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Why does no one seem to understand the bigger picture of search algorithm manipulation. This isn’t about being able to work around search blacklists to find certain information, it’s about how we are being steered toward a future where we will not have control over search results at all. We will ask our computer oracles a question and we will get one pre-approved answer. This is the nightmare future we are stumbling into, and (almost) no one seems to get it.

YouTube Blacklists Federal Reserve Information. It’s Up To YOU To Spread It!

Eric Schmidt to Charlie Rose: Multiple search results are a bug, not a feature

Google Insider reveals Google’s search manipulation is designed to program us

Truthstream Media: The Infallible AI “Oracle” and the Future of “One Shot” Answers

The Library of Babel – Film, Literature and the New World Order

Broc’s Twitter experiment: searching for Epstein


  1. Hey James,

    I believe that thorough indoctrination via inculcation has rendered most people unable to ascertain fact from fiction, at an almost universal level (some are cowards; afraid of what other’s may think of their views; which is a truly pitiful way to live theclife granted to you—in the 1920s, Bernays & his ilk stated that 90% of people are incapable of sifting through the disinfo (if I recall correctly, this was stated in Bernays’ book, aptly titled, “Propaganda”); thus, separating the wheat from the chaff.

    The growing scientism, with its natural byproduct of intellectual laziness (not to mention the horrendous level of knowledge proferred at these institutions, is laughable. The primary fear should be that a true Idiocracy is actualized; ushering in both technocracy & the attendant, digital enslavement, that would be inevitable once certain lines have not merely been crossed, but erased entirely.

    Keep up the solid research, Mr. Corbett, &, if you don’t already possess one, a dead-man’s switch is essential, & must be promulgated to all; incouding normies.


    • I respecrfully disagree with your “Game Over” video that was uploaded roughly a week ago—true researchers have always begun with the official narrative(s), in order to come to the obvious conclusion that some aspect of the government had a decisive role in said event: There was no access, for the public, to the internet; however, those with an innate/finely-tuned BS detector, were able to see the deception re the JFK assassination; just as the Soviets knew how ro read between the lines of Pravda, keep their mouths shut in regard to their kbowledge, & utilize the samizdat to spread the truth.

      The growing scientism, with its natural byproduct of intellectual laziness ( not to mention the horrendous level(s) of knowledge proferred at these institutions, is laughable. The primary fear should be that a true Idiocracy is actualized; ushering in both technocracy & their own personal, digital enslavement.

      The children born on 1/1/2020 will be the first of the generation dubbed Alpha (when e the Epsilons?). Why were those born between 1/1/1964 & 12/31/1979 dubbed Generation X? Even at the time, thete were those who commented on the symboloicsl/subliminal impact that it’d have on them, as kids; lasting, for most for their entire lives: You ate worthless, & thus, crossed out of the the way society had always functioned—the Baby Boomers (generally soesking, are the biggest sellouts, ever; going fron hippies to yuppies; leaving future gdnerstions worse of thsn their own ( prior to this, each subsewuent generation was left, at least, a bit better off than their parents. The late Millennials (religious subtext to this’lerhaps; as Generation Y is a synonym for this generation). I’ve seen numerous articles proclaiming how small GenXers are, as a generation, compared to all others, contemporaneously speaking; &, how Millennials are much more like the Boomers (selfie culture, solipsism, etc.), & how Boomers are refusing to retire (despite being the ones who have suffered, generally speaking, far leass than other generations) when those of thecsame age, in orevious generations would normally have done so. Basically, there appears to be an ongoing effort to cross out (“X” out) GenXers, & hand the reins over to the Millennials (in particular, the ones born towards it end; for they’re indoctrination as been fuller; plus, many of them can’t recall a time, in their own lives, wherein tech wasn’t a major component of their reality. Has anyone else noticed who difficult it is to get a simple answer to a simple question (“professionals” of this respective field, included)? I’m far from being a genius, & no damn well there are those who’ll be more up to date on thing (e.g., Mr. Corbett); but, I don’t even eant to talk to others, as it’s become so frustrating to deal with them, even when dumbing down my choice if words, dramatically; not to mention the conversation, if let alone to thrive on its own, will ultimately devolve into the banal, such as celebrities, the endless movie sequels (why can’t original fiction be written at the level that it once was?), hero-worship, etc.

