Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” – FLNWO #35

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junglesquareYou’ve probably heard all about Upton Sinclair’s 1906 expose of the turn-of-the-century American meatpacking industry and the Chicago stockyards…but everything you’ve heard about it is wrong. The book wasn’t an expose of the meatpackers, the legislation it inspired served to help the industry it sought to punish, and Sinclair himself hated the end result of his book, which aimed for the heart and hit the stomach by accident. Join us for this month’s edition of the Film, Literature and the New World Order as we learn not to trust what’s on the label of mainline history.

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The Jungle (Free Audiobook)

Upton Sinclair – Spartacus Schoolnet

History Brief: Teddy’s Food and Drug Regulation

Horse Meat, Hanford Leak, Obama’s Oscar

Genetic Fallacy: How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent

Why Government Regulation is a Lie (and what you can do about it)

Excuse Me, Professor: Challenging the Myths of Progressivism

Meat Packers Rape You – And You Love It

Meat Packing – Mises Wiki

How the Wholesome Meat Act Gives Us Less Wholesome Meat

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  1. Sorry about the distortion on the intro to this one. I do plan to correct it, but as it’s 1:30 AM here in Japan I think I’ll do that tomorrow.

    EDIT: The intro has now been corrected so if that first 5 seconds was killing your ears you can re-download the file for the corrected version.

    • Dear James,
      I have been a vegetarian since I was 18 years old and now I am 53 years old.
      I stopped eating meat mainly because of The Smiths recording of Meat is Murder and the racism I had to put up with when I was a teenager. I used to work in a Wimpy Restaurant when I was a teenager and every night night after night they would make me clean out the base of the broiler which is the machine upon which the burgers are cooked that has a conveyer belt in it where the burgers go in uncooked and come out cooked so you can imagine what was in the tray below this machine, mainly blood and fat…
      Now although the people in this restaurant couldn’t call me a coon or a wog or a nigger as many people on the streets often used to do when I lived in Kent, UK a massively white county back in the 80s, I knew the reason that it was my task to clean the broiler nightly was most probably the colour of my skin or at least there was enough badgering, and sometimes violence, going on regarding my colour in what people like to call “The garden of England” to make me neurotic regarding it. There’s no such thing as a coincidence right…
      Yesterday I was in a supermarket eyeing up a piece of meat as I have decided to upturn or invert pratically everything that I have been taught up until now in life as often the truth is the opposite and I have given my good friend for over 30 years the honour of cooking me the first piece of meat that I would have eaten since I was about 18 years old but the only thought that stopped me from buying it was “What has this piece of meat been through in this corporate dystopia in which humanity currently exists?”…
      I’ll stop rambling on here and say this which is the point of this ramble really. Many thanks to you mate for being the first one to have revealed the depth of the truth in a world full of lies to me. I have always been a cultural rebel but your writings, presentations and the surety of their support by the comprehensive cross referencing you provide in your reports and the unchallengeable wit with which you often deliver the grim facts that are our collective reality causes me to reassess our situation.
      Racism doesn’t bother me at all anymore as the only thing that bothers me is the system that has so comprehensively and historically suppressed such a fine bunch of beings as humanity regaradless of their colour or creed or nation or…
      You mate are a champion is all I wanted to say really.
      Regardless of whatever happens as well we should never forget to laugh eh?!
      Keep one keeping on James.

      • Thanks for writing this comment, intento.
        I’m glad I read it…the humanity of it all is well expressed.

  2. Thank you, James, for this particular FLNWO. BTW, I believe that more people actually read the books that you assign than the comments indicate, e.g., The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I just didn’t know what the heck to say about that amazing book that I would otherwise not have read.

    This is a preliminary comment. I plan to read the suggested links and possibly comment further.

    Was The Jungle a propagandistic novel? Certainly. Were the conditions in Packingtown and the processing plants exaggerated? Government reports and Austrian school propagandists say yes. Sinclair himself would have admitted that some things were played up for effect, but were not exaggerated to a large degree. The argument that many consumers of the meat (by)products as described in The Jungle would have died is surely an exaggeration. We also haven’t apparently had massive die-offs from consuming GMO food, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bad for you.

