average global temperatures of 1.1 degrees Celsius.

      But humankind still has the power to keep the mercury from rising even further if a concerted effort is undertaken at once.

      “If we reduce emissions to net zero by 2050, we can keep temperatures close to 1.5C,” climate scientist Valérie Masson-Delmotte said during a Monday press conference.

      Other IPCC members were also quick to note that time is running out…

      …While it is easy to slip into climate despair, there are steps to be taken that, though insufficient to solve the problems posed by climate change, attempt to keep the worst consequences at bay.
      Eat less meat
      In a 2019 report, the IPCC recommended that human beings switch to less meat-based diets in order to help forestall the worst impacts of climate change. That’s largely because deforestation to accommodate cattle grazing exacerbates the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Cows also produce methane, another potent greenhouse gas that is contributing to climate change…

      …A switch to a more balanced, plant-based diet, researchers found, could reduce global carbon emissions by up to 8 billion metric tons per year….

    • — That quote epitomizes the situation(s) —
      QUOTE: “The FDA would never approve a food additive that had not been proven safe. The FDA works very hard to protect us from unsafe food and drug additives…”

      I believe that this type of “trust” is part of the foundation which supports a “trust the science”(“trust Dr. Fauci”) idea.

      There is a fundamental concept here.
      People want to trust the system. …and that can extend to trusting the “voting system” and political candidates, or to trust the legal system and justice.

      However, one thing that I have noticed…
      Those people who really grasped 9/11 Truth and then went down the rabbit hole into a vast array of topics, including health, …these folks are less likely to get tripped up into trusting the system.

  18. (familial? His familial situation may be familiar to many of us…) ANYHOW!!

    @ DOGSTAR:

    I just read the article you linked DogStar. It’s indeed very profound, well-written and enlightening whose ultra-simplified central tenet would be:

    “…The campaign against the unvaccinated, garbed in the white lab coat of Science, munitioned with biased data, and waving the pennant of altruism, channels a brutal, ancient impulse…”

    However, in addition to the fact that he sort of recoils from and rationalizes the notion of an organized conspiracy, endowing it (as I already vaguely recall) with a status subsidiary to some pre-existing natural force,

    one fear that I’d always thought quite pervasive that I don’t believe is mentioned in the article (as, perhaps it’s irrelevant) is the fear that these designated pariahs might actually be right. There is the instinctual herd fear of being soiled and ostracized brilliantly described by Eisenstein

    but then, I think there’s also a fear that, even beyond the ego-crushing agony of being proven a dupe, becomes gnawingly visceral: a possibility that is thought to be so terrible as to be utterly impossible and thus relegated to the darkest corners of the memory hole; the heretical idea that IF conspiracy theorists were correct, that would imply all kinds of really scary stuff such as Daddy doesn’t love you, you need to take personal responsibility and even that all the values you held and defended and gave all your physical, intellectual and spiritual energy to were perhaps based on a fundamentally erroneous principle, unwittingly dedicated to something monstrous… stuff like that.

    At least I have an even better understanding of why a black man with rasta braids is doing a life sentence in a NY prison for the murder of my sister carried out in a chic area of the state. And even though this unqualifiably atrocious act was most probably committed by the very white-skinned nephew of the then County commissioner who’d already murdered other people and whose own wife had a restraining order against him as was discovered by the first two detectives on the job who were promptly removed from the case. I’ll never forget the name of this exonerated killer but I’m sure everyone else has.

    Because SOMETHING had to be done. And something was.

    • 10 years… that’s recent. ouch. My sister was killed 31 years ago July 17th. She’d just turned 25. 31 years ago… wow… and the guy’s still doin’ time…
      But a book published in 2017 might still be of comfort. To me at least.

    • Miguel gives an excellent presentation! I love seeing these presentations before the school boards. And they are not censored.

