Episode 403 – Meet the World Economic Forum

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The World Economic Forum does not run the world, but in this time of The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Today on The Corbett Report podcast, join James for a wild ride through the murky origins of the WEF’s past into the nightmarish future it is seeking to bring about . . . and how we can use this information to better understand and derail its agenda.

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  1. Kaiser Permanente, a large health care provider in the United States, is run by Greg A. Adams. When the covid crisis first hit, Adams was immediately on board with the agenda. When the WHO said we don’t need to be worried about the situation at the beginning, Adams was following that guidance. When the WHO did an about-face, and we were all told to stay inside and mask up and all that, Adams was parroting that. After reading a few of the repulsive announcements he made during the crisis, I wondered if he was somehow connected to the WEF. Sure enough, he was.


    • This doesn’t surprise me about Kaiser and I also have Kaiser insurance (they are cheap stingy bastards). I get weekly reminders about getting the “vaccine” to be eligible for the “immunity sweepstake” where you can win a prize if you have your “vaccine”.

      This hospital system and health insurance provider is what socialized medicine will look like. I am so glad I don’t work for them.

      • I just saw that email as well and rolled my eyes. They are really trying hard. Can’t wait to get my vaccine reminder emails. Haven’t gotten them yet but I’m sure they will come.

  2. Wonderful research, thank you very much! You have answered a lot of questions and presented a whole bunch of new nods waiting to be connected…

    WEF – an interesting concept: let’s make an organization then let’s give the founding committee immunity then let’s trust them global agendas. Well, what can go wrong… except that everything will go wrong. Let’s start by they will think calmly that now nobody can stop them so they can steal everything. I think the most dangerous part of this whole WEF thing is the financial institution(s) behind them managing the stolen money for the future dictator immune heirs. If anything, that is the most important thing to go down further into…

  3. Haha! I’m at 4mins through the video and the transition between the fourth industrial revolution and some of the “larger” implication with Carsten’s picture from the BIS is excellent. Will be a top episode I’m sure.

  4. Great video, but a shame that the Bilderberg connection was only very briefly alluded to, as I think it’s very important. Schwab was on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg group, and there are clear links between the Bilderberg Group, the Pan European Union (precursor to the European Union – this explains the Hapsburg connection) and the WEF.

    Tony Gosling of The Politics Show invited me to discuss this on his show in March – this is the link: (my 10-min excerpt is from 2 hours 34 mins in)


    Show page: https://politicsthisweek.wordpress.com/2021/03/24/not-the-bcfm-politics-show-presented-by-tony-gosling-32/

    I also included this excerpt in my own podcast – link here:


    Show notes etc: http://imaginingfreedom.co.uk/podcast-episodes/klaus-schwab-the-eu-and-the-holy-roman-empire/

    At the root of all this I believe, or at least one very important root, is an attempt by the European “Nobility” and Royalty to regain and re-entrench their power. In this respect I think the Fourth Industrial Revolution could also be seen as the Fourth Reich, as I suspect that the European “Nobility” and royal families also used the Nazis and industrialists to regain and re-entrench their power during and in the run-up to the Second World War, after many of them were overthrown in the Bolshevik Revoultion and other revolutions. Fascism allowed them to retain much of their power and their heads. Klaus Schwab is probably one of their tools, as was Hitler. That’s my take on it.

  5. JBS and other recent “Hacker Headlines

    Towards the end of the video, I was smiling when James went to the “Our Partners” page and then casually to JBS.

    I want to point people to this recent article where Zero Hedge calls “Bullshit!!” on the official narrative of JBS and Colonial Pipeline ransomware hacking.

    Thursday June 10, 2021 – Zero Hedge
    Here We Go Again: JBS “Paid” “Russian” “Hackers” $11 Million In Bitcoin To Resolve “Ransomware” Attack

    Last line of the article:
    “To this the only possible conclusion is that yes, they really do think you are that stupid.”

  6. The chasm between “La La Land” and “what is really happening”

    I have two siblings with their extended families who mostly all live in California.

    Last Sunday, just as I was wrapping up watching Episode 402 – Your Guide to The Great Convergence, my brother in LA called me. He and I share an interest in Financial news, trends and markets. We are near same page when it comes the vaccines and the madness going on in the world. He recognizes the “pure evil” which is occurring. We talked for over an hour. I very briefly describe the trend towards “The Great Convergence” and its associated objectives of a de-humanized soulless society. I told him to search “bio-convergence”. The next day, I receive his email telling me that he found all kinds of stuff, and that “transhumanism” was a major globalist threat. I had never used the term “transhumanism” in our conversation.

    [Place here a chasm, gorge canyon, gulf, wide rift.]

    Yesterday, I called back my other brother in California who had left a message the day before. I was completely surprised by how extremely uninformed he was about so many things. Bill Gates, “The Great Reset”, data harvesting, tracking, digital ID / vaccine passports, Event 201, masks, Fauci and government lies, etc. He was clueless. Most all of these terms/concepts he had never heard before.
    As I watched “Episode 403 – Meet the World Economic Forum”, I couldn’t help but to think that there is a vast audience (like this brother) who will never be able to get up to grade level. They will always be in pre-kindergarten La La Land while others are in college level enlightenment. A huge chasm exists.

    Personally, I think a lot boils down to “being interested”.
    If an individual is not intently interested in finding out what is going on, then of course, they won’t find out what is going on.
    They’ll remain stupid to the agenda and fall victim to its tyranny, singing Romper Room songs while on the way.

    “We are going to have lots of fun today…the rest of us, how about us being sheep.”

    • The first brother actually looked at some things that you sent him though right? That’s a good thing.

      Even if people never fully understand what’s happening like the details of everything they can still oppose the agenda because it takes away freedom and privacy. Those basic issues I believe are pretty obvious. People can refuse the injections and starting to grow food and use alternative currencies and getting away from big tech because these things support self sufficiency and bodily autonomy and support privacy.