    When Jurgis started paying attention in the socialist meeting, I wasn’t sure at first if he hadn’t stumbled into a religious revival meeting. That was pretty extreme, and also probably not exaggerated. Sinclair would not have won any converts with that heavy handed approach, if indeed he meant for people to be swayed by it. I think he was probably describing socialist gatherings as he experienced them, just as the book describes the living and working conditions he encountered.

    I am not a socialist myself, but I am a career-long trade unionist, just to put my cards on the table. Workers have never gotten an even break. Marx was a tool of the bankers and industrialists. Communism is a transparently fraudulent system, pitting the little people and the slightly more prosperous people against each other, with the elite getting off scot free. Socialism has always had fraudulent leaders like Eugene Debs to foul things up, not to mention infiltrators, as described in The Jungle other Sinclair novels, such as The Flivver King.

    The Capitalists, on the other hand, always get the breaks. They own the factories and the press. A few scandals and exposés here and there are mere chump change to the O(i)ligarchs.

    The Capitalists also get a break from the Austrian School economists and government self-reports, as indicated from the links that James provides. The only reason that labor has made gains over the past century is because they organized themselves in the face of infiltration, and opposition from Capitalists, the press and the petite bourgeoisie in the form of small businessmen and shopkeepers.

    I suspect that the direction taken by James in his comments and suggested links is not leftist, and not anarcho-neutral (not a real word) but more in the “right” direction. This seems to be a trend in the anarchists and voluntarists I have observed.

    I will follow the links and try to prove myself wrong here.

    • Hi Phillip, there’s no particular reason a trade unionist should be a Socialist, and a pretty good idea if not — allowing more of a focus on the genuine interests of workers. Namely working and living conditions, and freedom from usury (compound interest on loans). I’d submit that even Capitalists are the workers’ allies, or can be, under the right conditions. Those conditions are no privately owned banks, no usury, small government, government supervision of all credit facilities, including credit and money created by the working class. An example in point : a lazy rich Capitalist inherits ten factories and all his money, sees a big profit gain in doubling his factories. In the present system his loans to expand are usurious and the banker who creates this big money need not have inherited a penny ; he has the right (though its not so much a right as the greatest privilege ever enjoyed by any group in any place at any time) to create the entire loan from nothing and demand repayment with usurious interest calculated in advance. Naturally the Capitalist will try to screw the worker before losing any of his profit or assets. But is the banker really the natural ally of the Capitalist or his foe? The Capitalist might like this money creation privilege too, if he thought it through. So too the unionists and workers. Ideally all should have a piece of it and be forced to rely on one another’s capital, and negotiate its sharing, to expand and get things done. Excepting bankers owing to their demonstrable historical abuse of the privilege. But the chief focus for everyone should always be this privilege and the current distribution of its possession. Everything else is a misleading, and deliberately so.

      • Right-o. A workers’ union can simply be a group of workers organizing in order to collectively bargain with an employer or group of employers. There’s no need to have any particular ideology other than trying to obtain the best working conditions and compensation for their members. Naturally, an employer may well try to infiltrate or otherwise corrupt the union and the bargaining process.

        My experience tells me that smaller unions (or at least small bargaining groups who belong to a larger union) tend to get the best results. That makes it easier to spot malevolent attempts by employers or their agents to corrupt the negotiations. Oh, the stories I could tell! Nothing as dramatic as The Jungle, though. 😉

        • You’re probably right about the smaller unions being more effective. Big unions are also targeted by the financiers. In Australia we’ve had national union bosses become Prime Minister (Bob Hawke), a very eloquent tongue for high finance ; a lawyer with a Rhodes scholarship and thorough training in England. Once in office he even resorted to the military to break unions and strikes.

