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Did you know that Edward Bernays was on Late Night with David Letterman in 1985? Well, he was, and the full conversation is up on GooTube (for now). Join James for an exploration of the insights we can gain into the manipulation of the public mind by the man who literally wrote the book on Propaganda.

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Interview 1581 – James Corbett Breaks Down the Great Reset

Bernays on Letterman

Propaganda by Edward Bernays

Edward L. Bernays interview, 1986-10-23

The Century of the Self – Part 1: “Happiness Machines”

Episode 259 – Meet Adam Curtis, Establishment Contrarian


  1. Which bogeymen will get me first… the ones in the white coats or the ones in the blue helmets? I suppose I’ll know by 2030.

      • MagicBullet

        “.. Still, the amount of saturated fat in bacon is huge…”

        Fat is not a problem for health… it has no serious link to heart disease or any other health issue. The idea that fats are bad for you is a literal fake science that the author was paid by the sugar industry to create
        I think Mr Corbett covered it here

        I dropped a ton of weight on the Ketogenic diet and became a lot more active.
        You are 100% right about bacon being full of chemicals and other nasty stuff though.

        • Jed
          He is a MOCKER…(is that a psyop then? it may be He was at bohemia grove with Alex Jones which makes me wonder about him) one of his good books is “Them” which was the first time I ever heard about the Bilderburgers
          He also did the doc series “secret rulers of the world” which was actually pretty cool,I saw it on YouTube. though again he comes across as mocking.

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLGIzzGodrc ahh… he went on Jo Rogan to discuss Alex Jones. he also wrote “The men who stare at goats”… I liked the book but never saw the movie.
          Lol… I had not check up on him lately

    • You are right. In fact, for real, just prior to typing, I wiped my chin after having four eggs with powdered greens on the top and a bit of Flax bread.
      Green eggs & hamming it up style.
      Let me grab a couple beers or artificially sweetened sodas to wash it down. 😉

      • No, don’t drink artificial sweeteners they are really bad. Beers are fine, as long as you don’t overdo it, but the artificial sweeteners are worse than beer.

        Here’s an article from the Scientific American about a study done by an Israeli scientist that hypothesized that artificial sweeteners may damage gut bacteria leading to obesity.


        • I am so sorry.
          I apologize.
          It’s hard to read my humor behind typed comments.
          There’s no intonation.

          I am such a natural health nut, overly done at times…I have bookcases filled with herbs, supplements and all sorts of alternative health stuff. But I have vices. I smoke ‘organic’ tobacco, and on occasion, I will have a beer…for breakfast… after a full pot of coffee. I don’t do pot. Not since 1976.

          Yes, I know A LOT about aspartame and other artificial sweeteners.

          At TX A&M back during 2005-2008, I used to rail against synthetic sweeteners in different Bio-Chem classes or Education classes.
          For the Environmental Sciences degree, I took the same classes as the Pre-Med students.
          I talked one pre-med student into doing an aspartame experiment for his lab project. He said that the hearts of the frogs doubled in size.
          I was supposed to write a one or two page paper on a plant for a Biology class. It became longer. I got a B minus or C, and the Professor made fun of it in front of the class of 60 students, trying to humiliate me. But, I did a touche’. A week or so later, I told her in front of the class that it was published online. http://www.mpwhi.com/stevia.pdf

  2. I dont know much about his personal life…but his Uncle Fraud was a disgusting pervert who appears to have been abused sexually and thought that were HE able to ‘pass on’ the abuse it would cure him.
    I read that in “Degenerate Moderns” by E M Jones, add in the fathers of behaviorism and their uncontrolled sex lives and then Kinsey who may have died from hanging himself by his testicles for sexual pleasure (and most certainly DID circumcise himself for fun) and the whole idea of letting psychologist use their skills on humans appears a bad idea.

    • I had no idea Freud was a perve. I’ll look more into it. That would make sense since Freud was preoccupied with sex in a pathological way.

