UN Warning: Just 3 YEARS Left to Save the Earth!

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Uh oh. Top (former) UN Climate officials (Costa Rican diplomats with no scientific background) are “calculating” that if we don’t stop emitting carbon dioxide by 2020 the earth is doomed! That’s right: three years left to save the planet! Or is that 50 days? 96 months? Or were we doomed 5 years ago? Or was that 17 years ago? 4 days from now?…

World has three years left to stop dangerous climate change, warn experts

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    • I remember reading a very short article on “Live Science” (I loved their reefer madness science studies!) once in which they were commenting on the sun finally completing it’s magnetic reversal. Apparently it does this on a regular basis and it was running late. The scientific community seemed to believe that if it continued to remain stuck, we would start experiencing the exact kind of weather they are attributing to climate change. Excepting for the flood. Nobody believes that shit anymore.

  1. experts = x is a unknown quantity and sperts are just drips under pressure

  2. Trees – Where is the big hole in the ground?
    As a kid growing up, I would sometimes look at these big Oaks. Anyone who has carried logs knows how heavy wood can be.

    Looking around the base of one of these wide Oaks, I would wonder…
    How come there is not a big hole in the ground from sucking up all the minerals so the tree could grow?
    I would think to myself that there should be an equal weight of dirt missing to the weight of the tree. Thus, there should be a big hole.

    Of course, it later hit me in school when I learned about plants growing from Carbon Dioxide and Water. When a person hauls a heavy log, the significance of that CO2+H2O formula impinges.

    As time went on, I would learn about some of the minerals that were taken up by a tree, such as potassium. And so, people would use that aspect to make soap (potash) or the Confederate south to make gunpowder (potassium nitrate).

    • Chris, Thanks! That was a very interesting article.
      The Bohr-Haldane effect describes the fact that hemoglobin releases oxygen in the presence of carbon dioxide, and releases carbon dioxide in the presence of oxygen. When oxygen is too abundant, it makes breathing more difficult, and one of its effects is to cause carbon dioxide to be lost rapidly. At high altitude, more carbon dioxide is retained, and this makes cellular respiration more efficient.

    • Great clip thanks! Pause on 2:09:39 – when asked about his connections with Goldman Sachs he does some pretty good ‘smell the fart’ acting!
      Joey: “… you get so many lines to remember so fast that sometimes you need a minute to remember the next one…” Friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c4YhwpiaKU

    • Do you have a good example where Hawking said “damning things about vaccines”? I did a quick search and found that Hawking said: “We face a number of threats: nuclear war, global warming and genetically engineered viruses.” That doesn’t necessarily sound like he’s referring to vaccines (at least to me)

  3. Ha ha! I chortled all the way through this video. Great stuff. If only there were a way to post a link to it on the Guardian article. Seems to be closed to comments, though…
    Funniest piece you’ve done for a while, James!

  4. Great posting James! Do TPTSB drag out some climate critter at set times to reinforce the fear meme to the masses when it needs a push along, or are they like a toddler throwing a tantrum as they realise that not enough people are coming to the party?

  5. PeaceFroggs,

    Are you saying that you support a UN-based path to tyranny via global warming and global governance over a US-based hegemonic model? Or did I misunderstand you?

    • I see your perspective, but I don’t believe stopping wars between nations is going to make things any better for humanity. Currently, NATO is fighting “terrorists” all around the world (not sovereign nation states) and that is not stopping collateral bloodshed. Similarly, when/if sovereign countries as we know them now are dissolved, the people themselves become the primary target, the terrorists, the ones who are a threat to the power of the government and need to be dealt with.

      • You have a way with twisting my words. Obviously what I was saying is that stopping wars between countries isn’t going to solve all our problems, or even make things that much better in the long run, as you suggest.

        The war will become one against the citizens who live under the rule of the global government. All the architecture, so to speak, is already in place (facial recognition, a police force that continually grows and becomes more heavily armed, silencing of whistleblowers and dissidents, intelligence agencies spying on citizens, MSM that intentionally deceives the public, etc, etc) and will continue to constrict.

        All the signs are right in front of you. US/Chinese/Russian/Fill in the Blank Empire vs Global governance are two sides of the same coin. Same result in the long run.

  6. Mr. Corbett’s thesbian side unleashed! Made my day, but we can laugh all we want, the joke’s still on us. All that government effort and expense misallocated to a bold-faced scam, while its sleezy purveyor, Mr. “Inconvenient” himslef, has grown wealthy beyond imagination and powerful: He has helped restructure both public policy and the industrial landscape all over the world beyond recognition. Sad really.

  7. Richard, thanks for the Truthstream video link.

    James Corbett has often insisted that people subscribe to their YouTube Channel.
    Aaron & Melissa Dykes of the northern Austin, TX area do a fantastic job.

    Beautiful country where they are at. In ’72, ’73, it was my stomping ground.

  8. I agree. The Valedictorian Speech was superb!
    Here is that video link again… (4 minutes on the speech)

    She talks of…
    Higher Order Critical Thinking SkillsBloom’s Taxonomy
    Bloom’s Taxonomy pdf graphic – http://www.odu.edu/content/dam/odu/col-dept/teaching-learning/docs/blooms-taxonomy-handout.pdf
    YouTube “Bloom’s Taxonomy” summarized (1 minute)

    Learning about “Bloom’s Taxonomy” (and techniques of application) was very enlightening for me.

  9. Watch out guys, a new study by three scientists, including Paul ‘the oceans will be dead in less than a decade’ Ehrlich was reported on by the Washington Post and says that we have only 2 or 3 decades to stop a mass extinction of animals, otherwise a “dismal picture of the future of life, including human life” will be painted. According to the authors of the study, we are already in the middle of the sixth mass extinction on planet earth, and its caused by humans.

    “This is the first mass extinction which the cause knows what it’s doing and is harming itself,” another co-author, Stanford University biology professor Paul Ehrlich, said. “When the asteroid hit 66 million years ago, the asteroid wasn’t making a choice. Now the driver is human overpopulation and overconsumption by the rich, and that’s generally accepted.

    And, another money quote from Ehrlich where he self-describes his modus operandi:

    “I am an alarmist. My colleagues are alarmists. We’re alarmed, and we’re frightened. And there’s no other way to put it.”

    Article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/07/12/earth-is-on-its-way-to-the-biggest-mass-extinction-since-the-dinosaurs-scientists-warn/#comments

    Study: http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2017/07/05/1704949114.full

  10. I’m so glad I just got to send the link to this video to my friend who’s currently debating me on the anthropogenic climate change topic.

    I hope he follows the links in your show notes.

    I also quietly hope he becomes infuriated at your facetious mocking of the mainstream rhetoric…

  11. I loved this piece first time around! A pleasure to hear it again. Really tickled me, this one.

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