          I’d suggest that what really matters is the big picture of who creates the money, and the corrupting influence of the Anglo-Venetian finance model on every institution, including govt and Capitalists. Think of the magnitude and importance of the advances in workers’ conditions in 2nd Reich Germany, where the Anglo-Venetian model didn’t apply, or at any rate didn’t predominate. Like the invention of retirement pensions and govt funded medical care. Not because the German ruling class were inherently progressive (surely the opposite!), but because their more natural and much less corrupt form of capitalism generated spectacular levels of wealth and enormous technological advances. This is why the Great War was organized and fought to the bitter end — to eradicate the alternate and far more successful form of capitalism capable of generating abundance for an entire society.

          In the digital age there’s no need for banks at all. An entity so organized and permanent as a union should be able to provide for most of the financial needs of its membership, and insist upon a piece of the money creation pie. The magnitude of the latter will always depend upon the success and health of the economy as a whole, where technologically driven capitalism is the key.
          But the main point since the victory of Anglo-Venetia in WW1 is that the money creation power bound up with usury rights and vested solely in banks is the fundamentally corrupting influence upon society as a whole, from govt to unions and every size and type of enterprise in between. None of them function effectively because all serve the financiers. Once the influence of the latter is excized the positive possibilities are limitless, as they were before the Great War.

          A more political way of viewing the same issue is that the French Revolution and the rise of modern representative democracy began as a rebellion against royal & aristocratic privileges. Yet if all the feudal and renaissance privileges enjoyed by every prince and organization throughout the globe were piled one on top of another they would still plateau a long way below the Olympus mons of the money creation privilege vested in the modern financial institutions.
          How can the greatest privileges ever enjoyed by any group in any place at any time be consistent with democratic institutions and aspirations ? They can’t. They are a complete corruption of them. Even an inversion.
          This issue of unexampled privilege and the role of representative democracy in protecting and fostering it is the key political topic today. Until and unless it is articulated and becomes the primary focus of unionists and every form of political activism nothing will change.

          • Mark K.P., bravo, excellent thought! This needs reading twice and understood forever. Even as old a post as it is its timeless.

    • Hi, Phillip. I’m not in disagreement about most of what you say but the Eugene Debs comment surprised me. Is there evidence that he was fraudulent? I wondered because I’ve been researching the World Wars, as I replied to p.kokesh, and one of my readers on his site has posted Debs’ speech called “To whom do the Wall Street Junkers marry their daughters after they have wrung countless millions from your sweat, your agony, and your life’s blood?” It seemed pretty legit but maybe not. Here’s his post: https://emanuelprez.substack.com/p/to-whom-do-the-wall-street-junkers?

      • Hi terez, Does James have a new video that links to this thread? I’m a little behind. The only source I have for my comments is one that leads to other documents, including several on Wikipedia. The author “does his research” but strains credibility on certain topics like faked deaths.

        Your timing is apropos, as we have the prospect of a 2nd man running for President while incarcerated. I’d like to see your reaction:

  3. Other examples of films that led to direct results:
    * China Syndrome – gave the public a contextfor not believing official reports coming out after Three Mile Island (e.g., “meltdown”)
    * Silkwood – gave the public a context for seeing skullduggery behind the death of Karen Silkwood and the role of Kerr-McGee
    * Erin Brockovitch – gave the public a context for not believing big utilities companies
    * The Insider – Helped exposed Big Tabacco
    * It’s a Wonderful Life – exposes banker perfidy

  4. This is the type of things that make me lose my faith in humanity.
    You are all focused only on the meat safety and the deregulation of meat industry. None of you cares for 1 minute, 1 iota about animal welfare. Factory farming is insanely cruel. It is the most perverse, evil, demonic, utterly unethical industry… Factory farming must be abolished completely and left behind as one of the most disgusting nefarious atrociousness ever perpetuated by the human species.