      —Some Rando on the Interwebz

      • P.S. I’ve heard that you don’t like long messages & preffer lengthyvmaterial by broken up: If true, I hope my two posts fit the bill, so to speak. Please let me know if I wrote too much in a single post—I’ve been a subscriber, for awhile, but only posted a couple of messages, previously; which were far shorter than the two posts, above.

        P.P.S. I disabled spell-check, don’t proofread, & since my fondle slab’s keys are tiny in comparison to my fingers, I’m constantly hitting the wrong keys; so, I hope my posts were intelligible—to some, anyway; yourself, hopefully, among that group).

        Enjoy your weekend, & may the climes remain sunny. ?

        • Hey James,

          You linked to Truthstream Media, in the show notes, which induced a desire within me, for an interview(s) &/or, even better, a possible future collaboration(s), in the near future. The divide which seemed to have been mostly conquered by independent joirnalistd, has enveloped the nation of the US, & it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it; so, just as Leftists & Libertarians focused on their common objectives—putting differences aside, as both groups pretty much understand reality; primarily differring as to what the solution(s) is.

          In that vein of the unification of the Left/Right, might I suggest that you invite Whitney Webb, of MintPress News, on your show, for an interview—or, better yet, a roundtable (not of the Cecil Rhodes variety, of course) discussion with her on Ricky Varandas’ podcast, which also fearures Sam Tripoli—as her work on Epstein & the roots of the blackmail operation he was running, are laid out far better than any journalist has done; at least, in written form, as opposed to video presentations; whereas, Ryan Dawson did a good video which connecting myriad edges of highly-influential nodes, to use network theory parlance; later adopted by Niall Ferguson—yes, he’s a CFR stooge & Anglophile, for sure; but, he tends to let details slip out, which others do not (this is not a lack of circumspection, on the behalf of Niall; for in my opinion it’s an intentional nod to those who are in the know [including, us “wacky conspiracy theorists”], & his desire not to be viewed in the annals of history, as a complete shill.

          Whitney was recently interviewed by The Jerusalem Post—smartly, she recorded the whole interview—which will almost certainly be a hit piece, despite Whitney claiming the woman interviewing her came off as friendly & aggreeable.

          For a brief synopsis of Niall Ferguson’s work on network theory, the article—adapted from parts of hos book The Square and the Tower—is within the print edition of Foreign Affairs (though, it may be online, as I only own the aforementioned copy, & have no membership), in their September/October 2017 edition (Volume 96; Number 5), comprising pages 68-79.

          • P.S. The next video, after this one, will be your coverage of Jeffrey Epstein; so, take that into account, as I may be blown away with hitherto unknown veritable, documentaty evidence—you should still host Whitney Webb on one of your podcasts; if not for the sheer fact that she’s one of the only journslists who quickly/teadily admits errors, is open to criticism because aside from promulgating the truth, as she sees it, she possesses what you do: An unquencing desire for verifiable information—readily willing to entertain various theories, while stating that she cannot prove those types of claims, yet, if ever—not to show off one’s intellectual might; but, to obtain an epistemological understanding, as true to reality, in a world of nonstop PSYOPs; i.e., sans a “crippled epistemology” via Cass Sunstein’s cognitive infiltration team of bootlickers.

            I can help with initial connections in regard a few sites, that are smaller in size—drastically so, in certain instances—than your own & many others; but, these people call out whoever is guilty of something, & are truly principled individuals. I am on friendly terms, but have no real pull, so cannot guarantee anything, as to coordinating appearances.

            I just thought I’d throw the idea, relayed to you above, in case you were interested in conquering, yet again, the false Left-Right divide.

            I hope your son had a speedy recovery & that all Corbetts & Corbeteers finf themselves in good spirits, health, form, etc.

            Be good, all.