      Edinburg, Texas down next to McAllen and Progreso.
      My daughter-in-law’s brother is a Doctor there in McAllen, and he prescribes Ivermectin in office, and on telemedicine.
      My Dad’s Father’s brother bought farmland along the Rio Grande back in the early 1930’s. As a kid, our family drove from north Texas to that Progreso region in order to visit cousins. Great country and ambience there at the border to Mexico…during that era.

    • More kids and school…
      (Dr. Leana Wen is the embodiment of evil.)

      CNN Medical Propagandist: Kids In Schools Need Industrial Grade Masks, Weekly Tests

      Dr. Leana Wen says:
      “This is now one of the most dangerous times in the pandemic when it comes to children because we have the more contagious Delta variant, we have surges, and we have so adults many letting down their guard, not wearing masks, not getting vaccinated. That’s contributing to this really dangerous environment for children.”

      “That said, we do know what it takes to get our children back in school safely.
      “We also know that it requires layers. So when we remove a layer, for example, we remove the layer of distancing because we can’t get kids back in school in-person full time if we still keep six feet instancing, but if we remove that layer, then indoor masking becomes even more important universal making.”

      “…type of mask also matters, N95 or K95 if the children are able to tolerate that, if not at least a three-ply surgical mask…cloth masks are not enough.”

      “… and very importantly, testing as well. We should at least be having weekly testing for all the unvaccinated children and staff. Putting all that together is how we can get kids back in school safely.”

      • She’s on the guillotine list, I hear. These people are pure evil. Can’t refer to them as human as they are not.

        How does one put “school” and “safe” into the same sentence with a straight face?

  19. New concerning results, Israel 2021 (Prof. Retsef Levi)

    MDA Emergency calls:
    25% increase in Cardiac arrests & Heart attacks (16-29).
    83.6% increase in Heart attacks (Women 20-29).
    According to the study, this increase was correlated with Mass vaccination.

    According to these tables, it seems like in the first five months of 2021 the increase was even higher than 25%. His study also notes that according to the Bureau of Statistics – mortality rates among young people decreased simultaneously after the decrease in vaccination rates.

  20. An outlook on the situation as it’s unfolding. I took this screenshot from a local “news portal” home page yesterday. This site is basically just a garbage propaganda mouthpiece. But they all are the same, no real difference between them. We practically don’t have any sensationalist “news sites” like Sun, they all just walk the thin yellow line.


    On the top left, we have the “current/top news” section, somewhat related to the Greece fires. Note the picture of land being devoured by fire in the background. Possibly an artist rendition. The headlines read:

    1- The Mediterranean is the warming focal point. The Sahara could expand into Croatia
    2- Earth is heating up at an increasing rate, the chances to avoid a catastrophe are dwindling
    3- Scenarios for Earth’s future have been published, they are all dramatic. What awaits Croatia?
    4- Island nations are in fear, complete countries could disappear: “We are on the brink of extermination”

    On the right hand side, there is the “most read” section

    1- Watch how far a villa on the [island of] Vis was from the coast line in 1968, and how far is it today

    In the bottom part, there is a Climate change section in the middle dedicated to the burning topic at hand, pardon the pun. Note the image of a burning Earth.

    For some reason, the artist has chosen the not illuminated part to be engulfed in molten lava and fire. I guess the option of admitting that the Sun is heating up this rock is not an option at all. No, we will burn in the dark because of CO2.

    1- The prime minister: UN report on the climate is a cause for alarm
    2- Geoengineering to save the planet, yes or no?
    3- As a Greek island is burning up, some people do not wish to evacuate: “We can’t leave our homes”

    This certainly reminds of some of the most obscene Nazi propaganda from back then. I guess this garbage is custom tailored for the audience.

    • Evidently Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) recently visited the very southern coast of Croatia.
      Indiana Jones helped in melting the Nazis in one of his movies. Maybe he can take out the media in the next film.

      • That’s a good attempt, but I don’t think even Indie could tie this together.

  21. Hello All!
    I would like to pose a question: regarding the over-population vs demographic winter thesises.
    There is strong evidence for a demographic winter in the western world and some asian countries. However what evidence exists for that thesis regarding Africa, South Asia and South America? In these locations it does still seem there is a population boom, which goes unabated – or am I wrong?