    My grandma had a farm and she took well care of all her animals. I don’t expect the world to become vegan or vegetarian, but I do expect people to buy their meat from a local source, exactly like that Amish farmer. But I also expect people to buy from a farmer who treats animals right. As much as I like your work, the way that you and many in the… uhm, “freedom movement” see animals as just things to use and abuse for the greater enjoyment of the homocentrist human species simply breaks my heart and lose all hope in humanity. In fact that is exactly why I stopped helping anybody in the “freedom movement”, because what they often care is just for their own benefit, and actually have as little moral stature as those they criticize. So, what makes any of you dissing over animal rights any better than the elites killing y’all? If anything the elites are more ethical because they prey on the stupid and the moron over the innocent defenseless animal like y’all.

    • There are lots of people who care about animals here. I didn’t watch this episode, so I’ve never heard dissing of animal rights.

      I think small local farming or hunting is better than factory farming. I don’t believe in torture of animals although I do eat meat that is ethically obtained (or at least as much as possible).

      There’s some truth to culpability in supporting evil in all forms and viewing life as disposable or an object to be used.

      But the “elites” are certainly not more ethical. In fact they don’t care about animal rights. Look at the fires they are probably involved with. Look at the brain chip.

      If it’s big business they probably own it, or most of it. My great grandparents were also ranchers and treated animals well. They did butcher some of them but did care about the manner in which this was done.

    • I think that JC has shown a relationship to elitist support for environmental causes, not because they care about animals or the environment but as a cover for land theft.

      They don’t give one single f’k about animal rights or the environment.

  5. Ya gotta appreciate Corbett’s choice of title…
    How Big Business Uses Big Government to Rape You (And Why You Love It)
    having snagged a snip from Meat Packers Rape You – And You Love It.

    September 2023

    Both Corbett’s Preface and Epilogue of this FLASHBACK were wonderful.
    He can really tell a story.
    He grabbed my attention and interest from the get-go.

    I found Robert F Kennedy, Jr’s anecdote about suing factory farms (and the Pig Farming takeover) very interesting.

    Industrial-owned agriculture is not only giving us unhealthy food, it’s wiping out family farms and allowing China to take control of our landscapes. –RFK
    3 1/2 Minute video

  6. Interesting point. I’ve just done two episodes on WWII. The first summarizes James & Keith Knight on Buchanan’s book, Churchill, Hitler & the Unnecessary War and Ron Unz in American Pravda on the same: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/corbett-unz-and-wwii-the-unnecessary.The second is on Churchill’s Atrocities, also from Unz and David Irving: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/churchills-atrocities. I’ll be doing one on the trials & tribulations of David Irving next.

  7. I grew up in 1960s Britain, where a substantial part of the economy was state owned. It gave rise to the Rolling Stones, the mini skirt, the Who and Jimi Hendrix (!). A benign form of free market.

    Kissinger’s 1973 oil crisis caused a financial instability that destroyed British culture and gave rise to American gangster capitalism in the form of oil industry thug Margaret Thatcher.

    There is no answer to a society that is so utterly corrupt you have to know the farmer to trust your food is wholesome. Wouldn’t work in New York.

  8. I have a real problem with various anarchist solutions to the NWO. They often involve retreating from technology into a more primitive way of life.

    There is a farmer on YT who said ‘I feel angry that I was deceived into believing I could make a living as a small farmer’. All the farmers I know on YT are Youtubers who make money from YT. Farming is not something you do for fun.

    Also the idea that the crushing technocracy of CBDCs could be sidestepped by some form of crypto exchange seems ludicrous to me. ‘They’ know about Bitcoin, it was almost certainly created by the NSA as a trial run for CBDCs (blockchain technology).

    I feel increasingly like the guy riding the nuclear missile to oblivion in Dr Strangelove.

    • Why do you think bitcoin was created by the NSA? Its a decentralized form of crypto that anyone can trade to anyone else anytime. It doesn’t at all sound like something the money changers would want since its specifically designed in a way that no central authority can manipulate and control and tax. Thats very different than CBDCs. Honesty I think it scares the hell out of the central banksters.