      I do think there is huge division and some people are ignoring the obvious and putting their head in the sand. It’s overwhelming to look at. The bio digital convergence is mind blowing and psychologically disturbing. It’s hard to acknowledge the enormity of the system that is trying to be constructed. It’s like in the movie the Matrix when Neo finds out he was living in a pod and everything was VR. Many people just don’t want to see it. I kind of understand why because it’s hard to know exactly what to do to stop it. People like to know exactly how to proceed. And people who don’t want this need to start doing things right now because it’s only going to get worse.

      • HRS,

        I know I have mentioned this before in other posts, but I had a very dear friend who committed suicide at the beginning of the lockdowns. She was an artist and a performer. This lockdown shut her off from what gave her joy and pleasure. I also think that she saw where it was going on a certain level. She was a very intuitive person. She was a very beautiful and special soul, one of a kind.

        I have also noticed more suicidal teens coming into the emergency room where I work, their lives have been interrupted by this nightmare. And I have seen an increase in fentanyl overdoses too. This had been in a decline prior to lockdowns.

        My point is that the psychological trauma keeps people in a state of stress and distances them from rational thinking. It’s like people are dissociated from reality because it’s too much to bear.

        I think the psychological warfare being inflicted on us is in part why people aren’t able to comprehend reality. These people are telling us what they plan to do and what life will be like, basically telling us we will be slaves and they want to force us to take injections and bodily modifications in order to eat and “live”. Who wants to know about this if they believe nothing can be done?

        But I believe that something can be done and we must try. This takes courage and for many people it’s hard. Plus people have been dumbed down for years and who knows what effect all the fluoride has been doing to our brains. I got a reverse osmosis filter a few years ago, I think in 2015. I started looking at this stuff in 2016. I had a glimpse of it when I was 14 years old when I read the book 1984. That was the first seed that was planted in my mind years ago. In 2016 I found a video by JC on youtube.

        • I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Thank you for the condolences.

        • Gosh, don’t get me started… many artists and “celebrities” are disgustingly preaching vaccines, lockdowns, masks and the BS lot. Mick Jagger wrote a pathetic covid propaganda song, so childish, disheartening, and disappointing. Shame on him! Seriously,I would never expect him… (maybe naively…)

          This guy is rocking though, take a look

    • HRS,
      in my experience “having interest” gets us entangled, where-as “caring” opens doors. Its, I think, an important lingo detail: “I’m not interested but I do care a whole lot,,”

      With regards to the chasm you find within your family, you have my sympathy, Ive got similar. Difficult to get ones head around the implication of doctors saying, “many of those injected will die in the next few years”. All my family but me have drunk the koolaid.. My way of understanding how people can be so willfully in denial is by seeing them as captured. The battlefield is the mind. many minds have been occupied by this or that narrative. Part of the design makes those captured into their own prison guards.

      yet onward we march.

      thanks for many of the links youve shared.

      2 foot steps and a heart beat (its really all weve got)

  7. concerning overpopulation, eugenics and so forth

    I was surprised to read in the end chapters of the foundation trilogy Isaac Asimov making the case
    that – as I understood it – the perceived narrowness (“overpopulation”) together with the accumulated wealth of the upper class
    (as well as technical superiority of the aggressor state) are the precursor for a war (also other types of expansion but war too.)

    Of course – in accordance with the book and his whole philosophy – in these last chapters he argues that there could be a proper scientific history (with hypotheses and experiments to test them, metrics etc).
    I found it very fascinating and wanted to share very short quotes that I put through a translator from those chapters at the end of the book.
    So supposedly the drive for the “blue-blooded” in the past could be the same for the would-be-managers of today.
    (Ultimately: They just want their space to hunt. Without having to meet those plebs. It’s okay when they all live in those smart city prisons.)

    “If you run out of niche [ecological/evolutionary niche] space for the good life, you can always look elsewhere for more – through trade, colonies, and aggressive war.” p. 889

    …Wars of Aggression. The aggressor is a rich, densely populated, growing country with increasing expectations. … (1) a high population density, (2) a high per capita income, and (3) high growth rates in both areas.

    As soon as population growth threatens the standard of living of the upper classes, the consequence is always war of aggression. p. 893

  8. that site doesn’t provide prove they are related though or did I not catch it in the links?

    also first time I’ve seen the allegation he had a “hidden Jewish mother, Emma Gisela Tekelius Schwab, (née Kilian), abandoned him as a newborn in 1938″” (see graphic)

  9. Thank you James for another enlightening piece; a springboard into greater depths of exploration.

    The reference to a WEF survey member, inserting his voice of reason and goodness, got me thinking…
    We, the authentic people, rooting for humanity, against the great convergence, will not be a factor in their data-sets. We will not have representation in their algorithms. As AI tries to be “more human” and “human centered”, there will be a increased bias in the data. As Real, Sovereign, humans opt out of digital surveillance, data collection, etc., those peoples, lifestyles, morals, interests, and opinions will be less and less represented. In turn, only the compliant, willing, trans humanist supporting populations will be data drivers, accelerating the reality of a less than human existence.
    It’s a catch twenty-two, on one hand, there is an unfathomable amount of data being collected in order to feed AI algorithms which are programmed to influence decisions and direct policy. The more they know, the more data they have, the ‘better’ they can “manage the human ecosystem”.
    But the other hand, the most authentic humans will be opting out of IoT, IoP, surveillance, and transhuman convergence, thus will be unrepresented in these data sets. What are the repercussions of that? I’m hoping this leads to self implosion of their systems, but that won’t happen without far-reaching effects.