    The purpose of this question is for self education. More often than not when I enter these types of discussions, I am thrown the bomb that ‘less population is better’ and then ‘the rising population’ in the above-cited regions.

    Thank you all :)!

    • As I’d understood it, those countries who are currently still “enjoying” high birth rates would see a decline in their birth rates that would be much faster than the time it took for Europe and and North America to decline.

      It took time for the economic and environnmental factors that led to dramatic declines in European and North American birth-rates to be developed. Now, the globalization of these factors plus other new fertility-killing products (such as vaccines as a single example) should be much more rapid.

      So globalization of

      -modern urban economies
      -new poisons

      should vastly accelerate the onset of decreasing birthrates in the high-birthrate countries of today, causing this cycle to be much faster than the time it tood for today’s “rich countries” to see such a decline.

      That’s my vague memory from having read the UN 2009 Aging and Demographic report…

      lemme see if I can find it…

    • the UN 2009 Report on Aging concludes that:

      – “…Because fertility levels are unlikely to rise again to the high levels common in the past, population ageing is irreversible and the young populations that were common until recently are likely to become rare over the course of the twenty-first century…”

      – …The reduction of fertility has been dramatic since 1950. At the world level, total fertility has dropped almost by half, from 4.9 children per woman in 1950-1955 to 2.6 in 2005-2010, and it is expected to keep on declining to reach 2.0 children per women in 2045-2050.

      – …Fertility is well below replacement level in the more developed regions;

      -…As a result of the sustained decline in fertility that occurred in developed countries during the twentieth century, total fertility in the more developed regions has dropped from an already low level of 2.8 children per woman in 1950-1955

      to an extremely low level of 1.6 children per woman in 2005-2010. This level is well below that needed to ensure the replacement of generations (about 2.1 children per woman).

      In fact, practically all developed countries are currently experiencing below-replacement fertility.

      -…Fertility decline in the less developed regions started later and has proceeded faster…

      -…From 1950-1955 to 2005-2010, total fertility in the developing world

      dropped by over half from 6.0 to 2.7 children per woman…”

      The UN study concludes that:

      “…At the world level, total fertility … is expected to keep on declining to reach 2.0 children per women in 2045-2050…”

      If one day we want the choice of having self-restraint and not imposed infertility we’d apparently best find ways of creating the conditions that favor fertility


      nosoapradio says:
      08/11/2021 at 7:44 am
      Oh dear! Seems my link was transformed into a square some time over the last three years. Better fix that:


  22. James you have to get rid of that horrid HORRID red lamp that shines into your face. You look like a santaklaus because of that, its really distracting

  23. – In the U.S. –

    Wednesday August 11th
    FEMA To Test National Emergency Alert System

    You may see CNBC or Bloomberg television briefly go offline this afternoon, or your smartphone receive an emergency alert from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) but don’t panic it’s only a test.

    At 1420 ET Wednesday, the nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) test will be conducted for radios, televisions, and cellphones. FEMA is coordinating the test in coordination with the FCC.

    “The purpose of the Aug. 11 test is to ensure that the EAS and WEA systems continue to be effective means of warning the public about emergencies, particularly those on the national level,”
    a FEMA press release said.
    “Periodic testing of public alert and warning systems helps to assess the operational readiness of alerting infrastructure and to identify any needed technological and administrative improvements.”

    For radios and television, a high-pitched tone and this message will be displayed this afternoon:

    “THIS IS A TEST of the National Emergency Alert System. This system was developed by broadcast and cable operators in voluntary cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Communications Commission, and local authorities to keep you informed in the event of an emergency. If this had been an actual emergency an official message would have followed the tone alert you heard at the start of this message. No action is required.”

    For cellphones, a text alert will read:

    “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

    • We interrupt the scheduled programming for the following announcement by Big brother.