      Also, I do believe you can make it as a small farmer but you have to get creative and take advantage of niche markets. The average commercial farmer gets just 1% of the net profit made from their products because the majority of profit is taken by all the proccesor/distrubution and grocery store chains. When you cut out the middle men and directly market your products yourself you can greatly increase you profit margin and with modern technologies and the internet it is now easier than ever. Theres plenty of examples of farmers doing just this that aren’t on youtube. I personally know multiple examples and am working towards it myself.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        I believe the first blockchain technology came from an NSA white paper. Also Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t exist and cannot be traced despite long term interaction with ultra computer – internet super geeks. Assumed to be an intelligence invention.

        Long but fascinating article


        I suspect that despite bitcoin having the opposite effect from CBCDs is that it was created to test the underlying technology on a huge scale. Remember the entire crypto sphere could disappear with the stroke of a pen as it did in China.

        I am a purely Youtube level farm expert so I bow to your real world knowledge. However Morgan Gold who said it was complaining about internet advice. He was a Washington based corporate ‘executive’ so he had the money to overcome profit issues.

  9. A recent example of how STORY influenced the narrative.

    The EPA has known for decades about the dangers of PFAS aka “Forever Chemicals”.

    Here is the turning point in the EPA’s approach starting around 2020…

    EPA action wasn’t taken until after the November 12, 2019 release of the film “Dark Waters” starring actor Mark Ruffalo (Marvel’s Hulk actor). Ruffalo testified before Congress and generally raised a big fuss.
    ‘Dark Waters’ star Mark Ruffalo, lawyer Rob Bilott tell the true story behind film | Nightline ABC
    (8 minutes)
    The film created a lot of Press and public outrage. The EPA started to work on damage control and created a Public Relations effort by requiring that water utilities monitor some of these chemicals.

    Beginning in 2023, the EPA has mandated that water utilities across America participate in testing for “Forever Chemicals”, aka PFAS. In August 2023, the first quarter results were released by the EPA. The tests targeted 30 different types of “Forever Chemicals”.

    For example:
    Dallas Water Utilities – Alarming Red Flags
    Dallas Water Utilities took 30 monitoring samples from the tap at each of three facilities: Elm Fork, Bachman and East Side.
    Dallas Water Utilities had some alarming results for several types of multi-fluorinated “Forever Chemicals” in the water system.
    Two common “Forever Chemicals”, PFOA and PFOS, had levels above the legal limit as proposed by the EPA.
    Two other chemicals, PFBS and PFHxS, rang alarm bells by hitting the EPA’s “Hazard Index”.

    August 17 2023 – EWG Environmental Working Group
    EPA: PFAS drinking water crisis worse than previously reported
    [See Map]

    “Occurrence data will be updated on a quarterly basis until completion of data reporting in 2026.”
    UCMR 5 (2023-2025) Occurrence Data
    UCMR 5 Occurrence Data by State (zip) – This is a ZIP FILE for download
    UCMR5_All_MA_WY.txt – This document lists all the Texas Water Utilities and their PFAS tests in the first quarter of 2023.
    The Dallas Water Utility testing locations and results are shown.

    TERMS like PFAS and C-8
    It is not by coincidence that terms like PFAS and C-8 are used.
    The word “fluoride” or “fluorine” is deliberately left out of the mainstream lexicon. After all, the EPA has been fighting a citizens group’s fluoridation lawsuit for years.
    For PR reasons, the EPA does not want PFAS associated with water fluoridation.
    In reality, the PFAS chemicals are multi-fluorinated molecules. Many fluorine atoms are used. The Forever Chemicals’ molecules are typically saturated with fluorine.

    • That’s a great overview. The big question is: what will anyone do about this? The even bigger question: what can be done about it?

    • Utilizing the Narrative and its Momentum

      Mkey asks the EXTREMELY important questions:
      That’s a great overview. The big question is: what will anyone do about this? The even bigger question: what can be done about it?

      Regarding PFAS itself, in many respects, everybody is already screwed.
      The stuff is ubiquitous, and we absolutely know for sure that the EPA will continue to drag their feet. Notice the EPA quote above “completion of data reporting in 2026,” after which we can expect more years of foot dragging.

