Weather Is Not Climate!

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No, weather is NOT climate…even when it’s warm outside. But in case there’s a climate cultist in your life that insists otherwise, here are some facts about global warming climate change climate disruption global weirding and vaguely-defined “extreme” weather that you can use to talk some sense into them.


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    • “Rockefeller Family Fund divorces itself from Exxon & oil to help with climate change”

      — and this is a bad thing?

      • Peacefrogs,
        It is a ploy, a cunning plan, a ruse. The Rockefellers are playing us just like the Rothchilds.

        They will still make money in oil, but will also have more global control and wealth with carbon taxes and regulations and other factors of manipulation surrounding “climate change”.

        Example of a climate change ruse…
        The once proposed methane tax on livestock.
        Cows fart a lot!…lots of methane. …considered a greenhouse gas, a strong contributor to the “climate change hoax”. ha!…the world would have self-destructed eons ago before oil with all the flatulence.
        Now-a-days most flatulence is caused when politicians open their mouths.

        Example in Oil
        A HUGE hidden racket on an oil industry side-street which goes along with the climate change agenda.
        Ethanol Commodities

        • I’m not sure I understand you.

          Carbon tax is collected by the States/Provinces and stays within the States/Provinces. It’s not as if we pay a tax directly to the Rockefellers or the Rothchilds.

            • Here’s a website straight from the Canadian government.


              If you scroll down and read the Quick Facts, it clearly states…

              “Revenues from carbon pricing will remain with provinces and territories of origin.”

              However, that is followed by …

              “Provinces and territories will use the revenues from this system as they see fit, whether it is to give it back to consumers, to support their workers and their families, to help vulnerable groups and communities in the North, or to support businesses that innovate and create good jobs for the future.”

              So it isn’t about countering “global warming” per sey, nor is it going directly into the Rothschild’s pocket as some have alluded to, it’s more about redistribution of wealth, and personally, call me a socialist or whatever, but I’m Ok with this.

              However, according to this interesting article, the key part will be “How revenues are deployed”

              In summary
              1- Global warming is certainly a hoax.
              2- No, the tax isn’t going into the Rothschild’s pocket or the UN.
              3- Yes it appears to be more about redistribution of wealth.
              4- We will need to know EXACTLY where and HOW the money will be spent to improve EVERYBODY’s lives, and hold our gawddamn politicians accountable!!!

              That’s my take on it.

      • “Limited hangout”, “false leader”, “sheep dipping”? – I don’t know what the proper term is.

        What do you call it when you tell people your doing one thing so that everyone follows you while your secret shell corporations buy up the sell off for your monopoly.

        As skeptic I suspect this aspect though perplexed I have no proof.

  1. HaroldfromCanada2 hours ago (edited)

    1/25th of 1% is the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is the trace gas that will kill us all. The number one global warming gas is water vapor. Try to tax that. Try to blame human behavior for that. Why don’t you global warming people get together at some exotic location and solve the problem. You can also have fine wines and 5 star chefs to help you with your decisions. Oh you have tried that already.

  2. Definition of genuflect

    intransitive verb

    1 a : to bend the knee b : to touch the knee to the floor or ground especially in worship

    2 : to be servilely obedient or respectful

    genuflection play \ˌjen-yə-ˈflek-shən\ noun

    Thanks. I tend to use terms such as growling, bending over and taking it deep. I’ll try to add genuflect to my dictionary.

    Whomever chose to rename global warming (while genuflecting like there’s no tomorrow) to climate change deserves a Nobel prize in every single category. If one had to describe climate with one word, it would “changing.” Because it changes all the time. So renaming global warming, which obviously didn’t stick, into something that obviously has to stick was an act of brilliance in its own right.

    The only person I held (past tense) in high regard which decided to support this nonsense is non other than Dr. Michio Kaku. I found that man to be brilliant, I don’t know how they managed to get him onto this train packed with stupid and fraud. He was maybe compromised in some fashion or maybe I was simply wrong in my initial assessment of his character.

    I find that one could sway climate change affirmers (new word, if it fits use it) by having them answer one simple, multiple choice question:

    what’s the policy being brought forward by climate change police in an effort to curb the changing of the climate?
    a) tax
    b) more tax
    c) tax, but when has any single issue been resolved be instituting even more tax?