      • To be fair we dont know that he actually abused boys, but he did write that it was a cure for nurosis…. VERY much the stuff pedos tend to say. His sex life IS known to have been unconventional
        The book is a series of bio’s which throw light on the personal lives of the change agents of the last hundred years. Here he gives a talk on the book. Jung was into adultery and Dr Jones take on guilt (he is a catholic after all) as a driver of politics is an interesting idea

        But Libido Dominandi is even more in depth on how the world was changed… I used to study psychology, but found the people in it tended to be weirdo’s and dropped the course

        • in my late twenties, shortly after i heard about jung, i read one of his books, a rather thick hardcover, dont recall title. the familiarity freaked me out, as if i’d read before, the words on the page sometimes “lit up” & crazy fast reading speed. back then i had no idea books were used in my programming … a library was internally embedded.

          several years ago, read an article which talked about jung & the occult, didnt bookmark, but today found several incl Paganism And The Secret Orgies Of Carl Jung which references:

          PDF The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung — here’s a description of the book at amazon…

          Carl Gustav Jung, along with Sigmund Freud, stands as one of the two most famous and influential figures of the modern age. His ideas have shaped our perception of the world; his theories of myths and archetypes and his notion of the collective unconscious have become part of popular culture. Now, in this controversial and impeccably researched biography, Richard Noll reveals Jung as the all-too-human man he really was, a genius who, believing he was a spiritual prophet, founded a neopagan religious movement that offered mysteries for a new age.

          The Aryan Christ is the previously untold story of the first sixty years of Jung’s life–a story that follows him from his 1875 birth into a family troubled with madness and religious obsessions, through his career as a world-famous psychiatrist and his relationship and break with his mentor Freud, and on to his years as an early supporter of the Third Reich in the 1930s. It contains never-before-published revelations about his life and the lives of his most intimate followers–details that either were deliberately suppressed by Jung’s family and disciples or have been newly excavated from archives in Europe and America.

          Richard Noll traces the influence on Jung’s ideas of the occultism, mysticism, and racism of nineteenth-century German culture, demonstrating how Jung’s idealization of “primitive man has at its roots the Volkish movement of his own day, which championed a vision of an idyllic pre-Christian, Aryan past. Noll marshals a wealth of evidence to create the first full account of Jung’s private and public lives: his advocacy of polygamy as a spiritual path and his affairs with female disciples; his neopaganism and polytheism; his anti-Semitism; and his use of self-induced trance states and the pivotal visionary experience in which he saw himself reborn as a lion-headed god from an ancient cult. The Aryan Christ perfectly captures the charged atmosphere of Jung’s era and presents a cast of characters no novelist could dream up, among them Edith Rockefeller McCormick–whose story is fully told here for the first time–the lonely, agoraphobic daughter of John D. Rockefeller, who moved to Zurich to be near Jung and spent millions of dollars to help him launch his religious movement.

          • victoria
            The book “Degenerate Moderns” by E M Jones talks about how Jung was obsessed with Faust and the pact he made with the devil. Jung is said to have refferenced it again and again in his writings. I was put off when I tried to read Jung by his weirdness. The movement towards a new kind of societal control is, I think, 2 pronged, on the one side tecnocratic and propaganda control and on the other the spiritual side- they know that no culture can exist without a religious component



            • hi Duck,

              thanks for the links, & for the comment on references ~ intrigued i looked online…
              Carl Jung on “Goethe” “Faust” – Anthology

              according to richard noll, in his book the aryan christ, jung considered himself either a direct descendant and/or reincarnation of goethe ~ who was a master mason, as was jung’s grandfather karl jung. in Memories, Dreams, Reflections carl jung also states such about his grandfather … He was an ardent Freemason and Grand Master of the Swiss lodge. further down in the chapter jung brings up, guess who ~ faust!

              hear ya on the prongs, TPTsB want total control — mind/body/soul

  3. Concerning learned or earned Authority
    it can be False Authority as well

    learnt errors, false info, false practices
    see medical mis-treatments, Ioannidis Why Most Research is Wrong, Citation Crisis or the
    march interview by Richard Grove with his “doctor” (I don’t know the proper title, herbal medicine general specialist or something)
    compare that to a regular doctor
    one of them has to be spectacularly wrong on certain medical questions

    To Err is Human!
    And the latest scientific standard is just the latest error.

    which is by the way a reason why it is a good thing that humans die.
    Remember the Planck quote on scientific progress.