      After 18 months of nation wide combat with climate change, big borther affirms that the final victory is in sight. The last remnants of unstable weather have been sequestered.

      Following lockdowns, which aimed to protect you from the violent climate, production is on the rise while ebergy reductions are a thing of the past. After prices rose 1000% during the past year, they lowered as much as 5% today and have therefore almost returned to pre crisis price levels.

      Big brother warns that a new disease has errupted in East Asia which could lead into a new nation wide lockdown spree starting from november the 1st.

      Party members are advised to play their part in testing the proles. The process is to be carried out daily, hence we will require all hands on deck in the Ministry of love.

      End of announcement.

      • FEMA ALERT…
        mkey’s QUOTE:
        Big Brother warns that a new disease has erupted in East Asia (or West Africa) which could lead into a new nationwide lockdown spree starting from November 1st.

        Oh!…here it is…BE VERY AFRAID! extra !!!! for shock emphasis.

        Wednesday August 11th – Insider (but also BBC and AP)
        A man died in West Africa of a virus that causes internal bleeding and organ failure.
        WHO says it could ‘spread far and wide.’

        ~~ A man in West Africa died of the Marburg virus, which causes internal bleeding and organ failure.
        ~~ The World Health Organization said the disease was capable of spreading far and wide.
        ~~ WHO says fruit bats can pass the disease to humans.

        A man in the West African country of Guinea has died after contracting the Marburg virus, which causes internal bleeding and organ failure. The World Health Organization on Monday confirmed the man’s death and said the “highly infectious disease” could “spread far and wide.”

        It is the first time the Marburg virus has been detected in Guinea, per WHO.
        According to WHO, the man visited a local clinic to seek treatment but his condition deteriorated quickly. Researchers at Guinea’s national hemorrhagic fever laboratory and the Institut Pasteur in Senegal confirmed the Marburg-virus diagnosis.

        WHO said the virus could pass to people from fruit bats and is transmitted from one person to another through surfaces and bodily fluids.

        The organization said the illness tended to begin with an abrupt and sudden onset of high fever and headaches, with severe internal bleeding occurring within seven days. WHO said the virus had death rates of 24% to 88% in past outbreaks.

        “We applaud the alertness and the quick investigative action by Guinea’s health workers,” Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO’s regional director in Africa, said in the organization’s Monday statement.

        “We are working with the health authorities to implement a swift response that builds on Guinea’s past experience and expertise in managing Ebola, which is transmitted in a similar way,” Moeti said….

        • More FEAR!!!! of “new contagious disease”…

          Friday August 13, 2021 – Zero Hedge
          New Rare Tropical Disease Kills Two In The U.S.

          A bacterial infection called Melioidosis, usually found in tropical settings, has killed two in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control.

          Yes, while the rest of the world has been focused on the Delta variant hysteria, new incidents of the rare tropical disease have snuck in through the back door, according to The Hill.

          Melioidosis, sometimes called Whitmore’s disease, is usually found in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. Bacteria can be found in “in contaminated waters and soils and spread within both animals and humans through contact with the contaminated source”, the report says. It is most commonly spread through skin abrasions and ingestion.

          The CDC has confirmed four cases in the U.S., with two of them being fatal. One case was in Kansas, another was in Georgia, a third was Texas. As a result, 100 soil and water samples were taken to test for the virus and none came back positive. No further information about the cases was released.

          Public health officials have been left to attribute the virus to “an imported product or an ingredient found within an import, such as a food, beverage, cleaning product or medicine,” The Hill wrote.

          A CDC statement on Melioidosis cases said: “CDC is asking clinicians to watch for any acute bacterial infection that doesn’t respond to normal antibiotics and consider melioidosis – regardless of whether the patient traveled outside the United States. CDC also urges clinicians not to rule out melioidosis as a possible diagnosis in children and those who were previously healthy and without known risk factors for melioidosis.”