    I think this video does a lot to further the agenda. There’s a lot the climate change “science” has in common with the Holocaust “research.” Main difference being, people are still not jailed for questioning climate change, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

    “We concur with 97% of scientists who concur that global warming is in effect.” I can’t believe he didn’t mention the polar bears, they are usually the tiebreaker.

  3. Don’t forget “Putin’s pet” or, as Vladimir likes to call him, Ivan Voron.

    • Here’s how it works:

      You have left/right and totalitarian/libertarian gridded X/Y 2D map with a vertical Z religious belief axis that creates the 3D Illuminati pyramid in X-Y-Z dimensions. What no one knows is the eye is glass.

      On the bell curve, we Corbett flock are the long tail fringe, and well beyond the limited hangouts of uber-extra-secret agents Edward Snowden and Julian Assange – is zebra-agent James Corbett, working for the Yakuza Zionists prolifically perpetuating profound a phake pnews bukake for us to gladly swallow whole cloth. Yum.

      What does that even mean? “Whole cloth.”

  4. 1. There’s a lot of room between hysteria and denial.

    2. Just because a Rockefeller, Rothschild, Clinton, Gore, etc., leans towards hysteria or any number of conservative Republicans and fossil fuel industry folks lean towards denial, doesn’t change #1. above. (Lots of $$$ is involved at both ends; lots of misinformation abounds, again at both ends.) Certainly there is a “bandwagon” effect in science and a tendency in major media to dumb things down by repetition, exaggeration in one direction and minimization in the other, but that still doesn’t change #1. above.

    3. How many of us have actually made great efforts to _personally_ measure, say, glacial or polar ice melt over time? If not, what are the most trustworthy sources of information we can rely on?

    4. If ice is not melting, in a significant way, how come the U.S. Navy is very concerned (and succeeded in researching polar ice melt in a very sophisticated experiment using M2M technology and underwater sleds, then, later, complained about a cut-off in funds to study the long-term implications of climate change on its large Norfolk, VA, base?). Is the U.S. Navy any organization to sneer at in such things?

    5. I’m no scientist. The officially stated cause — man-made emissions — is plausible to me, but unlike those on the hysterical end of the spectrum, I treat this with at least a small grain of salt. The cause of warming and melting could be something else or a mixture of things, as I see it.

    6. Related. I believe science has certain fundamental limitations (not acknowledged by followers of Scientism) but is generally fairly good in certain areas within those limitations, including anything that is physically measurable. Climate is amazingly complex, modeling it no simple task. Is it possible that continually increasing data collection will eventually lead to improved models? If so, it makes sense to me to await this.

    7. Restating much of the above: I don’t believe global warming is imaginary, but I can’t personally prove that it is not. I am absolutely sure, however, that global warming — without getting into what may be causing it — is a situation that is very different from the events of 9/11. Those events, for anyone who doesn’t accept official explanations, had a number of very specific motives. One dealt with heightening fear in the populace. Possibly, some of those on the hysterical end of the climate change spectrum share that motive, but I don’t believe the majority of folks close to the middle of the spectrum do.

    In short, just because some of us believe that governments often lie about some things, assisted by major media — corrupted and compliant (and compliant since at least the 1950s per Church Committee hearings) doesn’t mean that absolutely everything expressed by media organizations and governments is false, even when exaggerated.

    What’s true? What’s not? How do you determine this? Is it possible to do so in a reasonably impartial way, free of personal belief? (If so, does doing so not require perpetually examining and reexamining one’s personal beliefs?)

    • Have you noticed that enormous hot yellow circle in the sky? It is the source of heat in our solar system.

      Not only are there daily and yearly cycles of the Earth as it rotates, wobbles and orbits. The heat source itself does NOT exist in a steady state. Rather, it fluctuates:

      Bill, you admit to not being a scientist, however, your last paragraph is the very definition of science. You are more of a scientist than any of the “Experts” paraded out by the media. Keep up the good work.

      • Actually, m.clare, the bit about examining one’s beliefs is a central tenet of the teachings of Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts long ago, and very closely connected with “You create your own reality” (a statement originally made by Seth, one he expounded upon at length; others repeated it, typically without proper attribution or explanation, such that it became a meaningless “New Age” slogan, even though Seth first began speaking through Jane Roberts well before the era when “New Age” was a popular term).