    All of this leads me to the question, do we, as defenders of authentic, natural humanity, need to insert ourselves further into this dystopian plan? Is noncompliance really the best way? I mostly feel that strong resistance is the best decision here. But I also believe, that when/if we have the opportunity to inject moral truth and authentic goodness into their schemes, we should try. I suppose the truth is, They don’t want our kind around anyway. James alludes that this may be a vain attempt. Is it better to just hope AI self distructs, or try to influence from within? Thoughts?

    • Torus
      “..The more they know, the more data they have, the ‘better’ they can “manage the human ecosystem”.
      But the other hand, the most authentic humans will be opting out of IoT, IoP, surveillance, and transhuman convergence, thus will be unrepresented in these data sets. What are the repercussions of that? I’m hoping this leads to self implosion of their systems, but that won’t happen without far-reaching effects…’

      What an interesting thought!
      I guess you are right, though they must have some slack in the system or it would have collapsed.

      The end goal is probably to perfect the human to suit the system they are building rather then learn how to manage wild ones and THAT plan is going very well… look at the current crop of kids. The majority are pretty well preped to obey

      • maybe the difference between humans and AI is that AI is predictable?

        • You are on to something with this. Humans can be unpredictable and adaptive and can change the ways they think and behave. I don’t think machines have this capability, yet. I don’t even believe that that would be possible in this century. I haven’t really looked into AI though. I just know that the human brain and how it works is very complex.

        • AI predictable…you mean humans can predict? No, not really.

          Also, we are not so unpredictable, so unique, as we like to believe of ourselves.

          • I have a hard time believing that AI can hack human behavior with complete accuracy. I bet you’re more intelligent than the AI Fact Checker.

          • AI can be a good copycat or collager, it could make sublime degrees of pattern,, but it cant “feel” while it obeys its own commands. Tantra has the best descriptions I’ve found describing the balancing of rational with intuitive thought. I suppose AI could mimic versions of a terrible two toddler throwing a tanty or a lawyer power tripping about the court room, driving her logic with a sureness/”feeling of knowing” which even without the logic, might be enough to convince a jury,,

            There is then “connection” which occurs by degree as we peel back layers of persona, developing ever finer intimacy and trust to arrive, mind by mind at an essence that Buddhists call “the way things are”.

            we think and
            we think about (stuff), or at least we think we’re “thinking about”: pretending to be in orbit around ourselves (ouroboros mind), is an over worked disguise
            we think and feel (or at least those that havnt numbed themselves to a zombie state (by stacks of denial, or hatred or greed or pride)
            there are degrees of sophistication that once the vehicle is humming/humaning balancing thoughts and feelings with harmonic overtones actually being beauty is then possible. sounds like tricky yoga but thats just because were so bent. The good news is that its easy; kids do it all day, until the world has done its dirty job

            my problem here, is that the scent of a rose aint languagable.

            oops, dark oclock again, better go light a fire, these nights are getting cold.

            • You try to anthropomorphize AI. Not good approach, you’ll miss things.

              AI is just stuff, proven to be outstanding in performing some jobs. Next level will be GeneralAI and people are conflating two terms.
              Remains to be seen how general it will be. At the end, more important will be how GeneralAI will be perceived by people, real smartness is less important.

            • But intuition and emotional intelligence are important considerations in measuring real “intelligence”.

              There are people who are geniuses who have IQs above 160 that would fall prey to a common criminal for example. Intelligence is more than math and calculations and memory. Emotions are important.

              I don’t think they have developed a computer that is like a human brain yet, nor do I think it’s possible (at least I hope it’s not possible). If they can’t make a computer exactly like a human brain, then the AI will still have weaknesses. I won’t get into the notion of a soul, since you don’t believe in one. But the human brain and mind are much much more complex than any computer. Biology is millions of years old. There is a wisdom there that humans of this day and age and any computer they construct can’t understand. They will always be at a disadvantage with regard to wisdom gained through millions of years of development.

            • cu.h.j. the difference you are mentioning there is that between the intellect and intelligence. The intellect is the IQ aspect, the linear problem solving ability. That’s left brain side of thinking. It needs to be combined with the right brain, comprising creativity, big picture thinking etc. so that we can then talk about the holistic intelligence. This duality is present in the very word intelligence, being comprised of both of the intellect and creativity.

          • Btw…
            who is Noah(beside being davos-moron)?

            Oh, yeah, public intellectual(spit), historian

            Public intellectual(spit) who reduces humans to animals, most probably without being aware what a sacrilege he committed.
            Who will value us if we won’t value ourselves??
            Ignoramuses like him are unaware they are spitting to their own bowl.

            • You speak like having a crystal ball.
              On the other hand you are incapable to engage my writings, to address my judgements. You are talking mostly about them, while you should be talking about us at least as much, because if this is in your words “an inter-species conflict”, then, if you are a concerned and constructive person, you should be talking about us.

              Calling Noah ignoramus is not underestimation of him, it’s my judgement of him in accordance with my values. No sure you can dig it, in best case you sound like nihilist (“….“Values”? Seriously, who cares?…..”) and if you don’t know that’s self-defeating.

              Instead of glorification of the Machine, try to write something about how to resist if you are sincerely concerned.

      • Duck
        I think you’re right about the goal being to control people, rather than understand. Bio-convergence, bio-security, and data mining are not being pushed to help people thrive, but to force people into compliance.

      • Fact Checker
        I will be honest, your nihilistic imagery was most UNhelpful, and would be put to better use in a fear-porn propaganda piece.
        However, I do see that feeding the Machine (even wholesome food-data) is likely a lost cause. Those trace amounts authentic existential truths will have no significant, beneficial effects. No amount of AI Ethics will interfere with It’s agenda. But the It machine is not as powerful as you portray. As It eats its own regurgitated, synthetic data-food, It will choke.

        • Agree.

          AI-ethics is an oxymoron. Ethics in general are hugely neglected occasionally denigrated.
          Applying boundaries(ethics) into the machine is still unsolved problem, I believe the problem falls into unsolvable category.