          “Although healthy people may get melioidosis, underlying medical conditions may increase the risk of disease,”
          it continued.
          “The major risk factors are diabetes, liver or kidney disease, chronic lung disease, cancer or another condition that weakens the immune system. Most children who get melioidosis do not have risk factors. People experiencing cough, chest pain, high fever, headache or unexplained weight loss should see their doctor.”

          • This kind of reminds me of the insiduous terror threat. Or is my tin foil hat not straight.

    • And like the pcr test he will be replaced with another who will serve the purposes of the tyrants even better. And the people rejoice.

  24. CDC’s July 13, 2020 document On page 42, in a section titled-
    “Performance Characteristics,” we find this:

    “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”

    Means they’ve NEVER isolated a “CV-19” sample. Koch’s postulates have not been performed, as they should be to identify any new virus. The CDC, WHO, and their UK peer’s March statement was the event was being lowered to a SEASONAL FLU.

    The Virus Has Never Been Isolated According to Koch’s Postulates or River’s Postulates https://tinyurl.com/3xt2yc98

    So I be trusting the “science”

    • I hate seeing that kind of Poo coming out of Australia.
      When they go for the kids, I get pissed.

      Speaking of Poo…
      8 August – RT
      Aussies fume after Victoria’s premier concedes ‘Covid in wastewater’ used to justify statewide lockdown never existed

      Australians are airing their grievances with Victoria Premier Dan Andrews after he admitted he cited non-existent coronavirus-tainted sewage in his decision to lock down the state.

      Andrews announced a seven-day statewide shut down on August 5 in response to the “wastewater detection” of Covid-19 in Wangaratta, a rural city about 236km (147 miles) from Melbourne…

      …Wangaratta mayor Dean Rees challenged the premier’s chain of events. There had been several successive tests returning negative results following one positive detection on July 30, regional health officials confirmed.

      Australians soon began to vent on social media about Andrews’ debunked coronavirus sewage. By Friday afternoon, “#FakePoos” was trending, with countless tweets calling out the premier for locking up the entire state on specious grounds….

      • More Australian Poo…

        With a bright-eyed smile, Sky News Australia Reporter Danica DeGiorgio informs viewers that they have no rights.

        AUSTRALIANS – You can’t leave!
        Nobody can challenge the health ministry’s directive, even under International law.
        Australia doesn’t have a Bill of Rights meaning no citizen can challenge the Governments decision.

        (One minute VIDEO embedded in article)

        • Just another proof that excrement falls on a neat pile.

  25. Statistics are in. In the first half of 2021 there are some 5000 more people dead in Croatia than in the same period in 2020 and 4000 more than the 10 year average.

    Climate, bad healthcare, but also corona increase the death rate: 5650 pensioners less in 2021 than there were in 2020

    Causes of death of the elderly population will be investigated by the epidemiologists and statisticians at a later date, however it is safe to assume that older people are not only taken away by corona but also the general elderly healthcare system state and dramatic weather changes that even the younger have issues acclimating to.

    Can you believe this evil garbage?


    43:50 mark of “Trust The Science!”
    James Corbett says:
    ”And one final observation about this matter in particular that we are looking at here today…EPA…sperm count…
    Isn’t it interesting, that the settled science, the approved science, the ideological correct science; always seems to come down…on one side of this narrative.
    In particular, those things which act to reduce the population or ultimately to sterilize the human population tend to be “good”.
    Any concerns that are raised about the declining human population or what may be really behind that gets shuffled to the side, gets marginalized some way…I find that particularly interesting.”

    • Related:

      I posted the following on the wrong Thread.
      If some folks like audio formats, this might be of interest.
      It is about a conference which took place in 1969, but the audio was made years later.
      NWO Insider Reveals Social Engineering & Depopulation Plan!

      aka “The New Order Of Barbarians”

      Personally, I don’t care if “The Story” told is fiction.
      It is THE STORY which draws my interest.
      Fact or fiction, the story presents itself to the listener.