      Moreover, see the big push of ‘better’ and ‘more’ fluorinated compounds by vested interests ”FluoroCouncil Launches New Website Highlighting Benefits of Fluorinated Chemistries” which can found at this SUBTHREAD The EPA’s Credibility is in Train-Wreck Mode – “Forever Chemicals” https://www.corbettreport.com/nwnw510/#comment-147014
      On that SubThread I mention that I called the Dallas EPA, along with all kinds of information about PFAS.

      Local Activism ObjectiveUtilizing the Narrative and its Momentum
      A major objective in following all this PFAS has to do with what we activists can do on a local level, especially in the fight against water fluoridation. Dallas For Safer Waterhttps://dallasforsaferwater.com/

      EXAMPLE: June 28, 2023 – Regina addresses the Dallas City Council – Full Transcript with links
      The Mayor and Council are the “Bad Guys” in the movie…

      For weeks, I have been repeatedly pitching the August EPA Dallas PFAS story (see top comment) to different news outlets. No one would touch it…
      …until Friday September 1st. — Score!
      By Ken Kalthoff – NBC DFW Channel 5
      PFAS Regulation in water supplies to affect Dallas and Fort Worth
      Residents can take action to protect themselves as governments consider future steps

      (Sidenote – Almost a decade ago, Ken Kalthoff interviewed Regina about water fluoridation for a TV spot.)

      Significant EXCERPT
      A spokesperson for the City of Dallas said that Dallas Water Utilities will provide a briefing for a city council committee in October. The City of Dallas declines additional comment until after that meeting.

      For many years we activists have been trying to have an Open Briefing before a City Council Committee with Dallas Water Utilities so that we could bring in our experts and present the scientific literature which demonstrates that water fluoridation poses health risks. They won’t do it. They keep stalling.


      • …continuing…

        We need help from Corbett Report Members
        Utilizing the Narrative and its Momentum

        While members might have a variety of suggestions, one aspect which I want to focus on is the SIMILARITIES of PFAS to Fluoride.

        Let me show you this City of Dallas document – https://dallascityhall.com/government/citymanager/Documents/FY%2021-22%20Memos/ENVS_Committee_RE_Responses_to_DWU_10152021.pdf
        QUOTE: “PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals used primarily in consumer products to make them non-stick and water resistant. Unfortunately, the characteristics that make them useful are the reason they persist in the environment and build up, in our bodies and the bodies of animals.”
        SIMILARITY – We know that about half of the consumed fluoride builds up and accumulates in the bodies of humans and animals. Plants and soil accumulate fluoride also. This is not disputed by any Federal Agency. It doesn’t take many IQ points to recognize that PFAS (highly-fluorinated chemicals) build up in the body just like fluoride does.

        SIMILARITY – Adverse Health Effects
        Also, it is not surprising (except to idiots), that many of the adverse health effects of PFAS chemicals are the same adverse health effects of fluoride.

        Watch the 8 minute video ‘Dark Waters’ star Mark Ruffalo, lawyer Rob Bilott tell the true story behind film | Nightline ABC at the top comment.
        Dental fluorosis (“animals with black teeth”), Cancer, Thyroid problems, Kidney problems, testicular problems are mentioned in that video. These same adverse health conditions are found with fluoride.

        REFERENCE: Fluoride & Health with links
        Arthritis, Gastrointestinal Effects, Bone Fracture, Hypersensitivity, BRAIN EFFECTS, IQ Studies, Mother-Offspring Studies, Kidney Disease, Cancer, Male Fertility, Cardiovascular Disease, Pineal Gland, Diabetes, Skeletal Fluorosis, Endocrine Disruption, Thyroid Disease, Acute Toxicity

        We could use some help in identifying the similar adverse health effects of PFAS to Fluoride with a sourced PFAS article/document.
        Also, we should keep in mind that some health conditions extrapolate further: For example: A Thyroid problem could manifest in “couch potato syndrome”.

        There are other types of SIMILARITIES. For example: In the 8 minute Nightline ABC video, repeatedly it states that Dupont knew that health risks existed, yet they did nothing. Dallas City Council Members are well aware that health risks exist, and they can easily stop fluoridation at any time.