          “As It eats its own regurgitated, synthetic data-food, It will choke.”
          Interesting thought, how will they prevent that feedback loop won’t result machine to astray.

    • Excellent questions. I think we need to extricate ourselves as much as possible. Refuse to comply. I was at my doctors office a few days ago and they said we were going to need a QR code to get into the building in the near future. I asked what if I didn’t have a cell phone or didn’t want to bring it? She said “that’s a good question “ you can probably have someone come and let you in. I don’t want to go to a doctor that does this and am going to let him know that.

      People have to get back to authentic in person interaction and just let go of the technology to a large extent. Technology has to look ugly and undesirable and oppressive to the masses. We have to change their narrative. I feel like getting rid of my cell phone and going back to a land line. I hope that some brilliant hackers help us to crash their system.

  10. LOL “Create a new social contract”. These clown shoes aren’t keeping the old ones! >.<

    If you're looking for ways to scale back the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, then go to http://www.Thoughtsonfreedom.xyz for a list of them.

  11. Name meanings in Klaus Martin Schwab’s family

    Klaus – often short for Nikolas means “Victory of the People”

    Martin – (Middle name) means “of Mars, the God of war and fertility”

    Eugen – (Father) means “well born; Nobel; of good genes”

    Hilde – (Wife) means “ready for battle; battle-garden”

    Olivier – (Son) means “olive branch; elf warrior; ancestors descendent”

    Nicole – (Daughter) also means “people of victory” presumably named after her father

    Also worth noting is that Olivier M Schwab was the executive director of the WEF office in Beijing. Both father and son have given praise to China’s totalitarian “systems management of human existence.”

    • Just a funny sort of side note, “Klaus” also meant “fool” in Switzerland when I lived there, as in calling someone a “Klaus”.

  12. It is interesting to watch the functionaries in action. When I think of other totalitarian movements, all I am aware is a lot of propaganda footage. The ubiquity of video recorders plus all of the online meetings, it reveals how these people are truly deep in some terrible form of propaganda or psychosis or something. They gleefully and purposefully work toward the new world order.


  13. Lot’s of great food for thought James!

    The WEF is all about money and control.

    I made a discovery fairly recently that adds a few important
    pieces to the plandemic puzzle.

    We know who the big players are in this and the financial windfall they are making.

    Because of something that happened to me personally in the past few months
    I learned that governments around the world and businesses working with them are also making a financial killing. Thus it’s their incentive to keep this scam going for as long as possible.

    A Canadian startup business that does Covid-19 testing won a lucrative $100 million contract from the Canadian government in February 2021.
    The company’s name is Switch Health.

    The Canadian government put out a tender in January 2021 for PCR testing to be done at major Canadian airports for all travelers entering Canada.

    Sounds good so far. Now here’s the fishy part.

    Switch Health was one of many companies submitting their bid for the project.
    They won the contract despite having been in business for just one year and having very little experience doing medical tests. What they are doing is partnering with other companies who carry out the actual tests, they simply do the coordinating/administration.

    It gets better though!

    The government of Canada set up a cover to hide the funny money that’s being distributed to these shady businesses (and likely to the kickbacks they get).
    Early in the plandemic the Canadian ‘National Security Exception’ was invoked for ALL tenders related to Covid-19.

    In so doing, tenders can be handed out to businesses without Canadians knowing who won them and what the winning bid was. BINGO!

    This wunderkind company (Switch Health) that came out of nowhere,
    is branching out. PCR testing apparently isn’t good/lucrative enough for them.

    In a press release that came out yesterday they announced they would be introducing ‘digital vaccine and COVID-19 test verification technology’ shortly.
    Just in time to coincide with this week’s G7 meetings that will also be discussing this technology.


    • Fawlty Towers says:
      Early in the plandemic the Canadian ‘National Security Exception’ was invoked for ALL tenders related to Covid-19.

      In so doing, tenders can be handed out to businesses without Canadians knowing who won them and what the winning bid was.

      Authoritarian Rule Making.
      Thanks FT. Another great example of Mafia tactics.

  14. Very informative and well-put together presentation!

    This was a long time coming, and I appreciate the research and hard work into digging into the background of this organization.

    It does seem to be a “school” for the management class of the New World Order corporate fascist technocratic state that is being slowly and stealthily designed with its implementation in the new “city states” as models (think of Singapore).

    The more insight we get into this very influential organization, the better our inoculation to it’s influence…very well put.

    Excellent work!

  15. I noticed the average citizen is not included in the decisions made about our future.

  16. There’s no such thing. Dont be so gullible. Have you read the bible? It’s got a talking donkey, and walking dead people. How can you watch someone like Corbett and still believe in such complete nonsense? And nonsense intended to control people. There is no Satan or God, so far as anyone knows. So, stop pretending. And you should probably not watch horror movies, as you seem so completely unable to distinguish fantasy from reality/.

    • alucientes, how can you be on this site with such a closed mind?

  17. I have a question for James or possibly anyone else in the comments section.
    I find myself having a hard time dealing with the extreme rage I have inside and the toll it takes on my psyche. I truly appreciate those like Corbett that are able to communicate calmly and stay “peaceful”.
    I am not “wired” that way. I get a kind of “flash rage” when I hear people like Schwab, Jerome Powell, Biden or any of these disgusting criminals speak. I think it is a reasonable reaction of a free person to tyranny.
    Luckily I have excellent control of my emotions and would only use violence where appropriate. (I do think there are times when anger and physical action is needed.)
    I wonder how many other feel this same thing?
    I literally want to see heads on pikes at this point. History has shown us that this is how things like this can end.
    What do these people think will happen when they deceive and openly lie to people as they destroy their lives and their children’s future?
    I saw a comment here about someone knowing someone that committed suicide at the beginning of the lockdowns. Some people won’t harm themselves, they will take it out on those that have created and continued this atrocity.
    I want these criminals to pay for what they have done. This may end one day in a violent revolution. I don’t prefer it, but one never knows.