    • To be fair, this is not entirely correct (…”In particular, those things which act to reduce the population or ultimately to sterilize the human population tend to be “good”.”) They also say that global warming and climate change are going to reduce the population (wipe all of us from the face of the earth to be more precise on what they say…) and they obviously think climate change and global warming is bad.
      Just saying… 😉

      • Mr Corbett says:

        Isn’t it interesting, that the settled science, the approved science, the ideologically correct science; always seems to come down…on one side of this narrative.
        In particular, those things which act to reduce the population or ultimately to sterilize the human population tend to be “good”.

        justsaying says:

        To be fair, this is not entirely correct… They also say that global warming and climate change are going to reduce the population (wipe all of us from the face of the earth to be more precise on what they say…) and they obviously think climate change and global warming is bad.

        The settled science, the approved science, the ideologically correct science refers to the Solution, not the engineered Problem, (in the Problem Reaction Solution formula). It refers to the “correct” interpretation of the observed data (as with those MIT philosophers and their politically correct ideological framing of the fact of precipitously declining sperm counts erroneously concluding that sperm count has no incidence on fertility and that only Far Right racist men are perpetuating these findings and that essentially it’s all “non-pathological”, nothing to see here, nothing to worry about: The GOOD conclusion to draw.)

        Trust the Ideological Gatekeepers! The approved science solutions!

        Global warming itself is bad: but it’s the Good thing to be focused on! (it’s Bad to focus on all the other fertility-annihilating chemicals)

        and it’s (allegedly) caused by humans causing too much pollution and exploitation of the Earth’s resources, so the covert and overt message is we must stop having children and reduce the population.

        Just clarifying. 😎

        • In fact, come to think of it…

          the more formidably and graphically horrifying the (engineered) Problem is (eg: wildfires, supposedly saturated intensive care wards, drought or premature babies in incubators left to die on the cold floor)

          the more obvious and inevitable and settled the politically, ideologically and morally correct
          and “consensually” approved the Solution is

          (and the more intensely stigmatized dissident voices are).

          And the more Genuinely dangerous a (real) problem is; e.g. demographic winters, very low levels of CO2, bisphenol A, glyphosate, geo-engineering, the adverse events of the so-called Covid vaccines, and the effects of pandemic or climate-induced lockdowns for example)

          the more it’s non-existant in the MSM or unanimously poo-pooed by MSM experts.

          (and the more stifled and stigmatized dissident voices are.)

          Well, ok, so I love stating the obvious… It at least clarifies things in my own mind.

          Here’s a song just for (nostalgic) fun!:

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMq5QNAl2nE (err gootube…)

  27. Do you”really” think that rural living spread anything to the asphault covered, exhaust fume filled, 5G densely populated hell holes?

    I think not. Just opinion not fact.

    I live 50,40, and 25 miles from the nearest towns, off the grid like so many here, drinking great water, etc., never sick, super gardens, etc. The only real poison we get is the weather mod residue of outrageous UV (10-11 and higher) and the chemtrails.

  28. Have you read Under an Ionized Sky by Elana Freeland?

  29. Good day !

    Sadly, “trust the science” is really the lowest intelligence slogan. It simply means defer to the “experts” who supports our narrative(no proof required). So many gaslight themselves for “proof” and a justifier for their faulty ideology.

    It’s all about trust. It’s trust what your told at best, 99.999% of us do not work in the laboratories and do not know the science.

  30. There is a tremendous amount of geoengineering going on now all over the world and most sheeple are becoming increasingly scared of the “climate change” (actually controlled weather events)that are occurring because a cadre of evildoers having satanic weather control weapons at their finger tips and the general public is still buying the BS that they (John Q. Public) are the cause of all this weather havoc – but hey! “THE SCIENCE” sez’ it’s your fault you stupid useless eater NOTE: When did the article “THE” creep into the vocabulary…must have been planned by some real sleazoids at a think tank somewhere near Rome

  31. Covid piece from the UK – nothing new for the folks here but a nice piece of analysis IMHO

    The Heresy of Heresies

    “What then, indeed. If we are to regain control of our minds, to reassert our rights – to bodily autonomy, to question authority, to protest against tyranny – and claw back our freedoms and roam where we will, we must stand firm, speak out and reject the Party line. Because, as Winston determines: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.””