    I used the doctor example as those are some who have practical experience and practical knowledge generally is less prone to a complete failure (craftsmen etc) as theoretical knowledge (“economics” or “climate science”) but it can accumulate bad practices too.

  4. Yes, Bernays seemed to lack a strong moral directive. I think he was the kind of person who liked to make money and enjoyed manipulating people. He was highly skilled at this and enjoyed doing it, regardless of how it may harm people.

    Many CEOs and people in positions of power also have this sociopathic tendency. It allows them to rise to the top without being encumbered by a conscience.

  5. Indeed. The propaganda we are fed says that if someone is very wealthy they should be idolized and their opinions should be valued. Gates pays for a lot of his own publicity, so he pays for his own PR. It’s disgusting.

    • It popped in my head that Gates is selling himself like a product also, he obviously needs a lot of help with that process.

  6. been doing some digging on the The Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF) will initially purchase corporate bonds to create a corporate bond portfolio that tracks a broad market index developed for the SMCCF (Broad Market Index).


    the spread sheet is something that the devil in details.. or should say the plan demonic in details

    Procter & Gamble – Esop N.A. Consumer Non-Cyclical <0.01%
    Procter & Gamble Co/The 2572IBTT8CCZW6AU4141 Consumer Non-Cyclical 0.37%

    2. The index weight is determined as follows: eligible issues are identified and aggregated; limits are applied at ultimate parent and allocated pro rata to each issuer. The limit-adjusted amount for each issuer is divided by the total eligible universe adjusted for limits. The limit-adjusted universe as of September 01, 2020 was $635 billion.

    So 2,349,500,000
    and less than 63,500,000 for the employee esop

    The interesting thing is Warren Buffet P&G ownership and involvement in Bill and Milinda Gates foundation 2.3 billion and 63.5 million In the one company that I have interest these bonds had Euro libor riders.. Not exactly sure of what is going on here..

    Balmer was from P&G speaking of Soap Wash rinse and repeat.. IMO FDR Weimar profiteering all over again.. Sick Mo Fo's definitive proof of inbreeding.

  7. James, I also found it interesting that Letterman hurried up Bernays (and I believe the audience laughed as well) re Bernays’ long-windedness. Arrogance of the supposed “elite” at its best.

  8. “By the way if anyone here is in advertising or marketing…kill yourself. It’s just a little thought; I’m just trying to plant seeds. Maybe one day they’ll take root – I don’t know. You try, you do what you can“ – Bill Hicks

    ….not that I’m encouraging anyone to commit suicide, unless you are in advertising or marketing of course.

    • You beat me to it, the Bill Hicks sketch was all I could think of after this podcast & posts; heres a link to it (less than 3mins)


  9. Well, how does one safely download from YouTube…or another site for that matter??? I must have missed that episode.

  10. At least Letterman chopped the old devil* off to go to a commercial break.

    *Meant to be taken literately – not as a form of admiration!

  11. Uh-uh. Gotcha, gotta get into that mindtrap corporate “utopic” movies like Thrive. I heard somebody listing places this nefarious MK movie was promoted and the first place named on that podcast was corbettreport. I was very surprised so I searched only this site and thrive and he was confused, this subscriber has promoted it in the comments section and also defended Bernays. Ivory Soap propaganda is not nefarious but it’s a beta test pretty much for Bernays true intentions back then.

    Letting this post un-replied to is pretty surprising. I used to post much more but when I did, people would detect such deception in a flash. Nice try, we don’t need no California new ageism. Is this Lisa Clapier? lol

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