    • Frankwd,
      I too share your rage!
      I am major pissed off! …I just don’t wear it all the time, but sometimes I will ‘loudly’ vent to a friend, family member, or the wall.
      The venting often contains a sailor’s vocabulary list.

      There are no polite terms for deliberately deceptive genocide and destruction.
      A lot of people are culpable as mass murderers and purveyors who destroyed the lives of many.

      I can observe how one criminal action led to a more hideous criminal action. (e.g. One policy might lead to 10 needless deaths, which then made it acceptable to create a policy which might lead to 1000 deaths, and so on.)

      Denying information about home treatment options for Covid, and access to those treatments.
      There were no effective national guidelines for treating Covid prior to hospital admission. A person was supposed to just “wait it out at home” until they couldn’t breathe…then go to the hospital. We all know what the survival rate was for those hospitalized with Covid.

      The authorities can disguise it all they want, but the above policy-mandates murdered many thousands of people. I am major pissed off!

      OFFICIAL TREATMENT OPTIONS for Covid NIH and AP Fact Check

    • frankwd, I also share your rage.

      About three years ago, when I was fed up with trying to figure out why most people don’t care about why the towers collapsed in free fall, I finally decided to try to understand where my dad was coming from. After that, and researching a lot, I went through a very long grieving period… which seems to return now and again.

      Over the last year, with the help of the Corbett Report, and other great research sites, I’ve come to recognize what my husband just referred to this morning as “the Borg,” in all of society. My husband is not sold on the agenda at all, however I showed him the classic Schwab clip that Corbett ran at the start of this episode. He shuttered and referenced Star Trek and Roddenberry.

      With this knowledge, I’ve come to recognize all of the “think global, act local” messaging that has ubiquitously and successfully infiltrated all organizations to, as Edleman’s Matthew Harrington exclaimed at Event 201, “flood the zone.” (I see my link below to the video is no longer available)
      Video segment 4, time reference 07:10, https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/videos.htm

      This last year, every professional organization, to which I am affiliated, promotes this same messaging. I’ve finally discontinued membership in my main professional organization because of this. I do, however, continue to watch various free webinars to keep tabs on agendas, keeping quotes and screen shots to save as reference. And, of course, this same messaging happens in my city. So, I hope to find a web home soon to post these resources, global to local, to show my family and friends how the global agenda is manifesting itself locally. It’s something I can do, to perhaps influence, and to remain objective.

      Thank you, frankwd, for your candid post. I was helpful for me. I maintain hope in the many courageous scientists, doctors, attorneys, and others who are risking their livelihoods and reputations to press back in various peaceful ways.

      P.S. I haven’t finished watching this episode, but the researcher in me had to grab the latest WEF annual report. https://www.weforum.org/reports?query=annual+report&year=2020#filter

      • “I see my link below to the video is no longer available”

        Pasting your link in archive.today I traced the video to youtube’s original link, which I timestamped to include the question to panel:


        • BUMP
          – Event 201 –
          “Controlling THE STORY & censorship”

    • frankwd,
      for long life strategy: naming the rage is a good step, its honest, but then it needs to be metabolized or used for something lest it hang around and cause illness. I agree, theres been stacks of stuff to be angry about; my friends & family all have asked “how come youve become so angry,,?” (theyve all drunk the koolaid) Those who keep saying “dont be so negative”,, may be luring us to deny. Denial, I think, is the symptom of the actual pandemic. too much denial leads to thick armor, and then we go through life having robbed ourselves of the ability to connect. So rage on, but release it, and find ways to remember your unique, one of a kind capacity for joy, humor, respect.

      (note: rage projected at sentient beings generally is not a good idea, except for the rare case of having mastered “crazy wisdom”. When it rises, I wont interfere unless someone is keeping another or themselves from thriving, mostly I give it to the ground or the ocean,,)

    • frankwd,

      I feel the same way. I often have a hard time even looking at these “people”. Finding a way to channel the anger and rage is important. I don’t have anything in particular yet. I am mainly just working as much as I can to pay for a house in another state. I have to get out of this place to recharge and to gain perspective.

  18. “Impossible Foods” – GLYPHOSATE levels 11X than competitors

    Thanks Bleak.

  19. Hi James, a lot of good information, as usual.
    I wanted to point out one thing that might be interesting regarding the current wars of the World Economic Forum.
    A few years ago I worked for a short time in a small software development company that was acquired by Altran corporation. What was interesting about this small company is that it was outsourcing projects for dutch company ASML (https://www.asml.com).
    ASML is the key for anybody that wants to start a “bio-digital revolution”, as all the chip-making equipment comes from them.
    Altran acquired many companies between 2015 and 2020, at that time we had mottos like “Altran 2020. Ignition”, as if they knew something will be coming in 2020. In 2020 Altran was acquired by Capgemini (https://investors.capgemini.com/en/event/capgemini-to-acquire-altran/).
    Now we are in 2021 and looking up on the WEF, Capgemini is there on the partners’ list, also former CEO of Altran, Dominique Cerutti, was on the participants list at Davos in 2013 and 2014. But ASML is not there, somehow they did not join the big ‘elites’ world…
    I have the feeling the chip-shortage ‘crisis’ we see now is somehow part of the war of the globalists on ASML, I’m sure it is very important for them to take control of this company. Maybe somebody can find more information on this.

  20. “In a community like ours, where property confers immense distinction, social position, honour, respect, titles, and other pleasant things of the kind, man, being naturally ambitious, makes it his aim to accumulate this property long after he has got far more than he wants, or can use, or enjoy, or perhaps even know of. Man will kill himself by overwork in order to secure property, and really, considering the enormous advantages that property brings, one is hardly surprised. One’s regret is that society should be constructed on such a basis that man has been forced into a groove in which he cannot freely develop what is wonderful, and fascinating, and delightful in him — in which, in fact, he misses the true pleasure and joy of living.”