  32. “Trust THE science” is a weaponized meme. It reappears as an atavar of 9.11. Then the US government’s high priest of “science” was NIST, not Faucci. We were told to trust the “science” of a WTC pancake collapse proposed by Popular Mechanics. We were told to disregard that other science, the science of renegade researchers who, inconveniently, happened to find nano-thermite in the debris. Like recent scientific findings that have contradicted the COVID-19 narrative, those 9.11 findings were declared to be so dangerously “misinformative” that they had to be swept off public platforms on the web. “Trust THE science” is a mantra, a weaponized meme.

    • I think Israel is experiencing the antibody dependent enhancement phenomenon. It will be very interesting to see what happens this flu season. Maybe this will create a market for un vaxxed health care providers because the ones who took the vax will be sick this winter.

      • I don’t know if there’s a virus or not, but if there is the antibody dependent enhancement thing is concerning. What I have observed is that many people who get this injection want “boosters”. I don’t know why, maybe they are so paranoid and susceptible to the propaganda, but this seems weird. All of the doctors I know who took this injection are getting unapproved boosters. These people are nuts! And many of them are very pushy with respect to the injection, asking people if they have had it where prior to this, that question was not readily asked. Whatever is in “it” is stuff that people should probably avoid like the plague.

  33. As timely today as ever.

    “Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world.

    In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus. There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.

    In addition, let me remind you that the track record of the consensus is nothing to be proud of. Let’s review a few cases.

    In past centuries, the greatest killer of women was fever following childbirth. One woman in six died of this fever. In 1795, Alexander Gordon of Aberdeen suggested that the fevers were infectious processes, and he was able to cure them. The consensus said no.

    In 1843, Oliver Wendell Holmes claimed puerperal fever was contagious, and presented compelling evidence. The consensus said no.

    In 1849, Semmelweiss demonstrated that sanitary techniques virtually eliminated puerperal fever in hospitals under his management. The consensus said he was a Jew, ignored him, and dismissed him from his post. There was in fact no agreement on puerperal fever until the start of the twentieth century. Thus the consensus took one hundred and twenty five years to arrive at the right conclusion despite the efforts of the prominent “skeptics” around the world, skeptics who were demeaned and ignored. And despite the constant ongoing deaths of women.

    There is no shortage of other examples. In the 1920s in America, tens of thousands of people, mostly poor, were dying of a disease called pellagra. The consensus of scientists said it was infectious, and what was necessary was to find the “pellagra germ.” The US government asked a brilliant young investigator, Dr. Joseph Goldberger, to find the cause. Goldberger concluded that diet was the crucial factor. The consensus remained wedded to the germ theory.

    Goldberger demonstrated that he could induce the disease through diet. He demonstrated that the disease was not infectious by injecting the blood of a pellagra patient into himself, and his assistant. They and other volunteers swabbed their noses with swabs from pellagra patients, and swallowed capsules containing scabs from pellagra rashes in what were called “Goldberger’s filth parties.” Nobody contracted pellagra.

    The consensus continued to disagree with him. There was, in addition, a social factor-southern States disliked the idea of poor diet as the cause, because it meant that social reform was required. They continued to deny it until the 1920s. Result-despite a twentieth century epidemic, the consensus took years to see the light.

    Probably every schoolchild notices that South America and Africa seem to fit together rather snugly, and Alfred Wegener proposed, in 1912, that the continents had in fact drifted apart. The consensus sneered at continental drift for fifty years.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  34. Synthetic Fragrances

    I watched Corbett’s documentary “The Disappearing Male” the other day. It’s good. Plasticizers such as Phthalates and Bisphenols are mentioned.