  10. In your podcast re-recording of this this one, you ask for any story that has had an effect on reality…and I thought of ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea…was it Jules Verne that wrote it? Well now we have submarines, don’t think any quite like he described his fictional version yet existed when he wrote the book.Though I could be wrong; there is so much not taught us in school. Then, one can look at all the films about dystopian futures as possible inspiration for the odd megalomaniac or psychopath. Imaginings and words are powerful things as with the many thousand year old imagining one could fly…considered impossible for so long, a reality now, but all that aside, I love my ongoing education from listening to your reports.
    I’ve not trusted government since Kennedy was murdered when I was 19 years old, but being the eternal optimist I kept voting until quite recently, but no longer. The less of government the better, My solution is to have management jobs, peopled by those with proven track records in their field, who can be hired and fired according to their performance, instead of having to wait four or more years to be rid of the fool and then another fake election comes along when the next unqualified wannabe ‘leader’ takes us all along another godforsaken path. One would think that humanity has had enough of this merry-go-round, especially now when we could design a web that’s well protected and could be used to get the general consensus about any local or national issue. Of course for that concept to work one would first have to give all children an education that readies them to become responsible, questioning, thinking individuals.

  11. We experienced exactly what James is talking about 15 years ago or so involving raw milk — documented in the film “Farmageddon,” available on YouTube here:

    If you have not seen it, you’ll definitely want to watch it — federal agents showing up unannounced with guns drawn on unarmed farmers families because — you know — they were involved in the criminal activity of organically producing pure, wholesome food and selling it to those who wanted to buy it.

    Our involvement in the story here in Athens, Georgia, begins at the 42:43 time mark. It is illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption in Georgia — for no reason other than that the American Dairy Producers got the law passed many years ago, just as James says, to eliminate competition from small local farmers who produced better milk than the mass-produced highly processed product sold as “milk” by the American Dairy Producers’ syndicate. BUT it is perfectly legal in South Carolina. So the local food coop guy used to take orders for raw milk and drive up to a raw milk (USDA inspected and approved) dairy farm in South Carolina once a month in his refrigerated truck to pick it up for everyone who ordered it. He did that for years, until a couple of petty state bureaucrats found out about it and came, sequestered the truck, and made everyone pour all of that good milk out onto the ground. It is not illegal to purchase raw milk in Georgia, only to sell it. And the coop guy was not selling it. He was just going over to South Carolina and picking it up on everyone’s behalf.

    The state Department of Agriculture had no legitimate jurisdiction over milk that had been sold in South Carolina. But while the FDA has no jurisdiction over what takes place within any given state, FDA regulation makes it illegal to transport raw milk across state lines.

    It is not illegal to purchase raw milk in any state, only illegal to sell it in states controlled by the lobbying efforts of the American Dairy Producers. So since purchasing the milk legally in South Carolina was not a crime, the issue was that we, as a food coop, were illegally, criminally transporting legally purchased milk across state lines, and therefore, of course, it MUST be destroyed! This would be true even if the milk were being transported across state lines between 2 states where selling it was perfectly legal.

    At the 46.33, you’ll see my wonderful wife, JoAnn (who passed away in 2017), who was bold and stood there and chatted up the 2 pathologically narcissistic bureaucrat women enforcers the whole time, making them feel as guilty and uncomfortable as she possibly could. She took a package of paper cups and handed them out, so everyone that had purchased the milk was standing around drinking as much of the wonderful delicious milk as they could in front of the 2 pathological enforcers before pouring the rest of it out on the ground. JoAnn offered the two women a cup of milk and tried to get them to take it, but they wouldn’t. She was pretty funny.

    You can see the truck was full of coolers, so about 200 gallons of legally purchased milk were poured on the ground that day, for no reason other than that “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help keep you safe.”

    • Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to checking this out. We currently buy raw milk ‘heardshares’ but luckily the farm is only 1 town over and we pick up from the farm directly. I don’t know what we would do without it!