            • Lastly, James Evan Pilato, during a New World Next Week episode, from about a3 or 4 episodes ago, exclaimed “whatever that is” to the term “surveillance capitalism”: The word’s a neologism invented by the author & professor, Shoshana Zuboff, & employed in her tome, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Guman Future at the New Frontier of Power.

              I had previously watched the video of Yasha Levine—as well as several other interviews of him—which you briefly played a clip from & provided a link to the talk he gave, which was taped by C-Span—I’d reccomend reading his book prior to Ms. Zuboff’s; as his is a lot shorter & doesn’t delve into as many factors; i.e., the obilosophical examination of the subject isn’t treated by Levine. Both of the aforementioned books are great additions to Patrick Wood’s two books on technocracy; though, he grasps the overall topic much more clearly, the two books which I recommended offer valuable information & come from a vastly different oerspecrive, at times (I despise echo chambers; the true hindrance to knowledge & hence the advancement of all people, for the better).

              I also highly refommend Annie Jacobsen’s book, The Pentagon’s Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America’s Top Secret Military Research Agency. As with any book, have your BS detector on full alert; especially seeing as Annie had written to prior books, obtaining access to a lot of high-ranking people within the agency she was researching, & still hasn’t burnt her bridges; whereas Douglas Valentine experienced something far different. Her book’s still worth the read (I fact-check everyone; achavit which I hope will, one day, be adopted by all); in facr, I’d tead her’s before the others. Parenthetically, Jay Dyer did a two-part book report on said book; which is a good primer for all; not just for those who aren’t toing to read it.


              • I mistyped the subtitle to Shoshana Zuboff’s book: It is “The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power”. I think you’d not only find information which is very relevant to your work, Patrick Wood’s, & others; but, I think you’ll enjoy them; for they don’t hide gems within a 1348 page tome (I’m not naming names here), no matter howcinportant such a lengthy tome is, to our understanding of the world. ?

  2. I remember that once upon a time if you typed a single search term into Goolag you were likely to get 100’000s of pages of search results – Of course you needed to be desperate enough to search through them all!

    As an experiment just now, I did a search for the word “freedom” using Goolag.

    At the top of the search page it reports…

    “About 1,370,000,000 results”

    OK, that sounds like a fair enough number of results, what more could I expect?

    Thumbing through the pages using the tabs at the bottom I get to page 36 (last page) and now I notice at the top of the screen it says…

    “Page 36 of about 353 results”

    353 results? What happened to the other 1,369,999,647 they promised me and mentioned on every page up until then?

    If I tell Goolag not to omit similar results to the pages just displayed then can get up to “Page 49 of about 481 results”

    That’s still a huge shortfall!

    BTW, Love Truthstream media too!

  3. The Google bug – Douglas Adams predicted this decades ago – in the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – The answer to the meaning of life, the Universe, and everything by the computer Deep Thought – was —– “42”

  4. Hi James,

    It is a coincidence that you brought this up today. I was just a quarter of an hour ago thinking of all the possible ways I think I have been fooled by Google’s services and such like. There are existing quasi-celebrities of whom all the search engines I know give a null result. Also, my former school friends seem not to exist at all. This makes me think that I have qualified for some special category. Go figure.

    What has to be understood is that these big companies are comrades with state intelligence facilities, so some of these policies are military related. This symbiosis of state and corporate power of course is the definition of fascism.



  5. There’s a follow-up Project Veritas video which I came across at Cryptogon earlier this week. The shadowed whistle blower has come into the light of day with a cache of google documents broken up into 10 downloadable files over at the Veritas website (for some reason, I’m unable to download with my current OS; maybe that’s a good thing, protecting me from malware). Something about this feels off to me, but there it is:

    Follow-up whistle blower interview:


    Google document dump:


    • Cryptogon is a legitimate site who seek “to disseminate information and perspectives that have been ignored, covered up or otherwise belittled by government, media, and corporations.” Unlike bitchute, they don’t invite people to post their own videos, tho they do have a page for submitting tips.

      I hadn’t heard of Project Veritas before, and they do seem awfully concerned about defending the U S President, but the material from Zach Vorhies seems legit.

