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APTOPIX Ebola Airport Screening Morrocoby James Corbett
October 11, 2014

As the media hype over Ebola in America continues to grow, New York’s Kennedy International Airport became the first of five major airports across the country to begin “extensive screening” of passengers arriving from West Africa. Under the program, passengers from the affected countries with fevers or other Ebola symptoms will be isolated and examined by CDC workers before being allowed to proceed. Like the TSA, however, these “extensive screenings” are just another form of security theater at the nation’s airports with even the CDC’s own officials admitting that false positives will occur and the screenings are by no means foolproof. Meanwhile in Spain Teresa Romero, a Spanish nursing aide who is said to have contracted the disease from a repatriated Spanish missionary she was treating, remains in critical condition in a Madrid hospital. The Guardian, for its part, notes with some surprise that less than 24 hours after it was announced that 750 UK troops would be sent to Sierra Leone to help with Ebola containment efforts there it was revealed that the deployments were in fact already in progress and many of the troops were already there.

In Syria, the town of Kobani on the border with Turkey is set to fall to Islamic State fighters unless Turkey opens its borders to let through arms. Although Reuters reports on the situation it ignores the obvious (and perhaps uncomfortable) truth that Turkey wants the IS fighters to succeed against its Kurdish enemies and instead choose to lead the story with the suggestion that Kurdish forces are begging for increased US-led airstrikes in the area.

In the markets all lights are flashing red as the Dow turned negative for the year and stocks end the worst week in three years. The Fear & Greed index has hit a record “fear” level, meaning fear of volatility is now driving markets and effecting everything from safe haven demand to junk bond demand to put and call options. Investors list the QE tapering as a key reason for the slowdown, with many getting caught on the wrong foot betting on the funny money-fueled Fed gravy train gains continuing indefinitely. The CBOE Volatility Index, traditionally a gauge of market expectations about market instability, shows many investors fear that this is not the end of the equities roller coaster and more ups and downs are expected in the near term.

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    • Mandatory vaccination for all may be around the corner. Please consider supporting and spreading the word about this important action by NAMV-a nationwide protest on November 1, so we can nip it in the bud. I refused the flu vaccine at my place of employment and I will be wearing my scarlet lett…er i mean mask, for six months.



  1. I understand what you’re saying, AoC, but I think the alarmists would counter by saying it isn’t what Ebola has done up to this point that is scary, it is what could happen if things continue at this rate. After all, the growth rate of the disease is exponential, not additive:


    Plus it is a novel disease with no approved treatments and has a relatively high mortality rate. 36,000 people die of the flu a year because millions upon millions contract it; 4,000 have died from Ebola out of only 8,000 cases. Imagine if there were a million cases.

    This is the alarmist argument anyway, and though it was wrong during the Swine Flu crisis (and many many other false alarms) it probably will be true about some outbreak some day (as it was during the 1918 Spanish Flu crisis).

  2. And so it begins:

    Civil Rights Suspended in Connecticut as Governor Declares State of Emergency Over Ebola

    “I authorize the Commissioner of Public Health to order the isolation or quarantine, under conditions prescribed by the Commissioner of Public Health, of any individual or group of individuals whom the Commissioner reasonably believes to have been exposed to, infected with, or otherwise at risk of passing the Ebola virus.”

  3. James, the “think of what ebola could do” is just more fear porn. Remember they have been flogging this “gruesome death out of the depths of Africa” since 1976. Also note that the Spanish flu came in the wake of devastating world war. Read all the essays Jon Rappoport has been putting out and forget it. this is all psyops, There is a long history of medical baloney where anything they can’t explain is caused by a virus. If you follow the main stream model of health, you’ll fall for this nonsense again and again. No established treatment, you say? I say good, they have nothing to poison us with.

  4. The most important take away from Sandy Hook is that with every passing psyops event, the public is given less and less direct access to evidence. This could be to hide the current staged event, or it could be to inure us to not receiving direct information and therefore stop asking for it to make future staged events easier.