        So I’m what has been called a “Seth freak,” but this would not be the case had I not had a very unusual “psychic” experience, decades ago (Very briefly: While meditating for the first time in my life on the steps of a tomb leading to a pond in a beautiful 19th Century cemetery — I later discovered the tomb housed the mortal remains of Ms. Mary Baker Eddy — I was shocked to “see” — with my mind’s eye — a persistent, full-color image of the cover of one of Seth’s books then in print entitled _Seth Speaks_. As a result, I decided to purchase and read the book. I then purchased and read additional books, finding some of them very interesting but somewhat akin to science fiction _until_ I finally got around to doing one of the exercises Seth included in his books to validate his concepts. _That_ resulted in a powerful alteration of consciousness that lasted for three days and extended into my dream environment).

        Decades later, thanks again to several mildly “psychic” experiences, I became convinced that the events of 9/11 weren’t as portrayed, but still sought anything “solid” to buttress my changed beliefs, eventually finding one single well documented article by the independent journalist Christopher Ketcham that few were aware of — it was published in CounterPunch after two more reputable publications had reneged, at the last minute, after agreeing to publish it.

        Discussing all sorts of topics with this particular belief background over the years has been interesting, to say the least. One result has been a part-time study of the history and philosophy of science, primarily to assist in interacting with those who believe that anyone who takes Seth’s teachings seriously must be out of their mind.

        Later, looking for something different to do, I took some very intensive classes in mediumship, but that didn’t necessarily make determining what is true and what is not any easier; accessing another version of self who owned and edited a “quality” newspaper during Victorian and post-Victorian times didn’t help much, either, although it did give me some insight into the nature of journalism and what has become of it in this Internet era.

        Later still, I got to know someone who narrowly avoid dying after an encounter with what I call the “deep state.” This led to a part-time review of all kinds of nasty stuff that is in the public record but generally ignored — I didn’t initially believe this person but as the details they gradually provided all checked out I had to eventually conclude that the U.S. is not what I’d believed it to be and hasn’t been, possibly since its inception. (The events of 9/11 weren’t just an ugly anomaly, in other words, something I’d foolishly assumed before these research efforts.)

        Being an enthusiast of Seth’s teachings _and_ believing what I do about the events of 9/11 and the deep state, without even getting into the possibilities that mediumship opens up (consider, for example, inquiring of Bill Colby, John O’Neil, and many others as to their views on all of this, from their changed post-death POVs) means that my own personal beliefs are frequently and starkly at odds with just about anyone I meet or interact with.

        “You get what you concentrate on; there is no other rule” is yet another expression from Seth.

        Concentrating on all of this stuff led me to The Corbett Report.

        To wear a tinfoil hat or not — that is a question I now occasionally ponder.

  5. I’ve come to believe that “climate change” or “global warming” as they call it, is just a way to move the world away from Big Oil.

    History tells us that WW2 was partly fought over oil. One of Hitler’s goals was to secure the oil fields of Baku in southern Russia (Case Blue). However, this was primarily a strategic decision to feed and keep the German war machine running at full throttle.

    It wasn’t until President Nixon stopped dollar convertibility into gold in 1971, a move that spurred the oil crisis and the creation of OPEC. This move not only brought to an end the Bretton Woods agreement, which helped end WW2, it also created the US petrol dollar hegemony.

    Since the US dollar became a fiat petrol dollar, the world has experienced endless wars for oil, skyrocketing inflation, cushioned by endless money printing by the Fed.

    In conclusion, the world is at a cross road. We either stay the course, which means we keep supporting the system that brought us 9/11 and the Iraq wars, or we move away from Big Oil/OPEC (basically the US petroldollar) and embrace global carbon tax, in order to wean ourselves off US hegemony and transition into a more multi-polar world.