    Oscar Wilde https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Soul_of_Man_Under_Socialism

    Capitalism is a social construct that operates like a straight jacket, suffocating one more and more each day.

    The few elites control everything not nailed down and we are to accept this system of servitude, by force if necessary.

  21. There is no such thing as a public-private partnership.

    The private sector, in the above fallacy, has only has one goal: maximize profits.

    The public sector, not much left, is interested in a decent life, not maximizing profits.

    The neuro linguistic programming, public-private, is used to mask what is really going on: corporate fascism.

    Mussolini could have argued the same thing: that Italian fascism was a public-private partnership.

    Franco and Hitler as well.

    Schwab, his family and himself, is a living example of what this partnership looks like.

    As said, Schwab is a front man or matchstick man for the real shadow government. And that government is a private-private partnership.

  22. 6:00 minute mark
    “…trustworthy Bill. I can’t imagine anything that could go wrong with that given that his tightly controlled public image never lets you see the trail of blood he leaves behind him. Speaking of which, if you want to see an expose on him that he doesn’t control, go to CORBETTREPORT.COM and type in Bill Gates and watch the full documentary. I think you’ll like it. It’s become my favorite horror film.”

    From June 10, 2021 AwakenWithJP
    Fauci Is Innocent! Biden Isn’t Creepy – Breaking News!

    Anthony Fauci says:
    “Science and the Truth are being attacked.”
    “Attacks on me are attacks on Science.”

    He adds: “You have to be asleep not to see that.”

    One minute video via TWITTER

    • In case people missed it…

      Don’t miss this 3 1/2 minute Video !!!

      “The Marvel Demonstration: Avengers Campus” (via Joshua_Coleman)
      On June 4th at Disneyland, The Avengers took to the streets to bring a message about vaccines to the masked, sleep-walking masses.
      Be sure to catch the super-power levitation of the message at the end.

  23. As an addendum I would like to add:

    “Although it is not mentioned directly in this article, the story of the Nazi money trail leads, inevitably to the Bormann organization. The purpose of the Bormann flight capital program was set forth by Paul Manning, the heroic author who wrote the story of the Bormann organization.

    “Martin Bormann, forty-one at the fall of Berlin, and strong as a bull, was at all times at Hitler’s side, impassive and cool. His be-all and end-all was to guide Hitler, and now to make the decisions that would lead to the eventual rebirth of his country. Hitler; his intuitions at peak level despite his crumbling physical and mental health in the last year of the Third Reich, realized this and approved of it.

    ‘Bury your treasure,’ he advised Bormann, ‘for you will need it to begin a Fourth Reich.’ [Emphasis added.] That is precisely what Bormann was about when he set in motion the ‘flight capital’ scheme August 10, 1944, in Strasbourg. The treasure, the golden ring, he envisioned for the new Germany was the sophisticated distribution of national and corporate assets to safe havens throughout the neutral nations of the rest of the world.”



    It would be logical to assume that Klaus Schwab is part of the deadly Bormann flight capital that Dave Emory exposes in his radio spot.

    Bormann set up 750 off-shore corporations to siphon Nazi loot out of Germany.

    Michael Manning the author of Martin Bormann in Exile was a colleague of Edward R. Murrow. His book was to be highlighted by CBS, but was dropped.

    In 1973 the New York Times had an interesting article on Bormann and the secret black money stolen from Europe.

    “When the tine story of Martin Bormann is written it will reveal him to be the man largely responsible for West Germany’s postwar recovery.

    The blueprint for this economic resurgence was outlined at a secret meeting of German induatrialists in Strasbourg, France, on Aug. 10, 1944. A directive addressed to the meeting from Martin Bormann—the most powerful man in Germany next to Hitler—said the war was practically lost and that a postwar commercial campaign must take its place.

    The secret, verbatim minutes of this conference where a new Germany was born promised that “the Govermnent would allocate large sums to industrialists so that each could establish a secure postwar foundations in foreign countries.” The minutes also noted that “after the defeat of Germany, the Nazi party recognizes that certain of its best known leaders will be condemned as war criminals.”

    It is hard for Americans to get their head around the fact that we did not go to war to beat fascism in WWII, we went to war to defeat Germany and Italy.

    The Bormann Group has morphed into countless offspring corporations with BASF and BMG becoming leading global monopolies.

    • Yes, and the entire US industrialist class. Harriman,Bush, Ford, Dulles Brothers, JP Morgan, Citibank and the list goes on and on.

      Hitler’s loot, one third of Europe’s riches at the time, were squirreled out of Germany in 1944 by Bormann.

      To hear more about the deadly Bormann Capital flight:

      Uncle Sam and the Swastika , Dave Emory


      Our parents and grandparents thought they were fighting fascism when what they were fighting was Hitler on behalf of the US Empire. The fight against fascism continues in all its odious forms.

      • All good points and as Emory would say, “food for thought and grounds for further research”.

        I have never hear this and I thought I was up to date on claims!!

        Thanks for sending it to me,the Scherff thing.

        Russ Baker never mentioned it, Emory never mentioned it, Kevin Coogan never mentioned it and on and on: Kevin Phillips never mentioned it, this is the first I have heard of it.

        One would need evidence to actually prove or falsify the claim. There is none. Sure, I have seen the photo of the Scherffs but have no idea if it is them or some tear out from a magazine.

        And this is the problem. The confusion machine can amplify but the research is hard. We need evidence.

        I can tell you of the Nazi and drug cartel connections, along with Argentina fascist connections of JEB, all supported with evidence. And there is far far more.


