What is the Future of (Bankster) Finance? – Questions For Corbett #049

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This week on Questions For Corbett, James answers a question from Jim, who asks if the Bank of England’s vision for “The Future of Finance” supports the idea of a banker dictatorship, and whether this vision paves the way for the next bankster-directed war.

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  1. I appreciate Jim bringing up this question. Definitely, we can see glimpses of the future technocratic architecture in James’ presentation on the subject.

    60 trillion with a T.
    An extraordinary amount!
    These bankers…they keep trying to create boo-koos of “sustainable” bogus.
    I can’t get over how they strain to bring the “climate crisis” into the monetary system.

    Currently, we are seeing the dramatic “melt-up” in the stock market with records broken daily… …All thanks to the Fed’s weekly injections of funny money with its “not QE which really is QE” (Corbett 10/20 newsletter “Everything (g)Old is New Again: What QE4 Means For You” https://www.corbettreport.com/everything-gold-is-new-again-what-qe4-means-for-you/ )

    What is even more astounding is the fact that unlike the 2007-2008 downturn in corporate stocks with its QE, this year’s stock market was already at an apex of highs while the Fed fed in more of its funny money with its “not QE”.

    Fundamentals and logic and sanity are things of the past.

  2. As I stated in my last comment on cryptocurrencies…I wasn’t going to be surprised that central “banksters” would indeed offer up their own crony capitalist version of a cryptocurrency – and Libra certainly fits that bill.

    Eye-opening segment though about how they refer to these coins as “stablecoins” – we already begin to see the propaganda word-smithing coming from “experts” as if to say ‘this is a currency we can trust…backed up by assets…blah blah blah’.

    Thank you James for this latest highlight in the Bitcoin Psyop!


  3. I just want to look at the numbers cause, The numbers don’t add up . $90 trillion by 2030 spread over the G20. Uk to pony-up £88million pounds a year, times 10 years = £880million pounds. So UK is chipping in 1/20 of $ 90trillion which seems to be fair, and Im sure their fair share really equals $18trillion . Yeah I like their curancy exchange. £880million pounds = $ 18trillion US. Fair trading partner when you consider how hard it is to invest in the future. Maybe the City of London gets a premium for being first with this investment product. “How dare you! Not!”.

  4. Interesting anecdote. Thanks Dan.

  5. I want to know where I pick up my check? Every time I ride my bike instead of taking a carbon spewing automobile , I should be collecting the coins being laid down by all those tailpipes. I want my return on my investment and i want it Now. Where is the carbon bank? I want to make a withdrawal!…

  6. One of your most succinct encapsulations of a highly complex issue that I’ve seen. Well done..thanks James!
    Also, you’ve finally convinced me to pick up one of Patrick Wood’s books. Looking forward to it!

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