    After Columbine, Marshall Fritz of the Alliance of the Separation of School and State spoke with and I think met with the family of one of the survivors. All the families at Columbine were under immense pressure to go back to that hell hole of a school and happy talk about how they were moving forward or some such garbage. They wanted to take their son out and spoke with Marshall about what happened and the pressure from the school/politicians. Remember we also saw the photo of the dead boys? We have access to many records. Fast forward to Sandy Hook and what have we got? State troupers assigned to the families so no one can ask anything, no photos, no autopsies. Crazy parents who smile about their dead children. I really don’t care if a friend of a friend of a relative of a friends knows someone who had a niece who died at Sandy Hook. Show me the body, the autopsy, the EVIDENCE.

  5. Hello all,

    Although Ebola seems mostly to be on the Open Thread menu.
    I’d just like to go off topic with an MH17 question for anyone who can reply with some info.

    I’d like to ask what you think of the Bellingcat site. (https://www.bellingcat.com/)
    There seems to be a lot of geo-location research, which i’m finding hard to get any logical information from.
    And have the idea they have based most of their conclusions around the Paris Match BUK photo and Lugansk BUK video (the one posted by the Ukraine Minister of Interior).

    Any feedback more than welcome!

  6. Excellent vid. If ebola is an epidemic, why do the people of africa have to be convinced of that with non stop propaganda?


    Doesn’t anyone remember being told that aids was going to wipe out all of africa, spread all through the US population? 30 years later, it’s still a gay man’s disease. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be the whole thing was a hoax? DUH.

  7. Where is the evidence, not some musings by the fear porn industry, that a virus spread by bodily fluids has mutated to being spread through respiratory exposure? How about hepatitis a, b, c viruses, vd? As I recall, they did try this fear porn with hiv, and we’re still waiting. Are people truly so ignorant and fearful they’ll fall for this “anything can mutate into anything” baloney??? Oh my god, my pet cat could mutate into bigfoot. what will we do? I’m so afraid.

    Keep repeating to yourself and these fear porn junkies, where’s the evidence? Make it your mantra.

  8. I also read Greenwald’s book and found it to be very informative. In particular his essays on the importance of privacy in a free society are the best I’ve read on the topic. Too many people seem to accept that our privacy has been violated and there is nothing we can do about it. If they just thought it through or read Greenwald’s book I think a lot would change their mind.

    As for hero/spy speculation, it’s hard to know. There are those in power that are happy that this information is out. It has brought a chill to public fora, in particular with relation to 9-11. More people than ever know the truth about 9-11, but more are also afraid of being electronically labeled as a trouble maker by one of these schemes.

    There are also those in power who would have preferred this stays out of the public eye. Maybe Snowdon was manipulated into revealing what he did, or he could be on a (very strange) mission. What is clear is that something is not adding up. Hence the speculation. At the start we were told to expect “a lot more to come”, but nothing was as revealing as the original claims made by Snowdon in the Hong Kong interview. And this is not as revealing as the claims by other whistleblowers, such as Russ Tice. Is it just a case of Greenwald selling out and going quiet? If so, why is Snowdon going along? I see Edward doing a lot of video conferencing and interviews these days, somebody should ask him.

    Maybe James could interview him. That would be fun.

  9. After spending last week calming people down about ebola (yes I am serious), this week I am thinking about what James covered in the third paragraph; the financial sector. Just up the road from where I live a cashpoint was blown up and emptied. The second one locally in 6 months. There is hard talk on stopping this kind of activity and having harsh sentences for the perpetrators. Yet the banks, bankers, corporations, politicians continue to hoodwink, defraud, screw us over and get away with it.


  10. my thought for this week: i dont want the agenda of my thoughts to be set by mainstream media stories that are immediately useless to me and as we know, there for the purpose of brainwashing.

  11. I don’t know what people think of the work Sharry Edwards has been doing. She talks about it on the Power Hour. She was on 10/13/14 hours two and three. I found it worth listening to. She claims that her research has found that the voice frequency of people that she identified as having an Ebola residence frequency she has looked at is the same as something she called hemoglobin8(spelling or word may be off) that cause bleeding. The cause is from cooper being sprayed through chem trails. A caller called in and said that she saw in a local newspaper in New Mexico that a company got awarded a contract to spray copper over New Mexico.

    Listen yourself, I may have shared the information via the old game -telephone line(where information gets piece added and left out or wrong as it gets passed down the line).