        Was he Scherff and was Tesla murdered we will never know in the world of LARPS, ARGS, Qanon, Cicada 3301, et.al

        Bleak all right. Thanks


  24. I found this 1973 news clip about the Club of Rome and Limits to Growth — it includes brief interviews with Peccei and Alexander King, then Dir of the World Bank.


    archive link: https://archive.is/ubcyM


    Also, I’m wondering whether this book might be relevant?

    The book is known for defining a possible “20/80 society”. In this envisaged society of the 21st century, 20 percent of the working age population will be enough to keep the world economy going. The other 80 percent live on some form of welfare (while not explicitly mentioned, likely Universal Basic Income) and are entertained with “tittytainment”, a term uttered by Zbigniew Brzezinski, which aims at keeping the 80 percent of frustrated citizens happy with a mixture of deafeningly predictable, lowest common denominator entertainment for the soul in addition to nourishment for the body.[2]

    above is from: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/20/80_society

  25. “Eugen” -> Eugen-ics?

    The jokes really do write themselves.

  26. Just as a sidenote:
    The ‘y’ in Escher-Wyss is pronounced like an English ‘e’ not like an ‘i’.

  27. Damn Stolls, they are behind Festool, the best power tools, too. I’ll have to stay with Makita, good enough, cheaper also.

  28. The great reset phrase/slogan is a total abuse of language. Reset means start from zero, deleting history. Only by assumption that biological systems are alike computers a term reset can be applied. But that is wrong assumption, you cannot erase history in biological systems, because that would be rejection of genetics, epi-genetics, lived-experience as constitutive element of biological systems.

    Again I have to put down some critique on counter-Malthusian thinking, not that it’s wrong, simply isn’t completely right and it has some of the same assumptions as its arch-enemy, technocracy.
    It’s a thinking-mess and I see many similarities with the next article:
    Looks like big problems are ahead in California, natural drought cycle combined with insane nature preservation policies. The article is depicting situation on the lower levels, but it misses to raise thinking on a higher level: what is the root of the problem. At the root of the problem is human, more precisely current economic system’s, hubris: lets change (semi) desert into the main human settlement and agricultural area. How? No problem, build an unprecedented water reservoir and irrigation system, actually technocracy in its finest. It’s hardly possible to go further from sustainable, in ancient meaning of the word. On the long run neither position presented in the article is sustainable and sane. Similar with counter-Malthusianism, it’s just too superficial.

    Julian Simon, who is drawing from Joseph Schumpeter, is assuming that human ingenuity will always find a solution. Technocracy and Scientism are assuming the same. Assumption, not a fact, a belief. I have nothing against belief, I believe the opposite and I think we have enough indices not to believe in limitless human ingenuity and more, it’s rational to believe in having limits.
    Big problem escaping bright minds is that current economic system is an example of geometric progression, there must be an ever present growth. Sure, some must be because of banksters system and interest rates. My conjecture is: even in absence of interests, profit itself establishes a need for constant growth, i.e. geometric progression. In a finite environment geometric progression is mathematically impossible, say, believe what you want.

    • The guy sure fancies hats. And I bet he didn’t choose 144 as a “fun number”.

  29. I lived with a sadhu in the desert for three years. He taught me bullets of “poetic” hindi that I could use to answer the odd inquiry from the locals. The most common question was “Kedar jaow?” (where are you going?); ((with apologies for bad spellings, I’ll keep the hindi as phonetic as I can)),, and I would say “Main bahar jaow badamay andar ow” (I’m going to the open side and afterwards will arrive inside),, it never failed to amaze. sometimes people would bow reverantly, always with a gaze as if to say “thats deep bro”

    Theres often a big deal made about inner and outer, I think we need better understanding: inside? where? ,,in the back fold of the left ventrical beside the (hey get that spike protien outa here,,). The attempt to quantify reality is a nifty game but may also be a dead end. all scales are transmutable.

  30. I was shocked by family members & neighbors who were shocked about the article (with added video) “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy and life has never been better.” It’s from 2016. I’d taken for granted that NOT EVERYONE will hear the words I speak, much less process them and later recall them & it seems NEARLY NO ONE will read the warning I write or listen to or watch the verifiable & openly acknowledge plans that have BEEN being made for us for quite some time now. Why was I shocked by their shock of what they perceive as “new” information?
    I’d shared and discussed this particular article with friends and family on multiple occasions. They did not hear me.
    They do not hear me.

    I learned about this article on Truthstream Media in their 15 min clip titled “The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering” Posted in January 2017. It was hugely impactful on me – this was & is NOT the future I wanted for myself or my family or my neighbors. The details of the original and their take on it is here:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRybM76qx6I&list=PLtW2C_aPoZfSYrddFTWtZv9ibl2c96Mzx&index=4&ab_channel=TruthstreamMediaTruthstreamMedia and on their backup’s, I’m sure.

    You can’t force anyone to learn something new, much less get them to believe it’s an actual plan who’s authors expect to become a reality, I understand that.
    But I’m NOT the “Dale Gribble” neighbor from KOTH spouting off wild theories without citing sources. I’m closer to Hank Hill’s character but ONLY when he does acknowledge those few instances when Dale is actually RIGHT.

    But despite cited sources and open agendas I point at examples of irl, daily… they still shock me by being shocked by (or trying to ignore, or still can’t see) the coming of fruition, these open plans.
    They do not hear me.
    They don’t want to hear me.

    BTW, I heard there are some cute cats on youtube jumping in fear of cucumbers. There are funny compilation only about 15 minutes long. They have millions of hits.

  31. Perhaps a so called “new variant” which might be ADE (antibody dependent enhancement). That would be the new virus boogyman. Maybe “climate lockdown” to stop spreading wild fires, or something along those lines.

    Or supply chain disruptions or hyperinflation that’s coming our way. All the money printing is going to debase US fiat even further and now that the economy is opening up, you’ll get inflation because people are spending.