    • I don’t know if there is any other way to counter this but via machine guns.

      • @mkey

        Very likely true and can probably be said about a lot of tyranny going on these days

        • When you see these idiots pouring out the milk you have to realize tyranny is driven by evil of the common people.

    • pulleco,
      Thanks for the writeup and the link to the documentary Farmageddon.
      It was very well done. Kristin Canty did a great job demonstrating how the government suppresses good food and good people.
      Joel Salatin was featured on “The Highwire” with Del Bigtree not too many months ago.

  12. This issue is very near and dear to my heart because it involves a lot of topics I’m very interested in. We raise beef cattle and to sell our beef we have to transport them over an hour away to a usda inspected facility. You need a really big and expensive truck and trailer to make that happen. Plates, license, registration, insurance, taxes, traffic, wear and tear/maintenance. The list goes on and on of the headaches and cost involved. We would love to do on farm processesing but we know its against the law. If I knew my neighbor was doing it illegally and undercutting our prices I would be furious. That creates an unfair market advantage.

    That being said, I consider myself a volunteerist and am totally against the USDA and I absolutely believe that anyone should be able to butcher a cow and sell the meat. The point I was making above is there are a lot of perspectives to take into consideration.

    All that being said there are ways to skirt around the law, and we’ve looked into different methods but one might question how legitimate their attempt to do this was. They said they were selling the live animal and offering to butcher for free. If that is the case then why did they have their customers meat in their freezer. Typically when someone butchers an animal for someone else, they’res no freezers involved. When you finish the customer comes and gets the meat right away.

    In the end I believe the USDA should not exists and eveyone should be able to buy meat from anyone they want, butchered in any way they want by whomever they want. My point is there are many angles that one must take into consideration that farmers regularly have to think about amd weigh on a regular basis. Its not always black and white.

  13. Flipped…

    Judge tells ‘J&J’ that FDA’s approval on Tylenol don’t mean squat

    Here is the real article:
    August 22 2023
    Tens of Thousands of Mothers Sue Makers of Tylenol for Pregnancy Use that Led to Babies Born with Autism

    Tens of thousands of mothers are suing the makers of Tylenol for using the popular over-the-counter pain reliever during pregnancy, which resulted in them giving birth to babies diagnosed with autism…

    …The main defendant in the lawsuit is Kenvue, which is the former Johnson & Johnson’s consumer health unit that is now a “spin-off” of J&J…

    …Kenvue has suffered some setbacks in recent weeks in trying to get some of the lawsuits dismissed, with one of the reasons given to dismiss the lawsuits being that the FDA had approved the product and its labels…

    …U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan on Thursday ruled that Kenvue, formerly Johnson & Johnson’s consumer health unit, had not shown any basis for allowing the unusual step of an appeal to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals before final judgment in the case.

    In April, Cote denied Kenvue’s motion to dismiss one of the lawsuits on the grounds that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Tylenol’s label preempted any state law claims. Had she ruled in the company’s favor, it would have ended the entire litigation….
    Sidenote: Mark Lanier of The Lanier Law Firm represents the Plaintiffs (the mothers) in this lawsuit.
    Mark Lanier gives us some insightful tidbits on the Language Arts in this interview…
    Language Arts – Delivering the message and concepts

  14. Hi James
    I have from time to time sent you our co-created analysis. From 2012 to 2019, we operated within the framework of the Critical Thinking project. By some quirk of fate we were invited submit a paper on global monetary reform to the Islamic Economics Journal of King Abdulaziz university in 2017. In that paper we summarised our analysis at that point:

    Since then our work has continued to expand our horizons into the esoteric and to focus on money, one of three fundamental flaws in the political economy, the other two being institutional hierarchy and theft of the commons. In your recent video on Big Business and regulation, you asked for suggestions and I would like to bring your attention to our work on handling value… beyond money

    There other papers and materials which fill out a lot more on this and related issues available at outersite.org



    PS I addressed the issue of regulation in financial services in a Debate and Article for the CISI

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