  6. I’m grateful to recently be a member (though I’ve often been a tool before), especially since of the plethora of topics covered, climate change is the last issue I have issues with. My last hold out – because I care about the planet (hug your closest tree). I’ve always known carbon tax like any other tax is a rigged scam and that the politicians would drive us all over a cliff for profits (or nukes and toxic pollution) before they actually modified oil subsidies, energy monopolies, and the established systems of manufacture and control. I’ve always know that I’ve always known that glaciers have been melting since mammoths roamed North America. I can understand how we may have witnessed the Arctic’s exponential temperature “hockey stick” curve and ice melt. I understand how thin the atmosphere is in relation to Earth. Yet for some reason I just couldn’t let it go…

    As a kid a 5 minute drive seemed to take _foreeever_. As a kid living in Vernon, Calgary, London, and Windsor (all in Canada) from the 1970s through to the early 1990s it seemed that I was endlessly shovelling driveway snow. Windsor Ontario holds more Canadian weather records than any other city. Windsor also hasn’t seen snow like the 80s and 90s and I assumed it was because of climate change. Today I finally looked it up. While I didn’t find a graph specific to Windsor as I wanted, I did find one that sufficed.

    If you look at Figure 9:


    You will see that I had the misfortune of growing up in Canada during a period of almost all higher than average precipitation. I could delve deeper into regional detail but that suited me.

    (Also record levels of “Extreme Snow Depth (cm)” for Windsor were set in February & April of 1982:
    You’re welcome old Mr. Barry across the road, now in heaven, for shovelling your driveway.)

    Like being dumped by the best girlfriend ever, my brain understands it now but my anarcho-lefty heart may take years to heal and deal.

    As much as I’d prefer it, please don’t tell me that toxins, pollution, and mass extinction are hoaxes. Not just yet anyway.

    I suspect that I believe that scientists, like most people, are well intentioned good people. That’s why I trusted the “scientific consensus”. So too with doctors. My bipolar experience had me trusting well-meaning doctors who trusted their medical institutions and schools who trusted big pharma who trusted their greed would cover their covert bad-science and scam sham random application of years of endured prescribed torture inescapable within my skull. Meanwhile illegal ketamine for depression is the only thing that has ever worked for me.

    I was moved to tears in 2005 by Al Gore speaking at a big environmental thingy in San Francisco and chased down a museum of natural history team video recording it to ask for a copy. Al’s Oscar winning movie came out the next year so I didn’t bother calling them back. (Not that I would ever do anything as a peace-loving Canadian, and at the time all for Al, I was remarkably surprised how poor security was around him. Then again, if Bin Ladin were smarter he would have flown those jets into serious targets like nuclear energy plants or the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor/Detroit where more trade happens than anywhere else globally.)

    On a related note to climate change, aside from fishing the oceans to death, what about the coral reefs and acidification – still a myth? I’m still alarmed about that, pollution, and emissions. Carbon tax is a scam. They need to change policies and strategies and support rather than tax and “regulate” if they were serious. Mutually assured destruction proves our “leaders” are insane if allowing wars and famines aren’t enough evidence.

    Also, lastly, I can’t recall where I heard it – that “fossil fuels” may not necessarily have organic origins, but that is a century-old perpetuated big-myth. Can you expand?

    • I enjoyed reading your post Jason.

      Although Carbon tax is probably a scam, pollution, harmful emissions, over fishing, economic warfare, wars, and famines are very much a threat to humanity.

      • Thanks. I’m always afraid of it sounding like a rant the longer it gets, but sometimes I think I know stuff to share.

        Besides all the pros and cons of thumbs up & down buttons, I like them because I can show support without actually clogging things up with gracious or critical words. Rather than 2 I’d prefer 3 buttons – a smiley, a frown, and a mixed emotion, with the ability to select 1, 2, 3 or none. Put it on my Xmas wish list.


      The following are a collection of assertions and assumptions that are my response to Jason Carswell’s question regarding the myth of fossil fuels:

      1) Let’s pretend our solar system formed from the remains of previously exploded star(s).

      2) Hydrogen is a proton; it is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe. Carbon occupies the 6th position on the periodic table. Hydrocarbons are chains of these two small and abundant elements.

      3) It is extremely unlikely that Hydrogen and Carbon did NOT combine when the Earth was forming. Hydrocarbons were in abundance long before the arrival of Life.

      4) Where do we drill for hydrocarbons? Oil seeps into porous places…. sedimentary rock. Where do we find fossils? Sedementary rock.

      5) Because both oil AND fossils are found in sedimentary rock, Western thinkers declared … erroneously…..the origin of hydrocarbons must be attributed to the fossils. We have been faithfully repeating this elaborate myth for over a century.

      6) LIFE: Self replicating chemistry that competes for finite resources of space, energy and time.