    Or could be the cyber attacks, on the banking system, food supply, or the internet itself.

  32. They’ll probably kick climate change ™ into higher gear and ride on the coat tails of the pandemic ™.

    Of course, an alien invasion would be a much more entertaining fare, but I think they’ll stick with what they know.

  33. An “Event”
    My speculation…

    At this point, I think that we may not see anything happen this Summer or Fall of major, impactng significance.
    One reason is that the spring is already wound tight…the stock market is on edge…the economic ‘rebound’ is uncertain…inflation is supposedly only ‘temporary’…housing prices are out the roof…shortages and supply chains are in disarray.
    In short, They/Them have us where they want us….Stressed and apprehensive of a sudden major shift…stressed about the future.
    This is why I think that a major event will happen later, although we may see a 10% correction in the stock market during the coming months.

    What I do know…
    I know that eventually we will see a very large climb in health problems due to the Covid vaccines. We all know that the spike protein itself is toxic, and there’s those SPION nano-particle lipids and other junk.
    But, I don’t know how they are going to control that narrative.
    They may try to ignore it, or perhaps they will throw Fauci under the bus and blame him…or blame aliens…or blame China and Russia…or blame climate change.

    An extremely unhealthy population is coming. We know it. They know it.

    I just don’t know how they’ll write those chapters.


  34. Miles Mathis, in his usual colourful prose (a random mix of ramblings, tantrums, deep insights and half-truths) has produced a fairly good account of the life and accomplishments of Mister Schwab, inlucing some interesting conspiratorial tidbits.

    here is the document (Who is Klaus Martin Schwab):


  35. Launched by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum in 2004 : the Young Global Leaders – are young people under 40 carrefully selected and from all over the world and representing “the voice for the future and the hopes of the next generation”.

    You can find their list on the website : https://www.younggloballeaders.org/

    “As a group of over 600+ professionals across over 90 countries worldwide, YGL Alumni are engaged in activities that aim to improve the state of the world. They are CEO’s of Fortune 500 corporations, in royal houses, in leading NGO’s and national non-profits, public figures in civil society, sports personalities, and more.”

    Among the famous Young Global Leader, you can find french president Emmanuel Macron, Sergei Brin co-founder of Google, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and many many more of the people that are currently leading the world…

    • After a quick research it appears it’s a video stock from a company named Aila Images!

  36. June 17th by Makia Freeman
    Is a Crisis Worse Than COVID Coming Next?
    Potential Generated Crises on the Horizon

    (Makia lays out 4 possible scenarios.)

    Potential Generated Crisis #1: Bill Gates’ Pandemic II
    Potential Generated Crisis #2: Climate Lockdown
    Potential Generated Crisis #3: Takedown of the Net and Grid (Cyber Polygon)
    Potential Generated Crisis #4: Fake Alien Invasion Scenario

  37. You talk about the 1% game. Well, here is a video by Amazing Poly that shows us a 4th Industrial Revolution connection in Canada that I don’t think was mentioned in your video. Check this out
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/8QClDbzxpt22/ I agree that they’ve got their fingers in every aspect of our lives.

  38. “We need a Great Status Quo” (pre-plandemic)

    Where are all the think tanks putting forward alternative
    future scenarios to the WEF’s?

    Do any exist?
    If so, who is promoting them?
    Do they get any air-play?

  39. James,

    Bravo to you and the team for publishing this wonderful piece IMMEDIATELY as you were allowed to on Youtube. I found your timing impeccable. It’s like YT fact-checkers were saying, “we’ll maybe Corbett has learned his lesson, let’s let him publish again.”
    and BOOM! A video exposing this self-appointed organization that wants to dictate all of human life from now onward.
    YT Fact-Checkers “No, too much fact about our overlords, can’t stop watching.”

    Beautifully executed.
    Turns out the WEF is nothing more than a Schwab family business, self-proclaimed, and in no regards interested in any global well-being. What absolute horse shit.

  40. July 16, 2021 – MERCOLA.COM
    (Corbett Report Video in article)

    Meet the World Economic Forum

    Story at-a-glance
    ~~~ The COVID pandemic is a ruse to usher in a new system of global centralized governance by unelected leaders, the so-called Great Reset

    ~~~ The founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, has emerged as the front man of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has an unmistakable transhumanist component

    ~~~ The Great Reset is a rebranding of what in the last decade became known as the New World Order. The Fourth Industrial Revolution refers to the merging of digital, physical and biological systems, and the reliance on technological surveillance rather than the rule of law to maintain public order

    ~~~ The Fourth Industrial Revolution will transform not only how we live and interact but who we are as a human species. Man will ultimately be merged with machine. The COVID shots may well be the very first step into this transhumanist mass transformation

    ~~~ Members and stakeholders of the WEF include world government leaders, corporate leaders, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), journalists, activists, cultural leaders and artists, all of whom collaborate…

    …In the featured Corbett Report, “Meet the World Economic Forum,” independent journalist James Corbett takes a deep-dive into the WEF’s history and “the nightmarish future it is seeking to bring about.” Corbett also offers suggestions for how we can use this knowledge to derail this enslavement agenda.

    New World Order Rebranded
    As noted by Corbett, “the Great Reset” is nothing but a rebranding of what in the last decade became known as the “New World Order”….

  41. Immunity

    Hi James,
    thanks for the great work. When watching this episode on about min 18 You present the Host State Act of the WEF in Switzerland. I did not find the time to research this topic but I immediately remembered the german corona ausschuss. in part 41 from 2h:29min,50sec Mrs. Stueckelberger is stating that she has evidence that B.G. and GAVI enjoy Immunity in Switherland as well. I did not rewotched the episodenor the part with that lady. But eventually You or somebody reading this wants to dig deeper here. For me it sounded like this correlation isn’t by accident 😉

    kind regards


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