    • “Off” was my understatement of the month. I didn’t watch the video until after I’d posted it here, and wow! it was poured on rather thick, wasn’t it? I enlarged and paused on the portion of sites blacklisted by Google, and oh no! NOT Megyn Kelly!!! Say it isn’t so!

      My cheeks are a deep shade of pink.

      • Haha! Thank you for putting a smile on my own, woolly little face this morning.

        It was a pleasure to read your thoughts from the beaches and decks of Southern France. One of these days, I’m going to taste Campari for the first time, with you in mind.

  6. James,
    It’s time for you to have a serious conversation with Tim Berners-Lee. Do what you can to get 30 minutes with him.
    Maybe even Nicholas Negroponte too.

  7. Sorry for the length of the post. Thanks for the talk, James.

    EXPERIMENT—I don’t use Bing and avoid Google. It’s nearly impossible to do so since the monster changed its algorithms. However, I wanted to see for myself what Google is doing in real time. I did. The Goolag has put all content that does not support their false Narrative in an unsearchable mode. I performed several experiments with Bing as a browser.

    First, I keyed in ‘Suicide Jeffrey Epstein’. I got MSM crap. No CR info on any page that I could locate.

    No matter what I key in around the word ‘Suicided’ I got nothing on Epstein other than MSM journalists who support the Narrative.

    I know James does not use Facebook. Nevertheless, these come up as the so called Corbett Report postings. Examples proliferate.



    Next, I keyed — ‘Suicided Corbett Report’–into the browser and a list of info popped-up on videos about Gary Webb — ‘Corbett Report Suicided Gary Webb’. NOTHING on Epstein and several pages deep, too. I tried again several times to bring up the Suicided video on Epstein with various keyed wording. It would not show up on a search of any length.

    So, I changed my tact. I rekeyed the words ‘Suicided Corbett Report’ three times in a row. The third time I repeated the request a list of CR videos popped-up with the ‘Suicided: The Final Days of Jeffrey Epsetin’ at the bottom of the first page after a number of earlier dated posts. This was a completely different list than what had appeared previously. Only when I continued to repeat my original request in the exact words did the video show. The algorithm has a tortured work-around if you know any of the words to use. BUT you have to know the words. Which means that no person searching without knowledge of the information for which they are searching will find anything more than the Goolag’s false narrative.

    There is no question that Google’s parsing algorithm is shadow banning the CR. It is deleting or pushing everything to the end of all history that does not support it’s narrative, and definitely anything that represents freedom of thought such as the Corbett Report.

    Anyone who thinks this isn’t a supremely bad occurrance because they can find a video if they know the words to key-in is NOT getting the take-away.

    FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. I know that a huge portion of the US population just can’t get this because the last two generations have been coddled, educated and conditioned by the MSM. But we know one thing, as with the Catholic Church, intelligence and critical thinking are the last things Google wants. Control requires keeping the public stupid by narrowing the information and resulting knowledge available to them while having them believe in Goolag’s infallibility and that of the Mother Net.

    The Catholic Church did exactly this in the 15th century. They wanted to maintain control of the populace in order to continue sucking wealth from them at a time when new thoughts/concepts/ideas arose within the masses that would not be quelled–mainly, concepts of freedom without the Church. The so-called ‘church’ tortured, burned and murdered thousands upon thousands. We are staring down the barrel of this scenario now with, as Neil Young put it about Bush, “a kinder, gentler machine gun hand”

  8. David Icke deals with this issue constantly.

  9. Thank you James,
    They are programming masses of people just exactly as a sociopath programs an abused spouse. I really appreciate your work.

  10. Epstein U2b search experiment
    complete search term in quotes as presented by Mr. West:
    first listing

    complete search term without quotes:
    130th listing

    without quotes but filtering “Long (> 20 minutes”:
    16th listing

  11. This whole Google leak via Veritas reminds me of that guy a long long time ago who leaked those nsa docs. Remember that? (Sarcasm)

  12. My guess for the reasons James sees the need to do a video such as this might be because none of us are searching for his or others’ content (who link to others and so on…). I have my regular websites bookmarked – I’m not searching for them, so yeah, it is a bit surprising to me how swiftly the memory-holing is happening, not surprising that it is happening. Only by word of mouth and direct links will any of this information reach normal Joe Sixpack.