      7) For early Life, the most hostile and unstable place on Earth was to be found at the surface. The first life evolved BELOW the surface where it fed upon the inheritance of hydrocarbons that were created when the Earth was formed.

      8) Competing for space and energy, in time, Life expanded towards the hostile surface where it developed strategies not only to cope with but to capitalize on the harsh reality of the SUN. Over billions of years, symbiotic relationships evolved between the various self replicating packages of chemical strategies….giving rise to organelles such as mitochondria …. and CHLOROPLASTS.

      9) Life was well under way long before the arrival of photosynthesis. It is absurd to suggest otherwise.

      In addition to HomeRemedySupply’s list below, please consider “The Deep Hot Biosphere: The Myth of Fossil Fuels” – Thomas Gold

      • Fucking brilliant! Perfect. I love it.

        Also percolating down is water. Mix oil and water what do you get? I saw a great non-political documentary on the BBC about… Bubbles! I know it may sound funny but they covered so many fascinating aspects of physics and viscosity and how the first single cells were likely bubbles that evolved into bubbles within bubbles and groups of bubbles, and groups with functions symbiotic with other groups (organs)…

        Now can you explain Lucy in the sky with diamonds? How did she get there, how many are there, are there also frogs, and can the frogs bring the diamonds back when next they rain?

      • I was thinking that it’s funny that the “good” convincing myths last. But now that I think about it, like most of them, it’s absurd. The best answer is probably the simplest option.

        These hydrocarbons as complex as they may be are either:
        1) developed through cosmic and geological processes, or
        2) developed through cosmic and geological and evolutionary and organic and photosynthesis and decomposition and geological and pressure and epoch processes.

        One of these is simpler.

  7. Jason Carswell,
    You asked: that “fossil fuels” may not necessarily have organic origins, but that is a century-old perpetuated big-myth. Can you expand?

    James Corbett has repeatedly briefly touched on this topic in the past.
    (Even in 2007, Corbett was exposing the global warming hoax. He was way ahead of the times.)

    Corbett has sometimes mentioned F. William Engdahl. Here at Global Research is a wonderful article about “Abiotic Oil”.

    !!!! But whatever you do…be sure to watch this masterpiece by Corbett…
    How Big Oil Conquered the World
    YouTube –

    Corbett’s Transcript & Thread –

  8. I wonder if recent thunder asthma storms are climate or weather. 8000 sick, 8 died so far from a “storm” last week in Melbourne, nothing to worry about, just rye pollen.

    Makes me feel grateful for every breath I take.

    • graviv,
      When Rye gets wet…
      I wonder if it is “Ergot of Rye” which can be poisonous.

      Of course they make LSD with ergot.
      Also other drugs are made with ergot… like Bromocriptine or Hydergine. I have taken Hydergine, often called a “smart drug” because it helps increase memory and has virtually no adverse side effects. It definitely does work. I tried it.
      One Ergot drug is Quinelorane.
      A quote from the highly reliable, research-citing “Hyperhealth Pro 11, 2012” about Quinelorane…
      “Quinelorane was developed specifically to mimic the ability of Dopamine to increase Sexual Desire in males and females – it achieves this action so effectively that it may never be released onto the world market due to the social implications of such a potent “aphrodisiac”.”

      • If Quinelorane is so good but suppressed why hasn’t it emerged on the black market (better than rhino horn dust) or at least become a hot topic on Erowid or other recreation drug forums?

        What else besides Hydergine is good? Do you still take it? If not why?

        • Jason,
          I hear ya about Quinelorane.
          I would love to sell that on the black market…we would have a “randy epidemic” and I would be a big drug lord. (just joking).
          I don’t know “why” it has never emerged. Maybe it is not all that great.
          (See “deprenyl” below)

          I am trained well in nutritional supplements(vitamins, herbs, amino acids, etc.) having worked with 10’s of thousands of people for a few years.

          Hydergine is relatively expensive. Surprisingly, it is offered by prescription in the U.S., but costs about $200 for 30 tabs. It is cheaper overseas.

          I primarily just wanted to test Hydergine for myself after reading the literature. I personally tested many nutritional supplements or “anti-aging smart drugs which have virtually no side effects”.

          Piracetam is a very good “smart drug”. There are renditions of its potency.

          Search “anti-aging”. This field offers some cool things.

