We Need to Stop Normalizing This!

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Sophia the robot is not a “she.” But if the powers-that-shouldn’t-be get their way we will soon be marrying our sex robots and having fewer babies than ever. It’s time to put the brakes on this crazy train.

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  1. December in my home state will see smart meters being used for all new homes and also for replacements. Elon Musk has just completed building the worlds biggest lithium battery here as well. The smart grid is here, people have no idea what this means but they cheer for it anyway. Thanks for bringing the impower movement to my attention James. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all, but it’s a definite game changer. Cheers.

  2. I agree with Corbett. The insidious nature of these propaganda forces can not be overstated. The consequential future evil is an “Outer Limits” nightmare.
    People are being herded into their Zoo cages and loving it, like it is the new Utopia.

    • Oh boy, as a former Seattle resident, this is endemic there. I mean to the point where, if you hear people outside partying it is WEIRD and oddly I found myself falling into a pattern of “what the hell is disturbing my world”. Yeah in a city where EVERYTHING is delivered, I don’t think there is a better example of what you describe. I have never seen a major city where just about everything dies at around 9 PM. I mean it, stores all close down and people typically, if they do venture out, only go within their small neighborhoods…which is fine I guess but the point here is, and I am sorry Seattleites if you are present…the Seattle culture is horrible. I mean talk about the most impersonal place I have ever been. I made about one friend there in the entire 3 years I was there. They shut you out and even amongst themselves will not help one another unless there is something in it for them. Of course this is a generalization, but my experience was very much like this. They can go back to their safe million dollar homes, whilst carefully stepping over the homeless folks on their doorstep.

    • Interesting.
      Back in the 1950’s, sometimes adults gathering for a party at someone’s house would participate in a scavenger hunt. Teams would go out and knock on doors in the neighborhood to collect the items.

      • Interesting. Scavenger hunts were always fun as a kid, but never saw adult participation. University students would organize them…but I was always too busy studying 🙁

  3. Oh shit, I don’t have an ipad, don’t use twitter, I don’t even use facebook… logically it follows I won’t have a sex robot, either…. but whyyyyyy, I really wanted one.

    • I am laughing at some of these posts.
      The humor is great!

      robot sex

  4. These robots will be connected to Internet and live in your home. Just like the Google Home or the Amazon Echo is listening at all times and monitoring what you say, so will these Sophia robots be collecting your data and learning about you on the most personal level. All this data will be used to control people more than they already are. These robots and the companies that produce them will be using YOU as a tool also.

    • A really important point and the speed at which they are evolving is something to behold. It’s not that this is being programmed with static ideas (code), but code that evolves based on experience.

      I will offer up a simple example. Voice recognition software does this. It may not be apparent to most users but the better algorithms don’t require training, in fact they can access your past vocal spectrum and understand how you say “grocery store” on google maps and adjust to understand your commands. The algorithm is what is referred to as a “learning” algorithm, where from a set of initial conditions, the program can continually improve upon your unique voice and recognize and differentiate between your commands.

      A good example of this is you can always tell how good the library used for a phone command menu by how well it differentiates all of your commands “one”, “need more options”, “customer service”. When it consistently tells you “sorry I didn’t get that” it is either you have a very different inflection or accent..or the algorithm has poor initial condition properties, vs one that must learn over time.

      This is why Cortana has you say “The brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” (I don’t actually remember what the stuff it has you say was…but regardless, it is a voice analyzer). Once the program learns your habits then it begins throwing predictive analysis in. For instance you will see this on google maps all the time. It knows from your history and patterns what to offer up when doing searches. Most of the time this goes unnoticed but in reality if you think about it, you will begin to see your own usage patterns emerging in the system.

      tldr, The learning algorithms are much more than something as simple as a switch. It’s like a switch with the ability to know when you are planning to turn it on, and will do so on its own, after that what is next with smart home tech? Knowing when and what we ate? Knowing our health habits so that BlueCross can give us a worse or better rate? Are you behaving citizen?

  5. YOU need this new device. WE need your data.

    • ..and…people who KNOW BETTER are falling right in line. Not only do they want all this stuff in their homes now…they are paying huge prices to bring spies into their home! Don’t get me wrong there are some very cool things going on, which are quite useful. Where I begin to diverge is when I see the implications to my privacy and freedom.

      I think about how we went from the first “Reality” shows and things like “The Truman Show” to now people will boldly upload themselves having sex for everyone to see.

      More of a hive type thing going on there. We used to have to become somebody by our accomplishments in life…now we can become somebody by our exposure on the internet. Granted you can still do the former and have a strong internet presence, but it blows my mind that PewDiePie exists.

  6. Where’s the lubrication for these parts?

    robot sex

  7. Good to see you are thinking outside of the (robot) box with this one. 🙂

    But let me take this one or two steps further.

    Not simply a misbehaving robot; a robot that’s being too frisky.

    How about a robot that you or some evil person has programmed/reprogrammed to go to someone’s home or some other place and kill someone (for whatever reason)?