    The other may be that not all of his viewers are on the same page. Some are years and decades more learned than others who simply aren’t.

    • “I already don’t talk about this stuff with anyone…”

      The other day, I had the rare opportunity and pleasure of reading to my daughter portions of David Ray Griffin’s compelling introduction to “Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics”. He makes so many brilliant points therein, any intellectually honest person must be forced to admit that their denial that 9/11 was an inside job is strictly a matter of faith. Who knows how that’ll turn out, but it did appear to sink in.

      • alexandre-

        Your former Scottish friend sounds like a real genius. Conspiracy theorists miss the forest for trees? Really? It’s by seeing the trees that you understand what the forest is. Duh.

        And here in the US isn’t much better for meeting people who are remotely interested in new information. I don’t bother trying. If I occasionally do toss in a comment that fits the context of the conversation, a comment about what is really going on, they just look at me like I have Tourrette’s Syndrome.
        And being called weird has never bothered me. People call you weird when you are different, not like them. In which case my thought is, excellent! I’m glad I’m not like you.

      • “and if I did read something, it would only confirm to them that I’m weird and ‘fell for that conspiracy trap’.”

        Griffin is quite skilled at not allowing such a lazy conclusion. The man’s a ninja, I tell ya.

        But, I do identify with what you’re saying. Other than my mother and my literal captive audience of one, my precious daughter who was strapped into her highchair playing with her bowl of spaghettios as I droned on (I’m kidding! She’s in college now), others refuse to believe our government would ever do such a thing to its own citizens. Sure, murdering despots happen in other countries, but this is America, and on it goes…at which point, they would do well to read Mr. Griffin’s intro, where he takes each and every conceivable response and reduces it to its logical, most basic assumption. But, of course, we all know that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.

  13. I completely agree James, it is very bad and kind of getting exponentially worse recently – I have tried to find stories about one thing or another that I read over the past year to give links to a friend, and no sign of them, just, to use your example from last week, the moon landing hoax – I KNOW there are many, many sites questioning this, but you do a search, and nothing comes up except a whole list of sites ‘debunking’ the ‘moon landing hoax conspiracy theorists’ etc – if, in such a situation, you happen to remember something specific, such as Dave MacCallum’ kind of iconic ‘wagging the moon doggie’ you can eventually find it – but if you are just looking for general info about any of these ‘conspiracy theories’, it is very, very difficult to find now.
    SO – not to ramble too long – the central question is – what are we going to do about this? YOu have a lot more experience and knowledge about this stuff – can you do some kind of show about the most reliable search engines, or how to use the ‘dark web’ you refer to, or some other way we can find ‘non-deepstate’ information????
    thanks, and keep up the great work

  14. The only way to tell if a video is being throttled is to host in on your own server and check the access logs. It won’t say if your site is being blocked, but if someone reaches your site and downloads a video you will know. You will also find out if googlebot reaches your site and knows about it.

  15. The real problem is for newbies that go out and buy themselves an Internet connected Etch-A-Sketch or some home invasion speaker and don’t know any better.

    People who already know of the existence of the rabbit hole or at least know where the entrance is can get around a lot of the censorship without having to be a programmer.

    First task is to own at least one real computer. Ideally a Linux desktop, but a Windows or Apple desktop is still better than a phone. You need to have administrator access to it and plenty of holes to plug in things like hard disk drives and USB sticks!

    Second thing you can do is install an offline RSS feed reader like RSSOWL

    It regularly checks a list of websites that you can nominate and downloads a summary of the articles posted to them. By default it only comes with a list of mainstream sites like the BBC , however it is easy to add new sites of your own.

    To build up a list of sites, start with a known good one like the corbettreport.com and subscribe to the RSS feed. If the site doesn’t advertise the feed you can often guess it by adding “rss” or “feed” to the end of the address.

    For example :-

    Sometime owners of the site don’t even know they have a feed as it is part of the package they use to run the website and it is on by default.

