What Did #ExxonKnew and When Did They Knew It? – Question For Corbett #048

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As #ExxonKnew gains traction with the public, one Corbett Report listener writes in for more info on the subject. Today we explore the Rockefeller-funded beginnings of this push for prosecution, how it has disintegrated in the courts, and how it has succeeded in penetrating the public consciousness in the service of the technocratic agenda.

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  1. – The Rockefeller Brothers Foundation announced their divestment of oil in 2014 after a decade of > $100/bbl.
    – Oil dropped precipitously to $25/bbl shortly thereafter (if only I had that kind of luck or foresight).
    – Rockefellers shell companies secretly buy up shares in the competition for a bargain (I suspect; why wouldn’t they? It’s one of the tricks they played to obtain their energy monopoly)

    – The world continues to burn 100 million bbl per day.
    – The unwashed masses demand their own austerity.
    – Less energy is used by the plebs without hurting the profits of the Big Oil Bastards

  2. Related source:

    Shows list of headlines/articles from 50 and 100 years ago.
    Just from a glance on these articles it is clear that 100 years ago people were also afraid of global warming. When Co2 was much lower.

    And 50 years ago they were afraid of global cooling.

    Almost as if there is a cycle.
    Like the sun has a energy cycle.
    Oh, wait.

  3. Dear James, my apologies for being out of the loop but could you please let me in on why your Mac is wrapped in plastic?

  4. Those aren’t x letters in the exxon logo it’s the Cross of Lorraine also known as the double cross.

    • Very interesting post!

    • Whoa! Fascinating information! Great find, my furry friend. And my thanks to Laugh for introducing the subject.

      • Yep, as with everything, watch out for the fish bones.

        My scant knowledge of Standard Oil doesn’t go beyond what I learned in How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World, and as my memory increasingly fails me, I’d do well to review those documentaries together with its sources.

      • I really like that phrase…
        “Yep, as with everything, watch out for the fish bones.”

  5. Corbett actually listed Tony Heller’s videos in a recent article under “Recommended Viewing”. As a result I am now a subscriber to Heller’s channel. He is quite intelligent and his sarcastic wit and delivery are quite amusing as well. I’ve already learned quite a bit from watching/listening to his videos.

  6. Thank you Mintaka! That last sentence says a lot in that direction.

  7. abiotic oil

    James Corbett had mentioned this “abiotic oil” topic in the past. I just don’t recall where.
    F. William Engdahl has written on the subject.
    Corbett has interviewed Engdahl on previous episodes.

  8. Climate Change. Hmm.

    I frequently watch the Corbett Report. I’ve enjoyed the documentaries (even while being aware that the writing — or creation of video versions — of history is a creative act. No historian can possibly include everything so he or she must be selective and will select what to include and what not to include in accordance with their own beliefs and/or artistry). You may end up with the equivalent of huge opinion pieces, supported — hopefully — by selected facts.

    I read widely and this includes information from no end of websites, not just printed material.

    I’m also a Seth freak, owing to an unusual experience in which, meditating for the first time, I “saw” a persistent full-color image of the cover of _Seth Speaks_ then in print (1982), but I’m not a zealot.

    (My beliefs concerning the events of 9/11 are also connected with a minor “psychic” experience; they are why I first became aware of James and his report.)

    Anyway, Seth distinguishes between “primary” and “secondary” information when it comes to personal realities.

    Primary information is that which is accessible through your physical senses — in your immediate physical reality. (The fact that Seth’s teachings include the idea that you literally create your own unique version of that immediate “space continuum” isn’t relevant to this comment.)

    Secondary information is everything else — what you gather from the web, television, someone else, etc.

    I have obtained no evidence of climate change from primary information, even though I live close to the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. A chart published in a reputable business publication showed measurable ocean rise for a major U.S. city a mere 20 miles from me but it was clearly bogus as no such ocean rise is at all apparent when I walk down to the local cove.

    On the other hand, I bought a ’97 Saab from an oceanographer who had just returned from work in the Pacific ocean. She spoke to me of a most definite increase in the temperature of that ocean at the site where she was doing research. I have no reason not to believe her.

    Not so long ago, I spoke with a friend, a science teacher. He had just returned from a cruise trip to Alaska. The “glacier walk” that was part of the package was cancelled, because the ice on top of the glacier had melted into slush, for the first time ever. I have no reason not to believe him.

    I’ve seen endless videos, read no end of articles, on melting ice and warming ocean temperatures. I can understand that, if this is happening, why I would see no immediate ocean rise when I walk down to the local cove — the planet is huge and its oceans are deep and cover close to 75% of its surface; it would take an awful lot of ice water for ocean levels to dramatically increase, aside from the various complex factors that feed into this (for example subsidence, equatorial bulge, etc.).

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. -JC]

  9. Oops!

    When I wrote: “If not, how can you say that what you believe about Climate Change is no more than your personal belief?”

    I should have written: “If not, how can you say that what you believe about Climate Change is anything more than just your personal belief?”

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