          Deprenyl and Quinelorane
          “Deprenyl” is a nice anti-aging drug for older folks. It works well with piracetam synergistically.
          A commonality of deprenyl and quinelorane is that they target some brain D3 receptors which increase the sexual libido.
          Deprenyl increases dopamine levels, but other supplements do also (e.g.Amino acids Tyrosine and phenylalanine, the herb mucuna).
          Many different foods or supplements effect dopamine, serotonin and hormone levels.

          If a person is on a mainstream mind-altering prescription, they don’t want to play around with some of these without the Doc’s okay.

          Anti-Aging Technology
          There is some cool stuff…I could tell some great anecdotes.
          I did this… the UV blood therapy with Ozone blood therapy. It was cool. I did it, to “test” it first hand just as a health maintenance anti-aging perspective. It saved a friend’s foot from being amputated after “experts” couldn’t remedy an infection for 6 years.

          • 3 Deficient Nutrients in many people
            I should mention this… While working with thousands of people, I found a few nutrients which most people are deficient in. Over time these supplements resolved many, many issues, primarily because people generally are deficient in these nutrients. (I don’t want to write a long article explaining the details of why or what conditions.)

            ~ Magnesium
            ~ B-Complex Vitamins
            ~ Lecithin

            Magnesium – I use “Natural Vitality” CALM …when you read their literature, you will understand why. (ha!…it stops a leg cramp in 30 seconds.)

            B-complex – Try to get one which has the “methyl” form of some of the B’s. 50% of the population have a genetic trait which benefits from the “methyl”. I use Jarrow’s B-Right.

            Lecithin – This is a big one…it contains many brain chemicals, but also plays a strong role in every cell of the body. From handling kidney stones to arteries and healthy cholesterol to the gut health to making a person smarter…and even a role in sex.
            An Experiment – Take some powdered lecithin and put it in the mouth like chewing tobacco. Restock as necessary. Let it sit… tune in to yourself and notice better mental activity.
            Get the powdered non-GMO lecithin and take a couple tablespoons a day. Most lecithin is rancid in manufacturing, so I use the jar from “Health Force”. (PS – Some people get alarmed because it is derived from soy and don’t want an estrogen mimicker. No, lecithin won’t mimic estrogen…it is not soy protein…it is a derivative of soy oil much like vinegar is a derivative of fruit fermentation.)

            • Wow HomeRemedySupply, so much helpful info.

              Just turned 46, I’m old/not-old, depending on your perspective.

              I endured 4.5 years of absolute torture under 5 doctors and 17-18 big pharma meds in various MK experimental combos. Only the last doctor, after a few years in, decided to do a blood test. My vitamin D was terribly “in the basement”.

              A few years ago Atul Gawande was on the Daily Show telling Jon Stewart that just like every airline jet pilot has a pre-flight checklist, every medical surgery should also have a checklist. Since his book came out and the operating theatre checklists were implemented profoundly dramatic results prove that many many many lives were statistically saved from the arrogance of doctors.

              I wish the arrogance of shrinks and big pharma would apply a similar checklist before they pump you full of drugs.

              I wanted pills to make me happy and got them but they ruined my life, changed me, and now I’m only crawling out. The check list might have discovered that I was miserable because I had just moved to a new rainy city in the winter away from my friends and communities, and I was a struggling new director that had to stoop to doing some animation for stupid projects and that didn’t even fill the void during the economic slide 8-9 years ago, plus I was commuting between Victoria and Vancouver on weekends which didn’t help with my girlfriend. But I survived somehow.

              The point is they should do blood tests before they drown your brain with crap and “fix” what ain’t broke.

              On a different note, what do you think of what seems to uneducated-me to be Alex Jones’s snake oil concoctions?

              • What Alex sells is fine. He has a built-in marketing edge. Some prices might be inflated.
                However, you can get comparable products (or sometimes better) by going online or at health food stores.

                The keynote is doing research. Then experimenting on what works for you. Each person’s system is different. Start with fundamentals and build up. The cool stuff (i.e. focus or energy supplements) works better when the fundamental nutrition is in.

    • graviv,
      Here is an Australian News article from May 2008. Sydney
      I am surprised that in 2008, they used the term “climate change” which was not yet in vogue…”global warning” was the term most used.