    You can build up a good list of sites by starting with one and then adding others that are mentioned on that site, for example James has interviewed many good people who have their own good sites over the years.

    It even works for Youtube (Only downloads the titles, not the videos), for Youtube, find the users channel in the browser and add that URL to the news reader.

    The good thing is that the news reader will download all the article summaries, titles and dates even if you don’t have the time to read them now. They will be saved to your local disc and you can search them later (Even if the Site has since disappeared off the Internet)

    Back it up on an external hard disk. Your computer might be the only place in the future where the information has not been memory holed!

    • Just to add, I recommend using a separate RSS feed reader from the one that might be in your web browser, once you build up a big list of sites it can slow down your computer, so it is nice to be able to run it separately at a time when you are not using your computer so much. Also the one built into browsers can often be limited. The Opera browser had a nice one, but then it got sold to the Chinese Government 🙁

  16. I agree, my views take a different approach but we end at the same point.
    I noticed that cybernetics (mkultra) has gone mai9nstream.
    If you do a search for microchips in the brain there will be results that promote brain implants for anorexia patients (in the original tests with monkeys it was a simple push of a button that activated a chip which made the monkey eat).
    Than there is a brain-chip for ADHD, a made up mental disorder and I do not know which button can stimulate a brain-with-no-errors into stimulating this brain to be correcter than it was.

    I envision humanity chipped and all opposition is gone with the push of a button and the final coup de gras will be the final moment when all, people will lose the ability to make conversation telepathically and utter silence will be people’s only companion.

    Off course, by then there could be a chip that simulates a telepathically joined society tailored to your personal needs but it will be fake.

    And the when humanity is millennia further the first steps will be taken to remove all microchips for every human and like the bright sunlight on a autumns morning people will blink their eyes to look at the new sun…

    if you agree say this out loud : LONG LIVE HUMANITY !!!!!!

  17. I just recommended your Century of Enslavement to a young person and was surprised – yet again – how much harder it was to find. If there is any bright spot in this process, I don’t think it will have as much to do with our endeavors to stay on top of information access, but rather lies in the fact that there will always be people born with the tendency to truth and that “wrong think” is affirmed by factual information, but it isn’t the source of it. Factual information is key, but our “pre-installed” inner compass towards truth and moral behavior will outlast the agenda plans.

  18. A few thoughts/ramblings:

    1. @James & Broc, for years now, when James pauses for a clip cutaway, an awkwardly large amount of the pause is retained in the final cut. Is this deliberate or have you just not noticed?

    2. It became clear what Google had in mind back when they started deliberately reducing the capability of their own search engine by removing certain operators, wildcards and other options that allowed you to find exactly what you were looking for. They even started hitting users with Captchas if their query was more complex than “cnn news”, “best deal on new iPhone” or “how is babby formed”.
    If you were to ask Google for an explanation, they would no doubt say it was done to combat bots (and no doubt it does actually help to combat bots) but there is zero chance that this was their true motivation. They would never remove that much functionality because of bots, but they would remove it if they were trying to produce a new generation of dumbed-down lazy users who have been trained to prioritize speed & convenience above all else; users who truly do prefer to be told what they want (as Schmidt & friends envisioned).

    3. Programming a search engine that produces good first-page results isn’t that difficult. The difficult part is producing the results fast, which Google is able to do because of a secret algorithm and an absurd amount of fast, quality servers & bandwidth.
    Because of this, you would expect there to be at least one other full-function search engine that can produce first-page results as good as (or better than) Google, but perhaps slower.
    The fact that there is no such engine tells us that Google is likely buying up all new search engines that produce good first-page results, before they can become serious competitors, leaving us with engines that are usable but typically produce significantly inferior first-page results.

  19. Beware of whistle blowers bearing documents…and in general any documents. I mean how does one believe that the North Woods docs can make it into the public sphere after the 9/11/2001 event? We’re all being played and have probably already lost most of our connection to a truthful reality much beyond what we can personally verify with out own senses and within our own vicinity. Verify what exactly? Government-corporate records on sensitive files allowed to be accessed by the public. Think on it from the Pentagon Papers to much else, exactly where is the line between truth and fiction exist and to what ends?