    Who would be responsible for such a death? The robot, that did the killing?
    What if the programmer was exceptionally good at their trade and removed all incriminating traces?

    BTW James, I’m with you 100% on this. We need to stop this madness ASAP.

      • Very valid points and thoughts john.

        I don’t really want to go down this road, at least for an extended period, but Vin’s story about why his YouTube site was taken down (mention of raping a robot) lead me to these thoughts…

        At some point society will have to decide if robots/autonomous cars et al will be governed by the same laws that apply to humans.

        In other words, will/should robots take ownership for their actions?

        If they should, then…
        Who pays for physical loss of/damage to property when a robot is judged to be at fault?

        Will robots be incarcerated for breaking the law, as humans are? If not, how will they be penalized? Will they be penalized? To what end?

        If to date we still don’t give animals the rights that humans enjoy, is it fair to have robots leap-frog over animals so that they enjoy the same rights as humans?

        And finally to the idea that was mentioned on one of Vin’s Youtube videos (raping a robot)….

        Vin laughed it off as, “How can you rape an inanimate object?”
        Indeed… however if we do ever reach the point
        where robots do enjoy the same rights as humans…
        maybe they will feel violated and want the same recourse that humans have to such actions?

  8. Calling a device “Alexa” is another example of humanizing machines (and many people have that creepy thing!). But I should point out, though, that this type of stuff has existed in the past. For example, calling a statue “lady liberty”, referring to a car as “she’s a beauty”, etc.

    As for lowered birth rates, Peter Schiff has talked about this before. His theory is that it’s related to the worsening economy. College students are so saddled with such onerous debt that they have to “start their lives later” (e.g. moving out, getting married, starting a family, etc). And people can’t afford to have a lot of kids these days because everything is insanely expensive (e.g. spending more on food, buying a bigger house to give everyone space, saving up for college, etc).

    A few decades back (prior to gold being de-linked from the dollar), a father without a college degree could work and support a wife and kids on just his own salary. Nowadays both parents need to work full-time just to scrape by. And “isn’t it convenient” that it leaves the state to become the child’s parents (e.g. early childhood education).

    • Exactly, men especially for whatever reason, have been calling machines by name for a long time.

      Maybe it is simply the culmination of the pride of mankind and the gender bias reinforced idea that men rule the world and so by extension have the power to name their creations.

      Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t meant to be a jab or a troll at gender issues, I am simply stating that possibly that power under the hood of “man’s greatness” is culminating in “his” most greatest creation. And why are most female voices?

    • That is interesting.

      “robot sex” or “sex dolls” dehumanizes mankind.
      It de-elevates people into objects.
      An object has no soul.

      I feel like “The Powers That Should Not Be” view the human population as objects. A commodity, a thing, a disposable resource.

      • Funny to read these comments after all these months.
        “The Powers That Should Not Be” see people certainly as insects or something you, HRS, specified.
        I understand the abhorrence towards these robot sex scenarios (am somewhat scepticable though).

        However, the market for women in that chapter has long been vaster by far aaand filled with machines. And now I ask myself, when will they start to “upgrade” these to something abhorrent like machines looking like bulls or horses or simply another human male robot version.
        Human fantasy.

  9. Had not considered your perspective on Twitter, but since you bring it up… I do remember having similar thoughts during the initial rollout. Twitter was “cool” & popular even before most of the public knew about it… weird how that worked out for them. Good for Twitter! Bout time an idealistic & honest tech company became successful. It has been tough for that entire industry over the past twenty years; I’m sure they deserve all that blood money piling up in the bank accounts.

    As always, thank you for your insight, James.

  10. john.o
    You are a writer. Beautiful. Clever.

    James Corbett should have a futuristic syndication of “Dear James”.

  11. James you may have been tricked or had a mental lapse by using a word you normally wouldn’t have used but there’s no need to be embarrassed or apologize!

    It is very legitimate to refer to a female of any grouping as ‘she’ (animate or inanimate).
    It could be a cartoon character such as Wilma Flintstone, a plastic doll such as Barbie or a sexy robot such as Sophia.

  12. Nah you’re not a whack job. There’s actually a dating site where they ask if you are sexually attracted to inanimate objects! 🙂

  13. manbearpig says:

    … Well, gotta cut this short!

    In the event that it is cut short due to some technical malfunction (rough robo-sex), is that something you would take up with your robot or do you sue the manufacturer? 🙂

  14. Actually, it wasn’t “us that did the censorship”. It was YouTube and its ilk.

    Like “john.o” says, I think it was brilliant. We saw what happened and now we just might be able to USE what happens.

  15. Wasn’t sure exactly where to put this, but this seems like as good a place as any. 🙂

    This NYC woman (Fei Liu) was married and has had multiple boyfriends but just couldn’t find the right one for her.

    So she decided to make one for herself!
    Yes she made her own robot boyfriend!
    His name is Gabriel2052.

    I think Fei Liu is weird.
    Listen to her story here if you are curious.


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