      Ergot and other Mycotoxins The article talks about the toxicity of Rye fungus.–killer-cornflakes-20080513-2dm3.html
      (Actually, aflatoxins are more prevalent than most people are aware.)

        • graviv,
          So what defense is good against aerosolized nanoparticles and nerve gas…
          I guess maybe good stretching exercise could help…so a person can kiss their ass goodbye.

    • G Edward Griffin (of , author of The Creature From Jekyll Island and one of the producers of What In The World Are They Spraying documentary says “the alleged threat of global warming is the whole justification for geoengineering” (ie. aerosol spraying of aluminium, barium, strontium and coal fly ash – aka chemtrails).
      Last week on 21st November, Melbourne, Australia experienced an unusually severe and extensive outbreak of what the Australian mainstream media has labelled “thunderstorm asthma”. “Thunderstorm asthma” has never been heard of before, except by the mainstream media! The mainstream media news outlets linked “asthma” with the “storm”. MSM reported that “pockets of pollen” exploded during the storm, causing widespread asthma. (There was no actual thunderstorm. There was merely a change in weather. Weather changes are extremely common in Melbourne).
      Somehow we’re told that 8,000 people sought medical treatment for respiratory difficulties at Melbourne hospitals. One week later its reported that 8 people have died whilst receiving treatment in hospital.
      Heavy spraying of the sky (chemtrails) was very evident on 21st Nov. Revealing extremely unusual cloud formations. Yet the MSM is trying to portray that 8,000 people presenting with severe respiratory problems were the result of a “storm”; a wind change carrying “pockets of pollen” in the air!
      Ordinary weather events are being used as a cover for the severe health effects of chemtrails. There is no global warming. There is no need for chemtrails.

      • I have a degree in the Environmental Sciences(biology,chemistry,toxins,soil science, etc.)

        Honestly, it really does sound like fungus from the Rye fields in Australia. The articles keep mentioning rye. Fungus grows easily, and then there are spores. That rye fungus will kill you or make you very sick.
        “Ergot of Rye” poisonous.

        (Just so you know…In 2008 I ran an air test at a University in Texas showing how aluminum came down from chemtrail activity. However, on this Australian incident from the data it seems like the toxin came from grain not chemtrail activity.)

        • Hi HomeRemedySupply,

          I am most interested to know which rye fields in Australia, you are referring to? Australia has a vast and varied land mass. And, how did the rye fungus spores get to urban Melbourne? Melbourne experienced a sudden cooling wind change from the direction of the southern ocean.

          Here, in Melbourne, the general public has heard nothing about the threat from rye fungus spores. In fact, the response from our government is to increase the number of ambulances, to assist with transportation to hospital and to conduct an enquiry into the its own response, in preparation for when the next attack occurs. BTW this last episode of respiratory problems was unprecedented. I guess we didn’t have any rye fungus spores before 21st November.

        • Bingo! MOLD

          From – Mold Inspection Pro
          Toxic mold is the deadly culprit that killed 8 people and sickened hundreds more in Australia’s asthma thunderstorm

          A freak thunderstorm in the areas of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia has left 8 people dead. 500 are currently hospitalized and Five other patients remain in intensive care units, with three of those in critical condition. Another 8,500 have been treated after they suddenly got sick during and after this unprecedented natural disaster that overwhelmed the state’s emergency services with calls for help on average every 4 seconds…

          …Some people are claiming that these deaths and the people who got severely ill during and after the storm were caused by rye grass pollen. ABC Australian had reported that after ‘heavy rain caused rye grass pollen to absorb moisture and burst, dispersing smaller particles that became trapped in people’s lungs’, according to official reports

          But the facts are rye pollen does not kill people like this. In my opinion, this is media propaganda to make it seem to the uninformed that mold is not dangerous, and that pollen is the true cause.

          Thunderstorm asthma is brought on by sudden changes in temperature and humidity and the whipping up of large amounts of mold spores. The facts are that you can get breathing problems, allergic reactions, asthma and even die from inhaling a large number of mold spores and mycotoxins.