    ( Starts at 8 minute 30 second mark and the commercials are three to five minutes long when they come. The show usually do a two to three minutes commercial selling their products around the 33 minute mark)



  12. Look at it this way: What good is Big Brother if nobody knows of it’s existence? The power of the surveillance state is not that they are able to spy on everyone, but rather that everyone is imprinted with the knowledge that they are being spied on.

    Snowden is a spy-op of the surveillance state making itself known to the public. Although the NSA probably has extensive spying abilities, I think many of Snowden’s claims, and certainly the media attention, are exaggerated to enlarge the effect. Meanwhile authentic whistleblowers like Russ Tice are completely ignored by the media.

  13. I’ve been watching an interview with Kay Griggs, who tells the most amazing story I’ve heard in a long time. She was married to a US army Corporal, who was involved in many secret operations and spy-ops. She talks about Waco Texas, regime change in South America, drug running with the mob, pedophile sex rings, corruption of high ranking NATO officials and much more.

    This interview is very extensive, about 8 hours in total and she presents many documents and photo’s to support her story. I haven’t watched all of it yet, but from what I’ve seen she seems very credible, very intelligent and has a very accurate memory. She knows more details than you could make up. If what she tells is true, this is the best documented exposure of the inner workings of the American Empire that I’ve every seen.

    Have any of you seen this interview? Do you think she is credible? How would you go about checking her story? I’ve looked up some of the names she talks about and they are real persons, but it’s hard to check any of the details she mentions. Any tips?

    This a link to part 4 of the interview, which starts with sort of a summary of the first 3 parts. For more details you’d have to watch the rest.

  14. Somewhat off-topic, but listening to the recent forum (Beard World Order + Sibel Edmonds) on the control of the Alternative Media got me thinking that there was a point that was missing.

    Peter Collins mentioned that Alt. journalists face the same problem as Cartel Journalists in that they run the risk of losing cultivated sources by offending them with serious investigative journalism.

    To be concise, isn’t this a problem with the notion of “Journalism” as a consumer good, which is to say, making a consumer good out of knowledge?

    If Journalism is a consumer good, them “producers” have to churn out enough “product” to satisfy market demand (James Corbett should understand this problematic well). This is what necessitates “cultivated sources” in the first place. Good official sources can help a “journalist” meet a quota when nothing is happening.

    When “Journalists” have to meet quotas and deadlines, it stands to reason that you should expect to see swathes of pseudo-news. Crap that looks like News and that comes from official-looking sources and is presented in an official-looking way. I shouldn’t say that it looks like news either, because this official-looking crap is not a simulacra of News, it *is* News. Its essence lies completely in its style of presentation, which is why The Onion works on more levels than it has a right to.

    The mistake is to confuse “News” with relevant, meaningful information. News is a consumer product, churned out to meet the consumption needs of the lowest-common denominator. Sometimes, the lowest-common denominator wants to listen to bad music and lame jokes. That’s what radio and television are for. Sometimes, the Lowest Common Denominator wants to feel “informed”. For that, we have the “News”. Pandering to the worst in people is what consumerist social and economic organization *does*, and News cannot be any different if it operates on the same model, if the only test of legitimacy is the ability to churn out a steady profit.

    Real, meaningful information about the world cannot be made into a product, cannot be bundled up and packaged and printed and broadcast reliably to accompany someone’s cheap frozen dinner. A real Journalist, hence, remains what he was in the days of Tom Paine. He has to be a voice in the wilderness, a man shouting from the rooftops. He is not a “professional” under a deadline working for a company trying to turn a profit and please the boss. Once that happens, the results are evident and should surprise no one.

  15. Thanks for the tip. I’ll put it in this week’s newsletter.

  16. I couldn’t find a place to post a comment to Niki Friedrich Raapana’s interview from Corbett Radio 167. So, I wanted to inform as many of you as I can that with some coercion, Niki has posted a donate button to her blog so she can be compensated for her time and passion in exposing the communitarian agenda. She is also promoting her portable Gertee yurts for extreme climate (outside of the dialectic) housing. We are honored to help compensate James for his hard work and courage. We need to support this most courageous woman as well. http://nikiraapana.blogspot.com/

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