    As I was doing some more research into the Dr. Brytney Cobia Propaganda STORY, I happened upon a photo of the Grandview Medical Center gift shop. In the photos were shelves of scented candles.
    I should mention here (for those who don’t know) that my 2008 degree is in the “Environmental Sciences” which includes Bio-Chem and Toxicology.
    With a very high grade point average, I walked away with an “understanding” not just rote data points. I made synthetic fragrances in Chem Lab, and you would be surprised what goes into them or how pH affects them.

    I want to point out some devious aspects to these synthetic fragrances which you find in products, ranging from “air fresheners” to scented candles to trash bags. While the synthetic fragrance chemical compound itself (VOC) can be very toxic, chemical engineers also add other properties to the fragrance. Plasticizers are employed.

    If you take a natural herbal scent such as an essential oil of rosemary and spread it around, you will observe that over time the fragrance dissipates.

    Chemical engineers design synthetic fragrances to “last”, to hang around, not to dissipate. They also design the scent to “cling”, to stick to substances. The fragrance itself is a toxic VOC (volatile organic compound).
    Pick up a scented trash bag sometime, then smell your fingers…then try to wash off the scent.

    If you can smell it, you are breathing it into your lungs. Designed to cling inside your lungs and designed to last.
    In my opinion, breathing in the fumes of a can of Raid bug killer is healthier than breathing in some of these synthetic fragrances.
    By the way, you can kill bugs quickly with air fresheners.

    Anyway, “synthetic fragrances” is a pet peeve for me. It seems common sense. But, of course, common sense is no longer important in society.
    It amazes me that these type of products sell and that so many people buy them. The health consequences can’t be quantified.

    One time, a grocery store had the scented grocery bags. I wrote Corporate a scathing letter and made phone calls. I haven’t seen any scented grocery bags since.

  35. Regarding the CO2/Global Warming chapter of In The Science We Trust, I recently found a quote online I think it’s worth spreading:

    “Climate change is the first religion based on the output of non-validated computer models.
    ‘Experiments’ done with computer models are not scientific experiments. The outputs of computer models are not observations.”

    • Simple and straight to the point. Should be easy for even school children to apprehend. But… “Unapproved new technology should not be injected into anyone’s arm, let alone helpless school children’s arms” is also simple to grasp… and yet…
      you can lead a horse to water…

      ps: I’d just modify your super quote ever so slightly to “Anthropogenic” or “Man-made” climate change is the first religion based on the output of non-validated computer models.


      • Thanks for making it even better!

  36. “When is James going to accept the statement on virus isolation (SOVI) that Andrew Kaufman et al present?“

    Probably just as soon as “the science is settled “.
    Oh wait. Thats not science.

    • Some great quotes in that!

      “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”
      – Galileo Galilei

      “Have no respect whatsoever for authority; forget who said it and instead look what he starts with, where he ends up, and ask yourself, “Is it reasonable?””
      – Richard P. Feynman

      Michael Crichton said :
      “…Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world.
      In science consensus is irrelevant.
      What is relevant is reproducible results.
      The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus….”

  37. “What is science?”

    Naturalist Allan Savory explains what is wrong with science at universities.

    People talk glibly about science. What is science? People coming out of a university with a master’s degree or a PhD; you take them into the field and they they literally don’t believe anything, unless it is a peer-reviewed paper. It’s the only thing they accept. And you say to them but let’s observe let’s think let’s discuss… They don’t do it. It’s just: is it in the peer review paper or not? That’s their view of science. I think it’s pathetic.

    Gone into universities as bright young people they come out of them brain dead, not even knowing what science means. They think it means peer-reviewed papers, etc. No, that’s Academia. And if a paper is peer-reviewed, it means everybody thought the same, therefore they approved it. An unintended consequence is that when new knowledge emerges, new scientific insights, they can never ever be peer-reviewed.

    So, we’re blocking all new advances in science that are big advances. If you look at the breakthroughs in science almost always they don’t come from the center of that profession, they come from the fringe. The finest candle makers in the world couldn’t even think of electric lights. They don’t come from within, they often come from outside, the brakes. We’re going to kill ourselves because of stupidity.

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