          A 2006 study titled, The link between fungi and severe asthma: a summary of the evidence that was published in the European Respiratory Journal had shown that thunderstorms with increased acute asthmatic attacks were most likely caused by mold. In fact, these same storms can carry several tons of mold spores across several hundred miles! Here is a small snippet from the study:

          “In the medical literature, an association of thunderstorms with increased acute asthmatic attacks was first noted by Packe and Ayres 53 in 1985. They described a concurrent increase in airborne spores of the fungi Didymella exitialis and Sporobolomyces. Since then, many episodes of thunderstorm asthma have been noted in several parts of the world 24, 45, 54–58.

          The hypothesis is that increased humidity, coupled with higher winds, triggers increased spore production and dissemination…

          Rye is also notorious for being infected with a group of fungi called Ergot (most prominently Claviceps purpurea). The fungus produces a neat little cocktail of alkaloid drugs which cause spasms, diarrhea, nausea and hallucinations….

          • I am somewhat disappointed in the alternative media. I ran across alternative media stories which eluded that this “Melbourne thunderstorm allergy” was probably caused by chemtrails and bio-weapons.

          • I am including some more links.

            Again, I want to emphasize that the most direct route to the body system is by inhalation. This is why people smoke weed as opposed to eating it.

            Again, I want to make a point: A very small amount of a deadly toxin INHALED can cause detrimental effects.

            Most people are not aware of mold and mycotoxins, especially when it comes to health issues. Also, the general public tends to think of mold/fungi as only being in moist climates…but the middle east and Saudi Arabia also has issues with air borne mycotoxins (along with oil & gas fumes, chemicals, depleted uranium, compromised immune systems, allergy inducing vaccines, etc.)
            I should note that it seems the government has possibly toyed with dispersal of mycotoxins in the past, such as during Desert Storm.

            Scientific Study on Inhaling Ergot toxins

            Dr. Mercola and other experts on the toxicity of molds and fungi.
            Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker on mold and mycotoxins

            Senior Toxicologist
            Washington State Department of Health
            Harriet M. Ammann, Ph.D., D.A.B.T.

  9. What about the ocean currents?

    As I said above, “I’ve always known that glaciers have been melting since mammoths roamed North America.” And now the Arctic ice is melting, regardless of climate change or not.

    I’ve heard that if the ocean currents change then everything will change. I’ve also heard that oxygen will finally get to the bottom of the ocean, combine with waste elements from our existing global ecosystems, and poisonous gasses will rise and doom doom doom…

    Also, if anyone wants perpetual motion energy, better than harvesting wave or tidal motion. Harvesting ocean currents could be less complicated than deep ocean drilling. Turbine baby turbine.

    Then again West Texas wind could cover much of US electric demand if they really wanted solutions.

    • I am an old Texas boy. West Texas wind turbine area is noisy in an unsettling way if you live there.

      Personally, I think home-made moonshine could solve our energy and organic food problems. It certainly goes along with counter-economics and hinders big oil.

      • Also, permaculture doesn’t require re-routing and making an old-fashioned or newer smart electric grid infrastructure to West Texas robust enough to handle so much juice.

        Also also, permaculture is decentralized (thus anti-establishment).

  10. That is laughable!…10 years left for us all. Guy McPherson of University of Arizona says he is an anarchist and that he knows what the term means.
    I’m wondering who is paying this guy to say this stuff.

  11. The Global Think Tank (actual name)
    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    (aka “Endowment for International Piece of the Action”)

    White Paper…
    Smart Tax: Pricing Oil for a Safe Climate June 2016

    QUOTES below…
    Defining a Carbon Tax

    For simplicity and ease of recognition, we use the shorthand term “carbon tax” throughout to signify a tax on all GHG emissions. The GHGs considered here and in the Oil-Climate Index include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O). The emission figures referenced in this report are carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions that are calculated using the global warming potential (GWP) with one-hundred-year warming and climate feedback. The GWP represents the combined effect of the differing times these substances remain in the atmosphere and their effectiveness in causing radiative forcing. GWPs for each greenhouse gas are CO2 = 1, CH4 = 34, and N2O = 298. Other GHGs emitted through the supply chain (for example, black carbon) exist, but they can be difficult to quantify and have not been included here. Similarly, the term “carbon pricing” means pricing of all content that produces GHGs.
    About the Energy and Climate Program

    The Carnegie Energy and Climate Program engages global experts working on issues relating to energy technology, environmental science, and political economy to develop practical solutions for policymakers around the world. The program aims to provide the leadership and the policy framework necessary to minimize the risks that stem from global climate change and competition for resources.

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