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via We Talk About Dead People Podcast: We are joined by James Corbett of The Corbett Report for a fast-paced power hour of facts, research, and explosive discussion on everything from 9/11 to television-based mind control (no joke).


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  1. I like the WTADP podcast, however the guys hold a penchant for rambling and banter that can take interviews awry, with constant switching of topics and whatnot.

    I think this interview fell into that unfortunate pattern. It was proping up for something mighty interesting and then it fell a bit flat. At least from the persective of CR regulars.

    From their recent interviews, I recommend no. 151 with Crow777, that one went interesting places. And I found the recent DuPont episode quite interesting.

  2. Very much enjoyed this chat…thank you all! As someone who believes that consciousness is supreme and matter is a manifestation of mind, my wish is that what reconstitutes itself after this full throttle devolutionary process is a world inhabited by people of goodwill rather than the cesspool of lies, manipulations, and violence we have been inhabiting. Turning all of us into left-brain dominant drones is clearly not the way to go. I hope the overlords are aware of this and sort us accordingly because I am done with this sh#t…lol.

  3. James, that was incredible. I didn’t want the discussion to end. Can’t think of a more appropriately-important topic just prior to the 9/11 anniversary than psychological media-manipulations. Perfect show, right to the very end with the old 9/11 audio clip; so not funny—Hilarious. Can’t wait for your next round table, hopefully with the same incredible minds.

  4. You so talked my language in this Podcast…WE are the dragon…each one of us taking part, accepting things even when we know they’re wrong, even though we don’t like the rules, it goes on and on as a result of our mindsets, which IS what has to change, and it IS doing.;-}

  5. I think that there is a lot of value in the last part of this conversation in this We Talk About Dead People Podcast” with James Corbett.

    Story and Narrative are highlighted with How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!) [most powerful weapon].
    I would argue that the 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory was one heck of a Story told in 5 minutes.
    We should take notes of the marketing attributes surrounding 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory which made it so successful.
    By the same token, we should not ignore the marketing characteristics which make other types of Stories so appealing and impactful to different types of audiences. (e.g the film “Dark Waters”)

    James underscores that Hope (as opposed to Hopium) has tremendous value with an individual’s forward motion towards making a better world.
    There is hope with a voluntaryist approach, while connecting with community, in order to address the System which victimizes and engulfs us.

    Talking about “Hope” and “Community” and “Bowling Alone : The Collapse and Revival of American Community” by Robert D Putman…
    March 15, 2022 – National Public Radio NPR
    Politics And America’s Loneliness Epidemic
    (14 minutes – Full transcript)

  6. Good interview, however I miss the graphics.
    Philosophically speaking, changing the narrative and thus people’s mindset, is the key to changing the world.
    I recall Jordon Peterson saying that we should question the morality of anyone who buys into the idea that the world is over populated. To that, I would add, once one buys into that Narrative, the next step is just a matter of how to reduce the population.
    Indeed, we need to change their Narrative, and thus shame those who openly buy into it as lost souls lacking a moral code.
    Bill Gates definitely lacks a moral code, and should be called out for it as being less than human, eh!

  7. some language jumped out that compelled a last ditch Friday afternoon constructive (hopefully) criticism:

    “you have to willfully shut down ” (re falling into the TV sleep/awake state).

    I doubt many people are awake as they fall asleep. So to act with belligerent self-harm mightn’t be whats happening in that glimmer between lucid vs hypnotized?

    “narrative can control more than the biggest gun”

    I think that the narrative, or “lying”, is but one form of weapon. In the simplest terms, one can walk away from a lie (or carry it off as you go), but rarely does one walk from a bullet.

    “,,Guttenberg increased literacy”

    the ability to communicate with clarity, efficacy, flavor, to contribute to understanding etc., sure seems in decline these days. because of less practice and less direct experience.

    Our declining ability to flesh out the ethics of an event or phrase, isn’t that what’s allowed circular logic / relativism to have caused so much principle and cohesiveness to go down the gurgler. a devolutionary feed-back loop.

    “we could have industry without the middle men”

    what? just the workers and the others who enjoy the gadgets,,
    sounding perilously schawbesque. The high tech toys, as currently designed, of our times will always create a massive environmental footprint, but youre right, we’ve developed an excess of ponzi middleman, too many greedy lazy bastards laltzing about.

    either we’re part of the clean-up or we’re part of the mess.

    other countermeasures to high-tech fetish: focus on environmental regen,

    get school groups to plant “food corridors”, whereby the walk/bike trek from one town/place/ocean to another is flanked by food for all.

    consider “people tractors” whereby compounds of 1 or several families are granted access to land, to bump in with transportable dwellings, in return for long term repairing, of the land.

  8. James- Thank you for all the efforts you make to keep the “real” information flame alive. If only the population at large could be exposed to your body of knowledge. I actually wonder how many would make the leap of faith to let go of their mass media mind set and allow themselves to ponder the reality of what you present. I am happy and fortunate to be able to help you with my monthly donations. Keep up the good work!

  9. I would say, considering the number of people who are caught up in the lies of the “powers that should not be”, I would say basically we are outmatched. When you consider the history and the downfall of the Roman Empire and how it seemed to coincide with he spreading of Christianity within that empire, is it not a stretch to think Christianity itself was a took of mass manipulation, as obvious as that should be.

    To be sure, we are told Christianity is something they hate, yet the media world LOVES Jesus (who exactly made Christmas what it is). If we wish to see something they don’t like, we just need to look at how they portray Germans. They HATE Germans. Christianity is the gateway drug to the Jewish religion and their beloved Noahide laws which are coming.

  10. I would also say how incredibly profound their tools of manipulation are. We were watching some random TV shows from back in the 90’s.

    Everyone of the shows had, now, obvious propaganda in it, pro war, pro “pre-emptive war”, anti Iran, Iran, Palestine…It was truly6 amazing to see, even in the most benign show, say a Golden Girls or Seinfeld, you see psychological signals for people to think a certain way.

    This is an ideology, but it is also a group of people, a very powerful group that have been working since the days of the Egyptians to rule humanity. It is quite curious the use of a obelisk in the center of each of the nations they have taken over or coopted.

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