    Perhaps if we all just work on being better people our lives and those around us might improve a bit and this may become the only solace we will ever get.

    • Alex, if I didn’t know better I would say you have become Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He sounds much like what you are saying. Well maybe it is just a flavor, or a melody similar. I hope someone could recommend some one of similar style to read at the beach.

    • Alex, you have made a ideal pop into the universe As you may want to rethink that last idea.

      Re: Frederico Feline’ s. The Conductor movie.

      Does an orchestra have chaos to the point where you must place the woodwinds in a closet, the violins in the cupboard and the horns in the bathroom? No amigo. The orchestra is in a pit,{ us } all together and the cacophony, from all players is crafted by the man { James } with the hollywood wand in his hand. There are very few rules, which are completely out of our control. So long as we keep playing the piece will continue to sound better. We must feed off each other and take our cues from the conductor, who also resides in the pit. For some reason he has brought us all together. Time to awaken and play your heart out. It is the only time you may have to play, somewhat freely without segregation from the pit

      • Pardon monome , yes yes Feline 1978 ” The Orchestra Rehearsal ”

        Bonjour. It was a live idea at least, giving birth to many more live thoughts.

  20. Yep, at this point, you can search for phrases for which there absolutely must be thousands of results and get zero results instead.
    Google Search now completely removes results that it thinks you, as a mindless consumer, shouldn’t be allowed to see.

  21. Especially with Zines, which are D.I.Y. self published magazines, etc.
    Here’s a Wikipedia article on Zines:
    Also, here’s an awesome Wikibooks guide to making Zines:
    I am actually going to make zines myself as well.
    We need to look for the best stuff online, and make zines & other low tech stuff out of it. That and braodcasting podcasts on pirate radio, vlogging on pirate tv, and of course those aweseome PirateBox Offline Filesharing devices.

  22. En garde, alexandre!

    You raise an interesting specter regarding “controlled opposition” and how you cope with it, or handle it, using the smell factor, aka, your gut. I like the opinion linked below written by Caitlin Johnstone – How to Tell If Someone Is Controlled Opposition. I think she makes a very valid point that in essence, we don’t really know who is and who is not controlled opposition, wherein we(she)are left to “navigate” through this “confusing landscape” based upon what “disrupts establishment narratives” and what doesn’t….Ironically, utilizing her own formula, I’m compelled to cherry pick her own viewpoints such as this: “I therefore pay attention solely to the message, and no attention to what may or may not be the hidden underlying agenda of the messenger.” This little bit of letting bygones be bygones is a bit of a stretch in my opinion.


    But, in any event, she brings up an excellent point regarding the inherent paranoia and lack of trust engendered by the very fact of government infiltration, generally, of anti-establishment movements. And the direct and desired result of such infiltration, has a very murky effect and the truth is as a consequence, hard to ascertain.

    With Veritas(which I never heard of until this Google “exposé”), I almost feel sorry for the supposed whistle-blower, because, personally, he seems quite genuine – even if what he’s leaked could be thought of as a bit of psychological conditioning. However, there is one aspect of this Veritas “presentation” I find quite odd. Could they have perhaps explained how it was that the sidewalk incident with the police came to be neatly videoed? Or was this some sort of reenactment? And if it was a reenactment, why in hell didn’t they say so? Because on its face, without explaining how it came to be, it’s absolutely farcical to the observer, and brings to mind your question, what would be the purpose of this exercise? Talk about high production value causing nausea.

    Anyway, it does pay to be guarded, not necessarily jumping onto every popular and/or esoteric conspiratorial notion by rote, but by gut and smell(logic helps, too). It’s as good a diving platform as any to jump on to…or off of.

  23. alexandre-

    I agree. Corbett must frequently roll his eyes at our babbling and philosophizing. But I am reminded of two things that Confucius said that have always stayed with me:

    1) “Trying to control the thoughts and opinions of people in such a place as the Corbettreport forum is like trying to herd cats.”

    And even wiser-

    2) “Raking leaves when it’s windy is fucking retarded.”

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